Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can a Super Power get too big for it's own shoe's? .... and Taking care of Home ....

You may have heard the expression of "getting too big for your own shoes..." This is exactly what is happening to us in more then one way. For one...population creeping up. Secondly...the larger and larger our governing forces have became and the complexity of it. And outgrow your simply get new shoes.It's quite simple. Pause for a moment and look at our current government,and look at what they do and why. We have people (leaders)on Capitalism Hill(Capitol Hill) that just vote themselves in a salary increase when inflation starts to surpass their standards of what should be the amount they can live on. Then these same people vote and argue for years over what the federal minimum wage should be set at for everyone else. What the hell are advisors or representatives of we the people? We have a FDA (Food/Drug Administration)that is delaying answering to we the people as far as drugs coming in from China that we have 81 confirmed deaths recorded from.And this is an old familiar tune with the FDA. This is clearly, lack of performance on the job. I can go on and on about what our tax dollars go to...and so can you if you just look at it. Do we need all these salaries that we have in government to make things work for us?

Look at what we go through as far as our energy concerns right now. The price of wheat,corn,transportation...the decrease of jobs and all wages...yet where does our President go when these concerns come up? To the Saudi's? To ask for some slack on petro prices and/or increased production? Why? Were asking communists to please cooperate with us and try to send us safe products for us and our children? We are asking those auto makers that import so many millions of cars to our country from abroad to please make our vehicles more fuel efficient and enviromentally friendly? We are answering to disrespectful account collectors and being intimidated and insulted to pay up on what we owe to our own,from places like India? We have many young,hungry and ambitious young Americans with recent degrees struggling to compete with this global work force...that gains them nothing to compete with them. Who's calling the shots? Is it truely we the people? What if we just started to work on making ourselves more self reliant. Producing food strictly for Americans by for Americans by Americans,cars for Americans by Americans,drugs the and all other products the same...and what about more energy...from Americans for Americans. You see my point. Ask yourself...what this "globalization" does for you as a working American? Now some will tell me..."Well thats not how the system works..." What works is only what we the people neglect and allow to work because of our lack of concern and hiring others at far too high salaries to decide what is best for us..we the people..that's..the reality!

We also may think that we do these things so others around the world will be our friends and like us. I think personally that we could get more around the world to like us if we kept our noses out of everyone elses business and countries around the globe...and to be even more alot better to ourselves at the same time, economically and socially. Our President for instance tells us that he is against these tyrannical dictating governing parties around the the same time...he swims with some of these sharks in the same waters.Is this not so? Then look a little closer. If we spent more time on America and our needs and concerns that we desperately need to will also show to others what can be done if you devote yourself. We are not going to offend anyone by minding our own business more a matter of fact...some may see it as a breathe of fresh air for a change. We call ourselves...the "Superpower"...and we are. Do we need to wear a t-shirt and stick out our chests so that everyone in the world see's it? Our power is no secret to anyone in the world as far as arms are concerned. For we are not a people that shrouds everything of ours in secrecy...were not communists. We are still a primitive species and a tribal species...and even a certain amount of segregation is healthy when you have a global arena of so much conflict between cultures...time will heal itself...and societies will evolve and adapt naturally over time.

I am not sure who is ahead in todays democratic primary day you hear one thing...then the other day you hear something entirely different from the same mouths.We do know that one of these 3 remaining candidates will be our next leader and representative. The refreshing part of that is..that none of these 3 could be any worse then what we currently have...partly because of the pressure as well from...we the people.We only have one candidate that slightly speaks out of the box and even that can be a have to be somewhat full of crap to get any cooperation from the others you are forced to deal with. So..experience is more of ...who knows who and who favours who...not that they have anything truely creative to contribute.Because of conflict and constant the reason why it takes so long to get anything done...and what should be simply cut and dry can be twisted in to a complex maze...wasting of coarse much more time and delaying progress. After all...our government is still tribal as well.

President Bush says that we are not actually in a recession...yet. However... 80% of Americans "think"that we are in a recession...and if 80% of Americans feel this way...they obviously do because of their economical ARE in a recession! It's again...we the people that keep this great machine working,not those who play in the political they pretty much buy nothing or spend nothing...nor produce nothing...they plan,dictate,set laws,standards,morals, and feed off of us. Even their car purchases and petro expenses can be tax write offs as "expenses"..their entire existence is a tax write off. reality!

Senator Obama has been recently attacked because he said he would sit down and talk to those who are considered our enemy. This is something I wrote about earlier as being the first thing I would do as well. Those attacking claim this is kissing up to the enemy. I would like to talk to the so called enemy to find out on to man...just what they think and where they stand.And most importantly to explain face to face...just where we they can see in my eyes...that I am as devoted to the preservation of my tribe as well.

No one does nothing for no reason. Some may think that this is all about a book called the Quran...and it is all about the need to destroy us. The mention to destroy in the Quran is more or less directed to those who interfere with them. In other words...I would not interfere with them as long as they dont bring it too my doorstep. Meaning...I would stay out of their affairs in their lands. Perhaps even to the extent of limiting what we buy from any of them as far as petro is concerned...after all...they can always sell to others like China and India to name a couple to sell their product...we can produce our own for ourselves. Those in places like Holland who whine about what muslims are doing in their countries. My question is this...Why did you bring so many there if you know that culturally you are so much in contrast? I mean... many of these countries...just set up camp for these folks...said..."come one...come all...we are too white...too well off...we want to more culturally diversified...we are liberals..." To those countries such as them...I ask..."Have you not made your own bed?". You dont understand the problem? I mean...I am the bottom of the barrel working class Texan...with hardly no formal education...I guess by liberals standards...a hick. If I can see the can you all not? Perhaps your educational institutions shortchanged you?

On a local level...I have had the opportunity to sit down and talk to several folks from a few different countries and cultures from nations in Africa,Middle East, and south Asia...that were muslim...I am old fashioned...I like it to man,face to face...not online,in disguise,or through 3rd parties.I wanted them to explain their feelings,and question me about our policies and culture and elaborate on how they may feel..and their perspective looking at our country. I learned alot from it...much more then I could from any book. A couple were hesitant at first I could sense...out of fear...because they were muslim...and not knowing who I may be or say...and since they are guests here...on our turf.I made myself clear...that I am fair and straight up...and dont hold them responsible for the actions of others. Some of the things that were told to me...were difficult to attack. One common question is.."Why do we decide...who can have what weapons,and who can utilize and explore things like nuclear power?" ... "Why is our system of government and democracy the best for them? and if could they just adapt to such change overnight?" Why do we have so much influence on some of their governments...and we claim to be a representative of the people...yet...their people do not benefit as much that they are lead to believe they would? Another problem for some is the superpower of Israel. Some feel that they just pushed their way into the region through us 60 years ago and set themselves up as the powerhouse of the region and dictators of others. Alot of the resentment comes strictly from us sticking our noses into everything. And this...I made clear is not the action of the American peoples...but those who we are given to choose from in other words...President Bush does not speak for the majority of working and voting class Americans. I certainly believe in defending what is ours...I love America..and wouldnt trade it for nothing...this is my culture and what I know. But that doesnt mean...that it is best for everyone else...and if they are at war in some of these be it...that is how they resolve their conflict of is not my business is my tribe and America. It is not our peoples that are the is those who represent us peoples all over the world and those who control the global arena who are the problem. As I said before in earlier posts...if those who are of the 3 entities of the global arena's top crust had to face any of the conflicts that they start...there would be much less conflict. To some in this arena's leadership...their idea of their an investment...and the peoples are a commodity.

I been following this Naveed Haq murder trial in Seattle. Over the last 2 weeks...the defense has called 16 witnesses to the stand...mostly psychiatry experts to talk about all the mental ailments that Mr.Haq suffers. Not once have I heard anything about the victims of his spree and the suffering of them and their families.You have an accused...admitting to the charges...a defense backing it..a prosecution with compelling evidence to support it...yet this case is still being dragged out...with all the endless testimony of what Haq thinks or doesnt think. We all know what he thinks...he done it...regardless of "why?" finished,job completed...I wonder if the folks of King County ever stop to think...what these kind of things cost them.

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StanS said...

Stan Stumbo here, father of victim Cheryl Stumbo. Our prosecutor, Don Raz, was brilliant last week. He got the defense's forensic psychiatrist (Dr. James Missett of Menlo Park, CA) to admit that Haq made no reference (in admissable evidence) to the following until 18 months after the shooting:
Messages or orders from God
Being on a mission for God
Hearing voices
Reading minds
Broadcasting thoughts
"Forces" moving Haq's trigger finger

Members of the jury were writing furiously.

It is frustratingly slow but the State is trying very hard to cross all the "t's" and dot all the "i's" so that nothing can be overturned on appeal and this animal can be put away for life.