Monday, September 14, 2009

"Too BIG to Fail" ... the next step to REAL reform ....

***** (video I had at top of page expired, which inspired this posting) This will be the next biggest step to actual reform which is needed in the financial sector ...this is a very important issue.Because if we do not reform this system and work toward's actual change that conform's to a new globally interdependent economy...our recession's will not only be worse than last...but they will hit simultaneously across the global free market as they last did. I tried to emphasize this time and again in my earliest posting's...when talking about letting these large institution's fail.... and be sold out piece by piece...and break one up into possibly 10 or so.

As I was pointing out in my earliest posting's...these mega institution's are one of the biggest roadblock's to our future.Why? Because business as were done say in the 1960's for instance is done so much different than it is today...there is simply too much investment's shifting globally today...too much offshore money being diverted to interest's that are not in best interest's of the new player's,especially the new countries that are jumping into the marketplace.Too little oversight and regulation will lead to simply massive deterioration...and all those loser's and those who get the shaft will be all your newest smaller venture's, investor's, manufacturer's, etc. It just create's a ripple effect for everyone...and leave's no back-up security.And our President is being so kind to this...he is doing it the soft way...and letting this change piece by piece...and giving them all ample time,fair measure's as far as tighter regulation's,and plenty of warning's...even tax incentive's to divert investment's, sell, downsize or anything else they need to do. Oil giant's for instance have all the financial resource's and break's to invest much more into cleaner and greener energies...and they will benefit in the long run... because as I previously said...this is the new 21st century jackpot market and industry! USA,Europe,and Japan are no longer the Lone Ranger Team ... the world has changed...while we were selling smaller countries all our treat's and raking in profit's and not taking the future seriously...these smaller and less fortunate countries for over a couple decade's as I pointed out ...been taking apart what we make and sell them...and figuring that they could do just as good or better.And as a result...are going to want to compete...and the people's will be the one's who benefit from this.

I had pointed out time and again in earliest post's that this system need's to and will collapse... and it will rest assured ... I just dont know the date's or method's, but you know that change is inevitable either way, that is...if you like staying alive... and in business...heh,heh,heh. The G-20(group of 20 financial minister's and central bank governor's)should be starting very soon to construct the new way thing's will be done...and most importantly...making sure in everyone's best interest's...that there will be much more regulatory oversight...especially on rewarding those who are not deserving of reward...and weeding out those who milk and are only an incompetent burden to other's(including these billion dollar bonus treat's that are so popular in these time's)...they along with leader's like Obama are being so kind. So dont even think Obama is like Hitler...he is being more closer to Mother Theresa.Some like myself are much more harsh ... as I posted before...I'll let their asses fail at once,at the drop of a hat...and really give them a ride to the Land of Hell with a fury. They should all be grateful and count their blessing's.

Enough said ....


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