Monday, March 14, 2011

DENNIS HOF and the "RANCH BUNNIES", Take On "NANNY OF THE MONTH" (Feb. 2011) SEN. HARRY REID (Sexploitation Nation PT 4)

This posting of "Sexploitation Nation PT 4" was planned as Part 3 at first, but I was so in shock by the Melissa Petro case in New York, I had to post her then, but ... I certainly didnt forget about the Ranch Bunnies and Dennis Hof's newest challenge's from Senator and newest nominated "Nanny of the Month" Harry Reid. But this actually shocked me as well ... I was shocked that Sen. Reid of all folk's took this on the way he has, so it's a must for this series in this journal. As Mr. Hof explain's it, it just sound's like Sen. Reid is just involved along with his children in basically more corporate ass kissing which is so widespread in Washington too. The only way that the mega corporate icon's would want any business to flourish is only when they are "involved and invested" in the business as well. Example ... as I pointed out in a previous posting ... wiseguy's/ gangster's or what is called "organized crime" was also under attack for decade's, from the speakeasy venue day's during prohibition to the day's the first grand casino's opened on the Vegas Strip and/ or the old Fremont Street Strip, UNTIL ... they came in and bought out all the "evil" labeled guy's, after they (so called gangster's) done all the legwork and investment's, then they corporatized it, and then advertised/ promoted it off as a type of Disney resort, changing it from "evil" to now "good". :) So YES, until I have other proof, I believe Mr. Hof is accurate.

Also as I pointed out in the past for anyone new that may read this ... I have been an advocate of full scale across the board adult entertainment of prostitution as a business as well as full scale casino gambling especially in the great State of Texas, I love Texas to death, and wouldnt want anything that I didnt feel would benefit this state, with all my heart. Texas is such a huge state, and one of the biggest market's in adult entertainment's to begin with, yet .... thing's like prostitution in this state is illegal, and the only casino's are on boat's offshore from what I know on the coast. Yet ... in Dallas for instance beside's all the illegal gambling in this town and "legal" betting, you have buses 24/ 7 that will drive you about 100+ miles from here, free of charge, with even gambling on the buses while your in route to Lousiana and Oklahoma to gamble at some casino's "there". I of course as a teen lived in and worked for a women ran/ owned brothel, and had friend's my entire life that have worked in this industry as well as the adult entertainment industry as far as show venue's, both male and female.

Texas is a goldmine waiting to be mined in adult entertainment whether Texan's realize it or not. We are cheating ourselves bigtime here, and with the fastest growing population number's in the nation, and tightening of budget's ... no time is better than now to loosen up on this and get a start. It will clean out prison's/ jail's bed space, clean up alot of the STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) that run's rampant, you hardly hear about, but it's such a big issue here, you will have more control over the entire businesses, as well as rake in million's a year into the state for education, road's/ transit, enviroment, law enforcement to protect and serve our communities and familia's better, and many other thing's that could use the money ... and many Texan's know in their heart this is true. Of course many corporate special interest's group's along with folk's of the state's of Oklahoma, Lousiana, and Nevada, or New Jersey (South Jersey casino industries) wouldnt like to see Texas do this ... Why? ... no not because they love your familia's, but because they love our $$Dollar's$$ even MORE. However ... you can play hardheaded and buck this, and instead continue to let the black market's of the underground collect all the money instead. We have the climate, the coastal beaches lined with beautiful palm's and even weather better than Vegas for that matter (having lived in Las Vegas myself year's back), being more moderate and warm, sub tropical coastal region's ... with a state so huge that you could do it without having school's within mile's of any of it ... right now you cant do that, go to any part of Central Dallas alone ... you have everything going on all over the place with no control over it.

But onto this issue now just popping up in Nevada with Senator Reid (and no, I dont look at the ex- boxer and football player as a "nanny" or "sissy" at all, the video posted labeled him as that and I take it out of humor only) ... but frankly ... I really have no idea why this Senator, especially with his background and familia would even go on a warpath against a successful industry in his own state? In these time's? with Nevada's housing crisis, like the nation's worst? I understand that many folk's are against this on both side's even for morality reason's ... I mean ... many on the left say that these businesses even exploit women, but how would you know that if it's mostly illegal to begin with, without giving it at least a try?

There is exploitation so much now, because we sweep it under the rug into the underground, where "profit" come's over anything else without the humanitarian and/ or protection's/ right's consideration's at all. Folk's on the right dont want this around the kid's either and invading their familia value's, which I understand, you shouldnt have to raise your children around this or be around it at all. But this is also why legalization and zoning and control is all more importante, to insure even further that it ISNT around your familia and children's school's, or your community churches. Everybody WIN'S in this, is what folk's are not looking at.


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Beach Bum said...

But onto this issue now just popping up in Nevada with Senator Reid...

No jokes at all but Reid's speech was damn bizarre and by his very demeanor was the last person in the world who should have given it.

It reminded me of something from a 1950's Jerry Lewis movie.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Bum! ... Just got back in to cook up some lunch for myself, grab some news, etc ... It's absolutely gorgeous out, maybe a tad nippy by some folk's standard's, at about 50 degree's in the afternoon, with the wind, (no one's at the pool) but sunny and absolutely a gorgeous blue sky!

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... a 50's Jerry Lewis movie? As odd as this may sound, believe it or not, I never even seen a Jerry Lewis movie! :( But I did see front stage "Jerry Lee Lewis" (aka The Killer) in concert (the other Jerry Lewis. :) But "bizarre" put's it's well to me ... like I said, when I first heard this .... I was suprised, and just sensed that there has to be something I'm missing here(?) ... but after listening to Hof and reading various article's on this over the last couple week's, I think I see the "bite" on this. The political gain for Reid? I really am confused on that ... will it amount to more swing voter's who may have voted republican to vote his way? Too much crap to try to figure out for me on such a beautiful pre- spring day though, so I'll rest on it.

But as alway's ... Thanx for your input and voice Bum ... later Guy

Infidel753 said...

At a time of endless government budget problems and cut-backs, it's amazing that there isn't more of a movement to bring such a huge sector of the economy into the legal, and hence taxable, domain. The same is true of drugs, of course -- wouldn't we rather have that revenue stream flowing into state coffers than into gangs that use it to de-stabilize Mexico?

Unfortunately, legalization of prostitution seems unthinkable. For the Republicans, it would violate the religious taboos which are now the party's main ideology. Even most Democratic politicians wouldn't touch the idea -- too afraid of being stigmatized as libertines, maybe?

Here in Oregon, a lot of adult entertainment is legal, mostly due to the way our state constitution's freedom-of-expression clause has been interpreted -- but it's hard to imagine things going any further (prostitution being legalized, for example) any time in the foreseeable future. Blue-nosery, it seems, trumps even logic and the lust for revenues these days.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Infodell ... That's basically all that's happening, and folk's should all know it by now, as far as gang's destabilizing Mexicano state's, there is no excuse with the coverage of what's going on to not know this, and so many do, but they turn their head's and believe in old remedies to solve issue's that have proven over decade's not to work, old value's, etc. I have old value's myself, I just know when something ISNT working is the difference, and choose to try to make something work instead. The drug cartel's of today are far different than even 25 year's ago. It used to be basically familia type owned businesses in Mexico back in the old day's, and with the new come's bigtime violence.

Actually I have heard from and talked to many conservative's folk's right here in Dallas as well as across Texas that are starting to agree with the prostitution thing. There was a conservative talk radio show one day in Dallas on the issue of semi legalizing prostitution in Dallas recently, almost ALL male call in's went for it, many female caller's opposed it, and even other entertainment's, one gal said that men should go to church to find sex(?) Of course as a local regular, I said a mouthful on this over several show's.

Oddly in PDX (Oregon), just about every type of adult entertainment is legal "except" prostitution, where so much is technically illegal in Texas/ Dallas ... the odd thing was that Dallas was way more saturated with adult entertainment than what I visited and seen in PDX. One thing also I liked about PDX adult shoppe's too, is that they had a wide selection of much of the old school VHS format euro film's that are mostly out of print, and difficult to find here.

And Thank You for your word's and opinion here Infodell ....

Tim said...

Harry would be right as rain if he only got laid. Dennis Ya hear! Get that boy some pussy. Man it's way overdo. Might even change his voice to a man's. Call it civic duties.
A spine would do him a world of good.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Tim! ...Harry need's to get laid? ... what he need's is to get "laid off", not sexually, but out of a goddamn job. I havent kept up with politic's just about my whole life, but started watching them after Bush/ Cheney got elected, having voted for them and strongly questioning shortly after their move's, well ... because of how they were dealing with money, is what caught my atencion. But after you pay atencion to these folk's, look at them and listen to what they say carefully, you can read them fairly well.

Example: When the Health Care Reform was going on, I caught a few of them in action pulling scam's, even on our President (their own party) but I dont even think the MSM's caught this or the masses (it was what inspired the title I came up with in the "Health Care SNOWEjob" series of "Demopublican Cesspool" that I done a multi series on actually). Basically Snowe, McConnell, Baucus, Reid had a scam going on, like "good cop/ bad cop", they were even playing on the President, and many dem's didnt look at it, but Snowe inspired it, with the "Trigger Plan", that's where I caught it, then Reid playing that he didnt agree with the other dem's, and Public Option he would still fight for tooth and claw, then the flip- flop, and the sale's pitch, acting warn out from all the long hour's etc, but they were playing the President behind his back basically to get approval from him, and sell "through" him, making the focus on the President as far as the decision's to sway instead of them, basically. That is how I knew that there "wouldnt" be any HCR PO from the get go. This Guy (Reid) has just proved that you cant trust him as far as you could throw him. So many up there that been in there for decade's need to be laid off, got rid of, our government is just too corrupt, and mainly paid off, as you can see here.

Thanx for adding to this Tim, it was a laugh at least! :)