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IDA B. WELLS- BARNETT: Roots of Investigative Journalism ... & Dropping a DIME on America's CRIME ... The "Non- Figurine" Edition ... (BLACK HISTORY/ HARMON LOFT PT.14)- (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.57)

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Ida B. Wells- Barnett with her kidz, Charles, Herman, Ida, and Alfreda ... (1909 photo)


The Courageous Life of Ida B. Wells #OrdinaryWomen ... Thanx to feministfrequency

This posting will serve the "Black History/ Harmon Loft" and "Public Patriots" series of the journal/ blog. This posting will focus on Ida B. Wells (wikipedia), who I wanted to have in this journal anywayz, as a past public patriot in particular, and still invigorates that spirit of democracy to this day. This series of black history, is in memory of, dedicated to, and inspired by a friend, Harmon Loft. I chose Anita Sarkeesian above, to do an intro video. I also been intending to have Ida in here, because years back when living in Chicago for a while, I met a girl, named Gail (Abigail) Barnes, who told me she was related to Ida Wells ... whether or not she really was, I dont know, but she sure as Hell knew alot about this woman and familia. One night after getting my paycheck, I asked Gail if I could take her to a pizza joint in Chicago that I liked, and she never been to, called Uno's. This is when she laid the name Ida Wells on me ... she told me she was related to Ida ... and I guess expected that I heard the name ... I had no idea who in Hell Ida Wells was, or ever heard the name before. Anywayz, after eating and a few beers, Gail started running down all this history stuff to me about this woman, Wells ... Gail was intense, and painted Ida, as this strong heroic type fighter for justice (which she is). Gail also was telling me, that so many of the black people that lived in South Chicago, were from the deep south, in particular, Mississippi, which I never knew either ... supposedly, Chicago was a popular place for freed slaves to run to, after the civil war.

Anwayz, what a life this woman Ida had, and really displayed that toughness and leadership quality, despite all the obstacles and fear of that time. Her outspoken wayz in journalism enlightened and motivated so many folks, and made women also take a hard look at themselves and their place in American society. Without all the political correctness that is so popular today in media, Ida laid it out straight. She was not like many of the figurine types you see today, that cringe in fear to those with power ... and she was one that you could not buy ... unlike so many even in politics you see today, this woman was born to lead, period ... and had the discipline. Even though we have came a long wayz in race relations today ... there is still much racism. I been online for 10 years ... and if you look online/ social media ... you can see clearly, just how much racism there still is in this country. Racism is also coming back out today more than it has in years, because we have a President who helps inspire it too. I have no proof that the President (Trump) is racist, or would even have reason to be, but some of what he sayz, heats up and inspires some of those who are, to come out of the closet. I wanted to add a taste below first, from "History is a Weapon", of what Ida has to say, you can feel the passion in it. And it may seem somewhat violent, but it needs to be violent, because that was the actual condition ... there is no logical reason to sugarcoat reality out of political correctness. I also added a piece from "The Real News", to let her great grandson, Daniel Duster, talk about Ida, and the kind of woman she was.

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***** HISTORY IS A WEAPON: Lynch Law By Ida B. Wells ... (a report)

***** THE REAL NEWS: Ida B. Wells: The Story of America's First Black Female Investigative Journalist ... (video and transcript, with Daniel Duster)




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**** Books by Ida B. Wells- Barnett

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Infidel753 said...

A remarkable story. The things she did took a lot of guts back at that time.

Interesting that she saw the value of carrying a gun, like Harriet Tubman.

Ranch Chimp said...

I think many as far as fighting for civil rights or any rights valued to arm themselves, even more recent folks of popularity in civil rights such as Malcolm X and Martin King armed themselves. I like reading especially letters, journals, and articles from late 19th century to early 20th century America, to feel the passion I guess ... because it was a time in this country, where average workers/ people were so hungry for rights and democracy, many suffered severe injuries, many even died ... but it paved the way as well, for liberties that we were all able to enjoy decades later, whether women's, civil, workers rights. Again, we have our new challenges going into this 21st century, and I feel like strong resistance on various levels (including organized violence if necessary) is due again ... just my personal view though, many would disagree with me. Thank You for your input here, Infidel