Monday, October 5, 2020

PANTERA: "Cowboys From Hell", "Domination", "Walk", "Primal Concrete Sledge", & "Interview with Dimebag and Phil" ... In Memory of Dimebag Darrell



Pantera: Headbangers Ball Interview with Phil Anselmo & Dimebag Darrel- Paris, France (1992) ... Thanx to Sonic Warfare TV

This entry into the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal/ blog is to feature some of the work and classic pieces of the band "Pantera" out of Arlington, TX (Dallas- Fort Worth). But I been wanting to do a posting in memory of co-founder/ songwriter/ guitarist Dimebag Darrell (and his brother, a kick ass drummer Vinnie Paul) for some time ... Dimebag was an outstanding guitarist!  ... swell guyz, and great work on the composition and engineering, too. I been attracted to, and influenced by a variety of music and upbeat stuff since about 6 years old, listening to my grandmother's records of 1920s/ 1930s swing/ jazz as a child. But the other day an old friend/ guitarist and I were having some small talk about a party Pantera threw to celebrate their first record release here in North Dallas, which was the summer of 1983, that we had attended ... which reminded me to get Pantera in here. The party they threw was a small intimate setting  ... and Pantera catered in some 6'ft long Subway sandwiches for folks at the party ... which was cool, and they played a little music ... and I got pretty ripped myself (too many whiskey shots {:-) That first album was self made, and their producer was their dad, Jerry Abbott, who was a songwriter and country- western record producer. Dimebag was murdered (shot in head multiple times), by what they said was a deranged fan that jumped on stage during a 2004 show in Columbus, Ohio, as well as killing the head of security who tried to take down the shooter, and killing a fan who tried to render aid to Dimebag, as well as an employee of the venue who tried to disarm the shooter as shooter was reloading ... and 3 other fans shot, but survived. The gig they were doing in Columbus was post Pantera after they broke up, and Darrell and his older brother Vinnie Paul (drummer) formed a new band called Damageplan. In 2008 his brother Vinnie Paul also died ... so the Abbott brothers are gone, but their music still is enjoyed and still inspiring young musicians. Vinnie Paul, Darrell, and their mom are all buried in side by side graves in Arlington.

Since the dayz when they first formed in 1981 and playing the local clubs, they really moved up the ladder and gained quite an international reputation ... even Dimebag probably been on the front cover of every guitar magazine over the years. During the 1990s they really established their sound, which was more of a groove metal to me ... they were touring the world then on many bills, in the early 90s as an opening band for folks like Ozzy, Megadeth, Judas Priest, and other big name acts ... soon after, they became a big name headliner. This band was really tight too, the work of each member had a great chemistry ... it's one of those groups that you don't like to break up, because what each member had together, will not work the same with others. And Darrell is now known as one of the greatest all time metal guitarists today ... Eddie Van Halen buried a guitar of his with Darrell, that Darrell liked, and Gene Simmons of Kiss, donated the Kiss Kasket for Darrell to be buried. An interview at the top of the posting with Darrell and Phil (vocalist), in their early dayz touring the world as an opening act, with Vanessa Warwick for MTV Headbangers Ball ... she called Darrell "Diamond" in the interview, no, it's not a mistake, that was his nickname at first, and later he changed it to Dimebag. Some videos below I chose that are memorable pieces I really like, and I particularly love the way Darrell structured the guitar work on "Domination" ... that's the way to do it! I closed with "Primal Concrete Sledge", Zakk Wylde in the last part, comes on stage with his dog, and plays some guitar (hope his dog had some earplugs like musicians use {:-) ... I prefer to crank their music for "full flavour" .... Enjoy!

Pantera- Cowboys From Hell (Live @ Monsters of Rock, Moscow 1991) [HD] ... Thanx to PolVacf

Domination Live in Moscow 91' [HD] 1080 ... Thanx to Paradoxx

PANTERA - 'Cowboys From Hell' Logo Black Sticker (Miscellaneous, Stickers)  | Rare Records    




PanterA Walk LiVE TV proshot 1996 HD 2012 720p ... Thanx to MetallicaSimpson

Pantera Primal Concrete Sledge (remastered) ... Thanx to Ultimate Barbarian 


***** "THE RESISTANCE | PERILS OF THE POWER POSSE" ... ( a 2 part futuristic Ranch Chimp Journal dream to dream on )


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