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Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

The most enjoyable fun part of keeping this journal and being online for 3 year's, has been being able to search for, choose, and compile the music/ art's choice's for this journal to honour for their outstanding and unique contribution's to these art's, of course I can be selective too, as many who love these art's are, so many may not even make it to this journal, and this journal as far as that part can never be complete. Several video's on this will also have to be replaced, and posting's redone, updated, and rearranged because of file's lost due to copyright law or whatever as well, that I alway's have to keep up with.

But this posting is just an honour roll list of these artist's/ performer's I chose to be in here .... and ALL CREDIT AND THANX to all those folk's who were so generous to share and post these artist's on site's such as YouTube ... YA'LL ARE GREAT!! And Thanx to Dave (guitarist) of "Sights & Sounds", Arlington (TX), who partly inspired this compilation last week, when he suggested that I start up some kind of compilation posting ... so here it is!

This list link in some type of alphabetical arrangement, I divided into two part's because of the length ... will accompany each music/ art's posting selection added to this journal's HONOUR ROLL ... Enjoy! : )


NASA JOHNSON: The Peoples Planet ... From a PICTURE PERFECT Place in Space ... The "Home Sweet Home" Edition ... (ABOVE & BELOW PT.19)

NUCLEAR FUSION G: "Space Exploration"

NURSE WITH WOUND: "Bottom Feeder", "I've plummed this whole Neighborhood", "She and Me fall Together"

ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER/ ENGINEERING GROUND ZERO: From Debris & Ash to World Class Architectural/ Structural Design

17586063: does guitar cover's of "Hot for Teacher"(Van Halen), "Crazy Train"(Ozzy Osbourne)

OTEP SHAMAYA: "Confrontation", "Apex Predator", "Breed" ... also Otep retort on "Climate Change" and 9/11 Poetry "USA MA"

OTEP SHAMAYA: "Smash The Control Machine"

OZZY OSBOURNE: "Crazy Train"

PAUL McCARTNEY: "Juniors Farm", "Back In The USSR"

PEACHES: "Peaches- Interview", "Free Drink Ticket", "Sick in The Head", "Vaginoplasty", "Mommy Complex" & "Kick it- feat. Iggy Pop"

PHARMAKON/ MARGARET CHARDIET: Live at NYC's Webster Hall & Interview

PIERCE THE VEIL: "Dont Fear The Reaper" (BOC cover)

PIGFACE: "The Horse You Rode In On", "Mind Your Own Business", "The Good, The Bad and The Druggly" & "KY Re: Amin (Live)"

PINK FLOYD/ LIVE @ POMPEII: "A Saucerful Of Secrets/ Celestial Voices", "Careful With That Axe, Eugene", "One Of These Days"

PRIMUS: "Tommy The Cat", "My Name Is Mud", & "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver"

RAMONES: 1977 New Year's Eve "live" @ London's Rainbow

R.E.M: "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"

REMCO HENDRIX: "Badass Fretless Grooves", "Experimental Funk Rock Slap Bass", "Experimental Fretless Bass Grooves with Delay" & "Heavy Funk Rock Rhythm Section"

RESIDENTS: (PT.1) "Smack your lip's/ Clap your teeth", "Gingerbread Man"

RESIDENTS: (PT.2) "Constantinople", "Betty's Body", "Hit The Road Jack"

RESIDENTS (PT.3)/ MUSH- ROOM (2013 Album): "Mush- Room", "Between a Rock and a Hard Space" & "Broken Brake"

RESIDENTS (PT.4): SANTA DOG SEASON'S GREETINGS 2017 ... with The Residents

REVCO/ REVOLTING COCKS: "Beers, Steers & Queers"

REVEREND HORTON HEAT: "Bales of Cocaine", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Psychobilly Freakout", "Rural Point of View"

RHYTHM SOPHIE/ TOM STORMY TRIO: "Rockabilly Rhythm", "Gotta Gimme What'cha Got", "Finders Keepers" & Folsom Prison Blues

RICK WAKEMAN: "Solo", "Jane Seymour" & "The Battle"

ROB HALFORD: "Electric Eye"

ROB HALFORD/ FIGHT: "Nailed To The Gun", "Into The Pit", & "A Little Crazy"

ROB HALFORD/ FIGHT: "Contortion" (live 1994)

ROB HALFORD/ FIGHT: "War of Words"

ROBERT JOHNSON- Fathering The Formula of Rock Music: "Terraplane Blues", "They're Red Hot", "Cross Road Blues", "Hellhound On My Trail", "Sweet Home Chicago" & "Me And The Devil Blues"

ROBIN TROWER: "Too Rolling Stoned", "Day of the Eagle"

RODNEY DANGERFIELD PT.1: Stand up comedy on Johnny Carson Show, and "Rappin Rodney" video

RODNEY DANGERFIELD PT.2: More Stand- Up Comedy ....

RODRIGO & GABRIELA: "Diablo Rojo", "Orion", "Buster Voodoo", & "Hanuman"

ROLLING STONES: "19th Nervous Breakdown", "Happy", "Tumbling Dice" & "Sympathy For The Devil"

ROLLING STONES: "Mothers Little Helper"

RONNIE JAMES DIO: "Stand up and Shout", "I"

ROY CLARK: "Malaguena", "Ghost Riders In The Sky", "12th Street Rag" & "Dueling Banjos w/ Buck Trent"


RUSH: "Spirit Of Radio", "Tom Sawyer", "Working Man" (live)

RUTH WHITE/ BAUDELAIRE'S (Les Fleurs du Mal): "Spleen", "The Cat"

SAMANTHA FISH BAND: "I Put A Spell On You", "Black Cat Bone", "Lay It Down" & "Shake 'Em On Down"

SAMHAIN/ HALLOWEEN 2015 GREETINGS: ... In Culture, Art & Music

SCHMILLION: "Overgrown"

SCORPIONS (Blackout Album): "Blackout", "Dynamite" & "No One Like You"

SCOTT JOPLIN: "Stoptime Rag", "Sugar Cane", "The Entertainer", "Heliotrope Bouquet"

SEALED IN SCARLETT: "Unleash the Beast"

SEASICK STEVE: "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks", "Back In The Dog House", "Hobo Low" & "Walkin' Man"

SERGI PUERTAS/ GOLD IS THE METAL: "Everyone Loves Mr. Eggman" (A Tribute to John Waters)

SEVERED HEADS: "Dead Eyes Opened", "Lamborghini", "Gashing The Old Mae West", & "We Have Come To Bless The House"

SEX PISTOLS/ SID VICIOUS:  "My Way", "God save the Queen"

SKATENIGS: "Loudspeaker", "Chemical Imbalance"

SKINNY PUPPY: "Tin Omen", "Pro- Test"

SKINNY PUPPY/ KEVIN "OGRE" OGILVIE (PT.2): "Worlock", " Hexonexxon"

SOMMORE: Give Us Some More Sommore ... Point's and Tip's from the Comedy Queen

SONIC YOUTH: "Kool Thing", "Nevermind"


STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN: "Voodoo Child", "Pride and Joy"


STOLEN BABIES: "Spill", "Tablescrap", "Push Button" & "So Close"

STRAY CATS: "Rock This Town", "Race With The Devil", & "Somethin' Else"

ST.VINCENT/ ANNIE CLARK: "Your Lips Are Red", "Dig A Pony", "Birth In Reverse" & "Huey Newton" (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.20)

SUNGHA JUNG: "Cancion Del Mariachi", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "River Flows In You", "Bittersweet"

SUZZAN BLAC (PT.1): A video collection of some of her finest art

SUZZAN BLAC (PT.2): "The Rebirth": A Personal Story of PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL & SEXUAL Abuse ... "The REALITY in Surrealism" (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.11)

SVETLANAS: "147 Voices", "Crimea River", "Go F*ck You Self", "Tales from the Alpha Brigade" & "I Am a Spy"

SVETLANAS: "I Must Break You"

SYSTEM OF A DOWN: "Toxicity", "Chop Suey", "Suite- Pee" & "B.Y.O.B."

TASH SULTANA: "Jungle", "Blackbird", " Surrender To The Night", "Brain Flower" and Interview

T- BONE WALKER: "Call It Stormy Monday"

"TED" ... The Official Movie Trailer (A "Jason" Pick)

TEMPTATIONS: "Cloud Nine", "Ball of Confusion"

THE BLACK BELLES: "Wishing Well", "What Can I Do?", "Honky Tonk Horror" & "Lies"

THE CRAMPS: "What's Inside A Girl", "Hot Pearl Snatch", "Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon", "Peter Gunn" & "Heartbreak Hotel" ... (In Memoriam of LUX INTERIOR)

THE CREEPSHOW: "Hellbound", "The Devil's Son", "Zombies Ate Her Brain", "Sinners And Saints" & "Take My Hand"

THE CREEPSHOW: "Halloween"

THE FLAMING LIPS (Cover Tributes): "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds/ feat. Miley Cyrus", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Space Oddity", "The Who Tribute" & "War Pigs"


THE FLYING LIZARDS: "Money (That's what I want)"

THE HELLFREAKS: "Boogie Man", "Circus Of Shame", "Last Nail", & "We Prefer"

THE HIPPY NUTS: "30 Days In The Hole"

THE MARS VOLTA: "Wax Simulacra", "Goliath", "The Widow" & "Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) "

THE TOADIES: "Summer of the Strange", "I Burn", "Rattler's Revival" & "Possum Kingdom (live)"

THE WHO: "I Can See For Miles", "See Me, Feel Me/ Listening To You", "My Generation", "Pinball Wizard" & "Won't Get Fooled Again"

TINA S/ GUITAR COVERS (PT.1): "Eruption", "Through the Fire and Flames", "Vivaldi Tribute" & "Master Of Puppets"

TINA S (PT.2): "Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement" (Beethoven Cover)

TOM PETTY: "American Girl"


U2: "New Year's Day"

U.K. SUBS: "Emotional Blackmail", "Strychnine", "Creation" & "Riot" (for Skirzi)

UNEXPECT: "Unfed Pendulum", "Summoning Scenes", "Desert Urbania" & "The Quantum Symphony"

URIAH HEEP: "Easy Living", "Look at Yourself"

VAN HALEN: "Atomic Punk", "Running With The Devil", "Sinner's Swing", "You Really Got Me (1978 Japan TV Performance & Interview)"

VAN HALEN: "Dancing In The Street"

VAN HALEN: "So This Is Love?"

VAN HALEN: "I'm The One"

VON MAGNET: "Gitanear", "Polarized", "Capricious Horse (Who Leads The)?" & "Archipielagos"

WHITNEY HOUSTON: "Whatchulookinat", "It's Not Right But It's Okay", "Queen Of The Night"

WHITNEY HOUSTON: "Star Spangled Banner"

THE WILL CALLERS: (PT.1) "Dark In Dallas", Deep Dallas Studio Sessions", "87 MIles"

THE WILL CALLERS: (PT.2) "Right On Time" Live Session

WILLIE NELSON: "Whiskey River", "Stay all Night"

X- RAY SPEX: "I am a Cliche", "Identity", "Oh Bondage Up Yours"

YELLO (MEIER/ PERON/ & BLANK): ... "Oh Yeah", "The Expert", "Jungle Bill", & "Bostich"

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: "Anguish & Fear"

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: "Far beyond the Sun"

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/ Featuring JEFF SCOTT SOTO & JAPAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: "Fugue", "Disciples of Hell", "U.S. National Anthem"

ZEPPARELLA: "Dazed and Confused" & "When The Levee Breaks"

ZZ TOP: "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers", "Just Got Paid" and "La Grange"

ZZ TOP: "Tush"

ZZ TOP: "My Head's In Mississippi"


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