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ENTITLEMENT REFORM: Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs recipe to "PAY MORE- EXPECT LESS" ... with Bernie, Ed, & Ranch Chimp's REFORM to Wall Street's ENTITLEMENT'S (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.19) & **** POST NOTE UPDATE

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around, and neither do I : )

Part 19 of "Truth or Treason 2013", will be concerning this recent statement alone from Mr. Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs concerning tax increases and entitlement reform's ... again ... I knew this was coming simply because I made this long ago as far as these cut's they were gonna shuffle and deal on us, once they got this election's show out of the way, because both side's were basically avoiding these issue's during the campaign's, making it easy to make this game they were cooking up behind closed door's, to make it short here, which I wanted to point out because of a couple neighbour friend's locally ... Suzy, Wolfgang, and Nick, who wonder why I seem to alwayz be able to "make" these kind's of thing's before they materialize, asking me if I'm "psychic"? ... but NO, and no insult meant to these folk's who may embrace these belief's, but none of this has to do with anything of such like psychic related stuff, but is simply because I "pay atencion" when it come's to "my/ our money" is all. Thanx again especially to Senator Sanders for hammering this when so many of us are stuck to our I-Phones & Pads getting intoxicated with a number of more entertaining thing's ... which I dont blame folk's considering all the miseries that we seem to get hammered with, which I pointed out time and again since the start of this journal over 4 year's ago was coming, as far as these so called reform's, taxes, changes, what's being considered as normal now or the "new normal", what to expect, or this constant nonsense quarter to quarter about the recession is near, here, over, reborn, vanished, never was, etc, etc ... the housing market, job's creation, energy independence nonsense, or retirement plan's such as the 401K stuff, and other related nonsense that's fed to us to make us scared or paranoid that we havent a snowball's chance in Hell, etc, etc. Bottom line ... I DONT make prediction's ... I DO make assessment's, okay? So Bernie's input here below, then of course a few word's I will add.

Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


And I want to be fair here to Mr. Blankfein after watching and reading a few piece's from him seeing all the fear in his eye's which I know is real as far as this "fiscal cliff" talk, so I dont doubt that he is sincere in what he sayz. There's an ole saying ... "you made your bed, now you must lie in it" or similar wording ... it's a long used saying because it's one of proven truth, okay? And I have never doubted that we have some serious spending and budget issue's, however Sir ... this current condition is a result primarily over mistake's made within your circle's, not the overall majority of the people, okay? ... your mis- management, ill investment's, hedge funding, and getting a lil too intoxicated over ya'll's recent gain's, while ignoring for too long your own fault's and need's for reform on ya'll's end. This also include's the endless issue of too big to fail entities who are alwayz hammered by our representation of needing to get downsized or some type of growth capping and slowing the expansion and/ or consolidation of these, but NEVER is really addressed, including by our own President (not blaming the President here, for I know he has too much on his plate to finish). I realize clearly the concern from the large entities and their desperation, because deep down inside, they know they have become no longer needed, I mean, let's face it, without continuously trying to get larger and control more ... they know they will become an obsolete relic of past, therefore more reason for this new buy- out's of failed government/ social entities, and intentionally trying to corner them into failure, etc, and the ratholing of wealth, as well as this new so called "industrial revolution" of mining and drilling even area's that were unknown for mineral wealth until 20 year's ago and confirmed with new science's and technologies. We now know that there is much more competition, and even mom and pop small businesses these dayz can market and sell their product's/ good's better and more efficiently than these mega corporate folk's because of our access to new technologies,etc. I mean ... without controlling us even more, ya'll probably wouldnt last another 20 year's to be honest here ... and ya'll know it deep down inside, or you wouldnt be acting in such madness of desperation, including spending billion's to try to control political influence more than ever in human history like in the last few year's ... not even the biggest spender's spend that foolishly, and ya'll would especially know that.

I know how ya'll think that you can manage the world better than any government or politician can, but it is also fact that NOW, the people on smaller level's can manage better ourselves, spending and even budget's better than even you or the political parties, is the REAL reality that you fear and know. After all, like you, this IS part of our daily lives and work in our survival, small business, prosperity or lack of. Our Social Security for example  is currently sound for at least the next quarter century, providing as well that ya'll keep your hand's out of it, that $2.7 trillion or so reserve's is OUR's ... NOT YOUR's ... and is of no business of your's, especially when the fact is, that your vitality of current is a direct result of OUR GENEROSITY, being in this case, that YA'LL were the recipient's of "entitlement" through our bailing out of ya'll after your ill move's and repetitive failure's, so you can understand my position here Sir. Dont try to sell million's like myself silly marketing gimmick's, like you will tax wealthy people more in EXCHANGE for us giving ya'll more of what is our's ... we have gave ya'll plenty as it is, so be grateful for our generosity as is. There is mucho excessive spending and even entitlement's that can be reformed and CUT from Wall Street's WILD spending spree's as well, rest assured, and they all know it ... so who is REALLY trying to get something for nothing, eh?  Those politician's on Capitalism Hill need to also remember these simple lesson's and result's of your action's also apply ... DO NOT press the American People too much, because it will backfire on you and your career's ... in time ... you too make ya'll's bed.

Enough said ....

Lloyd Blankfein CEO and Ebenezer Scrooge Impersonator ... Thanx to THETHINKINGBLUE **** a lil holiday season closing video here I wanted to add from my man on the left coast ... Ed

**** POST NOTE: Again, the reason I call this the "Truth or Treason" series is because those who are true to their job's of representing the overall majority of the American people and not only the privileged racketeering few that smother our politic's in Washington through this super- pac funding of our Congress and Senate are to be supported, those who allow this legalized racketeering, should be labeled and expelled from their job's in Washington, for they are nothing more than treasonist's. The parties and politician's have NOW a chance to show their true colour's and who is deserving of representing the majority of American's, it is ALL up to them ONLY. Those pundit's/ media's that support this excessive lying, trying to make excuses for why they needed to cut these social programme's that are fully funded by us, need to be ignored, when they say thing's like ... "Well, it isnt that bad" or "They will crack down on the wealthy" or "We are getting a fixed rate on this or that in exchange" or other nonsensical whimper's of passive instability and flip- flopping, etc. If an entire party need's to be abandoned ... so be it. You CANNOT let your personal emotion's get in the way when making importante decision's as a voter or a consumer, you will only lose in the longrun ... example ... I support certain parties/ representative's ... IF any of those I support prove to be not doing their job's and playing around, I will vote and write everything I can about it and them, and VOTE AGAINST them, even if my vote dont count. I have kept to my commitment of supporting this President and his party for the two term's as I promised, and I will equally promise to now hold them accountable for their action's on the job, and credit those who are deserving of such, whether I like them or not.

I understand also that there is much waste in thing's like Medicare/ Medicaid which I pointed out throughout this journal and series, and milking across the board ... however ... that milking and waste is mostly engineered through legislation of special interest's that are lobbying for this or that company, to make law's and rule's that allow them to overprice/ charge and  a number of other shady practice's that they engage in ... only a very, very, small percentage of people actually try to milk the system and many of those get caught in time ... these oversized and overfunded entities almost NEVER get caught or questioned and are alwayz making new engineered rule proposal's that are calculated strictly for excessive profiteering. I also realize that so many contract's and companies, whether it's in defense or the medical industry, or anything else that get's our government and tax support employ many American's, this has alwayz been used as a bargaining chip or hostage card, same like they use women's and homosexual right's as example, when both women and gay's SHOULD have ALL rights across the board (even marriage) signed immediately into law by executive order if needed, but instead are prolonged and toyed with term after term, decade after decade, to use as bagaining chip's and scam's. You cannot clean house or change without taking any action beside's "talk" to do so. A final note to Capitalism Hill ... DO NOT keep pushing our button's ... eventually we will push back, rest assured.


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LIFE, LOVE, & LYING with the LION's ... Dereck & Beverly Joubert ... and The SEDUCTION of The SAVANNA ... (CBS 60 Minutes) (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.3)

This will be another series for this journal called "The Other Tenant's" (**** yes, I know I dont need to put an apostrophe between the "t" and "s" on "tenant's", but I "choose" to : ) Inspired simply by the fact that probably 99% of the living creature's in this journal are our species only, so this series will simply be to highlight some of the other tenant's of this planet, that are NOT of our species, those perhap's that go un- noticed for most ... and NO ... I dont expect for other ape's to start doing journal's documenting us, however ... if they were advanced as us in writing skill's, language's and so forth, I think they would, and probably would have a Hell of alot to say about how human's fucked up the earth a Hell of alot more than they have: ) So of course when you move into any apartment complex, high- rise, tenament brownstone, flat, condo or whatever, a basic across the board rule is to have some consideration for the "other tenant's". I also included previous posting's on "Gorilla's" as Part's 1 & 2.

This lil ole piece I caught on CBS "60 Minutes" programme this week and thought an excellent piece they done here of a marriage/ romance of Dereck & Beverly Joubert, and the seduction they found of the savanna that just drew them into it ... living their life of love and "in love" amongst the other tenant's of the savanna ... and even lying with the lion's. And a big THANX to ya'll for bringing us folk's these really fine piece's of film work that ya'll do and share! ... Enjoy

Dereck and Beverly Joubert on 60 Minutes ... Thanx to RMORR50912



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JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN (PT.2): 2012 Rolling Stone Interview and more ... "THE SPIRIT REMAINS THE SAME"

***** ROLLING STONE/ MUSIC: Cover Story Excerpt: Jimmy Page Looks Back on Led Zeppelin's Epic Ride

I didnt even plan this posting, but was inspired because of the recent 10 page interview I was reading at home in my  December 06, 2012 issue of Rolling Stone magazine with the master and composer, Mr. Jimmy Page ... I call Jimmy "master" because I have alwayz looked at him as a master of "string's" in composition. And I'm like a lil kid when it come's to this, and am thrilled to do it! : )

This interview was really a solid read for those who are fan's of Page or just the collective worx of this historic crew, which Jimmy look's at as a fortunate time and journey in his life that cant be continued or reunited but preserved and cherished, for Jimmy, clearly it is only the chemistry and chanelling of this crew in particular that make him whole as far as his contribution's and composition's, it simply cant be replicated, any more than Zeppelin can be Zeppelin without Jones, Bonham, Plant and him, and each individual's outstanding contribution's ... it's a sort of spiritual thing as described by Jimmy ... which also inspired the title of this posting, included with the 1973 performance and video called "The Song Remains The Same" which gave me a simple title to sum this posting up. I am thrilled to see his work today of putting all his energy into the preservation and re- engineering of the classic worx, since it seem's like Plant or whoever cant ... I reckon too busy basically with other project's or whatever. Yes ... Jimmy sayz he still play's daily ... it's just that people dont see him play anymore ... he does alot of acoustic work just sitting at home. I also was fortunate enough to catch Jimmy live when he worked with The Firm as well as the ARMS festival both here in Texas.

Alot of the interview get's down to alot of the nitty gritty as far as association's with childhood and school friend's of course like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and also his dayz with the Yardbirds with these guy's, their individual journey's, but still staying in contact over the year's, favour's from folk's like Mick Jagger and other well known's in the industry that crossed road's with him, doing session work and back- up's for great's like Pete Townshend of The Who, etc, (even though I also seen an interview once with Pete Townsend where he said he dont like Led Zeppelin or ever did). Alot of stuff concerning the construction of the riff's and pattern's he is so well known for, as well as the method's used to create the composition's and recording. And he sound's somewhat regretful of the fact that he didnt get to see Hendrix perform or work with him, thinking that he will just catch him later ... even one night at a NYC venue where Hendrix was just chilling with friend's and a lil tipsy it seemed to Jimmy, that Jimmy was also at, just blowing it off for a better time.

One of the thing's that caught my atencion most I reckon was Jimmy describing how the industry has changed so much and the restriction's of today on artist's, commercialization, marketing, contractual obligation's, etc, etc ... I even explained this in particular with the outstanding vocalist icon Whitney Houston as example ... a bundle of raw talent who could make anything work, and how she was contractually pressured into covering piece's that were chose for her (corporate selected), long story though, and so many artist's today get caught in this web it seem's. Jimmy describing it like back in the 1950's when you were given what you would play and/ or your material was given to someone else to play, etc. Jimmy credited the Beatles for opening the door to freedom on this, and making the market's then, just look for those to do their own work and stay out of it, thus encouraging the creativity through experimentation of course, but then Jimmy sayz we have went back to doing it like before and became too restricted once again, and shamefully at that considering the abundance of talent these dayz he said that your more likely to catch at the live inde venue's, which is so true, and also why for several year's I have been a strong supporter of inde label's and related. I hear this as well from several young musician's today even, a couple for instance locally like Ian or Justin (musician's working in their teen's and 20's), who bust ass and put everything they have into it (monetary- wise as well). One day Ian (who's 20) is asking me the usual about stuff from the old dayz and related, and I asked Ian ... "you must have a thing for the memorabilia, history and that?", because he smother's me in question's on this ... Ian said to me something like "Not really Tom, it's just that I love hearing the stories from back in the day, my generation never been able to experience the freedom that you guy's had man!" ... that really hit me and made me sad looking at him tell me that, I almost didnt know how to respond, just saying something like ... "I hear ya guy" ... but really made me think, because that's ALL my generation knew. But as Jimmy explain's ... the spirit is still there. And Jimmy is just grateful after all said, that no one can cover Jimmy Page as well as ... well ... Jimmy Page : )

The only part's that were somewhat distasteful to me in this interview, is the snip's here and there, asking Jimmy about thing's like living in Aleister Crowley's house, his book collection, the occult stuff, Kenneth Anger (filmaker), personal drug and alcohol usage, etc, etc ... you know, the crap that it seem's that American journalist's have this need to hammer in some polite way at time's, and keep asking over and over ... and I'm glad to see the way that Jimmy responded to that nonsense ... it hasnt a bloody thing to do with the art is my point, any more than a person's sexual preference or whatever. Enough from me, cause I can rattle on till the cow's come home! So some piece's below that I wanted to include ... Enjoy! : )





Led Zeppelin 2007- Jimmy Page Interview (BBC) ... Thanx to LZJOKER **** I wanted to add this BBC interview right before the 2007 O2 Arena reunion concert, of course ... LZ never reunited as a working group after, like so many fan's may expected or hoped for, but just for that one memorable show.

Best Jimmy Page Solo EVER- VERY RARE ... Thanx to LAWRENCEOFVA **** a real sweet lil solo run here of Jimmy that I was fortunate enough to find Thanx to Lawrence on YouTube

Led Zeppelin- Immigrant Song (live video) ... Thanx to RHINOENTERTAINMENT **** an all time fav of mine I wanted to have in here, and a lil unpolished and raw as far as reproduction by our 2012 standard's, but nonetheless intense and explosive! This if I recall correctly was sometime around 1970/ 1971 or so?, in San Francisco, the info of this set didnt come in the video profile here, so I'm just trying to go on memory.

Led Zeppelin- Communication Breakdown- Royal Albert Hall 1970 ... Thanx to LEDZEPPELIN **** I wanted to add this favourite of mine here, again a lil raw and unpolished on the engineering here, but a memorable and nostalgic piece for fan's indeed!

Led Zeppelin- Black Dog (Live in New York 1973) ... Thanx to LEDZEPPELIN **** this piece of course from the "Song Remains The Same" movie/ video, one of the oldest DVD's I own actually! : )


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SAVITA HALAPPANAVAR: ABORTION DEBATE Bait from RC ... "Protecting the LIFE of the UNBORN & Causing the DEATH of those already BORN is MANSLAUGHTER!" (HUMAN MORALITY PT.12)

Savita & Praveen Halappanavar

Part 12 of the "Human Morality" series will take a look at the death of Mrs. Savita Halappanavar, a 31 year old woman in Ireland, that was denied an abortion, which led to her death. Some news link's and video below, then some input from myself.

***** BBC NEWS EUROPE: Woman dies after abortion request 'refused' at Galway hospital

***** BELFAST TELEGRAPH: Savita Halappanavar's abortion request missing from medical file

Ireland: Indian woman's death sparks public, political anger ... Thanx to IBNLIVE


Basically when they say "faith over life" in the above video ... that's exactly what this amount's to, also adding in my opinion ... is clearly manslaughter of the woman. This series and post is NOT to condemn the idea or practice of a degree of morality, morality has proven to be essential in the evolution of our species as well ... but it is to question what level and type of morality code's are fitting for the time's which we live ... and ... is there a line to be drawn somewhere's? I seen a couple other lengthy video's with her husband, and you can see how it has emotionally hit him to the point where he feel's the loss of his wife was caused by those who denied her what would have saved her life. He even said they requested an abortion ... guess what? ... the record's of that request disappeared it seem's ... imagine that! Sadly I will spare the man from having to talk too much about the misery he must feel over his wife's young and un- necessary death ... because of this political morality. Mr. Halappanavar is very understanding even in the way he is dealing with this, some of us wouldnt be ... I know damn well if my wife or daughter was dealt this hand and died ... I would hunt your ass down like a fucken animal, regardless of the chance of me going to jail/ prison!

You may think that this only happen's in a place like Ireland who has been under this institutionalized political church pressure for year's, and that it CANT happen in other European nation's or the USA or whatever ... but no ... this kind of morality is being pushed stronger than ever, even right here in the United States, and believe me ... if at any time, these what I call fundamoralist's in this nation was to even get just a sliver or inch of their way on this ... they WOULD TAKE a mile! and you would have innocent "born" living adult's across this nation and other's being manslaughtered in the name of morality and sacrifice. And you may think that me using the term "manslaughter" is a bit harsh ... and would look at it as nothing more than a malpractice, but it isnt ... this is even calculated and premeditated for that matter by making it law ... and what it make's law and legal ... is murder of the living.

Enough said ....



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Part 15 of the "Incarcerated American" series will just focus on this prison/ jail phone rate racket that is a multi- million dollar industry across these great Divided States of America. And big Thanx to RT America for hammering this as well, because unfortunately many other mainstream news networx are producer pressured to cover other issue's more, such as this incorporated push for austerity that has been camouflaged as this latest fear card called the "Fiscal Cliff", etc. This has been something that I have pushed on time and again, and have been aware of this particular scam for at least a good 20 year's now or so, even so many incarcerated have been trying to figure out wayz to skim around these racket's their prey to and their families, long story though, and much I cant discuss here. But this is nothing more than a monopoly on minute's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  A few link's below and Dr. Fernandez and Mr. Kukorowski below tell it like it is with RT America ... then a few word's I want to add after.

***** PRISON LEGAL NEWS: Nationwide PLN Survey Examines Prison Phone Contects, Kickbacks ...

***** NEW YORK TIMES/ THE OPINION PAGES: Costly Phone Calls for Inmates (September 2012)

***** VISUAL.LY: Don't Let Prison Phone Rates Increase Crime in Your Neighborhood- Infographic ...

Predatory prison system takes advantage of phone services ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Prison- industrial complex charges inmates enormous fees for phone calls ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

This is another issue that goes to this division of states that's been being STRONGLY pushed by the right wing unfortunately, especially the Texas GOP in particular and other affiliate's trying to further divide our states more than they already are, selling by trickery and cloaking this horseshit shenanigan's to many decent American conservative's even, as independence, freedom, and other bullshit, or Americana at it's best crap, individualism, preservation of rights (my ass) etc, etc ... also a handful of Democrat's that are pre- paid and basically GOP and/ or corporate puppet's cloaked in liberal suit's are also in on this, who should get fully exposed shortly by 2014 (this/ these series cover's this). AGAIN ... this is part of this privatization/ corporatization bullshit, they even pulled this, wanting to sneak it into the Health Care Reform package, again letting states be independent as far as what they accept from the federal government, how you can so call shop around for insurance to be able to get it cheap from some less regulated state who/ where they can twist some kind of scam on you and milk your medicare even, with loophole's to avoid prosecution and regulation's, know how these type's operate, I know most of their trick's, rest assured! ... all this shit is connected, even this recent push to file for states to secede from the United States, they DONT REALLY want them to secede physically, only enough to avoid law's and regulation's and shift/ manipulate fund's, like offshore tax diversion's etc. And YES! ... the goddamn FCC need's to get on this and set some cap's! Frankly million's of us are sick of this racketeering and corruption. The more divided they keep us, the more united it make's those who rule us and are destroyer's of democracy and all right's to anyone but themselves.

The phone scam's are just another one of these contract businesses that are so called "created" to take the burden off of our government and to keep our taxes low or other nonsense that they sell you (this is why I say in these times, were better off paying more taxes and having more "true" government/ representation, because frankly you as a taxpayer will get more say- so, right's, as well as bang for your buck). Do you not think there is a reason why any of the federal facilities/ systems are much lower in cost? (ding-ding-ding : ), that's right, you got it! : ) ... because there are cap's, limit's, watchdog's, and enforcement from government channel's (because your government can regulate and a corporation will not, besides regulating YOU!, and when you lose your government/ voice, or let it get contaminated as it now has been, you lose voice, which is a fundamental right). This nonsense is also sold widely to many decent American's using different pitches, such as creating job's in the private sector's as example, where the math to any of this show's that any job creation is minimal and the profiteering to only the few is enormous, same with job's in this nation today overall. Choice to inmates for instance, one of the most blatantly nonsensical thing's they can say, but ... they actually do. Or, it is being charged to "criminal's" ... those who broke the law's etc, etc ... when you wake up in the morning and just "think" today ... you are breaking law's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Not only as Mr. Kukorowski point's out in the video above are a large portion of those milked like this "innocent" technically until proven guilty, because they have NOT been tried yet or any cases disposed, or even the poor only getting milked ... but even working middle American's. The poor for instance are your biggest cash grab, because you can milk them and their familia and the government simultaneously through this and an array of other scam's, because the longer you keep "them" incarcerated, the more profit's you make. The middle class and suburbanites, just simply bond out and spend thousand's on fly- by- night group case defenses/ attorney's for bunko package charges, take probation and pay more in fees to them in other avenues all connected to this vast milking machine which RT America rightfully call's it for what it is ... a prison industrial complex : ) The largest majority of those incarcerated in jail's/ prison's in this nation are in for non- violent offenses and ARE NOT a threat to society, and/ or even the reason why it's taking so long and another state to state deal to make recreational marijuana use legal or a number of other thing's that are KEPT illegal for a REASON ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

But enough from me and to anyone who may read this, have a decent Thanksgiving Holiday. It's also a big nationally televised NFL Football day of course with your noon game of the Houston Texans @ the Detroit Lions ... and mid afternoon, the Washington Redskins @ the Dallas Cowboys ... and early evening, the New England Patriots @ the New York Jets, which all should to be alot of fun and great rival's as well. I love the Thanksgiving Day games, over midway through the season which is one of the best times, and of course indulging in a few drink's, I'm not much for the feast, as I keep kind of a strict diet/ exercise deal going all year around.


"30 Days In The Hole" by The Hippy Nuts ... Thanx to THEHIPPYNUTS **** I was just coasting though cut's on YouTube trying to find an updated cover of the 1972 Humble Pie/ Steve Marriott classic "30 Days In The Hole" (lyric's) and ran across this crew out of New York City called "The Hippy Nuts" and frankly it has to be one of the best cover's/ remake's of this piece that I ever heard, so had to include it here. This was recorded at the Sandpile Records Studio/ NYC. Also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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RANCH CHIMP'S (JOURNAL): ... A Look at LOUSY Penmanship, LACK of Education, & LOATHING Learning ... & a Salute and Sympathy for PAUL McCARTNEY (Inspired by JULIE)

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This posting was inspired by a lady that goes by the name "Julie" (I cant mention the last name or site or anything of this person, it was a personal email to me and was NOT public, or do I have permission to do so). When you have writing or art, music or what have you in public (even if your not a pro such as myself) you have to expect criticism, but I also understand that some of that is constructive, and DO realize my handicap's or fault's when it come's to writing, I'm told this over and over, even on blog's or YouTube or whatever where I comment. But time is valuable to ALL of us, and one thing I learned online here, is to not waste endless hour's trying to debate or explain myself, analyze definition's, term's, etc ... all of that IS NOT 'my cup of tea' so to speak, and frankly it get's boring as Hell too. Below, the short email that she sent me ... then a few word's I wanted to toss in after. And Thank You Julie whoever you are.


A Bit of Elucidation ...

Great thinking, and good postings. But - a bit of education: Apostrophes are used to showpossession, or a missing letter. So, when you say, "I have interest in interest's," what letter is missing from that last word? Or, what do your interests possess/own? Unless there is possession, or a missing letter, an "s" on the end of a noun means it is plural, and needs no apostrophe. Like - your "collection of BOOKS" - it's (abbreviation of IT IS) plural (more than one book.)
Otherwise, great thinking, and great posts.


Actually there's not too much thought, planning or even much of anything that most writer's do that go into this journal, and beside's, I'm scatter brained on alot of stuff, so I have 100's of idea's but no bloody idea what I will address next, or even take interest in for that matter : ) When it come's to even penmanship ... I am horrible to the point where I cant even do decent handwriting, I have to print/ write to make anything halfway readable. I actually have a dictionary book here with me, to just see at time's if I'm spelling a word correctly ... no shit! My own grandchildren correct me, friend's, neighbour's, I was a lousy student in school who was basically unrecognized for anything, dropped out in the first couple month's of the 9th grade, had no ambition whatsoever in school, and only liked science, geography, and only scored well in math, but hated math!, found it frustrating as well as boring just sitting at a desk and doing anything, I cant even sit at this computer here without having to jump up and move around every 15/ 20 minute's or so.

But I do try to do my best whenever I do anything, so I dont intentionally write like this to irk any reader, such as when I use the term/ word "ya'll" as meaning "you all", or my use of the word "notoriety" referring to it as simply "fame", not necessarily "ill fame", or say "I reckon" instead of "I guess" ... this is how I talk, this is how I write simply. This is all I know and never try to learn a better way or go to school or anything, if that make's any sense(?) ... for me it's just like in fun only, like handwriting letter's or whatever, not to get 'notoriety' (positive or negative), or make a buck, be a writer or anything related (Lord know's I know how to make a buck, and it damn sure isnt writing either : ) Not even many folk's view this to begin with ... in fact if it wasnt for ya'll or the event's that go on in life with myself or others, on the street, or other experience's, I wouldnt have a goddamn thing to write about, I'm no good at fiction or any other of those skill's in poetry or whatever that writer's have ... even when I wrote song's/ lyric's, they were just about the same thing. I dont even use this "spell check" thing on here (tried it once, and it damn near corrected every bloody thing I wrote, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ), although I was advised to alot of time's, I just like to check it myself or whatever, and just do my own work or thinking, I'm very old fashioned in this sort of thing ... and dont even really like computer's much for that matter, after over 4 year's on them, beside's viewing, reading, etc.

For year's I have had sympathy in a way for a fellow musician (Hell no I dont know him or ever met him : ) Paul McCartney (co- founder of the Beatles), because over and over and over in interview after interview some reporter/ journalist is alwayz asking him why he dont read or write music? In a more recent interview about a year or so ago I seen (I think it was Diane Sawyer, but cant recall) ... he again was questioned on this ... he got a tad upset it appeared and said something like "Why do you people constantly ask me this? ... you seem to have some problem with it" etc, etc. Paul is not a textbook musician or ever done a thing the "proper" way, he was basically a drop- out and even wrote most of his music based on alot of simple everyday life experience's, when many were going to school, he was pounding the pub joint's with his crew in place's like Germany, where they had to by some German law or standard's, play for like 10/ 11 hour's or some ridiculous amount of time to just make a low wage buck and some pint's of beer! If he didnt know what was next to play or have something lined up for such a lengthy set, he had to just make something up to buy more time, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) He wasnt in this to make any more than a paycheck, not to be a musician of popularity, he loved it ... it was simply "fun" is all. I also wanted to highlight a couple of my fav's of his here to include in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society", and I sure as Hell know what Paul mean's when he sayz that those "Moscow girls make him sing and shout!" ... I hear ya guy ... me too! : ) Thanx to him and his crew(s) for all the great memories and tune's he made. Enjoy! : )

Paul McCartney Don't Read Music, You Got A Problem With That? Thanx to JUSTEXTRAMUSIC

Paul McCartney- Juniors Farm ... Thanx to PAULMCCARTNEYVIDS

Back In The USSR (live Glastonbury 2004) ... Thanx to PAULMcCARTNEYVIDS


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Thomas Hudson Pickering (with daughter) ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

I didnt plan on this posting and have a very busy weekend schedule, so I wanted to slip this in real quick to have here, because yesterday (fri. 16 Nov 2012) the larger mainstream news network's such as ABC, CNN, PBS, etc ... have been covering what they call a making of a "bipartisan compromise", showing folk's like Boehner and the President all cheerful, chummy, and even folk's arm in arm smiling for the camera's and talking about how they mutually feel that they think this time they can work out this so called "Fiscal Cliff" that's been being hammered on us as "Fear Card 53". Being bipartisan myself I thought this is absolutely great, being how dysfunctional this posse in Washington has been ... and even just a week ago were at each other's throat's like crazy, even throughout the week ... so you can understand why I wonder all of this sudden love for each other after this closed door meeting and new "love story" we see? I mean ... it is somewhat odd, eh?

Oddly as well, the only thing that the media's were highlighting is this constant talk about closing loophole's for offshore money stashes and the rest of taxation's for the wealthy, YET ... not ANY talk whatsoever of any of the cut's that were talked about and/ or thought to be compromised between the two side's ... or any of the other spending on thing's like the massive defense contract's, and/ or the REAL reason's why our health care dollar's are being milked/ drained. No talk whatsoever about entitlement's in any of the coverage, yet ... before the election's only a few week's ago, there was massive coverage of this ... why all of the sudden it's disappeared? I hope alot of folk's in Washington just dont think that were gonna just let all this slip us to be traded off for stories about Army General's and their love affair's or this what look's like an instigated conflict (post election's of course) in Israel or whatever to justify NATO forces to jump in and especially our force's and trying to antagonize Iran to get them to jump as well, so we can justify coming down on them, eh? ... because it's NOT going to happen this time ... you can bank on it! American's are going to be watching ya'll like a fox watching a henhouse, rest assured!

Being a solid voting Democrat and supporter of the President ... I am happy for you Sir if indeed this is what it's being presented as in the major media's and best of luck ... you especially need it with all these folk's on both these side's have put you through. But a message here to all of those on Capitalism Hill ... none of this deficit or any of this mess was caused by the majority of the people of this nation, we have stood by ya'll on every move over the last decade even, and bailed everyone out but ourselves, and CONTINUED to support ya'll, and everyone else who finance's ya'll's campaign's even, million's have waited in line's to vote this last time, even without power ... post hurricane in the northeast, and million's sent their hard earned dollar's to further support ya'll ... DO NOT TOUCH our Social Security, Medicare/ Medicaid or especially our disabled veteran's ... it will DAMAGE your parties for good, as well as the morale of the American people and other's around the globe. Wishing ya'll the best and especially the people of this nation on ya'll's negotiation's.

Word Out ....

**** NOTE: You may wonder "why?" would many in the top wealth be concerned with cutting/ trimming thing's like Social Security and/ or entitlement's? Reason being again ... to try to discourage people and make them think that it is failing, to lose faith in it, and then especially to make them "think" that it's in trouble, then they have their political pre- paid puppet's come in with a "plan" to "save it" ... in THAT plan they present a blueprint to TURN OVER that $2.7 trillion in reserve/ trust to investor's to try to "invest" it, to get a better payback/ return, etc, etc ... it's ALL a scam ... and part of the project of their's to privatize the entire country by making all public, government, and social programme's fail, from this to the USPS to sell it out to the highest bidder.

***** PD/ RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2013" (Part's 17 thru 1) & "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" (Part's 6 thru 1)

Real Americans ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Hands off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


Friday, November 16, 2012


Related image

This is a Hell of a post for me to have to post as well, anyone who's known me when I was younger, know's that drinking and driving was something I done too much, however, luckily I never hurt anyone or done anything like this for that matter.

I'm putting this in the "Helluva F'n Day" series, because I can only imagine what the Doc felt like after sobering and waking up in her cell while in jail ... like pure shit I bet ... and sadly my heart goes out to her on that. However ... geeezz Doc ... like WTF? ... it's like what? ... 8/ 9am in the morning? and your loaded on pharma drug's and booze ... in work gear (uniform) and fixin to go into work? ... in an 'emergency room'? I know you werent partying or were just getting back from a party or a night out or whatever ... so this tell's me that you just do this out of need and addiction (my drinking and driving for instance was in the wee hour's before sun- up coming from a club/ party or whatever, as example). I dont know what in Hell if anything I can say to the doctor that would be uplifting to her spirit's beside's ... just be grateful that you didnt kill anyone, because it would have ate you up later psychologically the rest of your life. As a patient I would feel relieved that you didnt have me on the operating table or in the emergency room later that morning at work. I will include this also in the "Defensive Driving Course" series because ... how in Hell do you defend yourself from this if you were the one who got nailed/ hit by her?

The doctor said she had personal issue's ... and I have no doubt about that ... and hopefully you get treatment, because this is some serious shit Doc. As far as your career is concerned ... well, you know I'm sure what to expect now ... do you know how to flip burger's or somethin?

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Caught on video: Boston- area 'Doctor of the Year' is busted for drunk driving fter hitting two other vehicles ...

ER Doctor Dr. Kristin Howard's Car Goes Airborne, Hits Another car: Ca ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

Drunk ER Docor Caused Wild Crash Cars Flying ... Thanx to SUPAEPIC99




KING COUNTY (GUTHRIE) TEXAS: An anti- OBAMANATION Nation within a Nation ... with special guest's "The Charlie Daniels Band" (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.16)

This Part 16 of the "Taste of Texas" series will be to highlight a place that has probably never even got noticed for much of anything and has only a county population at that of under 300, making it also one of the smallest counties in population in America at that ... King County (Guthrie) Texas . If CNN havent done this piece on King County I probably would have never posted a thing on this county in Texas at that ... I mean (no insult to King County) ... it's the kind of place where you pass through, maybe stop for a burger and a brew (beer) at a local diner or somethin at most ... you just never hear of this place like so many other rural town's across Texas and the nation ... and I have been to so many coast to coast across this country over the year's. But this just goes to show how vast this nation is and the many smaller town's where people are just so uninformed of the rest of the nation and world that they live in. I am sure that many of these folk's simply dont know much of anything about the President ... and if President Obama (or any President for that matter, or famous person) were to make a suprise visit to one of these town's like this, it would be so uplifting to the people, because they in a way feel so isolated from everyone else ... it would be the talk of the town for year's to come, and they would probably place a monument where he stood for that matter.


Visit the most anti- Obama county in the U.S. ... Thanx to CNN

The Charlie Daniels Band- Texas (live 10/ 20/ 1979, Capitol Theatre) CHARLIE DANIELS ON MV ... Thanx to  **** This piece with Charlie and his crew was "live" which I was fortunate enough to find on YouTube because I attended his 1981 tour here in Dallas, where he shared a bill with country legend Ronnie Milsap. I was anxious to see Charlie's crew live back then, being fascinated by the crew's excellent blend of honky tonk style piano work and Charlie's outstanding fiddle work, and what an excellent performance the crew done! Although I havent done an offical induction in this journal on this band, I wanted to include this particular piece into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society".


Thursday, November 15, 2012

ENTITLEMENT/ TAX REFORM 2013 & The "FISCAL CLIFF": The "2013 MOMENT of TRUTH" Preview ... "Grand BARGAIN" or "Grand ILLUSION" ? (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.17) & (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.6)

Image result for senator bernie sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

This posting will serve 2 series as well of "Truth or Treason" & "From the Foxhole with Bernie" ... but now, the "Truth or Treason" series will be called "2013" because this is the one I been waiting for of course, the one where I wrote in past posting's that they will wait till after election's then of course present the "bite" and possible "shaft". And of course as usual it's time to put back on our "scary/ frightened" mask's because the newest fear card being dealt is the scary "fiscal cliff" ... and of course as usual, all side's are talking so far in circle's, so ... that is why this one will be called the moment of truth, because this will show all participant's in who play's what card's at the table and how. I want to be fair here and give the Democrat's the benefit of doubt, because they have shown way more than Republican's to be in more interest's of the people of the nation overall. Both of these parties will in time either change/ restructure or become obsolete and replaced, so all have their chance/ opportunity to make well.

I of course have been as well a strong supporter of President Obama throughout this journal, and realize his ball's are to the wall on this one. I kept to my commitment and promised no matter what that I would vote for him and his posse two time's back to back ... I kept and fulfilled that promise and want to see that they also keep to their word(s). I hope he especially does what's REALLY in "his/ parties" best interest as well, because the outcome of this will be a different result than the health care reform stuff, and this time people are even more hip/ aware than a couple year's ago. The President isnt going for re- election, but he need's to understand as well, how his move's on this will be recalled by many over time and it will have a strong impact on the sustainability and strength of the future Democrat Party. Being that "IF", this doesnt go the way more progressive folk's want to see, especially with all the shaft's we been getting in recent year's, many are going to abandon the mainstream Democrat gig, because it will look more and more like they are falling to the side of the corporate dictation's that the GOP is so "heavily" influenced and controlled by. So look out for the usual "shifty" and "shakey" Democrat's and especially the move's they do (you already know what the GOP/ Republican's will do : ) ... this will tell you if their true to what the majority of American's and especially progressive Democrat's want that they represent, or simply feeding you another helping of the same ole same shit that come's a dime a six- pack in todayz representation.

First of all there isnt a thing wrong with Social Security except ya'll needing to keep ya'll's paw's off/ out of it, okay? My 27 year old daughter for instance pay's the largest portion in deduction's from her paycheck in Social Security and million's upon million's of other's like her ... technically she will become eligible by set standard's ya'll have now in place at "85" year's old as far as retirement age (yes, she checked it out she said, however, I will include this SSA link that discusses this) ... Bernie and other's, as well as this journal has pointed out how secure it really is, why, how, and what feed's and sustain's it. Speaking myself here ... dont sell me some nickel/ dime pitch that you will cut a hundred or two of my Social Security and make me feel like I'm getting some deal, by telling me ya'll will raise taxes on millionaire's/ billionaire's from 28% to 35% or similar nonsense ... bottom line, I frankly dont give a shit about what ya'll do with them as much as I'm concerned what ya'll are going to do with our shit, okay? I mean, I know whatever loophole or whatever ya'll close, there is a half dozen more backup's/ backdoor's to. Dont hold up these silly ass pie chart's to show us, showing what percetage of tax the wealthy pay ... it's bullshit and anyone who know's how to make a buck, know's it ... I guarantee any of ya'll that if I had million's of dollar's and the edge they had, I wouldnt have to pay a dime for shit except my personal investment's, I know that my money will generate more for me than any cost's to me whatsoever, okay? I know damn well that just taxing a few rich folk's aint gonna solve the financial mess that they made either, it's gonna take a Hell of alot more than that, and sure as Hell dont need to cut back Social Security and Medicare, or some other twisted shit, and pulling out ya'll's CPI (consumer price index) chart's and such ... we dont give a shit about that, we care about what's "our's" .... not their's as much ... we make all these thing's work, not them, okay? Hell, if it werent for us sitting in anticipation waiting to crack the door's for "Black Friday", ya'll would be shaking like a leaf on a tree as example, not "us" as much, okay? Without US ... ya'll aint nothin, so lighten ya'll's asses up, okay? Each and everyone of ya'll in Washington know's damn well what need's to be cut more and regulated more, so dont fuck around and play this shit like it's too confusing and complicated, okay? And be grateful and feel blessed that we put up with all the nonsense that we do, okay? ... because in the private sector/ real world of ANY business, ya'll would be weeded out for such incompetence, shenanigan's and such. The election's and the party is over, we the people gave our 110% support, dont forget the hand that's feed's you ... and I'm not talking about this united citizen's racketeering cult either.

Word Out .... listen to the folk's below ....



The People Are On Our Side ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

The Fiscal Cliff and Obama's Grand Bargain (Part's 1 & 2) ... Thanx to THEYOUNGTURKS


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

KHANDI LEECHELL BUSBY: Texas Mother FREED after GOD Tell's her to THROW her two Son's off a Freeway Overpass to "Save Them" from SATAN (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.2)

Khandi Leechell Busby

Part 2 of the "Problem Parent's" series will be another local case here in Dallas of a mom that threw her 2 children off a freeway overpass in March 2008 and jumping herself, after God told her to do it in order to save her children from Satan and the Military ... and her release from jail now. Some news link below then a few word's I will add.

***** CBS NEWS/ CRIMESIDER: Khandi Busby Was Legally Insane When She Threw Her Kids off Dallas- Area Bridge, Says Judge

In a big town like Dallas, this kind of thing dont get much coverage of course, yet I feel it should get more atencion ... it's not as exciting I reckon as, hearing the latest about an Army General/ CIA fella having a girlfriend on the side and/ or his love/ sex life, or if a political representive happen's to have a copy of their birth certificate in their wallet on hand, etc, etc. I didnt even find a goddamn news video on this! Whether or not you agree or disagree with the court's/ judge's decision in a case like this, if YOU DO actually think about your/our children, you must wonder at some time, where is the justice and right's for children? ... frankly children and the poor and elderly are about the most neglected and abused by our so called loving society. The only positive thing for these 2 boys of her's was that they actually got out in foster care, yet ... how will they think the rest of their lives, perhap's having recount nightmare's even, of the day their mother threw them off a freeway overpass during rush hour in Dallas at the age's of 6 and 8?, cause dont think they will just forget it, they WONT, or that you can dope em up like their mother with med's and everything will be fine and dandy.

Looking at the above photo of Ms. Busby, you would just think she is another happy smiling average mom, and would no doubt feel safe having her around your kid's at that, which is understanding, she look's very pleasant. So you dont have to look mean or scary to be a threat, but this type of woman is a threat to every child in the community in my opinion, period! As far as her incarceration/ time period the last couple year's on this ... what "time"? there wasnt any, she was found "not guilty" with reason being "insanity". She appear's to have gained 100 pound's or so looking at her book in photo's and release date photo's like above, been doing gravy train time if anything while sitting on a psych observation ward, with cable tele, google, and plenty of treat's like Twinkies etc, etc. What make's you so goddamn special lady? I know gal's who worked the "hoe- squad" in Gatesville in the field's in 95+ degree heat ... hard work man! ... and they didnt even do any of these type crime's or tortured children or what have you. Those male/ female who ever worked the farm's while doing time know what I'm talking about ... having to fight to make your stand and "earn" your respect, yet people like you get special treatment? The problemo you have here, especially in Texas, is over 95% of these cases where children are tortured and murdered, notice that they all play the same defense ... they are almost "alwayz" bipolar and under order's from God ... does anyone in these court's even see this? This is NOT fair, balanced, rational, liberated, or even justifies any use of common sense for that matter, it is pure neglect and stupidity. We have people up in arm's over a teacher these dayz who has consentual sex with a teen student, or a parent who simply spank's their child, and we want to hang them and every network in media cover's it, all talking about how evil this person is and how they need to go to prison for 20 to life, yet these cases are dealt with hearing testimonies at the trial's of how hard the parent must have had it, boo- hoo, boo- hoo, the prosecution might as well break out the Kleenex every time to pass around the court to sop up all the tear's for the defendant ... what about the victim/ children?

Now Ms. Busby will live in a boarding home here in Dallas all expenses paid, and at the cost of us tax payer's while her kid's have to randomly remember that day their mom threw them off the freeway bridge, and subconciously wonder will their mom ever find them and perhap's hurt or kill them? Those thing's that happen to children that are that traumatic has an impact on the child's mind for year's to come in some way, whether they say it or not. It's no suprise to me that Ms. Busby is all smile's and happy in her release date photo above.

Enough said here ....


***** PD/ RCJ: "KILLER PARENT'S" Series **** this just another series concerning the issue's of lousy parent's, those these have resulted in death of the children


Monday, November 12, 2012

AMERICAN ATTITUDE (In Observation of Veterans Day 2012) "Requiem" & "Redemption (PTSD Tribute Song)" ... & A "SALUTE" to our "VETERAN'S" (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT. 28)

American Attitude

Part 28 of the "Veteran's Spotlight" series will be in observation of this Veterans Day, but also to highlight and include into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" an all active duty US Military crew out of Jacksonville (FL) called "American Attitude", who I meant to post a tad earlier, but was saving this posting for this Veterans Day.

They started of course as a cover band, but then decided to do original's of their own and had done really well as far as engineering their own sound as well, and a really full sound. This is really a hard working crew working for us as defender's in the day, then also working as artist's in their night's/ off time, a really fine display of "multi- tasking" indeed! : ) ... kind of like double- touring, so a double salute to ya'll ... Thanx for your contribution's to the art's and especially to your country! A couple of their original's below, the 2nd really being a strong and compelling video compilation as well of a day in the life of our veteran's/ troop's. Then at the bottom of the posting ... a lil "salute" song dedicated to ya'll from America : )







American Attitude- Requiem ... Thanx to MADEINAMERICA1977

American Attitude- "Redemption" (PTSD Tribute Song by All- Military Rock Band) ... Thanx to ROCKINTHE904


AC/DC- For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (Live in Rio 1985) ... Thanx to MAXIMUMROCKERII

**** A lil "salute" I wanted to dedicate to this crew and our Veteran's from a mega group that these guy's may not be old enough to remember this tour : ) ... but a great song, and also I attended this particular tour, which was excellent! : ) **** this also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


Saturday, November 10, 2012

JIM HIGHTOWER: "Conspiracy of Thieves ... BIG SHOT'S, BASTARD'S, & BULLSHITTER'S" ...Constitutionally Amending "CITIZENS UNITED" ... Straight from the Ranch with Jim ... (THE AWAKENING PT. 27)

Jim Hightower

Part 27 of "The Awakening" series will be to highlight a recent speech in Wisconsin from fellow Texan Jim Hightower, who explain's clearly with no sugar- coating what our nation is up against ... and credit here to Jim for inspiring the title of this posting in most part. The reason for posting this now, is because the left of this nation is in great spirit's since President Obama won re- election, and of course folk's like Elizabeth Warren now to the Senate, and the right is weeping like sad puppies talking thing's like the apocalypse/ the end is near, socialism, etc, etc. And it's great that the President won and all that ... BUT ... America's battle is just starting 2013, believe me ... so a lil celebration is of course called for, but it's time to get back to the slave (work) for 2013 a.s.a.p.

Understand that in this last circus show election, it was the most money spent on an election, and those who "spent" that money are NOT stupid ... so DONT think that they just "lost", and let bygone's be bygone's, etc, etc ... again ... think "like" them. What they done is simply another investment and gamble to "secure" the next helpin of barbequed bullshit and fixin's, in this all you can eat buffet that's being crammed down America's throat, which is why I been posting previously to be aware of the next several inches that is going to be shoved up our asses 2013 and beyond. Why? is because all these investment's also secure's Washington's politic's somewhat, because all those they funded/ greased the most, now OWE something back ... that "something" will be strongly considered in ALL legislation to even further secure all this new industrial revolutionary type shit they are doing with fracking, mining, and drilling the shit out of what land is left above water (and even now way beneath the water's with their new technologies) to making their too big to fail entities even bigger, to having a stronger legislative voice than the actual legislator's, not only in our nation, but worldwide.

As I previously posted in various post's ... the importance of undoing this so called "united citizen's" posse bullshit should be at top of our agenda ... and because of our new "awakening" we already have plenty of people at work on various avenue's, so there can never be enough of this as far as exposing the reality that we are faced with and especially enlightening our children even more. The power's that are against our democracy are doing what's in their best interest, and we should also do what's in OUR best interest's ... nothing is more solid contractually than amending the Constitution to stop this reckless muscle and madness.

Enough from me and on to Jim who give's it about as straight as you can get!

Jim Hightower at Fighting Bob Fest 2012 ... Thanx to ONTHEEARTHPRODUCTION


Image result for corporations are not people


Thursday, November 8, 2012

BUTTHOLE SURFERS: "Who Was In My Room Last Night?", "Dust Devil", "The Annoying Song"

Butthole Surfers

This posting will be yet another from Texas icon "Butthole Surfers" for this "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society", and of course because I been a big Butthole fan for year's, seeing them live as well several time's back in the day ... so a few more favs I wanted to add since I was in the mood this morning for some of their ole classic's for breakfast! ... Enjoy! : )



Butthole Surfers- Who Was In My Room Last Night? ... Thanx to GLENNQUAGMIRE669

Dust Devil- BUTTHOLE SURFERS (HQ) (Full Length/ Non Censored) ... Thanx to FOURJAMLIONS.

Butthole Surfers- The Annoying Song ... Thanx to FILIPPOMATTADORI


Monday, November 5, 2012

OBAMACARE: Texas BORN AGAIN DEMOCRAT & Former REPUBLICAN Bill sayz ... "Dont touch my ObamaCare !!" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.16)

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around, and neither do I : )

For Part 16 of the "Truth or Treason 2012" series will be a true short story of just how some American's feel about this sudden raping of folk's social programme's and corporate privatization of everything in this nation by in particular the right wing who is pushing it heavier than anyone. Not everyone is blind as to what is going on here and dazed by all this political nonsense in the media's ... Bill is one of them, and been a voting Republican for many year's, even voted for McCain/ Palin ... but frankly has had enough.

Bill is a neighbour of mine, also a WW2 veteran who served in the Pacific during the war with the US Navy, voted Republican for year's post Pres L.B. Johnson (like many Texas Republican's who were formally Democrat's during the year's up until after LBJ) including last in 2008, who told me something very interesting the other day when he tagged along with me to vote early, since I was going to the poll's, I asked Bill if he'd like to come along, and I alwayz love listening to Bill talking about the old dayz ... he actually played football with former New York Giant and legendary Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Tom Landry, down in Mission High School (Texas) on their high school football team ... and also a late Happy Birthday to Bill who turned 87 in October.

I knew Bill as a Republican of course and expected him to vote Republican ... but Bill sure had alot to say about what the Republican Party been doing on all this privatization stuff of thing's like Social Security, Medicare, etc, etc ... and he told me ... that he DONT WANT them to mess with this new ObamaCare either ... needless to say I was a lil shocked and encouraged ole Bill to elaborate a bit. Bill actually told me that what many American's dont see or realize yet, is that this ObamaCare given long enough to stand it's ground will actually become as popular to the majority of ALL American's over year's to come, even as much loved as Social Security and Medicare ... he is old enough to remember when some of these thing's first started and told me that they too were politically criticized back in the day, yet today ... folk's wont have without them they are so much a part of our society ... Bill think's the same about ObamaCare, that it too will  evolve into a cherished social programme that American's will expect to be part of our society just as Social Security and Medicare are today. I told Bill though that I write about this stuff on this blog deal ... he dont have a computer or wish to get one for that matter (Hell, ole Bill didnt even know what a goddamn blog was : ), but just the newpaper's and other info that's out there helped him see who stand's on what. When Bill told me he voted for Obama and these reason's ... I said to Bill ... "So you sayin your born again as a Democrat Bill?" ... he just laughed : )



Saturday, November 3, 2012

MS. LADY LUCK & FORTUNA: Dropping a BUCK & The Nick of LUCK ... "The $23 MILLION PAYDAY" ... (HELLUVA F'N DAY PT.5)


This is just a Helluva fucken story that I'm sure Ms. Lady Luck will never forget the rest of her life remembering the day she found out, and thinking what if she didnt till after the deadline? ... so worthy of being in this "Helluva F'n Day" series, and congrat's to this mystery woman, and Big Thanx to the store's surveillance camera's and the local LA media's who put her picture out public soon enough to claim before the deadline date. This dropping of a dollar and meeting with the ancient Goddess of Fortune "Fortuna" just is the right chemistry of chance and luck for sure : ) This is another reason why you should check your ticket's, and another case where big brother's electric surveillance eye worked out in the best interest's of those who are watched and/ or recorded : )

Enough from me and the story below : )

Lucky Lottery Winner's Last- Minute $23 Million Claim ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

***** HUFFPOST/ GOOD NEWS: California Lottery Winner: Woman Claims $23 Million Jackpot Set To Expire This Month (newsread/ video)



Friday, November 2, 2012

DOUG RICKARD & His Portrait of AMERICA'S BROKEN DREAM ... The "GOOGLE" & "M.L. KING" Crossroads


This posting will be to highlight the work of photographer/ artist Mr. Doug Rickard with a look at his portrait of America's broken dream that he found at the crossroads of M.L.King & Google in America, and to include in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" of this journal. Some great piece's as well to show the other side of what we miss of in America's portrait's and that other reality hovering over from coast to coast, border to border ... which also show's in a country of such enormous wealth such as our's, the need to focus especially on some of our domestic need's as well, infrastructure, and so much more. Some really fine work and Thank You Sir!

Photographer Spotlight: Doug Rickard ... Thanx to LA Review of Books

Photographer Puts New Spin on 'Street' Art Using Google Maps ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

***** YOSSI MILO GALLERY: DOUG RICKARD ... a nice lil intro run through of Doug's work linked here