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NADJA BENAISSA: .... "Bodily Injury" ... Trial and Sentence ... The CONDITION, The REALITY ...

This posting is to take a look at the trial and sentencing outcome of the recent case concerning the German pop music vocalist/ musician Ms.Nadja Benaissa of the vocal quartet/ group "No Angels", who was charged with a few count's of Grievous Bodily Injury and Attempted Bodily Injury, that was brought against her for knowingly and willingly having unprotected sex with 3 known men, while she knew she was HIV positive. I have been following this for at least a couple week's now, because it was such a controversial issue with our Euro friend's, and really a delicate issue to try to debate actually. I have read so much on this case, and so many opinion's on this ... and somewhat of a surprise ... no one even talked about the "reality" in all this, and it was as biased as any reporting can get ... which is of no surprise in this politically correct society of "Follow the Leader".

Why I call this "biased" ... is because you have two side's here, that are reporting everything, and one side that support's this woman .... all out to say she should have a light sentence because she expressed remorse, cried, and admitted she was careless, etc. Other's complaining who oppose her sentence as being too light, look at her as a criminal with no regard, ruthless, etc ... and are afraid that this sentence being so light will set a precedent for other countries as far as legal proceeding's, and influence the criminal court's, as well as sending a message to folk's, that they can infect other's, cry in court, say their sorry and walk. But neither of these side's in any of what I read actually look at the reality of the condition ... in real life ... on the street's, in the nightlife, social life, or drug life, or even take a clear look at sex 2010, for that matter.

First of all ... I support the light sentence with no prison time for Ms.Benaissa, and even feel that 300 hour's of community service is a task/ sentence in itself, but in this case being to help other's with HIV/ AIDS ... a beneficial sentence, which will do more good than putting this gal in prison to serve 10 year's, which would have been the maximum sentence here. There is one man here, an art dealer from what I gather, who is diagnosed HIV positive, he is outraged, it even will interfere with his travel, business, etc. ... and I dont blame the guy at all for being outraged. But I am not basing my support of this sentence on Ms. Benaissa's, on her feeling bad, apologizing, crying, etc. Which is nice of course, and the "right" thing to do ... but I am basing my opinion strictly on the reality of the condition only.

It take's two to Tango (or more) ... and this HIV/ AIDS thing has been going on for over a couple decade's ... everyone know's what the score is here. You have to be more protective of what you do ... plain and simple. This infected man claim's around only 5 or 6 time's of sex encounter's with her over a few month's which isnt much ... she had these 3 partner's over a few year's or more ... which isnt too much either. Yet this man also had a longer lasting platonic relationship with her for long after the sex stopped, he was informed by her aunt of her infection, not her. But during all the month's with this lady ... did he not know nothing else about her? Did he not know nothing about her crack addiction as a teen? ... yes, she claim's being a rock(crack) addict at 14 (and there is proof of it)... before she reached any of this star status, and at a time, that was a street life she lived briefly. Look ... all over America as well as Europe in major cities ... you have many teen's and young adult's that are addicted to crack(coke) or meth(speed), tar(heroin), etc. These folk's have an addiction to feed as well as their bellies for some type of nutrition, which in many cases the nutrition/ eating get's last place. They also have to have somewhere's to crash/ sleep ... which can be a squat (abandoned building/ structure) or getting to stay with someone time to time ... who usually will feed your habit to an "extent", providing you "give" in return, which usually is sex. It's not formal prostitution, but is a form of prostitution ... and a mean's of survival on the street. And sometime's you go from partner to partner, squat to squat quickly ... once one get's sick of you also ... they dump you ... then you have to find another, to help you ... all the while ... the only service you can pay with is your body, because you have nothing else that anyone of these want.

Ms. Benaissa actually had a talent before her teen year's ... went to a decent school, was talented in playing music and instrument's, and won some competition ... but somewhere's between that time and adulthood ... she took her first bump(hit of dope) ... which brought her rock bottom, it even happen's to million's that we dont see or hear about. She 's young, dont have much money if any, has now a habit, and is having to even have sex when she dont even feel for any with just about anyone who can offer to help ... at 16 ... BOOM! ... she end's up pregnant. Now she has an addiction to overcome, and a responsibility of a child to take care of ... and still has to have some mean's to survive and keep a roof over her head and food and such. She later enter's a talent contest ... get's lucky ... and move's up. Then ... if she beat the dope .. she has new friend's and enviroment's to get used to ... many of course snob's as well, and those who never spent a day in their lives on the street or having to have sex with someone just to get "well"(from being dope sick), or get a decent meal ... or a place to sleep, or having a child to care for on their own. So she keep's her mouth shut about her past ... because frankly ... even though many will act to embrace her and feel her pain ... will look down on her and with less confidence, or even as a business/ investment risk ... she has all this sudden luck ... after she came out of a psychological gutter ... she know's if she "talk's" ... she may lose everything she has ... and bring a bitter future even to her child .. so she is "forced" indirectly to play the game, put on the smile and go with the pop culture programme ... or possibly end up in misery, for the rest of her life.

Also ... it is far too common knowledge of the talk in society, that HIV/ AIDS is transmitted through blood, anal sex, popular amongst sharing needles, and same sex male act's. I hear so many straight young folk's say .... "Oh ... you cant get it like this or that" ... not even considering that sometime's there is even blood, no matter how small amount sometime's ... either in the vagina ... or even the mouth in some cases. People have let down their guard ... and even doctor's have told this lady that chance's of transmission were low or rare or whatever else, simply to reduce fear in the masses ... which also let's down the guard, and it's so true ... I hear so much of this ... percentage's etc ... it is still a risk! There are even some so misinformed and uneducated ... as to think that straight people cant get it without a blood transfusion gone wrong/ tainted,etc. ... or brutal bloody anal activity with a IV drug user. It just take's that right amount at that right time, for the transmission to be successful ... it doesnt matter if neither of you are IV user's, share needle's, practice anal, or are straight or gay. I have used condom's so far back when they werent popular ... way before AIDS, and alot of time's to prevent pregnancy ... even if a partner told me she was on the "pill", I would think to myself ..."What if it dont work?", even had a couple partner's angry at me for using condom's with them, thinking I was insulting them or their integrity! Many guy's I knew said they hate condom's ... they WONT use them, etc. Some gal's that are enslaved by drug's, and out trying to survive on the street ... get so desperate ... that if a guy buy's them dope, or give's them some money, cloth's, food, a place to stay, or whatever ... and the guy say's "no condom, during sex", she goes along with it, strictly because she has to survive! Even young male's on the street are enslaved as well, who are addict's and/ or homeless.

Everyone need's to assume some responsibility ... it isnt a one way street in the real world .... I cant find Nadja any more guilty than the guy who was having unprotected sex with her ... and how did she feel when she found out she was not only pregnant and left with a kid now ... but also received a possible death sentence by getting infected from obviously someone else who gave it to her? I cant base this one case as precedent for every other case that come's up ... each case is different ... I am basing this one on the reality that surround's it. And this hasnt a thing to do with me being "liberal" ... I am liberal on certain issue's maybe ... but more of a realist, this assessment of mine is not based on any of this pop culture neo liberalism of today, but based on the current condition and reality.

POST NOTE: I am a big music fan as anyone can see in this journal or that know's me, and looked at over a dozen of video's to try to select from of this group "No Angels", and to be honest ... I couldnt find one worthy of posting in this journal ... and no disrespect to Ms.Nadja here or her colleagues ... but this was some of the most bland, over produced, emotionless, down to the choreography, music I have ever heard. But I credit this lack of uniqueness to the producer's ... and when you have giant's like MCA or Universal or what have you making million's off of it ... I doubt they will try to influence change to these ladies. But if I was producing this group of ladies ... I would give them an EXTREME MAKEOVER! ... they wouldnt even sound the same!


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ARMANDO PALOMAS: ..."Necrofilia Enamorada" (song) ... and Art's of "Dia de los Muertos" (PT.1) ...

Image result for armando palomas on guitar

Armando Palomas

This piece for the music selection of this journal will be first of all to honour the Mexicano songwriter and excellent guitarist Mr. Armando Palomas ... who is one of Mexico's most popular artists in the rock category, and in my opinion a poetic legend as well, doing the piece "Necrofilia Enamorada" (Necrophilia Love). I chose this piece as well, because of the outstanding artwork incorporated into the video. Then a few words concerning arts/ crafts and culture, and even some on more taboo subjects as far as to the meaning of the song. Enjoy!



Year's ago as a young man ... having the opportunity to spend some time in the City of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (Mexico), I met a friend named Isabella, a few year's older than I, that was what's called a "Bruja" in Mexico, which basically is a sort of female mystical spiritualist in the art of "Brujeria" (a type of spiritualism). She took me to my first "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) celebration in Mexico, which is pretty much a folklore cultural event held annually, similar to our Halloween, but with some of the most beautiful and colourful pageantry and art that I ever seen! She was the one who also introduced me to the ancient MesoAmericano, Toltec-Maya history, folklore and culture which dates back before the Spanish arrived in what is now Mexico (as well as other Central and South American countries), appoximately 3000 years, as well as introducing me to the arts and crafts of Santeria/ Palo Mayombe practices, which is a sort of spiritualism and culture, that she sort of educated me on, sharing literature and such ... just an educational venture of sort.

All this was new to me, but was odd and interesting, being attracted to odd thing's that stood out as far as art and such and were not so mainstream. But after knowing her awhile ... I found out that she had a type of necrophilia interest . I must admit ... at first it sounded somewhat scary, being young and unfamiliar with this. But ... she was really a great gal, great personality, and not one who would hurt anyone, who I was comfortable around ... so she sparked my interest to learn more from her ... she was really an intelligent woman which really blew me away, because of being older than me, and teaching me thing's I never knew ... like a teacher of sort I reckon. But the way she described it, sounded so romantic as well ... but she actually found it romantic and sexually stimulating to be with a man after his death. Which was okay to learn ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... as long as I wasnt the fella! :) But it wasnt that she couldnt find a man, she was a very attractive woman as well, who would no way in Hell not have guy's lined up to date her. But her "mind" and "art", was what really fascinated me about her!

But this was a taboo subject indeed, and one may only relate this sort of thing to some pervert serial killer or such, being they kill then have sexual contact with the victim. But like Isabella explained to me ... she would not kill anyone, but just the idea of the corpse was arousing, making me feel a tad more comfortable of course. After reading up on this taboo subject in particular ... I soon found out that this desire or practice has went on for centuries in recorded human history as well. And was not of course connected just to serial killers or anything of that sort, but a practice that was multi- cultural, ancient root's, and all gender. So many may ask what may be wrong with it? In this short video from Ms. Jorben of Norway ... she touches on this taboo subject as well. And of course this is what the song by Mr. Palomas was about, being the romance of necrophilia, that some may feel. However all in all ... it was an educational interest. Also I want to add, that the only reason I mentioned Isabella by name, is because unfortunately she passed away over a decade ago ... but we stayed in touch for many years after, and she even spent time up here in Dallas as well.


TASTE OF TEXAS PT 4: "DALLAS" ... America's Newest and Largest Art's District ... and ... Mass Transit Rail Expansion's ...

This Part 4 of Taste of Texas series (Part's 3, 2, 1 here) will take a look at Dallas, and it's newest expansion's as far as Art's and Mass Transit. These two of several project's under way in Dallas are unique in the sense that they are the largest in America. The amount of project's in this town and construction is enormous, despite the recession that has plagued the times ... much credit though to private sector investment's locally as well as from abroad. But a week ago, my daughter and her boyfriend and I took a tour of the newest arts expansion, and it was truly impressive ... and I mean that having myself been to a few of the world's finest.

This video will look at some of the latest expansion's to Central Dallas' Art's District ... which is 62 acre's of museum's, concert hall's, and theatre's, which now is America's largest.

Dallas Arts District ... Thanx to BLUEHATTV

Some newsread below of the transit rail expansion. Dallas area rail is a combination of ground level, elevated and subway light rail's, as well as double deck commuter rail, which is the largest rail expansion in North America now, that cover what is called the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex.

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Dallas has the most ambitious rail transportation plan in the country ... (newsread/ updated article)


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SUZZAN BLAC (PT.1): ... Journey into the Macabre ... A Collection of her finest! ...

For this selection of art in this journal ... It will be to honour Ms. Suzzan Blac, (WEBSITE) and take a journey into the reality she created through suffering, and expresses through her painting's. Ms. Blac is a self styled 21st century artist as far as painting, with a most unique mind ... known to many as the "Goddess of Gore". But her work absolutely leave's me in a state of tranquility, and only in deep thought, it's so compelling and exquisite, and she is at the top's of my list in her realm. Here is also an interview read to accompany her collection, sharing some insight and thought's of her work and inspiration to personal tribulation's. Best Wishes and the fruit's of life to you Ms. Blac, sincerly, and THANK YOU much for sharing your world and creation's with us!



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McKINNEY(TX) SHOOTOUT: ... Domestic TERRORISM by AMERICAN PEOPLE? ... Or "Suicide by Cop"? ....

Shootout's in this town are not exactly rare, and there is certainly no shortage of gun's and ammo. But this particular case is far from just a shootout rest assured. I know, no one want's to "jump the gun" here from law enforcement to the media. I had to resort more to national news just to obtain more info on this, because this has been more "put to the side" locally in Dallas it seem's. My opinion only here ... is this was a "domestic terrorism" attempt gone foul, I have no reason to see it otherwise. Everyone is so confused on this it seem's, or not wanting to call it as the evidence show's for one reason or another. This is a Texan white male, 29 year's old, liscensed by law enforcement/ state as a security officer, and former detention/ jail officer ... who basically had stockpiled weapon's such as AR-15's and other treat's, clean record, great and loved fella, that no one can "understand". We tend to be in this mindset that terrorist's are all muslim, and/ or immigrant's of tan skin complexion, who speak with accent's. But as I posted in earlier piece's, we will see a new wave and rise of terror in America, from local born and raised American's who ARE NOT muslim, with a beef against America themselves, that has not been common ... and this is one case I wanted to post as an example. Law Enforcement is calling this a case of "Suicide by Cop", which is a term used for one who draw's a scene to get cop's to kill them basically ... but in my opinion, this is too elaborate in planning to just go with that theory. Some video and newsread below, then a few word's.

***** 5NBC/DFW: Man Fires More Than 100 Rounds at Police Headquarters ... (newsread & video)

'Suicide by Police' ... Thanx to CBS

McKinney is just a quiet, laid back North Dallas suburb of around 127,000 folk's, a tad over 30 mile's from Downtown Dallas. Almost no one is calling this shootout an attempted act of terror, so many fear it seem's like to use the term these day's. I have read and heard various opinion's on this. I even heard the idea from gun right's advocate's, that this was a set- up by anti gun folk's, since no one but the gunman died, and by suicide at that ... to try to sway public opinion on gun right's .... to folk's blaming it on the economy. No one seem's to understand why a man with this background who shown no sign of anything disturbing would do this, and of course there could be all kind's of answer's soon. If this man would have been say, "middle eastern", and immigrant, muslim or such ... it would be all over the news as a "terror attempt", rest assured. But I will take that step here and call it one anyway's, because so far the evidence clearly show's me that.

This man, Mr.Patrick Gray Sharp ... planned this out to be able to execute officer's and civilian's ... I dont believe it was a conspiracy by anti gun folk's, and think that is ridiculous to think, Why? ... because too many folk's were in harm's way and it could have killed many, an anti gun activist wouldnt even dare something like this, because if there were casualties, it would eat them up psychologically ... but, that's my view. He loaded a trailer hitched to his truck packed with ammonium nitrate, wood chip's, gasoline, and flares. Inside the truck, packed with ammo, to go off from igniting the truck in flames, so that bullet's would go every which way on their own. It is remarkable that no one was killed beside's the gunman, and that is what make's suspicion arise. But you need to look at it because of the lack of urban density, is why it was partly ineffective, lot's of space here. The fact that the gunman also didnt get to kill any officer's or folk's also make's folk's suspicious ... I mean ... it was a AR-15 rifle ... I havent shot one in year's, but I do know they are popular in the military as well as law enforcement, and are a choice weapon actually. I mean .. if I recall correctly ... you probably got a max kill range of appox. 900/ 1000 yd's or so (for visual example of distance, think of a football field, which is 100 yd's and X-time's that), but would be most effective I reckon around an average of 500 yd's(?)... and of course this has to do with type and length of barrel, as well as what grain/ load of ammo ... neither in this incident I have detail's of. His objective, to blaze the truck, let the ammo inside take it's course, draw out law enforcement to rescue what they thought was a burning vehicle in front of the police station, so they are sitting duck's, and peg off what he could, and hope that it disrupt's/ obstruct's the flow of traffic as well, to peg off a few more of civilian's, then hoping the ammonium nitrate packed trailer with accessories then blow's to get some extra folk's ... the whole thing went south though and many lives were spared the plan.

You dont need a suntan, religion and passport to carry out an act of terror ....... BTW, does anyone remember this gentleman?


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SHAQUAN DULEY: (KILLER PARENT'S PT 4) ... Broke, Upset, Angry ... and Just wanting to be FREE ... {: (

Part 4 here of the "KILLER PARENT'S" series for this journal (Part's 1 thru 3 here) will focus on a recent case of Ms.Shaquan Duley , who openly admitted on record after her detainment, that she suffocated her two son's in a motel room, put them in her car after, then released the car into a river. I want to state also, that Ms.Duley is innocent until proven guilty, and I am basing this assumption of "mine" alone, strictly on her own confession and deposition taken, she could later change her story, and if she does ... I will immediately post so.

***** CNN: Sheriff: Woman suffocated sons before submerging bodies in car ... (newsread)

There are a whole buffet of reason's why these folk's do what they do, as you can see in every case where the motive's and reason's are available. And of course Ms. Duley was broke, upset, angry ... and simply wanted to be free .. and my heart goes out to those who are victim's of our cruel society as her... you know ... the same society that is so fair and all loving we talk so much about .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. And Dr.Ludwig above bring's up some great point's on these and what motivate's one to do such. And the bottom line with me is ... we do what we do ... for whatever reason and excuse, and with those act's come's the consequence's, well, at least should. As Dr. Ludwig explained in the Ms.Smith South Carolina case above in sentencing, and as I did in previous posting's in this series ... you have so many cases that are settled on minimal punishment's. Smith for instance, get's what .. 30 year's to life? ... which translate's into how many year's or so with good time, and other knock off's? (only in federal prison sentence's in the USA you serve day for day), so dont think she will actually do the minimal 30 year's as she supposedly is said to have to do. You have several cases in Texas where the mom's, like Yates , Schlosser , have just walked and didnt even do day one in a prison. Why? ... because they had the "politically correct" explanation of why they kill their kid's, that the sap's on these jury's buy. These are more serious offenses in our society, were not talking about some kid's that boost a car to go joy riding, or break in a vending machine.

Ms. Duley was broke of course ... so broke that she had the cash on hand to rent a motel room to commit the offense. She didnt wake up one day and just decided to kill the kid's as Sheriff Williams pointed out ... I agree ... this also goes to motive of what I argue as premeditated and calculated murder one, as to also the room rental. Ms.Duley even had complained that a gent didnt want to see her anymore previous to this, because she had kid's ... that's also a Hell of an excuse ... you let your lousy romance or sex life determine whether or not to kill your own children? Did you ever wonder if it may be you that's the problemo? Unemployed, broke, angry, frustrated, etc, etc ... million's of us are at these stage's at some time or another, either one or the other. I realize that many will have many reason's to show this lady sympathy in this case, and 101 reason's to say she couldnt help herself ... maybe voices could be a reason too, maybe she was abused as a kid, I dont know ... what I do know, that she admitted to smothering her two boy's, planned it well, even to the initial 911 call after the offense, then lied about the accident, which they would have found out anywayz, with no other vehicle ID or even skid mark's or anything else to verify it. And even if she didnt confess, whether she know's it or not ... after forensic work and the autopsy, they will know that the kid's didnt drown, because there will be no large amount's of water in the lung's, or evidence of that type trauma, because the lung's were already dead when they went into the water, meaning they wont absorb/ intake such as in a drowning incident, also there will be hard evidence of the suffocation, and match up's to her directly as being the one who done it.

I am one who is strongly for birth control and even abortion fully supported and funded by government even ... so you can say, I am even a step beyond the pro choice thing ... I am also for sterilization of some of these both male and female who commit these act's or similar. It's not fair as far as right's of choice or humanitarian to think like this? ... where is the victim's right's and the compassion for them? Dont get me wrong, I dont have a fetish to punish and execute folk's at all ... but I dont see any reason why they should be allowed to walk away the way many do. I mean ... we look at a guy who gawk's at a 15 year old girl, and want to hang, tar and feather him ... and rant out the ass over it. We find folk's of no harm as well in other nation's who choose their wives and "purchase" as slave's, and marry them at age 8 even, and just say ... "Oh Well" and continue to support them. And these like Duley, we want to love, understand, cry over, share, hug, etc? How hypocritical and truely twisted is all that? I also wonder if Ms. Duley or any of these other's ever heard of "adoption"? As far as I'm concerned ... if there is a death penalty ... this would be a candidate in my opinion.

Enough said ....

POST NOTE: This here has just been released by Ms.Duley's attorney ... she of course will plea "not guilty", her defense also saying that there is more to this than reported, and the not guilty plea is to only say she "is" innocent until proven guilty or such, which is legally proper as motion for defense. Let me take a wild guess on where this will go in the near future, okay? I am guessing that this will eventually twist into Ms.Duley's mother being of course the pop culture "choice of evil", and she drove her daughter to do it, or perhap's a boyfriend or someone else motivated her, anyone of course but herself. And of course this motion I want to add to be fair, is simply to assure her right to a "fair trial" ... her attorney know's much more than us on this. However ... my question would be ... Did Ms.Duley do what she said she done? And does forensic's back it? (which so far they overwhelmingly do) ... I also wonder why her 5 year old daughter wasnt included, who was at home with mom? Perhap's she was sensitive to age and gender? And still my point is ... no matter what reason or panty bind ... will she be held accountable for what her part was? Even if her mom, boyfriend, or anyone inspired her through word's, or if she was motivated by Dr.Phil, Cosmopolitain magazine, or the Easter Bunny, a bad hair day, or whatever ... if/ and she done it (and so far she say's she did)... she still done it, is the point.


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Michael DeHerrera: Police Brutality PART 2 .... What is "Excessive Force"? and filing an "Inaccurate Police Report"? ...

This will be Part 2 of another series called "Police Brutality" (Part 1 here) . And this part will be the case of the assault on Mr. Michael DeHerrera, who was a bystander during an arrest of his friend Mr.Shawn Johnson (a harsh arrest at that) who was accused/ charged with using a women's restroom to relieve himself in a Downtown Denver nightclub.

CNN: Police beatdown caught on camera ... Thanx to CNN

I also want to point out that this series is not to try to trash law enforcement ... but to record the reality of questionable force and technique's, and I will NOT post anything that is "borderline" and not "clearly" excessive force and/ or brutality, or where treatment of all parties were fairly in line, by our standard's in our democracy. We pride ourselves on what we value as justice in our nation, and boast of how fair we are, to set an example for other's around the globe ... these action's do not represent what American democracy is about, but rather, the action's one would expect in some 3rd world country, or other area that does not value much amount fairness and justice.

Denver's Manager of Safety after reviewing this case see's "no" evidence of "excessive force"? After reviewing this tape alone ... I cant see how you could come to that conclusion, what is "excessive force" then? ... when the victim dies like in the BART shooting (Oakland/ Bay area) , where they shackled a young man and one officer holding him in place, and the other executing him, standing over the victim at point blank range? Or do you have to get paralyzed from the neck down for life to be a victim? This officer who clearly assaulted Mr. DeHerrera is suspended for a few day's, and for not the assault, but because he filed an inaccurate police report? And is not filing an inaccurate report for any citizen/ civil servant with police/ law enforcement across this nation not a "criminal offense"? Even if they say during these minimal suspension's that it is without pay ... dont be fooled ... what they dont tell you is the officer uses sick or vacation leave to cover the pay. The officer who commited this offense claim's that the victim swung in motion to the left as to get ready to hit the officer, and had a closed fist visible? Mr. DeHerrera clearly moved to the right of the approaching officer, and the only "fist" was his hand closed, using it to rest his elbow, as most do, when he was talking on the phone. That is far from inaccurate ... and just an outright lie, and in a court setting or especially this case being an officer, since an officer is "alway's" under "oath", not just in the court ... this is another criminal offense of "perjury" ... and of course the charge of assault was declined as well.

This officer in my opinion, heard what Mr.DeHerrera was saying on the phone, had no idea Mr.DeHerrera's father was in law enforcement most likely ... and heard him saying that an assault was going down by officer's, got pissed, and attacked Mr.DeHerrera ... even taking the victim to the ground ... there was NO sign of ANY resistance by the victim whatsoever, not even a tad. This is not American ... it is not the way of democracy ... if the role's were reversed ... Mr.DeHerrera would have at least a half dozen charge's against him, half of those low degree felony offenses. The officer should have been fired ... as well as charged with assault, even stripped of any benefit's after. The excuses as to why the officer done this or that dont matter ... it's cut and dry ... if he cant do his job at least halfway decent ... get rid of him and replace him. And I am convinced after reviewing this video time and again that this officer has done this before, probably on young party goer's like this one ... Why? ... because it came too easy for him as if routine.

As long as we keep sympathizing with these misfit's and incompetent officer's who vow to "protect and serve" under oath, and just casually letting them off the hook time and again ... you will see this only increase, due to the current pressure's of society. If you cant cut the mustard ... you need to find another job ... if you go around assaulting folk's in situation's other than defending yourself ... you acted out a criminal offense, and should be charged with such and leave it to the justice of the court's/ people to determine the proper punishment, if any ... that is how democracy and the scale's of justice work in some balance.

As far as Mr.DeHerrera and some advice .... sue the Hell out of them, and maybe they will get the their act together! ... not just for yourself ... but for your country.

Enough said ....


Friday, August 13, 2010

BILL MAHER: .... Being able to actually see beyond POP CULTURE ....

Another posting past due for this journal ... to honour Mr. Bill Maher . It was my dad who turned me on to Bill, probably at least 20 year's or more back .... back when I didnt even care to watch the tele, or even read a paper (beside's football, hockey, or basketball standing's). And the book's I read were really out of the mainstream, and still part of my home collection of literature, my education didnt come from a school, I had a formal education till 8th grade, which taught me how to do basic math and read and write only, nothing else I got from any school (school's today are much different and far more important to get through)... or gave a rat's ass about politic's of any kind, cause I just figured their all full of shit period ... and never gave any interest to mainstream organized religion's, beside's understanding the danger's and history of them and what purpose they were created to serve .... cause they were just nothing but a power trip too, and frankly boring and of no worth. But yeah .... dad was a big fan and convinced me one day to listen to the man, because he is so straight to the point, and actually reminded me of my dad alot as well. Thanx Dad! I also want to point out, that it was the title of Mr. Maher's programme "Politically Incorrect" back in the early 1990's or so, that inspired the title of this journal here "Politically Depressed".

Most know him as an actor, stand up comedian, and listen to him to be entertained. But I look at the man on a more serious level ... because so much of what this man say's is a clear look at reality and our stupidity ( a "stupidity" were not born with, but embrace by "choice" and out of "laziness" ). I dont see him as a man that is "right or left" at all .... and feel he is beyond this primitive way of thought. I look at this man as a practical realist, not deluded and swayed by the bullshit of the pop culture herd mentality. I have spent more time reading/ viewing political viewpoint's over the last 2.5 year's online, and writing my own, than I ever spent time on in my entire life, yet throughout this journal have been devoted to pointing out every scam, flaw, and piece of BS that I can. It is in many way's sad ... and about as senseless and nauseating at time's as having to hear nonsense about what Jesus think's or some other mythological concept of past or some church service programming it's flock of mindless sheople, or listening to people whine over human sex act's, skin tone/ color variation's, who's God/ Prophet is right/ wrong or other petty concern's. Nothing against folk's belief's here or even the Jesus character, I myself am a spiritualist, ... I just frankly dont see how any of this applies to the issue's of the 21st century, whether even politically, economically, enviromentally or otherwise .... I myself have moral's that I practice too. And sadly most folk's simply want to live with the least amount of turmoil and misery and are basically force fed by this crap to play into, without even seeing what is happening to us, all force fed onto us by these power's that produce this mess. But just wanted to post a couple of many favourite's of video's here of this man of basic natural uncomplicated logic and sense ... no ... I didnt post this for humor, but to get a clear look at reality. THANK YOU MR. MAHER ....

Bill Maher on France ... Thanx to EUROTRASHFR87

Bill Maher on Radical Islam ... Thanx to THIEF


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BELL, CA : ... Salary Cash Back Rebate's ... and ... Political Incompetence Debate's ...

This posting to take another look at the political incompetence and outright corruption, that sweep's the nation ... this time on small town American government. This didnt get nearly the mainstream coverage I thought it would, and I wanted to wait a week or two to try to pick up the best coverage I could for this. I want to thank the Los Angeles Times for pushing this to begin with , because this is one of them small SE Los Angeles County suburban cities, of mostly low to moderate income folk's, who most do what is popularly called through "herd programming" the "Right Thing". And also congratulate the citizen's of this town for acting immediately and demanding result's. I see many of these folk's as heroes.

Protest in Ball: City residents say "enough!" ... Thanx to REASONTV

Political Corruption in California ... Thanx to sharky734

Now some may say that to wait until all investigation's are done by the Attorney General's Office of California to debate the action's here and salary cost's, expenditure's, etc. But for me for instance ... this is a fairly cut and dry case of first class political bullshit American style, and great that the citizen's of Bell had at least the courage to stand up to this and confront it face to face. The investigative process is fine and dandy and legally needed, but in the meantime doesnt do a damn thing for the people here and now ... taking swift action against this rubbish from the taxpayer's through confrontation's can get result's in 6 day's that would take legislator's 6 month's to review and 6 year's to resolve. The first response from these incompetent politician's was to defend the salaries, then tell the people that they will take a salary drop of up to 90% etc, one even willing to work for free the rest of the year. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... what in Hell is that? sound's like one of them "cash back rebate's". :) I am very familiar with the Los Angeles Area and the cost of living and what is fair payscale's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, ... this was outright robbery! :) And none of this posting even focuses on the pension plan's that most of these folk's get after they leave a job, which is incredible ... and even large government politician's are also covered by such treat's ... you can see why so many are attracted to politic's, and are the last to want anything that remotely resemble's actual "change".

After the exposure of this .... politician's statewide with their pocket puppet's were all raising Hell with the Sacramento hierarchy, about how outraged, shocked and in disbelief they all were ... taking precious time away from their job of making assprint's in their leather seat's. Great to see how hard everybody want's to get the job done when their asses are in a political sling. Everyone is alway's in shock and disbelief except for those who are victim's unfortunately, they have to feel the reality. In the meantime while these folk's that are the victim's and working taxpayer's of this thievery ... had done their job pushing actual "immediate" action onto the one's involved and responsible .... they got at least immediate resignation's ... of course political flunkies from the state also worked behind the scene's through the grapevine getting message's to these folk's to drop out and disappear, since election's are up soon, to try to at least save what's left of their asses basically.

Congratulation's to the People of Bell!


Friday, August 6, 2010

YASER SAID: (KILLER PARENT'S PT.3) ... murdered by Dad, for being GOOD TEEN GIRL'S ...

(left to right) Sarah and Amina Said

This Part 3 of the "Killer Parent's" series (Part's 1&2 here) will focus on yet another local Dallas Area case .... that locally hasnt even gotten the atencion it deserve's, if it wasnt for the national media on this, it would be almost totally burned out ... again ... in this case, political reason's and correctness, because this man happen's to be an Egyptian Muslim (This is Dallas, not back home!!)... and it is said to have been an "honour killing" ... having to do again with religious/ cultural crap ... and it is! But folk's have been criticized locally for saying such, for insensitivity actually, even nationwide (local talk radio got hammered hard by those in the community for relating it to his muslim religion and culture). But I am not posting this to talk religion ... but to show the harsh reality of what happened here and have a record of it for this journal ... because this killer is still loose, and even the familia of this piece of shit, is covering for him. This happened New Year's Day 2008 .... and I wanted to post on this for sometime ... since I have this series now, it fit's in place, and past due.

ABCNEWS: 'Honor Killing' Motive for Slain Sisters? (newsread)

This video is somewhat more graphic in a way .... because it record's one of the girl's calling 911, still on the phone with police, when the father come's back into his cab/ car to finish her off for calling police from her cell, as she's dying. Click here for more news and personal piece's from the victim's website's by this site called "Girl's Without Border's".

Disturbing 911 call- "I'm dying, I'm dying" ... Thanx to themachine91090

These poor girl's have been in fear of their Dad for year's ... there has been allegation's of even sexual abuse, threat's and more ... this just didnt pop into this man's head overnight .... and so many knew in this familia that this was trouble, plain and simple .... but ... I reckon it's one of them thing's where Dad is King of the household. But these young ladies were the kind of kid's that most parent's would love to have .... these werent problem teen's in any way .... just what folk's would consider ... actually good obedient kid's. This is truely a sad case .... really a tough one ... I mean ... I had to parent a teen girl before ... I had no boy's (beside's a stepson already in his late teen's, who never been to a concert, so I took him to see Van Halen, Ted Nugent, and Michael Schenker).... so it's a lil difficult for me to swallow no matter what your familia value's are.

This man Mr.Said was a Dallas Area cab driver ... lived in a laid back suburban community (Lewisville).... and has no excuse of financial hard time's, or drug abuse, or a damn thing to be frank to pawn these action's off on ... except that he didnt like his daughter's, dressing, acting, and talking too much like local teen's, and taking interest's in non muslim boy's. I mean .... what the Hell are they supposed to dress like or talk like, or whatever, when they are High School girl's?

This case should be cut and dry ... there is overwhelming evidence, if they can get this guy in a court here without having to buckle up or give into some political intervention. He actually even completed the murder with local police on the phone witnessing it. This is two seperate cases of capital murder one ... and should/ would certainly qualify for the death penalty in Texas, providing the prosecution has any courage to get the job done. Personally I dont give a damn if it is his religion or culture or any other goddamn excuse, including bullshit like hearing voice's/ message's, having a bad childhood, a cheating spouse or any of the other lame shit these come up with when they have to face something like death themselves, I cant stand whiner's period, and especially out of a man, and I have contact with several over the year's on death row, but they dont whine. This was well pre meditated and calculated murder ... plain and simple. And those in his familia who are covering for this man I would also go after like a wolf on a rabbit! Every last one of them for conspiring after the fact if anything.

That's the Reality ....


Port -au- Prince ... PRINCE'S and PAUPER'S ... PROGRESS and POLITIC'S: "2010 Haitian Quake Aftermath Part 3"

This Part 3 of the "2010 Haitian Quake Aftermath" (Part's 1 and 2 here) will take a look at the political side a tad more, as well as relief and rescue progress, since it's been well over a half year now ... and also a look at the gentleman who want's to help his former country and be their next President, Mr. Wyclef Jean , who is a popular mainstream music artist. This first video is Mr. Wyclef Jean explaining why he want's to be President. I certainly admire a younger person who want's to help and bring some progress, and especially being as bipartisan and understanding as he say's he is, but I also hope he know's how cruel and cunning many political and business associate's can be, and how to be a wolf when needed, even though the mainstream music industry is a cut throat business ... it is not nearly as harsh as the world of political leadership, muscle, business and war's.

CNN: Interview w/ Wyclef Jean on running for Haitian Pres. ... Thanx to CNN

This next video is Mr. Sean Penn ... the mainstream motion picture actor ... who frankly has been in the trenches of this disaster since the earliest day's following it, and working damn hard in it, and quite a man in my opinion! Then a few word's I wanted to add.

CNN: Sean Penn skeptical of Wyclef Jean ... Thanx to CNN

I have been interested in this rescue effort since the start, because of all the great response that has came from folk's, and the great outpour of monitary contribution's that has came in as well ... and because even though they may not be such a big player as some of the other American neighbor's such as Mexico or Brazil, they are still a country that are neighbor's, and I even feel that way about Cuba, even though folk's look at it for political reason's because they have a communist leadership ... they are still in my opinion "American's" as far as I'm concerned ... and with me, charity alway's start's at home. Beside's ... I been a long fan of Haitian art's and folklore as well.

In the earlier posting's I stated that I expected for it to be a rough ride, and can get complex, it's not easy, etc ... I realize this, but also wonder since we have so many in there, and doing so much, getting plenty of supplies, food, medicine, and other relief in ... since it has been 8 month's now, how much progress are we making? And I also try to keep an eye on everything across the board as far as folk's even trying to capitalize in some way off those in the mess, for various reason's . I'm not paranoid, or some conspiracy theorist, but am alway's skeptical ... because I understand human nature is all. And frankly ... being it's been 7 full month's ... I still dont find it satisfactory down there ... I personally think it could be in better shape, I also feel that it's in some area's more like goddamn concentration camp's being set up, and too many folk's are not getting basic medical atencion, that I see no reason for ... just small thing's like simple infection's gone to having limb's amputated or even death, that could have been prevented ... no ... some of what I seen here online to me is pathetic actually. I frankly dont know if it's a red tape problem, communication's problem, too many doing too much at once and getting in the way, etc. But I just see it as unsatisfactory after this length of time. There certainly isnt any lack of fund's or supplies or volunteer's/ help ... and if supplies or food are not being distributed in a manner that work's efficiently ... why not? How long does it take to get your shit together? Or at least let folk's do their job's without political interference. There are more than enough Prince's and Pauper's here.

Folk's like Mr.Penn I salute ... this man ... just went to help for a few week's at first ... and said ... what the Hell .... he will stay for the longhaul until the job get's complete, or at least stable ... and even his responses to some of this I been seeing is disappointment in some of the BS he has to encounter, because of the chain of command, politic's, or other crap. I will give Mr. Wyclef Jean ... benefit of the doubt, and go along with it, that he is sincere and really want's to help his homeland/ birthplace .... but at the same time ... I have question's as far as motive's and who's inspiring who and what? I think Mr. Penn bring's up some damn good point's in the video above, and folk's should listen to him carefully. I am not worried at all about the corrupt past history in Haiti ... but the corruption that could come to future Haiti. Put it this way ... whenever you have misery .... there is alway's someone who will try to capitalize off it .... show me otherwise with proof ... and I'll buy it.

I'll shut the Hell up .... for now that is.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BLACK LIPS: ...."Bad Kid's" ... and ... "Born to be a Man" (LIVE) ....

My daughter turned me on to this group with a CD she got for me from the SXSW (South by Southwest) annual 3 day music festival held in Austin(TX) ... along with some other group's she was checking out (my daughter actually was in the music industry in her teen year's as a vocalist and engineer, and toured/ recorded, and her long time boyfriend was a percussionist) ... but this group kind of caught my atencion in particular ... because of such a wide range of piece's and sound, mixing, etc. They go by the name of "Black Lips" .... and it was difficult for me to choose what to post, because there are just a variety of style's and work's that they do, that are quite impressive. And wish these gentleman THE BEST as well! I remember a lil ole group that started out like you guy's in the early 1960's, and endlessly touring every haunt they could 24/ 7/ 365 like ya'll ... they are called the "Rolling Stones" ... and what icon's they have became!

Black Lips- Bad Kids ... Thanx to DOM 2NON

Black Lips- Born To Be A Man ... Thanx to LIVEFASTDIENOW


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MID-TERM CAMPAIGN (2010 SHOW PT.6) ... If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many POLITICIAN'S would call in SICK? (PT.1)

No doubt that I been talking about this exciting mid term 2010 for over a year .... and wanted to start the "2010 Show" series approximately 6 month's before the vote, to take a peek at all the bullshit that we will see. Part 5 I focus on how thing's like racism, sexism, fear, are force fed on us at time's to assure that herd mentality and keep us distracted from what they are actually doing. Part 4 focuses on show's like putting BP CEO Tony Hayward on the Hill Grill, and getting tough on him, which I said would do not a damn bit of good, and as anyone can see it didnt, (Tony has a new job after his vacation in Russia, and multi million's) in fact it was all a show for politician's to show they are "tough", no different than when they marched investment banker's to the Hill to drill them, then gave them 100's of billion's of your tax dollar's.

In Part 3 I focused on all the BS from Health Care Reform, to border security, to unfair/ unbalanced trade policies all dictated by special corporate interest's, which include's pay- off's to politician's ... to the bullshit of the recession, to American job's and why job's will still be tight, even moreso to come. Part 2 I focus on the strategies to the sillyism of it all, and how our loved one's have already sold us out to folk's like the Chinese and Arab's ... and long ago. Part 1 show's more of the strategies behind the scene's with the puppet master's of special interest's who will dictate to our representative's what advertising, campaign propaganda, and other BS they will sell us ... along with all those old and over the hill relic politician's ... who have claimed to have answer's for decade's in all their campaign's ... and instead were an integral part of creating the entire mess that we currently have ... and NO .... HAVE NO ANSWER'S. {: )

And Part 6 here take's a look at how much trash and bullshit will come out of the airwave's from cyberspace to the tele/ radio to paper's/ journal's ... who will be paid million's to advertise all the bullshit, so the positive end of this ... is that it will spend a Hell of alot of money doing so, and create alot of salaries. The downside is .... that this administration is doing everything humanly possible, to try to get semi out of the mess were in ... and they can only make the ride to come, perhap's a smoother ride, but to repair the mess that we have created ... will be in the work's for year's to come, as I have posted time and again ... there is no quick fix, not even to job figure's, but with "proper moves" can at least get some job's to generate. I am voting straight democrat (only one of these two parties will control at this point in time, because the special interest's make sure to that, but this will also all backfire in time as I have also pointed out, and eventually destroy itself) not because I am devoted to a party, or I think they can solve this heavy load, but only because of petty selfishness, because I know damn well, how tough times can and will most likely get ... and this party, regardless of if they lie or not, are the only ones that are even making any move's with at least American's in mind ... although they are also controlled largely, and basically held hostage ... so I am grateful what ever I can get out of them as a citizen/ American of working class ... and if and when they give up .... we will have no choice but to take alternative measure's ourselves ... either that, or just get totally taken over by the corporate dictatorship's, who basically already own everything, period.

Even all this war from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Yemen to Iraq ... we will pay with lives/troop's and dollar's and has no end in sight (and dont be suprised if after these critical election's, if the subject of a military draft come's up, it's already water cooler chat, that no one is daring to talk about, strictly because of election's, if and when they do talk about it, they will put a twist on it, and sell it with a pack of lie's also) regardless of what you may coach your brain into believing ... and it is all about not just shutting down inde terror group's, because they are damaging to the wealth more than the people in actuality, none at the top dont give a shit how many of us die, just as long as it doesnt disrupt their market and investment flow ... and there are billion's in mining contract's with China ... and even Russia will be onboard to rip Afghanistan apart too (although American's will foot the biggest sacrifice) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... and we wonder why we have terrorism? {: )

When I seen this video it made me wonder, if habitual lying was an illness, how many of our politician's would have to call in sick? {: )

***** PD/ RCJ: "If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many Politician's would call in SICK?" PART 2 with George Carlin

CNN: The Dirtiest campaign ads of 2010 ... Thanx to CNN