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DIAMANDA GALAS (PT.2): "Malediction", "The Litanies Of Satan", "My World Is Empty Without You", "Free Among The Dead" ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.9)

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This posting will be to honour and highlight some of the work of Ms. Diamanda Galas, and to include in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" along with a piece here in Part One, but I also wanted to include her in the "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal ... because she frankly is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my 56 year's, and I really mean that! ... but her beauty is far more than just appearance I can assure you ... she is really just one of the most interesting people to listen to, unique, and a serious free thinker, who is not shy to say what in Hell is on her mind either. Now, not just that, but an outstanding composer, pianist, vocalist, artist, etc ... and one Hell of a range vocal wise ... but she is so much drama as well in her performance's when it come's to expressing the reality of her's and the world, very intense and captivating ... her live performance put's me in a trance, period! Considered as avant- garde as far as genre is concerned ... yet I dont really know what genre to put her in, beside's "Galas" ... you know ... like in "Bach", etc?  Really one of the great's as far as classical, jazz in my opinion on her piano work as well.

I was fortunate enough to catch her show first and meet her by chance, through invitation of a couple friend's Kelly and Helen back in the mid 1980's ... Helen was a one time fashion designer who made women's fashion's (one time, and never a match or duplicate) such as dresses made from metal washer's or bottle cap's (to try to paint an idea, because they were some really unique clothes Helen made), and Kelly owned and ran a small record label locally in Dallas and done retail distribution of mainly alternative and underground music, she was doing some promo work for a buddy Joe Christ, and I was doing all the printing basically ... all starving artist's I may add ... but that's life : ) ... but so many folk's back then worked together and done for each other, since so many didnt have that big contractual commercial support and/ or much financial wealth : )

Ms. Galas is strong on her principles, devoted, and has never compromised for less and perfection, never selling out from her art on what she wanted to do and alwayz done, and has worked with some of the best of the best! I have so much of her work at home, and sifting through all that YouTube has to offer was really a task, trying to only select a few, trying to get the best audio/ visual as well, yet trying to keep it raw and getting them classic performance's, because she has alot! But also wanted to add her unique cover of the Diana Ross classic "My World Is Empty Without You", done live. This is an artist who speak's from her heart indeed, and a mind that is unmatched, with that beauty of the Greek women! Thank You much Ms. Galas for all the great worx of your's! .... Enjoy!




Diamanda Galas- 'Malediction' ... Thanx to ELLAVONXASTHUR

Diamanda Galas- The Litanies Of Satan (Live Performance- VHS rip) ... Thanx to ROTTINGCROTCHES

Diamanda Galas- My World Is Empty Without You ... Thanx to CHARLESGUILTY

Diamanda Galas- Free Among The Dead (live 1986) ... Thanx to GUGON17

My World Is Empty Without You- The Supremes- fuTuRo re- fResh ... Thanx to FUTUROMIX1 **** I wanted to dedicate this original to Diamanda, that Diamanda cover's so beautifully above!


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This posting will serve both "The Awakening" and "Public Patriot's" series for this journal and to listen to a man who is popular for all the non- importante reason's it seem's at time's, Mr. Jesse Ventura. So it will not spotlight him for the "Veteran's Spotlight" series (at least at this time), his Navy Seals career, acting career, including of course his pro- wrestling career (which is mainly acting/ show as well), or even his political career such as Governor of Minnesota, and beside's, I never really kept up with the man much (which I sort of regret now), so cant tell much about those anywayz ... but this is not to look at him as much is it's about the message he has ... which is straight up as you can get, trust me. Many even consider the man a "conspiracy theorist" ... but ... to me ... to question ... is NOT being a conspiracy theorist, it's when you have those who never question or have frankly any independent thought and call him such out of pop culture herd thinking ... those are the one's who are really screwed in the head's, yet they dont even realize they are, so trying to explain to them, is pissing in the wind basically and a waste of time.

What Mr. Ventura has to say is straight up and to the point as it get's, and anyone with any balance and who is somewhat frustrated with this nonsensical bullshit of a plastic political sytem we have with it's gang mentality, corporate communism support, fear card buffet's, hate mongering- pigeonholing, half assed democracy, neo hypocrisy, American lie, will see the reality for themselves and what this man is saying as far as the substance of it. Again ... this old school way of  "corruption as usual" is on the way out the door, bank on it, and we know, as even I pointed out throughout this journal for over 4 year's now, that we have a failed system, period. We even have a great President right now with so many truely bipartisan idea's, proposal's and plan's, etc, etc ... but even he cant get half of what he want's or tries through, with even key player's in his own party who are betraying him ... too much corporate/ religious money/ power has robbed us, enslaved us, lowered our standard's and most importantly our thinking and morale, then after basically raping and buttfucking us, used our money to buy what lil government and representation we have left.

So I dont look so much at Mr. Ventura's Viet Nam and Navy Seal career or his acting/ wrestling/ art's or even Gubernatorial career as his most importante strength's or contribution's to America ... but what he "sayz" about where "we are" and "need to be looking at and going", which in my eye's make's him a "public patriot" of sort, because he is using his popularity and showcasing to bring importante thought and "awakening" to the public. This doesnt matter with these type's whether you agree with him or not on everything or anything else, but give at least some thought to what the man has to say. I myself am not left or right, never really have been in any of my life, but only again vote democrat, because their opponent is much worse, and only one of these two polarizing side's is going to control the next four year's, and hopefully by 2014/ 2016, most of this what we have now will be even more clear and exposed for what it truely is, to those who still have faith in this current bought and paid cesspool of a dog chasing it's tail, and will begin the new era of actual reconstruction of this country to be a better place.

Word Out ... give the man a listen ....

Jesse Ventura: 'We don't have a democracy in US anymore'- Full Interview ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

This is why Jesse Ventura is not allowed on live TV! "Every war starts with a false flag" ... Thanx to SCOTTISHSOVEREIGN




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RAT'S OF NEW YORK: A Look at New York's CATHOLIC & NON- DENOMINATION Rat's ... "Dont RAT on the RAT's" ... RAT'S- R- HOMIES 2 !! ... DONT BE ALARMED PT.7- You're in New York {: 0 ... For Bear

Part 7 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will be to take a looksy at the Rat's of New York City .... and where in Hell are ya'll "animal rights" activist's when we need ya'll ?!! ... geeeezzz ... I gotz to do every goddamn  thing! : )

This posting is for my daughter Bear (nickname) who went to "The City" and just hung out and chilled with her buddy, took in a couple Broadway showz, Times Square attract's, Harlem, eat's/ drink's, etc ... and of course she wanted to check out some of the place's where her dad (me) hung as a youngster, and I tried to hip her to some of the Do's & Dont's before hand ... I mean, she was born and raised in Dallas, and never had the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere and flavour of the Apple. Anyone who know's New York, know's what a unique American city it is too ... but one of the thing's I reckon I didnt mention much to her, was about the rat's ... needless to say ... New York was quite an experience to her, I'll leave it at that : )

Let me just put it like this ... rat's in New York are as much a part of tradition and culture as say ... Pastrami & Rye, okay? And NY rat's are hip, keen, and even domesticated ... the kind of MF's that will stop and look both wayz at a crosswalk you can say. As you will even see below, they can be playful lil critter's, and are definitely nocturnal, and even you have domesticated Catholic (assuming Roman Catholic : ) rat's in that town, but I'm sure that most are atheist's : ) ... politically, you can say their bipartisan and found in just about every level and class of The City. I myself have slept on NYC subwayz several night's, and the thought of the lil critter's around me, never bothered me much I reckon, and I'm fine to this day. But I mean ... rat's are homies too, okay? So the next time your in The City and see these lil critter's around ... Dont Be Alarmed ... your in New York City : )

***** NYTIMES/ ART & DESIGN: Heads, Yes. Tails, No.

Why you should never fall asleep on a NYC Subway Train. Rat on a mission! Rat wakes homeless ... Thanx to BRONXSAX

Rat Zoo: Collect Pond Park- Downtown Manhattan ... Thanx to NYCTHEBLOG

Manhattan Woman keeps Rats as Pets ... Thanx to NYDAILYNEWS **** click on video to watch on YouTube

Rats take over KFC/ Taco Bell ... Thanx to WWEKRAZY



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GLOBOWLSHIT 2012: Skeptic's vs Alarmist's ... & the SKEPTIC'S of the SEPTIC'S ... When Bullshit lead's to BOWLSHIT (GLOBAL WARMING PT.19) & (POLITIC'S OF PRO- POLLUTION PT.3)

This posting will serve both the "Global Warming" & "Politic's of Pro- Pollution" series for the journal. And Thanx to PBS NewsHour for putting these up back to back this last week ... since most of the bloody biggest news of the week was that Mitt Romney finally showed his income tax paper's, which I give a shit about as much as seeing President Obama's birth certificate, or Paul Ryan's hunting/ fishing liscense. This here is another issue that there can never be enough coverage of. First the video's, then I wanted to elaborate a tad on what the reality is here after.



Artic Ice Cap shrinks to record level ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Skeptic no longer doubts human role in Global Warming ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

I make my point's here clear as day, to where there is no question or bullshit to smokescreen anyone who read's this ... I'm certainly not an alarmist as Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma would like to call folk's like myself, and none of us that look at global warming in a rational balanced way DO NOT think or preach that it's the end of the world Senator.These debate's are great and all the analysis, etc ... Lord know's I have discussed this with countless folk's over the year's in person even. Again, the arguement for skepticism alwayz boil's down to mainly politic's, the economies ... and the power's who go severly under- regulated at the same time, keep us in desperation with their monopolies, to where all we can think about is the political shit they feed us, and worrying if we will have job's ... they say that all this filth and reckless behaviour, lack of regulatory reform, etc, etc create's job's and strengthen's the economies, yet statistic's show, even though we are doing record drilling, mining, fracking, and production of these pollutant's, we are as a whole becoming more in a financial bind, and even the gas price's are exactly what I was saying they would be like over 4 year's back when I started this bloody journal. And only those dictating this shit by buying our government representation are benefitting, bottom line. To be honest here, regulatory reform's, inspection's/ monitoring, etc as well as the creation and use of green technologies create's an abundance of job's as well ... so cut the bullshit, on one hand they say they want to do business as usual, on the other hand since their so cheap when it come's to profit's and investment's, they wait and buy out everyone and thing that they can concerning the new greener tech's, while still ONLY focusing on their rape venture's of every bloody element that can be dug up that they can make a buck off of, whether it's damaging or not.

For the last goddamn 20 year's we are still having these skeptic's vs. alarmist's debate's, and trying to analyze who's fault it is ... human's or nature's, and you can bet your ass, there IS NO fault in nature? It dont even really fucken matter anymore, we cant change the bloody mess that we made ... and some percentage of it had to be caused by human's and these fossil fuel's burning (and more likely the larger percentage), and the bottom line is that someone need's to clean out this septic system ... because frankly, even if we werent having global warming experience's and this crazy weather, we made this planet into a fucken toilet bowl. Would ya'll who deny that be skeptical of that? Hell, 90% of the population are thinking that were doing something wrong at time's, as Stanford Prof. Krosnick also point's out  ... why? ... their not scientist's? ... because bloody nature is shoving it up our asses and giving us a clear and fair warning ... go ask the farmer's or other's who had to deal with the "mild" confrontation's that the weather and mother nature been dealing us ... I say mild, because if we continue our reckless shit and action's ... we will get hit even harder ... like a sudden massive heart attack!

Why do we need stricter regulation's they all  want to know? it's government intrusion of free market business, etc, etc, or other clever bullshit they feed us ... the reason why, is the same reason that ya'll regulate us more than ever, and look up our asshole's with a fine tooth comb to citate and fine the shit out of us ... this isnt a one way street, everybody need's to be regulated more, especially ya'll, because we are increasingly reckless as a species, especially those who control these so called free market system's with their monopolies of politic's and wealth. Dont even ask someone like me if I believe that global warming is real and what's my arguement, IT'S REAL, and there is no arguement that when you throw million's of ton's of carbon's/ pollutant's into the air and water's, that it has an ill result, on our health as well as the earth's, period! ... ask me if I believe in the Easter Bunny, would be equivalent bullshit!

Word Out ....


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STOP SIGN & RED LIGHT Camera's ... The CHEAPER Way to Fleece American's in The Land of Milkin Money (RED LIGHT CAMERA'S PT.2) & (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.8) ... for Nabil

Try to figure this one out ...

Another posting that will serve both the "Citation Violation Nation" and "Red Light Camera's" series for this journal. I first done Part 1 on red light camera's a lil over 4 year's ago, because catching the bite that was being pulled in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex on this, I even got a couple of these for actually making a right turn on red from a one way to another one way which is legal in traffic everywhere's I been in America, but found out that where these camera's are like the off ramp of NB North Central Expwy around Monticello or Lovers Ln in North Dallas for instance, after they installed these camera's, they slipped in lil sign's outlawing it at them intersection's and such ONLY. Of course I found out the hard way, and received the $75 ticket's in the mail with the photo, etc, etc ... I thought there has to be a mistake, I'm an excellent driver if there is one thing I'm really good at!, and every few year's I actually taken defensive driving courses ... another off Pioneer @ Cooper in Arlington for example, same deal/ scam. I checked my option's at the time, which basically would be to challenge it in court, of course probably to get an attorney to do it formally, etc ... bottom line ... I said fuck it like million's of other's back then I'm sure and of course mailed the money in ... also let me add, that in Dallas for instance, these DO NOT go on your driving record either ... which made me initially suspect that something smelled foul in this ... I mean ... how can a moving violation not go on a driving record? ... yet they have a kangaroo type court set up specifically for these, which isnt in the regular court's for these type violation's ... get by drift? I mean ... I know how the f'n court system's work ... so that was the first give- away, these are basically phoney "show" court's, that have not much legal stance, as far as the penal code's, constitutionality, or whatever, or to really enforce much of anything. Here's the real kicker to this ... word on the street though, is if you DO challenge this in these kangarooo type court's ... it will get thrown out (dismissed) I didnt find out till later ... that there also tell's you somethin is up, then the fact at first, that City of Dallas was bitching behind closed door's, because not enough people were running red light's to pay Lockheed Martin their cut, since citizen's/ driver's got hip to their location's, and local area radio station's would hip people to all the new one's or other gig's, speed trap's, etc, during traffic report's, individual's call and report it, then the station's get word out to the people : ) There has been also numerous report's nationwide over the last several year's that these camera's were actually causing many fender bender wreck's from sudden stop's, etc. I mean, isnt this supposed to be about saving lives or other mush- headed bullshit were told?

Well below also is the newest thing, which will really be a kicker .... just ask folk's in the D.C. or L.A., I'll be curious to see a challenge on how you can take a photo still mailed to you  and determine if that vehicle is at a complete stop, while simutaneously having to be still enough to get an accurate read of the vehicle's plate's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, : )  you can bet your ass I'd challenge one of these ... just to fuck with these kangaroo  court's if anything for shit's and grin's : )  And the reason I wanted to post this now, is because there has been talk in Dallas area suburb's of trying these stop sign camera's out since they are already raking in money in those other town's ... so Dallasite's ... beware. There is no doubt as I pointed out here, that surveillance help's in many cases, but it doesnt take a genius IQ to figure out what this is all about, eh?

Also, this posting is inspired partly by a friend, Nabil (who I can now use his name), who moved to Dallas from Casablanca, Morocco probably about 8 to 10 (?) year's ago I reckon ... but the other day Nabil was telling me that he was citated as well with these red light camera's, yet he questioned it, but didnt want to try to debate the court at the time, plus he sometime's lack's confidence because of his strong Arab accent, although I told Nabil now, how to challenge this. I reminded Nabil of what he told me once after he was just here a couple year's, about him loving America, and it was alwayz his dream since he was a kid to come here, but he said he didnt realize that it was so expensive to live in America ... now Nabil after so many year's, is caught up in the credit/ debt mess, and behind on bill's, worx 2 part time job's, etc, and owe's everything but his life, wife, and son, who they would milk if and when they could as well ... after all ... it's all part of the American lie I told Nabil : ) The part in the title of this posting about cheap wayz to rip- off was inspired by Mr. Mike Riggs in the 2nd video below ... he sum's this shit up perfectly as far as the reality behind this.

Stop Sign cameras bring in more fines from drivers ... Thanx to CNN

***** COMMON DREAMS/ WILLIAM HARTUNG: Big 'Corporate' Brother: Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You? ... How a Giant weapons maker became the new big brother  **** I wanted to add this piece that is an excellent look at the reality of the contracting business, especially since the Bush/ Cheney Administration of the local Dallas- Fort Worth area "Lockheed Martin" in particular ... who rake's in a small fortune off these violation type camera's as well.

***** DCIST: Roll through a stop sign? There's a camera for that

Red- Light cameras; for safety or profit? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA



***** PD/ RCJ: 40,697 Way's to make a BUCK .... Fine's, Penalties, Taxes .... and our fine Leader's .... **** I just wanted to add this as a "related" posting


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MITT ROMNEY vs TOM PICKERING ... A Low Income, Under- Educated PROUD 47/ 99% AMERICAN who feel's he is a "VICTIM" & is "ENTITLED" to Government Protection (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.15)

Thomas.H.Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This will serve as Part 15 of the "Truth or Treason 2012" series for this journal, and will be concerning one of the 47% of the 99% of American's who is low income working class, under- educated, being his last completed grade in school was 8th,  get's an income tax return, will vote for President Obama no matter what, despite he is bipartisan and has voted republican most of his voting life, and feel's he is entitled to government protection and support ... MYSELF ... and PROUD OF IT! Some recent popular newsread and video below, then my input here.

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Romney comments rock campaign, latest setback in shaky stretch (newsread and video's)

Mitt Romney on Obama Voters (47%) ... Thanx to MOTHERJONESVIDEO

Mitt Romney explains '47 precent' leaked video ... Thanx to BLOY


This is one big news piece where I must agree with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney ... and Thank You for your honesty on this one Sir. Actually despite my low education level and low income ... I am an American who would love to debate with you one on one, face to face to let's say .... see how elite you truely are ... or say ... how competitive you are, since you like the pulling on your bootstrap's slogan of course ... I also love the competition Sir, and of course like you, I know how to make money when push come's to shove ... I would be even willing to compete with you, for both of us to be dropped on a street corner in any major US city, both with no money at all and nothing but the clothes on our back's, and see who can raise money and survive better first ... and am not shy about it either, not even camera shy. Also I want to add, that this posting is partly inspired because Mr. Romney is in Dallas as I write this, and it's all over the Dallas news media, that we can eat with him for $5000 to $100,000 a plate, and we can get our picture taken with him for $25,000 ... so this is what bring's me to the street corner survival scenario offer. Because I know that he has an "edge" on me there as far as how to make money ... I mean ... I couldnt frankly get someone to pay .25 cent's to take a picture with me, let alone $25,000 ... so I just figured to level the competitive playing field a tad and see what he can do in our world is all ... I'm just a good ole boy Mr. Romney, tryin to pick up a lil education, you know ... a bootstrap's kinda feller : )

Yeah ... for 4 decade's I have worked at moderate wage's, paid all my income taxes (including all my other daily taxes and fee's), and only got refund's at the end of the year, because federal law require's me to file my earning's and such ... and got refund's because they simply said ... "I paid too much" (they/ IRS said, not me) ... so ... I took it, after all, I'm not crazy. You can understand ... I'm sure you would and have as well, eh? I'm an American who you dont even have to explain a thing to me, I see exactly what you are saying and agree with you on most of it. I paid into my social security as well all them year's ... and also believe since I been a team player that I am entitled to the benefit's of such when I become of age, I DO NOT draw any assistance from the government whatsoever, except using the library and the public school's for my kid's and grandkid's, fire/ emergency service's, etc, which is part of the taxing deal in this nation ... you know, being a pro- business guy like yourself ... one hand washed the other, eh? I also believe that I'm "entitled" to health care when I am forced to buy from a pool of insurer's of say 100 companies, who basically are under the same board of director's, believing that you should be protecting us by law from the scam's that they pull on us consumer's and the cheating and such that goes on daily for year's ... by ya'll ... I mean, that's what were giving ya'll all them salaries and excellent benefit's for, eh? And NO ... I would not want to put my social security on the stock market to gamble on some foreign investment's to see if I can win or crash, I'm somewhat conservative when it come's to what money I do have, like most of us 47/ 99% who actually have to work for what we get ... like yourself I assume, eh?, since ya'll claim to be bootstrap pulling up folk's. ... beside's, ya'll already take a large portion of our tax dollar's and give it to special interest's contract's and investment's abroad as it is.

I am one of those who write about it constantly in this journal how we as American's ARE VICTIM's of this corporate communism as I call it, 110% ... as well as a bunch of career politician's that speak out of both side's of their mouth's ... politician's like including yourself Sir ... who's salary is paid by me/ us, BECAUSE ... you are supposed to do a job ... that's what were supposed to be paying ya'll for,eh? also meaning that for that pay, you are required to look out for us as well ... and supposed to legislate law's that protect the interest's of us ... the share holder's you can say. This legislation should include also minimal protection's for our health and enviroment, our children and grandchildren, our school's, our consumer protection's, etc, etc ... after all, we all have to live by law's and regulation's ... do we not? I mean ... frankly Sir ... what would we be paying ya'll for (being fiscally conservative) if you do nothing but serve the interest's of the largest money doner's, money of course that was made off of our work and consuming and tax paying, then take the rest of our money and bail out Wall Street gambling junkies, a bailout remind you Sir, that was engineered by the Bush/ Cheney Administration at the end, for the 8 year's of their failed policies, lack of leadership and regulatory reform's, the same Bush/ Cheney Administration that I voted for in 2000 myself. Who then take our money mostly offshore to buy into business venture's that dont even support economic domestic growth in our nation, with no real rules imposed on them, or even taxes for that matter? I could go on and on here ... but I made my point and certainly have included plenty of it in this journal and series.

Word Out ....



Image result for matt ward occupy la

Matt Ward ... MattWard@MetaWard

This posting will serve 2 series in this journal of "The Awakening" and "Public Patriot's" both. To highlight the 1 year anniversary of the movement and also Mr. Matt Ward of Occupy L.A. ... because to me, Matt is one of those true public patriot's too ... and Thank You Sir!

Of course there is still the talk a year later that this movement is no longer, or no significance, it died in Zuccotti Park, because of Mayor Super Nanny (Bloomberg) and his few NYPD thug's, or a number of other thing's, but the fact is ... it's still strong and has made several accomplishment's ... again ... this is a "movement", and it's in spirit and sweeping the mind's of million's across the States ... this is true democracy in action, again ... this inspire's those off- shoot's to other occupation's that this nation need's ... in the street's on the front to the legislation on local and national level's ... so it IS NOT DEAD ... and rest assured will NOT DIE any time soon ... but evolve! This is a national movement and inspiring so many other's around the globe as well ... revolution doesnt necessarily mean that it will throw over a tyrant or government just from some protest's in the street's in a year span ... it awaken's and enlighten's which bring's awareness and change through it's evolution.

OWS a year later: What's Next? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** CBSNEWS/ OPINION: Occupy Your Victories

***** LOS ANGELES TIMES/ OPINION L.A. : What Occupy Wall Street Wants

***** NYDAILYNEWS.COM/ NEWYORK: City Councilman Jumaane Williams was shoved by a baton- weilding NYRD cop at Zucotti Park on Occupy Wall Strret's 1- year anniversary




Image result for matt ward occupy la ranch chimp journal


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Mrs. Chloe Menager

Part 11 of the "Killer Parent's" series will look at a recent local Dallas case (which is about as traditional it  seem's here in Texas now as rodeo's and barbeque's) of a mother Mrs. Chloe Menager accused of drowning her 1 year old son Elijahu Perez in the home bathtub. Some newsread and view below, and then of course my comment's concerning this.

***** NBC5/ DFW: Mother Charged With Capital Murder in Infant Son's Drowning ... (newsread/ video)



I first need to say that Mrs. Menager is innocent until proven guilty or most likely otherwise, considering this sort of thing has became somewhat traditional here in Texas, and of course the mother found not guilty for some reason as being some social, mental, religious, disorder or whatever, which I have no problemo with, but it doesnt exclude the fact if you done it, no matter if demon's, angel's, the Easter Bunny or even Charlie Manson using telepathy from prison (another modern day scapegoating excuse) to inspire one to commit these type offenses. Oddly in case after case after case, these type's alwayz are quick to do whatever their inner self tell's them, or whatever mythological figure that they conjure ... yet at the same time, are usually the type's against thing's like birth control/ abortion, because of their faith. These reason's are easily used to persuade jury/ prosecution for leniency for outright murder and actually work, as court docket histories will clearly show. So she is innocent as of now, and my opinion here is just that ... my OPINION, in case some bleeding heart read's this and sayz that I dont understand women, the mentally challenged, or am "unfair", or similar whining bullshit, okay? I'm not as easily persuaded when I see compelling evidence, I'm a master of reality basically.

This case is still fresh and wishy washy as far as her interview's are concerned and putting it up against the phone call she made to her husband when it occurred, what she told police, etc, etc. In this case she is battling with "demon's" of course, and when they say this ... I can smell where it's going, however, clever enough for her to say ... she dont want to blame it on religion, yet at the same time, claim's that she need's to pray or whatever. Hubby, Mr. Pablo Perez is of course forgiving and not mad, and probably making arrangement's through their church to raise bail, which would be a cash amount of at least 10% plus some property/ collateral signing, in case of bond forfeiture to secure it of course. So she isnt off in the head in reality or else she wouldnt be so crafty in how she word's thing's. What really get's me too, is that these children can be put up for adoption if a parent(s) cant keep up with them for whatever reason. This child Elijahu was drowned to death and so called "delivered" as these type's alwayz put it, as the victim now being with God, in Heaven or whatever ... because supposedly of mythological demon's. What really get's me about these cases in Texas, is that most of these mom's dont even do any prison time AT ALL. Right now it appear's she is worried about her phone call's, visitation's from hubby and/ or what will happen to her in jail. Her husband is very understanding it seem's, I mean, it would be difficult for me to trump my love or sex life over what happened to my child ... to be frank/ honest ... if it was my child ... her least of concern's would be the homegirlz on the wing unit or the court's ... but me just getting my fucken hand's on her.

Word Out ....


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LA ROBIN HOOD in the HOOD ... BumRush that STIMULUS ... Take Da Money & Run ... RC's UNSUNG HEROES ... DONT BE ALARMED PT.6 ... You're in Los Angeles {: 0

Even the LAPD officer is smiling on this one! : )

***** NOTE TO READER: This posting is for entertainment/ humour purposes and is not meant to advocate or support robbery of these institution's or acceptable/ legal to receive money that is tossed out of the vehicle. Armed Robbery in California is a state felony offense, when a firearm is used in such, it enhance's the charge, being a banking institution take's it out the state/ county category and make's the offense "federal". Picking up the money that is tossed out is "receiving" money that is stolen from such, also felony.

Part 6 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will be another from the great City of Angels (LA) ... and anyone who know's LA, know's what a fun town and can be as far as not knowing what to expect at any given time : ) Every once in awhile I find some unsung heroes who may not be popular as far as being on say the wrong side of the law, but to me have certain heroic qualities, and this is one of those pick's from Ranch Chimp. Even though I'm not quite sure if that was these gentlemen's intention's, being my first thought was the money was being thrown to create a bum- rush to slow down LAPD in pursuit on their ass ... if anyone in Dallas may recall back over 20 year's ago at least, the notorious "Dapper Bandit" once done a similar stunt right here in the neighbourhood on the LBJ Freeway, which caused hundred's of freeway motorist's to stop their car's in freeway traffic and jump out to grab the money, which hampered the DPD pursuit ... it was hilarious too! : )

This actually started up in Santa Clarita and worked it's way down into South LA off downtown an hour later ... and what more of a deserving target to pull a score than Bank of America ... I love you guy's! : ) This is what you can say is a sort of community stimulus that is long needed in so many urban America neighbourhood's ... dont worry, folk's will spend it (and HERE! not in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland), and Bank of America should feel somewhat patriotic as well : ) As for these unsung suspect's who I will just call Robin Hood here, ya'll as I write this may be at that Parker Center Glass House (jail), and hopefully the court's may show a tad leniency on ya'll, after all, ya'll are just lil thieves that took from the big thieves. As far as those who bank's their money there, dont worry, ya'll are insured by the Fed's ... this is one where even as you can see above in the photo, even some LAPD cop's had a smile : )

***** LOSANGELESTIMES/ LOCAL: Bank Robbery Suspects toss money during chase in South L.A.

Bank Robbers In LA Driving Thru The Hood Throwing Money Out Of The Window! (During High Speed Chase) ... Thanx to HipHopNewzCentral


Steve Miller Band- Take The Money & Run- lyric's ... Thanx to LYRIC BOSS **** I thought this classic tune would be appropriate from a gentleman who started his music career in a local Dallas High School, Steve Miller ....


Friday, September 14, 2012

ARAB WORLD TENSION'S 2012 (PT.1): "How CAN this Happen?" ... "How CAN it NOT?" & Understanding CULTURAL DIFFERENCE'S ... America/ West- "Get Out and Stay Out" & **** POST NOTE

Thomas.H.Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

I initially didnt even plan on doing a posting on this recent conflict, but it is so saturated on every news front online or offline I decided to. The title in part of this posting was inspired the other day during a "Special Report" on a major tele news station which was Secy of State Clinton asking on camera something like "How can this happen?" concerning death's of American diplomat's and such in Libya ... well ... my first reaction/ thought was only "How can it NOT?". I didnt even get to watch everything she said, because I was on my way out the door, but then was catching more on the radio later while driving, which I got so sick of hearing, I had to change the station ... so for the reader of this, please bear with me, because I have NOT really read up much on this, or even viewed much, or even seen this movie that everyone is talking about, so these view's/ opinion's are mine only, and dont represent anyone else. I put one link below for newsread and video's, and that is ALL that I will put in this journal on it, and only put this in here so that there is some reference for the reader. Then I will add my own view/ commentary or whatever it's formally called.

***** CNN/ WORLD: What Muslim Nations' leaders are saying- and not-- about embassy violence

Somehow, this even got twisted into our politic's in this nation, from what I gather, Presidential candidate Romney said something (dont recall what) that insulted President Obama, and of course the usual petty bitch fight's between the leftee's and rightee's broke out, which then made me avoid it even more. Again, I'm NOT really left or right, it depend's on the issue, I just never was able to think like that, as far back as I can remember, I had a very diversified childhood and upbringing you can say, with many, many influence's and inspiration's, culturally, socially, politically, philosophically, and otherwise. I have supported the democrat's for instance only because I have no choice in what is offered, and clearly the republican party agenda/ plan is too destructive to America financially, socially and otherwise, which I wrote in detail about in this journal as well.

I am not one of these with alot of formal education either, having only completed 8th grade of school, or have alot of the professional knowledge such as so many of these folk's that blog, I mean, their so professional/ educated that I feel out of place even commenting on their site's to be frank after being online now for 4 year's, so I stay to myself for the most part on here, unlike in the real world where I am very sociable with neighbour's, friend's, folk's that I see daily etc, etc. But as far as these people that put this movie out, they say that they didnt know that this would cause such a disturbance or response ... I really dont know how anyone who make's film's, write's book's, and has these superior education level's to the rest of folk's like myself ... CANNOT know that this would be taken in the Arab world as an insult? I dont even know what motivated them to make the film? ... I mean was it religion, profit/ money, culture, etc?

I'm not religious at all, and never cared much for religion's after looking at their history, but DO support one's right to worship, pray or whatever they do in their circle's, I am pro- freedom basically, what anyone chooses is their business, as long as it dont interfere with my right's and choice's ... I dont ask much. I am the same way when it come's to folk's cultural difference's, I dont try to impose my lifestyle and choice's on them, or care to be involved with their choice's and interest's in their land's, especially their politic's. Oddly this isnt understood by many for some reason, many feel that it is our responsibility or something to force feed our culture or wayz on these other's land's, or are brainwashed by politician's, leader's, pop culture to think they should. I see most of our intervention in some of these nation's as annoying and instigating trouble is all. I feel the main reason we are in these nation's is not to be friend's as much as it's to buy cheap labour, mine their resource's, and buy their government's to abide by the rule's/ term's that we want. I had several guy's I know that are Arabic Muslim immigrant's for instance, that after they got to know me awhile, actually expressed similar thought's, time and again telling me the issue's, and asking me what America expect's them to do, when we go into their nation and try to suddenly change their wayz from after centuries of them being in their own culture?

I didnt read a bunch of book's, survey's, poll's or anything to try to get an understanding of any of this, I simply went straight to the source, since I knew and worked with several guy's, who were from place's like Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc (also, all these guy's I mention here are between the age's of  25- 35, so at least 20 to 30 year's younger than me, I'm 56) I just simply asked them to explain alot of this stuff to me about their culture, religion, and especially why it is so critical to NOT ever make art/ portrayal's or whatever of their prophet's, etc ... I mean in our country/ culture it is an honour to have statue's, painting's and such of the  Jesus prophet for instance ... I didnt understand this at first, because being raised around western culture and religion's, I told these guy's I was so used to seeing picture's/ painting's, statue's in every church across the country, the first thing I noticed when invited to a mosque for instance to view, was no art, statue's, or anything like churches here. Actually they were very understanding and more than willing to fill me in on so much, that I had no idea about, especially I noticed the importance of "respect" ... and all of these guy's had shown me so much respect that I was not even used to getting in my own country from American's at that! and even more honest and straight with me than many of my fellow American's are with me ... imagine that. They were really very open and honest about their feeling's and such, as when folk's disrespect their culture and religion's, it hurt's them emotionally ... so much different than folk's that I was used to being around here in America. I mean, in this country (west) folk's make joke's about their own religion's, cartoon's and everything else, and do it in humour, think nothing of it ... over in some of those countries it's entirely different.

I was equally honest with them about my culture, feeling's, etc ... which they welcomed and wanted to know. What really confused a couple of them trying to understand was my view of women. First of all I told them I despise it when I hear the talk about our women being whore's, because it is meant in a negative way. A guy Rasheed asked me ... "But why Thomas would you want your woman to dress like that? ... why do you not care of other men looking at your woman? ... she is meant to serve you ... that is your woman". I told Rasheed that I like my women to dress the way that he dont like, I like when she dont just do what I say ... I dont like her to act like a robot, depending on me to tell her when to wind her watch or take a shit ... I like when she get's on top and is the aggressive one in bed and take's charge, slap's me around a lil, get's a lil kinky, etc ... I like the dirty talk, etc, etc ... Rasheed said "But why?" (poor guy looked so confused : ) ... I told him, it excite's and arouse's me ... and if another man look's at my woman, it tell's me she is hot (look's good) too, it's when guy's DONT look at my woman that I question WHY? and what's wrong? I was asked why I would support gay's getting married and in relationship's even ... because this man literally get's nauseated just seeing two guy's holding hand's on the street ... I just told him ... what they do doesnt mean shit to me, and if it's not right with God ... it's God's business, not mine ... I dont give a shit basically ... these folk's are productive member's of our society here, they pay taxes and do what is expected in society, they should have a right to live however way they want ... just my opinion guy.

Several time's I was told by Lotfi or Nabil (who I can use his name now) for instance that they would like to show me around their country, which would be nice to visit, but I told them, I wouldnt even go there if I got a free plane ticket with the cultural tension's and difference's they have, sure I would love to even experience the pyramid's, ancient Persian art etc, etc ... but feel this is not the time to even be anywhere's near there. I had a familia member in the US Army serving recently in Afghanistan, and am thrilled and grateful that her duty/ detail is over and she is out of there and on the way home, another familia member who had to serve like 3 tour's in Iraq as a US Marine Sgt ... I'm thrilled he's back home now too. I am equally as sickened by the endless conflict between Israelies and Palestinian's, year after year after year ... and more sickened by all the money and defense intervention that we spend in these nation's, again, I dont worry about our defense of our nation or these nation's with nuke's/ weapon's, being I know that if some country were to send missile's here and attack our land, I would send more missile's back to them in defense, we have missile's too basically. I am saying we DONT belong there getting politically involved with their interest's, we have issue's of our own here we need to deal with. I'm just being honest here, I am sick of us sticking our damn noses in these conflict's in these nation's, period! And equally sick of these westerner's/ American's who anonymously hide online and pester these people and their culture's, such as this character that made this so called movie, then claim's he/ they didnt know it would offend these folk's. I sometime's wish we would just get out and stay out, till at least a better time, and just leave these folk's alone ... I know that, that isnt the liberated American way of thinking or whatever, but oddly, these guy's that I talk to from these nation's that I tell this to, actually agree with me and support my thought's and opinion's, more than my fellow American's.

Word Out ....

**** POST NOTE: Also after reviewing more of our response to these protest's of America, I couldnt help to notice, that everybody from our Secy of State on down the political food chain of America, are saying ... "how can this happen to us after we have done so much to help them?" ... I have wrote about that in this journal time and again in past posting's, such as far as Pakistan or even Iran for example's ... again ... how can we be so dumb, to even wonder why? How many time's just in my lifetime have we been in countries such as the 1970's Iran, or such, trained, funded (miitary- wise), helped build western style democracies, that only resulted several year's later kicking us in the ass after the fact, and backfiring on us? We were shocked again (and this is an old familiar tune) the other day of the bombing in Pakistan for instance ... shocked? I wrote plenty about this a couple year's back when our Secy of State Clinton committed us to another $7 billion or so in fund's to them, that it may backfire again in some form, just simply looking at the history. And from what I seen, we are only in Afghanistan, because China who carries alot of our debt won the mining contract's back in '05' or so, and are building railwayz into it to mine all the copper out through western companies and other resource's. I mean, let's be honest for a change, especially to these people that we invade/ occupy their nation's ... dont we think that they can see what is happening?, even a guy like me with hardly no formal education can even call/ make this?

We are training troop's in Afghanistan to fight, then they are turning on our trainer's and killing them, we pay insurgent's there or in Iraq to make friend's and be on our side, then as I said, they will only take that, when the money run's out, and turn again on us in many cases, time after time after time ... does anyone beside's me see this? with all the poltical expertise, education and scholar's that we have, you would THINK, that someone, somewhere in Washington catches this ... geeezzz, I mean what do ya'll need in Washington to get the picture? a grenade shoved up your asses? Today all I hear is, how do we show that we want to help more? or whatever else we need to do? My question is ... how much more do we think we need to spend? and how much more do we need to occupy these nation's? How many more bombing campaign's will we do, killing more of their people in doing such? How much more corporate international manipulation from international investment banker's, energies companies, defense contractor's do we need to impose on these people's, that many are frankly a lil sick and tired of us interfering in their nation's and government's. I myself have wrote about this time and again in this journal for instance, as well as these conflict's to come in the very countries that this is happening as I speak now!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VOTER ID LAW'S (PT.1): Sugar- coating AMERICAN'S Right's under the Umbrella of FAIRNESS ... & The REPUGNANT RIGHT WING RAPE of AMERICA (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.14)

Part 14 of the "Truth or Treason 2012" series is to look at TRUTH as far as this Voter ID push that has blanketed the nation like a February blizzard in Buffalo (NY). First of all ... usually when you "hear" the word "fairness" from these type folk's on top, especially those in politic's who havent even been able to raise a decent candidate with a really competitive arguement, beside's blaming their opponent as usual for all the evil's in the world, you know somethin is up ... these folk's believe in fairness about as much as I believe in Santa Claus okay? The Republican Party has made themselves again ... perfectly clear as far as their agenda, which is about as American and truely free and conservative as much as I'm Micky F'n Mouse, they became so desperate and saturated with corporate wealth and pushing/ running the clock in this last 2 minute drill (such as in the 4th Qtr of a football game as I previously pointed out) that they dont realize just how easy they are to make ... and that's downright carelessness, as well as a display of weakness.

This is clear as day bullshit as far as putting this all under the umbrella of fairness, and has been a issue that has saturated Texas media for long now ... the same folk's of course that are quick to make sure that no illegal's vote, are the same folk's that jump over each other to make sure they are not questioned too much when they hire them to cover their own illegally motivated asses. For example ... you know why it's illegal in Dallas to ask latino's for proof of citizenship if their pulled over? ... not to protect their right's ... but because if there is too much deportation, they will lose a bundle of money that they make off of cheap labour ... THAT'S THE REALITY! ... so all this bullshit about fairness is Willie Foo- Foo talk to distract the masses from their agenda's. And Thanx again to RT America for covering this right now, there can NEVER be enough coverage of this sort of crap. I agree and have no problemo with showing ID, I have to show ID on every damn thing as it is ... but this recent highlighted bum- rush on this is for one reason only. Meghan Carpentier below in the first video also sum's up the reality as far as folk's trying to get proper ID, the threat of taking off of work etc, etc ... ask any minimal wage's worker how easy it is to get time off for anything, and look at the pressure's they are under just trying to make it ... why do you think they want to keep them that way, eh?

They all say their about fairness ... well to be fair here, the whole fucken voting system need's to be overhauled, especially safeguarded from their corrupt repugnant action's ... Word Out ....

***** HUFFPOST/ POLITICS: Obama warns young supporters about Republican voter suppression

***** HARVARD MAGAZINE: Voter Suppression Returns



New Voter ID Laws to diminish Obama supporters? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Voter ID Laws: respectable reform or repression? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA