Thursday, August 23, 2012

HEART ATTACK GRILL- DALLAS: Grub to DIE 4 ... Nacho TYPICAL Jumbo Jack or Big Mac joint ... "DONT BE ALARMED PT.5- You're in DALLAS {: 0

Part 5 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series of this journal will be to highlight a restaraunte that was located in downtown Dallas' West End sector, this is one of those posting's that been on my list for long, but just hadnt got around to it, and it came up in some conversation here in the neighbourhood the other day ... being that, I'm not sure if they actually closed for good, or relocated to another location or whatever, but when this place opened it got a fair amount of protest's locally ... I mean, this place actually cooked stuff in pure lard, and actually let folk's over 350 lbs eat for free and other related marketing/ ad gimmick's. But the fact of the matter is, Dallas has probably more restaraunte's per capita than most US cities and buffet's like Las Vegas does, in fact from what I read, the original location in Vegas is still open. I didnt protest this place of course, but I wouldnt let this be part of my diet either, even before I went on my diet that I live by, this is how hardcore this place is/ was ... I found it to be hilarious when I first heard of it opening through my daughter. Looking at the photo in the heading, there is plenty that make's my "mouth" water and heart rate jump, and it sure as Hell isnt the burger's their holding either! : ) But dont just pick on these folk's, their at least honest about what they do sell/ promote ... there are a whole buffet of place's in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex that are just as unhealthy, believe me! ... which is no reason for alarm, after all ... this is Dallas : )

Heart Attack Grill Dallas ... Thanx to ALLDAYLONG


***** DALLAS OBSERVER/ CITY OF ATE: Heart Attack Grill Continues Death Spasms

***** HEART ATTACK GRILL DALLAS **** CLOSED ... just some comment's from customer's on this joint and location, price's etc.



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