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WALL ST/ BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE CEO's: The "ROUNDTABLE ROUNDABOUT" ... Going further than the GOP ... Proposing to RAISE the Eligibility AGE of Social Security/ Medicare to 70 (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.10) & (MO OF YO MONEY PT.10)

Part 10 of "From the Foxhole with Bernie" and "Mo of Yo Money" series will be to look at the latest proposal's from the Business Roundtable of about 100 of the top global and American companies CEO's and their indirect request's to our political representation to raise the eligibilty age for us now to draw our Social Security and Medicare to 70 year's of age, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... kind of a "roundtable roundabout" of sort {: ) Of course were partially stupid enough on one end to actually support many of the frail politician's who lip service their idea's with support (and partially locked into this support with the way our voting system has been contaminated) ... and these CEO's are stupid enough to think we actually believe their "game" ... so the whole thing is as silly and mindless as you can get ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... American politipop culture at it's best! Also you can bet they had some input in the new tax payroll increases that just went into effect, not that I'm against taxes at all, as a matter of fact, I'm for tax increases across the board, as long as it benefit's the country and not just CEO's and their pet project's only ... but you have to wonder, where does it all go to, eh? get my drift? (which I wrote plenty about in the past linked posting's too, kinda like wondering what happened to that nearly $20 billion in shrink wrapped US currency that went to Iraq at the beginning of the invasion and ended up LOST {: ) This is also why I call these shenanigan's "neo corporate communism" and label this as nothing but the "deceptive influence's of such". Check out the buzz name they came up with to sell this crap ... "reform and modernization" proposal's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) with all the money and brain's ya'll have ... you would think that such folk's could be more "creative" or "original" eh? {: )

Basically what's happening is what I pointed out in some previous posting's throughout this journal, and the one's (posting's) over the last couple year's in particular about the shaft that we were going to start getting up our asses 2013 regardless of who win's ... of course if the Republican's won the Oval Office, it just would have been harder and faster ... and no lubricant at all. I would love myself just to have 5 to 10 minute's at one of their board meeting's of these "greatest mind's" (CEO's) as far as business and economic's, to have an input myself and ask a couple simple question's of them. You also have to wonder, where do these people come off telling us WHAT in Hell we NEED to do with our own bloody MONEY!!, eh? ... I mean ... your not our fucken financial advisor's, do ya'll's CEO work and stay the fuck out of our social and governmental affair's ... this is bullshit, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) What would this Citizens United posse do if they slipped million's and billion's into our political campaign's, then our representative's go south on them and not even touch their proposal's, and walk out on them all? ... they would whine complaining that's "theft by trickery" ... but it's ALL mostly our money to begin with, get my drift? ... taking it back, make's us heroes and patriot's, not criminal's ... it's restitution in other word's, and frankly they would deserve it, but they wouldnt like it either, and complain that they got tricked, used or some other crap ... and it can happen ... there's no contract ... you get money and walk, they dont have much legal ground ... but I'm sure there are all kind's of tax break's and such on some of these large contribution's too ... I mean, all this stuff is rigged, because their attorney's draft all the legislation ... long story though, and too much to get into here. What do you think some of them done to us, time and again? They constantly figure out wayz to burn us ... I mean, that's the business some are into, plain and simple. As far as what I think of some of these ingrate's ... well ... Thank God for thing's like abortion/ birth control to try to eliminate as much of these type's as possible from being reproduced, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... but frankly ... these worthless type's ... I wouldnt piss on if they were on fire {: )

And Congratulation's to Senator Bernie on his new job as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs ... veteran's can really use a patriot like Bernie in their foxhole's too {: ) ... especially with the cut's their fixin to try to shaft them with.

Enough from me, and onto Bernie and the link's below ....

***** U.S. NEWS: CEOs Propose Raising Retirement Age, Means- Testing Social Security ... you have to wonder and ask ... where in Hell does CEOs of the private sector get off deciding or legislating what we do with Social Security or our OWN MONEY? I mean ... do ya'll tell your neighbours how to spend their own money or balance their budget? ... do we tell any of these CEO's how to spend, invest, or whatever? Then why the fuck are they into our social programmes of our governing representation at that, we pay good salaries to our Congressional and Senate members to do a bloody job, we DONT pay CEOs to do the job in the "peoples" government, they have NO BUSINESS sticking their noses into this. NO ... they DONT want to "CUT" Social Security ... I mean, if you proposed that they would turn chicken and beg not to ... what they want to do, is keep folks paying into it, but not drawing the benefits, so they can invest it all in their offshore ventures and gambling games ... THAT'S THE REALITY! (**** this was updated 22 april 2014, since the original link, more interesting with details from this so called "business roundtable" seems to have vanished)

***** WASHINGTON POST/ WONKBLOG: CEOs want to raise the retirement age to 70

Brunch with Bernie ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** PD/ RCJ: "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" PART'S 9 THRU 1





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SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN for President of the United States of America 2016 ... A "Ranch Chimp Choice" (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.3)

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Senator Elizabeth Warren

This Part 3 of "Elizabeth Warren" will be a sort of Ranch Chimp, Warren campaign endorsement thing ... and this time to highlight and promote Sen. Warren for the Democrat nomination to be our next President. I know this is early ... but too ... I was doing the same thing over President Obama back when he was a Senator and hadnt even had the nomination yet or was in the race at that. Since so many in political circle's are talking about "who, what" etc ... for 2016 ... I figured I would just throw in my 2 cent's and choice right now too.

Of course the popular talk over the last couple week's has been former Secy of State Clinton (and bless her heart due to the disrespectful lashing she took up at Capitalism Hill last week from these ingrate's in Washington, in particular the GOP bunch), such as in the major media's, "Meet The Press" and so forth, and the talk that 2016 of course is the year of the woman and other politipop related fashion show stuff, etc. But I DO understand these folk's that "long" to get someone in office beside's a white male ... since that is all you have had for year's ... in my opinion ... women, people of colour, etc (even gay/ GLBT) should have been in the thick of it way long ago, before it was even a fad or fashionable to be. So my "choice" for Senator Warren hasnt much to do with the reason of simply getting a woman for President, anymore than my choice for Senator Obama was because he was a black man ... it's a "nice" thought and such ... but understand that my choice's are due to the current condition and crisises that this nation face's ... Senator Warren for me ... is the best choice of available people in current politic's that we have.

Also as I pointed out throughout this journal ... if we want to at least keep a sliver of any credibility, trust, or anything else of importance with any of these 2 polarizing parties we have that dominate our politic's ... we WILL HAVE to really start to change the way we select candidate's and why ... we NEED new parties and choice's or to at least restructure what we do have to work better ... because what we have currently and collectively is a hopeless dysfunctional group now that are pretty much washed up as a whole, outdated, and outgunned by special interest's and corporate lobbies, campaign finance, etc, etc. People like Warren ... are the kind of folk's that you want more of in our politic's, and you certainly dont want her talent's to go wasted ... she is a true leader type, a hard- ass fighter, and can be a real winner. Now I know the talk that she isnt an establishment enough person, dont have the experience, etc, etc ... but that's not importante as it is to get more and more fresh idea's from people that truely advocate some kind of change and have direction and discipline ... Warren has what it take's ... however ... that "choice" can ONLY be her's too. I mean ... the worse that can happen if she was President, is not a goddamn thing getting done ... which sometime's ISNT such a bad thing, since we see too often when thing's "DO" get done too quickly, it seem's that they alwayz shove a few more inches up our asses ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... which is the only time's when we do get quick result's. Same as I was writing a couple year's back about when President Obama get's re- elected and Congress get's their seat's of GOP, etc, etc ... not much will get done anywayz ... which of course you can see clearly now with all the game's and bitch- fight's of current.

As far as the Fed not liking it, or the CEO's of the major finance/ lending institution's, petrol/ energies giant's, these Capitalism Hill "gang's" of 4, 6, or 8 or whatever, or the rest of ya'll's Wall Street affiliate's ... frankly I dont give a shit what ya'll think or like, anymore than ya'll would give a rat's ass what we like (which ya'll made clear as day) ... as far as I'm concerned ... you have a voice and a vote ... like the rest of us ... you can post that on the internet ... and during election's, get in line like the rest of us and cast your vote/ choice ... because if it was up to folk's like me ... you WOULD NOT be allowed to bribe and hold hostage our political representation like you do now ... and trust me ... those dayz are numbered too. Just be grateful that folk's like myself arent proposing a real nightmare for ya'll ... like putting in Senator Sanders of Vermont as her running mate! That would really make ya'll knee jerking plastic elitist's quiver! So Senator Warren is my choice and endorsement for the next President of the United States of America.

***** HUFFPOST/ POLITICS (Stephan Richter): President Elizabeth Warren **** a good read here that I selected that's straight on it ....




Elizabeth Warren DNC Speech Complete 'Corporations Are Not People'-... Thanx to ABCNEWS


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KIMBERLY LAGAYLE McCARTHY: Texas to EXECUTE Woman is called "RARE" ... Would her Victim's "CARE"? ... " RARE or FAIR"? ... & Executing a Would- Be CRACK COCAINE COUNSELOR (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.17)

Kimberly Lagayle McCarthy

First of all Buenos Dias from the Ranch on this dark gloomy thunderstorm stricken morning here in Dallas ... but thing's will be alot more gloomy non- weatherwise down Houston way in Huntsville Texas today, as Texas get's ready to execute a woman, that has gotten a fair share of local and national coverage. But this Part 17 of the "Incarcerated American" series is not to show support for Ms. McCarthy or to shed tear's over her execution ... as in the linked piece below this posting ... I also support indefinite suspension's or even abolishment of the "death penalty" in Texas if is the "peoples" choice, and only support it for the familia's of the victim's and victim's is all ... so I can take it or leave it.

Of course much talk even locally is because Ms. McCarthy is a woman and black, all but one juror was white (understand that "defenses" play a major role in jury selection too, so dont blame that on the court), or the 1600+ folk's that signed the petition to stop her execution demanding that we show mercy and that she can be a positive influence with God's plan to use her to touch the lives of other's that are on the path of destruction, strung out on crack/ cocaine or whatever, as a sort of counselor (apparently God has alot of "plan's" for folk's, since he himself dont do much of a goddamn thing), the talk about her being the ex- wife of New Black Panther Party founder Aaron Michaels (which is a type of racial seperatist group, philosophically in a sense like the White Aryan Resistance or Ku Klux Klan type militia's basically, well armed, but not the horrible history of folk's like the Klan) founded in Dallas, etc, etc ... none of which should have a thing to do with this at all. I am fair when it come's to issue's like this ... and feel strongly that women and people of colour should be treated fairly ... just like I am concerning this new ruling to allow women to be in direct combat I am all for as well ... or any other job or anything that a person/ individual qualifies for, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever. And of course this is rare, because in my opinion, women especially in Texas has been excluded in many cases as mom's for example for killing's of their children, and not had to "pay for their action's" ... as shown here in the "Killer Parent's" series time and again.

The evidence against Ms. McCarthy is alot by itself and the nature of the offenses as well ... she has also been tried twice here since the first time it got knocked down on a technicality over search proceedure's or whatever, the Supreme Court even wouldnt touch it, or anyone else in Texas for that matter, she also had 2 other similar murder's that she was also indicted on with DNA and fingerprint's included in both robberies/ murder's, yet not taken to trial over the other two, and only tried officially on the last case. Her last victim was a retired 70+ year old college professor, Dorothy Booth, who Kimberly went by to borrow a cup of sugar ... then beat the woman with a candle stick holder, led her to a chopping block, put her left hand on the block, and cut off her wedding ring finger, with the ring, then proceeded to beat and stab the woman till she was sure she was dead ... this was the offense that they finally tried her on to secure the conviction, etc. Two of the other offense's seperate from that, that Kimberly was indicted on, included 81 year old Maggie Harding who she beaten and stabbed to death with a meat tenderizer during the robbery of her ... and 85 year old Jettie Lucus who was beaten and stabbed to death with a claw hammer during a robbery with the same MO, etc

I understand drug addiction/ dependency as good as anyone with that problemo ... I fought with addiction throughout my life, and I know how it can be overwhelming at time's needing dope ... but these type of offenses to support your habit is really uncalled for, this is over the edge. And frankly Ms. McCarthy has got to be one of the dumbest criminal's of that type I have ever seen, it's almost hard to believe she done this ... I mean ... you do this to your next door neighbour, an old retired professor, then actually use your own drivers liscense to pawn her wedding/ engagement ring for a couple hundred buck's (which tell's me the value of the ring(s) was probably in the $2K/ $3K range, due to what percentage pawn broker's give to buy or pawn) then run to the crack/ cocaine house, then go to the liquor store using the victim's credit card's at the liqour store etc, etc ... this is downright stupid as it get's ... but not enough to be non- punishable, such as a person with real mental disabilities. So I really dont care much or have too much sympathy over her execution, nor would I think that her victim's would give a rat's ass or "care" much themselves, and I do think her conviction and trial's were "fair".

Enough said ... Word Out ....

***** USA TODAY: Texas woman's execution halted; DA won't appeal **** it appear's a Dallas state district judge halted the execution in the last few hour's

***** INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Texas Murderer Kimberly McCarthy To Face Rare Execution On Tuesday



***** PD/ RCJ: Texas Execution's: Should they be indefinitely suspended? ... ABSOLUTELY! .....




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THE WILL CALLERS: (PT.2) "Right On Time" Live Session

This cut is a piece that Justin (guitarist) was going over with me the other day, that I didnt get to post on Part 1, because it wasnt finished at that time ... it is also included on their new debut album/ cd ... and good deal at least that the debut is finished and out finally to get that end out of the way. But this also is a time when hard work need's to step up a notch as well ... and today, it's a tough game as far as promotion's and contract's, etc. The reason I stress this so much to a young gent like Justin, is because he is sort of a salesman here as far as public relation's is concerned, and a real hustler I may add. The small thing's are really importante when dealing with your fan base ... in other word's ... alot of one on one contact at show's is alwayz importante with those who you entertain, after all ... your selling a product as well ... and those who support your show's on them working venue gig's or whatever ... are also your "customer", and nothing is better than that intimate relationship with each and every fan when possible ... that simple handshake, hug, one on one is very importante, personal advertising one on one to individual's and mingling with those in your audience after your set's, etc. and those are the special qualities as far as public relation's is concerned that I notice Justin has that I was pointing out to him. You can cut all the stuff you want on record ... but that alone doesnt make that special "connect". Also Justin is a well rounded type guitarist as well, who cover's ... whatever ... whether it's classic blues, soul, country, heavy metal, etc.

At the same time, this can be a frustrating time as well, as far as direction despite getting past that 6 month syndrome ... when you put so much into a piece of art ... and Lord know's these dayz ... believe me, ya'll are going to put several thousand of your own money into production (as ya'll have seen), even as a small crew ... your young, fresh, and all have alot of different idea's even as far as direction, etc regardless of unity ... you can take some hard hit's/ losses (because I can sense some of the frustration's that ya'll are having also on some thing's). I know this too well as I was pointing out to Justin, from year's back coming within inches of contractually finalizing a "major" record contract/ label with full financial sponsorship/ backing on top of it, that went sour overnight, after month's of commitment (long miserable story too), because of simple dispute's as far as obligation's to the sponsor's, and I've seen it time and again with other's I knew over the year's (and I was a wild ass back in them dayz, who may be jamming at some venue and before the night is finished, end up in jail, sleeping around with galz who I couldnt even recall their name's the day after, etc : ) Your gonna see time's when you just say "fuck it" and feel your financially better off sticking to an 8 to 5 job ... after all ... you got bloody bill's, and got to eat, eh? And as I was telling Justin ... you will never be able to get it out of your system, no matter what you are doing as far as a career ... you will alwayz be an artist, plain and simple, and will alwayz be involved in some aspect of it, even when you get old guy {: ) My daughter even who was initially in an art's school, recording, working and touring as well as a vocalist, who also could work in writing, arranging, engineering, etc (salsa, latino, tejano dance music ... she is also a bilingual vocalist) After getting her bachelor's and on the road to going into the marketing end of the industry as well, took an offer to go into something completely different that came up not even related to art's because of the money ... today at 27 now ... she has to actually still sing on the side, because she cant get it out of her system, and still sing's locally in her spare time.

But anywayz, enough from me, and wishing ya'll the best ... and Goodnight ... Enjoy!

The Will Callers- Right On Time Live Session ... Thanx to THEWILLCALLERS









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Laura Flanders

Part 10 of the "Beautiful Girlz" series will be to honour and highlight Ms. Laura Flanders, known as a liberal journalist and host of GRITtv, author, and working the trenches of America, giving a true picture of the reality we have currently. I had only found out about her over the last few year's since I been online, so she was fairly new to me ... but I was blown away by this woman after listening to her ... she was just right on target and hitting all above the belt fairly and squarely at that! ... and smooth as silk while doing so. Of course equally blown away by her stand out gorgeous look's, beauty, and smile ... which is why I had to post her in this series as well ... because it is something overshadowed by her other journalistic talent's ... I mean ... this is the kind of woman that can just captivate you with her opinion's and view's for hour's and have your complete atencion at that ... such a treat to listen to, and how she has no bullshit and get's straight on it!

The video I chose below is about as straight as you can get ... 2 year's old now ... but still current, since not a goddamn thing of significance has changed within politic's/ government, as I was pointing out in the start of this journal that we would be arguing, debating, and fussing over the same shit 4/ 5 year's from now down the road, the actual recession that we are told is over, here, near, dormant, recovered or the other horseshit about the economy and housing comeback's, 401K comeback's and the endless list ... is all a crock of shit! ... and all fueled by this new wave Republican Party of today for the most part, with special contaminant's as well in a handful of non- progressive key Democrat's, who are also caving in this last week on this filibuster reform ... who collectively are frankly nothing but a bunch of lil spoiled brat's that we have pampered for far too long and supported their pet project's, earmark's, and corporate sponsor's for far too long as well with our generosity of constant bailout's, funding, and welfare entitlement's to them! The reality is ... we still havent touched on the essential need's and restructuring due to this dysfunctional government we have, that has been contaminated, corrupted, and pushed into a cesspool of filth  by what I call "corporate communism" ... plain and simple ... and believe me ... their dayz are numbered. And Thank You Laura for all your enlightenment and hardhitting journalism!

***** This posting will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW"

Flat Lies & Rampant Banks: Who can Americans trust? ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY



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MANTI TE'O vs. RONAIAH TUIASOSOPO: The "Love COACH HOAX" ... HEROES vs. WEIRDO'S ... a Look at BIG LIES vs. LITTLE LIES and the REAL Villain's (LOVE IS IN THE AIR PT.6) ... inspired by Bear & Sophie

Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax: The Man Accused of Elaborate Prank ... Thanx to ABCNEWS


Part 6 of the "Love Is In The Air" series will be one of the most talked about news piece's of this last week or so, of Mr. Manti Te'o and his fictional love affair he got pulled into, who I will point out here as a hero if anything and why. I havent had the opportunity to keep up with this much, but have read up enough to have an input that is clear as day what is happening. This posting was first inspired by my daughter "Bear" (nickname) who her and her friend's have followed more than I have, and my daughter's first reaction was this freak character who pulled this as the target ... and by a young lady yesterday that I just happened to be sharing an upper deck table/ booth with on the TRE (Dallas/ Fort Worth commuter rail) who was all over this on her iPad and was questioning "what kind of weirdo would do this to Manti?" ... which made my mind go "ding- ding- ding", I asked Sophie if I could use her name to inspire this posting later after some chat, and gave her a RCJ business card in case she wanted to view it, because she also agree's with me on this, and told me I can use her name, even though she didnt even know me personally, and Thanx Sophie if you see this. But this is what Katie Couric should be focusing on more ... not Manti's lil lies to cover this or that from mom and pop or whatever ... but this gentleman Ronaiah Tuiasosopo ... who by my view and as well as Sophie's view should be the one being interviewed ... and even moreso, charged with something, or at least sued out the ass in civil court by this young lady who he stolen her identity, as well as Manti if possible. It doesnt matter if he (Tuiasosopo) apologized, of course he would, he knew the heat was getting close and like a chicken shit, started to worry ... the point is ... there is not enough focus on him "currently" ... put him in the spotlight Katie ... and that will even be a better story listening to this freak explain why he does what he does ... and I'm sure it would even get better rating's heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

So far from what I've seen and read ... Manti isnt the one who's been "breaking into" people's account's, manipulating site's, etc, etc ... when you start breaking into account's, it's out of the "hoax" or "just for funnies" category and become's another issue. ALL of this though has been being done by this Tuiasosopo character from what it look's like, and his accomplices ... which the talk is, he didnt work alone ... those are the real villain's here. Too bad that in cyberspace you cant apply the "real deal", like in life ... as to when one of these break in your house, just blow the SOB away (at least in Texas you still can : ) As far as the speculation talk about Manti being involved or whatever ... I seen NO PROOF of any of that! As far as Manti wanting to cover up thing's to better his chance at the "Heisman Trophy" or similar nonsense ... you get the bloody trophy based on your accomplishment's ... and frankly he's in the rank's of best of the best! The internet is still young though, despite how long it's been around ... so alot of this will iron out over time, and law enforcement, Interpol, FCC, etc, will even get a better grasp on this over time, believe me.

It doesnt matter about a lil cover up lie here and there from Manti ... he was on the spot ... he is a victim too, to an extent, because he bought into this ... but more importantely, like a hero of sort to me ... for the love, compassion, and devotion to this person that had all these issue's with health and death, etc ... and any fella, especially a popular handsome young gent like Manti who devote's so much time over such a lengthy stretch to this young lady who he think's is hurting and stand's by her throughout all this ... I commend ... if this young man treated one of my daughter's like this I would be loving him! As far as being in love in cyberspace or any of this, I havent a clue how this could happen actually, but it obviously does with many from what I hear ... I mean, I'm kind of old fashioned, I like physically interacting, whether its dinner, drink's, entertainment venue's, even just a walk in the park or whatever, etc, etc ... and frankly, with nearly 5 year's now online, I have never had any woman try to come on to me, or anything like that ... all I have communicated with, whether it was on these blog's or whatever else, were very proper, on subject, etc, etc ... so none ever flirted with me that I can recall ... but then too ... I'm not a young handsome popular athelete either ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I'm a 57 year old (57 in a couple dayz that is : ) married man, low income, and hardly muscular looking even at only 185 pound's and 5' 11" {: ) ... so I'm sure Manti get's his share of young ladies that have  ... let's say an "interest" in him {: ) And he really seem's like a great guy ... the kind of guy I would like to see my own daughter's with if so.

But to Manti ... hopefully this should be over soon guy, mom and dad clearly love you and support you too, which is very importante ... stick in there and stay strong man! I am sure you have so much to offer hopefully in the NFL pro's ... and especially with your track record guy ... I would like to even see you as a Cowboy! ... (hint- hint ... Jerry Jones : ) ... that Cowboys uniform would look good on you guy ... and what a legendary team to be a part of too! Best of all to Manti!

***** WASHINGTON POST/ COLLEGES: Manti Te'o hoax has more culprits than victims (newsread) **** I chose columnist Tracee Hamilton to highlight her view on this, which is straight up as it get's

Manti Te'o Fake Girlfriend Hoax Interview With Katie Couric FULL INTERVIEW OF NOTRE DAME LINEBACKER ... Thanx to MrINQLIVE





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'Muslim Patrol' Sharia vigilantes take to streets in East London ... Thanx to TRUTHLOADER


This Part 4 of "Arab World Tension's" and Part 14 of the "Human Morality" series will look at the recent tension's and attack's on citizen's of the great City of London, by mainly a handful of immigrant's and local's as well ... and their "Muslim Patrol" ... of course to incorporate Sharia Law there and eventually the entire globe ... also what I look at as a type of "Fag Hague" if you will ... that is also out to attack homosexual's/ lesbian's as well as anyone who has any kind of recreational sex, dating, or whatever ... alcohol usage, women who have any forbidden part's exposed to be stoned, and a list of other law's that they say they will impose. Part of the title inspired by their own word's "we are vigilantes imposing Islam upon your necks!!" ... from the above video. This is another reason why I am also pro- gun/ self defense ... I believe that Londoner's even should have this right to bear arm's and defend themselves, especially homosexual's/ GLBT and women. I mean ... if your going to get stoned to death, decapitated, dismembered, or anything else ... you might as well take down as many of those who would do this to you with you that you can ... your going to Hell anywayz (according to them) ... why not?

Of course as you can see in my last posting's why I decided to call myself a segregationist ... and where I gave reason's as well as to why. The video's below are straight to the point with no question as to their agenda, is why I chose them ... you can see and hear it come straight from their mouth's for yourself ... so there is no need for me at all to elaborate on such. AL- Muhajiroun leader Anjem Choudary himself even make's clear of his intention's to turn Buckingham Palace into a Mosque ... even liberal folk's of Londontown are getting fed up with this, as well as many muslim's ... BUT ... they dont care ... they are doing their job and God's will, plain and simple. I wrote plenty about my view's on this in the other posting's linked below after the video's, so I dont need to rehash any of that ... I believe my stand as well is perfectly clear as their's! ... and NO, I AM NOT open to debate and dialogue on this and will NOT engage in such ... for those American liberal's that may think I'm a racist, dont understand, I'm unfair or whatever ... I really dont give a shit what ya'll think ... let me make that clear as well.

Word Out ....

***** THE GUARDIAN: 'Muslim Patrol' investigation leads to double arrest

Muslim Patrol: London Sharia vigilantes condemned ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

Islamic Extremists in London ... Thanx to VICE







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Related image

Melissa Cairns

This posting will also serve for 2 series in this journal ... the "Not Cool 4 School" series, because of the political correctness and ridiculous rules of todayz school's, but as well the "Public Patriot" series, because Ms. Cairns to me IS a public patriot of sort for getting the atencion of her student's as far as class participation, interaction, etc.

First of all to Ms. Cairns ... I know you being a teacher that my writing is all screwed up, and I'm sure you could tear it apart at that {: ) ... but please excuse my skill's here, I was one of those awful uninterested student's for the most part during those grade's you serve ... you wouldnt have had to tape my mouth, the real challenge with me, would be trying to get my atencion. BUT ... I can tell you, if you were my teacher at that age ... YOU WOULD have got my atencion and participation with your method's, and maybe I would have actually learned something {: )

I have to agree with Ms. Cairns here 110% as far as getting the atencion of your student's, etc ... I also feel it is awful in especially these time's, just over some political correctness and rulz from the "ruling order" (those WHO REALLY have the atencion deficit disorder, for their lack of atencion of student's need's over their rating's, ranking's, etc, etc ... that leave some kid's in a "daze" instead of "amazed") ... and public pressure's, that she has to even worry about losing her job over this ... it's sad ... and my heart goes out to her student's who just seen it all in fun as well. I have grandkid's in middle school and just starting high school, and the pressure's that I see on the kidz these dayz is awful, period! Although I understand the "paranoia" of folk's like President of the Akron School Board Jason Haas ... with all this perfection and correction's ... the threat of lawsuit's from familia's, privacy right's and the rest of the mess ... However, there must be a way to resolve this and at least credit Ms. Cairns for her work and caring for these kid's, and at least make sure ya'll keep her as a teacher and not let her career go to waste over something this petty. Dont lose a good thing when you have it, over something so petty in other word's ... and best wishes to Melissa here.

Word Out ... newsread and video below ....

***** HUFFPOST/ EDUCATION: Melissa Cairns, Ohio Teacher, Faces Firing For Facebook Photo Of Duct Tape Over Students' Mouths

***** CNN: Duct tape photo gets teacher in trouble ... (video)


***** PD/ RCJ: "NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL" PART'S 3, 2 & 1



Shane Dawson: HIGH SCHOOL the MUSIC VIDEO (w/ Lyrics) ... Thanx to CLOSEDCAPTIONTV **** a lil something from Shane here that I wanted to dedicate to the student's, who will be in high school soon ... concerning the oversaturation of "RULZ" ... and my heart goes out to them too! {: )




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DAVID COVERDALE/ WHITESNAKE: "Still of the Night", "Slow and Easy", & "Bad Boys" ... for TANYA

David Coverdale

This induction into this journal's music/ art's honour roll society will be to highlight and honour in particular, the outstanding showmanship and vocal's of Mr. David Coverdale, founder of Whitesnake. This posting is also partially inspired by and dedicated to Tanya, who was so blown away the other day when I told her that I seen Whitesnake "live" (she absolutely adore's David and their music) ... and Tanya is in her mid 30's let's say ... so she was just a baby when I did see them actually, which was I believe if I recall correctly back around 1981 or so (?) ... anywayz ... I took a girlfriend I was dating to see Jethro Tull (that girlfriend who I was just dating on weekend's then is now my wife today, who put up with all my loud music too, bless her heart ... I used to break the filter's off my cigarette's and loosen them to work as sound reducer's, to insert in her ear so she wouldnt get hearing damage : ) ... Coverdale with his Whitesnake crew opened for Tull ... and I didnt know a thing about Whitesnake's music at the time, but knew vaguely of Coverdale, being that he worked with Deep Purple for a bit sometime in the mid 1970's (I previously seen him do lead vox August 1974 for Deep Purple in the Houston Astrodome), so of course knowing that he had to pack a punch, if he had to try to fill the shoe's of a guy like Ian Gillan too : ) Even though alot of folk's at first credited their sound to Deep Purple ... when I heard later in the 1980's some of their polished new work like "Still of the Night" ... my first word's of reaction was "Led Zeppelin" ... plain and simple!

The first video is recent, an interview with David conducted by his granddaughter Georgina (she's so cute too : ) with some question's on his start to today in the industry and such. Then I wanted to post 3 video's of live performance's as a sort of triology if you will that cover's 1987, 1990, and 2004 ... the 1990 piece include's as well Steve Vai on guitar. Later in the 1980's they really got recognized and were I believe at that time on the Geffen label, who was doing so many successful act's/ crew's at the time too in this genre ... which I will put as a classic type of 80's rock, very well polished stuff and very commercialized at the time as well. But David alwayz stood out to me as such a superb vocalist as far as his range coverage and versatility, good persona in showmanship as a front man, etc ... Enjoy!



Whitesnake TV Episode 1- Interview with David Coverdale ... Thanx to WHITESNAKETV

Whitesnake Still of the Night Live 1987 ... Thanx to DAVIDOLIVERAS

Whitesnake- Slow And Easy- Live At Donington 1990 ... Thanx to POISON690922

Whitesnake- Bad Boys GOOD QUALITY ... Thanx to RUNBROWNIEDMC **** this piece was cut at London's Hammersmith Apollo 2004




GUN CONTROL/ The CCCP (Corporate Communism Corruption Party) vs. The PEOPLE ... When PANIC should Turn into PREPAREDNESS ... SUPPORT your local MILITIA'S (SELF DEFENSE PT.19) & (THE AWAKENING PT.28)

(Thomas Hudson Pickering) Ranch Santa and his buddy Charlie (dog) Christmas 2012 ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

First of all, since several folk's been asking me (rubbing it in : ) locally about my so called SuperBowl prediction where I picked New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons to be in it, but instead it ended up to be the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers ... YES!! I lost my A$$ ... okay!!? Geeeezzz ... even the bet line's were picking that, and all the NFL stat's throughout the year, showed who the best team's were ... it was simply an upset (and I AM a big 49ers fan) ... and I probably betted more than I can afford, but ... Oh  Well .... SHIT HAPPEN'S, eh? Which bring's me to this current posting ... as far as ... expecting the unexpected, eh?

Again ... I strongly support the President's crack down on gun law's 110% ... something HAD to be done, plain and simple, the man IS the President ... he has a bloody job to do, and part of that job is trying to defend us in any way he can ... the pressure on him has been enormous and to top it off, these freak's with chip's on their shoulder's are NOW targeting lil children with high powered arm's. And NO ... me or my neighbour's dont need 100 round zine clip's or such ... I live in the city ... and most of my neighbour's dont even have a bloody gun, or probably ever fired one for that matter, most of my friend's dont even have gun's either ... there are probably more gun's in a town like Central Dallas in the hand's of the hood's/ thug's, gang's, and dope slinger's/ dealer's than anyone else's hand's (including the cop's) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) But RURAL area's of Texas are saturated with gun's, and that is where many of our militia's are. I wish more of my neighbour's and friend's were armed, but unfortunately that's the way it is, when you live in a big city.

The part of the title where I put CCCP ... was inspired in humour by the original CCCP ... but a Corporate Communism Corruption Party is what more than ever has too much control over our politic's in this country, and no matter how nice they are, and cheerful sounding in their tele commercial's, advertising, or whatever else ... they cant be trusted, so never let down your guard. Why is this in "The Awakening" series, that is primarily based around the Occupy Wall Street movement? ... because this is also a part of that awakening that need's to come about and will simply. Your Militia's are as much importante to the preservation of our liberty as the Occupy movement's are ... VERY importante! I WANT these militia's to be well armed ... as Ice T point's out in the last "Self Defense" posting ... the 2nd Amendment wasnt meant for duck hunting or whatever ... it was created to defend OURSELVES from the police, government that's corrupt, etc, etc ... that IS THE only reason it was made a right ... beside's ... in them dayz ... many household's depended on a gun just to eat in many cases ... so it was common to have a gun for hunting ... today ... we go to the market.

The kind of video's I chose below are to educate, enlighten, and to bring awareness more than panic ... too much panic can be as harmful psychologically as too much unconcern can be ... BOTH can make you weak and vulnerable. The gentlemen in the video's below are more disciplined type men, the kind that are NOT likely to go out and start blowing people's head's off because they feel insulted or intimidated or cant control their bowel's or whatever ... REAL MEN, NOT babies ... who know the importance of the 2nd Amendment and instead of just whining when gun law's get tight ... they ACT, think, and prepare ... these type's are defender's of democracy and our neighbourhood's. No I DONT think the President is a commie, and everyone want's to disarm us and/ or are going to take us all and put us in concentration camp's, etc, etc ... and beside's ... they could never disarm a nation like this so embedded with gun's ... it would be pissing in the wind. And a BIG THANX to these gentlemen for the video's ....




Message FROM the Militia to Civilians 2013 STAY STRONG STAND FIRM & ... Thanx to NWOSURVIVALBLUEPRINT

Gun Ban? How to Prepare ... Thanx to SOOTCHOO

Legally Make Your Own Gun. 80 Percent Lower ... Thanx to Maine Clune




Saturday, January 19, 2013

FRANS DE WAAL: "Pillars of Morality" ... The PASSION'S, PROSOCIALITY, & POLITIC'S of Our Primate NEIGHBOUR'S & **** Bonus Video: "Gorilla Gospel Get- Down" (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.6)

Prof. Frans de Waal ... ***** Public Page/ FaceBook

Part 6 of "The Other Tenant's" series will be to highlight and honour some of the work of primatologist  Prof. Frans de Waal  and his lighthearted approach to his studies ... which make's it alot of fun too! And a BIG Thanx as well to CNN, for the piece after the video for covering him too. This will take a looksy at some of our primate neighbour's and their passion's, prosocial lives, and all the rest of the nitty gritty that we ALL love to live and engage in ... Enjoy! {: )

Frans de Waal_ Moral behavior in animals ... Thanx to TVPUNIVERSITY

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Morality: It's not just for humans



Dancing Gorilla with Shouting Music ... Thanx to Michael Saunders **** just a lil bonus video I wanted to add of this fella enjoying some good ole down home Gospel music too {: )




Part 21 of the "Global Warming" series will be to feature a new PBS "Need To Know" (18 Jan 2013) piece on infrasture and a look at USA and Germany on this, as far as what is being done ... or at least "tried", regardless of the parties, bitch fight's, corporate communism, or just the average person who want's everything, but a free ride with no taxation's, and so short sighted, that they dont even weigh the consequence's of ignoring this, as far as the enviroment is concerned, and HOW MUCH this will impact the economic future as well. In America, since were so boastful about being No#1 in everything ... we ought to take some pride at least on that ... and really try to live up to it, instead of just running our goddamn mouth's ... not just being No#1 for it's industrial military complex ... or perhap's the largest corporatized prison system in the world, our thorough and lengthy investigation's on which of our political representative's may be homosexual/ lesbian, or our need to feel our obligation's are in question as to if we are living up to our responsibilities and the standard's set by some ancient middle eastern religion, etc, etc. A neighbour "Wolf" and I have discussed quite a bit of this as well, since he still visit's Germany where much of his familia lives (He's a Texan though, having came here at 4 year's old) ... as far as this "greed creed" we currently have in this country, and some of the thing's that we fail to act on here. Another neighbour "Nick" as well discusses alot of these thing's with me, since he has to frequent Asia quite a bit because of his work ... telling me as well ... that our internet even is lame here compared to a place like South Korea ... but no doubt in our mind's ... were still No#1 too.

No doubt that even Germany has it's share of internal issue's within it's politic's, but at least act's in a more balanced way, and there is something that the majority regardless of party there can agree on, beside's how much more of a tax break should we give the wealthiest folk's. While they are trying to figure out wayz to sell and encourage the green movement to the private sector which hold's so much wealth ... we are blindly asking those same entities to inspire and encourage us instead ... our political representation worrying more about political finance and election's, mega- partisanship, than anything else. The real faction should be, and will be ... Mother Nature's need for affirmative action, if we cant do what it in order.

Word Out for now and Goodnight ....

NEED TO KNOW/ Ending government paralysis/ PBS ... Thanx to PBS






12 POUND GOLD NUGGET FIND: A "NUGGET For Your BUDGET" ... Helluva F'n Find on a Helluva F'n Day (HELLUVA F'N DAY PT.7) & (GLOBAL GOLD RUSH PT.4)

This posting to serve both the "Helluva F'n Day" series and "Global Gold Rush" series ... and what a find this was, so I know damn well it must have been a Helluva F'n day for this fella for sure! Although the estimated worth is about $300,000 USD ... a rare find like this as far as the piece will easily get alot more ... I am sure there are several folk's with more money than they know what to do with, that would want this as a collection piece for their personal collection or perhap's a museum ... especially those who rathole all the gold in these trying time's, which I'm sure is within their budget's. Great advertising as well for Minelab ... nothing beat's the "word of mouth" testimonies and the real deal when it come's to marketing/ advertising! The gentleman who found this want's to remain anonymous for now, and I dont blame him ... he's no dummy ... take your time guy, and get it's TRUE worth! ... and Congratulation's {: )

12 pound (177 ounce) gold nugget found ... Thanx to CLEARASVODKA

***** GIZMODO.COM: Man Finds 12- Pound Gold Nugget Missed By Hundereds of Prospectors (newsread)


***** PD/ RCJ: "GLOBAL GOLD RUSH" PART'S 3, 2, & 1





Friday, January 18, 2013

EDDIE HAZELIN ... "The REUNITER" ... Giving a BIG HAND for the LITTLE MAN ... "SEEK & You will FIND" ... A REAL look at FAMILY VALUES & VALUING FAMILY ...


Eddie Hazelin (dressing room of "The View" tele show photo)

This posting will be to highlight the final product of the exceptional work of a young man ... Eddie Hazelin of Davenport Iowa. I say "young man" being that he is in the age range of 7/8 year's old, unfortuantely I wasnt able to find a picture of him to post here right now. Eddie used FaceBook to search for a neighbour's sister that lost contact with him 6 decade's ago in the foster care they were in ... and with Eddie's hard work ... Clifford Boyson got the opportunity to meet his sister Betty Billadeau recently. We hear alot about familia value's and such, by so many that dont even seem to value familia ... well ... Eddie showed REAL value of familia here, when reuniting this couple after over a half century apart ... so a BIG HAND of applause for the LITTLE MAN ... and Great Job Eddie! : )

***** NYDAILYNEWS/ AP: Brother and sister seperated as children in foster care enjoy tearful reunion 65 years later (newsread)

***** WQAD- 8: 'The View' features local boy who helped long- lost siblings reunite

Applause ... Thanx to VVANDOG




Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RANCH CHIMP JOURNAL ... A Personal, Neighbourly, and Friendly WELCOME

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

This is just a lil ole personal, neighbourly, and friendly welcome to this journal/ blog, which never was formally done, nor much of anything in this journal is formal, or professional for that matter. The profile note's are explained as simple as you can get, the content is to the point ... and is meant to be as personal as I can get it, which is importante to me ... as if I am talking to you face to face, one on one, on the street, in a bar/ venue or whatever. Time and again locally, I have been told of various wayz to attract readership, link's, or whatever other support, or to promote this or that, etc, and that this is the way to go ... which was mentioned to me with good intention's, and I appreciate the suggestion's ... sincerly. However ... it misses the point in doing so, and get's too much away from the personality and intimacy of the blog, and frankly can contaminate the art of it to an extent if I were to do this ... and I certainly appreciate all the positive feedback I have gotten from those locally here on a face to face basis, that mean's alot to me, I also got negative feedback from some locally who will probably not read another thing in here, because of my stand on certain issues ... but also understand ... that's what this journal is meant to be ... "personally" for those who "choose" to read it, and to highlight those with qualities as well that are exceptional in some way, even to mention/ write and honour those who may never have a thing wrote about them, and those who have way too much wrote about them at the same time, who may not be as beneficial to us as we make them out to be, exposing some of the motive's, scam's and bullshit that we are spoonfed. And especially pointing out those individual's that I find, from the lowest class to the highest class that are strong, have leadership qualities, elite, and perform beyond the norm in some way, whether it's a store clerk in my neighbourhood, a person in Helena Montana, Brixton/ Lambeth (London, UK), Flatbush/ Brooklyn (NYC), or in Jefferson City Missouri, etc, etc. And all those in my life that have helped me when I needed it most and comforted me in time's of distress, some of who without their help ... and other's, I wouldnt even be alive to be honest.

The entire inspiration of this journal was from each and every individual that I met face to face, those I have had personal relationship's with, their lives, their opinion's, their hurt's and losses as well as their triumph's and victories to the fun time's. Anyone who know's me personally know's how social I am ... I know my neighbour's, the clerk's at the corner mom and pop store, the local postal carrier, that stranger on the train/ subway, the person at the local pub/ club or coffee breakfast hangout, the bus driver, the person at the intersection holding the sign, saying they're a Veteran, homeless, unemployed and need help, etc, etc. I post my current picture on here for the same reason that I post my actual name, a mailing address, and my home landline phone number on here, so that the reader doesnt have to guess who I am, or try to figure out some mystery ... so that a person doesnt have to do something that they may feel is impersonal, like email me if they choose, if they want to simply talk to me one on one on a personal level ... I am the same way on here, as if you were to just meet me on the street. I actually even hand write through US Mail/ Postal responses to people, and each and every one of those to do so with a personal one on one touch and contact in the flesh. I also want to add here that the opinion's in this journal are mine ONLY, unless otherwise "stated" by me, in other word's, not any of my familia member's, wife, kid's, grandkid's, etc.

So ... WELCOME!! ... this is for YOU  {: )


***** COMMENT'S NOTICE: I tried to avoid comment moderation to this journal, however, I like many other's in these circle's kept getting comment's from these anonymous fictional asshole's that just like to hide and pester folk's online leaving comment's, this little miserable piece of shit in particular here  (I deleted most of the comment's that this person left, because of the graphic content, but he is also a couple of the comment's left of other's with different "ID" supporting me here). Has multiple personalities, gender's, blog's, etc, (well educated though as far as schooling), insulting to everyone though, hack's into email's, blog's, stealing and creating identities using others photos, and manipulating website's, even coming on to guy's disguised as a female. But I wont tolerate this, nor am I one that chooses to hide when it come's to various serious issue's like I cover in this journal, and saying what is on my mind, and personally speaking, dislike such cowardly shit as well, and he better hope he never see's me face to face. So if/ when I get these little pestilent freak's doing this on this site, I will eradicate their comment's.


***** Dont let the top photo of this posting fool you into thinking that we have beautiful year round sunshine and warmth here in Dallas, where you can haul ass with the top on the car down, like I was doing that day in the photo ... below a drive on Sam Rayburn Tollway yesterday **** Another taste of Dallas winter

Thunder Snow- Slow Traffic--- Sam Rayburn tollway-- 01- 15- 2013 Dallas/... Thanx to GEORGEJOHNKOLLAMMAVUKUDIYIL

***** And a lil song here dedicated to those neighbour's as well from a UK class act ...
The Rolling Stones- Neighbours- Official Promo ... Thanx to THEROLLINGSTONES


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Related image

Part 4 here from the President will be the President's pre inaugural press conference, lengthy of course, but well worth the listen and to have in this journal at that. As a voter I am proud of the President in this particular press conference over other's in the past and commend the President on this one 110%. The President here is not up for re- election, hasnt politically anything to lose, not even regardless of affiliate's in his own party, and has nothing left but to try to finish a job and at least try to bring some honour to his integrity and preserve a legacy. Despite whatever issue I may disagree with the President on at time's, this is about as straight forward as you can get on fast forward in some of the most politically stagnating and dysfunctional time's in Washington's history. Much of this crap our President has had to endure while trying to do his bloody job, I have covered throughout nearly 5 year's now of this journal ... in less than an hour, he sum's it up here. I know well that the President is sick and bloody tired of all the shenanigan's and bullshit, he has bent over backward's and busted ass double time riding time after time into a roadblock of obstacle's, being mis- labeled on all side's of spectrum as well ... and relentlessly hammered by the Republican's, even most recently hammered by his own party for nominating Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary ... what in Hell did we expect him to do? what in Hell does he have to choose from? Sure ... I would love to see some hard ass in there like Sen Elizabeth Warren or the like's ... just to give Wall Street a boot in their global cyber trading asses that is long past due ... but how do you get hand's on in the business or with any business without people in the trade? The President IS NOT whining here, but giving a clear picture as to what the reality is ... listen to the man.

***** "PRESIDENT B.H. OBAMA, JR" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

***** POST NOTE: Again, as you can clearly see in the statement's of the President here, you CANNOT change any of this until you get rid of alot of what we have now ... we have a lack of good help basically ... that has in turn created a mindset of left/ right only, bitch fight's, with no accountability being expected or enforced, meaning NO CONSEQUENCE'S ... which promote's incompetence, weakness, and lack of credibility across the board, even election's have became nothing but a buffet of freakshow's and nothing else. Even alot of political blog's that are on a small level like mine lack actual substance, being nothing but shenanigan's over and over about petty ranting over issue's that are less importante. The President sez that we are NOT a deadbeat nation ... however ... we have too many deadbeat's in politic's ONLY. This man (President Obama) has really earned his paycheck and tried to be balanced and bipartisan time and again. And he is trying his damndest to get along with this bunch ... who too many lack any real leadership qualities, strength, and especially ANY discipline ... if our military personel were to act like this, we would have lost every war of actual defense, if any of us performed like this in our job's and career's ... we would get terminated in a heartbeat, or the business would simply go under.

Word Out ....


Monday, January 14, 2013

MARILYN MANSON (2012 album): "Born Villain", "Slo- Mo- Tion"


***** PD/ RCJ: "MARILYN MANSON" past posting's


I wanted to highlight here a couple of favourite latest piece's from Mr. Brian Warner and his crew Marilyn Manson ... this latest 2012 full album release, which is their 8th now ... is such a piece of art, and has to be one of the best project's in their history in my opinion ... just outstanding work here, as far as composition, engineering, aesthetic's, etc, across the board ... and I have to congratulate and give a tad of credit to the fact of the new recording label of their's, and a new openess and exploring their depth even more (which Mr. Warner admit's to the contractual restriction's himself from the previous label). When I first seen this crew nearly a quarter century ago it's had to been, they had a very tight budgeted stage show, small venue, limited prop's and such due to the tighter budget, etc ... but I was blown away at the intensity of their live performance, and knew this crew would be a classic in the future as far as their worx and creativity, production's, etc, even though many just thought of them at the time, as just another "shock rock" crew, and perhap's here today and gone tomorrow ... the composition alone stood out like a turd in a punch bowl as far as how creative this man can be too, just a bundle of talent I seen! And I hope to catch the next Dallas show as well. This below only a couple from this outstanding piece of work ... and Thank You ... Enjoy! : )

**** NOTE: Some of the content in the first video can be a tad graphic for some I need to add here, I chose the uncensored version to relate to the full expression of the piece.


**** NOTE (production): As odd as this may sound to some, I wondered if Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" could have partly inspired Brian's work on this? ... I say "odd sounding" because many MM fan's would think of that as a negative statement in a way ... and to also add here that neither Warner or film director Shia LaBeouf mention nothing of such when putting together this piece/ video (Nick Knight & Loic Maes were primarily behind GaGa's filming) ... look at both video's closely ... and beside's, like I stated in GaGa's posting's, regardless of all the low brow pop music criticism toward's GaGa from some musician's in the more serious and heavier rock/ industrial music industry ... Lady GaGa is as well a bundle of pure talent. To even sound a tad more odd here ... I wouldnt mind at all seeing the two working on a project together ... some (like a buddy Dave who's a metal guitarist musician : ) think's I'm half nut's proposing such idea's of mix matching artist's or whatever ... but too ... I never been very conventional in some of my idea's either when it come's to the art's : ) I also like to see Trent Reznor and Manson work as a crew, but no one would think of that as "odd", or Ogilvie and other's. But also, I'm not talking about the music composition here ... but the theme and related in the visual art's and such ... and I do know that the composition of the music was being arranged in it's early stage's probably as far back as early 2010 at least is why I say this, which is a year prior to GaGa's release ... however, when ironing out on mixes and the visual's for the final production is what I'm looking at. Then too ... in this industry ... technological trend's play a huge role in these art's because of the latest equipment that is used, whether it's for the music end or the visual art's end ... I mean it's been this way since the first start of recorded music actually ... and alot of time's you will have producer's in all these various avenue's that will provide idea's and concept's for various artist's of stark different genre's as well. Point being here, that everyone inspire's everyone.



Marilyn Manson- Born Villain/ New Album MAY 2012_ UNCENSORED_ ... Thanx to MAATAII

Marilyn Manson- Slo- Mo- Tion ... Thanx to MARILYNMANSONVEVO



Rizana Nafeek

This posting is another widely publicized case that I wanted to add in two series of this journal ... the "Human Morality" & "Arab World Tension's" series both. I unlike some, dont have any issue at all with any child murderer being punished for their crime's, as far as execution's are concerned ... I support the death penalty for the familia's of the victim's, however ... in America, too many innocent people have been executed on shady and questionable conviction's, so I also support especially in Texas ... for ALL execution's to be indefinitely suspended until something at least can be worked out, and/ or at least  to be sure that it is justified across the board with compelling evidence, and depending on each individual case/ defendant ... so I have no problemo either with abolishing the death penalty. And I'm only doing this posting because of the publicity around it ... not that it's my business what the Saudi Government and Justice system does as far as their rule's/ law's are concerned. This is also why I'm a self proclaimed segregationist as well as you can see in my last posting on "Arab World Tension's" ... frankly, what ya'll do is ya'll's business ... but I am sort of prejudiced you can say ... meaning I simply dont like ya'll, period, wouldnt even want to do business with ya'll for that matter, or have you anywhere's around my daughter's, granddaughter, children, my neighbourhood, or anything else ... I simply dont like your kind at all and despise organized/ institutionalized religion's that are incorporated into law as well, and the list goes on. I'm just basically a redneck attitude, gun- loving, fag loving, sex loving western pervert, that is morally corrupt by ya'll's standard's ... and I love for my women to dress like whore's, as ya'll would put it ... so I am partially biased on this, being I just dont like much of anything about ya'll, and that's my handicap and the kind of  person I am, so please dont mistaken me for these loving American new wave liberal's, or the conservative's who kiss ya'll's asses like an ass fetishist for your oil, money, or friendship ... despite all the great business deal's you make and the great thing's that you do as far as ya'll's own infrastructure and such. I wouldnt give you the time of day, and deport all of your kind out of this country at that, just based of where you stand on certain issue's alone, especially with women in particular.

The age of Rizana I also have no issue with, I mean ... if you just kill kid's and dont give a shit or have any remorse ... I wouldnt give a shit if your 15 year's old ... your old enough to know better. You can understand why so many would be in question though here, especially concerning the trial, her defense and what it was allowed to present, her deposition and/ or testimony (if any), the talk of physical abuse and interrogation, the evidence, etc. It's almost hard to believe that this young lady just intentionally killed this child by force feeding to cause choking or whatever ... I mean ... she went there for a job, I'm sure like most, she's one that this system keep's impoverished and desperate enough to have to go to countries as maid's and slave's just so their familia's can eat back home ... and that's what alot of this is about. The history ya'll have as far as these execution's of foreign servant's or whatever ya'll call them, bring's alot of question and concern as well ... perhap's since ya'll have such an issue with these imported servant's that you take into your country, maybe you shouldnt accept any more, perhap's have your own citizen's be maid's, servant's, or whatever instead, eh? ... you know ... real up and up puritan type's like ya'll, eh?

But I figure that ya'll can "understand" why so many around the world are in question as far as this kind of justice or execution of foreigner's as well ... I mean for example ... what if our western nation's were to take some of these religious fundamoralist's that migrate to our nation's and decide to blow up our building's and citizen's in the name of religion (such as the Arab's did on our 9/11 attack's), and we started just giving them kangaroo court type trial's and conviction's, and publicly beheading them, or some of those who come to our countries and rape our women using the excuse that they couldnt control their action's because our women dress like whore's, etc ... if we convicted them and perhap's castrated them in public ceremonies ... ya'll would be in question yourselves, eh?

Enough said .... news link's below ....

***** INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES/ WORLD: Rizana Nafeek Beheaded: 50 Foreign Maids Condemned to Death by 'cruel' Saudi Justice

***** CNN: Saudis defend Sri Lankan maids execution, hit back at criticism

***** SAFE WORLD FOR WOMEN: UN 'deeply troubled' by irregularities in Rizana Nafeek trial





Sunday, January 13, 2013

GLOBAL WAR'N'ING 2013 ... THE NEXT PHASE: Desperation & Distraction's ... PAY TOILET'S that Leave us SWIMMING in Our Own SHIT (GLOBAL WARMING PT.20)

Part 20 of the "Global Warming" series is just some recent update's on the event's now all over the globe. And this need's to be hammered and hammered over and over and over and over ... so that is why this one of million's of us will CONTINUE to keep posting these event's, stat's, and whatever else concerning this. And YES ... I will continue to call it "Global Warming", fuck all this new wave pop culture sugar- coating it has been labeled with for political reason's ... as like this "climate change" labeling ... cause the only goddamn thing that's past due for a change, is the current cesspool of leadership, politically and financially that run this goddamn toiletbowl we created.

Once again we have been made desperate by those who rule with the Almighty Dollar, such as these austerity measure's and all the other crap were spoonfed ... to make us struggle to keep up with this plastic rat race of their's, and all the political influence and distraction's they have ... and the lousiest thing to all this, is ... IT DOES NOT have to be this way, and believe it or not ... we wouldnt even go broke or put one energy provider, oil company, or any related corporate interest's out of business ... it's THAT SIMPLE ... and THEY ALL know it. It's like a pay toilet, being we pay more to simply clog up the sewer line's and end up basically swimming in our own shit as a result ... if that isnt one of the most damndest dumb thing's ... I dont know what is. I have covered plenty of this though in this series, so enough from me for now.

***** EURONEWS: Weather ... A link compilation of various unusual weather news piece's from around the globe

***** THEGUARDIAN: 2012 expected to be ninth warmest year on record

***** THE WEATHER CHANNEL: Record Warmth: Spring From January?

***** WUNDERGROUND.COM: December 2012 Global Weather Extremes Summary




Thursday, January 10, 2013

MADISON ELLE BEER: "At Last" & "Someone Like You" (cover's)

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***** Madison Elle Beer/ Twitter

***** Madison Elle Beer/ Facebook

This induction into this journal's music and art's honour roll society will be to highlight some of the cover work of Madison Elle Beer, a fairly new vocalist out of the Long Island, New York area, that just is across the board "outstanding" ... as far as potential and what to expect in her future line up ... as far as a genre? ... it's simply too early to tell where this is going, and I would have to look at somewhere around a 2nd album to really get a grasp on where she intend's to take her work, and of course alot of that is going to now have to do with who will be behind the producing and so forth, and any contractual obligation's thereof. But if I were a producer or related in this industry working with her, I would absolutely be thrilled to death to work with her! ... of course I have some unconventional idea's as well for perhap's some direction or guidance that I would like to toss her way too : ) But she just has one of them voice's in it's earliest stage's that will only mature, perfect, and find it's own ground in time, rest assured.

I happened to pick up on her and been keeping an eye on this powerful vocalist since probably her first start on YouTube ... she was that good as a rookie even ... and just recently she also caught the ear of pop music icon Justin Bieber, which of course is a blessing if your in your start and the trenches, and hopefully as well ... whatever term's of her contract are though, she will have a certain amount of freedom to explore her possibilities, which in my opinion can be a very wide range, so please dont ruin that by cramming her into something that she may not be comfortable too much with ... let her influence's and creativity flow from her soul and mind ... I know how some of these manipulative bloodsucker's can be in the industry ... and stay sharp and on top of everything Madison, keep close to you and your heart, all those on your level that have stood by you from the start as well ... those kind of friend's you can never replace, believe me!

A couple of her piece's below I wanted to highlight, the first one of course the Etta James classic "At Last" which is superbly covered ... but I also wanted to throw in some more raw and less polished work done in some public marketplace or whatever ... to look at that as well ... and when you can work well with minimal equipment and stage like that ... your on the right track dear. Anywayz ... wishing you the best of the best and a long career to come ... you deserve it!

***** NYDAILYNEWS: 'Future Star' and Justin Bieber pal Madison Beer set to finalize multiyear recording contract

***** HUFFPOST TEEN: Madison Beer, 13- Year- Old Singer, Discovered By Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

***** ABC NEWS: Justin Bieber Makes a Star Out of NY Teen ... (news video)




Madison Beer- At Last- Etta James (Cover) ... Thanx to MADISONBEER

Madison Beer- "Someone Like You" Adele (Cover) at Heather on Earth C ... Thanx to MADISONBEER **** I also wanted to post this one, because of her vocal style here catches me quick on one of my all time favourite vocalist's Stevie Nicks, who has alwayz blown me away too ... but it just remind's me so much of Stevie's silky smooth style