Friday, January 18, 2013

EDDIE HAZELIN ... "The REUNITER" ... Giving a BIG HAND for the LITTLE MAN ... "SEEK & You will FIND" ... A REAL look at FAMILY VALUES & VALUING FAMILY ...


Eddie Hazelin (dressing room of "The View" tele show photo)

This posting will be to highlight the final product of the exceptional work of a young man ... Eddie Hazelin of Davenport Iowa. I say "young man" being that he is in the age range of 7/8 year's old, unfortuantely I wasnt able to find a picture of him to post here right now. Eddie used FaceBook to search for a neighbour's sister that lost contact with him 6 decade's ago in the foster care they were in ... and with Eddie's hard work ... Clifford Boyson got the opportunity to meet his sister Betty Billadeau recently. We hear alot about familia value's and such, by so many that dont even seem to value familia ... well ... Eddie showed REAL value of familia here, when reuniting this couple after over a half century apart ... so a BIG HAND of applause for the LITTLE MAN ... and Great Job Eddie! : )

***** NYDAILYNEWS/ AP: Brother and sister seperated as children in foster care enjoy tearful reunion 65 years later (newsread)

***** WQAD- 8: 'The View' features local boy who helped long- lost siblings reunite

Applause ... Thanx to VVANDOG




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