Thursday, July 31, 2008

NOW HIRING: Overhaul&Clean Up positions ... APPLY: 1600 Pennsylvania Av. NW

Watching the current circus going on in Washington which includes everything from the Presidential race to all the allegations of corruption starting to surface can make Americans discouraged ... and this is understandable. I mean ... we as Americans work our tails off ... between having to make everyday life in general ... then having to listen to the gang of leadership ... constantly moan, whine and bellyache and acting like little spoiled brat children. Well ... thats what we created in Washington, and there couldnt be a better time in American history to start to clean house ... of course it will inevitably happen ... but again ... it takes 2 things ... "action" and "time". Because we finance this, we babysit them, and constantly raise their allowances ... of course the allowance part they vote themselves in ... but at our expense, then they decide what is a "fair" living wage for the people as well.

For years we have been distracted with story after story of corruption in our society with everyone from Organized Crime to the common crack dealer. The fact of the matter is ... our government unfortunately is as equally supplied with corruption as society. As I wrote in earlier posts ... indictments "in time" should start to flow, somewhere's. You could see this coming several years's just most of us have simply been too distracted from whats going on ... I mean ... of course Americans are distracted ... their overworked and pressured ... and constantly trying to catch their tails and not fall behind. But now since we finally have folks looking into these lender practices ... lobbyists buy- outs ... the array of accounts of American investors in foreign lands ... it is only time before ... alot of questions will arise about contracts in Iraq as well. This so called "globalization" that our current administration wants us to buy is simply of what law enforcement would see as a "fencing operation" ... to assure cheap labour worldwide, and population increase advocacy to keep a oversaturated pool open to their need's ... and to feed in taxes, produce, then buy. The "globalization" factor ... makes us think that we are civilized and want to hold each other hands ... and is all a smokescreen for those who run the show to be exempt from any of their actions.

One of our biggest problems in Washington ... is that ... I believe we have many politicians who start off in this wanting to better our country ... and really hungry to put forth new idea's to improve things at home. But unfortunately Washington has gotten so twisted over the decades, that many who want to improve things come to realize that if they dont play ball ... they will simply get shut out. Texas has been like this for years actually ... even though the people here probably get more say so then in most states as far as voting ... the problem is ... those who we are given the opportunity to select. Washington these days are full of folks that would make great used car salespeople. As a former employer told me who was also a local republican politician ... "Thomas ... you can sell folks a bag of crap ... as long as you put it in the right packaging ... and ... he is so right.

Even in this Presidential campaign ... I knew it was only a matter of time before they would start this childish mudslinging ... and start another circus that is not only majorly distracting ... but most importantly ... gets us away from addressing the serious domestic issue's we have. And even if some candidate DONT want to act in this childish manner ... they will sling and sling to try to get that candidate to act in a similar manner ... this is basically the same as elementary school children using "bully" tactics. It not is only distracting ... but in the long run ... even gets us at each other throats on which one of these nitwits we want to lead and represent us.Most importantly ... someone we will choose who will have us in four years from now rehashing basically the same problems and wanting action and change as usual. And those who did run the show ... always blaming either another candidate ... or congress or the Senate ... or Islam ... or Arabs, Illegal Aliens, or a schlew of other reasons why things are not getting done.Now they got us by the balls on oil prices ... and as usual scaring us into thinking that if we dont do what they propose ... it will be doom and gloom for our children and future. And alot of those are simply just "miserable" people ... this is not what we need for America ... it only causes divide ... and makes it's citizens miserable like them. We need uplifting "talk" first of all ... that enriches "spirit" and "hope" for the people ... as a result ... that spirit and hope contribute to progress and moving, instead of standing still and bickering.

Rest assured America ... we WILL get change ... it's only a matter of time ... and mostly depends on us. And all of those who might tell you that they are "right" for the job ... or that they have the "answers" or "experience" ... or they are simply "the one" you might ask yourself ... if they are the "one" and have what it takes and the experience or whatever ... look at how long they have been in there fighting for "us" and look at the situation we are in right now ... meaning ... what have they actually done? Especially that would give us reason to even vote them into any higher position. For you and I and any working American in the private sector ... if we didnt do our job in an efficient manner ... do you think they would let us stay and give us raise after raise ... for the next 4 or even 10 years to do more of the same? We the people are "employers" ... we need to screen and canvas the applicants a little better when hiring "new" help. After all ... this is "OUR" company ... we need to "clean house" and "overhaul" the engine.

With new technologies coming and new fresh young faces and idea's ... and years and years of obvious abuse ... we will one day come to a better place ... and the deadwood will be buried in the ruins. We do not necessarily need to bank on the so called "good faith" of the government ... we can bank on the "good faith" of each other that want what is in America's best interest ... and will in the long run ... make our allie's abroad gain view and respect the type of culture that America is ... an America who also practices what she preaches ... and respects those others of the world as well ... an America ... that even they can trust ... with integrity and vision.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Consequences with Criminality of Prostitution and Drug's ....

This shouldnt be new to anyone in this point of American history ... its something that has hit everyone directly or indirectly. The City of San Francisco is having controversy currently ... (again) over now ... making it more difficult to prosecute prostitution cases ... kind of new legislation/ proposals ... on how to shift these endless cases to the back burner basically. Alot of family moral folks and even anyone with a decent dwelling in Central San Francisco for that matter might not like it ... why? Because even singles with nicer condo's dont like finding needle's, used condoms, and other related paraphernalia outside their homes when they go out to pick up their morning paper. Prostitution and drugs ... is something that everyone has something to worry about or ... just whine about. And one may even wonder ... how is there even any connection with the two? Historically there wasnt ... I mean ... centuries ago ... drugs were either to heal ... or to put your mind and innerself at one with the spiritual world ... of course ... ever since before Roman days ... men loved to indulge heavily in wines and cheer on the girls "erotic" dancing to entertain them, and other services, kind of like an ancient day strip joint I reckon.

But ... in the 21st century ... the two compliment each other just fine ... in OUR culture especially. How? because we have no control over either one that is significant to any degree. San Francisco wants to do this because of the backlogs of actual cases involving crimes ... because these petty prostitution cases backlog their courts and cost them a bundle ... bottom line. Dallas done something similar a few years back to ease up courts and to give law enforcement more time to work on actual crimes ... by issueing citations for "manifestation of prostitution" to those hustling the streets instead of just hauling them in ... I mean a booking process in a Dallas County Jail alone is approximately 3 to 4 hours. Also Dallas made it so you can have up to 4 ounces (quarter pound) of pot in your possession without having to go to jail ... and instead receiving a citation ... as well as recently making theft's of $500 or less citatable instead of going to jail ... with discretion's left up to officers if they choose.Bottom line is ... crime is high all over urban America ... and courts are backed up ... and cops are backlogged on call's even. The public is bellyaching too.

But what we are experiencing is simply the "consequences" of making things like prostitution a criminal offense...and drug use a criminal offense. Thousand's of folks nationwide are incarcerated as criminal's who have not actually committed a crime against anyone ... simply for using or possessing drugs ... these are ADDICT's that we are incarcerating. Many street prostitutes of today are on drugs ... well since the 80's actually ... when crack was invented ... and the last decades rise of meth abuse. These gal's are ... well ... ADDICT's too. The "john" gives his money to the "hooker" ... she then turns it over to the "dopeman". You dont need to blame humans nowadays for "pimping" ... the dope is the pimp. The gal's that have their act together and are not at least addicted to dope ... or at least not to that extent if they do just recreationally use...dont need to work the streets today..and many dont want to ... nor need a "pimp" ... they can manage their own damn money ... they can utilize a laptop PC ... a cellphone ... and even a portable credit card charge device (handheld) and never have to hit curbside again ... having to worry about the "crazies" or "drunks" who decide when their done ... want a refund and beat it out of them ... or the chance of getting raped at least once a month ... or having to fight other girls who cant afford guns because of their addiction so they carry razors and knives to assault other girls. Hell ... even alot of vice unit officers (particularly female undercover decot officer's) dont like working the streets because what street prostitution has become with the physical confrontation dangers and the diseases as well. WE ... are the one's that made drugs and prostitution go hand and hand ... by sweeping it all under the rug years ago ... and letting the roaches (underworld) thrive off of the crumbs we discarded. They now control it ... and the drug world is the main "pimp". Even the diseases are now ... out of our control in some strain's, and is ONLY controlled by the system that exists in the reality of the street underground world. And the real twist is ... we are spending millions upon millions a year ... to continue this cycle that can only turn more sour in our future days ... and we will never control it ... at the rate and way we do things ... nor will we stop drugs with our approach. And a large portion of our money goes to Mexico (cocaine) and to Afghanistan (opiates/ heroin)some goes to America at least ... mostly in suburbia ... to your bathroom meth lab technician's.

When I worked Uptown nightclub/ entertainment district in security ... nightly I had two gal's that would always stop and small chat with me ... tell me things I need to know ... and I would do them a favour once in awhile as well ... as far as food or a few bucks in between trick's/ date's or whatever. They were what's basically known as "rockstar's" (girl's who work the street selling sex to get their bump/ fix of crack/ rock cocaine) ... but we had alot of just small talk stuff ... what's going on with who and whats up, etc. They were good gal's really ... they didnt screw folks or rob folks ... they just had to continue to give money to the dopeman so they wouldnt get well ... "dopesick". Actually quite knowledgeable when it came to life in general ... and the only problem they had was their "addiction". You can lock them up ... and it's good to an extent ... cause at least they get some needed rest and cleaned out ... and eat more balanced. However ... that first few days their locked up is Hell ... they get dopesick first of all ... which makes then edgy and only want to sleep as much as possible to avoid it psychologically ... but even the sleep dont work ... because while asleep ... they get "dopedreams" (dreams that you are alone or with friends taking a long draw/ hit/ bump off the pipe (crack pipe) ... only to wake up in the middle to find out ... you didnt really get a bump after all ... result ... making you more sick. So then say their in a week or two ... and their over the dreams mostly and sickness/ withdrawal then what do our courts and society do? Toss them right back out in the street, and when they get back to their area ... they see old friends ... see folks getting that "bump" ... you got it ... the temptation is unbearable ... and their back at square one ... they have no job ... and who will hire them ... so sex feeds their habit. We shelled out millions ... to do what? And what is the final result? I think it's safe to say...we need some new financial adjustments ... cause were wasting time and money and lives for absolutely ... well ... nothing.

Our courts and jails will never get relieved neither as long as we continue treating addicts like criminals ... nor will we ever gain control on drugs, or STD's in no way. You cant even find a prison hardly in the USA that doesnt sell illegal drugs (just at a much higher price) ... how do we expect to end this in the streets/ freeworld? That's ... the reality!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

On the issue of "Minimum Wage"...can it ever be enough?....

The Federal Minimum Wage increase has just went into it's 2nd of 3 stage increase as of 07/ 24/ 08 to $6.55 ... from $5.85 that was set in the summer of 2007, before that there has been no increase in it since 09/ 01/ 97 ... where it went in effect to be $5.15 an hour. It all started back in 10/ 24/ 38 and was set at 0.25 cents an hour.

Of course many on the Hill in Washington said it isnt enough ... and of course this is the response of Democrats ... and Lord knows that those who have to work for minimum wage ... damn well know that it isnt enough ... more than the Democrat seat warmers on the Hill do. The fact here ... is ... it can never be enough in a "free market" type setting such as what we currently have in America. I say "currently" because the future America will change quite a bit ... as far as what is considered "democracy" ... and what is in the best interest of the peoples ... we will actually learn from our european friends ... in time. For instance ... the working classes of many western european countries ... may have less opportunity of becoming really rich, however ... they also have less of a chance of becoming bottom of the barrel poverty stricken as we do. The mindset is slightly different as well ... them being satisfied living a comfortable life ... with less stress ... less worry ... less hours of working, more leisure, guaranteed further education ... guaranteed to actually be helped if in medical need ... without having their surgery cancelled as a result of an insurance provider calling at the last minute declining to pay for the surgery, etc. It is no doubt that europeans admire America as a democracy and culture ... and it should be no suprise in the near future that Americans will likewise learn that we will find things in europeans democracy that we will start to admire and implement here.

But back to the "Minimum Wage" part of this. A gal here in Dallas for instance the other day who makes $7.25 an hour at a local fast food restaraunte who is 21 years old ... has 2 kids, with no support coming in from the fathers of the kids, said she is even working overtime and finds it hard to make ends meet. And no ... she has no insurance ... which is offered by the company ... but she couldnt afford it. Understand that Texas only uses the Federal Minimum Wage as well ... unlike places like California or the City of San Francisco who has state and city/ county minimum wage standards ... but too ... even in them states and towns ... it still doesnt even do anything much because look at the standard deductions from payrolls and the cost of living verses places like Texas. Therefore as a result ... in both states ... neither employee can afford insurance with comparable jobs ... both needing to use the county hospitals for medical services ... I have talked with people in same wage categories in Los Angeles as well as Dallas to compare this. Of course if you have 2 kids and dont get any funding from the fathers of the kids and your not much older than a kid yourself at 21, and have to work overtime just to have macaroni and cheese to feed your kids and yourself ... you must understand that this too creates consequences of action ... which is why I strongly support the use of contraceptives in our current society. Understand your current reality before you act ... and do what is necessary for you to do, to survive at your best, moralities are interpreted different by folks depending on the era and conditions of such, in other words. What works for one ... might not work for another ... and it is not us to judge what is morally right for anothers life if it doesnt effect our own lives in a negative way. Just because you use contraceptives of some kind does NOT mean that you have abandoned God or that your faith is not sincere ... it means that the reality which exists requires you to use what God gave you which is your brain and do what is in the best interest of yourself and those around you. Your faith can never be questioned ... because it is part of you. Nor would any loving God want to punish you.

But even after the 3rd phase of this Federal Minimum Wage increase which will come next summer when it will go to $7.25 an hour as of 07/ 24/ 09 ... sure ... it will help ... a little at first ... at least for a month or so ... but not in no significant way ... even if it were to be raised to $12 an hour. Why? Because most of America is employed by small business ... when they have to increase what they pay their employees ... and it even effects those who make say ... $8.00 or $9.00 an hour ... because once the minimum wage employee has to get raised ... your other employees will have to be raised as well who make more to stay ahead and competitive. Thus also meaning that the prices of the services you provide and sell will have to increase to meet the new pay wages that you have to shell out. Once any wage or price increases ... all other prices/ costs must follow suit to compete. That is how "free market" works as what we have currently. Small business has to do this to survive and not go under ... big business just shed's a tear or two ... and politicians will run to their rescue to bail them out ... like the "Red Cross", with your taxes.

It is said too ... that this minimum wage is NOT a living wage. Which is exactly my point here ... it can never be a "living wage" in the type system/ society that we are currently in. It has worked better in the past ... but with the new wider global competitive economy ... it will become meaningless. What is made to look like regulation of the companies to best serve the peoples is exactly opposite, and can no way serve the peoples ... and actually regulates the peoples more ... get my drift? So therefore ... understand the reality of our current structure and how policies of old ... cannot work today ... it can never be enough.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The"simplicity" of Terrorism, Energy, and Economic Independence

First of all ... most of those "top brass" in our society and experts will say everything is so complicated. But ask yourself ... Why? And why is everything on our shoulder's? Everything is so complicated ... because those who run our ship made it all complicated. And if Obama dont watch out ... he will get all snowballed too away from the basics, which will eventually happen to him anyways if he got into the Oval Office after a couple years ... like the old saying goes ... "Misery loves company ..." He's already getting distracted just having 300 advisors around him! Although my support of him ... just has to do with him ... because he's new, fresh, speaks out of the box ... only been around a few years ... and hasnt been contaminated yet. He does have foreign experience ... how? As a kid he lived in many different places abroad ... and travelled ... he had hands on experience with peoples of the globe ... what you see and learn in your childhood has a big impact on what you will be as an adult. McCain is I believe a damn good man ... I know he loves his country ... how? Because when in captivity ... he was made the "classic" offer ... to talk down America ... and confess fault through testimony to the communist's ... and didnt bend or give in. He has plenty of experience as far as being around the block of Capitalism Hill(I know it's Capitol Hill) ... but who is guiding and supporting him? He say's "I know how to win war's" ... well ... I wish he would tell them all around him ... so we can win this and get it over with!

As far as this ..."terrorism" is concerned ... and our fight on it. Put it this way ... it's about as simple and successful as this war on "drug's" ... success being ... none ... and simple being we fail to look at the simplicity of things. We make everything complex (well ... at least those we hire to do these tasks) ... just as we are the ones that make ourselves "worry" which mentally distracts us. Terrorism is a reality ... period. Why? Because those who use it see that it works for their purpose. We actually breed new terrorists by the day ... compliments of our tax dollars. How? Look at how many are in our custody at places for instance like Guantanamo Bay ... and look at how many of them were not found to be guilty of anything ... according to those running those facilities ... many should be cut loose ... but we have made things so complicated ... they who are truely innocent ... still wait in captivity for release ... and without proper representation. Now after 5 years or so in our custody without access to representation..or even any type of democratic type hearing's ... what do you think their stories will be like to those back home ... when they do get released ... all their friend's and families for instance ... especially the young ... who will listen to the stories and make judgements of their own on what America is about? Do we think too that they will just forget and forgive what we done to them and they being innocent the whole time they were in our custody? Forgive those few soldiers that view this war as a war of religion ... and who intimidated them daily disrespecting them and their culture and beliefs? Because ... this is exactly what they had to experience ... and dont look for them to just say "oh well ... it was a mistake ... no hard feelings ...". Sure it might be easier if they had something to go back to ... but how many will go back to a home of war, poverty, despair and hatred? Think about it. And how many will vow to pay back those who done these things to them? Can you blame them? Would you not feel similar in their situation? I know I would. We are not fighting a territorial army such as in a traditional war ... we are fighting a movement of ideals and a mindset ... that can be found anywhere's ... not just Afghanistan and Iraq. We can borrow from commi's and spend until were flat broke ... we will not change that mindset doing so. It's quite simple.

Energy independence is so essential to not only economic independence ... but also as far as how much more conflict we have to go through. How? Because we will see more and more sabotage on foreign soils in the coming years ... strictly because ... it works for their purpose. Why does it work if they dont make money off of it? It works because their objective is to harm us ... they are already in a rut and have nothing to lose ... they only want to make our existence miserable. The sabotages will be of pipelines/ refineries, western investment/ infrastructure's, etc ... and possibly even nuclear power facilities if they get the opportunity to hit them. Anything they can do to hurt the evil icon's of the west and their capitalist ways. The ones who will hurt are those oil giants for instance ... and of course their losses will be passed over to their customers/ consumers. Which will create more social havoc ... and fuel the flames of the opponents by doing so. So ... you see my point here ... it's ... again ... fairly simple. So energy independence is much more important than just saving a few bucks to take a couple extra vacations to Disney-Orlando with the wife and kids. It will give us more social stability, we will have to tighten up our borders ... in a serious way though ... and not depend so much on those icons they have fault with ... and not give them tax break after tax break at our expense ... we want American based companies who do business in America ... for Americans. No name companies ... that just pop up over night with new fresh and innovative idea's. Americans competing with Americans ... and keeping more of the fun of competition right here in our own back yards. Dont worry about them over there ... those icon giants have enough money to defend themselves and other capitalists abroad to team up with ... if they have too much conflict in one of the countries they set up camp in and ask us for a military presence ... we can just tell them ... "maybe later ... were busy". And let them duke it out. After all ... is it not their" wars? It certainly isnt ours ... the people. Will it make us secure? Well ... we have a military that "we" pay for ... we have weapons with intercontinental capability. Screw with us and see what our response is.

Because of our new found interest in green tech's and energy independence, we will have many new plans coming out of the closet ... and many new fresh young talents coming out of the woodwork ... especially domestically ... in America ... with idea's to present to well ... America! Hybrids/ alternative engine compression, nuclear (although nuclear should be reduced and eradicated asap), solar, hydro, wind energies will become more and more abundant. Texas for instance is about to become the largest windmill energy state in the nation ... with mega windmills all over miles and miles of un developed land throughout West Texas ... which will as of 2009 start to be transported hundreds of miles across Texas into the eastern half of the state to be the new largest suppliers to urban Texas cities in the east. California is currently the largest ... but Texas will go a step beyond. In the years to come ... we will see that the answers to energy are actually more simple then we have been challenged with in this era. We will soon find out that all our energy needs can and will be met with the winds and waters of the earth ... our brains ... and last but not least ... that giant nuclear reactor in the sky ... the Sun ... with the new tech's that will come as far as how to convert and store solar energy. Our needs will be met ... because we have the will, and we have faith in each other! Rest assured.


Friday, July 18, 2008

"We the People" and the "Tool's" of the "American Dream"...

Again...what we are being plastered with is more nonsense,one sidedness (from both sides),sillyism,pipedreams,stupidity...and more stupidity...etc. And these dork's have most of American's worried because of the new situations that we find ourselves in as far as economic's are concerned.Eventually...we the people are going to see the light...when? I sure as hell dont know...but it's's got to be,how long can we stay blind to the reality. It's complex? Our(the people's) situation is only made complex by those who are too complex in their own brain's deciding what is "right" or "wrong" for us.We...the people...ARE...America.

THE WAR:How damn long is this going to go on for? We are "frightened" of terrorism? Whether we are frightened or not isnt going to stop those who hate us from trying to attack us...period. How many more billions...and possibly if we dont just cap this...trillions are we going to have to borrow from folks like the communist's of China to keep these wars going? The people doing all of this dont care...they dont have to stayed glued down in one continent as most of Americans do...they can just relocate from country to country and dictate to us as they are relocating.Things get tough in one place...they pack up and move to another.What are we doing about Pakistan? What are we doing about the terror cells that are growing all over the globe...because they now see our weak spots? NOTHING this country is doing is in the BEST interest of the country as a whole.We arent fighting wars for our peoples..we are fighting wars for our corporations.Do you ever wonder why there is so much hate and resentment for America? Do you think its because of our people? Absolutely not! Time upon time again when I talk with muslims for instance that have grievances with American thing I cant help to notice...they dont even hate the people. Our prime problem with foreign relations is NOT us...but those who we choose to represent us.And we are being fed partisan crap by the media on all avenue's..whether it's independents on the internet...or the major media's,all doing so to promote their candidate and what they think is ideal.NO ONE is listening to the people...period...think about it.

BALANCING OUR BUDGET: What does a balanced budget actually mean...when we still owe billions upon billions to a communist government? What good is our mortgages our personal accounts...or even our retirement securities..especially if we go to this so called "privatization",if the ones controlling the assets are those who also control the output of our petro like the Arabs...who also not only have to pump oil overtime now...but have to constantly bail out our financial institutions because they run incompetent ships? So what does a balanced budget actually mean,when we the people will have less and less control of our own financial goals and achievements? Yet...we constantly keep playing over and over the same loosing hands. Technically we are not officially in a recession...but when we as Americans feel the pressure it is a recession...we cant go on what the experts say...none of them have to feel the tightness at the pumps or feel any of the pressures that strong Americans have to endure and work out on their own time and time again...all of our lives.And believe me...when and if we feel we hurt...they will know it in due time. Of coarse more and more corporations have that I dont care attitude...major airlines for instance. What will they they clearly stated...I dont know if most folks listen to them..since we are so busy worrying...but they said they cut back...lay off's etc...and most importantly...they get more "global". In other words...wherever the money where they will go. This tells you right there...that their patriotism is only "showcased"...and is just plastic. We the people are the true"elite". Because it is WE that actually have to make things work and face the real challenges..with minimal tools and finances to do so...we are much stronger then we realize or they could ever be.

THE TOOL'S OF THE TRADE: The American Dream is not is alive and assured...we have the tool's...being things like Constitution/Rights and that is all that WE need ...let these corporate global American icon's go abroad...and good riddens...give them a foot in their asses on the way out the door as well...just as a bonus. Screw their mega tax breaks on our broke back taxes. You want to be a part of America...then we should yes...give support. But what we have here is people that are no different then moochers or welfare recipients and just sponge and milk us to death...and show no respect or patriotic values for the land and the peoples that helped build their empires they florish in currently. The Dream has just changed...but it is NOT lost...and we will prevail and this all will make us stronger and more unified then ever before...this in itself is a revolution...that we will win. Why will we win? Because ...we are much stronger then these dorks give us credit for...and have a cause and reason to make things better here...why? Because this is our land and our peoples.We the people have the "tool's" for our American Dreams.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is "Gay Marriage"? ... a FORM of marriage .... (PT.1)

This has unfortunately been a hot controversy all over our country, and appears to be on high heat for awhile down the road. It's never worried me a damn bit ... but since in this point of American history it has gotten to be such an IMPORTANT issue,I guess I'll throw in a couple cents on it.

It is commonly acceptable ... that marriage as far as we know ... has pretty much been between men and women for as long as recorded human history. But ... what is marriage to Americans in 2008 ... is not necessarily what marriage has been in the past throughout history ... it varies from era to era ... and culture to culture (religions included with cultures). I mean ... you even have biblical polygamists of notoriety such as Jacob, Abraham, Moses, to name a few, in some Muslim countries, you have not only multiple wives even today ... but even bride's of men as young as 8 year's old. Yet we look at even these practices as unacceptable in our American era. Even there has been societies who reckonized such marriages as "Polyandry" in which the woman may have multiple men. Societies where brothers shared wives ... societies who practiced incest ... you had circle/ group marriages ... you had "Trigamy" (17th- 19th century England) where a fellow had 3 wives etc. I could go on and on. In its earliest roots ... it most likely was started ... by ... well "men" to assure a source of offspring ... and which the woman would have the protection of him and support ... he well being the "owner" and in many cases these marriages of early day were also arranged according to the tribes they belonged to which were the earliest forms of "family". Humans have ritualized everything ... including the proper way to eat at the dinner table ... and mating is no exception.

In 21st century America ... gay's are no longer in the "closet" ... since we dont hang them or dismember them ... or other atrocities that past less civilized societies might have taken part in, with exception to some countries who still kill gay's. Today ... we have gay city council members, law enforcement, military ... Lord knows we have enough gay hair stylists! But anyway you slice it,these folks play a major part/ role in our society ... and even though they are not currently allowed to join in marriage ... they still pay equal taxes just like the rest of us. And most folks in 2008 America would say that they should have rights ... yet some of these same folks think that marriage should not be a right. Well ... if it shouldnt be a right ... shouldnt we cut them some slack on having to pay full taxes like the rest of us ... since they dont get a full benefits/ rights package? Should they not have the equal benefit of the miseries of marriage that some of us have to endure and pay a hefty sum in legal expenses to get out of?

Some say that if they marry ... it would devalue the institution of marriage. But look closely at that for instance ... I mean ... do we actually think that gay's could outdo us on degrading marriage any more than we have? That would be a challenge indeed. I mean ... look at some of the marriages in our society ... the divorce rate ... kids calling folks mom and dad who arent even really their mom and dad ... the cheating/ affairs etc. I could go on and on ... we cant blame gays for our behaviour ... the records show clearly who has done a great job at degrading marriage. I am not saying all marriages are like this ... I am just saying ... take a look at the track record is all if you want to look at what "degrades" marriage ... in other words ... we can only look at ourselves for that. Marriage and its meaning has certainly took many turns throughout our history ... and always to fit with the society in which it is currently in.

Either way you slice it ... it wont have any affect on your marriage with your spouse and family ... if gay folks down the street were allowed to marry ... instead of just shacking up. Actually it may be of benefit ... since they are so hungry for the forbidden fruits ... they will probably spend as much as straight folks like us do ... just to marry ... meaning ... you got it ... more revenue's! Everyone from the florist's to the tuxedo places will make money off of it ... and even some of those who initially opposed it stand to make a few bucks off it too if given the opportunity to. Hell ... even the Sheriff of Dallas County, Texas is a lesbian ... and very open about it ... Sheriff Lupe Valdez ... and it was Texans who voted her into office to do a job ... not because she's a lesbian. We care about her job performance not who she sleeps with.

What is "Gay Marriage"? ... well ... Hell ... a FORM of marriage, in the 21st century is all.

Post Statement: I would also like to add ... that I am totally for a persons right to their beliefs as far as religions are concerned ... so much ... I am against even trying to stop childrens prayer groups from being able to pray in school ... it is THEIR time, and it should be their right to do so. But also I have had many tell me over the years that homo acts are against the bible ... and of course time and time again about what it says in Leviticus for instance ... and thats fine too. However, whether a group of kids want to pray at school ... or whether a couple gay guys or gals down the street want to get married, it's not doing a damn thing for me. What Paul or Saul done back then is fine centuries ago on their turf. I am an American and a Texan, I am not from the Middle East or ancient Persia ... I am from America ... what those folks done back then ... is their business ... they dont have to live with the whining and moaning that I have to about sex discrimination ... we do. They dont put food on my table ... or pay to fill up my gas guzzling 2 ton SUV with overdrive at $4.00 a gallon petro prices. They say God will punish gay's? Fine ... then let God do it ... cause it's not my damn job!



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The state of America and the Globe, and avoiding chaos and collapse...

One of the things I wanted to point out here ... is the importance of expecting the worst and hoping for the better. Because it simply makes the impact of the "fall" a little less harsh. But too ... understand what the current reality is ... and what we are expecting for our new administration to accomplish ... whoever is chosen by the people to hold that postion this november.

Any way you slice it ... we are plain and simply between a rock and a hard place. This is why I constantly stated this in my earlier posts. This is why I also stated that it MUST get worse before anything even remotely get's better. I say it is not "doom and gloom" ... but at the same time ... it is not very uplifting what is about to come, this being the hard part of the situation, however ... not doom ... because somehow ... humanity will prevail and evolve a step beyond the human race of today and the problems of today. But you also must understand that along with more harsh experience's also will increase frustration's and issue's such as suicide, in some cases, mass organized suicide's as well may increase, as well as suicide mission terror attack's, even on American soil, by ... yes ... American's even.

To actually solve our economic situation domestically is not likely to happen soon, because of the change in global economic's. It has nothing to do with what candidate gets into office ... it is just too complex to recover any time soon ... any recovery that does come will be so mild ... but will seem like alot after so much of the opposite, in the same way when I told folks 5 years ago that $3.00 a gallon gas prices will look good in the near future ... the same is applicable here.

Senator McCain for instance layed out his ecomomical plan's today to the public roughly. I am not an economist but any sound bipartisan economist can tell you the situation is bleak. Senator McCain say's he can balance the budget ... it's not impossible ... but very highly unlikely to become reality. As I mentioned earlier ... we WILL have to take blows ... it's a matter of how HARD ... and how LONG. Although Senator McCain is saying that the Bush administration failed and our government ... his current proposals will only make the punches that much harder ... it's a cowboy mentality that wont work very well in this particular situation ... in say 1960? ... perhap's ... but 2008? For McCain to make progress ... it would take things like cutting social security by over half ... perhaps medicaid by more than 70% Yet he says we will get tax relief ... how? With a military even getting spread as it is thinly and recruitment down low ... and a need to build up in Afghanistan now ... which even Obama wants to do ... again ... how? While we are fussing and fighting over these two candidates ... we are NOT looking at the actual reality.

What will make us indendent as far as energy and economics are concerned ... is not likely to happen ... how can it? This would possibly mean ... trying to pump/ drill more here, and who do we propose to do that? Understand that the oil arena is already bought and paid for ... the small investors ... are just playing the markets ... they dont have the power or resources to change any of the way we do anything on a global level right now. The governments and the corporations now own us ... period ... (which has alway's been somewhat true anyway's) economically speaking of course. We are in no position to cut off the world ... and become an independent society (even though more independence would be a positive, but the power's wont let us, regardless of what the people want) ... or even as independent as even Japan, who are able to make things work better than us on many avenue's where we suffer. McCain also proposes to privatize the social security ... what does this mean? To hand it all over to the same investment/ financial institutions that are currently failing across the board like folks like Bear Sterns ... who come whining to we the people for a bail out? Then you also have our failing financial institutions being bailed out left and right by folks like the Saudi's and communist China ... so ask yourself ... what possible good would this proposed privatization do ... if it will only make us more dependent on these other governments ... who will now have more power over our investments than even our own government or institutions? Dont take my word for it ... do the research and draw your own conclusions. But a close look makes it clearly evident.

If anything that Senator Obama say's has any truth to it and his proposals, it wont fix the problems soon to come ... but possibly lessen some of the blows. Dont get me wrong ... I supported Obama since day one ... and WILL vote for him ... but not because I think he can solve the current situation ... but because his talk is needed to hit the political and corporate sectors of the arena where it hurts. Even though his "talk" will in itself create divide ... and face harsh opposition if he attempts to enact any of it ... from the corporate arena. Trust me ... the corporations own more of us than we think ... and its economics of old being used in this modern time ... that is the cause for poverty, hunger, inflation, job losses, suicide, etc ... I could go on and on. Sure ... money is great ... and we all love it to an extent ... I mean ... what can you do without it? I am probably the biggest capitalist around ... because I am always thinking of money. But I also do because ... I see how it is the only thing that keeps our world and societies from total economic failure and chaos. This is why I say that the whole system will have to collapse at once or piece by piece, before the greener pastures materialize. And it is the people of our country and the world arena that will do this ... in time.

We are beginning to see the materialization on the horizon ... if you will. We have former terrorists now starting organizations promoting themselves as the hope of the peoples ... to these countries in Asia and Africa ... that are upcoming developing countries in the global marketplace. We have folks like Iran ... again today in the news selling more "woof tickets" by launching ballistic missle try- outs and stating they want us and our allie's to know ... they have their fingers on the trigger ... and yes ... the capability of reaching Israel too, and expect more out of them as well. Wheres their uranium enrichment programme going? Who in hell actually knows? We also have Iraq now ... pressuring us to give a specific timeline on withdrawal ... an Iraq I may add ... that not only wants to be independent ... but also wants to work with Iran. Can that happen? And ask yourself ... between the 2 countries ... how much oil reserves total do they sit on and how much clout does that give them in the global arena? And even if we choose NOT to do any business with them ... who is "WE"? ... certainly not our US oil giants, or even any of its foreign affiliates. Our enemies understand totally nowadays how our system of economics works and just how to hit us where it really hurts. These challenges from our new enemies will be more difficult than the challenges of our enemies post "World War 2" such as the "Cold War" with the former Soviets ... and our new enemies are far more less territorial. Meaning we will need new strategies if we want to at least ... keep our heads above water.

At the same time ... while governments and corporations and large religious institutions and movements (the 3 controlling entities that I will try to focus more on to come) are all at odd's, yet in bed together ... the peoples of the continents are starting to protest more than ever because of economics ... and its worsening of poverty, starvation, and social order. Even in the streets of France ... Germany ... and Great Britain, and other's to come, even across the EU ... everyone from cabbie's to truckers ... to the common unskilled labourer are up in arms more and more everyday. And America is quickly on the way. Meaning that at the current rate of the condition ... it is only a matter of time before even Americans will consider ... leaving the country to try a life elsewheres, rioting, forming new parties/ movement's, etc. some even thinking of trying to use other ways to get rid of our current political system ... using violence as well ... which would bring mandatory curfews and civil unrest like we never seen on American soil ... and policies that are close to "martial law". The governments and corporations see how the economics are playing out ... and are trying to resolve all the problems ... because once the peoples/ societies collapse from within themselves ... the empires of the ones in power will collapse. Look at how things work and other societies in history ... even close friends like France, Germany, Egypt ... the Mayan's ... I could go on and on. The powers that be ... want more than us to avoid chaos and collapse. I could go on and on ... understand the current state of the globe and America ... and the difficulties of avoiding chaos and collapse.

Is there answers and solutions and hope? There most certainly is ... and will come with the new leaders and systems ... in time. But understand ... for now ... the suffering will worsen some ... but the greener pastures are in the distance ... rest assured. You see ... we learn as we evolve .. and soon realize that the power is not in those icons that we for centuries let lead us and own us ... but the answers and power is us ... and it is we ... not them ... that will save ourselves and humanity ... to evolve to the next level. We actually will evolve naturally into a globalized society in the future, but it will mold itself through us ... not a title of "globalization" marketed by the entities of the current global arena ... in other words ... not because of governments, corporations and churches ... who all present themselves now and in the past as the answer and the light ... it will be at the hand of our future generations offspring. As for myself ... heh, heh, heh ... I'm just here for the ride ... besides ... I love those bumpy roads. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr" ... An All American Guy...

They love him ... and they hate him! He's a "sexist" ... he's a "flip-flopper" a "phoney" and I could go on and on ... after all ... there's as many titles probably for this man, he could have his own dictionary to define them. Even the famous Italian designer in Milan ... "Donatella Versace" (and WOW! ... what a Hell of a woman she is!) has just released her new collection of men's fashion's inspired ... by ... yes ... you got it ... Senator Obama. Of course ... some believe this will do him harm ... because most American men and politician's dont dress like Versace's design's ... and he has been trying to desperately reach out to the average American across the country. But again ... is this Obama's fault he inspired this great designer for her newest collection? She wasnt inspired by his politic's after all ... she was inspired by the man ... and his connection to the contemporary American man ... with a message of ... "Change, Challenge, and Hope" is all. As an American ... I feel honored!

It seem's like the more he open's his mouth ... the more I like what he has to say. Recently his critic's called him a "flip-flopper" because mainly first ... him deciding to pay his own campaign without public funding, how disturbing and horrible he wont accept the hand-outs ... as an American ... I never wanted hand- out's neither. And most recently because he has flip- flopped on his decision of how and when to withdraw our military family out of Iraq ... yet those critic's on the other hand confuse me ... why? Because they initially condemned him because he asked for an immediate withdrawal. I would figure this would be "good new's" to them ... but ... they act well ... "disturbed". For me ... it had a reverse effect ... why? Because this show's me that this man admit's that he doesnt have all the answer's ... and is "willing" to be "flexible" ... in a time of American history where "flexibility" can be an important asset. It show's me his wanting to look at all side's first, and to take needed advice if it is a possible benefit to our country. He dont have ALL the answer's ... and neither do any of these others. He ... like all of us ... is learning ... in this fast moving cycle of today. Again ... he never claimed to be anything ... other then a grassroots community organizer ... it is others that label him. He look's down on the average people? Nonsense I say ... this man ... went to help average people when he had so many other prospects and offers he could have grabbed. His resume is "proof" of this clearly.

One of his newest criticism's is because he dont belong to a church? Give the man time ... he need's to find one that wont damage his image by giving a sermon he dont agree with. I certainly would never question a man's faith based on whether or not he belonged to some popular church ... because faith doesnt come from a building ... it comes from inside one's self. Nor would I question the man's patriotism based on whether he wears a flag pin on his lapel or not ... his patriotism speaks through his actions ... and character. Thomas Jefferson was a man of "faith" but didnt look so fondly on the church. Obama left his church ... can you blame the man?

On the other side of the spectrum ... you have supporters for Obama that view him as some kind of God ... or Super- Human or such. And simply follow him ... like "blind sheep" and dont really know why they do ... and simply say because he represents ... change. Well give him time ... because he hasnt done anything ... yet ... but inspire with words. Leave the man be ... and do his job ... he is not "great" and never said anything that should make anyone think that he is. The most fitting title I could come up with for this man is ... "An All American Guy..".

Sunday, July 6, 2008

RED LIGHT CAMERA'S (PT.1): ... Saving Lives or Milking Cow's? ... (Citation Violation Nation PT.1)

Of course ... like mostly anything else ... it's a matter of who you ask. And then ... no matter how nice and great something may look ... there may be an opposite side to that as well. And like many newly introduced and passed laws ... the "fear card" is usually played to assure wide acceptance of such.

Red light camera's is something that caught my atencion for awhile now ... it was just a matter of time before I was going to comment something in this journal about them ... so what the Hell ... I might as well.

First of all ... survey's say that at least approximately 95% of us "fear" getting hit by a red light runner ... personally I dont really think of it much at all ... but since there are so many out there that want to bring to my atencion this other form of how I can die or get mamed ... I'll take the time to think about it for a second or two, but thats it. Because I am already swamped with mail and ad's about how I am going to die ... or live a life of misery, and all those warning me of this ... of course do so ... because ... they want to save my life ... or share with me ... or something else. Which makes sense to a degree ... because if I were dead ... I couldnt be milked for money I guess. And yes ... this last year ... I actually was almost taken out by a red light runner...who if would have hit me...I would almost certainly be dead, probably by decapitation. But still ... I cant dwell ... on what could have been.

Statistics do show though that red light running has decreased all over the nation, a result, assuming of the camera's. And it has made drivers more aware ... to think twice before they attempt to do so. Insurance costs and medical costs across the board have shown that it has been beneficial to their cost's. One wouldnt think so ... since their premium's and cost's always continue to rise ... not decline ... to "we the consumers". A quick example of the reasons some of these folks increase their prices and premiums ... is for instance ... I remember right after 9/ 11... costs on many things went up as a result. What really puzzled me at the time was the drastic increase on my auto insurance premium's ... after all ... I had no moving violations in decade's ... or even a claim ... or even a wreck for that matter. I called and asked my insurance provider at the time ... why such a drastic increase ... and so sudden? They actually told me because of 9/ 11. Hmmm ... imagine that!

But too ... some folks have many questions about these camera's of goodness and life savers. After the first 6 months or so after they were installed at a few locations in Dallas ... the City of Dallas expressed disappoitment in a public interview, because they said it wasnt bringing in the revenue that they were led to believe it would by the company installing and maintaining them. I was shocked to hear that ... I mean ... this is their first public statement about the camera's ... I would figure they would have expressed "joy" ... because ... after all ... were these not installed to "save lives" and "protect us"? And their first concern was ... it not bringing in the money they thought it would ... I mean ... after all ... they didnt pay for them ... the company that install's them take up all the cost's and the deal is they get about up to 50% of all the citation revenue it generates. And from what I gather ... a company called "Lockheed Martin" a Dallas area based defense contractor are the ones setting up about 80% of them nationwide.

Some are a little concerned because the camera's cant be brought into a hearing as well ... to "testify" if you wanted to contest the citation ... thus meaning "habeas corpus" ... your right to confront your accuser is being violated. Some citations are being sent nationwide where they made a right turn on red ... which is legal ... but citated because ... supposedly ... they didnt come to a "complete" stop before making the turn. Of course ... a special "Kangaroo Court" is usually set up using an appointed hearing officer as a judge ... but ... the costs of an attorney ... would outweigh the costs of paying the citation ... since they dont go on your driving record ... and cant even be used to issue a warrant for not paying them ... but they will in most cases ... reject renewal of your liscense or state vehicle registration if you neglect the citation ... so they still got you, any way you slice it.

Other concerns are things like the camera's themselves ... being that they "capture" (search and seize) large quantities of visual info/ data, totally unrelated to the specific violation. Also because they photograph/ record alot of other excess data, pedestrians, surrounding's, and anything else, which concern's folks wondering about their 4th amendment protections, and this info/ data being stored, used, disclosed. And it can favour some motorists as well, since some vehicles might have plates too small to properly photograph, such as motor bikes for instance. It is also a fact that those yellow lights that come between the red and green, times have been modified and cut by a second in some cases. This isnt much? Well ... it certainly is in determining just where your cars position is at the time of the video taping and what part of the car was responsible for the citation, it can taint the accuracy of the alledged offense in other words. And also by altering the length of yellow light times ... it will almost certainly increase rear end collisions, Think about it.

But I'll go along with the reason they are installed is to "Save Lives" ... Why? because you certainly cant "Milk Dead Cow's" ... now can you(?).


Friday, July 4, 2008

OPPOSED TO GUN'S? ... the solution is simple then ....

I agree totally with the 5- 4 ruling of the Supreme Court that overturned the gun ban in Washington D.C ... Now I know that, I dont live in Washington ... so I should mind my own business. Which I cant argue with ... after all ... I'm a Texan ... and I am not saying that the local affairs of the City of Washington is ANY of my business ... because it isnt. But I am only happy for the citizens of that great American city is all. Happy to see that the average working class American who actually has to work their tail off to buy the necessities to survive on ... can actually legally defend themselves and what they own, without being charged as a "criminal" for doing so. So I see it as a victory for the average middle class, working, and poor of that town. And dont think for a minute that all those who are lower income in that cities high crime area's are opposed to gun's. I seen a woman interviewed after the ruling, a local of lower income working class in that town ... who just had a family member gunned down in a drive- by shooting, who was happy because of the ruling ... and said it will give her the legal right now ... to at least try to defend herself if the time comes to. She said she would rather have a gun ... if someone came busting into her house with one, because the police response to help those like her is poor, and crime runs rampant in her community. Is this not true?

Anyone who has spent much time in high crime urban area's anywheres in the USA, whether its in New Orleans, New York City, Pittsburgh, Davenport(Iowa), Sacramento or anywheres else ... and had to face a gun barrel eye to eye ... or been shot in a crime related incident ... knows what it feels like to be a victim. And there is not one urban area in this nation ... big or small that is exempt from these crimes. So it isnt just D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, etc ... you are just as vulnerable in Wichita, KS or Orlando, FL, or even Portland, OR ... So those who are "liberals" and like taking a liberal stance ... remember ... you cant take that stance lying on a slab in the morgue.

Of course ... Senator Feinstein (D-CA) said ... "the people of this great country will be less safe because of it ..." which doesnt suprise me of the Senator's response to the Supreme Court ruling.But does the Senator live in Compton(LA)? Do you think that if a thug does not have a gun to use ... they might just drop their career in crime? And even if guns were outlawed totally ... do you think that guns still wouldnt be used in crime? Do those commiting crimes check to see if it is legal for them to use a gun before they commit their offense? Roughly 15 years ago or so here in Dallas for instance I ran across a man who was selling 9mm handguns by the boxload for $100 each on the street in Lower East Dallas,they had the little seal on the grip that was the seal of the Soviet Union...they got into Texas via Mexico but were from the fall of the Soviet Empire ... leftovers that Russians were peddling to folks around the globe. You could buy them 24/7 on the streets of Dallas as easy as crack cocaine...and at a cheaper price then any gun store or gun show. So what good would have any gun restriction laws would have done in that case? This guy had no problem selling them either.

Every once in awhile a tragedy comes up such as the Virginia Tech shootings or such where when it happens...anti- gun folks quickly blame the sales of guns in the USA to the reason for the crime ... while others including some of the victims of the actual shootings wish that they had a gun to defend themselves at the time of the incident. Gun sales were not the reason for the crime at Virginia Tech. You had some spoiled brat with too much time and money on his hands and a chip on his shoulder looking to vent anger ... he was determined to do what he done ... and would have used chemicals as a weapon if he needed to. You can use a chopping knife at home to prepare your food for the day ... or you can use that same item to kill your spouse that day ... should we outlaw them?

One night while working in Uptown Dallas' West Village ( nightlife disrict ) as security, I had a young lady that was standing on a outdoor club patio behind me ... on her cell (phone) drop to her knee's and break out in tears ... and getting hysterical ... (I dealt nightly with alot of intoxicated party goers ... so it was fairly common) I quickly embraced her and tried to calm her down to tell me what is wrong? ... she told me her boyfriend was on the other end (phone) and he just shot himself while he was talking to her. Yes ... he was in their parked car ... they argued in the bar ... he marched out on her ... went to their car (about 50'ft from where we were, yet we couldnt hear the shot, from all the music coming from the venue) ... called her ... and shot and killed himself while talking to her ... lovers quarrels were also common too ... but rarely end in suicide. A lady in the crowd was complaining afterwards about gun rights or whatever to others she was with, and loud enough to where everyone within 20'ft could hear it. He was determined to die or maybe even unbalanced enough to kill her, if there was no gun, he could have done something else ... like a few week's later ... another lover's quarrel ended with a guy across the street down in the CityPlace subway station, calling his gal on the phone who I was with when he called, and wanted to tell her he was about to jump in front of the next train.

If you are opposed to gun's ... the solution is simple then ... dont carry or own one.