Thursday, July 31, 2008

NOW HIRING: Overhaul&Clean Up positions ... APPLY: 1600 Pennsylvania Av. NW

Watching the current circus going on in Washington which includes everything from the Presidential race to all the allegations of corruption starting to surface can make Americans discouraged ... and this is understandable. I mean ... we as Americans work our tails off ... between having to make everyday life in general ... then having to listen to the gang of leadership ... constantly moan, whine and bellyache and acting like little spoiled brat children. Well ... thats what we created in Washington, and there couldnt be a better time in American history to start to clean house ... of course it will inevitably happen ... but again ... it takes 2 things ... "action" and "time". Because we finance this, we babysit them, and constantly raise their allowances ... of course the allowance part they vote themselves in ... but at our expense, then they decide what is a "fair" living wage for the people as well.

For years we have been distracted with story after story of corruption in our society with everyone from Organized Crime to the common crack dealer. The fact of the matter is ... our government unfortunately is as equally supplied with corruption as society. As I wrote in earlier posts ... indictments "in time" should start to flow, somewhere's. You could see this coming several years's just most of us have simply been too distracted from whats going on ... I mean ... of course Americans are distracted ... their overworked and pressured ... and constantly trying to catch their tails and not fall behind. But now since we finally have folks looking into these lender practices ... lobbyists buy- outs ... the array of accounts of American investors in foreign lands ... it is only time before ... alot of questions will arise about contracts in Iraq as well. This so called "globalization" that our current administration wants us to buy is simply of what law enforcement would see as a "fencing operation" ... to assure cheap labour worldwide, and population increase advocacy to keep a oversaturated pool open to their need's ... and to feed in taxes, produce, then buy. The "globalization" factor ... makes us think that we are civilized and want to hold each other hands ... and is all a smokescreen for those who run the show to be exempt from any of their actions.

One of our biggest problems in Washington ... is that ... I believe we have many politicians who start off in this wanting to better our country ... and really hungry to put forth new idea's to improve things at home. But unfortunately Washington has gotten so twisted over the decades, that many who want to improve things come to realize that if they dont play ball ... they will simply get shut out. Texas has been like this for years actually ... even though the people here probably get more say so then in most states as far as voting ... the problem is ... those who we are given the opportunity to select. Washington these days are full of folks that would make great used car salespeople. As a former employer told me who was also a local republican politician ... "Thomas ... you can sell folks a bag of crap ... as long as you put it in the right packaging ... and ... he is so right.

Even in this Presidential campaign ... I knew it was only a matter of time before they would start this childish mudslinging ... and start another circus that is not only majorly distracting ... but most importantly ... gets us away from addressing the serious domestic issue's we have. And even if some candidate DONT want to act in this childish manner ... they will sling and sling to try to get that candidate to act in a similar manner ... this is basically the same as elementary school children using "bully" tactics. It not is only distracting ... but in the long run ... even gets us at each other throats on which one of these nitwits we want to lead and represent us.Most importantly ... someone we will choose who will have us in four years from now rehashing basically the same problems and wanting action and change as usual. And those who did run the show ... always blaming either another candidate ... or congress or the Senate ... or Islam ... or Arabs, Illegal Aliens, or a schlew of other reasons why things are not getting done.Now they got us by the balls on oil prices ... and as usual scaring us into thinking that if we dont do what they propose ... it will be doom and gloom for our children and future. And alot of those are simply just "miserable" people ... this is not what we need for America ... it only causes divide ... and makes it's citizens miserable like them. We need uplifting "talk" first of all ... that enriches "spirit" and "hope" for the people ... as a result ... that spirit and hope contribute to progress and moving, instead of standing still and bickering.

Rest assured America ... we WILL get change ... it's only a matter of time ... and mostly depends on us. And all of those who might tell you that they are "right" for the job ... or that they have the "answers" or "experience" ... or they are simply "the one" you might ask yourself ... if they are the "one" and have what it takes and the experience or whatever ... look at how long they have been in there fighting for "us" and look at the situation we are in right now ... meaning ... what have they actually done? Especially that would give us reason to even vote them into any higher position. For you and I and any working American in the private sector ... if we didnt do our job in an efficient manner ... do you think they would let us stay and give us raise after raise ... for the next 4 or even 10 years to do more of the same? We the people are "employers" ... we need to screen and canvas the applicants a little better when hiring "new" help. After all ... this is "OUR" company ... we need to "clean house" and "overhaul" the engine.

With new technologies coming and new fresh young faces and idea's ... and years and years of obvious abuse ... we will one day come to a better place ... and the deadwood will be buried in the ruins. We do not necessarily need to bank on the so called "good faith" of the government ... we can bank on the "good faith" of each other that want what is in America's best interest ... and will in the long run ... make our allie's abroad gain view and respect the type of culture that America is ... an America who also practices what she preaches ... and respects those others of the world as well ... an America ... that even they can trust ... with integrity and vision.

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