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ERIK BROWN: .... a Christian Conservative's .... $1946.00 "BD/SM LEZBO LAP DANCE" and "HAPPY MEAL"? ... an "ELECTION'S ERECTION", too BIG to FAIL ....

Look .... I dont know all the detail's here I reckon, or if this was to cover for our loved one, RNC Chairman Mike Steele, so I'm not going to jump the gun, we will find out more soon enough. Nor am I out to knock an ole boy's fetishes .... we all have our lil fetish role play's to some degree. However, this is tax payer's "expense" or at least an expense to those who financially support the GOP I reckon.... which I feel should be made public and investigated. I have posted in past posting's about these type's of expenses even in the corporate world that are all written off on taxes and reimbursed time and again. But this, also in this link, should be picking up some more gain in the next few days .... so dont shoot me .... I'm only the piano player. Also let me point out that Mr.Brown is NOT a politician, just simply work's for the GOP, but the expense was picked up by the GOP. Something like this can actually become an "Election's Erection" and simply "TOO BIG TO FAIL", so to speak .... well .... I reckon time will tell, heh? I hope it was a good show Mr.Brown, considering the price tag .... I frankly never been to a show like that .... but sound's great! :)


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SKINNY PUPPY (PT.1): ...."TIN OMEN" ....and.... "PRO-TEST" ....

In my last music video posting of "Adam and the Ant's", a blogger, Ms.Winsome Dove and I shared comment's concerning some of the industrial/experimental music of group's such as Coil, who I posted piece's of as well, which alot started to really surface late 1970's thru the early 1980's. This particular experimentation led to a change as well in alot of the contemporary music of today .... especially in Rock. This particular group "Skinny Puppy", are considered as founder's of the Electro/ Industrial/ Cyber-Punk sub-genre. And they are also one of my favourite "live" performer's as well!

This next group has so much credit in this change to the composition, aesthetic's, as well as sound delivery. "Skinny Puppy" formed in 1982 in Vancouver,BC (Canada) .... and the accomplishment's and art of this group is outstanding and an inspiration to many as well in the trade. I had the pleasure of sitting in on an interview with lead vocalist Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie sometime in the early 1990's around their "Too Dark Park" release and tour, and learning more about the philosophy, composition, theatric's and such of the group. But this is where we find that this industrial experimental music has led to today. I also want to add that Mr.Ogilvie had done quite a bit of work with Mr. Al Jourgensen of the group "Ministry", as well .... I look at all these folk's like familia anywayz .... as far as interaction on each other's project's.

There is so much great piece's to choose from these folk's, that it was difficult to find two (dont we just hate that?) .... so I just had to go on a coin toss of so many that I love. This first piece is called "Tin Omen" from their 1989 "Rabies" album ...... Enjoy!

Skinny Puppy- Tin Omen ... Thanx to AERYN SCHEUERMANN

This next piece is "live" in Montreal, QE and /or Toronto, Ont, from the "Greater Wrong of the Right" (released 2004) album tour in 2004 .... and is called "Pro-Test".

Skinny Puppy- Pro-Test (Live Montreal- Toronto) ... Thanx to ARKASAI


Thursday, March 25, 2010


First of all .... this particular link is to ABC NEWS with link's within it on a series being done by ABC NEWS all week long on "Middle Class American's" who are struggling with this "unseen" recession. I say "unseen" because even though it is perfectly clear as day to those living in this segment of reality, many we have elected in our government are so busy with other issue's .... that will not usually look at an issue until it get's in their face .... and believe me ... it will .... in time.

Throughout this journal, which is almost two year's going now .... I tried to point out what to expect .... if you took a clear look at the math of what we were in and doing about it. But many folk's just simply ignore by choice. For one it's unpopular to speak too frankly about the condition. One thing people love to do is lie to themselves .... and believe in the lies they tell themselves, damn near our whole life is living in lie's .... one after another, or just ignore saying certain thing's .... I am no exception ... so many thing's that are in my mind, I would just not write about .... because I hope that they do not come about is why, so I block them out .... have been for year's. But when event's start to materialize, and the math of evidence is overwhelming .... you have to face the reality and take action. I try to be as sensitive as possible when I write in this journal, since public has access ... and try to use discretion as much as I can, and try to be fair is what is most important.

While the official line is that the recession is over .... the reality is, that it's just started .... well ....for many that is. This is the same reason why when I started this journal I was trying to point out the math work .... and the effect's and result's of it. The fact is that many American's never felt a recession as well .... even when it was official. For most it was simply cutting back on a couple movies, or dine-out's, tightening their belt's, a less exspensive vacation travel or whatever .... nothing that can really hurt anyone too bad. The worse part of a recession is the word "recession" .... money DONT disappear ... it only change's hand's. It is difficult to feel loss when you dont have to begin with ... and when you get to a point to where you really feel loss ... it's usually a more grim situation than you want to admit. As far as the credit card's and major bank's .... well what did we expect? Another thing .... it takes two to Tango, you have to use discipline ... and discipline is one thing that many of us dont practice .... look at the picture and dont live beyond your mean's ... we have this consume, consume, devour, devour mentality .... many live beyond our mean's .... because our indulgence's lead to our compulsive habitual nature for many. "KNOW WHEN TO SAY NO". We have become accustomed to buy more than we will ever use .... and our great economic triumph's have been based on that solely. And I am no exception .... I squander foolishly like there wasnt no tomorrow .... I am as far from a cheapskate as you can get, when I have any money, but it also got me in trouble in the past.

But this unseen recession will have an effect on this countries economy to come, and is the reason I talked so much about this in the past .... because it isnt only our representative's not taking action .... but we dont ourselves. We have to learn to change as well. The folk's who will suffer in the million's .... will need help .... if the government help's, someone will have to pay, get my drift? .... there's a "Domino Effect". Which is also why I said so much that some of this "system" need's at least to somewhat collapse .... plain and simple ... and it will eventually. The way we are doing thing's .... you simply cannot expect much as far as "change". We also need to get rid of many of our politician's on both the left and the right, too many people been doing the same thing for too long ... and it's simply outdated for the global economic's of the present. There come's a time .... when you MUST LET GO. We talk too much about the way it was .... or the way we used to fix it ... or use the past to try to determine what's to come .... the 20th century is over and done .... period.

The reason I use the term "unspoken depression" is because we like to run around with this big shit eating grin and tell ourselves ...."it's going to be fine", then when push come's to shove and the time's get tougher, our frustration come's out. Which we are seeing now with the extreme right .... trying to bully their way around from health care to a number of other item's that will soon surface. Even though I have tried to talk about this in previous posting's .... I tried to be mild as possible .... what you see out of these frustrated on the far right, is only the tip of the iceberg if we dont act NOW. Because in time .... it WILL escalate to even other folk's even on the left. The bottom line is that American's are getting a little sick and tired of this constant game of "good politician/ bad politician", the left and the right .... and good vs. evil .... it's only a matter of time before people across the board get keen to what is all happening. I am well aware of what is happening myself, and have prepared for this for well over a decade now. The math was all there to see year's back .... many simply ignored it, from the war's to the banking bailout scam's and the flip-flopping of political rep's. Depression still find's it's ground's to breed within the psyche .... and it's only a matter of time before it exposes itself .... and hurt's everyone in it's way as a result, it is truely indisciminate. The lack of action's from especially Sen.Chris Dodd are uncalled for, who's Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. This week only he has started to deal with some of this financial regulatory reform .... which he better get a move on .... because the people are simply running out of patience. Middle Class America as I have said in the past .... are the primary cylinder's of this great economic engine .... and ignoring an oil change will cause engine "damage" and especially ...... "overheating".

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ADAM AND THE ANTS: .... "Stand & Deliver", "Plastic Surgery", "Goody Two Shoes" ....


A performing artist who certainly need's to be paid homage in this journal's music selection, would be Mr.Stuart Goddard .... also known in the entertainment industry as Adam Ant. A multi talented gent out of London's Marylebone District who is a songwriter/ vocalist/ actor of the new wave/ post punk category. He also is a bass guitarist and great dancer .... although not known for it, I may add. His mother was a domestic/ house cleaner for Paul McCartney for a short time even, although it had nothing to do with Mr.Stuart's career or art in any way. He started the group "Adam and The Ant's" after attending a "Siouxsie and the Banshees" concert in 1977 actually.

But .... having attended two show's of this great live performance group and having several piece's of their music for year's, and Mr.Stuart being at the top of my list as an artist .... it's time to post a few piece's by them. Thank You Sir for your art. This first piece below was released in 1981, called "Stand and Deliver" .... Enjoy!

Adam Ant: Stand and Deliver- live in Glasgow 7th May 2017 ... Thanx to misterpunk

This next piece was released in 1977 as well as this video, and called "Plastic Surgery" ... Thanx to ULTRA7ULTRA7ULTRA7

Adam Ant- Goody Two Shoes ... Thanx to ADAMANTVEVO


Image result for adam and the ants art


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Image result for John Balance, Peter Christopherson

Those who like to dabble into some of the more eccentric form's of contemporary music such as Industrial/ Experimental of the 1980's through today would be no stranger to the magnificent worx of this crew from the UK, that brought about the foundation block of the Coil  (wikipedia) ... credit to John Balance, Peter Christopherson for this project getting off .... and much thanx to these gentlemen for their contributions and art that is as uniquely their trademark as their soul! Your work is GENIUS! I chose 3 well known pieces below to feature .... Enjoy!

The Pope Held Upside Down ... Thanx to Sickness of Snakes- Topic

 "Solar Lodge" and Thanx to MARCELOMORA

Coil- Unnatural History- Penetralia II ... Thanx to DOSKII23


Image result for coil vintage concert poster  Image result for coil and non concert poster


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MICHAEL MOORE: HEALTH CARE SNOWEjob Pt.7 .... "Screwing America MOORE" ....

This is Part 7 of the "Health Care Snowejob" series of this journal. There are also several other posting's explaining how these scam's work throughout this journal as well. But I started this particular series as an organized step by step piece that was showing what type of scam's may be tried, and motive/reason, the political/corporate factor's, and possible outcome "if" these entities succeed. I actually thought that they would have tried something more stealth and savvy than the scam I thought up that they could pull. But no .... they just went the basic route and pulled it off like any basic street scam actually. The worst thing about this is what I wrote they "may try" and what "may happen", "if" they pull this route/ scam, is that the result's are even worse than I had expected, basically this so called health care reform is awful to put it simple.

The posting's/ date's of this journal's "Health Care SNOWEjob" ( I named after Sen. Olympia Snowe )series is as below, which are more detailed of what this bill if passed will have in it, why, and what it mean's to the American People, and most importantly to medical/ pharma/ insurance industries. Then two video's I selected of Michael Moore and his assessment .... who I call, "My Man from Flint". Many dont take Moore seriously, some insult him as being a far left radicalist, socialist, communist, etc. or insult other thing's about him .... but to me .... he is one of the most brilliant mind's when it come's to calling scam's of corporation's and how the system work's, an absolute genius to me. I mean .... if I was negotiating a deal with some cut throat corporate icon's .... there is no one who I would rather have by my side as an advisor and to point out coming bite's. And thank you so much Sir for the insight that you give to American's on the reality!

PT 1 posted 09/09/09 show's the "trigger plan" scam and how it work's.

PT 2 posted 09/30/09 show's the Sen. Baucus bite and scam, and explain's "motive's".

PT 3 posted 10/14/09 is the Sen.Baucus bite sequel .... the bonus bite.

Pt 4 posted 11/11/09 show's the amount's paid out to Senate and Congress member's by ( also, all member's took pay-off's on both side's ) pharma/ med/ insurance giant's on first voting, and what/ why it will effect.

PT 5 posted 12/11/09 show's the "demopublican" unification, basically a core set up to make plan's on how to get rid of the public option all together, and dominate over the few far left who tried to hold it.

PT 6 posted 12/20/09 called "The Bad, Bold, and Beautiful" show's just how bold not only these corporation's are, but those who represent us, as to basically do it all in the open.

***** DEMOCRACY NOW: Michael Moore: Healthcare Bill "A Victory for Capitalism" .... (newsvideo)

Michael Moore: The Health Care reform Bill is a Joke ... Thanx to KEITHMSNBCER

But this plan will only have a few bones tossed to us, which arent even worth posting about .... Mr.Moore sum's it up perfectly, and many of which wont even have any effect until a few to several year's down the line. I have been gathering bit's and piece's all along on what this consist's of, and it is a real mess, and a guide twice the size of the Holy Bible! It so far is vague as well on some of what is getting to the people, it is full of loophole's, and also as I suspected, many new law's that will "force" people into risk group's and give many working class and lower middle income class people even more inferior service and care, more like group charity clinic crap. The "special" plan's that will be offered to million's also will be so different state to state, that it will seem like our state's are "un-united". Also .... unless they change how to provide subsidies, this will be another "milking" nightmare for working poor American's. Because frankly speaking, to just say you will give them a tax write off, will cost them .... because you pay upfront, mandatory by law ... not to government, but to corporation's, then you have to go to government a year later during tax time to file what will probably be form's with a little more complexity, that many will not understand and will be forced to go to tax preparer service's to do for them, which will charge a percentage of the reimbursement that you are to get back .... creating another "milking" division .... I could even go on and on, as far as how they will all make a killing off this, and this is also so complex, that there are more loophole's than probably pages in the plan that have been already put in place. I can only imagine some of the world's countries such as in Europe must be laughing at what we think is reform, or crying in sympathy for us .... and grateful their not ill in America.

Forget the public option .... it is NOT going to happen ....period ... I know I wrote already that it wasnt likely .... but I reckon I was just "hoping" some odd twist would take place, and just maybe a few who said they would stay defiant ...well ... would actually do so. But they were just all drowned out of this anyway's, it's like showing up to a "gun fight" with a "pocket knife". And DONT blame this on the President or any of those who truely TRY to change and represent our interest's more or even our government structure/ system. This cesspool is not the fault of this country's system at ALL .... it is all the fault of those we let dictate and refuse to let go of .... kind of like holding onto a relationship you know deep inside will never be of benefit. Until these who manipulate die off or just completely fall, not much of anything will get done .... that's the simple non- BS reality, that hardly no one will say, because most folk's are more interested with their parties or agenda's or a number of other factor's. This will all "change" in time, as I have posted time and again, I wish I could write here .... when that may happen, but I just dont know .... but I DO know it will .... nor do I know how, it just will. Another thing is that I cant stress enough, and anyone with half a brain know's this .... you really cant possibly expect much of anything like "change" in any reasonable amount of time, when you just keep giving vote's and support to the same folk's year after year, term after term, and decade after decade, unless you feel once their old and grey maybe then you will get some actual result's that dont take a half a century to accomplish .... there's no logic to that simply, no matter how fond you may be of any of them .... you must simply learn to "let go" of those who cant possibly do anything that really is meaningful, or beneficial is all. I'm not "down" on most of these folk's .... they simply dont know nothing else and their vision and ambition is somewhat limited, so it has nothing to do with their experience or knowledge .... if you cant stand and lead and make head way/ progress .... you simply cant cut it, that's all.

In the meantime .... of course as usual ... we will all need to figure out this new system they will weasel in ... and learn how we can find our own loophole's as best we can to get through this storm, it's a matter of survival man, dont feel too patriotic or cling to value's that will get you nowhere's .... do what you must do and network to survive and bite them all you can ... because rest assured .... they will eat your ass alive!

POST NOTE: The sad thing about this is the "bad timing" aspect .... which is all connected to what I was writing about last year of the show that will "need" to come .... strictly because of the 2010 mid-term election's, how some politician's would resign or flip- flop or whatever else (actually less though than I expected, however were still early in 2010 .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... so I better shut up) and the posting a few back called "The 2010 Show ....political/election strategies ... and ....special interest's strategies". Being that everyone's back was against the wall due to simply timing. Let me explain as plain as I can here .... You see .... for the last year of this administration (1st yr.)there has been so much on the table, that NO administration could possibly fix what is .... only try to make the "ride" smoother .... which is why I started posting all that early in 2008 before a new President was decided, because you knew whoever got elected .... the hole was just too deep with too many obstacle's, which would make you foresee the crisis to come and why thing's must get worse before they can get better basically. This administration has done a remarkable job I will say at smoothing thing's out .... trust me.... it could all be much harder than what it has been. This is also why I stated back then as well .... that what we are seeing materialize will be different this time, because of the "global" economic effect this will have .... and this is also why I said that even when thing's do get at least halfway stable ....expect inflation and taxes to skyrocket, or like several year's back when I told all those I know who were bellyaching over $2 buck's a gallon gas .... that in a few year's .... we will all be cheering just to pay $3 buck's a gallon ....of course what you see now. So .... why dont many folk's see this? Simply because folk's dont look .... that's it. You see ... you must look at those who run the show, and see how they think, and "what" motivate's them .... from the petro speculator's to those on Wall St. in commodities, to the CEO's of the major corporate player's .... you cannot see a clear picture of anything if you just look at the action's of your friend's, neighbor's, co- worker's, familia, etc. Or think the way we think .... understand that practically all the way we think, has been a programme since childhood. Also why I will say that this IS NOT the fault of any one politician, or because there is anything sour about the constitution or it isnt about taking away our freedom (most people are not "free" to begin with .... why? .... because until you break the chain's psychologically in yourself .... you can never truely experience freedom .... it isnt something given to you .... it's something that evolve's over time within you) .... or is the problem of the type of governmental structure, it is strictly because of special interest's, parties and partisanship, corporate political maneuvering and investment's, basically the same way they manipulate your small investment's in the stock market's in mass.

Corporation's are not "evil" .... there is no such thing as evil .... what is evil to one is good to another simply. These folk's just go on their nature .... and greed is part of our nature .... all of us, what causes a problem is excessiveness, and compulsion .... just like any drug that is abused. A certain amount of greed is a survival tool as well .... it's when you lose control is when thing's go south (not to slander southern folk's in that statement .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh). The timing was critical here because the poll's were showing more American's getting restless .... the GOP was in complete collapse and hadnt a thing to offer ... and had to start an alternate movement just to keep their ideal's at least in a coma, this was the creation of teabag's (not sure of the official name). The democrat's had to get something in motion .... a lil late .... but this is all because there were too many issue's to directly and immediately have to address the day this new administration got in the door .... they didnt even have time to hang their coat's yet. Then the stalling when it did get to the floor .... all orchestrated by big business to stall any change, and their puppet's inside on the Hill they could wet the beak's of to get a lil sugar coating going. And the dem's were put in a tough position as a majority .... simple because a scenario was forming that .... they were fucked if they do or fucked if they dont .... people/ voter's were getting frustrated, much due to propaganda spread by the entities of special interest's through the right, poll's were looking unfavourable to many more, which the right was pushing for since they had nothing to sell .... and if they could stall it long enough to not get anything passed .... the right would use that in the election's to say the dem's were incompetent .... if the bill does get passed .... the right will say that the bill was not good enough .... so the back to the wall part was, were running out of time and the election is getting closer and if we dont get something through were all going to get pink slip's. So what can they do? You are fucked either way you go simply due to the timing and closeness of critical election's. This is also why I stated in 2008 ... whoever get's elected ... dont expect anything too soon .... it must get worse before it can get any better. They were "forced" into a time frame to where they had to act quick or suffer the consequence's at the poll's. This administration can make thing's better across the board .... but we cant expect anyone to just fix thing's .... it's not that were acting too slow .... it's that we have "acted" too slow in the past .... and are now put in a position to rush. These same folk's on the Hill DIDNT act for decade's is what the problem is .... and are all of the sudden have to act quickly because of time line's and political factor's .... along with being pressured by the corporate icon's, another problem is .... no one should have accepted the initial $400,000 to almost $1.5 million dollar pay out's from the corporate supporter's, they then "owe". Next we will have to look for a fast move on a financial regulatory reform package .... Why? Because nothing been done about those we gave billion's to, to bail out, and folk's are pissed about that too ... and according to Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Sen. Chris Dodd .... he will not run for re-election this year, so he has to try to rush something through, because nothing "solid" has been put in place yet to reform or regulate any of those we bailed out. Basically what we got is a mess .... and I congratulate the President, if he can even get 5 solid hour's of sleep at night .... because frankly I couldnt.


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LADY GAGA (PT.1): .... "TELEPHONE" video .... featuring BEYONCE ....

Image result for lady gaga telephone

I am not one to make a habit of posting Top 40 type piece's in this journal's music selection, after all ... they certainly dont "lack" publicity. However .... I do make exception's in certain cases, so I will here, because of the mass controversy. Actually I noticed a few people on YouTube posted this video, but when you click it .... it's the person posting just talking about the video without showing the video, what the fuck is ya'll's point? .... to get someone else to hear you talk and rant about it, by using the artist's name? Geeeeez ... just show the damn video! Despite all the talk of how "offensive" it may be or whatever, the only thing that I could find for any issue of complaint, would have been when Beyonce threw the "Honey Bun" plastic wrapper on the ground and being plastic litter : )

This one video seem's to have many folk's panties in a bind (certainly not the performer's/ artist's panties though, I may add).... and of course since this is a Texan's journal .... I have to give credit to native Texan Beyonce here, for her input in this production. But this has been all over the news, and the fact that MTV actually banned this (that I dont understand .... perhap's some publicity stunt(?)). So basically from coast to coast in America folk's have some kind of problemo with this .... even obviously the liberal side .... I mean .... you would expect it out of perhap's church going conservative type's .... but the liberal media's as well?

Other than that .... I must admit, it is a first class piece of production and not bad sound either .... since many big production's get a lil too watered down composition wise, or let's just say "over-orchestrated" .... which can sound too homogenized on final product. But the theme and visual art's of it in my opinion should be Grammy material .... it's that kind of piece that doesnt get reckonized as a classic until 10 year's later let's say. But a damn good piece of work actually. And congratulation's to Ms.GaGa and Ms.Beyonce! This video is called "Telephone",

Lady Gaga- Telephone ft. Beyonce ... Thanx to LADYGAGAVEVO


TEXAS CENSUS: .... For Pete's sake .... take a damn minute and fill it out .... It's "IMPORTANT/ IMPORTANTE" ....

This week from what I gather .... many of us in Texas should be getting those census form's in the mail .... our American tax dollar's are paying almost a couple hundred million just to get them out from what I gather .... not to even have to mention all the rest that will be spent trying to get folk's out on the street's to get the word out and collect info .... IT'S IMPORTANTE!

I am sure "plenty" of folk's fill these out ... I alway's do .... YES .... even when I had arrest warrant's out I did .... this is Dallas man, not goddamn Lubbock .... they dont even have the manpower to serve the goddamn warrant's they have as it is .... even on criminal charges, NO ONE is going to bust you, Hell .... they wont even hardly bust anyone on traffic warrant's when they pull you over, even though they know their out on you .... unless you have about a half a dozen or more warrant's, there's no goddamn money in it, GEEEEEEEZ! But I alway's have talked to people that simply toss them in the trash, or use them for coffee cup coaster's or whatever. I have known many Mexicano's .... who even though they been here for year's although not legally .... and even been busted on warrant's or a charge like DUI or something .... still never got deported once, even while in Dallas County Jail, and still will not fill out the damn census .... but will take or buy any other document's or library card or whatever that they can get.

Then I run onto those like I did in some smaller cities over the weekend, where 3 people that I talked to individually just laughed it off, when I asked them if they would fill it out? .... their American born and raised .... but just dont seem to give a shit. Many of the same folk's dont never even vote .... even a guy that we worked with year's back ... who never would file income tax .... yet they owed him money! .... or ever even filed for a driver's liscense .... yet had a pick up and 3 car's ... all registered in someone else's name. I mean the list is endless of folk's that I have met or known that dont participate in any of this census, voting, or much of anything else that concern's government inquiries or info. I had folk's tell me when asking them if they fill out the census? .... "I aint got time to be fuckin with that shit man" or similar. And half those I met that are homeless dont like the system at all and want nothing to do with it, or the shelter's, or nothing much of anything society has for that matter.

Even though obviously I'm pissing in the wind ... I reckon the same with me stressing to folk's to vote ... I still continue to bring it up out and about .... and here now since I have a goddamn computer online. The census is more important than many folk's realize. They use this info for more than just counting head's, they get to know how many folk's we have and what ethnicity and such, and how much of those tax dollar's we need back in our communities, there are enough ad's and people telling ya'll how importante this is, take a few minute's. And I will continue to vote, fill out census form's and talking this crap to!

For those who may think I'm silly concerning myself over these thing's, or laugh when I say "I TRUST GOVERNMENT" even more than corporate icon's (including their "warranties/ guarantee's") .... let me leave you something to think about here .... I just received a letter from the IRS, that I qualified for an extra tax break that I didnt file for (it was a "new" break just added in 2009, and it slipped by me, I alway's do my own taxes).... and I didnt even ask them to check. They just wanted to tell me .... that they are sending me an additional $1,214.37, along with the return of what I filed they owe me .... can you blame me for trusting them?

Enough said ..........

Saturday, March 13, 2010

KITTIE: .... does "CUT THROAT" .... and "WITCH HUNT" ....

It's more than past due that I post this group of Canadian Metal artist's out of London,Ont. I have kept up with this group now for about 5 year's .... although they formed back in 1996. Their compose and sound has really been shaping well, and distintively formed a trademark in the industry, and a really tight sound. I consider them personally as an alternative metal band. But I enjoy them much, and look forward to much more even out these ladies, and wish ya'll the best to come. Thank You for your hard work and great art!

I have many pieces that I love by them .... but chose 2 piece's here that are a couple favourite's. This first piece is off the "In the Black" album, released in 2009, and called "Cut Throat". And what an excellent piece of art this is, in every category .... Enjoy!

KITTIE Cut Throat (new 2009!) Official Video ... Thanx to KITTIECHANNEL

This next piece as a studio piece was from their "Funeral for Yesterday" album released in 2007, and called "Witch Hunt" .... some classic work here!

Witch Hunt ... Thanx to KITTIE- TOPIC


Friday, March 12, 2010

DAN WALLRATH: .... a "HEROES HERO" .... and my choice for "TEXAN of the YEAR" ....

No ..... I didnt know a thing about Mr.Dan Wallrath and his personal mission until I just happened to catch this on CNN .... as a "CNN Hero" .... even though I live in Texas (imagine that!). But when it come's to folk's like Mr.Wallrath .... I'm certainly impressed. Just from what little I know of the man right as of this moment, I can say that he is my choice for "Texan of the Year", and a much needed "Hero for our Heroes" .... and looking forward to reading up more on Mr.Wallrath later.

These two short video's .... pretty much sum it up .... THANK YOU SIR!

CNN Top 10 Hero Dan Wallrath ... Thanx to BIGSHOWGM

CNN Heroes: Operation Finally Home ... Thanx to CNN


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CISSIE(CIZZIE888) .... does METALLICA'S "BLACKENED" and has a chat with MR. JAMES HETFIELD ....

One of my favourite past time's is looking for new art and talent .... and sometime's have spent hour's over the last couple year's on YouTube just doing that. Every once in awhile I run across an artist .... perhap's young and unknown in many cases that just stand's out .... this artist is one of those that stood out to me, and I have kept my eye on her talent's/ ambition .... and felt to post a piece of her work in this journal ... I certainly enjoyed, and with you in spirit Ms.Cissie .... want to wish you all the luck with your art. Looking forward to some of your composition's too!

Here's the scoop .... Cissie who goes under Cizzie888 on YouTube, she is from Netherlands/ Holland, was inspired by the root's in classic metal music .... such as Metallica .... she uses some fine tool's like a custom Strat, and she is just simply a natural with great spirit. The cover she does here below is from Metallica's 1988 album/ cd "and Justice for All" called "Blackened". A few post's ago I posted Metallica "live" on this tour of their's in 1989 Seattle doing "Master of Puppets" as well. .... Enjoy! :)

I also wanted to use this posting of Cissie as an induction into the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY

Blackened Metallica guitar cover by Cissie- Kirk Hammett solo included ... Thanx to CIZZIE

And this one other video clip below is Ms.Cissie meeting Metallica's front man, lead vocalist, songwriter/ composer, and guitarist .... Mr. James Hetfield .... and of course .... waste's no time with question's to Mr.Hetfield concerning his art!

Also .... one of the most important thing's that Mr. Hetfield told you, is to never be afraid to borrow .... too many become too concentrated on trying to find their self .... this is something that grow's over time .... like a fine wine if you will. Those piece's of art such as Mr.Hetfield's are what nurture's that .... borrowing, simply allow's you to easier express how "you" interpret the piece ... and your product come's from the soul .... it's the fuel that inspire's the art.

Me asking James Hetfield about songwriting, Metallica meet & greet ... Thanx to CIZZIE


Friday, March 5, 2010

THE KID'S: .... "THINKING OF" one of America's LARGEST COMMODITIES and ASSET'S .... (THINKING of the KID'S? PT.1)

***** CNN/ U.S.: CNN Student News Transcript: March 5, 2010 (newsread/ video)

Throughout this journal time and again I have posted how the "kid's" or youth are probably one of the most abused segment of our society, from how they are used as commodities, asset's, sky high interest loan's, political and religious, as well as corporate interest's .... the list is just endless of what so many fail to see ... or just simply choose to ignore ... at least until their asses are in a sling .... like anything else we fail to address or deal with. Some may look at these protest's and say ... it's not the right way to do thing's ... many of those will also fail to address or suggest what IS the "right" way to handle some of these and other social issue's that we will see more of. Or suggest to use the legislative process and fight for decade's for what should be basic fairness, and maybe .... just maybe by the time your old and grey ... you will get a couple bone's thrown your way as a reward. This is why I have stated in previous posting's during these bailout proceeding's as well .... that some of this money should go directly to the Great State of California ($20 billion, see post note) .... because .... after all .... it is the people and taxpayer's that will pay everything in the longrun .... rest assured. California is a very IMPORTANT state and economical engine to this nation .... you can say .... as these so called elite say .... it is REALLY .... "too BIG to FAIL".

Ya'll have created a system and let it just run wild and out of control for decade's, allowing your own to regulate themselves, take a large portion of the money, investing most of it in foreign interest's, and your interest, and failed to think of the domestic interest's .... you have alway's used the youngest of the people as your most important commodity whether it's in your court system's through lengthy and costly court battle's whether it's for custody or other reason's, you have used these kid's also for your psycho- therapeutic research to prescribe enormous amount's of drug's to children, primarily in lower income categories, because what you do to America's youth, ya'll would never do to your own ... to make them more what you want them to be like, then you tell them to say no to drug use as you cram more of your drug's down their throat's. To steal their idea's and contractually lock them out of any real gain beside's a few buck's and pat on the back, so you can market it in mass to sell back to them. You legislate a couple million immigrant's for you a year to bring to this country from abroad to take the job's that our young go ten's of thousand's in debt to obtain degree's from your institution's, while blaming job decline on some peasant migrant worker's from south of the border. I can go on and on .... but have already posted so much on this.

I have posted so much on this because of what can and will come about if we continue to do business as usual .... and for those "Master's" that create this .... rest assured that ya'll are simply digging your own grave's and looking at the short sight instead of the long sight .... the same reason why you found yourself in the economical mess you whine about today .... it's a "product" of your own creation and action's. It is true .... although in a different sense than ya'll may see it .... that these young are the asset's and commodities ....and the future. However to continue to abuse these young .... like any animal by nature .... they will eventually get keen to the reality and rebel or retaliate. Respect your asset's my friend's .... and when your old and washed up .... perhap's they will show you some. Or ya'll can continue your little well calculated game's .... and see what you get.

That's the REALITY!

POST NOTE: At the time I was writing about California should be helped, was when last year, they found out that their state was $20 billion in the red, and knew they were going to have to make drastic cut's, even holding off on income tax return's and issueing IOU's, closing park's and other service's around the cities, which they did all, because I have talked with folk's in Los Angeles as well as Oakland since then, who have told me first hand what has been going on around town. You see .... just for instance, we gave shortly before that approximately I think $180 billion or so to AIG, that's just one company, last week they announced selling off some of it in Asia, which we will get supposedly $25 billion from the deal (our government), well then what? It's now, what was an asset or collateral, in Asia, they get about say $50 billion give us half. I am sure there are much more detail's that we are not even aware of yet. But the State of California should have been a priority, infrastructure shovel ready job's, military/ Vet's and such .... then you worry and hand out to those who basically lost billion's in nothing more than like a bad bet on a craps table, because that is exactly what they basically done. Our President I will give credit to .... because he has at least made effort's and some progress, considering the type of crowd that he has to deal with. Bottom line is .... these folk's like AIG which I have also posted during the bail- out proceeding's, should have been forced to downsize, liquidate, sell- off part's, file bankruptcy and the like's .... "FIRST", then dealt with after. So one may say .... oh well it's all over and done with .... but that's exactly the type of minsdset that get's us in these rut's, it never was over with or is a done deal, unless we keep that same lame ass way of thinking. I knew they were pushing for this bailout, as I posted relentlessly month's before they were official on it, why? Because as I said .... the administration (Bush/ Cheney) was going out, and they have to move fast to get whatever money is left .... so if I knew this .... you can bet that all of your rep's in Washington knew it! These event's like such just dont materialize overnight, it's just that most "ignore" what these folk's are doing.

And $20 billion to California for instance was small, compared to what they are in now. It would have leveled them out, and because of their mistake, they would have learned a lesson, and utilized that $20 billion far better than a company who after we give almost 10 time's that amount .... hand's that much out just for annual bonuses .... because that is exactly what happened .... then turned our collateral over to Asia, and say they will give us a percentage of that deal, yet we no longer have that Asian part .... that's brilliant, heh? Actually it is brilliant .... because we got screwed again ... and it's our children that will have to carry the burden .... you can say that they were "thinking of the kid's".


Monday, March 1, 2010

VETERAN'S .... The CHALLENGE'S and REALITY .... that many American Veteran's still face ....

Although I have done several posting's talking about the treatment of America's Veteran's, it is one of them subject's that I dont feel I can post enough about until we take more action to clear up some of the challenge's they have to deal with when they get back from their duties and/ or tour's. And because a couple posting's back ... a Veteran who is also a blogger of the blogsite called "Western Hero" who goes by the name "Silverfiddle", had commented about what some Vet's have to deal with in the VA medical sector.

I have familia in active duty currently as well as a niece that will be deployed when she graduate's high school this year, who just enlisted, my dad was a Vet (WW2), 2 uncle's that were Vet's (WW2 and Korea), two cousin's Vet's (both Nam) nephew (Iraq) ... and several that I knew over the year's and met. I tried to enlist in the Navy myself around 1972 or so ... failed my written, by the time it was time to retest ... I was in jail and couldnt ... and that was at a time when they had a draft when I tried to enlist.

But many of my posting's on this subject has been concerning the amount of homeless Vet's in our American cities on the street's. One instance and posting was about 2 homeless Vet's I knew when I worked street security in a nightclub/ entertainment district in Dallas, who I used to get some cash job's for from a few business owner's I knew and done security service's for ... but both these guy's were turned down for bunk's for the night by the Salvation Army on Hines Blvd in Central Dallas at individual time's, simply because they didnt have the $7 to $10 charge for the night. After that ... I never would even piss on the Salvation Army organization if it was on fire! I am sure that Salvation Army provide's many service's for many people .... but you DONT reject a Veteran who need's a roof and bunk for the night! What the fuck is wrong with ya'll?!! NO VETERAN WHO SERVED THIS COUNTRY SHOULD EVER BE WITHOUT A ROOF OVER THEIR HEAD .... period!! I dont give a flying fuck what obstacle's or red tape shit you have to deal with. This need's to change! Do we realize we treat these fucken terror suspect's in custody better than many of our own Veteran's in this country? .... we should be ashamed. We alway's grandstand for the camera's about how we honor our heroes .... well act the fuck like it! Fuck goddamn Fannie and Freddie, Chase, and these other loser's who made bad choice's on investment's and are paying the price .... you take care of those who defend first, THEN you deal with the weak failure's after.

But this BS also has a trickle down effect on familia's of Vet's as far as our neglect for their need's. I even talked to Vet's who came back home, right here in Dallas to find their families damn near in bankruptcy from over inflated interest rate's lender's gave their familia's when they were on duty abroad, facing bankruptcy, foreclosure's, repo's of car's, furniture, credit black list's, and the list goes on. This is not the way you deal with folk's that defend us. This video below is about some of challenge's that Vet's and their familia's still face right now.

But I also want to thank President Obama for at least getting billion's out to get some action on this .... something the Bush/ Cheney Administration ignored to a pathetic degree .... sadly and shamefully.... I voted for Bush/ Cheney too!

Improving Our Veterans' Health Care ... Thanx to THE WHITE HOUSE


THE 2010 SHOW (Part 1): .... Political/ Election Strategies .... and .... Special Interest's Strategies ....

This posting is to take a look at what is happening as far as the obstacle's and/ or gridlock on issue's such as Health Care Reform .... and the political and special interest's strategies and goal's. Because I have commented to a couple blogger's on this, and because throughout 2009, I been talking about the "show" that's to come in 2010 because of mid term election's ... and how it is used as a bargaining chip as well. Also that is why I titled this the "2010 Show". And again .... this IS NOT to favour or talk down one party or another .... it is to present the reality simply.

Okay .... one may say .... what has any of the special interest's have to do with political gridlock and partisanship? Well .... EVERYTHING to be honest, this is all staged to keep thing's the same ole same .... or at least to buy time, and most of this is orchestrated to be played out by special interest's .... mainly again ... the main culprit is corporate America. And it's not a conspiracy, you dont need conspiracies, when you have ownership and masses pre- occupied with worries and fear that you fed them .... it's simply a business decision. The underdog party alway's is the one who will have to do most of the legwork in these show's, because they are the one's with their back's against the wall .... and the special interest's target them first. In this case it would be the Republican Party, so you select them as your mule's and mark's ... no different than a street hustle, just on a grander scale, or like a religion would create opposing entities ... to keep battle and struggle alive when needed by those in control. You may wonder or question why would these special interest's waste so much time and be so gung ho on creating friction, gridlock or partisanship? .... this particular reason is to buy time is all .... for their attorney's and strategist's to redraw and scheme up, what their next move will be. Why do you think last year even though everyone was whining about their capital worth or how bad time's are financially ....big pharma/ insurance giants through millions of dollars on the table like pocket change, to deal with this reform for instance .... and paying Senators millions before they took up the first vote, and Rep's in Congress, almost a half a million dollar's each .... it take's money to make money ... okay?

The biggest fear to any of the big player's was this administration (Obama and Democrat's) .... this is also why I pointed out in 2008 posting's that the Bush Administration was going to push hard and fast through folk's like Treasury Secretary Paulson to create fear and get bailout money .... before a new administration get's in which would delay getting the grab .... so you get while the gettin's good. With a Bush Administration you know it's a done deal .... with a Obama Administration, you know it will be more of a challenge, and at the time they didnt know if McCain or Obama would be the next President .... so you DONT take that chance and push when you got someone to push for you, in that case Bush/ Cheney. The current gridlock and obstacle's you see in health care reform dont have anything to do with what people want .... it has to do everything with what insurance companies want. It has nothing to do with doing favour's for the people by giving them insurance across the board, it's about making law to make 10's of million's purchase insurance and creating low and high risk's group's to maximize profit's, and more pharma drug's to be dispensed to those 10's of million's to try out the drug's for research .... and have to buy them as a requirement of new term's and condition's. Kind of like a new car warranty .... where if you buy a Ford for instance ... and the extended warranty carries bumper to bumper, what you dont see is, it is only honored IF you have all your service and part's work done by their service tech's and center's, and follow all their service recommendation's .... in this case ... you dont buy the prescription's and take what you are told .... you are going against the policies term's and condition's. It lock's in business basically. Right now you have million's across the nation of working, but poor .... that are not covered with insurance, when they get ill or injured .... they go to county hospital's funded by government and taxes pick up the tab. By making them buy insurance from you with no public option or competition .... you get the premium's, get to create risk group's, who get's better treatment or lesser treatment, and through government help to those in funding .... you get to collect the tax dollar's as well.... which is in the billion's ... plus the insured money, taxes still pay a chunk, it's just that the fund's go more to the corporate sector than to the government sector. That money is diverted into offshore high interest investment's and the like's, and not subject to domestic taxation through their legislative package's they create and push through.

Since the Republican's are the underdog right now in politic's, or the weaker half or minority, you use them as the mule's or muscle to create the obstacle's and/ or any gridlock as a diversion to do everything you can to stall or gridlock anything in Washington .... you want change if there is solid proof only that it goes in your favour and get's you the most bang for your buck .... and these interest's have shelled out alot of buck's ... so they dont want to rush anything right now. You get your mule's to create gridlock and opposition by/ and through rejection of bipartisanship for instance ....example .... Obama's crew of Democrat's have bent over backward's to reach out and compromise, even willing to toss out public option .... yet ....the Republican's wont even accept that ... you gave them an inch in other word's and they want a mile or no deal, basically. So .... how would this benefit special interest's? Because it get's voter's frustrated as well in harder time's.... and creates "divide", and is used as a tool in GOP campaigning to tell the people that the current administration cant even get anything done, and are not good for America .... in the hope's that more people go independent or swing, out of anger and frustration.... in the hope's that it also weaken's the Democrat's stronghold, even making a few politician's just walk away or resign. You support indirectly new group's who try to pull in them frustrated masses .... such as your teabag group's, feed them some propaganda to spread and recruit to create more uncertainty and lack of trust in your government, in the hope's again of weakening this administration, because they look at him and his as a liability rather than an asset. Your whole objective is to shake up voter's and get the opposing party of the administration in power more to promote your agenda .... and if they do get it, and you can make it work and get the republican's a majority somehow ... they then owe you a favour in return ... and scratch your back on the floor. This all also create's a road block as well in reform .... the interest's might not gain from a roadblock since they would love them new 4o million insured .... but most importantly .... they dont lose. They just stay the same, which is better than more regulation or competition or whatever else they fear, and buy's them time to create other angle's to serve their interest's. So you have the republican's saying now after 2 month's into the new year and after over a half a year of fiddle faddle... that they want to start over on reform with a blank piece of paper .... the whole point is to delay it as long as you can and as close as you can to election time, to shake the "vote". This is why I posted so much in this journal in late 2008 and 2009 on the Health Care Reform, scam's and plan's that they will twist it into over month's and month's of delay, and how it will end up as something completely different than what was proposed during campaign's of both side's, because whenever people "ask" for anything, you can be sure that whatever you ask for will be redesigned into something that they (interest's) will capitalize off of and you will pay the price ... so that is why I said, be careful what you ask for, because you may actually get it, and it may not be what you thought at first. Understand that "asking" for anything, make's you vulnerable .... you "take". And believe me .... by the time their done with this, if they do get it through, which they will have to get something through, since the masses are steadily losing trust and confidence, you will be the one more regulated than those who control the plan's and designate your status and what you receive as far as treatment's. This is why I am for nationalized health care, and called a "socialist" by some.

So .... this is the show we will be shown over the next few month's stronger by the week .... all to try to delay reform or to get it twisted into something else, and to get voter's and American's more frustrated and to lose faith and confidence in this administration and government in general, and try to paint a picture that all the mess is because of this current admistration. They will also claim that they have answer's and better solution's .... but the truth is they dont, they (republican's) dont even have any idea's currently that arent being manufactured and fed to them by their special interest's. And if any of these people period no matter what side had answer's .... we wouldnt be in the mess were in today, this would have been cleaned up decade's ago.

That pretty much sum's it up ....


HEALTH CARE REFORM: .... another "FORM" of "REFORM" (PT.1) ....

I am posting this quick video, because I havent touched enough on this in this journal .... I recall one posting about how to milk insurance companies and Medicare and the scam and storefront clinic's behind that. But this is actual mainstream daily business as usual, that happen's to most of us .... just get out a copy of one of your old hospital stay bill's if you happen to have one, and look in detail of what you are or were charged. You should see some cost's that seem a little high for miscellaneous item's and/ or service's of some sort.

This is VERY critical in how much we pay in premium's and out of pocket etc. The bottom line is this .... in order to achieve true health care reform .... it's much deeper in this country than just trying to insure 40 million uninsured ... and most of this is focusing on that .... primarily because insurance giant's are drooling in delight of the possibilities of getting those ten's of million's to pay premium's .... get them into clinic's and get the clinic doctor's to presribe them drug's that they have to buy monthly or bi- monthly as well. But this entire system is abused whether intentionally or just plain ole out of habit, and doing business as usual. Cleaning up this mess .... would clean up billion's upon billion's of waste actually.

Basically what is happening in this cesspool is not just the insurance companies at fault, but everybody is caught up in a way of doing business, to well .... make "business" .... even inurance companies get milked as you can see here, which I know all to well, but cant legally get into the detail's here of what I have witnessed let's just say .... but it is one Hell of a business .... and another reason why our damn cost's are out of control. This is not to defend insurance companies .... I simply posted this to look at the reality. Even our Medicare/ Medicaid System's is getting severly abused by just citizen's who make a living off of milking these social service's and doing illegal activities .... they milk our insurance companies as well drastically. The scam's that goes on, on the street's is absolutely incredible of way's to milk these industries and social programme's.

$1,000 toothbrush? ... Thanx to CNN