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PLEASE VOTE 2010 .... Your Country and President NEED'S YOUR Support ...

CNN: Obama blasts GOP in speech to youth before 2010 midterm elections ... Thanx to CNN


VOTING RIGHT'S IN TEXAS FOR CONVICTED FELON'S AND THOSE STILL INCARCERATED INFO, YES YOU CAN VOTE! NOTE: If an ex- offender or incarcerated offender happen's to stumble up on this in Texas and need's more detail's on voting, please feel welcome to contact me at this email address or PO BOX in header/ profile view.

Yes .... another political posting ... because money and politic's dominate's everything that has to do with what freedom's we do have. So in my view, this election is critical as I point out much. Probably one of the most sickening thing's about this election, is that republican's have managed to twist this whole thing away from fact's, blamed the debt on this administration ... saying that it all happened over the last two year's ... and that folk's can be so short sighted, that they wont look at the truth and math ... every single debt crisis we have was all a product of the last administration actually ... the entire thing ... they drained this country dry and their last stunt was to lock in a bailout obligation (all cleverly timed and locked in during the last month's of the Bush/ Cheney Administration) and took all the money offshore, spent here only creating tele commercial's in primetime, which now on the tele ... is saturated with bank/ finance and insurance/ pharma ad's and many dont even see this ... 4 out of 5 primetime tele ad's are dominated by this, some I seen were entirely 100% all their ad's, and putting their name's on sport's stadium's across the nation (Dallas is one of only a few cities that didnt let them buy naming right's on all 3 major stadium's, as they have at Texas Rangers BallPark Stadium , Cowboys Stadium , and the Cotton Bowl )... the same folk's that were going broke ... and they done it all right in the open, didnt even try to cover it ... took $350 billion in the first grab ...and when House Speaker Pelosi asked Treasury Secy Paulson where it went? ... he said he didnt ask, frankly they do what they want, and take whatever they want ... and really dont give a shit what anyone think's. This is exactly what they are spending million's on through the Tea Party and GOP right now ... just like the billion's they spent on screwing any health care reform they could, and eliminating all competition and public option ... there is no bloody competition ... when you have a 100 companies all under the same board of director's.

For the last two week's I have spent alot of time talking to young adult's that have voted with much enthusiasm for President Obama in the last election 2008. Two friend's of mine who I also done much business with over the last couple year's own store's that buy, sell, trade computer game's, music, poster's, and advertise/ promote local inde music band's, and alot of their customer's are young adult's, and several that I know from casual acquaintance and hanging out. I have talked to some also in the neighborhood of all age's that have voted Obama as well, including my own familia member's.

One of the thing's that was rather alarming to me ... was the lack of enthusiasm to vote ... even my own 25 year old daughter that I live with, who stood in line herself to vote in the last election for our President. During small chat I asked for opinion's on the election's, and if these folk's were going to vote ... not pounding the issue ... because I dont like to pressure this sort of thing, especially to younger adult's ... I realize when your in your late teen's/ early 20's for instance, how looking at alot of these issue's and especially the political candidate's can be boring and sometime's irritating, because they all talk the same stuff ... you heard it all, and you have alot of personal thing's on your mind and just plain busy living and enjoying life ... I was young myself at a time. And for those older adult's ... I know how frustrating the time's are for many and the thought of hopelessness leading to lack of interest in some cases.

Most of the young adult's including my daughter ... have no idea what is on the table, or the current issue's, especially on the economy, the war's or anything else ... just that their not very impressed or pleased. Most of those basically said ... they really dont care about this election, and felt that it was far more importante voting when President Obama was running, and to get rid of the Bush crowd. They really dont see the mid term election as importante, most dont listen to the news, cause frankly it's boring and otherwise depressing. But none had any idea what was on the political agenda ... and just looked at them as unimportante because they are only Congress and Senate member's and local's seat's ... and that the Presidency is actually the "big one", even if they dont follow all the issue's. Many feel that they done all they can and were happy to get our President elected ... and many had to wait in long boring line's at that, texting, chatting or whatever, just as a temporary escape from the boredom and time they had to spend in line's, time that is so valuable to those who are young ... and your effort's are very appreciated.

But what make's this so importante ... is because our President cant just wave a wand, or use his executive power's on everything his supporter's want. He has worked so hard just over the last two year's to orchestrate his crew and gameplan and lay the foundation, believe me. It is those Senate and Congressional member's he need's. And those who oppose him since day one ... have not gave one bit of consideration, respect or helping hand to the President ... they have only criticized him, opposed every proposal and attempt to compromise, and done everything they could to make him fail and bring a miserable work day to him if they can.

Some seem to think that it's semi pointless also because of all the money backing, and backdoor politic's, deal's etc. It is true ... that money is power ... but one of the last freedom's we have is to "choose". That choice is so importante ... the mega corporate sector does everything they can in the hope's that those who support this President's work are discouraged, and funnel all the money they can to campaign ad's, media, etc, to say that this administration is going to make America fall, because they want to control more than they already do. Those Senator's and Congressional member's are importante to them as well, more importante than some of us realize ... to be able to sustain and gain more control. Nothing is about the people, it's about power and wealth only ... you have to fight for everything you get ... and what liberties you do have and want's just dont come that easy and quickly ... it's an endless challenge and battle.

Also, one of those most frequent question's I was asked was ... what is on the table/ issue's?, or who are what candidate's who support what?, etc. Look ... for me it was easy on that ... simply ... if you support the President, support them who support him, and you can get in/ out fairly quick. I alway's vote early and simply voted straight democrat across the board (and I like doing everything quick, so believe me, it was quick!), and that way I know he will get those who he need's and want's. Also ... if you forgot or lost your voting registration card in Texas? No Problemo ... simply present a valid ID or Texas Drivers Liscense, they will run a computer match on it and let you vote without your voting registration, easily and quick. If your an ex- offender in Texas (ex- convict) even convicted of a felony, register to vote ... these law's that prevent ex- convict's/ offender's from voting you hear about are in other state's around the country and dont apply in Texas ... you can vote here. I have met some ex- offender's that have this thought that they cant vote, or just assumed it, this is nonsense.

To demand that folk's vote would be anti- freedom and un- American, I would never even pressure my own daughter's. I can only try to stress the importance and ask "PLEASE" ... for your liberties, your country and your President.


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This posting is for US Armed Forces Veteran's of War ... this will be the first part of a series I hope to compile on this, because it is an issue that has been on my mind for several year's. First of all ... as I said time and again .... there should be no reason that even one Veteran of War should be homeless ... PERIOD! NOT ONE! Frankly ... I dont give a shit if we have to build seperate facilities across the nation just to facilitate them and their familia's alone! Thank You to all President Obama and this Administration done recently to get a decent start on addressing this, more than what the last Administration certainly done!

Considering the wealth of this nation ... and especially the amount's of money we spend across the board ... the unbelievable amount for instance that will be spent on this election and freak's of the show ... and the lifetime benefit's package's of those who represent us, with all the other incentive's from our taxes, and the wealth of the private sector. The stories I have ranted about on this are plenty. The thing is ... these Veteran's actually DONE SOMETHING, beside's running their jaw's and making ass print's in fine leather chair's while doing so ... and their volunteering to defend is enormous in itself, as far as actually doing something. We call them "heroes" ... I couldnt agree more ... if you want to look at who is actually "elite" ... well ... look no further, these are the women and men who are the primary defender's of our way of life, and everything we cherish. Below ... a video of "Operation Stand Down".

Homeless Veterans: Stand Down ... Thanx to CBS


How the US Army made me question the Salvation Army

Dale.G. ... American Soldier to Homeless Dope Fiend ... His story and battle on the Homefront

Fort Hood, Texas ... United States Army ... Memorial Post

Happy Veterans Day

Veteran's ... the Challenge's and Reality ... that many American Veteran's still face

Dan Wallrath: ... a "Heroes Hero" and my choice for "Texan of the Year"

Witness to War: ... A Memorial Day Homage

Sgt. Matthis Chiroux: ."Unsung Heroes" ... "Phoney Politic's/ Prosperity, and.. Plastic corporate manufactured War's"



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IAN ANDERSON/ JETHRO TULL (PT.1): ... "Skating Away ( on thin ice )" ... "Aqualung" ... "Locomotive Breath" ... LIVE

This art's/ music posting is to honour one of the most unique composer's in our time, "Mr. Ian Anderson" of "Jethro Tull" (who Jethro Tull 1674- 1741 was here) . This is another group/ artist that I frankly dont know where to start on their accomplishment's and contribution's. But they been around as Tull since 1967 ... and are curently on world tour in 2010. They turned over well in the mainstream of contemporary electronic and rock genre, the composition has a flavour as distinguished as the intensity and performance's of Mr. Anderson (excellent guitar structure's by Mr. Martin Barre as well)! His versatality/ multi-tasking from string's to flute's, clarinet's, keyboard's, with his powerful unique vocal's create's this type of poetic story book series of work's from "Living in the Past" to "Cross Eyed Mary" ... and character's like "Aqualung" to the theatric's of the "Passion Play" ... and has been a major influence of so many in the industry. And Thanx for the great collection of work's!

I had seen them twice "live" ... Houston 1975 and Dallas 1981(?) was last ... and have just about everything that was released in my home collection as well. It was also another task to choose only 3 song's ... since I had so many in mind ... and spent hour's on YouTube reviewing the choice's. All below are "live" ... Enjoy!

1) Jethro Tull- The Minstrel Looks Back 2DVD- Skating Away live 1977 ... Thanx to TOMMYGUN1028


3) Jethro Tull- Locomotive Breath (Live 1982) ... Thanx to MADMISSION



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QUEST FOR IMMORTALITY: "Cappuccini a Palermo" ... "Rosalia Lombardo" and "Ronald McDonald's Happy Meal" ...

"Quest for Immortality" will be the title for this art posting, to look at the art and science of embalming, mummification, and preservation , but there is also natural mummification as well. The human species is unique in it's quest for immortality, and these practice's go back to the beginning of our recorded history. Even our religion's were designed to our desire's for this, all having some type of afterlife, reincarnation, or other special treat's awaiting and post death. And of course, even in the present ... the God's of today such as Ronald McDonald are no exception, even giving treat's before death to accelerate it's meeting.

First video will be a look at "Cappuccini a Palermo" which is also commonly known as the "Catacomb's of Palermo, Sicily" ... claimed by an order of monk's, which is a place on my list of museum's I would love to visit. Then in the 2nd video, is a look at the preservation of Ronald McDonald's "Happy Meal" ... of course ... I wanted to also do this because I was "Thinking of the Kid's". And the last video ... my little sweetheart known as Sicily's "Sleeping Beauty", Ms. Rosalia Lombardo . Enjoy!

Catacombs of Palermo (better quality) ... Thanx to VFRMAN750FT

McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger Video ... Thanx to DIETHEALTH

Rosalia Lombardo ... Thanx to RSKMGT


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WELLS FARGO & The "Overdraft Pinch" ... Last Call to Rob Ya'll ... PART 3

This Part 3 (PART'S 1 & 2 HERE) of "Last Call to Rob Ya'll" will focus on some of the method's of milking on bank overdraft fee's and some tip's for the customer's. A READ HERE from Jane Bryant Quinn at MoneyWatch.com to explain some of the pinch method's as well. Of course Wells fargo was ordered by a San Francisco Court to pay back over $203 million to customer's in overdraft fee's, which is a consumer plus, and DONT WORRY .... the bank's wont go bankrupt or ever spend a day in the poorhouse, as they whine about relentlessly, more BS we are fed of course. I get so sick of these whiner's/ cry babies who pose as so called "elite", but are no more than thieves in well tailored suit's and welfare/ bailout recipient's. There's balanced business and unbalanced business in other word's ... and this is so unbalanced it's hilarious that we put up with it ... Hell .... dealing with drug cartel's is safer ... at least there you have "honesty" ... "You screw me/ us ... You Die" ... simple. : )

Many just dont want to waste time or feel impatient or helpless to these power house scam's ... but your only as helpless as you create in your mind, remember ... there is a "system" here ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... this isnt bloody Communist China. You just need to be more savvy in your financial dealing's today. Understand that these programme's/ system's to pinch/ milk/ scam, dont need a human to do all the work in the scam ... today they just design a programme, and the computer system does all the work on targeting which and who customer's for what ... and it can also be an added protection from the "law's", in other word's ... say your in court, your defense can alway's be raising issue on the computer/ programme, failing/ malefunctioning instead of the programme designer ... I mean ... how can you prosecute a system/ machine? ... get my drift? Yes ... they will think of shit like this ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :) It's done mega time's faster and more efficiently than a human can do ... it's a mega scam that pay's off well. And they know most folk's are too busy to keep up with alot, and dont even keep track of the little $25 buck's here and there fee's and such. Another reason I been so gung ho on this is because of several University/ College student's I heard, such as at my daughter's school (University) that were ending up paying even $50/ $75buck's for a cup of Starbucks or some pizza delivered in fee's they were hammered with constantly. I mean ... shit add's up.

I chose 3 video's to post below ... first a brief news clip on Well Fargo court case, then a couple guy's that give some pointer's on how to get back some money, and the reason's the bank's wont challenge it in many cases. I realize fee's and such are only fair ... and also that many folk's ignore their spending ... I mean ... back in the 1980's at once ... I was in debt actually $20,000+ on card's that took me nearly a decade to clear my credit (plus I live in Texas, and consumer's/ customer's here have much more to use than most state's, such as there is no garnishment law's here of wage's or even property, or jail, only here for child support or federal/ state taxes, as there is in most large state's ... you can actually sue collector's here and win easily) ... I simply done everything in them day's electronically and with card's and such, never even seen paycheck's back then ... just used direct deposit's and machine's to access 24/ 7/ 365 ... paid monthly statement's to these folk's and one day actually looked at what was happening. But believe me .... these practice's by these mega bank's are far from just clean balanced fee's and such ... this is all well calculated for maximus milking, so to feel guilty or that you are terrible managing money etc, would be pointless ... Hell ... most working folk's and student's dont even have enough money to manage ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :) And dont think this is just Wells Fargo and you are home free, etc ... this is just one of many folk's and scam's.

Credit and compliment's here to Mr. Nick Yaya and Mr. Karney Hatch ....

NEWS: Wells Fargo & Co. to Pay Over $200M for Excessive Overdraft Fees ... Thanx to SMARTRENDNEWS

How To Get Back Overdraft Fees From Your Bank ... Thanx to TEEN ENTERTAINMENT



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Americans for Job Security/ Americans for Prosperity ... Calling the GAME on Failure, Fact's Vs. Blind Faith ... PT.3

This Part 3 (Part's 1 and 2 HERE) is again because of the importance of the upcoming election's ... and "making", then pointing out the strategies of the "Game". And simply because since earlier in this journal, I pointed out "IF" Obama and Dem's were to get a sweep and majority in the election's and he won ... the behind the scene's "money" that are the controlling entities would do everything in their power to stop this administration, if he at all done what he (Obama) proposed in his Senate year's and campaign's ... and that right after the President was elected, I also stated that job figure's technically could not improve much and would take time, and that this 2010 election may NOT be the cakewalk that Dem's were cheering about in early 2009 on many blog's ... pointing out that republican's are dumb, cant win, all hick's, etc, etc ... and joking about Tea Bagger's,etc. I had stated time and again ... TO NOT TAKE ANY OF THIS LIGHTHEARTED ... and for damn good reason. I'm like those who stay one step ahead of us in this game screwing American's ... I am one who stay's one step ahead of them, instead. Also as I pointed out ... the 2008 election was NOT the cakewalk it looked like ... electorially ... sure ... but vote for vote ... that race in 2008 was as close as they come ... meaning technically that the "divide" amongst voter's in the nation is almost equal in number's, and can "swing" so easily from one side to the other ... and "IF" the turnout of voter's IS NOT like over the excitement of Obama and his race against McCain, especially amongst those many first time voter's of young, and other's ... the republican's can landslide in victory easily, in 2010, and/ or 2012.

So one may wonder why do I seem obsessed with this election? I'm NOT ... I just realize a "good thing" when I have it is all. What we all see is a show and distraction that is happening ... where those American's suffering this new way they are not accustomed to, are being used. They are using the fear's, economy, and everything else as they did in healthcare reform to trick American's into thinking we are going downhill, when honestly ... we are actually going uphill since this administration took over ... maybe not as quickly as we would want ... but believe me, where we could be right now considering the circumstance's is alot worse. Sadly they not only use the people of this nation who pay for this machine to run off their hard work and generosity ... but they even highjacked the peoples major religion's and belief's ... using the family value's crowd's to use and poison their mind's, just so they can get that power that they crave. They are even behind creating many of the conflict's across the board socially/ culturally in this country amongst the peoples currently that we see, conflict's that were alway's there to a degree, but picking them carefully to intensify them by feeding the fire, to distract folk's mind's from what they are doing. These people who think that they are actually following a group that care's for American's job's and for prosperity are being conned so hard ... and their proposal's that they feed the republican's ... and many good decent republican's feel will work ... cannot, the way the global market is currently. So YES ... I am very concerned ... why do you think I pounded so hard for Obama to get elected? I was a voting republican for year's! and very pro business, and still am, and YES ... voted for Bush/ Cheney too.

Below CNN link ... but we all should have a few question's about these folk's like "Americans for Job Security" and also for "Americans for Prosperity" ....

***** CNN: Outside political groups Obama criticized are a mutual undertaking ... (newsread)


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This Part 2 ( PART 1 HERE ) ... is another political posting, but because of the condition and the nearby mid-term election's, because this is a critical issue, this is not about left/ right as much as it's about success or failure of America. I also want to congratulate Prof. Elizabeth Warren on her recent job appointment to be watchdog of a new consumer protection agency, a much needed agency right now, cause frankly we are getting, screwed, blued, and tattooed ... this gal has been in the trenches for year's, and is really concerned, because there's reason to be, and call's this game well! She is one of them devoted worker type's who basically bust's ass on the job. But listen to what this woman say's ... and by all mean's ... look up other video's as well as article's on what she say's ... THIS IS A REALITY AND MAJOR CONCERN. The reason for this posting, is in hope that even if just one person stumble's across this that may be one of the million's who are in a swing state of mind as far as voting ... if they can learn something from this, and vote straight democrat ... it's importante. And my concern has rooted since not just when I got my first computer 2.5 year's ago and started this journal, but since actually the early 2000's when I just out of habit, from voting republican for year's, voted Bush/ Cheney and started wondering what in Hell were they doing? And what was happening with the spending/ surplus milking, deregulation, war funding's, etc, etc ... I couldnt believe what I was seeing, so therefore since the start of this journal I been trying to point out these issue's, and writing about how the global marketplace has drastically changed in the last half century, and the crisises to come "IF" we do not acknowledge this and "ACT". Many folk's simply dont understand how importante this is ... so this is not a posting to rant left/ right stuff, or about silly pop culture figure's like this Christine O'Donnell clown character ( is there not enough talk/ media about her teenage play-witch adventure's? or her "magickal power's"? Geeeezz ) ... but to deal with a grave issue. This is not to entertain, but enlighten.

Another one in the trenches I must commend on her work, has to be for the work she done as editor of "The Nation" ... Ms. Katrina vanden Heuvel ... another I had been interested in, because how she also paint's a true picture of the reality, and bring's up such crucial concern's, she also has a schlew of article's and video's you can easily access and I strongly encourage, because if your looking for who are heroes in America, these two are right now unsung heroes. Do not listen to the rubbish pop culture talk that these are radical left winger's and the other nonsense about being socialist's to destroy free market ... they are actually talking about saving what little free market we have left! And frankly VERY balanced when it come's to business! What we are currently experiencing as American's is simply something that needed to come ... because of the change in the global market arena, and the fact that this system must fall apart/ collapse and change to keep up with the time's, or we are up creek without a paddle to be frank, and could end up as one of the largest 3rd World type countries on the globe ... getting our degree's ... and serving and flipping burger's and fries to/ for each other. Because what we are seeing is those mega corporate icon's who now have gained so much control in everything from the Supreme Court , to our energy need's, to our health and death ( and the reason the corporate icon's support group's that are anti birth control as well and organization's like the Vatican who promote such and control much, is because more babies = more $$$$$$, and cheaper labour, etc ), to our finance/ economic's ... are about to abandon the country (America) that made them great off our spending, generosity, and back's. It took me a couple year's to figure out what in Hell was happening, this was such a slithering, stealthy game that was pulled, but have a pretty decent idea now.

The surplus was drained and used to invest and lock in future stability/ security for these icon's and power to basically control the globe's market's totally, because of all the new player's/ countries that have became player's, and because post WW2 era industrial revolution market's have flourished with great prosperity, when basically for year's EU countries, Japan, and USA, had controlled everything. Now with all the new market's, manufacturing, alternative energies, and new player's from place's like Indonesia, Central American countries, China, Russia, etc ... some who been taking apart our product's for year's to try to figure out how they work, and how they can make it better and cheaper, have become a threat to these icon's, so this new control tactic, is to have control over all the world market's and new industries. This is also why so much focus on Afghanistan ... for the resource's and having China as a major player, because that govenment also is a communist technocracy (and this is also where the Bush familia came in, because year's back senior H.W.Bush was Envoy/ US Liaison Office Chief to China, acting at time's like Ambassador, although the office didnt have official status as an embassy, before he even was VP to Reagan and making connection's there, also securing connection's/ relation's later through his son G.W.Bush with the Saudi's and the Texas petro industrialist's, this is the connection to the close finance working's with Saudi's and China, both defensively and investment wise, and also remember senior Bush was also CIA Director at a time, even giving him more inside intell and connection's abroad) that has major control of one of the biggest future marketplace's ... China .... like India ... with population's over 3X time's the amount of the USA for instance. They dont plan on investing much here is my point, but to invest in these market's and industries instead ... and simply use us only for tax purposes, and doing the grunt work like fighting war's, and letting them write legislation in our government, for their tax haven's and domination basically, or a "home base". They frankly dont really care that much about America as they do the new mega market's to come out elsewheres. The funding and generosity we do for them, will not be in no way to benefit any working American's or domestic small corporation's, business, financial institution's or anything else, they have recently proven this ... were simply being taken (used) for a ride basically.

So bottom line what you see now, is that the table's have flipped, and the party (republican) that once stood for free enterprise/ market, entrepreneurialism, smaller business/ corporation's, America, rugged individualism, etc, etc ... has been taken over and totally rebuilt by these international corporate icon's, and the other party (democrat) has started to become the one's who now support these thing's, and what the American Dream was, etc ... a total "flip- flop" is what we are seeing in other word's. This is why ... if you truely love your country and would like to see some action take place here to make thing's better and balanced ... it would be very wise to vote Democrat. Also for the record again ... I am very "pro- business" and "free market" ... what we are seeing is anything but that today. "IF" the GOP/ Republican's were to gain a majority of power ... the first job of these corporate/ finance icon's would probably be to stop any new regulatory reform and taxation's on themselves and affiliate's, then to do everything they can to retire/ eliminate Warren and this agency, not unless they are able to write all the agencies rule's as well. Also I do my own taxes every year, and this last 2009 year, after I mailed them in ... the IRS wrote me a letter back and stated that I made a mistake this last year on my tax return (even though I checked the "box" that I didnt need anyone to check) and that I qualified for an extra tax credit I didnt file ... to tell me that they are going to send me an extra $1200 check as well. Do you think any mega corporate/ finance would have done that? And some folk's wonder how I can put more trust in government in 2010, than mega corporate's? Why would you think?

Let me give you an idea of 2010 "free market" support for this Tea Party crowd, or some of the GOP crowd of now, as to what they unknowingly support ... Wal-Mart's going up in rural communities across their beloved "Heartland", that have put several local small businesses out of business ... because they simply cant compete on price. Or paying excessive premium's for so called "premium health care" ... and getting inferior treatment with only a smile that make's the difference, as well as getting dumped right before surgery by a insurance panel with no oversight or regulation's to follow or adhere to, yet we must go by all their rule's, in fact "inferior" as far as getting the most bang for your buck ... yet ... they claim how great this is ... and think a small public option would eventually put these mega insurer's out of business? How would they go out of business, if you have a "choice" and they are so great? Isnt that what is called "competition"? make up your goddamn mind on what you say ... because you sound like you talk out of both side's of your mouth. The thought that our corporate manufactured war's and military contracting at 3X time's the cost of government military is to fight for people's freedom, and save's us from terror attack's ... this is total nonsense. Investing in a retirement plan, where if you attempt to take out any of your money later, only you, not those who get commission's and fee's get penalized. Credit/ loan's, where you agree to an interest rate, and a few month's later it get's tripled, and you get hammered with fee's you never heard of, and when you call them to discuss it, someone named Sam or MaryLou halfway around the world deal's with you, and basically tell's you, your shit outta luck. Just a few example's. Yeah ... Ya'll are about as "pro- America" as I am "Mickey F'n Mouse" ....

Rachel Maddow- Elizabeth Warren on policing the credit industry ... Thanx to START LOVING- WAGE LOVE OR DIE

Elizabeth Warren Explains the Financial Mess in Terms Anyone Can Understand! ... Thanx to BELVASDAUGHTER

Briefing: Katrina vanden Heuvel on Class Warfare from the Top Down ... Thanx to THE NATION


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Reem al Numeri : ... A young girl's PLEA ... and her PRICE, for a basic Grade School Education ...

Reem al Numeri

This posting is not to just complain about this, since it is not in my country or part or my religion/ culture ... as much as it is to show a picture of a current reality that so many in our country of both polarizing political side's turn our head's to, because it does not fit into our political correctness to discuss either. But this is the plea and testimony of just one of many young girl's, not just Yemeni girl's, but various countries globally ... that we support and do business with even ... sometime's even praise in some fashion. Of course ... I am grateful as an American that I didnt have to raise my own daughter under these type's of religious law's, I wouldnt want to father daughter's in this type of society, ... and certainly not as a grown man would want to have forced or even voluntary sex with a little child, as many of these men apparently do ... however, like in many countries under these law's ... it is a living, an investment of sort, as some friend's of mine from Morocco have explained to me in detail ... where the little girl's are actually looked at not just as property, but a commodity/ asset of sort to bring in revenue to the familia by selling them off, even significantly younger than this girl. READ HERE And compliment's to CNN.

Child Bride Horrors Last A Lifetime ... Thanx to WRATHOFKHAN

I feel that this is importante to acknowledge so that we have a more clearer understanding of just who our mega offshore investor's/ finance, contractor's, down the line support, and even of the countries that have lobbying power's in some case's, more than the American people do in our own Washington government, and clout with some of America's finest. I have no doubt that I would not do any business with any of these countries, and impose the strictest sanction's as well as far as business is concerned, I frankly wouldnt give a damn how unpopular it was! ... we cant? Bullshit! We can do more than we realize we can do ... if we stood firm, instead of the way we conduct ourselves, like weasel's ... clouding our perspective's/ vision with the pathetic mindset we do. It is incredible as much as we all rant how we love children all over the globe ... that a little girl would have to do this just to learn the basic reading and writing skill's ... even more incredible of the parasitic mindset that ignore's this.

Even more .... the law just to raise the age to 17 was blocked by conservative's in this country, and 100 leading religious cleric's argue that to make an age limit law would be "un-Islamic" and a violation of Islamic Law, which sadly even translate's to at "best" for these girl's ... that even if the government made a law of 17 before they can be sold or traded off ... the fact is ... that they would still be marketed the same way ... just at an older age of 17 ... but still unable to choose who they marry, or if they marry for that matter by their own choice ... and would still have to follow the regulation's to even get not just familia and community support, but just to get any education.

Also I would like to add this bit as far as sanction's and economic's, and as a response to the gentleman Demeur (a blog that I frequent) ... when he asked in his comment posting, what would sanction's do since they are so poverty stricken, have nothing, etc? ... a damn good point ... but also here is a brief read on the Yemeni economic's history and what's going on as a response to this question. First of all when I commented in the above 2nd. paragraph, concerning "lobbying" ... who and why is there any lobbying done on behalf of the Yemeni Government to begin with? For the small investment's in the little free market oil reserve's they do have, that are not to deplete until around 2017? Or perhap's the agriculture that can bring in some business? Strategic defense reason's? And even if the Saudi's have decreased funding to this neighbor ... what in the Hell are we giving "still" billion's to them directly from American tax dollar's as well as extended giveaway's and credit from the World Bank? ... another avenue (World Bank) I'm sure many of our bailout dollar's went to as well. So ... in my opinion ... we can act as long as we keep feeding this government with our goddamn dollar's ... what it is ... is those at the top, are so goddamn cheap that they alway's use their lobbying power's to make sure that the taxpayer's pay for every goddamn thing in these countries, the same goddamn way we are paying for an invasion of Afghanistan so that the major corporate (Chinese Gvmnt owned) miner's of China, can milk their copper, coal, and any other goddamn resource they can ... all at our expense. Your goddamn right we can do "SOMETHING" ... it's that no one want's to. My question and proposal to the Yemeni Gvmnt would be frank and simple ... "Do you enjoy the goddamn paycheck's and support we give you? ... Then lighten the fuck up! ... or I'll toss you to the fucken dog's like the Saudi's did!"