Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IAN ANDERSON/ JETHRO TULL (PT.1): ... "Skating Away ( on thin ice )" ... "Aqualung" ... "Locomotive Breath" ... LIVE

This art's/ music posting is to honour one of the most unique composer's in our time, "Mr. Ian Anderson" of "Jethro Tull" (who Jethro Tull 1674- 1741 was here) . This is another group/ artist that I frankly dont know where to start on their accomplishment's and contribution's. But they been around as Tull since 1967 ... and are curently on world tour in 2010. They turned over well in the mainstream of contemporary electronic and rock genre, the composition has a flavour as distinguished as the intensity and performance's of Mr. Anderson (excellent guitar structure's by Mr. Martin Barre as well)! His versatality/ multi-tasking from string's to flute's, clarinet's, keyboard's, with his powerful unique vocal's create's this type of poetic story book series of work's from "Living in the Past" to "Cross Eyed Mary" ... and character's like "Aqualung" to the theatric's of the "Passion Play" ... and has been a major influence of so many in the industry. And Thanx for the great collection of work's!

I had seen them twice "live" ... Houston 1975 and Dallas 1981(?) was last ... and have just about everything that was released in my home collection as well. It was also another task to choose only 3 song's ... since I had so many in mind ... and spent hour's on YouTube reviewing the choice's. All below are "live" ... Enjoy!

1) Jethro Tull- The Minstrel Looks Back 2DVD- Skating Away live 1977 ... Thanx to TOMMYGUN1028


3) Jethro Tull- Locomotive Breath (Live 1982) ... Thanx to MADMISSION




Beach Bum said...

Good stuff! Listened to him a lot while in high school, actually getting to the point where I don't want to think how long ago that was.

Ranch Chimp said...

Nocturnal Greeting's Beach Bum!

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it was only as long ago as we make ourselves think ... for actual time only yesterday! :)

I remember exactly my first listen to Tull ... it was the winter in late 1969 in Upstate New York ... a bloody cold winter at that! The piece was called "Living in the Past". :)

Have a Good Un Bud!