Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PLEASE VOTE 2010 .... Your Country and President NEED'S YOUR Support ...

CNN: Obama blasts GOP in speech to youth before 2010 midterm elections ... Thanx to CNN


VOTING RIGHT'S IN TEXAS FOR CONVICTED FELON'S AND THOSE STILL INCARCERATED INFO, YES YOU CAN VOTE! NOTE: If an ex- offender or incarcerated offender happen's to stumble up on this in Texas and need's more detail's on voting, please feel welcome to contact me at this email address or PO BOX in header/ profile view.

Yes .... another political posting ... because money and politic's dominate's everything that has to do with what freedom's we do have. So in my view, this election is critical as I point out much. Probably one of the most sickening thing's about this election, is that republican's have managed to twist this whole thing away from fact's, blamed the debt on this administration ... saying that it all happened over the last two year's ... and that folk's can be so short sighted, that they wont look at the truth and math ... every single debt crisis we have was all a product of the last administration actually ... the entire thing ... they drained this country dry and their last stunt was to lock in a bailout obligation (all cleverly timed and locked in during the last month's of the Bush/ Cheney Administration) and took all the money offshore, spent here only creating tele commercial's in primetime, which now on the tele ... is saturated with bank/ finance and insurance/ pharma ad's and many dont even see this ... 4 out of 5 primetime tele ad's are dominated by this, some I seen were entirely 100% all their ad's, and putting their name's on sport's stadium's across the nation (Dallas is one of only a few cities that didnt let them buy naming right's on all 3 major stadium's, as they have at Texas Rangers BallPark Stadium , Cowboys Stadium , and the Cotton Bowl )... the same folk's that were going broke ... and they done it all right in the open, didnt even try to cover it ... took $350 billion in the first grab ...and when House Speaker Pelosi asked Treasury Secy Paulson where it went? ... he said he didnt ask, frankly they do what they want, and take whatever they want ... and really dont give a shit what anyone think's. This is exactly what they are spending million's on through the Tea Party and GOP right now ... just like the billion's they spent on screwing any health care reform they could, and eliminating all competition and public option ... there is no bloody competition ... when you have a 100 companies all under the same board of director's.

For the last two week's I have spent alot of time talking to young adult's that have voted with much enthusiasm for President Obama in the last election 2008. Two friend's of mine who I also done much business with over the last couple year's own store's that buy, sell, trade computer game's, music, poster's, and advertise/ promote local inde music band's, and alot of their customer's are young adult's, and several that I know from casual acquaintance and hanging out. I have talked to some also in the neighborhood of all age's that have voted Obama as well, including my own familia member's.

One of the thing's that was rather alarming to me ... was the lack of enthusiasm to vote ... even my own 25 year old daughter that I live with, who stood in line herself to vote in the last election for our President. During small chat I asked for opinion's on the election's, and if these folk's were going to vote ... not pounding the issue ... because I dont like to pressure this sort of thing, especially to younger adult's ... I realize when your in your late teen's/ early 20's for instance, how looking at alot of these issue's and especially the political candidate's can be boring and sometime's irritating, because they all talk the same stuff ... you heard it all, and you have alot of personal thing's on your mind and just plain busy living and enjoying life ... I was young myself at a time. And for those older adult's ... I know how frustrating the time's are for many and the thought of hopelessness leading to lack of interest in some cases.

Most of the young adult's including my daughter ... have no idea what is on the table, or the current issue's, especially on the economy, the war's or anything else ... just that their not very impressed or pleased. Most of those basically said ... they really dont care about this election, and felt that it was far more importante voting when President Obama was running, and to get rid of the Bush crowd. They really dont see the mid term election as importante, most dont listen to the news, cause frankly it's boring and otherwise depressing. But none had any idea what was on the political agenda ... and just looked at them as unimportante because they are only Congress and Senate member's and local's seat's ... and that the Presidency is actually the "big one", even if they dont follow all the issue's. Many feel that they done all they can and were happy to get our President elected ... and many had to wait in long boring line's at that, texting, chatting or whatever, just as a temporary escape from the boredom and time they had to spend in line's, time that is so valuable to those who are young ... and your effort's are very appreciated.

But what make's this so importante ... is because our President cant just wave a wand, or use his executive power's on everything his supporter's want. He has worked so hard just over the last two year's to orchestrate his crew and gameplan and lay the foundation, believe me. It is those Senate and Congressional member's he need's. And those who oppose him since day one ... have not gave one bit of consideration, respect or helping hand to the President ... they have only criticized him, opposed every proposal and attempt to compromise, and done everything they could to make him fail and bring a miserable work day to him if they can.

Some seem to think that it's semi pointless also because of all the money backing, and backdoor politic's, deal's etc. It is true ... that money is power ... but one of the last freedom's we have is to "choose". That choice is so importante ... the mega corporate sector does everything they can in the hope's that those who support this President's work are discouraged, and funnel all the money they can to campaign ad's, media, etc, to say that this administration is going to make America fall, because they want to control more than they already do. Those Senator's and Congressional member's are importante to them as well, more importante than some of us realize ... to be able to sustain and gain more control. Nothing is about the people, it's about power and wealth only ... you have to fight for everything you get ... and what liberties you do have and want's just dont come that easy and quickly ... it's an endless challenge and battle.

Also, one of those most frequent question's I was asked was ... what is on the table/ issue's?, or who are what candidate's who support what?, etc. Look ... for me it was easy on that ... simply ... if you support the President, support them who support him, and you can get in/ out fairly quick. I alway's vote early and simply voted straight democrat across the board (and I like doing everything quick, so believe me, it was quick!), and that way I know he will get those who he need's and want's. Also ... if you forgot or lost your voting registration card in Texas? No Problemo ... simply present a valid ID or Texas Drivers Liscense, they will run a computer match on it and let you vote without your voting registration, easily and quick. If your an ex- offender in Texas (ex- convict) even convicted of a felony, register to vote ... these law's that prevent ex- convict's/ offender's from voting you hear about are in other state's around the country and dont apply in Texas ... you can vote here. I have met some ex- offender's that have this thought that they cant vote, or just assumed it, this is nonsense.

To demand that folk's vote would be anti- freedom and un- American, I would never even pressure my own daughter's. I can only try to stress the importance and ask "PLEASE" ... for your liberties, your country and your President.



Tim said...

They make it tougher to vote in NY.
That being said, the reason is to stifle or depress votes as NY is mostly Democratic.
Your sentiments on voting is of the utmost importance. We need progression not regression. The good old days were not so good. Ask any minority.
Later RC

Prash said...

Hey ranch ... I am off blogging a bit due to the sensitive job nature !!!! Cant give any views on political or international affairs. ... So mt next posting will be on art !!! :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Tim: I hear ya Guy ... the good ole dayz werent so good, heh? Well let's just say there are even better dayz now for some .... meaning that one's loss, is another's gain. Those that did have money, take advantage of these time's that are tough on many other's. That's why I wrote in my earliest posting's ... if one is going to buy and has a lil (dont have to be rich or such) money ...small real- estate investment's such as property and even gold/ platinum (even copper, cause once China start's mining Afghanistan, watch what happen's to copper) are a good investment, because believe me brother, when thing's get smoother .... inflation as well as interest rate's will ceratinly let us know it by rising. This election is importante to me strictly because of economic's reason's and trade, first on the list ... because I see what this country's stand is now in the global arena as far thing's like import/ export, GDP, education, finance ... and IF ... we think we have it hard now ... brother ... we havent seen nothing yet. My point ... we seen all the change we will see ... keep this administration, because IF we change in the middle here ... sure the GOP probably can figure out some way to create a few job's, but the price will be too much (longrun) and the smokescreen of a better time will crash quicker than we think, and of course the job creation thru them will only be part of a political strategy with their puppet master's to win further power in 2012. Trust me on this one.

Thanx for your opinion and word's here Tim!

Ranch Chimp said...

Prash! Been by your place several time's ... and seen you been blog absent ... so good to hear from you. I realize you had alot of organizing to do getting all your crate's finally delivered to New York .... you and your other half having to get organized in your new flat, etc. I heard of a lil trouble over in the Chelsea District, and hoped thing's were okay for ya'll. It may take a few month's to get used to the flavour of the City (NYC) ... my area of town was over in Brooklyn (but was in Manhattan just about daily).

As far as your "sensitive job nature" and not being able to contribute view's on politic's or int'l affair's ... say nothing more my friend ... totally understood ( I also suspected that would have to come sooner or later because of your job ) ... look at the brighter side ... you can invest more blog time in art's ... and you do great photo work as well, and spend less time getting involved in the current rubbish that has palgued this nation and other's! :)

Other than that ... hope ya'll got your flat situated and are fine. Your looking good Guy ... you look like a New Yorker now! :)

Thanx for stopping by Guy ....

Prash said...

thanks buddy.

our shipment is not yet in our flat yet... first, it was accreditation from washington which took ages and then it was one of our colleagues who got confused with 149 pkg and 149 kg (she put kg instead of pkg)...and now it looks like ok, so should be having our carton boxes next week or weekend by the latest.

right now, i work at the French Mission to the UN, till end of december... after that, i will be back at full swing and can even call the Italian PM as ridiculuous prime criminal buffoon !!! :-) Now, I can't !!!

I didn't have troubles in adapting to NYC...it was so very quick...I like the international part of this city, everybody has got an accent, everybody is somewhere !!

I love Bkklyn.. though i went there only very few times, i work in midtown and live in upper east side.

hope u r fine.

Ranch Chimp said...

Great to hear thing's are fine for ya'll in the City, and that you found it easy to adapt to. It's really a great town, has made a big comback since I was a kid, back in the 1970's it really deteriorated, garbage strike's, cut city service's, bankruptcy, you name it ... shit hit the fan all at once it seemed ... you wouldnt believe what Times Square looked like in the 1970's, you literally wouldnt reckonize it from today, it became a slum and eyesore at once (you couldnt tell looking at how vibrant it is today, it used to be that way back in the 1940's/ 1950's actually) ... by 1989/ 1990 it really started improving and getting back to being grand. But nothing has ever destroyed the City atmosphere and it's unique flavour. Lot's of former New Yorker's live in Miami and Dallas as well, alot of New York private investment's in this town for instance.

Incorrect labeling and paper work on your package's? A bloody month late!!? Well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I reckon that's USA for ya! :) ... alway's late. :)

Later Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Prash ... You live on the Upper East Side and work in Midtown?!!! You LUCKY DAWG!! :)

Prash said...

yes the problem when you live in upper east side and work in midtown, you don't tend to leave manhattan very often... i still havnt gone to harlem, bronx or queens... u see ? NO time and all the friends come to manhattan and we end up meeting here... u see ?

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Prash ... you havent been there long enough yet ... you'll get up in Harlem and further up into the connecting South Bronx and beyond in time, and over in Queens ... beside's ... assuming you flew into Kennedy or La Guardia ... you were already in Queens actually! :) (unless you flew into Newark ... which is in Jersey ... but my guess was Kennedy in Queens) that north part of Harlem into the South Bronx ( S.Bronx technically the start of "Spanish Harlem") can have some tough neighborhood's in the evening hour's especially ... then going deeper up into the Bronx ... some very nice area's and continuing. Harlem has some great eateries I may add, for those who like especially Philly Cheesesteak's (which I do ... :) ) as well as entertainment music/ art's venue's (Central Harlem of course) and popular area's such as 90th & Broadway, 125th & Lexington, etc. I still have familia in Queen's, mostly in and around Jackson Heights, even in Flatbush/ Brooklyn ... as well as upstate in South and West Buffalo. Been along time since I was in the City, but hear alot of great new joint's too!

But yeah Guy ... ya'll meet in the heart of the City! Great area.

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Prash ... just for reference ... Harlem is technically in Manhattan ... just way, way uptown. :)

Give it some time ... you'll catch on. :)

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Prash, because of what I commented on Harlem ... and 90th& Broadway ... 90th& Broadway would not yet be Harlem, but on the way, more of a popular area in around Upper West Side ... you can say your in the heart of Harlem I reckon once you pass 110th St.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also speaking of Jackson Heights/ Queens Prash ... you may like to visit "Little India" for eateries, just as a tip, beside's, your close.