Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JANICE WELLS: Calls 911 to report a possible "Burglary in Progress" and is assaulted by Police ... (Police Brutality PT.4)

Janice Wells

Because of my commitment to what President Obama is working so hard to try to accomplish, as I strongly point out throughout this journal, the critical mid term election, as well as my commitment since day one of and to this journal ... I couldnt post anything over the last week, and was compelled by my personal commitment's to have the last posting as the first posting upon entering this journal until the election passed.

But this posting here is long past due, that I have followed since day one, which now is not news and a half year old as far as ... but belong's in this series to show the reality of one of America's growing problem's that plagues this nation. I especially want to focus on this because it is widely overlooked simply because of all the issue's that we face as well. This again will show how the race divide also in this nation is still alive and well ... but also more importante ... because of budget's locally in various part's of the nation as well as fear and stress on all ... how this has been allowed to grow with intensity over recent year's ... to where it had plagued not only crime ridden urban area's ... but has even went into the middle working American sector's to where even hard working tax paying citizen's and major community contributor's are falling victim to this more and more. It is something that is easy to turn away from for most especially in these time's, but still needed to keep on the front fire.


***** CNN: City attorney: Officer violated policy tasering Georgia woman ... (newread)

57 Yr Old 3rd Grade Teacher Tasered 12 Times By Cops After Calling 911 For Burglar ... Thanx to IDIOT BOX

Mrs. Janice Wells being a 3rd Grade school teacher College/ University educated and community contributor, as well as personally knowing Stewart County, GA Sheriff Larry Jones, show's just how widespread this can be. When Sheriff Jones caught wind that night of what was going down at the scene of the 911 call and went himself to the scene, even he was in shock as to what was going down. However, like many rural area's across the nation ... budget cut's and funding have been a contributing factor just like what was once almost exclusive to urban America ... being that police and emergency help get's spread so thinly ... and even now more and more rural and suburbia middle American's cant get the adequate protection that they need. Because of this lack of adequate patrol, Sheriff Jones was forced to call two seperate police department's to answer this call ... and of course officer's dispatched had no idea who they were dealing with or the community at all.

Sure ... both officer's Ryan Smith of Lumpkin PD and Tim Murphy of Richland PD are no longer employed ... but is this enough? In my opinion absolutely not. It is clear that this is excessive force and also another case of criminal assault w/ battery and I feel that the officer's should have criminal charge's brought against them, which were not. Understand when you just put these type's on administrative leave at desk duty, or let them off using sick pay, declining to take criminal action against them ... this simply send's a message to other officer's of what to expect. Especially the package's of severance pay and other benefit's they receive when they leave the department ... most of them also are almost guaranteed a future once in law enforcement to stay in law enforcement ... and are usually hired in other town's just month's later as the smoke clear's, getting new position's in other law enforcement division's. So this is another area that I feel Federal Gvmnt should step in to deal with. These officer's are unsatisfactory and should not continue these career's. Lawsuit's by the victim's as far as civil legal action's is not enough ... these officer's should be on a national database to never be able to work in law enforcement again, period.

Reading the testimonies of these officer's clearly show's again that their full of shit ... and just how easy it is to use what is termed as "obstruction of justice" to justify any goddamn thing that your mind conjure's up to act on. Even coast to coast now across America ... "resisting" as well as "assault" on an officer is more twisted than ever. Being if you just verbally question an officer it can be a charge on you of resisting arrest ... or if because of a pain from an arm or wrist twist (standard usage applied by officer's to maximize submission) that you try to complain or twist your own wrist for more comfort, that you can be charged with assault on an officer with obstruction, which is also a felony charge alone, coast to coast in America. I am also commited to this series because of all the personal experience's I have witnessed myself of this ... mostly in urban America ... and it is still focused largely on communties of color ... and white communities of lower to moderate income's ... so it is a class thing as well ... and the way that law's are made and legislation again here fail's the need's of the majorities of citizen's. This is also why there can be so much anti authority/ law resentment in many communities. A system so neglected in what's called the greatest democracy in the world, that these middle American's and even lower income citizen's, who never decline when it come's to their share of taxes and responsibilities, cant even get protection from the thug's that they are victim and prey to. To where if they call police ... the focus is more on them than the criminal's commiting the offenses against the citizen's.

This case above clearly show's that with Mrs. Wells ... you (officer) need to obtain this info "first" over the "offense" and reason of the call for "domestic violence" reason's? More BULLSHIT excuse's to cover your inadequate job performance. It was clear that the gentleman visiting Mrs. Wells was not a burglar, she made it clear upon officer's intitial inquiry, and there is plenty of evidence to back this. Did Mrs. Wells act irresponsibly? ... in some way's she did, but I cant blame her for her defiance at all ... why in Hell is she all of the sudden the criminal? ... because she didnt ID the gentleman in her home? or because she refused to get in the police car? No ... actually I commend her for at least standing up to this 110%. This kind of BS is not what our democracy is about, and you cant tell me that this 57year old woman made you feel in danger or harm's way ... if this was the case ... how in Hell did you get this job and keep it for so long ... and why the Hell did you apply? ... the fact that your "sorry" isnt good enough, period ... or because you never had any report's of trouble against you as an officer ... all that tell's me is that you may just not have been caught. Tasing and pepper spraying well over the training academy's limit's even, knocking her to the ground and such are brutality as well as assault/ battery and a show of lack of regard/ respect to the woman/ citizen ... she verbally submitted repeatedly as the video and testimony clearly show's ... and was frankly unable if anything to physically get into the patrol unit for that matter!



Beach Bum said...

Cops are stressed but I've seen some that just like to use their power making them literaly proto-Nazis.

Ranch Chimp said...

Absolutely Bum ... some just want to kick ass ... but still clean up the street's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... but I have seen folk's too that will join the military just because they love combat ... no ... really. I have a buddy Russ .. a few tour's in Nam, (US Marine Sgt), shot down in a chopper last tour, stranded in a jungle in rain season for two week's before be was found/ rescued, caught an infection from eating bug's and old rice, wen tdown to only 125lb's or so, the infection fucked his intestinal tract for life ... and what did he want to do when he got out of infirmary? ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... go back to the jungle to engage in combat ... the ole boy just loved it! :) Actually after that last hit ... they made him retire, then he found a regular boring job like the rest of us. :)

Hell Guy ... I read you were off for a couple week's. Lucky Dawg!! ... WOOF-WOOF! Yeah I know ... Rangers lost the Series, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well at least they went, never done that before! :)

BTW ... one of my mom's brother's was named "Bum" (nickname)he's dead now ... too much linguini. :) But he was actually a gangster/ wiseguy out of New York. Pulled a lil 8 year stretch upstate (NY) in Attica once too. I loved the Guy though as a kid, really an understanding dude actually.