Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LONDON'S/ UK'S UNSUNG HEROES ... Getting the "JOB DONE" when "Incompetent Government" FAIL'S ... (and Post Note comment to our Rep's)

This posting is to honour the 10's of thousand's of UK youth and student's who are in my opinion "true warrior's" and "unsung heroes" in our politically correct, weak, uninspired, lazy societies that we have become so comfortable with. This is also a lesson to American's especially ... and to my two grandson's who are teen's now, and in a few more year's will be thinking about college ... and all other's in America who are sick and tired of incompetent government, and have progressive thinking to wanting actual change and to move forward instead of backward's. And as I write this today ... new protest's are being organized and executed in the UK as a follow up dose .... like an antibiotic you take to fight an infection ... you take the full dose and relentlessly hammer away all 10 round's, until your complete ... because the infecting bodies will build up a tolerance.

When watching a protest a week or two ago in the State of Georgia (USA) with student's walking passively in circle's eating stuff like Twinkies and slamming energy drinx, texting and such with small sign's clipped to their shirt's and one's they hand held, while local news crew's taped them and talked to them ... I couldnt help to notice ... that was about the only atencion they were getting. I wonder if any of those official's in the building's they were protesting outside of, actually heard them? Or were they just having a board meeting while making ass print's in their chair's about where the next cruise or convention is going to be? Or some other cut they can make to student's education package's ... or some other way to milk more money out of them and their familia's ... telling them of course ... that's it's for "their own good", the "right thing" ... and their "thinking of the kid's"? Some may even think I am "wrong" for advocating this action, especially to my own grandkid's ... and of course ... I dont give a flying fuck as well. Sure ... court's and legislative processes are also importante too ... I am saying "all" should be used.

But too much these day's ... those who represent us, dont seem to get the message ... at least not loud and clear enough ... and then flabble their tongue's after each complaint about why they didnt do this, or couldnt do that. I sometime's wonder ... what the fuck do ya'll think ya'll are getting paid for? Just because mega financial and special interest's pay you much more than we do ... you were hired to do a bloody job, and we are the one's giving you the paycheck ... if you cant do the job ... perhap's you should leave and go to work for those companies that smother you in annual monetary treat's and contribution's. Some of these people need a foot in their asses (and knee deep at that) to do the job ... crack the whip on their asses ... and make bloody sure they feel it. Peaceful protest's should alway's be attempted first ... but when you dont get any result's and especially any respect for that matter ... you take other action ... you dont sit on your fat asses eating Twinkies, holding hand's, moaning and weeping how oppressed you are while strumming the 6 string acoustic (guitar) ... YOU KICK ASS! And a BIG CONTRATULATION'S to all those Londoner's and UK folk's who at least stand up for themselves ... after all ... no one else is going to.

SOME BBC NEWS READ AND LINK'S HERE ... and NO ... I dont think this should give even student's a "bad name" ... Ya'll got my "vote" ... and many other's!


When all else fail's ... this is how you get heard. I also want to add for those American's like myself who vote Democrat ... this too is for Ya'll ... seeing this runaway so called conservative train also being fueled by these Tea Bag's ... light some fire to their asses too! They deserve it ... they been acting like bullies as well!

Or these American heroes back in September 2008

London Riot: Tory HQ smashed by British students ... Thanx to RT

POST NOTE: One more thing I wanted to add here ... is that I am opposed to all these payout's, campaign finance and all the rest to our representative's ... I dont give a shit how long it's been going on ... that goes to show you this is long overdue for reform as well! (Such as this instance as example). Some say it's not fair to companies, politician's need campaign finance and extra's, etc, etc. Fuck all that talk, this shit we see is more than just campaign goddamn finance, it's downright straight out bribery ... IT'S ALREADY FAIR, being that anyone, whether their a trade person, a store clerk, a professional, business owner, or a mega corporate CEO ... you have the right to vote for your candidate of choice ... but NOT TO BUY YOUR CANDIDATE OF CHOICE! You can get in line like everyone else and cast it or mail it in. Also ... any of these politician's who cant live off the salaries you receive from the tax payer's (which is fair pay I may add, in addition to the retirement/ benefit's package's ya'll get) plus the small businesses/ firm's you own in the private sector, that bring's in additional annual revenue's and tax write off's galore as well ... ya'll need to go find ya'll another goddamn job Bubba's/ Bubbette's! We can government finance only, all political campaign's evenly of and with the people and their taxes ... and save million's in the first year alone. Also these goddamn 4 hour $100 lunch/ brunch break's per person and writing off the lunch ... that shit's gotto go too! Ya'll are "employee's" of the people of America ... you took a goddamn oath that you wanted to serve ... so serve! Look at fellow employee's for innovative idea's, like ordering some goddamn Domino's Pizza, or goddamn Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway Sandwich Shop if ya'll are watching your calories, etc, and eating out on the Mall! And those such as Sen. John McCain who run for an office like the Presidency ... ya'll need to find out first how many goddamn houses ya'll own, so when your asked ... you know, without having to check with your accountant ... yet you pull a goddamn 8.5 X 11 piece of scratch paper out of your blazer pocket and say that you have the solution to the economic crisis wrote all down on it in pen. Since you had the answer's ... what the fuck you been doing the last bloody two year's?!



Infidel753 said...

The Brits have a graphic example next door of where anti-Keynesian economics can lead. Ireland has been hit by recession like many countries, but its recovery has been crippled by the madness of austerity policies implemented before the economy had gotten moving again. Britain is recovering, but too much cutting back of spending could still do damage. And putting the burden on students and workers rather than raising taxes on the wealthy makes people angry, but Europeans are less inclined to accept it as inevitable than Americans are.

Ireland is a prisoner of Europe's monetary union, but Britain still has the ability to set its own course.

Americans can protest effectively -- don't forget the Civil Rights movement or the protests that stopped the illegal-alien amnesty in 2007, for example. But where economic inequality is concerned, Americans tend to be more cynical, which of course leads to fatalism and paralysis.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well pointed comment Infodel ... and Good Morning. Yes ... there has been a pass around economic's problem ... Spain, Greece, France, UK, Ireland, etc ... this is why I pointed out so much about the global chain reaction this would be a couple year's back in the beginning of this journal ... the math was all there ... and even way back in the early 1930's Great Depression, we seen the global effect, and werent nearly as globally integrated market wise as today, much more population of unemployed (not percentage- wise ... but population- wise)etc ... so I assumed back a few year's ago especially seeing some of the shenanigan's the last administration was pulling from nation building to invasion's, to offshore investment's and the rest, that even though this was just a recession, it was going to hit hard globally. We could talk all day on this ... but you summed up the attitude accurately as well, and the condition.

Thanx for your voice Guy ....

Beach Bum said...

...student's walking passively in circle's eating stuff like Twinkies and slamming energy drinx, texting and such...

At least they have a pulse as compared to the robots here in south carolina.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Bum!

We ALL have more than just a pulse, but fail to utilize what we do have for one reason or another. Were not born with our laziness and lack of interest's or getting involved, getting the job done, or even born stupid ... we choose the way we think, act, and respond.

Thank You for your word's here Bum! :)