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401K LOCKDOWN: Senator's to "PROTECT" you by Locking Down your 401K ... "THE DEMOPUBLICAN CESSPOOL PT.2"

The "Demopublican Cesspool" PT.2, is to take up from PT.1 where I started using the term to describe how an "inner order" of the Houses formed to try to screw us out of the HCR "public option" ... which of course ... they finally did, and to also explain how this method was going to be used on everything in the future that we seek or ask for, from Health Care, to war's, to social services, financial, and everything, to twist our need's into their want's/ takes. Basically every order has an "inner order", you have many politician's who enter the circle with great intention's on both sides, only to find out once they're in, that it work's a certain way that been for year's, and that is when they get sucked into the cesspool and cant turn back basically. Some read below, then a few word's from the ole Chimp.



***** CNN: Congress: Protect workers from 401K penalties (newsread) .... original article expired, so this is a replacement

Okay ... this is just another scam piece of nonsense but should be taken seriously, so that's why I am posting this ... I have been hip to the 401K deal and how it work's for year's actually ... I got hip to it, researching it in 1989/ 1990 when looking myself to get in it ... but after study of it, declined. The reason they want to lock this down, or regulate it more, is because of all those who invest your money, and all that is into ... in other word's ... if million's of folk's are taking money out of these ... the ripple effect on the investment market's will hit across the board, and as I wrote in other posting's ... in the 21st century, these will have more impact and move much faster than anything of the past, such as the era of the Great Depression or whatever other bubble/ bust series that hit us from one decade to the next. They say they'll give you longer to pay back your "loan" from it? WHAT ??!! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... loan?, penalties?, etc, etc ... it's your money ... folk's are not that stupid, just goes to show you how out of touch our leader's are with reality ... folk's just feel helpless, get lazy and forcefeed themselves a dose of stupidity out of convenience, so they dont have to waste time thinking for themselves, and that's what these leader's in these cesspool's depend on ... prove them wrong and walk.

Bottom line is ... this is another one that American's need to halt simply, they probably had this planned for some time, remember ... they are always two step's ahead of us, and that's why we need to keep one step ahead of them ... so whenever these issue's come up like this or social security reform, this reform, that reform, etc ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... buck it, or take your money and walk ... if 75/ 80% of the nation done as I do ... we would be out of this mess in only a few year's actually ... I walked away year's ago, and stopped playing their game and devised my own game basically. I mean ... those who lost up to half of their 401K's during this last recession ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... did ya'll get any break's, or get any of ya'll's money back? did you still not have to pay all your management fee's, even if you lost your ass? Some say this is for the good of all, and to make sure you dont waste your money, make bad judgement, etc, etc, etc ... there is alwayz an excuse or debate ... issue's like this, there is nothing to debate or dissect ... the bottom line is, it is your money, plain and simple. Now ... if you want these folk's to control more of how you spend and how much of your money goes to who and what, your free to do so, but actually not thinking freely as you may think you are.

What do you do? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... exercise the freedom's and choice's you do have ... and find alternative investment's and utilize every tax shelter you can, and write these rep's, pound their asses and spread the word ... I mean ... what is it with us? ... are we just too busy?, lazy to think?, want someone to hold our money for us and spend it for us, because we dont know how? C'mon ... were not that helpless, but if you keep listening to these lightweight's who we think are leader's ... you will become a helpless soul. How many of these folk's we pay to handle our finance's and dictate to us, hold our hand's, etc ... invest in 401K's? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... dont be silly ... they invest directly in real estate, commodities, petro market's, metal's, etc ... and you may think, you dont have enough to invest, dont believe that, if you have enough to invest in another's market option choice such as the short list's your company tell's you of who you can invest in by those who run the investment's firm or 401K plan ... you can choose to invest even that small amount elsewheres, it's still a risk, but you do your homework and create your own strategies and risk factor's. Not unless you also give folk's money to play the table's on the Vegas Strip for you as well, and pay for their hotel/ accomodation's and airfare too, then getting 10% of the winning's if any, cause that is basically what your doing ... again ... THINK ....

Word Out ....


Friday, May 27, 2011

"HONOR THE FALLEN" ... A 2011 Memorial Day Posting (Veteran's Spotlight PT.12)

This posting of "Veteran's Spotlight PT.12" will serve as a Memorial posting in honour of those particularly that have fallen in these two major recent war's of Iraq and Afghanistan. I have some very strong opinion's on these war's, and have one nephew and two niece's in these, but wont post anything of that ... this posting is to honour only.

While searching various link's online, I ran across this sight below that was excellent as far as info and photo's for those fallen in "Iraqi Freedom" and "Enduring Freedom" ... and just had to post this for this Memorial 2011 Tribute. And all credit to these folk's at "Honor the Fallen"!




Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CELL PHONE SAFETY PT.1: A report from CNN's Dr.Sanjay Gupta ... HOW SAFE is your cell ?, Tip's and Advice & 05/ 31/ 11 CANCER WARNING UPDATE

This is another importante post that I need to have posted here. I first heard about these possible hazzard's over 10 year's ago as far as possible linkage to brain tumor's, but have alway's thought that the amount's of electricity we have around us in our lives may be reason for many cancer's also ... I dont have any research study of this, just something that popped up in thought many year's ago is all.

I only had a cell phone since 2007, and mine I hardly ever use, I usually have call's and make call's that are importante such as business, familia, etc ... their short mainly and to the point, and just have it basically for those need's. But this is something that so many people have constantly to their ear, you see folk's everyday with it constantly to their ear everywhere's. But it is good to be aware is all, not to get paranoid or such. You also must understand that the cell companies have a strong lobby also, and the fine print in the owner's manual's is basically to cover their ass against lawsuit's and nothing definitive ... and the FCC may delay any investigation's and decline to talk, simply because they dont know what the Hell to say or have even investigated it much, and most importantly havent discussed their legal responsibilities, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) All I am saying is to alway's be aware.

Below Dr. Sanjay Gupta give's some great advice and some investigative finding's that are importante (and Thank You Sir!) to consider in the almost 20 minute long video (but worth the listen), then a link to another video and link's with him and Anderson Cooper that I also recommend.





Monday, May 23, 2011

HILTON KELLEY: ... Kelley and the "BUCKET BRIGADE" Vs. Goliath and the "TOXAS LOBBY" (Global Warming PT.9)

Image result for Hilton Kelley

Hilton Kelley

This PT.9 of the "Global Warming" series will be to honour Mr. Hilton Kelley, a local environmentalist (also former US Navy) on the Texas Coast in the City of Port Arthur (Beaumont/ Port Arthur Metro Area, approximately 90 mile's east of Houston). And it will also serve to take a look at Texas as far as pollution is concerned, since this series is not just about the effect's of "Global Warming", but the humanity factor that contribute's to it, and those folk's who play it, and play against it. Some link's below and a short video then a few word's I will add. And Congratulation's and Thank You from Texas to Mr. Hilton Kelley and Associate's for getting the JOB DONE.


***** Houston Press: Hilton Kelley: Port Arthur Oil Refinery Activist Wins Huge Green Prize ... (newsread)



The title was inspired first of all by the old Biblical/ Quran story of David Vs. Goliath/ Philistines ... and because, this task that Kelley and Crew took on is just that in this state. This is why I call this lobby here the "Toxas Lobby", because of how toxic and larger than Goliath it is, as far as the challenge ... and Mr. Kelley sure as Hell know's this too, after all ... he's a Texan.

Texas has some great beautiful countryside, coastal area's and such ... but there is an ugly side too, that many folk's just dont see. If your a tourist and just go to the big cities such as Dallas/ Fort Worth, Houston/ Galveston, San Antonio, Big Bend National Park, etc, etc ... you would probably never see this reality here. I have been all over the continental USA coast to coast, as well as everywhere in this state ... and can assure you that there is nothing anywhere's in this nation quite like the sight of the refineries/ plant's that go on for mile's and mile's along this stretch of 100 miles or so of Texas coastline ... it is huge! With minimal regulation as well ... the pollutant's just from this is enormous, even after they somewhat cleaned up after pressure's in recent year's ... not to even mention some of the highest smog level's in urban area's from the traffic. If you never been to Texas and live like in the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast Corridor, Miami/ Dade South Florida area, Southern California, or even some of the heaviest former industrial area's around the Great Lakes ... this would surprise you just to drive along this stretch and see it, and it never sleep's, 24/ 7/ 365. And this is just that industry alone, there are several other industries going on in Texas that are very harsh on the enviroment as well.

THE TEXAS TRIBUNE: "Despite Pollution worries, Texas builds Coal Plant's" (just another area here that isnt even related to the petro refineries, and there are even more) I realize that you cant supply a population as large and scattered as you have in Texas with just some windmill's, etc ... after all ... I'm a realist. But what I am saying is there need's to be more cleaning up and alot more incentive's for alternative's here, the regulation's are too relaxed here ... Texas has alot of cleaning up to do period, especially in Austin and the political sector.

Now ... the arguement from the political pocket puppetry in Texas, is that it is all about job's and the economy and if we dont have this or threaten to tighten up regulation's too much, all the big money will leave and abandon us and were doomed to a life of poverty and living in soup kitchen line's, etc. First of all, the poverty level's in Texas are also monumental ... you have a state that literally is filthy rich, with so much private sector investment going on and construction that it most likely lead's the nation in such as well as growth ... yet you have a state budget shortfall in the billion's. This is also the pitfall of too much privatization with not enough oversight and lack of government involvement (because a healthy government is the body and voice of the people) ... something the GOP party would like to see this entire nation turned into, and have billion's backing them to make it happen. Making these industries to clean their act's up is NOT going to send one damn one of these industries to bankruptcy and the poorhouse! Again ... typical scare talk. The lobby in this state for these folk's interest's ... is not in the interest's of the people of this great state, and have no consideration for the state on top of it, and they are bigger than a Goliath!

Like it or not ... Texas IS going to change this ... and it is best for these giant's to get used to the new rules that will come, bank on it! So ya'll might as well sober up and face the reality. As far as Texas going to the poorhouse or such bullshit without this ... silly scare talk ... Texas today is far too diverse, and will be a future leader in everything from wind, solar power, to every other green technology, as well as other technologies across the board. All you have lobbying this horseshit is a bunch of old money and international investment's ... that could give a shit less about the environmental impact, and have a percentage of the population believing this bullshit they feed. These folk's "use" this state and dont even have any regard not just for the natural environment, but for the Texan's who live around these area's, or any of the other industries and business that they cant just milk for their own purpose. So two faced some are ... such as even the former President GW Bush ... that these very people are gambling and investing and will try to even take over the green tech's with their wealth of the future ... I mention Mr. Bush, because to visit his ranch and not know he owned it, would make you think he's an environmentalist, using cheap alternative's ... of course to weigh on future investment's most likely.

Enough said ....


Friday, May 20, 2011

CHEECH & CHONG: ... "At the Welfare Office", "Cheech & Chong- Save the Whale's", "Cheech/ aka Red Neck", "Mexican Americans/ Beaners" ...

This choice for honour's and placement into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society", will have to be "Cheech & Chong" , and I shouldnt have to even talk about these Guy's accomplishment's, they are mainstream, but at the top of my list as far as comedy/ film's ... and I couldnt have survived my sanity this many year's without these Guy's to listen to, and this journal couldnt even be complete without them ... I absolutely have these Guy's at the top's in every category and love them to this day! And this was difficult to choose too, since there is so many great clip's from these Guy's! And Thank You Guy's for all the great art Ya'll contributed and shared! 4 clip's I chose below to start these Guy's with ... Enjoy! :)


Cheech take's Chong to the Welfare Office to meet this chick he date's named Donna, ask's Chong to hang outside the office in the waiting area while him and Donna are indulging in some under the desk "office play" ... Chong's trippin on these dude's around him waiting. I bust a gut laughing watching this old guy laugh, and every time he does, this dude across from him nodding out on heroin, jump's and wake's back to life ... this shit really get's me going! Thanx to CORKYBOOCHEK

Cheech and Chong selling pot out of their ice cream truck, take some time to also work on their song "Save the Whale's" Thanx to VINKO111



A lil stand up from Cheech aka "Red Neck" ... Thanx to TK848

Cheech and Chong hangin at home just practicing on their song "Mexican American's & Beaner's" ... Thanx to FAIRMOUNT1935



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PAKISTAN ... A Testimony from AMRULLAH SALEH ... "Funding and Stupidity" are NOT Compatible (PT.2) ....

For this posting of "Funding and Stupidity are NOT Compatible PT.2", it will focus on Pakistan, and this is another CBS "60 Minutes" story that caught my atencion the other day, and I felt importante to post in this journal to get a look at the reality, to offset the oversaturation of bullshit we are spoonfed. And of course as an American having military familia member's serving in these region's, I also have concern in these issue's, and of course, I have questioned Pakistan for nearly a decade now for many reason's. And I also believe from all that I have gathered over the last few year's that this whole mission here is also just the same as Afghanistan, because of all the new market being formed between India and China, as well as the mining contract's that China won in Afghanistan, etc ... that is why I also was for pushing for China and mega petro and mining corporation's who will be the beneficiaries of all this, to spend more of their money in these venture's and for some Chinese military intervention, cause we are getting milked out the ass in this, and 10 year's down the road, it will be us (USA) without a pot to piss in, because the economic engine of the future will NOT be in America, but there.

So the story below and Secy Clinton's recent commitment announcement concerning our financial obligation's to Pakistan in these tight economic time's, in the 2nd video. Linked also is PT.1 of this series, where I explain more on this mindset of buying friend's who are enemies and other stupidities.



NOTE *** As far as the US not having access yet to the "wives" of bin Laden, they discuss in this video toward's the end ... it is what you call "debriefing" and "intell" ... the more chip's Pakistan has to play on the table, the more bargaining leverage and power they obtain. Basically bin Laden's wives are worth their weight in platinum as far as intell if any ... they want to make sure they milk the wives before US interrogation expert's get to them, and most importantly debrief them as well, as to what to say and not to say to US intell after their turned over to them, including how to play interrogator's from the US, at the same time making sure the wives DO NOT say anything to US intell that incriminate's Pakistani official's, because it hamper's their money intake, support, and leverage from us basically.

Former top Afghan spy speaks out ... Thanx to CBS

Clinton announces multi- year assistance for Pakistan ... Thanx to THEEXPRESSTRIBUNE


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SOVEREIGN CITIZEN'S MOVEMENT (CBS "60 Minutes") ... and a "JOHNNY LIBERTY" lecture ...

This posting will be to take a look at the "Sovereign Citizen Movement" and some lecture back from the mid 1990's from John David Van Hove aka Johnny Liberty. I was on "60 minutes" website yesterday to see what they had and ran across this video segment ... I never even heard of the Sovereign Citizen Movement before, and since they were advertised as a terrorist group, I thought to check it out. But of course, they are considered right wing terrorist's or evil I reckon, Nazi's or whatever the popular term's are right now. Also let me point out that in 2011, there is many who just call any group who carries/ own's "gun's" a terror, many would like to see the 2nd Amendment abolished for that matter, this is one of the pop culture issue's I have probably heard more whining about over the year's than damn near anything else. Then there are those who say that it "depend's" on what it mean's depending on the state, punctuation's, capitalization of wording, etc, etc. But frankly it's quite simple, I dont see any need to dissect something so simple and say your trying to determine what it mean's, but more sniveling bullshit. Many of these same folk's on the other hand talk about their higher education, how civilized they are, and of course call folk's like myself neanderthal's, etc ... if your so goddamn brilliant and educated, what is so difficult to understand, that need's your scholarly dissection? But YES! I support well regulated militia's and even individual's to protect their communities, and state's, properties, etc ... 110%.

The 2nd amendment clearly say's a well regulated "militia" being necessary to the security of a free state, and that right of the "people" to bear arm's shall not be infringed upon ... is that not clear? Perhap's you call these folk's "terrorist's" instead of militia's because their not "well regulated" enough? Could ya'll define what is ya'll's definition of "well regulated"? ... or are ya'll the type's that pointlessly would give a citizen living in a bad low income, high crime neighborhood (like they done in Washington, DC) the right to have a gun in their home, yet it must be an ole 6 shooter type revolver, and have no bullet's in it, with a lock on the trigger at all time's? That's the problemo with folk's like ya'll, you've became so educated that ya'll lost every bit of common sense. Perhap's if a thug knock's on your door and attempt's to rob you, you should ask them to hold on and give you time to load your gun? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) But no ... these group's ARE NOT terrorist's ... but simply abiding by the 2nd Amendment and securing their freedom and state against possible tyranny ... they ARE a "militia" ... and it IS necessary! Unfortunately such as in the video from 60 minute's below, an unbalanced frustrated person goes off the handle and kill's innocent law officer's ... you also see unarmed citizen's sometime's get killed by officer's moreso probably who also go off the deep end, and that is the price and flip side of these liberties and responsibilities. Many of these same folk's whining, and are so mentally fixed on this, passive or whatever, that they will actually whine and support folk's like foreign terror/ militia group's or what have you, and call us racist's because we were angry that our familia member's got killed in a terror attack, such as 9/ 11.

I'm not one who will call any group like this a terror group, simply because of a few who cant control their shit and go out killing cop's and/ or politician's ... these type's also make it bad on us who are sportsmen, hunter's, and NRA supporter's as well when they pull these stunt's, and beside's ... it's stupid and pointless. Why? ... because as I have said time and again ... we could change around this cesspool and mess were in, in less than a decade, and believe it or not, without any violence, even public protest's for that matter, or even working up a sweat! I have wrote this so many time's that "we do NOT utilize the tool's that we have" ... Hell, most American's dont even vote for that matter, and all we do is keep yelling to the same deadbeat rep's over and over that we want change, some of those been in office since car's had fin's for that matter ... and our idea of change, is trying to get back to where we were a decade ago ... that's the majority mentality. I mean ... this crisis isnt even really as bad as it could be, yet some folk's are losing their head's over it. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... we act like glutton's for punishment, and keep embracing these special interest's/ corporate, instead of just walking away from them, it's no wonder we get fucked the way we do :)

The 2nd video is lengthy, nearly 2 hour's, but I highly recommend watching it. After the "60 Minutes" segment, I wanted to go elsewhere's and find out what the Hell "sovereign citizenship" was ... and ran across this Guy "Johnny Liberty", who I never even heard of ... but was in agreement with much of what he was saying, although I am politically different. However ... even though I vote straight democrat (for the choice of the lesser of two evil's), I dont exclusively adhere to the left or right, or what the mainstream thought is ... I am a man who look's for solution's and truth ... when I see I'm pissing in the wind, I walk and try something else, I am one who focuses on result's and getting the job done. I take and embrace that which I like ... and throw away that which dont work and/ or serve me any beneficial interest's ... so I will listen to anyone from any walk of life. But this man (Johnny Liberty) brought up so many key point's, whether I agree with him or not, and it needed to be in this journal.


***** FREEINFOSOCIETY: Johnny Liberty: The Global Sovereign's Handbook ... (pdf)

1) CBS 60 MINUTES segment on the "Sovereign Citizen Movement"

Sovereign Citizen Movement- CBS Hit Piece ... Thanx to DR RON PAUL 2012

Johnny Liberty- Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship ... Thanx to DURONCHAVIS

**** POST NOTE: Concerning the allegation's presented in the indictment info above against Johnny Liberty ... it look's "odd" and in a way hilarious actually ... the alledged offenses are nothing more than what every mega corporate CEO technically is involved with ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... when they do it, it's called "tax shelter's" ... when an individual does it like this man ... it's called "fraud". Remind's me of when Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading or whatever, I was laughing my ass off at the indictment against her, Why? ... because damn near all of Wall St openly is practicing insider trading on a daily basis! :) I personally am not against taxes I may add, I am even somewhat socialist to an extent, Why? because I dont feel we have a population of over 300 million that reach a philosophical unity as far as constructing something that could work for such a large population ... we cant even get the majority of American's to get off their asses and vote for that matter. The identity of the nation is alway's in motion as well and changing ... I feel there is a need for a certain amount of government and also wouldnt mind myself paying more taxes to get thing's better in our nation.

However, I would like to see if I were to pay additional taxes, that it would go to domestic interest's, education, infrastructure, health care, social need's for American's across the board, etc, etc ... but I reserve a certain amount of skepticism that more taxes may also go to offshore investment's in foreign land's instead, for folk's who frankly dont give a shit about us, or do anything in return for us, except for what they can get for free out of us (I support foreign nation's that support us back and are in alignment to some degree with our cultural identities, those nation's I welcome market, trade, migration, etc with open arm's and eagerly). It isnt paranoia ... but a reality in today's world, just look around at all the municipality budget shortfall's, laying off teacher's, overcharging for higher education, everything from public park's/ youth's recreational facilities, to libraries being closed, bridges and rail's that have been without repair's even for decade's in some cases, etc ... I mean the fact is, that countries like France give you more for your taxes by far than this nation, Hell ... even these dayz China is running circles around us as far as infrastructure and rebuilding their nation, so, "show me" that you are going to utilize our tax dollar's in this country's best interest's ... right now, ya'll are showing us that our tax dollar's are increasingly going more to offshore interest's abroad than our own nation.

The issue's we face is not because we pay taxes, but those who run this system, and as Johnny point's out time and again, those who really pull the string's, and what I call throughout this journal the "3 - entities" (mega gvmnt, finance/ corporate, and religious) ... control the masses and are who make's human lives worthless as the junk they have you consume in mass. We are simply as we act currently, rehashing the same problem's over and over and NOT making significant progress. So why do I even vote? or vote democrat? Because for what we are going to get as a result of our negligence as a whole is what we are given, which is the right or left (at this point in history, as I have noted in various posting's, this is all going to have a backlash and collapse suddenly or piece by piece it appear's now, what we know and live, the newer generation's will learn and make true change), at this time the left/ democrat is going to make "our" ride through this storm/ transition smoother basically. Yet even if we had a new total democrat rule in both houses and Oval Office in 2012, understand that, that is just a "step" of relief ... rest assured, the entities would manipulate them next, that is the whole objective to having the left/ right system constructed, is to keep people divided and fighting over nonsensical shit basically. The power entities will not stop until their mission is complete, right now they control more of the right, and after they use them up, they will seek to gain more control elsewhere's or any alternative system's they can create, and this is the whole reason you see the excessive greed by those of the top wealth ... it's to rathole and control "all" wealth entirely, such as even the privatization move's of everything. It is simply our government and representation that need's to be restructured and replaced, and that can only be "our" responsibility.

A quarter century ago as I have posted before, I was in mega debt, considering my level and standard of income/ living, like so many American's today. I can easily say I was a "victim" ... but it was myself that created my situation by buying into all the buy now pay later stuff and putting myself in debt I realized. No one forced me to sign these contract's and agree to these term's, I done it by just getting in the habit, because it seemed to be the American way. It took me year's to free myself from that cycle and get my shit together, and learn to live within my mean's simply. I do as little trading or business I can with any mega institution's, I use small local bank's and service's everywhere I can, and deal with independent individual's. To show you how much lack of trust I have in these mega entities, I trust the US Gvmnt more than any of these profit driven solely entities, with my healthcare, money, taxes or anything else ... it has gotten so bad with their reckless running and excessive greed. The IRS actually twice in recent year's, sent me letter's along with check's in the $1000 range, believe it or not ... saying they "owed" me tax refund money, and I missed this or that when I filed my tax return (I do my own taxes every year, the book's they supply are pretty easy to read and follow), imagine that! Do you think one of these mega corporate entities or even a mega utilities outfit profit driven only would do that for me/ us in these time's? These mega insurer's (private) will even try to fuck you out of an operation while on the operating table if they can (not all, but some).

Government is about all we do have left, and of course it has been over 15 year's since Johnny Liberty gave that lecture (and I agree with this man on many thing's), but alot has changed in that 15 year's. What we are seeing today, is not actually our gvmnt trying to fuck us, but those who control our gvmnt fucking "it". It is past due, is what I am saying and most importante in these time's to control our own government (after all, is it not "our's"?), that is what we lack doing, and it is "our job" to do. And as I have pointed out so many time's and Johnny does in his lecture ... we have all the tool's necessary to get the job done, frankly we can even do it without a shred of violence it appear's even. Privatization of everything doesnt give the people power in these time's, but only the majority wealth more power, it eliminate's true governing and representation we need, is all.

Over and Out ....



This choice for the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to honour and take a peek at what I see as one small but uniquely great art museum located in the Boston (MA) area called the "Museum of Bad Art" (MOBA). I never had the opportunity to visit ... but an old buddy Helen (a small inde artist herself), turned me on to this place after she got back to Dallas from a few dayz in Boston on visit (and this was several year's back too), and shared some of the piece's with me, which I thought were awesome! They call this "bad art" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well for me, there isnt any bad art I reckon if this is the case, there are several piece's I only wish I had from this collection in my home! But what a collection! And they certainly belong in this journal's Honour Roll Society, and Thanx so much for putting together this collection for folk's and sharing from all contributor's, Ya'll's devotion and hard work!






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WOMEN VETERAN'S: Our "Forgotten Heroes" ... Living in the Street's of America ... for "Veteran X" (Veteran's Spotlight PT.11)

For this posting of "Veteran's Spotlight PT.11", it is actually another past due since I been planning this one for a few month's at least. But will look at another rising issue not addressed as much as I feel should concerning homeless Veteran's. Again, these posting's are not to depress anyone, but to enlighten. When some folk's think of homeless Vet's, they think of fella's usually first ... but women homeless Vet's are increasing quite rapidly too. But first a couple vid's below, then a link for resource's, a tad of read and link's from HuffPost on it, a "homeless" posting from earlier in the journal, then a story I wanted to share of my own, dedicated to a Vet that had more problem's after she came back home from Iraq, than she had in Iraq's battlefield's.


Struggling Female War Vets ... Thanx to CBS


HUFFPOST IMPACT: "Homeless Women Veterans need more clinical resources open ears"

"POVERTY AND DESPAIR" ... Another homeless posting and case from the street's

Back around 5 year's ago, I had a job I was offered through a friend to work security for a group of 5 owner's of nightclub's/ restaraunt's in Uptown Dallas' West Village, an evening/ night job, for when these joint's are active most heavily. I worked with a few other commissioned and non commissioned officer's as well as a few contract moonlighter DPD officer's who done a lil side contract work too for extra buck's, and actually was quite an exciting job, free food/ drink's (drinx of course after off- duty), met alot of folk's nightly, etc ... in a way I miss it actually, but frankly at over 50, I cant take some of the action we had to endure as well like I used to, a few night's got a tad rough once in awhile, when you deal with party- goer's, intoxicated, and those who prey on those to rob/ jack or whatever, but most of the experience over a couple or so year's was great! One night for instance one guy is stradled over another guy's torso on the ground, hit's the one pinned to the ground in the face a couple time's, the one on the ground yelling to stop, and for help, I intervene and get assaulted as well in the confusion, and then the one I'm trying to protect, yell's at me, telling me to stay out of it (both fairly intoxicated and left one of the local bar's/ club's), when I finally get a hold on the one hitting, and restraining him after he also assaulted me ... the victim tell's me it's just a "lover's quarrel" (gay) ... needless to say I was pissed and told them to both get moving on out, before I call in DPD to arrest them both! Another I'll never forget was a gal breaking down in tear's, falling on her knee's, slightly intoxicated with her boyfriend on the phone (cell) ... who was calling from in their car parked a block away, who shot himself in the head so she could listen while he had her on the phone, he of course died immediately, etc ... (they both left out of a nightclub after an arguement over something, him first causing her to go out looking for him). But I could probably do a whole series of posting's on some of the nightly incident's I experienced.

But one that also stand's out is one who became a friend after awhile ... I will call her here "Veteran X", because I have a few reason's why I should not mention her name here. It was another part of my job to check parked car's for foul play, since there were car break in's nightly by usually dope fiend's who needed to get well (dope sick and needed a bump/ fix, they jack miscellaneous item's they can trade or sell for dope, since pawn shop's ask for ID and DPD check's pawn shop computer's to recover stuff, and many small scale dealer's will take trade for dope instead of cash) ... one night while walking a lot, I came across a young lady who I couldnt tell if she was passed out, asleep, or maybe even dead in her old 1980 or so pick up truck. I tapped on the window, just only to see if she was alright, she wasnt bothering no one, but I had to know, just in case she was a victim or something from foul play or whatever. She roll's down the window and all of the sudden start's apologizing and calling me "sir" etc ... I stopped her and said ... "No, no, no ... you dont need to apologize, I was just checking to see if your alright ..." etc. I noticed the passenger side was full of clothes and personal item's, as if she was moving ... well we started having some small chat, after she asked if I could spare a cigarette, this gal had such a great personality too, really upbeat, cheerful, etc. But I soon found out she was homeless and actually sleeping in her pick up, and also an Iraq Army Veteran, and what a story she had as to how she ended up where she is! Since it was late, and I was about to call it a night and she was a tad hungry, I asked her if she liked Mexican Food? ... she said she sure did with enthusiasm! ... I told her to stay put, and ran across the street to a kitchen of one of the guy's I worked for owned, I knew all the guy's in the kitchen, most didnt even speak a word of english, but they alway's cooked me up whatever I wanted to eat, etc (came with the salary too) also let me add, that this was not some neighborhood taco stand type place, it was one of the higher rated TexMex restaraunte's in Dallas that even received award's in local dining circle's, many of the patron's were NFL Dallas Cowboys, celeb's, local politician's and such ... I had them make me up some steak fajita's, and the worx, 2 to- go plate's and a couple iced tea's, went back across the street with it and joined the gal in the bed/ back of her pick up truck to chow down, she ate like she hadnt had a bite in a couple dayz.

I'm not an experienced writer or "schooled" in such, I reckon is how to put it, but will try to explain here why she was in this situation. She enlisted in the Army, not intending to go to Iraq ... but the call came and she was there and happy to do what she was ordered, etc ... part of the job thing, you know. But really some stories that captivated my atencion as I got talking to her more of thing's like how hot the sand in the day could get at time's and heat that make's Texas look mild ... sand so hot, that if you werent wearing the right sole's on your shoe's ... it could actually melt some rubber sole's, etc, stories of the folk's in these hot region's that only came out at night even, stories of some of the roadside bomb's, boobytrap's, etc, etc ... and this gal was no cry baby, she was a tough gal, but she told me alot with a tad of humor, she had one of them type happy go lucky personalities, even got me laughing!

She had a boyfriend when she went in, she also had fairly decent credit at the time, etc ... she came back on a "leave" and visited her boyfriend who was just drinking and getting high, etc ... but she really cared about him and didnt want to dump him, and tried to talk to him, and back to duty after ... she even wired him emergency money a couple time's! When she got out and came back, she had a bunch of creditor problem's, her bank account was milked, several personal item's such as electronic's gone/ sold and other possession's that were her's that she trusted all of which with her now fiancee. He didnt have an explanation and gave her the runaround, etc ... when she got evidence of all he was ripping her off for while she was in Iraq battlefield's ... she got furious one night, and pulled a gun on him, held it to his head basically, because he said he had nothing of her's, etc ... and told him to give her everything that was her's and every dollar in his wallet too. He got cocky and more aggressive, she basically caught him offguard since he was intoxicated as well, and just pistol whipped him in the head and took what was her's that was left and he hadnt sold yet, and his wallet too, she was pissed, and I sure as Hell dont blame her! I mean, this Guy even went to her mom's house when she was in Iraq and stole shit out of there of her's and her mom's too.

She didnt know it, but the Guy actually filed charge's on her while he was getting patched up at local county hospital, this low life called the cop's on her! She was busted a couple week's later at her mom's house on a warrant for strongarm robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, etc. Her mom was poor and single as it is, couldnt get bond money or even afford a lawyer, she had to take a court appointed attorney, and since she never had any run- in's with the law ever in her life and actually no prior's even ... she was told by this lazy worthless court appointed attorney, that a jury probably wont buy her story and that she didnt need to beat him like that, and a jury could give her more time if they found her guilty, etc, etc, etc ... having no experience with law, she took the attorney's advice and pleaded "no contest" and agreed to take a 4 year felony probation term, with no jail time. She's out now, on probation, lost her cashier job which was barely above minimum wage, her mom get's hospitalized with some kind of stomach cancer (found in women?) then dies, she loses the apartment, and next thing you know, she's on the street looking for work and not wanting to report all this shit to her probation officer, feeling they will lock her up in some halfway house, hoping to find a job and get her shit together to not have to report all this, on her own, etc, etc ... just plain bad timing, luck, and every other goddamn thing ... shit all hit at once basically, and all she had was that old run down pick up to stay in basically, without trying to draw much atencion and not get screwed with by the probation department.

Bottom line, there was probably an agency somewhere's that could probably help her to some extent I would figure, but the probation thing worried her, she wanted to cut it on her own and get herself out of the rut and keep it all as quiet as possibly (she was just a tough independent type gal), not feeling she knew who the Hell to trust. I figured I could perhap's help a tad and managed to help find her a lil motel room that was cheap, and could buy her some time. Then I went to one of the owner's that I worked for who was also a Veteran with over 20 year's in the US Army ... I explained the situation to him, and told him what great personality she had, a real people person, great smile and a hard worker, etc ... I didnt need to say much more ... he jumped right up and told me to bring her over, and had her waiting table's in one of his place's the same day! She actually was such a go getter and ass busting worker, within a few month's he promoted her to work the front door, take reservation's on the phone, seat folk's, etc, etc. We of course became buddies too and took alot of late night break's together over some chow and a beer or two, and alot more stories about Iraq too I may add, that were interesting, etc. Everything worked out well, but she was just one of them hard working person's and wouldnt let anything take her down, and with a lil help, she was off to taking care of thing's.

So many of these Vet's dont get them opportunities, or are simply just in the wrong place at the wrong time, one issue or another. This has concerned me so much in this journal is because for one, with all the waste that this country spend's and the billion's on foreign aid, assistance, etc ... I alway's wondered why there are so many homeless veteran's on the street's? ... because in my opinion ... anyone who serve's for this nation should never be without a roof over their head or in medical need, or hungry ... NOT ONE! WTF is wrong with us man? ... these people put their lives first for this country and us, even if it was "by choice" ... they done their goddamn job ... we should do a better goddamn job at our's.

Enough said ....


Saturday, May 14, 2011

MC 900FT JESUS: "Born with Monkey Asses" and "UFO's are REAL" ... (PT.4)

For this morning's art/ music selection for this journal's "Honour Roll Society", I will be partial here, so Yep ... another couple from Mark for this journal, because Mark ( aka MC 900 FT. JESUS ) is an ole buddy. But what inspired this on this drop dead gorgeous Dallas morning is reading all the media's that I have this morning (I'm off today, it's party day because my daughter's boyfriend graduate's from University of North Texas @ Denton today ... and congrat's Guy!) of all the usual horseshit out of the political and media mouth piece's ... and it just made me think of a couple of Mark's piece's ... thinking were just better off listening to UFO stories out of some of these political Monkey Assed folk's, and what they need to be told, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Thanx for all the great memories Mark!


1) "Born with Monkey Asses" ... Thanx to ARSONJ666 ... This one Mark has to be one of the most hilarious one's ya'll put out Guy ... still one of my favourite's ... Yep, I remember the story behind this ... you were explaining this to Spike and I over drinx one night at the State Bar! :)

2) "UFO's are REAL" ... Thanx to DIRK95100 ... Really a kick ass mix here, and one of my favourite's that Mark and Patrick put together! Volume might be a lil low, so you might have to crank it, at least I did :)

PD/ RCJ: "MC 900 FT JESUS" PART'S 3, 2 & 1


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SUNGHA JUNG : "Cancion Del Mariachi", "River Flows In You", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Bittersweet"

For this selection for the music/ art's "RCJ Honour Roll Society" will be to salute/ honour Mr. Sungha Jung, and take a peek at some of his work. I have been following Mr. Jung since I first laid ear's on him on YouTube 3 year's ago, so this is past due as well. I actually accidentally ran across him while going through some old school Guns- n- Roses "live" vid's, and Mr. Jung happened to have a cover tune by them, then the list of cover's and various style's he done on different string's instrument's and keyboard's/ piano just captured my atencion, and of course his unique presentation's. I wanted in this case instead of doing "live" concerto/public event's to get a more raw and personal look at him simply in his home enviroment. I was of course selective here and posted my choice's, which was a tad difficult as well, because Mr. Jung especially even reconstruct's a wide variety of artist's and style's/ genre's in contemporary music.

The first 3 I selected for this post are cover's to present his unique restructuring in his vision with his personal flavour, and the 4th piece is one of his own composition's. All video's supplied by his YouTube site , Thank You! And of course, outstanding work Sir, and is why I chose him for this journal's society honour's ... Thank You ... and the Best to you in your future career and endeavor's ... you will do well! ... Enjoy! :)







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CIRCUIT OF THE AMERICAS : ... "Formula One" come's to America ... (Taste of Texas PT. 7)

"Taste of Texas" PT. 7 will be to take a peek at the newest Formula One track under construction in Austin called "Circuit of the Americas", that should be finished in month's. But during these trying economic time's, any new American investment's can be a welcome, and this also is a plus for the rapidly growing Austin area ... beside's ... this is America ... the root's of some of the greatest car's in the world! I almost forgot about this one there is so much construction going on in this state ... but CNN had this on this morning which brought it back to my atencion, this particular project will be a big win for America as well as Texas, and for all those F1 American fan's who have longed for this event here. And Congratulation's as well to the City of Austin!


"Formula 1" Wikipedia


Inside Track- Circuit of the Americas Preview ... Thanx to JEREMYCHARETTE


Friday, May 6, 2011

TEXAS TEEN CHEERLEADER PT.2: "Support Your Local Rapist" and NOW Pay $45K for Complaining (Sexploitation Nation PT.5) "WAR ON WOMEN"

This "Sexploitation Nation PT.5(WAR ON WOMEN)" will be also PT.2 of "Texas Teen Cheerleader", a story I covered last November in the Houston Area, of a teen cheerleader who was kicked off the school's cheerleading squad, because she wouldnt cheer on her rapist, who was a popular sport's figure in the school, basically she was acting politically incorrect, unfashionable, unpopular, ... well now ... the court's ordered her to also pay $45,000 in court fee's for the school, saying her case/ complaint was "frivolous", and of course as we Texan's know ... today's GOP in Texas, damn near consider's every goddamn lawsuit as frivolous, doesnt matter if your raped, sodomized, screwed out of your paycheck, or had a surgical instrument accidentally sewed up in you during your last surgery .... IT'S FRIVOLOUS!! "Frivolous??" ya'll call this "silly" or "unworthy" of atencion? ... I call it more backsliding crap on women's right's, I mean ... ya'll arent the Taliban, are ya'll? This is just more slippery backdoor Texas right winger crap, similar to wanting to show gal's fetal horror movies before they get an abortion! THIS IS ABUSE! IS WHAT IT IS! If you complain about one goddamn injustice to your right's as a Texan American these day's ... it's "frivolous".

As far as Ya'll in these Texas Court's and School's concluding this ... how "frivolous" would it be if it was your kid getting raped, and refusing to cheer for their rapist? I dont have much more to say on this obvious BS! ... other than what I wrote in Part One of "Texas Teen Cheerleader" ... so some newsread below and some CNN video (video expired and removed). See what you think. KEEP FIGHTING THEIR ASSES HILLARIE & DAD!

For year's folk's have alwayz asked me why I dont believe in term's like "right/ wrong", "good/ evil" ? This is an example of "WHY", and also "WHY" I have so many question's ... because what you see here by the court's and school board, is the "victim" is the "villain" and being labeled "wrong", and the rapist and school board is being labeled as "right" and the "victim's" ... I rest my case!


***** BUSINESS INSIDER: Cheerleader Has To Pay $45,000 To The School That Kicked Her Off The Squad For Refusing To Cheer For Her Rapist ... (newsread)


POST NOTE : (Sunday 08 May 2011) I want to add this post note, because after looking at this the other day, I realize that it will be easy for one to read it and say I was throwing politics into an issue it dont belong, I dont know how the legal system worx, I'm one who is just out to attack sport's, I am too partisan, etc, etc.

Look ... everything in this and so much else is strictly about politic's, business, and law. And you may say that the Supreme Court refused it, so why am I just blaming this on smaller local court's? Understand that the Supreme Court is just that ..."Supreme" ... there are ton's of case load's waiting to be heard on the Supreme Court as it is, and they are backlogged, were talking about a smaller court's case, done by the "book" legally that involve's simply a cheerleader that got cut from the squad. The politic's? is because there has been a recent rise in trying to slow individual lawsuit's to begin with, and because of budget's, backlog's, and frivolous suit's ... this is a backdoor to a slippery slope to call just about every damn suit frivolous ... since this move is pushed by corporate mostly interest's, the Texas strong GOP will go with it, these same "interest's" are also responsible for aggitating fundamoralist religious group's as well, using talk like "socialist liberal's have been going too far, and it's only a matter of time, you wont be able to pray, all your kid's will be forced into homosexuality, etc ..." and the usual scare talk that get's panties in a bind. But all this is rooted from the same entities, that dont give a rat's ass about religion, personal right's/ liberties, or anything but their own interest's ... and they use all these group's and bring in the politic's to do so. Beside's, I have voted conservative most my life, and I dont hate conservatism, but it's changed and lost it's grassroot's.

We have came so far, as far as more balanced right's protection's especially for women and minority culture's which were in the gutter for year's ... we sure as Hell shouldnt be going backward's, right when we just are starting to really do some positive's ... it took decade's to get that moving, and if we start to go backward's, it will take decade's to repair. The court's went by the book, and I know how this worx as far as having to pay legal fee's when your a loser in a case like this. My point is ... this should have never even got to this level, the school district is mostly to blame here ... some mediation's for this litigation should have been worked out long ago, in closed door session's, so if anything is "frivolous", it's the school board. BUT NO ... you know why? ... because of the business and politic's in Texas only ... and dont think for a minute it has nothing to do with either, it's an investment .... for instance, such as a local high school in Far North Dallas (the suburb of "Allen") in these tight time's building a $60 million dollar stadium, one school, one stadium ... you dont think folk's invest these type's of dollar figure's strictly because their thinking of the kid's, do you? Their interest's is future investment's and human commodities in professional sport's ... do you think some of these teen's are driving $40K/ $50K car's because they got a part time job at McDonalds? I am a big sport's fan, so I dont hate sport's, but this has become more importante than academic's and learning ... and especially student's right's. Hillarie is looked at as ... NOT a team player, politically unfashionable, a troublemaker, etc ... period. What they expect her to do is let bygone's be bygone's, and turn the cheek and say "Oh Well", it's past, etc. ... and to set an example to other's who step out of the mainstream line like she did. They know the strong precedent for motion's that a case like this can make locally as well as nationally ... that is why it is swept under the rug so quick.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

U.S. NAVY SEAL's TEAM 6 : Commander/ Chief Obama Call, Mission/ Target, Mission Completion ... (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.10)

This "PART 10" of "Veteran's Spotlight" will be to honour "Navy Seal's Team 6" on their termination of Osama bin Laden ... who of course claimed responsibility for engineering the 9/11 attack's in New York City as well as other's, founded and organized an international Jihadist Network, and declared war on America and allies, at least according to all the major news source's. I mean, do we really have "proof" that bin Laden was all they say he is? I can tell you according to the evidence also, a trial would be difficult under our law to find him guilty of anything. Think about it ... what exactly could you convict him of? Giving telepathic message's to follower's to do thing's? Reciting Quran verses? I mean ... according to the evidence presented ... we are basing his guilt, based on media stories that he claimed to do this. All the lies were told to begin with, I dont know what to believe at time's.

As I have wrote time and again ... I have alway's been more in favour of covert operation's in these type's situation's for various reason's, as I pointed out for instance doing with Saddam Hussein, etc. And this is one where the "call" made by Commander/ Chief Obama worked well and having a crew of Seal's that were ready as they come ... the President was asked to abort the mission idea by some expert's, but this time he went with his "gut", and let the Crew do what they trained so hard for, the reward was worth the stretch. Plus, this mission basically went like clockwork and the target was terminated with a simple close range "double tap" to the head/ chest, some may also wonder if bin Laden wanted to be shot(?) Did everyone came out winner's in this one, if this was the case?, understand if you read the history of bin Laden, he was a real warrior too. Nonetheless for the SEAL's, a job well done, certainly an elite crew/ team that get's the JOB DONE. Some vid's below.


***** WASHINGTON POST/ WORLD: Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden are from the elite 'Team 6' (newsread)





1) NAVY SEAL'S TEAM 6 KILL'S OSAMA BIN LADEN (a briefing of crew/ team and operation) ... Thanx to GEORGIASHOWME

2) THE TARGET ... Thanx to DIPLOMATIYA2009



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LIBYA (PT.4) : USA's "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" ? or UNCCA's "Child Murderer's and Liar's" ?

Nope ... I didnt even plan or know I was going to have a bloody "PT. 4" of this series ... it's just spontaneous I reckon, kind of not like knowing when I'll have to take a dump next. But I was in the middle of one of my "good dream's", so in a good mood (good dream being, like being a prisoner getting interrogated by Teri Hatcher, or similar :) but suddenly awoke before I could finish about a quarter till 9am ... I grabbed a Marlboro (smoke) and the tele remote off a table by my bed ... and still in a good mood, turn on the tele ... and either ABC or NBC (cant recall which one first) was reporting what the journalist called "good news" ... that good news was that Gaddafi's son and grandchildren were killed from a so called NATO airstrike, and perhap's this may convince or inspire him to leave the country. Also let me add that this posting is not to criticize our and/ or our allies military personel, they only follow order's, it's our so called leadership and those who dictate it that are responsible for all the messes we get into, the same one's who disrespect our troop's after they serve and while they serve and prosecute them, then get the masses more concerned over some stupid shit, like should women be able to wear pink beret's (fictional example) in their service, while homeless veteran women line the urban street's of America, or other pop culture nonsense. First some newsread and video below, then some small chat from the Chimp on this.

***** BBC NEWS/ AFRICA: Nato strike 'kills Saif al-Arab Gaddafi', Libya says

***** PD/ RCJ: LIBYA: PART'S 3, 2, 1 HERE

One of Gadhafi's sons killed in NATO airstrike, Libyan official says- CNN .... Thanx to 2DOGARAGE

Look ... this is not one of them pop culture blog rant's of humanitarianism, or that I have any problemo with bombing any country/ land that strike's/ provoke's us ... I am VERY pro DEFENSE ... but just that ... to defend our's. I simply dont feel at all that this so called non- existent war is our's ... the people of America as a whole that is. And this is exactly one of the reason's why so many abroad will have resentment toward's us and our way's ... not because of our men and women in uniform or the people of our country ... you see ... many in them land's can see how this country can be on a bad hair day, by those who dictate this now international cesspool headquartered in the USA ... and know when they better run for shelter, and it's sad in my opinion. What we call "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" ... I cant help to see as "Child Murdering by Habitual Liar's". I realize that there will be casualties in war ... but was this war necessary? Of course some's heart's will bleed, usually to score point's/ rating's with their follower's/ supporter's/ voter's, about how they care about the freedom of the people, liberation, etc ... but most of that is bullshit, they care about their opinion's/ rating's and how it will be sucked up like a slurpee by those who listen to their flip- flopping bullshit, only.

And this UNCCA cesspool (United Neo Corporate Communist's of America) is the chief propaganda distributor's. I mean ... is there only one way to deal with this? And to what extent are we obligated? It's about oil? ... then "why" would that be? Most of the public consumption production over there will probably supply mega countries like China and India soon ... as far as I'm concerned as an American, I would just as well buy oil from countries only like Canada, Mexico, and folk's like commie/ socialist Chavez of Venezuela, before I would do business with anyone that resent's our presence, and I would leave them alone, and in the meantime strongly invest and promote alternative transport, energies, and such domestically to be ready for mass production in the next several year's here ... much stronger focus being on bio plastic's, air compression car engine's, solar both urban and rural plan's, and much more that we know we can do already. I would supply those freedom fighter's at most with supplies and arm's to free themselves and battle, is that not generous enough? Or is it more generous to spend 10X that amount so that oil interest's or the Chinese dont have to spend a dime or give any of their lives?

Flip flopping bullshit, because these same folk's that are out to attack Gaddafi are the same cesspool of rat's that just a few year's ago would be supporting this man who was clearly a dictator and making him filthy rich as pay- off for dictating those Libyan People. We built up Saddam Hussein to terrorize, dictate, etc ... then say we hate him because he is not selling his oil through our producer's/ distributor's/ market's. We bitch about Iran and their nuclear interest's ... yet we inspired them as well, and taught them ... we bitched about Adolf Hitler sterilizing folk's in Nazi Germany ... yet it was the USA who inspired him by sterilizing American's first ... even planting STD's into African American population to learn more about syphilis ... we have a disgusting history as well beside's all the love and handout's we give like stupid asses. The fact is ... we would do the world alot more good if we kept our goddamn nose's out of other's affair's and took a back seat at time's ... but no ... we are brainwashed into thinking were so grand that it's our mission to babysit and dictate everyone, yet the American People as a whole are so blind to the reality. Many folk's in other land's can see through this shit, because their on the outside looking in, we never look at ourselves in the mirror, and dont see sometime's that these unrest's sometime's in these nation's was a result from our interference in creating corrupt regime's to control them.

I have talked to so many folk's first hand from some of these land's of conflict's recently over the year's ... and this is first hand account, not something 2nd hand from some report. And one of the first thing's I notice out of many of these folk's ... is Yes ... they are grateful for being accepted into this country and love what we stand for as far as our "Bill of Rights" and such ... however .... they alway's politely try to tell me in so many word's that we "nose" too much in the affair's in their land's ... and also ask, since we are different in so many wayz ... why do we think we can just go into these countries and change a culture that they have embraced for hundred's of year's and all of the sudden expect for them to be like us? ... it take's time. Over and over I have been asked and told this, like I said ... in a friendly way, as if they were trying to tell me something as far as our fault's without coming right out and saying we are at fault. Right there I explain to them that they dont have to explain much to me, I see the hypocrisy and "Sea of Lies" that this nation is about.

We even created the terrorist's believe it or not, and are creating more daily by locking away innocent's who have been already interrogated and found no evidence against them except a phone call association or such in some case's ... we hold them for what ... 5,6,7 year's ? ... then cut them loose and say no hard feeling's ... thinking we can give them a plane ticket a couple hundred buck's and they will just forget what they been through? Sure ... this is all about freeing people, etc, eh? Ask yourself as an American, how would you feel everytime you protest your gvmnt or some social issue ... how would you feel if bomb's started dropping down on you? Or some of our political leader's who say this is about love, freedom, and humanitarianism only ... and you think killing these grandchildren of this man/ dictator that ya'll built ... is a way to get him to step down(?) ... how would ya'll feel if American citizen's took your advice ... and decided to get some of ya'll in Washington to step down by killing your grandchildren and kid's, eh?

Enough said ....