Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CELL PHONE SAFETY PT.1: A report from CNN's Dr.Sanjay Gupta ... HOW SAFE is your cell ?, Tip's and Advice & 05/ 31/ 11 CANCER WARNING UPDATE

This is another importante post that I need to have posted here. I first heard about these possible hazzard's over 10 year's ago as far as possible linkage to brain tumor's, but have alway's thought that the amount's of electricity we have around us in our lives may be reason for many cancer's also ... I dont have any research study of this, just something that popped up in thought many year's ago is all.

I only had a cell phone since 2007, and mine I hardly ever use, I usually have call's and make call's that are importante such as business, familia, etc ... their short mainly and to the point, and just have it basically for those need's. But this is something that so many people have constantly to their ear, you see folk's everyday with it constantly to their ear everywhere's. But it is good to be aware is all, not to get paranoid or such. You also must understand that the cell companies have a strong lobby also, and the fine print in the owner's manual's is basically to cover their ass against lawsuit's and nothing definitive ... and the FCC may delay any investigation's and decline to talk, simply because they dont know what the Hell to say or have even investigated it much, and most importantly havent discussed their legal responsibilities, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) All I am saying is to alway's be aware.

Below Dr. Sanjay Gupta give's some great advice and some investigative finding's that are importante (and Thank You Sir!) to consider in the almost 20 minute long video (but worth the listen), then a link to another video and link's with him and Anderson Cooper that I also recommend.






Weaseldog said...

That was some storm yesterday. I hope you came through it without any major damage.

Weaseldog said...

I've only owned one cell phone so far. And I only used that bulky old dinosaur for a few months.

I haven't felt I've the need for one since then.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey WD/ Jack! ... You dont need one ... cool! I wouldnt even carry the bloody thing if I didnt need it, and like I said, my usage of it is limited, but I done this posting only because it is another device in our live's that we have became dependent on simply, and to have some tip's for safety ... cause like brain surgery doesnt seem pleasant, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :)

Oh man! ... the storm's last night ... wow! wasnt that something? and what an outstanding lightning show, it was better than the July 4th fireworx show! ... I was keeping on it closely ready to make my "move" dude. And ya'll in Irving was under a couple tornado warning's too, just like us in Northwest Dallas. But here at LBJ/ Stemmons corridor ... we just barely got skimmed as it went through, I heard Highland Park had some golf ball sized hail, other's had baseball sized hail, and I was out on my patio deck when the hail started, to get a hand's on feel of the storm, we only got quarter sized stone's as the largest and no car damage, wind's mild compared to what I heard as up to 100 mph straight wind's hitting downtown Dallas, and North Oak Cliff, Highland Park, Caruth Haven/ North Central and such ... but man ... what a beautiful morning today, eh?

Weaseldog said...

It's a gorgeous day today. With the air all cleaned out, I'm allergy free.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh man ... drop dead gorgeous at that, and I love after a good rain slamming and wind's as you say, you can actually see downtown from where I live (I'm about 15 miles from downtown), no haze/ smog. Just got back in ... and this morning early at sun- up it was all dried out, then a nice gradual dry- warm into the 80's this afternoon!