Sunday, May 1, 2011

LIBYA (PT.4) : USA's "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" ? or UNCCA's "Child Murderer's and Liar's" ?

Nope ... I didnt even plan or know I was going to have a bloody "PT. 4" of this series ... it's just spontaneous I reckon, kind of not like knowing when I'll have to take a dump next. But I was in the middle of one of my "good dream's", so in a good mood (good dream being, like being a prisoner getting interrogated by Teri Hatcher, or similar :) but suddenly awoke before I could finish about a quarter till 9am ... I grabbed a Marlboro (smoke) and the tele remote off a table by my bed ... and still in a good mood, turn on the tele ... and either ABC or NBC (cant recall which one first) was reporting what the journalist called "good news" ... that good news was that Gaddafi's son and grandchildren were killed from a so called NATO airstrike, and perhap's this may convince or inspire him to leave the country. Also let me add that this posting is not to criticize our and/ or our allies military personel, they only follow order's, it's our so called leadership and those who dictate it that are responsible for all the messes we get into, the same one's who disrespect our troop's after they serve and while they serve and prosecute them, then get the masses more concerned over some stupid shit, like should women be able to wear pink beret's (fictional example) in their service, while homeless veteran women line the urban street's of America, or other pop culture nonsense. First some newsread and video below, then some small chat from the Chimp on this.

***** BBC NEWS/ AFRICA: Nato strike 'kills Saif al-Arab Gaddafi', Libya says

***** PD/ RCJ: LIBYA: PART'S 3, 2, 1 HERE

One of Gadhafi's sons killed in NATO airstrike, Libyan official says- CNN .... Thanx to 2DOGARAGE

Look ... this is not one of them pop culture blog rant's of humanitarianism, or that I have any problemo with bombing any country/ land that strike's/ provoke's us ... I am VERY pro DEFENSE ... but just that ... to defend our's. I simply dont feel at all that this so called non- existent war is our's ... the people of America as a whole that is. And this is exactly one of the reason's why so many abroad will have resentment toward's us and our way's ... not because of our men and women in uniform or the people of our country ... you see ... many in them land's can see how this country can be on a bad hair day, by those who dictate this now international cesspool headquartered in the USA ... and know when they better run for shelter, and it's sad in my opinion. What we call "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" ... I cant help to see as "Child Murdering by Habitual Liar's". I realize that there will be casualties in war ... but was this war necessary? Of course some's heart's will bleed, usually to score point's/ rating's with their follower's/ supporter's/ voter's, about how they care about the freedom of the people, liberation, etc ... but most of that is bullshit, they care about their opinion's/ rating's and how it will be sucked up like a slurpee by those who listen to their flip- flopping bullshit, only.

And this UNCCA cesspool (United Neo Corporate Communist's of America) is the chief propaganda distributor's. I mean ... is there only one way to deal with this? And to what extent are we obligated? It's about oil? ... then "why" would that be? Most of the public consumption production over there will probably supply mega countries like China and India soon ... as far as I'm concerned as an American, I would just as well buy oil from countries only like Canada, Mexico, and folk's like commie/ socialist Chavez of Venezuela, before I would do business with anyone that resent's our presence, and I would leave them alone, and in the meantime strongly invest and promote alternative transport, energies, and such domestically to be ready for mass production in the next several year's here ... much stronger focus being on bio plastic's, air compression car engine's, solar both urban and rural plan's, and much more that we know we can do already. I would supply those freedom fighter's at most with supplies and arm's to free themselves and battle, is that not generous enough? Or is it more generous to spend 10X that amount so that oil interest's or the Chinese dont have to spend a dime or give any of their lives?

Flip flopping bullshit, because these same folk's that are out to attack Gaddafi are the same cesspool of rat's that just a few year's ago would be supporting this man who was clearly a dictator and making him filthy rich as pay- off for dictating those Libyan People. We built up Saddam Hussein to terrorize, dictate, etc ... then say we hate him because he is not selling his oil through our producer's/ distributor's/ market's. We bitch about Iran and their nuclear interest's ... yet we inspired them as well, and taught them ... we bitched about Adolf Hitler sterilizing folk's in Nazi Germany ... yet it was the USA who inspired him by sterilizing American's first ... even planting STD's into African American population to learn more about syphilis ... we have a disgusting history as well beside's all the love and handout's we give like stupid asses. The fact is ... we would do the world alot more good if we kept our goddamn nose's out of other's affair's and took a back seat at time's ... but no ... we are brainwashed into thinking were so grand that it's our mission to babysit and dictate everyone, yet the American People as a whole are so blind to the reality. Many folk's in other land's can see through this shit, because their on the outside looking in, we never look at ourselves in the mirror, and dont see sometime's that these unrest's sometime's in these nation's was a result from our interference in creating corrupt regime's to control them.

I have talked to so many folk's first hand from some of these land's of conflict's recently over the year's ... and this is first hand account, not something 2nd hand from some report. And one of the first thing's I notice out of many of these folk's ... is Yes ... they are grateful for being accepted into this country and love what we stand for as far as our "Bill of Rights" and such ... however .... they alway's politely try to tell me in so many word's that we "nose" too much in the affair's in their land's ... and also ask, since we are different in so many wayz ... why do we think we can just go into these countries and change a culture that they have embraced for hundred's of year's and all of the sudden expect for them to be like us? ... it take's time. Over and over I have been asked and told this, like I said ... in a friendly way, as if they were trying to tell me something as far as our fault's without coming right out and saying we are at fault. Right there I explain to them that they dont have to explain much to me, I see the hypocrisy and "Sea of Lies" that this nation is about.

We even created the terrorist's believe it or not, and are creating more daily by locking away innocent's who have been already interrogated and found no evidence against them except a phone call association or such in some case's ... we hold them for what ... 5,6,7 year's ? ... then cut them loose and say no hard feeling's ... thinking we can give them a plane ticket a couple hundred buck's and they will just forget what they been through? Sure ... this is all about freeing people, etc, eh? Ask yourself as an American, how would you feel everytime you protest your gvmnt or some social issue ... how would you feel if bomb's started dropping down on you? Or some of our political leader's who say this is about love, freedom, and humanitarianism only ... and you think killing these grandchildren of this man/ dictator that ya'll built ... is a way to get him to step down(?) ... how would ya'll feel if American citizen's took your advice ... and decided to get some of ya'll in Washington to step down by killing your grandchildren and kid's, eh?

Enough said ....



Infidel753 said...

I don't think the Libyans, who were screaming for Western military help against Qaddhafi for days before the operation began, will be too broken up about this. Qaddhafi has killed thousands of innocent Libyans, including children. That's what most people there are concerned about.

No one seriously believes Qaddhafi will step down. The only way to end the fighting in Libya is to kill him.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel ... and Thank You for your view and input on this, as far as a different take.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I may add to this as far as the comment's left by infodel and folk's being broke up over this or whatever ... I dont have too much concern in what Libyan folk's are screaming for or what Ghaddafi or anyone wnt's over there. We are dropping million's per day, last I heard was $4 million a day being the cost's of the US .. so that is my priority as far as cost's to us more than anything else, since all these mouth piece's who represent us in this country want to "cut" every damn thing here. This is nothing but another muslim country war which was partly instigated by our "nosing" into this countries for decade's to begin with, and supporting and building this particular dictator. I dont care about thinking and talking about what's popular, I think about doing what we need to do to save our own here, we need help too, and our own people are so called "screaming" right here in America for our own difficulties.