Sunday, August 31, 2008

The "Current Political Mess" ... and America's REALITY ...

No doubt that this election should be alot of fun ...because the closer we get to election day ... the more crap we will be fed by both sides of this. And the sad reality is this ... no matter who win's this election ... it isnt going to do much of anything for America ... especially the people. With the democrats there is at least a chance, of maybe getting a little break financially ... but we cant expect much. I know that the greener pastures are ahead ... I just dont know when. The political situation we are in ... is basically a rehash of the same. We have 2 sides desperately wanting to get chosen ... and making some great speeches, but where will we be in 4 years from now?

I like Palin alot too ... as an outspoken person. But I am sure this is deeper then we see right now ... and of course the present administration ... and probably the first Bush President along with Cheney got their paws in this. They want Anwar ... bad ... and Palin can make a great arguement ... especially to a desperate American people that are suffering from gas prices. Yes ... it can create jobs ... but what is the actual reality of getting much relief from the oil prices? The global market determines the value of our dollar ... the cost of a barrel of oil. Who will all be involved with the drilling? Who do you think? The large oil people ... who has always been in charge. We will be less dependent on foreign oil? That's very clever wording ... because the reality is ... the world oil market has no boundaries ... it's a "global" market, period! The Arab's as well as the Chinese and everyone else all will have their paws even in our domestic energy. We have NO surplus ... we are broke ... we are tapped out on credit, we already owe everyone from the Arab's to the Chinese ... and to top it off, despite Iraq's new wealth from all their oil ... we are still obligated to paying their way ... and now to add to it ... we are going to have to reconstruct any infrastructure the Russians destroyed in Georgia. I put money on it ... that we are going to be no better off 4 years from now then we are now ... besides maybe getting a couple government handouts. The worst part is the proposals of the republicans ... because there is no possible way ... with how and what they propose ... that it could make the peoples of America ... have any better financial situation ... and what the democrats have to offer ... is a little air ... but not much.

If we continue to support these large corporate giants that only send work out of the country ... we will need to support some foreign countries to try to give us jobs here. The dollar is low ... foreign investors are buying up America ... like a yard sale ... and it might be the only hope for an increase in jobs domestically. In other words ... just having to work for foreigner's .There is much wealth in this country, it's just that alot of the major American investors ... are not necessarily spending here like they did before. This is all a result of the globalization. The reality is that the world economy is much different now ... then even 20 years ago. We have to try to rathole every dollar of our taxes that we can too. Because we are not doing nothing no more for ourselves ... all our money is being used up to ... well ... take care of the rest of the world ... and the controlling corporate interests. This is why they want republicans in too. We are all blindsided without realizing it. They have us at each other throats on things like ... women votes, moral votes, Hillary votes, Obama votes, helping the troops ... etc. We are not even getting any help for our troops. You wouldnt believe over the years ... now many I have talked to in the streets and knew that were veterans ... and are sleeping on the streets. A country this wealthy ... should not have one veteran that has to sleep on the street or under some bridge.

2 to 3 days after Russians invaded Georgia ... Secretary Rice got on national tele ... to say we are going to rebuild the damaged infrastructure ... and already had a billion dollars for a down payment ready. Imagine that ... do you know it took twice that long just to get drinking water to the folks of New Orleans that were hit by hurricane Katrina? And thats in our own damn country. Today we have McCain and republicans taking advantage of this Gustav hurricane about to hit our Gulf Coast ... hoping for their ratings to go up from it. When will we wake up and realize that none of these folks give a rats ass about us except for what they can milk us for?

The real fun of this race for the White House has yet to come as well ... I think Palin was a great choice for the republicans ... and between her and this hurricane that is coming our way ... they think they have a cake walk. She said she will focus on the Hillary voters ... and alot of them are already hungry for her ... and they are still angry after weeks ... or maybe even month's now ... and will probably continue to stay angry since we still have these anti Clinton people bullying them, so this crap will just go back and forth ... back and forth. What is really going to be hilarious is seeing liberals (Hillary supporters) actually voting for a candidate like McCain ... who said he wants to mold the Supreme Court to abolish Roe/ Wade ... who has a running mate ... that would probably try to get "creationism" and "intelligent design" to be taught in public schools alongside with science ... and I think its safe to say from her record ... that she does not favour Roe/ Wade either. As individuals ... I see qualities in both I like ... but to actually get elected ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I think we can do without them. Obama ... I like his attitude and words ... but in a screwed up political system like we have ... with all of its old deadwood ... how far can he actually get? Our politics are a mess ... and that's America's reality.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Extreme Makeover"...the United States Government edition...

I call it "Extreme Makeover"..because that is exactly what we need.Once we repair our image and how we conduct business...we will find it much easier to do needed business..and renew alliances abroad...especially in the Middle Eastern part of the world.This is what I am hoping Senator Obama can do if elected President too.

I know it's a crap shoot...and Sen.Obama hasnt near the experience as far as foreign affairs are concerned.The flip side to that is Biden does..and I feel Biden is a fairly straight up guy..and can offer some important tips to Obama.My petty objections and questions about Obama are not really important..such as more specific's on health care...right's to own guns,etc.I believe right now...besides working on a speedy as possible recovery of our domestic economical situation,our other most important to try to patch up our image worldwide.This has cost us a bundle.The amount we spent on this war for instance is incredible.And I feared this from day one of this invasion of Iraq...the costs of it.Obama was against the invasion as well..and very skeptical of the length of occupancy as well as the costs and lives of our finest defenders.But we cannot turn back the clock...what is done is done.

And Bush is not a commi or dictator by any stretch of the imagination.I sure as hell dont agree with his approach..but I believe I understand what he is trying to do.As I said in my earliest posts...understand the mentality of the long term investor.Let me make this simple and brief.A good economy globally means more folks with food at the table...and occupied with a job...less chance of being recruited by radical extremeists.Bringing this to a region like the middle east...creates stability in the longrun..but..IT TAKES TIME.The amount of suffering domestically Bush views as mild...why? Because he looks at the rest of the world and how little many others have,in a way..he see's us as spoiled.I disagree with this strictly is we...who brought ourselves to this level...through hard work..I dont believe we should feel like we have too much...we have much because we worked our asses off and fought and struggled for decades to achieve all we have.Bush dont like communism...he feels that getting the Chinese involved in the world arena more will make them slowly dissolve their system and choose to be a part of a thriving system that will better the Chinese peoples lives over time...again...the "long term".While our standard of living might go down "some"...these peoples standards will go up some creating a more balanced quality of life...again,"over time" for the peoples of the globe.Why did he spend all our surplus? He looks at it as an investment...he see's business...not what truely makes the world go around. He seen Washington as just ratholing billions and wasting money on pointless projects and such..and figured to put it too use and let business use it to...well...what he thinks..generate more business.

One of the problems with all of this I over spending..and neglect of the interest's of those who employ him.Another thing...his diplomatic ways are not the best way to deal with alot of folks in other regions.This man isnt what you could call.."Mr.Personality".His actions have helped these radical groups to create a "cause" and to be successful on creating propaganda to make us look like bullies who are only interested in raping the world of natural resources like petro. The religious factor plays another big psychological role in the success of this.They can use this to say we are disrespecting their culture...the money factor plays out to look "evil".When folks are hungry,lots of time on their hands since they have no employment..and always in fear of bombs raining down on them and their is easy to recruit them to oppose someone like us...and see us as evil.When we leave hundreds of innocent people locked up in prisons...for 3,4,5 years...without charging them with nothing as well...what do you think those who were incarcerated will say when they get back home?...and what will it make people believe? All the refugee's that have had to flee to places like Jordan..or Syria from Iraq who these countries like Jordan for instance are stretched now to the gill's..because they cannot handle financially the 100's of thousands they had to take in feed and educate.So what do allies of ours like Jordan think? I could go on and on.

I talk one on one to several folks from these regions...and they explain things to me...I never thought about before...simply because I live in the American mindset,so I cant feel how they must feel and think...just like I said in the past..about trying to feel like a poor black person feel's caught in an urban hole...that they feel lack of hope ever getting out of.This is why I try to hear everything straight from the horses I have a clearer picture of the reality around me.

I am hoping that Obama can share his so called personality..and listening traits with others around the globe...and show that we are not only about what our adversaries portray us to be.And sitting down and talking with folks is not wimping out at all.It's only fair...and the proper thing to do...after all...thats not our territory or our culture...we should respect that.I am banking on it that Obama as President will be a very good communicator with others abroad..and a man..who will at least try to listen for a change.We have nothing to prove acting like roughnecks with everyone...why? Because its no secret how powerful we are..and our weaponry/
military power and such.Everyone KNOWS our power..and know when we DO bomb...we really lay it down.

We should not let these politicians pump us with fear either.Terrorism exists...all over the world...we have to live with this point of our evolution,life is too short to spend it all dwelling on our will not make it all go away...TIME...will heal things...not worrying.But yes...our sourpuss government really needs a face lift.As far as Senator McCain...well...he speaks clearly what he's about...and in my opinion...far from a solution. Nor do I think folks around the globe will be waiting for him with open arms.We can do much better then we are,we have all what it takes...just the wrong old sourpusses running the show like it is 1965.

The money we have unecessarily spent on wars...only a fraction of that used correctly...could have bought millions of folks and have them working for us..and bettering their own lives..just a fraction!But to do that you need a good sales person...if you cant "sell" cant push your product..and you wont profit...bottom line.And over 4000 of probably the finest trained troops in the world died over this...troops that are supposed to be defending the USA.We cant get them back now! But our sales really pathetic...experienced or not.And we just need an extreme makeover.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the issue of "Oil Addiction".... and "Energy Conservation"...

The other day...I was having neighborly chat with a fella that lives across the street. He brought up about the high prices of gas at the pump and how difficult it is to cut back...he's a interstate trucker by trade..and having to buy diesel is really kicking him hard as well.He say's that he tries everything possible as well around the house to conserve energy..and Texas has some of the nations highest utility costs right now nationwide.He told me according to the government...we should have our thermostat's set at around 78 degree's. He drives a full size SUV like myself as well..and was talking about things like "hypermiling"..which has become popular in the USA since the skyrocket of petro prices at the pump.He was curious as to what I do about the prices of gas and conservation of utilities at home?...So..I told him the way I see it.

First of all...I DONT hypermile. I was watching a "special report" several months back online of a fella in the D.C. area(Washington)who was supposed to be the nations top man in hypermiling..he took the camera crew on a cruise with him..and gave step by step instruction on how to stretch your gas and get at least another 30% to 35% mileage out of it. This guy had a fairly new Toyota or Honda(cant recall) car,probably 4 cylinder it looked like...roughly a 2 liter engine..which really is not bad on gas to begin with.But what I seen was insane..this guy was killing his engine constantly...had maped out pre planned routes to try to coast down as many inclines as he could...constantly throwing it in nuetral gear...not coming to complete stop's...not accelerating hardly at take off...etc.But his guy was a happy camper..because he said he just increased his mileage by at least 30%.And I certainly admired the man's innovative thinking.But at the same time...I was wondering if he realized what he was doing to his car?First of all...he was dogging the transmission which was automatic on top of that..and believe me..if you cant rebuild a transmission get a rebuilt for a car like that..your at least looking at roughly $700-$800..minimal...and thats going to an independent.He was also dogging his engine just about anyone can figure out how to change a head gasket...but when you start getting into internal engine damn well better know your stuff..and to take it to a shop is expensive. I had a buddy a couple years ago rebuild his own was an older quad-4 engine on an old Dodge...he never could get the vacuum right on the damn ran..but constantly would sputter.Probably the least expensive damage this guy in D.C. was doing to his car was wearing out the starter. But that is a hell of a price to pay just to get 30% extra mileage!

Driving the speed limit: recently in Dallas/Fort Worth there has been talk amongst local government to try make speed limits 55mph all over the's basically 55-60mph in central area's...and the far out suburban area's around 65-70 right now.This talk is an attempt to conserve gas. Now c'mon..lets be realistic. Do they actually think reducing the speed by 5 miles an hour is going to do much of anything?Right now...if you try even going the speed limit on a freeway..vehicles will be cutting around you and passing you so quick that you will feel like your going in reverse..and thats at driving 60mph.So be realistic.This is nonsense.

As far as keeping my home thermostat at 78 degree's,heh,heh, each their own.I keep my home 68-70 degree's year round.As for what Washington say's it should be...I dont care.Set yours at 85 if you makes no difference to me what they do.But since I pay my own way for gas,utilities...I am going to do what I's my damn money..and I frankly dont give a damn what any of these politicians say about that.They tell us to ride more answer to that is "you all ride the bus or train to Capitalism Hill" instead of them full size 8 cylinder SUV's all these politicians ride around in these days...even leave them running while they are inside so their cool when they come out and get back in.They say conserve more?...tell folks in India and China to conserve more...we dont have no damn shortage on gas!

As far as all these folks trading in their larger vehicles for small ones,heh,heh this is another...fad. You drop the petro prices back down to $2 bucks a can bet the larger vehicles will sell once again like hot cakes!And alot of folks are not going to just go out in these tougher economic times and try to take out a new or slightly used car loan for some $25K to $30K hybrid..that they will have to wait on a list for a couple months because the manufacturing cant meet the demand currently. Can you imagine what it will cost to take a car like that into a shop? I want to wait a few years and do a longevity check on those vehicles that been on the road after a few years..see how their doing ...and what new cars like the cars from India coming soon will do...that get..get this...over 105 miles to the gallon..and run mainly on air a new cost of $17K.That will be built in smaller plants and quantities..not in India...but right here in the USA,with plants scattered all over the nation...and yes...creating jobs for Americans! They have a website at ,and these cars should be on American roads in a couple years.

As far as our political genius employee's in Washington...maybe they can have "dress down" day in the White House..wear t-shirts...and just use ceiling fans and open the windows...ride the train,bus,or pedal a bike to work...dont ask me to.If our gas goes up to $5 a gallon...I'll just pay it one way or another.As far as Bush saying were addicted to oil...hell it's folks in his posse that run the show and make that a reality. Do we realize how many things we use and consume daily that are a product of oil? So many it would take me 2 pages to list half of the idea that we are going to just get away totally from oil is silly any time soon.Not unless we destroy everything we have and own...including our computers and software..and go live all in mud tell that nonsense to some sap that sucks it up. Politicians come a dime a dozen these days. And most are full of crap.They care about us at the pump? If they did..they would dip into the "strategic petroleum reserve"...cut the tax or a number of other things...not offer us $28 for the summer. They make the profits...we the consumer get no royalties...and we the American consumer also pay to subsidize it...they got more crap then a cow farm!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

How can "We the People" what is clearly..failed leadership?

Mr.David Walker..former"Comptroller General of the U.S."...and currently President and CEO of the "Peter.G.Peterson Foundation",hit the nail on the head when he called our deficit in the United States a "leadership deficit".Because that is exactly what we have.

Americans have bent over backwards already..without no help...and are still getting snowballed by our "employee's"...who are our failed political and financial leaders. And I am not going to blame it solely on President Bush...because to do that would be unfair..because it isnt just the President.Example:...we give our President a blank check for instance on this Iraq war...and we complain about it.But the reality of that for instance is "who" approved this? The same folks who are complaining about Bush' spending and moves on the Hill...are the same folks that approved it and gave him a "green light".When he ask's Congress for something...they wimper about it over 3 hour lunch breaks...momentarily get their panties in a bind when the media shows apply their "window dressing" in worthless gripes and comments to the press...go right back in session and approve the President's request's and proposal's!

These operative's we have running the show...are very good at budget/fiscal irresponsibility is about it.We dont have even proper efficient control of our borders...we are over confident and over extended globally militarily as well,and still fail to act more on a President who is as well damaging our global alliance with many. And does any of this sound familiar? You guessed it...ancient Rome. They lasted over 1000 long will we last at the rate we are going? We will act in time...but the sooner...the better.And they basically inspire us and encourage us to act like them...basically spending before we get our paychecks,borrowing more and more..equity mortgages..more credit...more wasteful spending...etc.And it's alway's...more and more taxes they want...for this or that..especially for those abroad who after we help them...and pay damn near their entire way...end up backstabing us when our nipple starts dripping instead of flowing(milking process).

We the People are the ONLY ones who sacrifice...period! And according to a recent Gallup Poll...the approval rating of Congress for instance is at 14%...the lowest it's been in over a quarter century..and I dont need to tell you who DOES approve. First of all...we need to "MAKE" these folks act more responsibly with our damn money!We need to cut them off...period!Washington is clearly out of control.And you cannot do that without...strict and tough statutory budget controls...hell...we have to do it to ourselves and families on a daily basis..and we need to make our "employee's" do the same.Reimposing budget controls lost back in 2002 is a start. Because all we are doing is "mortgaging" our children's future at this rate. We can raise and raise taxes till were blue in the face...but until we learn how to divert them revenues to beneficial channels...we will never get out of the foxhole.In the last decade...New York has raised their taxes 71% as an example of the "tax game".We have many on the Hill that tries to make us believe every time we have a problem...that throwing money at it in some way solves the problem.

We need alot of new folks in Washington too...all these experienced professionals are the ones who are getting us into these messes..and this is from both major parties too. This is about We the People and our constitutional tools.How can We the People trust what is clearly failed leadership?...expire them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where can we buy.."intrusion detection software"? about "CHINA-MART"?

Now that we have the important issue's cleared up as far as peak sales on the Obama and McCain "flip-flop" sandal's that been selling like half price rock(crack).And that we have confirmed that John Edwards had sex..and confirmed that Russia dont give a rats ass what we think..I figured we could move on to another issue.So I figured to throw in my 2cents on foreign countries that like to spy,which has went on forever...but it should never be taken light hearted.As I mentioned in my earliest post's..America is being ganged up on..and we better wake up and be aware.

Lou Dobbs brought up an interesting point about why Americans visiting the Olympics in Beijing were having their hotel rooms gone through when they are not at their rooms? Well...according to the Government of the "Peoples Republic of China",any of the governments actions at the Olympics are within accordance of international standards..and they would have nothing to do with such allegations like espionage. And that's nice...I feel better that they responded to that..and properly..after all what else would I expect them to say? That they are obtaining all info they can when folks arent occupying their rooms?

Ever wonder how secure our intell is at our DHS(Dept.of Homeland Security)? Put it this way...securing "intell" is something I know a little bit about,not much..but enough to know that what we have set up from what I have gathered is so insecure that you could organize a bunch of teens smoking blunts(pot in cigar wrappers)to crack out key info on their PC's..and pay them in pot! Even according to Rep.Zoe Lofgren(D-CA)...we dont even have any "intrusion detection software" installed! This is no joke...this is the reality of our DHS..I could go on and on here!Even Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff himself submitted a memo of concern citing the problem of vulnerability of our defense intell.."CLASSIFIED" as well as unclassified. DHS'proposed solution is to create another department within the department,and to now require that Americans who frequent foreign countries(my daughter would be included in this since her job requires foreign travel as marketing coordinator for an international company)to report ALL contacts when travelling abroad. I support this 110%...but is it enough?..and most importantly it too late? It's NEVER too late...nor is anything ever enough.

We need to also understand that the new wave of terror will become more technically efficient .... 9/11 was a tragedy for us .... but it was also a failure for the group responsible .... why? Because with the population of the World Trade Center workforce/ occupancy .... 10's of thousand's was the terrorist's planned objective obviously ....more like at least 30 to 50 thousand casualties is what they were planning considering the plan's they engineered .... what happened is their timing was off by less than 2 hour's .... the mission obviously was to shut down Washington, being the Capitol and Pentagon, or at least to temporarily paralyze, as well as the market affiliate's in the Trade Center' to disrupt the market's .... then if all went as planned .... most likely individual terror cell's independent within say 48 hour's would execute several other terror hit's domestically, meaning .... yes .... there are far more sleeping terror cell's in the USA than we actually realize ... they didnt act because the 9/ 11 stunt actually failed and didnt go as planned, which crippled their mission, we had some luck you can say. Some of these sleeping cell's will stay here and for year's to come become more technically computer savvy ... and even new wave's or terrorism using cyberspace sabotaging everything from financial institution's to our power grid's, etc, and they will buy and recruit from anyone, they dont care if it's China (although China has an investment now and wouldnt want to terrorize us or have any to do with that, but individual's would) to folk's like MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) of the Niger Delta to any other inde that has a plan and something to sell .... the list is endless of possiblities. This is also why we need to be more on the "up and up", on what is happening ..... we havent seen nothing yet!

We currently have as well at least 3500 front companies of China operating in our country to acquire(some may say"steal")info on our technology..and what some may call"secrets"of trade and so forth. Imagine that! What a price to pay just to get cheap products and to try to get communists to change their ways ...heh? One day we will wake up...we have taken 6"inches already...maybe by 10" we will finally say ouch!...that's enough.One of the American tourists at the Olympics that had his personal belongings went through while not in his room for instance was Rep.Mike Rogers(R-MI).Why would they need to rummage through his personal property behind his back? And you can bet on it wasnt an underwear fetishist!

Recently former Pentagon Analyst Gregg.W.Bergersen was sentenced to 5 years for passing info/intell to a spy for the "Peoples Republic of China" who he thought was just a furniture salesman in New Orleans by the name of Tai Kuo. He thought that Mr.Kuo was aligned with the Taiwanese Government and the info/intell was to furthering the establishment of a new sophisticated air defense system for Taiwan ...supposedly. If you buy that nonsense.With tears in his eyes prior to sentencing he said he was sorry for what he done...Sorry?..well if he thought it was for Taiwanese defense and all that...why was he sorry? He was obviously sorry because he got caught!The fact is that Mr.Kuo spent thousands on Mr.Bergersens gambling addiction in Vegas...even promised Mr.Bergersen a "job" after he retires the Pentagon.Why he only got 5 years is puzzling...the initial prosecution called for around at least 7to9 years...maybe it was the tears..heh? Who knows...maybe the traitor will get lucky and get a pardon from Bush the end of this year.In China he probably would have been terminated. I could go on and on...but I made my point that we can NEVER feel secure enough...this is something we should not be so relaxed about...and stay always on top...after all...the security we talk about here is not about terror bombers..this is far more important...because it involves our investments and future financial security and keeping our economy vibrant...with our technological achievements...without that...we will live on our knee's to a communist or dictator regime...that makes Bush look like a boyscout leader!

You reckon "CHINA-MART" might sell some of that "intrusion detection software"?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who will be.."America's Next Top Millionaire?"...coming soon!

They go to Florida...wrestle a the retired Jews of Miami Beach a visit,go to New York...say a prayer at "Ground Zero"...maybe toss a first pitch in the Yankee's game(baseball)(excluding Senator McCain)..they go to Missouri...and ride a farm tractor to the local burger joint...go to Texas...slap on a Sombrero (mexican hat),hug a mexicano,eat a couple taco's in Lower East Dallas...They go to Oregon..hug a couple tree's..go to Pioneer Square in Downtown Portland to talk about "human right's"...make a stop in San Francisco...hug a couple homosexuals...ride a trolley,make another stop in Los Angeles..hug a couple more mexicano's..visit the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd to see who's hand prints they fit into,eat a couple more taco's....visit a military base and shoot a couple 3 pointer baskets.This coming is all up to us...the American People to decide..who will be "America's Next Top Millionaire"?

This is not to insult folks who are millionaires at all...I enjoy being able to live in a country with so many millionaires...because it shows me that this is what one CAN accomplish in this country..I dont have to see equality,bordom,and poverty all the time,like in so many 3rd world countries and accept that there is nothing else to life.One night while on duty in Uptown...a gal pulls up in a baby blue Bentley sport coup "06"..I escorted her to her restaraunte...which was common to do for the ladies in the late night hours for protection...during small chat I asked her how much she gave for the was nice...she told me $220 (thousand she meant).She told me she takes it out on a Far North Dallas Turnpike in the wee hours of the morning..and takes it up to about 120mph or so, to you the engine good,at least once a week...she built her own company from scratch..and made a million..not given to her. That's what America is all about!

But what is how hysterical we all get over trying to make sure those we vote for are everyday people. We in a way...make these folks do things with our media as well...that they just simply wouldnt ordinarily do. How many Sombrero's do you have to wear...or taco's you have to eat...or cheap beer you have to drink...or homosexual's you have to hug before you would get sick of it?Or any other thing you have to do to show people that your "normal".Then when any one of much as fart's...we drag it out for day's wondering what was the cause of the fart.Some of us gripe over the expensive homes they live in...the reality is...if you are in a position like that...unless you have a home like that to entertain your guests,you will no longer have your guests support...because they will lack faith in you,meaning you loose their financial support as well.Senator Clinton had to come and dig up probably $20 million of her own cash...I mean...most of us would be aggravated coming up with $20K of our own cash for anything.Yet...we criticize her,and to be frank...she's a hard worker...period. Being an Obama supporter and seeing the criticism fellow supporters give her is ridiculous.They criticize McCain for being computer illiterate...maybe he dont like sitting on his ass on a damn computer,Obama gets criticized because the media portrays him like a rock star,is it his fault? Or because his name is muslim sounding...that's what his parents named him.You could never make President in this day if you werent a millionaire..period.

They are not on our social level and couldnt be if they wanted and keep their ranks.They have nothing to prove to me as a voter except wanting to take us as a nation forward...and making the right call's at the right time.But I need to change the oil on the's about 95 degree's outside,today's high (August in Texas...normal),and if one of them candidates want to change my oil for me to prove how regular they are...I'll accept the offer I guess.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Texas' execution of Mexican national ... and international repercussions ....

The recent execution of convicted murderer/ rapist Jose Medellin will certainly get international repercussions. Mr. Medellin a "Mexican national" was convicted and sentenced to death for the rape and murder of 2 girls ages 14 and 16 in Houston 1993. A couple others were also convicted and received death sentences as well in this case. Mr. Medellin confessed to the crime with no hesitation ... BUT ... without his consul to advise present. Supposedly ... the rape and murders were part of a local gang initiation ... the victims ages 14 and 16 took a shortcut one day through a remote area ... they were raped ... and then murdered in a very brutal manner, which I wont get into here. Mr. Medellin was 18 at the time of the offense. In Texas ... if you have a capital murder case along with at least one other felony ... it qualifies for the death penalty by Texas Law. Of course that is up to the Courts and the peoples of Texas Jury. The arguement here appears to be Mr. Meddelin not getting advised of his right to have consul present at the time of his arrest from his country ... which is required by 1963 Geneva Convention. At least 50 other Mexican nationals are on death rows nationwide with similar circumstances.

First of all ... I am not argueing for or against the death penalty here ... I really dont care one way or another about it. At least 4 or 5 more will be executed this month alone in Texas ... so it's quite common here. Unlike places like California where you may sit on death row for 30 years or life waiting for execution ... Texas' average wait is approximately 9 years tops. I dont think the death penalty works ... only because murder and related crimes such as this in Texas are about the highest nationwide. It also costs more to the taxpayer to execute then to imprison for life actually. The only thing it does do ... is I guess give some "closure" to the families of the victims. But ... the majority of Texas voters are for it ... and thats all that matters as far as I'm concerned. Texas IS NOT a "cruel" place as it is painted to be in other states ... actually pretty easy as far as punishments are concerned. However if the crime consists of these types of acts which Mr. Medellin confessed to ... folks take that serious ... especially with the high rate of these type offenses. Try to understand how those 2 girls families feel ... especially having to identify the mutilated corpses of their loved ones in a cold morgue. So one should understand the intensity of emotion as well.

Defense for the accused Sandra Babcock argues that we (USA) have an obligation to adhere to rule of law as to the international laws of the Geneva Convention for instance. Texas as well as the United States argue that the World Court has no jurisdiction or say so about these offenses and convictions. The Supreme Court of the United States declined at the last minute to give Mr. Medellin a "stay" of execution in a 5- 4 vote. The Texas Governor declined as well. Congress failed to act on a pending piece to require states to comply with conventions. Texas "will" comply with law if it was approved by Congress ... Texas would have stayed the execution if the U.S. Supreme Court would have stopped it ... but both failed to do so. As a result if this sort of thing continues ... we will no doubt get international repercussions because of it. I must side with the defense on this ... only because the man should have had consul present from his country of Mexico ... at least should have been advised of his "right" to have it. Because of this incompetence ... we will now have to listen to the continuous whining from not only anti death penalty folks, but the international community as well. Mexico has filed a "diplomatic protest" with the U.S. State Department already. I feel we should do things by the "book" ... that is what America is about ... what does this say to the world when we do not honor these conventions? So you see my point. He should have had consul present at arrest, then we continue to work, get the conviction ... and the execution ... and carry it out.

On the other hand ... if one commits these types of offenses ... especially in Texas you must understand that you WILL be executed ... simple as that. Many of these crimes are very violent ... and we dont have a society where these things are acceptable. What about the victims ... and the way they had to die ... was it humane? I personally am in contact with 2 people on death row in the USA ... another 2 that have been convicted of lesser degree's and recieved life sentences, and will be eligible for parole back to society. The 2 I know on death row have no problem with the death penalty, they admit to their crimes and feel that the death penalty is fitting actually. One said in his own words ... "Big deal ... death comes with the territory ..." when he received his sentence. If you indeed commit crimes like this ... expect to die ... thats the bottom line ... dont whine about it. When you were commiting these acts ... were you whining then? ... so you see my point.