Thursday, August 21, 2008

How can "We the People" what is clearly..failed leadership?

Mr.David Walker..former"Comptroller General of the U.S."...and currently President and CEO of the "Peter.G.Peterson Foundation",hit the nail on the head when he called our deficit in the United States a "leadership deficit".Because that is exactly what we have.

Americans have bent over backwards already..without no help...and are still getting snowballed by our "employee's"...who are our failed political and financial leaders. And I am not going to blame it solely on President Bush...because to do that would be unfair..because it isnt just the President.Example:...we give our President a blank check for instance on this Iraq war...and we complain about it.But the reality of that for instance is "who" approved this? The same folks who are complaining about Bush' spending and moves on the Hill...are the same folks that approved it and gave him a "green light".When he ask's Congress for something...they wimper about it over 3 hour lunch breaks...momentarily get their panties in a bind when the media shows apply their "window dressing" in worthless gripes and comments to the press...go right back in session and approve the President's request's and proposal's!

These operative's we have running the show...are very good at budget/fiscal irresponsibility is about it.We dont have even proper efficient control of our borders...we are over confident and over extended globally militarily as well,and still fail to act more on a President who is as well damaging our global alliance with many. And does any of this sound familiar? You guessed it...ancient Rome. They lasted over 1000 long will we last at the rate we are going? We will act in time...but the sooner...the better.And they basically inspire us and encourage us to act like them...basically spending before we get our paychecks,borrowing more and more..equity mortgages..more credit...more wasteful spending...etc.And it's alway's...more and more taxes they want...for this or that..especially for those abroad who after we help them...and pay damn near their entire way...end up backstabing us when our nipple starts dripping instead of flowing(milking process).

We the People are the ONLY ones who sacrifice...period! And according to a recent Gallup Poll...the approval rating of Congress for instance is at 14%...the lowest it's been in over a quarter century..and I dont need to tell you who DOES approve. First of all...we need to "MAKE" these folks act more responsibly with our damn money!We need to cut them off...period!Washington is clearly out of control.And you cannot do that without...strict and tough statutory budget controls...hell...we have to do it to ourselves and families on a daily basis..and we need to make our "employee's" do the same.Reimposing budget controls lost back in 2002 is a start. Because all we are doing is "mortgaging" our children's future at this rate. We can raise and raise taxes till were blue in the face...but until we learn how to divert them revenues to beneficial channels...we will never get out of the foxhole.In the last decade...New York has raised their taxes 71% as an example of the "tax game".We have many on the Hill that tries to make us believe every time we have a problem...that throwing money at it in some way solves the problem.

We need alot of new folks in Washington too...all these experienced professionals are the ones who are getting us into these messes..and this is from both major parties too. This is about We the People and our constitutional tools.How can We the People trust what is clearly failed leadership?...expire them.


Infidel753 said...

all these experienced professionals are the ones who are getting us into these messes

Actually, the problem with the Bush administration is all the inexperienced incompetents he's put into positions of responsibility.

On Iraq, too, Bush notoriously "trusted his gut" instead of listening to the experts.

We need to put the grown-ups back in charge in Washington.

Ranch Chimp said...

Bush did put some inexperienced incompetents in heh? I dont know who is grown up..but I do know we need to move forward and I would like some new idea's and new time it will come. As far as the I said from the beginning if you recall,because you said it wasnt what I thought, about the oil,because the oil and GNP was insignificant..Put it this way..Bush was going to go to war..either one way or another regardless of who said what,he would make it happen,he wanted Saddam,and we all know Saddam wouldnt play ball,Bush wanted his ass before he even got in office..and was hungry for the business too.Everyone made a bundle on this one,and alot of questions will be coming up as well soon. Thank you for your input Infidel.