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MICHAEL JACKSON/ HAPPY HALLOWEEN: "Thriller", "I Got The Feeling", "Stormy Monday" ... (HALLOWEEN PT.2)

This posting for induction into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is past due, but was most fitting for this day of "All Hallows Eve" to honour the legendary artist Michael Jackson ... as well as fitting for this also "Stormy Monday" for many in the Northeastern USA. When this "Thriller" video was released nearly 3 decade's ago, it was the first of it's kind as far as music video ... as far as the length and the short story type theatric's.

But Michael has been really the top of pop when it come's to production and especially the commercialization of him and his worx, so in this posting I want to break that away and focus on the man and his raw talent. Because the fact is, that this man is so unique of a trendsetter as well and just a talent by nature, you wouldnt even need a band or any sound equipment for this Guy ... you could actually put this Guy on a street corner as an "unknown", with a person sitting on a chair next to him doing nothing but a Hambone leg slapping and using a washboard, and Michael without a microphone doing vocal's, and dancing that is like no other, using shoes with tap dance cleat's on them for the rhythm and percussion's improvisation ... and he could draw hundred's in minute's.

But of course as you can see below, Michael had his influence's as well, and probably one that had most impact on him as a child would be James Brown ... Geeeezzz ... I just cant get away from James Brown , as far as his influence! : ) But Michael as well is really just an outstanding vocalist and exceptional dancer. I could go on and on yapping ... so I'll shut the Hell up now, and big Thanx to Michael for all the art and inspiration to so many artist's, have a Happy Halloween! (Marilyn Manson) ... Enjoy!





"I GOT THE FEELING" (James Brown cover 1968) Thanx to SADATP83

"STORMY MONDAY" From the Steel Town Session's 1965/ 1967 (this cover a classic recorded by "T Bone Walker" back in 1947)... and NO, this is NOT Jermaine singing, this is Michael ... Thanx to ALKENTRE



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STACY SCHULER: A Look at Total Disregard, Recklessness, Incompetence & Lack of Integrity (Sexploitation Nation PT.10)

Stacy Schuler

This "Sexploitation Nation" PT. 10 will take a look at the recent conviction and case of an Ohio Teacher Stacy Schuler, convicted of sex offenses and giving alcohol/ drug's to minor's. I really didnt plan on doing a posting on this even though I followed it ... but as the trial and testimonies got more detailed, I decided to point out some thing's that I thought made this case outragious, and because the media's are saturated with this case actually. Some newsread below, then my input.

MAIL/ONLINE: Female Teacher jailed for four years for having sex with five students in drink and drug- fuelled orgies after Judge rejects defence that boys 'took advantage of her'


First of all, I am one who had sex as a teen with a school teacher which also grabbed my interest. My case was different, I was NOT one of her student's (I wasnt even in school at the time, being a drop out my first year of high school), but after I seen her a few time's, she also told me of different sexual thing's she had done with student's, asking if I'd like to try this or that, sort of thing, etc, etc. She did give me alcohol, but no drug's, nor did she use drug's around me at all. But, there wasnt much to it for me, as far as feeling troubled or depressed, etc ... the lady was very nice to me, etc ... so I had no "ill" feeling's about it ... she was about 30 year's old at the time, a high school teacher and I was around 16- ish I reckon. But NO ... I suffered no trauma at all ... like I said, she was very good to me, to be honest ... other than that, nothing odd or special to tell.

Now as far as the sentencing of Ms. Schuler ... in my opinion, I didnt think that any prison time was necessary at all ... maybe some probation ... but also understand this is the USA, and the moral standard's here are fairly strict on these sex issue's, which is why I wanted to include this in this series in particular. Also understand that in this country if it was a male teacher, the sentence probably would have even been more severe actually. This varies from culture to culture and country to country. My wife for instance at around 15 or so got pregnant by her high school teacher even ... this was in the Philippines in school, and from what she told me, he got several of his female student's pregnant, all were about 14/ 16, and this was year's ago, no doubt if it was America, he would have been really treated harshly. But even if Schuler get's out in 6 month's, the whole reporting as a sex offender thing for life every few month's or whatever will be strict punishment in my opinion by itself, the parole thing, the morality classes, fine's, fee's, and all the rest that are not talked about here ... I mean, she will be marked for life basically as well.

But the reason this case really caught my atencion, is when the defense started to make this case for her innocence, the tactic's they used at her approval especially. I mean ... some of these young men and student's stood on the stand even and talked decent and supportive of this woman, then all of the sudden, she was creating a defense trying to say she was taken advantage of by these guy's to make it look like a rape case, I mean, these young folk's come to your defense, even hugged you in court, spoke good of you, and your willing to try to reverse this to make it look like they raped you? The fact that also especially being an althletic type instructor, and her offering these guy's not only alcohol but drug's and having these group sleep- over's before football practice is also not good for any young athlete, it take's too much from the athlete, I mean ... how can you do that if your an athletic instructor and love your work?

Also the one excuse afer another that was entered on her defense of being everything from bipolar to having to take prescription drug's, mixing alcohol with these drug's, being a vegetarian, having bowel irritation's (bowel movement's?), flash/ temp insanity, etc, etc ... was just sickening having to listen to ... geeeezzz! I mean ... why is she even a teacher to begin with, with so many disorder's and mental health issue's? Who hire's these folk's? The idea that she couldnt even recall a thing and didnt know this was an issue of legal concern was incredible, yet had it all planned out, plenty of drug's and alcohol on hand, multiple boxes of sex gadget's/ toy's, etc ... I mean, one gal who knew her testified that she had already planned a defense if she got caught ... you live and work in a suburbia community in Ohio and dont know this would be a concern/ issue? This disregard for those student's that stood by her in her defense is what was wrong in my opinion, to turn on someone like that and backstab them? ... that especially was uncalled for. Along with the total recklessness and even accelerating the event's/ action's ... lack of regard for even health and sexual safety for these student's, the incompetence as far as being a teacher (in my opinion, regardless of how great a teacher everyone said she was) ... and just the total lack of integrity across the board is incredible.

We have so many folk's that are out of work right now, that really want to teach and help young student's is what make's this sad as well. You are paid to do a job, and using the taxpayer's money for your personal entertainment, is no different than these politician's who milk us with their expenses and feed us one lie after another. Is this what a person call's "pride" in their work? ... working hard? ... having integrity? To me this was just another undisciplined, very selfish person that has little regard for student's or for her work ... and more interested in just using these young men for her own entertainment, using the school as a pick- up point. I mean ... sure they were consenting, and I dont have an issue with the act's of sex with young men ... but is there no other way in your free time you can meet and find young men to indulge with? ... are you that goddamn lazy also? This was just pure bullshit on her part.

Word Out ....


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SGT. STACY PEARSALL: (Retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt.) ... "Portrait of the Elite in Portrait" (Veteran's Spotlight PT. 14)

This PT. 14 of "Veteran's Spotlight" is past due, since I known of Sgt. Stacy Pearsall and her work, accomplishment's, etc for about a year now. When PBS aired a special last night on her, I was all over it like a cheap suit, but also wanted to include a past video off YouTube that I had previously viewed as well. Her photography has played a healing psychological role, as well as giving us all a portrait of those few, proud, and elite ... after all, this is what gives us all a portrait/ picture of the work and heroes straight from the trenches of our military in combat as well as the numerous other duties they engage in. The title was partly inspired because we are alwayz more than ever ... categorizing and labeling folk's as "elite", who are not even elite at all ... it's incredible! Sgt. Pearson is a warrior/ hero, photographer, mentor, counselor, athlete, businesswoman, etc ... put it this way ... busy as they come too! : )

Below is some link and video ... also I would like to give big credit here to her partner/ husband Andy (also career retired U.S. Air Force) who has really gave her alot of support, sharing, and just being a great small business partner! And Thank You both for ya'll's service to our country and all those abroad that you have touched personally, as well as with your photography!

***** THE NEW YORK TIMES: Stacy L. Pearsall's Photos From Iraq ....

***** zPhotoJournal/ Jim Colton: Stacy Pearsall: Paying It Forward ... (interview/ read)

PBSNEWSHOUR : Combat Veteran captures impact of war one picture at a time ...

PROFILE: Staff Sgt. Stacy Pearsall,U.S. Air Force ... Thanx to REALWARRIORSCAMPAIGN



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YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/ Featuring JEFF SCOTT SOTO & JAPAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: "Fugue", "Disciples of Hell", "U.S. National Anthem"

Image result for yngwie malmsteen on stage

This posting for the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY will be to show some of the work of Swedish guitarist/ composer Yngwie Malmsteen , past and present with his band/ crew as well that I wanted to highlight because also one of my favourite vocalist's Jeff Scott Soto, a solo piece at a baseball stadium that is a nice version of the National Anthem as well as his Concerto Suite work's with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. A previous solo single post here of Yngwie .

Year's back (early 1980's or so?) a friend, Todd Kirkland and local Dallas Area drummer ( who was an outstanding metal percussionist I want to add, inspired by folk's like Neil Peart of Rush ) I worked with gave me an old beat up tape one day, a garage tape basically with no writing on it, and told me to check it out, that he think's I will like it, he said it was some bootleg tape of some guy in Sweden named Yngwie Malmsteen, I had no idea who Yngwie was or heard of him before, it was about 30 minute's of guitar/ string's work, very powerful metal sound, with a unique semi classical composition it seemed, needless to say, I was hooked! Of course anyone who know's of his work, know's of his unparalleled string's instrumental work and it's distinctive identity. And Thank You to Mr. Malmsteen for all the great art! Enjoy ....


FUGUE ... From Concerto Suite with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra in E flat Minor ... Thanx to DARKTR4VIS

DISCIPLES OF HELL ... Thanx to CXCXC ZX ... This from a 1985 show in Tokyo and featuring one of my favourite vocalist's, Mr. Jeff Scott Soto ... and what outstanding work Jeff does here on vocal's!

NATIONAL ANTHEM ... Thanx to SUSHIUNAGI ... This National Anthem solo played @ Sun Life Stadium Miami for the baseball game.


Image result for yngwie malmsteen vintage concert poster   Related image


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KAREN HAYSLETT- McCALL: Decide's her "Love Life" is more importante than her 7 year old son Eryk, & EXECUTE'S her Son & Herself (KILLER PARENT'S PT.8)

Image result for Karen Hayslett McCall & son Eryk ranch chimp journal

(left to right) Karen Hayslett McCall & son Eryk

This case of "Killer Parent's PT.8" is another local Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex case, of a mother who shot and killed her 7 year old son, then herself, while police and the father were outside the front door to pick up the boy Eryk, after the father was given full custody by the court of his son. Some newsread and video below, then my input.

CBSDFW/ KRLD1080: Sachse Mother coached Son to falsify accusation's against Father (newsread/ video)

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Sachse mother kills 7- year- old son, herself after losing custody of boy ... (newsread)


First of all, I been following some of the news and community input on radio talk show about this and pleased at least to see some light as far as what this mother actually done and was, because this was a more reckonized case because of the parent's standing and position's in the community, this is a very small quiet suburban community. For instance, when former suburbia Mayor Jayne Peters shot and killed her daughter and herself, a radio station broadcasted a eulogy speech at Mayor Peters funeral, which was outrageous, and about basically what all Mayor Peters done, what a great Mayor she was, etc, etc ... not a goddamn peep about her teen daughter or the murder she committed of her. And most of the talk back then, was how hard single mom's have it, psychological and financial stress, or related illness of somekind of the mother ... absolutely incredible! There was more support locally on folk's looking at this for what it truely was, despite Karen Hayslett- McCall's background ... which was a Asst. Professor at the University of Texas @ Dallas in a Criminal Justice department of study, a former Clinical Psychologist, former research analyst @ Penn State, as well as a former police officer I believe up in Kansas ... quite an impressive resume, but obviously most folk's were missing something about this outstanding and loved mother. The father was a high school teacher even.

But this really hit's me on how some of these more than perfect and widely respected folk's in our societies are found to be later different than we thought in some cases. I can only imagine what this poor kid had to go through, especially with the over 1 year long bitter divorce and custody dispute, the constant argueing, and this poor boy Eryk, feeling so alone and isolated from society that he had to ask a teen neighbor 10 year's older than him, why his parent's were alwayz fighting? And all of this brought on to this child was simply over a man and woman so respected and loved who couldnt even get their own shit together, look over difference's and just accept it and walk, but just in this never ending battle over who get's this kid, where as I said previously about how we just simply use children as pawn's because of our extreme selfishness ... and use them basically as a commodity of sort, trade, sell, treat like some sort of housepet, even use them politically constantly, then rob and milk them through life, then even teach them to follow our corrupt tradition, throw them into the arena unarmed in many cases, etc, etc. The report's say that there is investigative evidence, that this mother also coached this young boy to say he was abused by his father, something you hear more of these dayz of course, as a weapon for these closet freak's to play with.

Personally though I dont really give a shit what her reason was, or give a shit about her and her hubby's romance life, or their fine background's, the only thing that I see ill here is what this mother done, which simply was a case of extreme selfishness and personal anger she couldnt control despite her clinical balanced psychological background and such. The only positive thing that came out of this was her killing herself basically, unfortunately not soon enough ... Enough said


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LED ZEPPELIN/ LADY GAGA- PT.3 (Stefani Germanotta): "The Crunge" & "D'yer Maker" (A Tribute to JAMES BROWN)

This posting for the "RCJ MUSIC/ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be a tribute as well to the Godfather of Soul ... James Brown . Now, a music fan of any of the artist's mentioned here may wonder, what does the classic soul of James Brown have to do with the classic rock/ metal root's of Led Zeppelin , or even either of them to do with the contemporary pop of Lady GaGa ? ... well ... the "influence" they all have from each other from generation to generation is what connect's them actually.

In this posting will show this, how James Brown had influenced this Led Zeppelin piece, and how Led Zeppelin influenced this early Lady GaGa piece/ cover. And of course I had to dedicate this to James Brown, because he was a strong influence in my love of music as a child, my first record's I actually owned in the early 1960's were James Brown record's/ 45's. Enjoy!

***** PD/ RCJ: "LADY GAGA" PART'S 2 & 1

The Crunge- Led Zeppelin- Houses of the Holy ... Thanx to RWB GOLD ... This piece was an original created by Led Zeppelin of course, but solely influenced by James Brown, which is clear as day listening to this classic Zeppelin piece!

STEFANI GERMANOTTA aka "LADY GAGA" cover's Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Maker" (20 January 2006) ... Thanx to Biggledcal ... Of course this is before her well known big- stage name of "Lady GaGa" ... and an excellent cover version of the Led Zeppelin classic I may add!


Image result for vintage lady gaga stefani germanotta poster


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POPULATION EARTH ... "7 BILLION" ... Congratulation's! Job Well Done! ... What's Next Boss? (For Jesse)

Just a quickie for the road : ) This posting inspired and dedicated to a young man here in NW Dallas, Jesse, who work's for a Ministry and hand's out Christian (non- denomination) literature at the local strip mall plaza's. But Jess is really a cool Guy, great personality and conversation, etc. Not the get in your face, fire and brimstone, foot stompin, zoned out type. But anywayz, just a couple week's back I was talking to Jesse and bringing up to him about being fruitful and multiplying, and folk's having done a damn good job it seemed at it (simply making my arguement for support of birth control), Jesse started laughing , maybe the way I said it or something made him, I dont know ... but I told him since we done a good job at that ... what's next? (as far as assignment) : ) Jess said he's read this blog before, whether he has or not, I have no idea ... I'm just taken it as the Gospel Truth I reckon ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... this one's for you Bud! : )

CNN/ NEWSREAD and VIDEO: With 7 Billion on Earth, A Huge Task before us


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STUDENT DEBT CRISIS (PT.1) ... The NEXT GENERATION: A look at Frustration and Fear ... Solution and Strategy

This posting is to take a look at the new crisis that will effect the next generation that need's to be constantly hammered as well. We almost all know someone who is touched by this, whether it's our kid's, grandkid's, kin/ relative's, neighbor's, etc ... and it's been clear as day that this was coming long ago! Many of the Occupy Wall Street crowd is frustrated over this, and with all the milking scam's designed to milk America's youth especially now being identified more, you know it's going to get a tad worse. Personally I cant even tell you how many young adult's I have talked to that feel hopelessly in debt after the fact and all they done and chose. Just a couple week's back I was talking to my daughter's boyfriend about this ... he's mid 20's has a great job and only in debt still about $25K or so, in a position to pay it quick, but decided to ride it out a tad, his girlfriend (my daughter) had a totally different gig going and got a full scholarship and even hand picked for a career, before she finished college, so her case is very different. However what caught my atencion when we were discussing this was his view of the system, which he just look's at as totally screwed up, period ... he does vote and vote's Democrat, but think's that, that party is failed as well, basically still voting for only the lesser of two evil's as far as the political end. But one thing I want to also point out here is the political end which is importante, because rest assured at this point in time, either a Democrat or a Republican is going to win office and/ or dominance politically ... this will change over the year's ... but NOT NOW.

There has been also this frustration over President Obama on this "robo- call" gig fueling alot of anger from what I been reading and viewing, which is called for of course, but dont let this fool you either. There are a Hell of alot of thing's I also dont like that the President disappointed me on, believe me, just click through any of my posting's over the last several month's ... but I know damn well if a Republican candidate win's the Oval Office and next administration, the shit will really hit the fan in the long run with what they are proposing ... this is the most balance we will see, what we have now, period. (And throughout this journal over 3 year's I been 95%+ accurate on my call's) I just dont want to see this lead to a folk's not thinking straight when they get to the poll's, which is exactly what the power's against you want to see. There is NOT an alternative party/ movement yet strong enough at this time to make the drastic change we need ... but will come in time.

Also, dont get me wrong on my political independence here, I dont like this any more than any other angry American ... I have alwayz thought out of the box, and know this system is antique/ outdated, corrupted, and the rest of the mess (not the design of the system, but who truely control's it), I been writing about this over 3 bloody year's here, but the atmosphere to collapse and change this hasnt fully arrived yet, and we/ voter's will have to each make a hard decision come 2012 that will be more critical than we may now know considering the circumstance's. As far as politician's and such, most I frankly dont give a shit about on either side, and would slash alot of their treat's/ pay- off's in a heartbeat. If there was a stronger more progressive group of Democrat's/ Independent's right now or by election time that I had significant proof that were large enough and actually would truely challenge this wasted cesspool of sloth, deception, and incompetence bunch as a whole, I would vote for them in a heartbeat, believe me, but that's the thing, because of who and how everything from campaign finance, voting, and everything else is "controlled", there isnt nothing yet ... this movement for instance seem's more sensible for the time's and/ or challenge, than just the mainstream Democrat thought, and Sen. Bernie Sanders seem's to make alot of sense. I would even probably do volunteer work for that matter, I am so desperate, sick and tired of this deadbeat shit, and especially all this merry- go- round journalism that praises it!

This posting will be also added in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW"

SALON.COM: (20 October 2011) Student Loan Debts Crush and Entire Generation ... this piece released yesterday show's exactly what we should have all expected.

OBAMA: Harass College Student's over DEBT via CELL PHONE ... Thanx to TYTUNIVERSITY (05 October 2011) ... I used this video to show how this has directed frustration also to what the President has proposed here. However, look at the flip side to this as well ... the President is only doing what we American's are actually calling for, which is demanding accountability, this doesnt only apply to Wall Street, and billionaire's, but those on every level that owe money to the Federal Gvmnt, he HAS TO DO THIS to be fair. Also understand that if you get call's, if your busy, you might not be able to answer them : ) ... get my drift? ... it's a "showcase law" also ... being ... of course it WONT WORK ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... think, like the gentleman on the left here point's out ... you cant get blood out of a turnip wise : ) My point here, dont sweat the small talk, trust me : ) However also, I couldnt agree with the woman below more in her statement about creating job's or at least idea's and action's on growth without the "yapping" and just shut up!, in other word's, for long you have heard so many politician's "talk, talk, talk" about what they are for, against, do, etc ... yet you have some for year's and even decade's basically "saying" the same crap over, and over, and over, and having to flip- flop their stance year after year, yet no sign of much of any action at all on their part ... you know that any of us in the work sector or in any profession beside's politic's would get replaced/ fired in a heartbeat.

AMERICAN JOBS ACT/ THE WHITE HOUSE BLOG: Student Loans: Cutting Out the Middle Man ... In the video link here, the President clearly explain's what has been happening on this prior student loan scam with the Middle Man and how much was spent by special interest's in this battle to stop this.

ABCNEWS: 30 March 2010 OBAMA SIGNS STUDENT LOAN OVERHAUL LEGISLATION ... This is one of the largest move's that NEEDED to be moved on in our nation, and President Obama put this in action, understand how the previous system was set up and the BILLION'S that were SPENT on "Middle Player's", that ran reckless.

***** APNEWSBREAK: (04 October 2011) Obama Seek's Debt Collector Proposal

***** ABC NEWS: Recent Grads Struggling to Pay Student loans (newsread/ video)

Drowning in Debt: U.S. Student helpless to pay off education ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY ... This video was posted 04 September 2010, but I used it because it is currently as well so accurate on what so many college student's feel today as well in late 2011, as their frustration with this shit grow's. Also understand that everything is designed to keep you in debt as long as possible, especially if your YOUNG (ding- ding- ding), you sure as Hell wouldnt give a truckload of credit to an older person ... your looking for the long term investment, especially if you have "loan- sharking" technique's and an array of scam's, that's our problemo, we think too much of the short instead of the longer term, which is also why I say that you MUST stay a step ahead of them, because they are alwayz two step's ahead of us ... for Pete's sake ... who in Hell do you think proposes and write's damn near all the legislation, allowing this all success for year's before it get's "made" as to what it really is?


Below a couple videos from YouTube, frankly, there is no simple solution to this mess, plain and simple, it is way too deep and were in a Catch 22 situation, okay(?) Student's are going to have to tighten the belt and be a Hell of alot more strategic in their thinking, like it or not, while at the same time, pounding the shit out of our government for continued change ... basically, alot of work ... this shit didnt get created overnight and damn sure isnt going to get levelled out overnight either ... and that's being as straight as I can get here. You know damn well what the future market's and job's along with the new global competition is like. The frustration and anger is healthy, but also healthy to not let that dominate in itself ... that can be destructive. There is SO MUCH you can do as well on your own, as well as being aware of the numerous scam's that you can also avoid simply by not playing in them ... scam's greatest advertisement/ marketing and success/ support, depend on how we buy into them as well. We should know by now how complex and deep this is, and just counting on government to take care of this issue is not going to cut it in the type society we have.

American's spend too much on Education (14 February 2011) ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... is there other option's as far as career and choice's on further education beside's the one politipop way? Of course there are ....

Wise Solutions to Fix the soaring College Debt Crisis (21 February 2011) ... Thanx to CLASSICMOVIEBUFF16 ... This was a video essay submitted by a teen student for the 2011 CollegePlus video essay contest, it start's with a brief history, then get's to the better part of using common sense and strategic thinking ... obviously a natural born hustler.

***** RCJ: "STUDENT DEBT CRISIS" PT.2 ... "Getting your Degree in Debt"

POST NOTE: Also I want to add for anyone who dont know me that may read this ... all I can write on this is what I learn from those I talk to or my own kid's or whatever, I have no college background or even high school, had an unusual childhood and was in a couple reform school's, etc, left home about 14 or so and never returned to live. I did take a GED exam around 18/ 19 or so and barely passed with a 43% or so, tried a vocational course with that at Houston Community College, and didnt last a couple month's ( and sitting at a desk or whatever for any length of time was irritating, I cant even sit at this damn computer for 30 minute's without getting restless ), worked basically a bunch of gofer/ grunt job's back then, later as a gofer/ grunt (being I done anything I was told or any low end type labour, etc) in the printing industry, I was a very ambitious kind of young fella as far as work and worked hard ... I spent my freetime learning the large camera's/ processor's, presses, machineries of binderies, etc, etc ... within 3 year's after that I was a foreman running a print shop pre- press service's department and other related service's, even selling the product's/ job's to client's, bidding on work, and just hustling the business, etc. All came simply from learning quick and getting the job done only. Back in them dayz, you could earn a decent paycheck like that and I had excellent insurance too. I mean, I knew folk's year's back that had trade's like car mechanic's, machinist's, etc, that were pulling in easily $50K/ $80K a year, who had "no college"! These time's are much different for younger folk's, and also there is so much "pressure" as far as what school's you need to attend and what you have to do to be reckonized for work and/ or career even. The aggressive marketing to get you into this and control these dayz, make's it alot tougher on our young psychologically too. But basically on this, I depend on other's to see what's happening, I have no personal experience with this lifestyle.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

NORTH DAKOTA BOOM BOX: Job's Boom, Baby Boom, Room Boom ... AMERICAN JOBS PT. 2

This PT. 2 of "American Jobs" will take a "serious" look (obviously unlike California, they dont have a shortage of welder's : ) at where some of the jobs are right now in America. And this is somewhere's that I never even expected to hear of a next boom ... but it's a for sure boom at that! From jobs to babies to room's, because the way it look's too, is probably every damn hotel/ motel room in a town like Bismark is probably indefinitely booked! But there's a flip side to this housing shortage ... it's going to take "Mo Jobs" to build the housing needed, which again feed's the entire chain. It may be wise for many of our political representation to take a study of this and find out what the Hell make's this happen and use it to inspire thought.

***** CNN/ MONEY: Double your Salary in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota!

***** NY TIMES/ U.S.: A State With Plenty of Jobs but Few Places to Live

RCJ: AMERICAN JOBS PT. 1: "Jobs, Jobs, & Mo Jobs" ... Looking for a JOB in America? ... Check the CHINA DAILY employment section {: 0


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is another posting that is past due for this journal that I'm a tad late on, but it was some conversation over breakfast a week or so ago with Joe and his recommendation that inspire's this posting especially now in these trying time's. And this is also something that our so called political leader's better also take a close look at, regardless of which of these 2 side's they belong to, as is pointed out here by Ms. Gil , who is a marketing expert, as far as the political end. But this posting is to point out economic's more than politic's ... after all, politic's are a show all by themselves. The news media today was saturated with the GOP debate last night, and Rick Perry got into a heated discussion with Mit Romney (no, I dont watch the bloody debates or care to, so I picked this off YouTube for reference), both argueing over illegal immigrant's, who hire's who or support's what, etc, etc ... you know the deal, you heard it all before, I mean, a couple month's down the road any one of these two may be in some place like South Texas, now hugging undocumented folk's and eating taco's for the camera's. Some more below, then my two cent's.

***** Shelby Report: Hispanic Buying Power ...

Out of the Recession with Latino Market Growth/ with Lili Gil ... Thanx to LILIGIL ... I also recommend visiting Ms. Gil's YouTube Channel and Website, and not to look at what slant of side she may take politically, but the content of what she has to say.

This video below isnt to pick on the State of Alabama ... but a picture of what has been happening in other state's as well, and this is mostly due to the economy, so it's why I wanted to focus on this as well in this posting ... and reason why is, because I dont believe this is the best of time's to be fiddle faddling with this particular issue, and the political end to this show is really a flip- flopping hypocritical freakshow if anything, that does more harm than benefit in my opinion. I mean for example, why are not any of these political/ official/ government rep's for instance talking about this? ... so you can see, I have alot of question's on how and why issue's are addressed.

Alabama's Immigration Law: Assessing the Economic, Social impact ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

First of all Joe is a longtime friend and familia through in- lawship, our wives even started their own entrepreneur endeavor together year's ago. Joe is American born (Mexican- American) and has truely made and lived the American Dream, very active in his community, large familia, kid's went to college, had success in their career's and endeavor's, home's paid for, semi retired, etc, etc. Joe grew up in very modest mean's in the original 1st Little Mexico/ Pikes Park area of Dallas, met and married a Gal from also modest mean's from around the Valley area of Brownsville/ Matamoros vicinity. But during breakfast the other day ... Joe was pointing out how great thing's were business wise (as an inde) and being swamped with more than he can handle, etc, despite the trying financial time's ... I then told Joe (who dont keep up with thing's as far as news and politic's, finance like I do ... it bore's him more or less) that it's because the Mexicano's/ Latino's have stimulated our neighborhood's as well. I cant imagine what our town/ neighborhood would be like right now without their business, and I'm talking about mostly legal born bred Latino's, but also a very large number of undocumented immigrant's, and many of these folk's who claim their all red white & blue and dont do business with these folk's especially in a big town like Dallas are not telling the truth, bottom line ... this is NOT just hiring them at companies and depending largely on their business small and large across the board ... but even moderate to upper middle class families of American's are some of the first folk's early in the morning before sunrise at local labour market area's (that I call meat market's, where probably 95%+ are undocumented) picking up those in the variety of parking lot's all over the city to do everything from yard work, to any other labour they have around the home. These folk's/ worker's spend the most of their money ... right here and pay taxes on everything, whether their documented or not.

Now some will say that illegal's are illegal, and it dont have a thing to do with legal immigrant's or Latino American's, which is easy to say ... but having lived in latino majority communities most of my life, I differ. There was a time when Mexicano American's and illegal immigrant's had a stronger social divide ... and over the last several year's that has mended and they are more interactive and united than I have ever seen. The undocumented are also big player's in keeping this economy above water, believe me. And I know the arguement from many of all culture's who say their taking our job's and it force's American born worker's to work cheaper, etc, yet at the same time, I never hear a peep out of any of the political representation about the "legal" immigration of well over a million a year, some that are even politically/ corporate sponsored that come from abroad to fill degree required position's and profession's, the position's that our college graduate's for instance spend 10's of thousand's on getting a degree, that made many of our young college graduate's now the largest population in this country in debt (even more now than basic credit card holder's due to student/ tuition loan's) ... nope ... not a peep, and this just show's the total hypocrisy as well on issue's like this.

Many latino's are all about living and keeping the "American Dream" alive, very strong familia support, starting many, many, small businesses, buying up inner city properties and investing in preserving them and keeping the communties vibrant, and importantely that compete's with all the corporate giant's that have been buying every goddamn thing they can, including our government building's and landmark's, or just ripping down inner city neighborhood's to put up new international investment's banking tower's only, where most of their money is offshore, or highrise condo's that only one with over a million in value/ asset's can afford. On the other hand, many of these undocumented in the thousand's in a town of this size are buying and leasing home's, and spending big time in many of our local busineses, still doing alot of shopping and spending dollar's big time as a whole. I cant even count how many folk's I met or known over the year's that have came here with nothing, worked their ass off, bought home's and started small businesses (many being independent contractor's, which is also big business in Dallas) that worked and were a success on a small level ... yet most importantly fueling our neighborhood's with constant growth and revenue. Hispanic's/ Latino's in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex and other area's across America have been about the best working stimulus we had ... alot of this action is what truely the American Dream is about, and especially what most American's really value.

Word Out ....



Monday, October 17, 2011


This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to take a look at some of the ancient art, a Tribute to Hindu Art  and the erotic side in particular . The craftsmanship and detail in the ancient sculpture's/ art and architecture is magnificent and incredible ... today it is quicker and easier to slap together some concept's/ idea's, back in them time's people devoted their entire lifespan to create a piece ... just so much put into it looking at the ancient art's, and this one is past due for this journal.

But this is also some food for thought as well ... for instance, I had to "sign in" on YouTube to view this, requiring me to be over 18 year's of age or whatever, but I did check it out after I posted it and signed out to see if it could be viewed on this posting without signing in, and it did for me, so hopefully the viewer will NOT have to sign in to view this post. But my point here of thought is ... this is something you have to be 18 to view, at least in our society in the liberated west ... yet you can be any age, turn on any prime time regular non cable network on the tele, and under 18 year's old, be saturated with lies, deception, murder, mayhem, poverty, despair, violence, cheating, etc, etc ... yet the art of basic love making is forbidden/ restricted ... you must wonder ... what have we become on some avenue's of our great liberation? But what also make's this unique in ancient time's is because there was also so much ancient art that depicted violence and bloodshed as well, and of course the world overall is far less violent than in any time of the past. But look's like they were onto something in India at a time, eh?

But enough from my jaw running and Enjoy! : )




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SOMMORE: Give Us Some More Sommore ... Point's and Tip's from the Comedy Queen ... }: )

Image result for SOMMORe leather

This induction into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour Queen of Comedy "Sommore" ... who I first seen her stand up comedy routine on "Showtime at the Apollo" ... and of course, right then I was hooked! But she has also been making her way in film as well, been around well over a decade now, so I look forward to some more from Sommore as well. She is one who alwayz hit's the spot for me when looking for stand up comedy ... she can just bust your gut at time's, so she's past due for this journal! And a good looking woman at that ... I cant help myself ... but she look's good, she could have me crawling to church on sunday on a goddamn leash and chain! Unfortunately, the first Def Comedy Jam piece I had posted had to be replaced 3X times because of copyright, then I couldnt find another replacement for it, so I switched out to this one below. And Thank You Ms. Sommone for your art ... Enjoy! : )


Sommore+ On+ Def+ Comedy+ Jams ... Thanx to QUEENSOMMORE


Friday, October 14, 2011

FREE TRADE AGREEMENT: Our DYSFUNCTIONAL Congress, MIRACULOUSLY Get's FUNCTIONAL, Is this our new Job's Plan? (Jumping for Joy in AMERICA PT.4)

This PT. 4 of "Jumping For Joy In America" will be to look at the new Trade Agreement and how miraculously fast Congress was able to pass this ... this must be a miracle! ... please call the Vatican! No, all shit aside, even as boring as politic's can get ... it's these moment's/ piece's that really get me to laughing up a storm, especially the way some of us cheer and jump for joy like little huddled masses of robot's at time's : ) But this will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" .

Also, you may ask how can I look at this with humour? But you see, there is a lil humour to everything, just like there is a "flip- side" to everything ... it's because some of the thing's we will have to swallow over the next few year's will not be so pleasant, and to strictly look at this stuff without some humour and being too serious can depress folk's too much. So a lil humour can be healthy ... after all ... some of this shit were fed is hilarious you must admit ... in the sense that they actually dont see how full of shit they look telling us this! : )

I got an idea to create job's too, that many of our political paid off representative's on both side's would love ... how bout just lowering our minimum wage here to $3.30 an hour, eh? ... this will enable more cheapskate companies/ corporation's to hire more ... and get this, we will still be getting paid 10X times the official minimal wage that Bernie talk's about in North Korea of .35 cent's an hour ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

This was suddenly slipped through almost simultaneously according to dating while the biggest news coverage was about the "American Jobs Act" which got the boot from the newly super committee Senate's GOP ... while GOP Congressional member's seemed to be jumping all over this like a cheap suit on sunday, and this was done in a flash, maybe they slammed one of them 5 hour energy drinx : ) ... I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my watch on this one! But of course according to CNN in the article/ link below from one of their columnist's, we should jump for joy on this ... which is great, but I also have question's, because this isnt clear to me yet. On the other hand, some Democrat's say this is basically bunk, even Bernie (Sen. Sanders) is making some point's of question here ... Wassup? Are we now free to trade, including continuing to cross our border here in Texas and up in Canada and keep getting our prescription's, dental and medical (which Congress and the Senate both want to stop)? Can we lift the limit on how many gallons of gas were allowed to buy in Mexico now driving it back to the U.S. ... after all, it's all about trading "freely", eh? Is this part of our new "job's package" ... after all ... everybody even on the right/ GOP been yapping endlessly about "Job's, Job's, & Mo Job's" . Maybe this is our lucky break and golden parachute ... ya think? ... I sure as Hell dont know, but we sure as Hell will find out 5 or so year's from now. But more below.

CNN/ OPINION: Congress Finally Gets Something Right


A GOOD DEAL FOR KIM JONG II ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS ... and I was just praising Hyundai Steel for going green too!

MSNBC: Free Trade Agreements ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


Thursday, October 13, 2011


This PT. 2 of "Truth or Treason 2012" is to look at the newest slab of bullshit that the President's Jobs Act got twisted into, and most IMPORTANTELY, who, how, and why. Believe me ... the last bloody thing that I wanted to have to post is this bullshit, but I made a personal commitment to cover this cesspool of inbred corruption and some of it's slithering ingrate's ... No ... I shit you not, I actually loathe these posting's, because I have wrote so much about this crap and how it play's out, it has literally got boring, and this one of course is yet another that fell exactly like what I had been posting I suspected it would, or any other goddamn bill or act that our President attempt's to propose. I only been even remotely following this through a blogger I frequent INFIDEL753 , who has been questioning alot of this himself. But Yes, again another proposal by our President that been of course Aborted before Birth ... by of course mostly the "Anti- Abortion", "Pro Small Business" crowd, who have been yapping about "Job's, Job's & Mo Job's" even throughout their carnival show type GOP Debate's ... again, forcing it to be twisted into something else where we have to give/ sacrifice more, and all those who are paid off bigtime toss in their side order's of pork ... it's downright sickening actually!

But, it's so importante to know this and especially who has the strongest influence in these corrupt move's ... and it of course again is the Republican Party mainly instigating this endless gridlock and twisting tantrum's, over, and over, and over, and over ... basically everything that this President has endorsed or proposed has been tossed in the trash from his initial Health Care Public Option proposal on down. The President has been the most bipartisan acting of all, and still, cannot please any of this bunch, yet they constantly lie that they want to work with the President ... but enough from me here, because this shit is endless! Below some newsread, video's from also Senator Sanders. This will also be posted/ linked in the "DEBT CRISIS PT. 1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" .


DAILY CHRONICLE: Senate Kill's Job's Bill

RCJ: TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT. 1 ... Social Security, The President, Oil Speculation & Job's ... A view from Senator Sanders

MSNBC: Senate Republican's Kill Job's Bill ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

I am not against China at all, I have constantly wrote about this country's potential and alliance and look forward to a great future ... However, part of making that great alliance will take some serious political talk with our two countries WITHOUT just Corporate Communist Dictation who seem's to control both our government's more and more. We have some serious trade issue policy concern's, and continueing to let these corporate icon's have all the say so, is NOT working for either of our people, we lose job's and their people get slave wage's (which is what they want to lower us to as well of course in doing so), etc, etc. It's time that our representative's actually act on behalf of the interest's of both our countries. But this is the "reason" for this "treason" below.

MSNBC: Free Trade Agreement's ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

And this final video just recent from President Obama on this ....

MORE JOBS FOR AMERICANS: Stand with President Obama to Continue Fight for Jobs ... Thanx to BARACKOBAMADOTCOM

POST NOTE: One more thing I need to add to this ... and this is something that I have brought up before in posting's, but is needed now more than ever. The President ask's for us to contact our rep's and push this, which of course is a plus ... however, as well in the meantime, we need to really focus on changing "HOW" the American's voice is heard, and figuring out a newer more efficient way for doing this, as well down the line to voting in this country, this whole system has got all screwed up because basically ... those who we do contact and voice for us ignore much of our voice's as well. The voting for instance from the rules to the electoral system, etc, is all twisted/ corrupted as well and very outdated to suit the time's and condition's of today. We also need to put a goddamn end to these endless bribe's that our rep's openly take from these financial icon's who basically use money they robbed and ratholed offshore from us to make these bribe payment's ... our rep's already have a decent living before they get in office and after they do, we pay them decent salaries and excellent benefit's package's, if that isnt good enough, they perhap's need to find another job, or go back to their private sector businesses. I know for a fact that this will all destroy itself in time, whether it does in my generation or the next or after ... I would just like to get a head start on what's let's say inevitable to clean up this corrupt system to some degree.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HYUNDAI STEEL: "Seal the Steel" ... Hyundai's NEW Greener, Cleaner, Leaner, & Meaner approach to Steel Production (GLOBAL WARMING PT. 10)

This "PART 10" of this journal's "Global Warming" series will be to salute the newest steel production coming out of South Korea's Hyundai Steel Division . This series is not just to point out the destructive point's that contribute to Global Warming, but to also credit and salute those who actually are taking them step's to clean up our planet anyway they can after the century old mess we left it in. Now I realize that there is still an issue with trapping CO2 emission's within the structure's, but that's just a bug that will be addressed in time. What matter's here is all else they were able to do and recycle/ reuse in a beneficial way eco- wise. These innovating type mover's and shaker's are the business and better investment's of our future. Yes ... it cost's them a sum, but it should pay off itself in the longer term.

If someone stumble's across this that has never read a thing in this journal before, I want to point out that I am very pro- business ... I dont hug tree's or anything like that, but I do have an issue with the way we trash the globe (yes, I recycle). As far as the Global Warming title ... I use it because that's what it originally was titled before the new sugar coating of "Climate Change" came along simply. The arguement on this is basically another leftee/ rightee bate type ... some say that the Earth has been going through climatic change's/ heating and cooling for 100's of million's of year's, and it's natural ... other's say that it's caused by humankind and the excessive release of thing's like carbon emission's/ fossil fuel's usage. I differ from the mainstream thought on this, because I agree with "both". I think there is clear scientific data that the Earth has been through climate change, and I also looked at it as a warming trend since after the last ice age, of a slow gradual warming, chain reaction sort of thing. But I also strongly believe, that over the last century, our usage of these fuel's, destruction of forest's and trash output to land, air, and sea's, had put warming in 10th gear accelerating what would naturally take multi- centuries longer to naturally come to ... so Yes, I feel we need to clean up bigtime ... I mean ... you wouldnt want your sewage to back up on your property and stink you out ... the Earth is our major asset/ property.

It is clearly evident what is happening, regardless of what title we choose to call it, and technologically/ scientifically speaking, we are not yet to a point where we can change the damage we done ... so I frankly dont give a shit who's to blame here ... all I'm concerned with is cleaning up a planet/ home that has been recklessly trashed and degraded for too long. And Big congratulation's to Hyundai on their effort's and expense!

***** CNN: Hyundai Steels Itself for a Cleaner Future



Tuesday, October 11, 2011


First of all for this PT. 2 of "The Awakening", some link's of a very, very importante move, then some addition input from the Chimp on this. I also want to dedicate this particular posting to Suzy, a local merchant in my neighborhood I frequent, who told me just last week when I told her "Bank of America" would start Jan. 01 charging monthly fee's for your electronic debit card transaction's ... when she responded ... "Tom ... their going to charge us for using our own money?" (similar wording) ... and when I told her Yes ... she told me she been doing business with them for long, I asked her why? ... and she said that she was just accustomed/ comfortable with them, and wanted to stay with them, but didnt like that .... basically I then told her ... "And that's what their banking on Dear" ... so if you catch this one Girl, this one's dedicated to you : )

FUNNIES SHORT: Just for a laugh here ... I get quite a bit of email from "Democracy for America" for instance (perhap's other Democrat blogger's do as well) ... but this one I got today had me laughing up a storm. They were doing a survey/ anti- vote to ask you to anti- vote for which Republican candidate would be the worst as President, well ... I took it of course serious, then started looking at them all from Romney to Bachmann, Perry, etc ... and I got in a jam, because to me they were ALL just terrible! ... I really couldnt even hardly figure out which one could be worse they were all so bad, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh Goddamn!, what a challenge that was! : ) ... I started laughing my ass off looking at their picture's, then finally voted "Perry". : )

CNBC/ NETNET: ... Occupy Wall St Backs a Nationwide Boycott Against Banks

TIME/ MONEYLAND: ... Wall Street Protests Get Specific: Could 'Bank Transfer Day' Pit Americans Against Their Big Banks?

CNN/ MONEY: ... "I Ditched My Big Bank!"


I also wanted to add this video I just picked up, because Mr. Zeese here make's some importante point's on what our problem's are and what change's are needed, also understand that you will have faction's of both parties that will try to appease those who fund them the most, their only doing what their paid to do. The Republican Party will just about exclusively 100% support them and carry all their bag's, they are the "Best of the Worst" in all of this, not just America, but even in Europe, Asia, and Africa as well, this was the whole point to "rush" globalization, to eliminate jurisdiction's, etc.

***** COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH: Kevin Zeese/ October 2011: "Time For the Serfs To Revolt"

You see why I have been calling these tough time's a blessing in disguise/ healthy in my past posting's ... you see, it is hard time's that bring's out our best, is basically what I'm saying ... the struggle, the fall, the hurt and pain is alwayz healthy when it come's to survival and if you want victory (believe me, I had more than my share in life, and am stronger today because of the ass kicking's/ fall's) ... THIS IS VERY HEALTHY, even if everyone dont suddenly pull their money out of this cesspool, the fact that folk's are waking up to what feed's this vermin that has plagued now ... The Globe! Look at it like a bad relationship ... the best thing to do, is "walk", disassociate, not argue, fuss, and rehash over and over what clearly doesnt work, but abandon it ... remember ... "Misery love's Company" ... not the other way around.

I will also include this in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference convenience. Let me try to keep this simple here for any reader, because I know how complex this can get twisted into from trying to discuss this with folk's here on the street that dont clearly understand what is going on, simply because they are too busy trying to live and keep up in the rat race, and THIS IS what these entities are thriving on ... first milking all surplus, then making the job market's tight and scarce, putting us in tight situation's to where we have to sell or give up asset's, pension's, service's, etc ... this is why I focused as well on gold, platinum, etc ... you have a handful of entities basically with over a 100 scouting/ purchasing companies, so they cant get connected legally for trying to create monopolies buying up everything they could ... also I stress, as far as when to buy and sell, and most importantely when you "sell" ... who to.

Playing in these 401K's is another scam ... I got hip to that scam over 20 year's ago actually, when damn near all my co- worker's just looked at the before tax deposit's, interest, etc ... I was pointing out, penalties, management fee's, and other thing's that showed there is other more profitable wayz to invest, if you have. My daughter was happy she took my advice, she told me a month ago, she alone saved thousand's, by pulling out a couple year's back when I talked to her, despite withdrawal penalties ... those who ignored these thing's and the market's who seen the surge and feeling of comfort after they loss in 2008, then rebounded in higher figure's/ earning's in 2010 ... only to lose once more less than a few month's ago again, all they earned and grew in the previous year. My friend Joe and his wife both thanked me, when I suggested not to sell their gold until a later date, they quadrupled their pay off recently. These thing's/ investment's would otherwise be great for folk's, the problemo is, that they are strongly controlled and manipulated and designed by mega profiteer's is all.

Alot of folk's in 2011, especially politician's on both side's and media's are whining about the bailout's of 2008/ 2009 recently ... these same people were whining and shivering if you recall back in 2008 telling us if we DONT BAIL OUT these folk's an economic disaster will happen and the financial globe will collapse ... this is why back then I was pointing out that we WILL have an economic disaster of some sort anywayz even if we do bail them out ... Why? ... because they just took our surplus, sat on it instead of feeding the smaller financial institution's and ratholed the money offshore, and as you can see of course, a recession of magnitude came right after we gave in to them anywayz, and now were broke ... that's about as stupid as giving your saving's and wallet to someone to hold for you, then when it comes time to pay your bill's asking for an advance. You dont bail the global banking system, you keep the money here and bail the job creator's like Ford, GMC, etc ... local and small domestic financial institution's, credit union's etc.

This move to take our money out of these folk's hand's couldnt come soon enough, especially to get this much atencion and focus on it ... because this is what it is going to take ... now of course everyone wont withdraw/ close come November, but this is an importante start and move. Now you will see a sudden rise in mega banking advertisement's/ marketing (mainly because they have all our money to do so, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... as if they havent saturated prime time programming already with enough, but they will get more intense once/ when they see folk's taking out their money, and they will try to sell you new cleverly crafted package's of bullshit to regain your trust ... DO NOT BUY IT ... even perhap's this Super Shaft new Senate Committee may try to slip in through big money influence and try to make it like their talking about doing to 401K's right now and making it so you cant take your money, feeding you endless bullshit via politician's telling you ... "It's for your own good". But folk's will get hip/ keen to this as well ... in time.

Enough .... Word Out!


Monday, October 10, 2011

WALL STREET tries to "Bond" with "Protestors" using a "Cocktail Toast Gesture" ... Be a SPORT, Toss Em a "Toasty Cocktail" Toast back! }: )

Well, there isnt nothing like the show of "Love", setting aside our difference's and embracing each other before another "round" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) I caught this video late last week, and almost busted a gut laughing and thinking to myself ... Goddamn, I wish I was young again and back in the City (NYC) for this one! Watching these fine folk's give a toast gesture ... my first thought's as response was to throw them a cocktail toast back, of a Molotov Cocktail, with a crowd that thick, I'd bet I could have slipped one in ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )


Friday, October 7, 2011


There is one politician that I actually visit online daily, and that's this guy, Bernie Sanders. Bernie doesnt waste much time getting to the point and telling it like it is for the most part ... so, I dont hate politicians. We commonly as Americans for years have heard about "organized crime" ... and Bernie will take a look at it here, this came in about 8 hours ago.

POST NOTE: I need to also add that using the term "organized crime" here to describe any of these parties/ individuals as being involved with "organized crime", does NOT come from the Senator, this was my choice of words for this title/ posting only.



Thursday, October 6, 2011


OCCUPY WALL STREET ... This video was one on the most clear to the point video's I found on YouTube, although there were many great piece's, but I wanted to make the point and keep it simple and non- political as I can, this isnt about left/ right, or organized or planned, it's simply action/ reaction, as I pointed out throughout this journal will cross all culture's and parties in time ...

Occupy Wall Street- Police Brutality- Police Violence- KMFDM ... Thanx to SNAAPZ


I wasnt planning to do a posting on this, but since it has evolved to such a concern in various media's, I'll do it as a reference piece and also include in this journal's "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" . I already have probably 100 or more posting's related as well throughout this journal over the last few year's or so, pointing out these issue's, what's to come, result, and where it must go, and how it will go in wave's across the globe, etc, etc ... so this isnt really there yet as to the point where I am talking about in them posting's, but it is America's awakening time let's say.

POST NOTE: I recommend to any reader of this to read the linked posting above of "DEBT CRISIS PT.1" ... which only in that one post I explain as clearly as you can get about this Snowejob that we are seeing ... again, try to set aside "politic's" just for a moment or any of the other cult mentalities that we commonly are attracted to (I myself am as well as a voting Democrat). Understand, that the EVIDENCE is VERY clear that this entity of "finance" CONTROL'S more of your voice/ representation than anyone else, through money/ asset's ... there is no "if's, and's, or but's" here, this is straight and to the point with ENORMOUS evidence ... and until you/ we LET GO of this and walk away from them all, and shut them off like a light switch, this constant recklessness, financial rape, and all the rest of this garbage will continue and not a goddamn thing of ANY SIGNIFICANCE will change in ANY REASONABLE time frame.

Look ... just because those who so call "represent" you cant get their shit together and throw in the towel here and there with this nauseating submissive/ passive politipop mindset and approach, of talking about it's doom and gloom if we dont do what so and so want's, etc ... DOES NOT MEAN that those 99%, many which that are truely more "elite" have to, and many of that 99% are far more capable of making importante budget/ financial decision's, creating, exploring, finding solution's and actually working without taking a goddamn week or 3 off everytime they feel they are overworked ... these retreat's/ vacation's are conveniently timed so they can brew up more bullshit to feed us, over, and over, and over, to save themselves in this political merry- go- round game ... it's become endless. The word's and proposal's are great ... but WHAT people want to see more is fact's, figure's and actual result's. And those politician's that are really trying to do something I commend, but they know even how this system worx, and how contaminated and corrupt it has gotten.

MINISTRY (CLASSIC COVER'S): "Radar Love", "Black Betty", "Mississippi Queen", "Just Got Paid"

Yes ... another Ministry (Al & Tommy interviewed here by Dave Navarro as well) posting to go into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" . Beside's, anyone who know's me also know's how big a Ministry fan that I am ... they are an excellent studio group and really a truely kick fuckin ass band "live", and based in Texas too ... so I absolutely have them at the top's in their category! These song's below are all classic cover's that Al and the crew does, and even a few ... "Radar Love", "Black Betty", and "Mississippi Queen" are song's that I loved to cover myself on vocals and blues harps when I was a young gent : ) (never "Just Got Paid" though, even though I personally love it). So I love the cover original's as well ... but Ministry has such a unique flavour of cover's they do that are very versatile, yet distinctively "Total Ministry". I mean, this is a group and of course a talent like Al too, that can bring classic to folk to metal, thrash, electronika, industrial, rap, and such together in one piece, and still be distinctively Ministry in doing so, hard to explain here ... I can rattle on about this crew for hour's though, and it didnt suprise me a bit that Al wanted to retire touring after he got in his 50's either (even though I hate it) ... but he will still stay very active producing and doing other work with band's and film according to his interview's. Also a BIG Special Thanx to those who were so kind to share these piece's on YouTube and of course to Al, aka "Buck Satan", aka "Uncle Al" and his crew too! I love Ya'll!

POST NOTE: Looking closely at the album cover of these great classic's, I'll be goddamned if that aint ole Al himself in drag, posing as Jackie Kennedy in the car with the former President ... now that's truely a conspiracy! : )

"RADAR LOVE" ... A "Golden Earring" cover ... Thanx to IRATEPLAGERIST

"BLACK BETTY" ... Geeezzz, talk about historical shit (rock- wise), this song was originally done by legend Bluesman "Lead Belly" and received recognition at first back in the 1940's if I recall correctly, then went dormant for year's, being revived again by the short lived "Ram Jam" in the latter 1970's, then again later by even Sheryl Crow, I have done vocal's myself covering this with a couple band's in the past ... But Thanx to PHILIPP011 . Actually according to this here (Wikipedia) this goes even back as far as recording's into the early 1930's, being done by/ for convict's as well outside Houston on a Texas prison farm.

"MISSISSIPPI QUEEN" (A "Leslie West/ Mountain" cover) Thanx to Chris Telmeth

"JUST GOT PAID" (A "ZZ Top" cover) ... Thanx to Chris Telmeth


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MICHAEL MORTON: Texas' 25 Year mistake & DNA Testing ... A look at the PERFECTION of IMPERFECTION (Incarcerated American PT.6)

This "Incarcerated American PT.6" is NOT a Death Penalty case, even though it was murder, however ... I wanted to also use this posting to bring up the Death Penalty controversy in Texas and use this posting as a follow up of sort concerning thing's like such and DNA testing etc, since it is all connected, whether there is a Death Penalty or not, there are people also serving massive amount's of time for offenses that you cant just say is simply a result of an "imperfect system" ... but a terribly fucked up system that definitely need's a complete overhaul. So this will follow up "Texas Execution's: Should they be indefinitely suspended? ... ABSOLUTELY! .... Some newsread and vid's below, then some personal view's afterward's.

NBC News: DNA helps free Texas man convicted in wife's death ...

INNOCENCE PROJECT: Dallas County Cases Where DNA Has Proven Innocence ...

ACLU: (03 October 2011) "DNA testing and the Death Penalty" ... this cover's the U.S. as well as far as exoneration's that have been granted because of DNA evidence.


Morton Release Hearing ... Thanx to KXAN

Michael Morton is a Free Man ... Thanx to KXAN

Juror who Convicted Morton feels Guilty ... Thanx to KXAN

In our great mental state of liberation and ultra civility, quest to achieve perfection, pinnacle of universal knowledge, etc, etc ... we must also have lost something ... after all, in all of this, we also managed to perfect "imperfection" ... simply using it as another word to casually escape or excuse what we do. And this is what was nauseating hearing the Judge say when he gave Mr. Morton his walking paper's (freedom) ... but NOT to blame the Judge here ... he just didnt know what else to say and this has become the "norm" ... I mean, it wasnt this Judge that convicted the man, but having to apologize for a fucked up justice system. It's the best we have? ... maybe so, but since when does the word "best" suggest there is no need to improve and/ or change? I never gave a shit much about the Death Penalty one way or the other ... but at the rate thing's been showing, I also see no reason why an immediate suspension of all execution's nationwide and especially in the Lone Star State (Texas) shouldnt be granted ... I mean it is so stupid when I hear folk's like Gov. Rick Perry for instance ... not grant a stay, or this case in Georgia last week ... it certainly doesnt hurt you politically ... and I even figure it could help you politically for that matter ... what in Hell is wrong with Ya'll?! It isnt like you grant a stay, that the offender/ prisoner is going to walk ... he/ she still remain's incarcerated, this also serve's to make damn sure that you are NOT sending the wrong goddamn person to death ... which should be of some mental relief to you! ... unless of course you dont give a shit ... and if you dont give a shit, you shouldnt take a goddamn oath saying you represent and defend the folk's of your jurisdiction!

As far as the juror's in these cases ... the juror's mostly are railroaded, similar to politic's actually with the bullshit they are fed ... this juror in the above video feel's guilt, shame, wrong, etc ... and this will probably bother her emotionally for year's to come ... so even she is hurt with this disregard and recklessness that has permeated our legal system ... everyone is victim to this but those playing the card's in the system ... who some of in my opinion should have to do some time themselves or be somewhat financially liable in some manner for what their incompetence and neglect result in ... but not just casually sweep this nauseating shit under the rug by passing it to someone else or just saying the system is the best but imperfect.

Mr. Morton only had tear's and humour mixed when hearing those freeing word's from the Judge ... and how could you not be thrilled ... anyone who done any time even know's how it feel's to get released and not even mentioning 25 year's of this ... he stated how vivid color's were, of course the one color you see daily in TDC is "white" ... and how good looking the women are out in the freeworld : ) Mr. Morton as he said was grateful it was NOT a death penalty case, and because he know's damn well if it was, he would probably be 6 feet under and not in that courtroom now. But what get's me about these cases, even without the death penalty ... is this one of many has spent at least a third of his natural life incarcerated, and being some of the prime year's of his life he has spent ... and as far as the $80K a year compensation for wrongful imprisonment in Texas, I hope that he would get every dime of it!

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