Thursday, July 7, 2011


This posting of "PORTRAIT OF A DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.2" will be to focus on this morning's news from CNN on this so called "Debt Crisis", and again I will try to be as reasonable and considerate as I can on everyone here. I wasnt even planning on posting this, this morning, but the link below from CNN of newsread and video's, just came in this morning and sum's up in short of the new snowjob basically, politically and economically that we are playing, which is a dangerous game, that not many folk's are paying enough atencion to. Then after this and the link's, I will add some word's on what is truely just an ill recipe and mix in Gvmnt that is simply dysfunctional in any stretch of the definition, and simply CANNOT get a thing done of any significance. In the title as far as "RPM's" and "Engine Failure" ... the inspiration is to point out simply that America is NOT turning enough RPM's (revolution's per minute), and as a result ... our engine which is Washington is failing, period. Those who are trying to get thing's done, are simply not being allowed to make any progress ... find this "bug" (which is special interest's/ funding) ... and that IS your problem ... and can only be resolved like any cancer, by being removed and cut out, which mean's also those on all side's that are feeding it, as far as representation ... this also include's making term limit's mandatory as well, and not being allowed to take/ accept a million or two in fund's/ lobby dollar's (view the short video here) before vote's on the floor. I mean ... if your paycheck we give you with the enormous benefit's are NOT good enough ... go find another goddamn job, we dont need you.

**** CNN NEWS: ... OFFICIALS: PRESIDENT OBAMA SEEKS $3 TRILLION TO $4 TRILLION IN CUTS ... this posting is this morning's news, and reason for this posting, because this is some of the heaviest bullshit we have gotten spoonfed recently. This even out does the popular Health Care Reform SNOWEjob we think has been some landmark victory, which if anything ... is just another cleverly crafted piece of bullshit that mean's little to us and much for those in the industries, show me/ us one thing that has resulted in this ... beside's that, and even that has been stalled as I posted it most likely would be.



The bottom line here is that reading and viewing this current news on this newly created Paper Doll Show above over this debt crisis, you can clearly see that our government is definitely as a whole not working, the engine is just failing ... and the people in this nation are not turning enough revolution's to get adequate internal combustion out of this dying engine ... and I really mean that as far as using the word here "revolution" ... because that is clearly what is needed at this point. We have tried engine cleaner's, additive's, oil change's, tune- up/ spark plug's, adjusting the timing, and everything else ... and have had no success, which again is solid proof that this engine simply is shot and need's a complete overhaul, period.

I myself have bent over backward's to try to be as bipartisan as possible and especially support this President all the way since before he announced his candidacy, because I know his past and what he stood for, and want to give him and his crew time. But frankly I dont know where the President is going with this one, and would only hope that the Democrat's will buck this all tooth and claw, because you already know what the total Republican agenda is, and we wont get a shred of help from them, and we have no one else to choose from right now. I understand better than anyone flexibility, balance, and bipartisan need, but this has gotten insane .... sitting down with Speaker Boehner, yet letting Boehner do all the decision making on what is going to be addressed and acceptable and what is not going to be, both side's talking about what they think the American People want and need, and both not looking at the possible consequence's of ill action's on their part for this country overall. This constant talk of reducing/ cut's only for the American majority of people does NOT cut the mustard at all, for any American, regardless of political side, gender, ethnicity, class, etc. It is way out of any balance as well as totally dysfunctional as far as the engineering. The so called tax loophole's cut's are not even with any specific's, which tell you that, that is also bullshit ... and the final outcome as I wrote in my earliest posting's will HAVE TO result in tax increases, fine's/ fee's, penalties for all American's in the long run, whether they announce it now, or keep it in the closet till after the 2012 election, which is more likely.

The constant talk of job creation isnt going to work significantly either, as I wrote for over 3 bloody year's it CANT ... so this constant talk over this is pointless, if you have idea's ... do them and stop talking about them ... just act! ... but there is no goddamn way in Hell ... you can go from losing 100's of thousand's of job's per month ... and think that with a changing global market that is being forcefed on us, that you can just pop up with pie chart's quarterly saying we created 200,000 job's in this month or that month, with way out of sync unemployment figure's also designed to get maximum effect's out of the viewer's/ voter's, and say we are on any significant recovery path, while spending billion's out the ass year after year on everything from privatized military and contracted bombing campaign's, foreign investment's only of our dollar's and letting everything from prison's to government building's in this country fail to get privatized and auctioned off to the highest bidder, so they can take also all the tax revenue's for that as well.

We are no longer No#1 in this country except in bullshit, failure, and harbouring a bunch of corporate communist's and tax shelter legislative manipulator's, and the sooner we wake up to this, the better off we can be and act in a truely beneficial way. There is no doubt that this country need's to start to take other measure's in getting change and workable solution's ... because this is all we have left and we are losing it daily at the rate we are going, meaning we need some form of revolutionary action's, there are no other option's left. And the new investment's and market's are as I stated in place's like China, India, Russia, etc ... we need these people/ countries ... Yes ... but we also need to focus much more on domestic interest's, and believe me ... these other nation's understand, because they are also going to have their own severe internal trouble's with this new transition that is taking place, and are not going to be able to rescue us out of our's.

This whole crisis is another created piece of bullshit, and does not even exist, they are creating it ... again to pull another sting on us over the next few year's, trying to privatize everything, make all government fail (so even that is engineered and funded by the same cesspool bunch pulling this shit in Greece, Spain, Italy, England, and other place's ... they are trying to do the same thing with America as well basically) and replace it all. There is no need for all this new talk out of the GOP of the sudden need of "entitlement reform" ... all that is about is simply to convert all thing's like SSI, medicare/ medicaid, and social/ public service's across the board to privately owned entities ... that can only be bought by those who hold the majority of capital obviously. "Entitlement Reform" ... mean's JUST that ... to cut all our entitlement's PERIOD ... nothing else ... and promote more and more faith based crap to handle even now, not just the poor, but even the moderate middle classes. And the bottom line is, we will have to have taxes increased.

I agree we need taxation increases, but dont agree that they all should go to corporate foreign interest's, contracting, bombing campaign's, corporate welfare, and the rest of the garbage they want to do with them ... what ... pay more tax and get nothing for it, but more and more misery?, that's just downright stupid. And they are not even telling us that straight, on the taxes, with just hint's and small talk's. Meaning simply more taxes and cut's and sacrifice's at this rate, with NOTHING in return ... that should be totally out of the negotiation's, not even touched, without definitive blueprint's of where it will be used and actual "solid proof", including all accountability in writing, account's, invoice's, with full public disclosure, none of this crap like they fed ABC News last week on not revealing how much they pay for gym's, sauna's, pool's, personal instructor's and a schlew of other service's that our rep's for instance only pay $20/ $40 a month for (then these cheapskate's even write that off on taxes at the end of the year) including all the high scale luxury car's that they rent monthly/ annually and we are billed for, saying you cant tell us for security reason's (also note that Congress is fighting against transparency) ... it's our goddamn money, and we need to know where in Hell it's going, this need's to be stamped out!

And I totally "disagree" with our President on going along with this (I only agree that the debt ceiling should be raised, and this game the Republican's are playing is deadly to us overall, by using threat's to not keep to our responsibilities/ debt's, domestic and foreign) ... they want to cut everything but those who are behind this mess, and telling us your cutting tax loophole's will just be another legislative piece of bullshit ... it's NOT going to happen, and ya'll in Washington know it. This is no diffrerent than the bullshit on Health Care Reform, which basically resulted in some scrap's and bone's tossed to us, so that pharma/ insurance giant's could make billion's more, by making million's more have to buy their insurance, whether out of pocket or subsidized, so ALL revenue's go to them ... understand ... the minute public option was eliminated, that destroyed all chance of competitiveness, because you still end up only with a 100 companies/ corporation's under one board of director's is all, nothing more ... that's no different than putting opposing sock puppet's on your left and right hand to compete against each other under your direction ... therefore rendering it worthless.

Enough on that part ....

I have decided to choose some posting's here that are related to all this that I have posted in this journal, to sort of try to compile a list of related posting's so that the reader can easily access on this particular point here, there are so many in this journal, and I selected here the most importante one's only, to minimize how many. They basically show an entire picture of the reality and crisis we face (the TRUE crisis ... not this politically and corporate inspired "paper doll" crisis that we are being shown), that we are simply not paying atencion to enough. Now I know some think we are not living in a crisis, but I have been writing about this for over 3 year's now, and my assessment's have been accurate ... this isnt pessimism, but a look at what NEED'S to be reasonably done in some fashion, to try to get through this with the least amount of misery only, or not a damn thing is going to be workable, change, or anything else, period, and it can only get worse, unless we get real action and change. Thinking this WONT happen and there is some kind of HOPE the way we are doing thing's, is nothing more than living in a fantasy mindset of some sort. All the actual math clearly show's that the way we are doing thing's can only intensify misery and delay progress in any reasonable time frame.

401K LOCKDOWN: Senator's to PROTECT you by Locking Down your 401K ... "THE DEMOPUBLICAN CESSPOOL PT. 2 & 1"

"How to Privatize America Part's 6 Thru 1" ... the importance of this, is that by privatizing everything in America or other freeworld countries, the people lose all voice/ power, including all smaller corporate interest's, and all that support's us including our government's when their eventually forced into being sold on the auction block to the highest bidder's.

SUZE ORMAN PT's 2 & 1 ... these are importante tip's and advice to look at the current condition, so you can create a strategy for economic survival and misery reduction.

Government Shutdown's, SSI Check's, Political Grandstanding, 2011 Iraq, and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" (Nation of BS PT.6) and Part's 5 THRU 1 ... this "Nation of Bullshit" series is just for that, to take a look at some of the most mainstream popular BS we are being fed.

GLOBAL GOLD RUSH PT. 2 & 1 ... these are importante to understand mega mining, the pro's and con's of it, and the value of metal's such as gold in a changing global transition, the importance and value of such at a time of heavy fluxuating currencies, and uncertainty of some.


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OBAMA FACTOR: American Worker's may Chase their Tail's LONGER than they Think ... PT. 1 & 2 ... these posting's will give a more clearer look at the reality behind job's/ employment and the condition of such.

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NEW SOCIAL ORDER: .... the 2 Face's of the "Current Condition" and the "Balance Factor" .... ... the title here sum's this up perfectly as far as content, the importance of the two video's incorporated is to show both perspective's of left and right thought's, and to try to conclude a workable balance.

"Fractional Reserve's" .... and the "Creation of Bond's out of Nothing" .... the importance of this posting is mainly the video in here that show's another big problem of concern that lead's to this constant bubble/ bust repeat scenario series that we have in our financial system's ... it's importante, because for one, we also need to stop these entities that are too big to fail in this new global economy, or else the bust's can only be more severe, because now they take down more than ever in the past, and much quicker on a global level.

MID- TERM CAMPAIGN (2010 SHOW PT.6) ... If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many POLITICIAN'S would call in SICK? ... the only importance to this is strictly political ... to take a look at the 2010 political scam's and threat's that were pulled to sway vote's for the 2010 Mid- Term's, because many of these strategies will also be pulled again and again, since they obviously worked. Which is the whole reason I focused on the magnitude of concern that the 2010 mid- term is here, because if we let the GOP take any majority in the House or Senate ... this is exactly what you would see happen, that is happening now.

THE ULTIMATE REVOLUTION/ ALDOUS HUXLEY: Creating a "MASS"ochistic Society, that LOVE's their Servitude & Punishment, without Violence & Religion ... an importante video to watch to get another view of the mission that is being pulled on us, and purpose. This was a newer/ later posting added 14 July 2011.

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an average patriot said...

The debt crisis is a frigging joke. It is not a debt crisis it is a Republican crisis.

I think you read what I posten on the 14th Amendment. Article 5 says you can not go against it period.

I just had sent to me the reason why they stated that and it is stunning. I will post it eventually but in a nutshell they purposely set up the system so we would always be in debt. No debt no country. IT IS FACT, WAIT TILL YOU READ IT, WHAT A FRIGGING UNDENIABLE TRIP.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your input here Jim, and I sure will be looking forward to that piece you plan too! That's another thing to watch out for, is this amendment thing they will try to go for like a fox on a hen house soon, just more manipulative shit Jim. Yes ... the whole thing is a f'n joke, but a deadly joke, and you cant trust any of this shit as far as you could throw it!

I have on ABC World News on the tele next to here, and they are really getting into this, so I'm fixin to shut this down and cook some dinner and try to catch the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer which I know will be all over this like a cheap suit, Guy ....

Beach Bum said...

Finally realizing how dysfunctional American elected officials have become is one of the reasons I largely stopped writing political posts on my blog.

Simply put I'm in hunker down mode because at some point the zombie-like government we have is going to stumble into some sort of situation that will shake us so much that the numb masses of the American public will have to wake up.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum ... Wassup Guy!!

I noticed that your not very political as far as writing ... I frankly dont like being so, Bum (believe it or not) ... when I started this blog/ journal ... as I said in case you havent read it before ... the title was strickly a joke, done with humor as far as the title of this journal, because I couldnt think of anything else, and remembered Bill Maher's old school HBO show, my Dad turned me on to, "Politically Incorrect" which inspired the title only ... so I wasnt even trying to be creative, not to mention political, nor did I hardly have any background or education in politic's ... if it wasnt for all the scam's these lowlife's pull, I wouldnt be able to figure out a thing of what their going to pull next.

I never was a "fiction" fan at all in any of my reading (which is obvious in my home book collection, well, beside's the Holy Bible of course) ... but I must say ... you do some really nice work as far as fiction writing Bum.

I actually look forward to much future protest's and alot of Hell breaking loose from the American people eventually ... we've gotten too "numb" and pussive (pussive is a term I came up with for the passive pussiness of our society) actually.

Another point here ... is whether American's see it or not, this tightening of credit on folk's is a blessing in disguise and our whole experience Bum ... is very enlightening as well as beneficial as I have also wrote in post's ... frankly Bum ... we have gotten too soft ... and as Jim put it .... as far as being so dependent on credit .... you see ... Jim is right on the money .... being that, the whole objective of these slithering icon's, is to keep up in constant debt ... owing for life .... remind's me of being on parole/ probation, or on welfare ... the more dependent we are on them, the less on ourselves, which make's us weaker. People think I'm insane when I tell them we could sustain and live well without these mega icon's and their mega utilities, resources that they provide us with in mass (as if we couldnt survive without them)... but it's true .... because once they fail ... it inspire's us to get off our asses and provide for ourselves .... in wayz that are more competitive, with more idea's, more and more companies, much smaller, so that when they fail, they dont take down the entire globe with them, etc ... this is actually the future of progress Bum ... you see Guy ... because of our tech advancement's .... we no longer need them like we used to, and that is the threat that frighten's them ...

Thanx for your voice here Bum ....

Weaseldog said...

Sun Tzu warned us that extended occupations will bankrupt the invading country.

Day by day, we see proof that he was right.

The next big danger I see looming is that nations that are going bankrupt and have a large military, tend to try to solve their problems by rapidly expanding their military operations.

I think it's safe to call the USA a War Nation now. I expect over the next five years, the whole world will see us as having that one single purpose.

an average patriot said...

RC you are right om with this. I had a friend looking at what I was sent and it sunk in deeper as to how we are so screwed and what a controlling set up.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey WD/ Jack .... "Sun Tzu" ... that's a wayz back brother ... well someone's got to pay for it, and someone's making alot of money off it ... I have alwayz said Jack ... "money dont disappear ... it just change's hand's ..." :)

Oh yeah .... were a regular Salvation Army Jack, policing, attacking, occupying, saving (even some worthless fuck's, who would shit on us givin the opportunity ... and we suck it up like day old fool's) etc ... and I may add .... some of the biggest flunkies and sucker's of the world too. And of course ... that's what you get also in a great nation of bullshit ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :)

Thanx for the input Jack ... hope your enjoying the summer here on the ranch :)

Ranch Chimp said...

AAP: Your posting Jim was so interesting because it nwent so far back as far as banking ... I mean ... I look at some of the earliest modern banking as far as the Knights Templar (they arent connected generally to banking, but you have to have an understanding of their history) type's of around 1100/ 1400 ad/ ce Europe. As far as the assassination topic's, I cant go there ... I have read too many theories, especially on the most recent one in our time. But did find that posting interesting.

Thanx for your word's here Jim ....