Friday, June 8, 2012

VICTORIA GRANT: A Canadian "Financial PUNDIT" give's a Lesson on "Financial ENSLAVEMENT" (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.5) & (The AWAKENING PT.22)

Part 5 of the "Public Patriot's" series and Part 22 of  "The Awakening" series will take a look and listen to Ms. Victoria Grant of Cambridge, Ont. (kind of the outskirt's of the Buffalo/ Niagra Falls & Toronto Metro area's) and a short speech here she gave at a recent Public Banking Institute conference in Philly (PA), which was dead on the money, simple and to the point as you can get, spared all the complex bullshit. So this posting is to honour the lady for such a clear piece of info that frankly the public cant get enough of in these time's of what she call's "financial slavery", because that is exactly what this is ALL about (I sure as Hell have wrote ton's on this crap myself), and hoping to continue to see her work on this and inspire other's around her as well to see clearly what this cesspool is about, and especially to realize how EASY this is to get cleared up. We are alwayz spoonfed bullshit, pie chart's, financial expert's, complex assessment's, talk of doom and gloom if we dont do thing's this way or that way (mainly by these rent- a- politician's that have saturated our government's), etc, etc, etc ... it's absolutely nauseating. As far as I'm concerned, I'd give pink slip's to some of these rent- a- expert's, and just hire Ms. Grant to give a quick, unbiased, and straight perspective on getting a solution to this mess. A tip to Victoria here ... be very aware Dear that a few of the same entities that endorse you, will be also some of those who will try to buy you out, keep your integrity, no monetary value can be put on that. So Ms. Grant is my choice for this posting's public patriot!

***** This posting to also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference

Victoria Grant ... Thanx to PUBLICBANKINGTV

***** CBCNEWS: 12- year- old blasts Canada's banks (newsread)

'Banks Rob Us!' Canadian girl becomes internet sensation after exposing banksters ... Thanx to RTAMERICA





Demeur said...

It appears they are doing the exact same things in Canada as they are here only on a smaller scale. I look no farther than their recent F-35 contracting to see corporate interests taking over the government there. They however actually do something about it rather than wring their hands and say "nothing can be done". Kudos to Canada.

Ranch Chimp said...

Canada has had their own mess recently and of course the crackdown on citizen's voicing in Montreal, etc. The energy companies should be grateful there that they are going to massively drill to supply the Asian market's, eh? ... forgive me ... they say it's for America if we let them pipeline it to Houston ... oh well, fuck us : ) No doubt who also is in control of Canada, eh? : )

Thanx for your input Demeur ....