Monday, June 18, 2012


Of course again Senator Bernie Sanders is back in the trenches as usual kicking ass and taking name's for American consumer's/ spender's, and Thank You Sir! And this "label law" amendment that Bernie and allies are proposing is very importante, period. Let me put it like this for the reader/ consumer in any true democracy ... you want to know what your eating and spending your money on, eh? with any product that you buy ... I mean even if you go out and buy a brand new top of the line car, your not just buying the flashy looking body, but also want to know what's under the hood even as another example ... when your eating bullshit scrap by- product's such as "pink slime" (another so called "engineered product"), well ... you want to know, after all ... the companies success depend's on a satisfied customer, eh?

Dont get me wrong here either, I AM NOT AGAINST "genetic science's" of any kind at all, and have wrote in past posting's earlier in this journal how these thing's will clash with folk's as we evolve and even genetically modify the species over time ... so I dont hate "Monsanto" or anyone who tries to better the species and world through science.

But the answer and solution here shouldnt be made into this huge bitch fight that it has ... consumer's simply want to know what their buying and ingesting, is that reason for Monsanto to threaten to sue state's over it? Since so many people love genetic engineered product's, ya'll havent a thing to worry about, they'll keep buying them anywayz ... why do ya'll have to whine like these fucken crybaby insurance companies who oppose competition in the form of an "option" to the public? or these goddamn mega investment banker's, etc, etc? There's not a bloody thing wrong/ ill with this law/ amendment that I can see in reading it, all it's asking for is a lil transparency ... plenty of democracies around the world have this ... and screw all that neo- conservative state to state Willie Foo- Foo talk about letting state's decide on this one as well ... this should be put into law across the nation as transparency to the consumer's, period ... this law doesnt put any corporate folk's out of business, it just keep's them sharp and productive is all, and make's their customer's happy ... and a happy consumer make's a happy business in the longhaul.

Enough said on this ....

Label Law ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION: Millions Against Monsanto

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Infidel753 said...

Once again, Sanders the (shudder) socialist is making perfect sense. If 95% of Americans want GMO labeling, why can't we get it? Monsanto is able to intimidate an entire state by threatening a lawsuit? This is the kind of problem that President Hollande in France has been calling attention to with credit-rating agencies -- some of these private business entities have become so powerful that they're able to intimidate democratically-elected governments and boss them around. Once that happens, popular sovereignty is being infringed.

At the grocery store near where I live, which sells a lot of vegetarian and organic food, many items are labeled as "GMO-free". Evidently food companies realize this is a positive selling point.

Ranch Chimp said...

"Socialist"(?) well, Bernie sayz he is, and frankly socialism (even though I never really knew too much about it as some) Infodell is almost making more bloody sense as far as fairness to ALL business than this current so called neo conservative questionable approach to capitalism and what it truely represent's ... geeezz ... I would be ashamed to call myself a conservative these dayz, being having my pride of being an American capitalist. One of the popular misconception's of socialism I noticed is that it seem's to be compared to old school communism for some reason, as if there's no free market or something in socialism, I think it is widely misunderstood and mis- interpreted or such. Yeah, you mentioned your a veggie guy these dayz, I have known a couple veggie guy's who were even longer than you were, and they havent had any ill effect's from it, if you seen how I ate these dayz, you would probably think I'm a veggie (really), but techinically I'm not, I occassionally eat a lean cut of beef here and there, probably a few ounces or so top's per week at most, as well as salmon and chicken, I eat alot more veggie's and for sweet's these dayz, only fruit's, apple's, berries (like bluberries, etc) banana's, etc are basically my choice for part of my daily sweet's intake, no candy, processed shit, even these so called nutrition snack's that are popular, I dont use at all, or soda's diet or not, I do have an occassional bottle of beer. As a result with moderate exercise, I lost alot of weight, I hadnt been down to the weight I am since like my 20's, and am not overweight at all these dayz, the thing is ... I havent even really tried ... meaning it was strictly almost exclusively my diet/ eating that was really being hard on my body probably more than anything, what a remarkable change in the way I feel today compared to a couple year's ago, I almost cant believe it.

Oh, you know the score with these companies (some) ... I cannot believe reading/ browsing some of these label's in store's tha way shit is labeled, especially the big print on the package's about "healthy source" of this or that, absolutely insane, I would even freeze some of that shit. No I didnt know about Hollande in France and the credit rating thing, so thanx for bringing it up.

Thanx for your comment's here Infodell ....

Ranch Chimp said...

And YES I agree that this labeling can be a positive selling point, that's what these greed jerk's are missing, sometime's I feel like average Joe's like myself know business better than them, I'm shocked more havent went bankrupt!

Infidel753 said...

One of the popular misconception's of socialism I noticed is that it seem's to be compared to old school communism for some reason

Yes, the righties like to confuse those two things, since communism is already an obvious failure.

The way I like to explain the difference is, East Germany was communist, West Germany was socialist. It certainly was an important distinction to people who lived there, since they were willing to risk their lives to get from East Germany to West Germany.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well said, Thanx Infodell