Friday, June 15, 2012

SHINER TEXAS Father defend's Daughter from alleged Attacker ... Killing Him (SELF DEFENSE PT.12)

I wanted to use this recent case here in Shiner, Texas to take a look at defending your child from an alleged attacker/ molester, so this will highlight Part 12 of this "Self Defense" series, so I can get more into detail on a case like this. Some video's and read/ link below, then some input I will add.

A Texas dad beats his daughter's attacker to death ... Thanx to HLN

***** CNN/ U.S. : Small Texas community stands by man who killed daughter's alleged abuser


First of all, let me clear up the use of the term "murder" here ... by law, a beating case like this, especially in this case of being non- premeditated is not murder, but "manslaughter" ... it's basically a fist- fight that resulted in a death. Also I wanted to point out that this story is not even fully open yet ... so far there has been no name's of the victim (alleged rapist/ molester), the father, or the child released in this, the testimony so far is only from the man who was allegedly defending his daughter from this alleged rapist/ molester, this is exactly why I wanted to include the first video that question's this.

Dont misread me here either as far as what I would consider as a justifiable case of homicide ... this is certainly justified any way you slice it, period. But I wanted to highlight this because of many responses that I seen coast to coast as well as locally in Texas, that automatcally just jumped for joy on this and cheered on the father as a hero, without hardly anything of this case being in the open yet, but strictly the father's testimony of what happened, no doubt if this IS indeed what actually happened, the father to me is not only justified, but a hero as well ... but I dont know a damn thing yet from what I been reading. I cant just simply jump on the bandwagon that over 90% of folk's nationwide and locally had ... I'm one that has question's alwayz, and this is no exception.

Some complain in Texas because the father is facing a grand jury panel to look at it ... understand by law, even in a home invasion self defense case where an armed perpetrator dies as a result, or ANY homicide, it has to be thoroughly investigated ... if it wasnt, you would just have a field day of murder's grow only taking the word of one person, etc ... so you get my point here. Plus if this is the case and accurate, the father did not show any intent of killing the perpetrator simply by punching the alleged attacker, it's just the attacker couldnt handle the hit's, and died from them is all, and this would be definitely defending this lil child from this grown man. Nothing else to add until I can get some further info on what happened.

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Infidel753 said...

I'm inclined to believe the father mainly because there's no other obvious motive. But yes, obviously there needs to be an investigation.

Very weird thing for the [alleged] molester to do, though, right on her dad's ranch. Maybe he was seized by a sudden hallucination of being a priest?

Ranch Chimp said...

Maybe he was a priest Infodell, you see, that's my point. When I first heard the case locally, I wanted to use it in this series as a "heroic" type post, then of course checked out at least a dozen (maybe more) newsread's on it, and a few video's, I couldnt find a bloody thing to post though but hearsay, and of course as you mentioned ... it was a lil weird or odd is all, or at least a Hell of a place for a guy with NO RECORD/ prior's even @ 46/ 47 year's old to all of the sudden do this(?) especially to the child of a guy that he knew and invited him to the property, barbeque gathering or whatever the Hell it was(?) And of course Nancy Grace was labeling this guy as a "pervert, molester" etc (what I mean is at least show me something to confirm that this guy has prior's, or whatever history of at least some kind to help me buy it, is all I'm saying, esepcially if I was in a jury pool), and she (Nancy) should know better being an ex- prosecutor and having a show that million's watch daily, but she has done this before too, she has a law degree and a solid gold rep across the nation, not just some blogger or something.

Thanx for your comment's here Infodell ....