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CHIMPANZEE'S: Going through HELL to Get to H(e)AVEN ... The LIFE & TIME'S around the STRIFE & SACRIFICE of Our INVOLUNTARY Heroic Cousin's (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.4)

Part 4 of "The Other Tenant's" will highlight Chimpanzee's, and those who many patient's in our nation and elsewhere view as heroes, for the service that these chimp's have gave to finding cure's for many disease's or other medical problemo's and issue's we face ... and no doubt throughout recent history, chimp's have been ... let's frankly put it here ... "USED" ... for everything from that, to space travel, to entertaining us for snack's on our tele show's, even in some African nation's meat to kill, sell, and consume, or what have you. Some in other nation's view them as a violent species even ... documenting time after time when chimpanzee's attacked human's ... however ... they themselves are ALWAYZ under attack ... either from other animal's, other tribe's ... and all the human's that are out to capture, confine, sell/ trade them even for consumption ... so ... it come's with nature and the territory too, eh? it's just common sense ... treat them "right" and maybe they will treat people "right", eh ... get my drift?

For the reader of this that dont know me, or never read a thing in this journal ... I am NOT an animal rights activist ... in other word's being involved or representing any of these organization's like such, so I am NOT motivated by any obligation's, like anything else in this joural, this journal is simply a lil ole online personal journal where I voice my individual opinion, nor is it supported or sponsored by anyone. As a matter of fact, as a young man and kid I frequently hunted various animal's myself (I dont these dayz). A guy the other day (Randy) told me that my percentage may be wrong on the header of this blog as far as chimpanzee's having 98% the same DNA as human's ... I told him ... "No guy ... it's within 1% or so" ... he didnt think that it was that much, found it a lil hard to believe it seemed ... but scientist's I told him confirm's this. You see ... in my opinion here, chimpanzee's are just like human to me ... but that's just me, and I'm sure many folk's would even agree with me in a sense.

I remember once as a child going on one of them field trip's in school to a zoo, and asking the guide ... why some of the ape's were in "cage's"? (I wasnt even 10 year's old at  the time) I was told something like ... because they were a danger to people ... in other word's for our protection or whatever ... but THAT stood in my mind since a lil boy ... seeing animal's/ ape's put in cage's for us to view or be entertained or whatever ... as a kid, it seemed rather confusing, wondering as well, why were they brought to the city for this as well? So this is something that goes back to childhood with me. Of course ... zoo's have really changed alot since the early 1960's, and are a tad more animal friendly. Watching video after video of documentation as well of these folk's (chimp's) ... even convince's me more because of their habit's, that they are just like us.

I realize how loved they are especially by many patient's as you can see in the PBS video below, for their medical research service to us, and are honoured as heroes, etc, etc ... but I dont condone to it, period. This servitude, sacrifice, or all the other crap it's labeled as to me is nothing but involuntary and wrong by nature's law's, period. I dont believe that these folk's/ chimp's have any goddamn obligation to human folk's, any more than they would with any other tribe of their's or species ... but that's just me. But having to go through this life of captivity and miseries of all kind's just to later enter this sanctuary of sort to live their final dayz, is NOT my idea of going to heaven or getting any treat ... but simply bullshit. Enough from me ....


***** PD/ RCJ: "THE OTHER TENANT'S" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

Chimp Haven Short Documentary ... Thanx to LLMDAVID

Chimpanzee Testing: Is it the Beginning of the End? ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR **** Transcript/ read here


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MIYAVI/ TAKAMASA ISHIHARA (PT.1): "Survive", "What's My Name", "Selfish Love", "Torture"

Takamasa Ishihara aka "Miyavi" **** OFFICIAL WEBSITE

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is another that is really past due for this journal ... Mr. Takamasa Ishihara/ Miyavi. Miyavi is a favourite of mine as far as guitar work and composition, with his unique flavour in both. Yet a sound that is heavily influenced obviously in many genre's of classic sound's, from punk, metal, folk, to funk, R&B, and jazz fusion to pop ... and blended so well giving it a unique flavour ... so I cant really place this into a specific genre/ category, beside's simply ... "Miyavi" : ) ... so I'll just leave that up to the listener. Originally out of Osaka then later relocating to the Tokyo area of Japan ... everything across the board impressed me as well of this artist, whether it be the composition, vocal work, outstanding guitar work, persona, visual concept's, theme's, etc, etc. very business savvy as well and in control, which is very importante in todayz hectic industry with all the shafting many musician's can get if their not sharp on that end ... with an impressive resume to accompany his worx I may add, with earlier project's that went off very well under his direction too. But he is a very hand's on type too, from the production, writing, arranging, engineering, performing, etc ... plus highly polished as well fitting into a first class act category, but keeping it raw enough to fit into just about any type venue with success at the same time, whether it be small or large ... high end arena production or a local "do drop in" joint. Another of course that was difficult for me to only choose 4 piece's for this posting, because of so much work of this artist that is deserving to highlight. But 4 favourite's of mine that I wanted to post here below ... and Thank You Miyavi for all the great worx you gave us! ... Enjoy!



Miyavi-- Survive ... Thanx to MIYAVIVEVO

Miyavi-- What's My Name? ... Thanx to MIYAVIVEVO

Selfish Love ... Thanx to TIMOTHYNJH89

Miyavi-- Torture ... Thanx to MIYAVIVEVO


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A Christmas Salute to all those who serve(d) ... from America and The Ranch ... and Merry Christmas to all!

***** PD/ RCJ: "VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT" PART'S 28 THRU 1 *** there are also 10 additional veteran's posting's linked at the bottom of Part One of this series that I done before this series was officially set up.

Veterans Christmas lights ... Thanx to UPPERMICHIGANSSOURCE

Holiday Music Video for Our Troops: Hurlburt Field ... Thanx to HURLBURTFIELDYP

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Entertain Troops: All I Want For Christmas Is You ... Thanx to WEEKLYDCC09


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SOCIAL SECURITIES CUTS ... Looking for Slithering SCAM'S to SLASH OUR STASH & American's NEED to SLASH and/ or REFORM Washington's ENTITLEMENT'S (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.8) *** & 12/ 23/ 2012 POST NOTE

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around, and neither do I : )

Slowly but surely over the last couple week's or so, mainstream media's across America has been allowed to throw in snip's and bit's of this, yet today, it is in full brew, and many in Washington of course are brewing this batch up around the clock harder than a backwood's moonshine still, yet we all knew deep down inside if you paid any atencion to this over the last few year's, after the last administration milked us dry (Bush/ Cheney) ... that they were coming for MO OF YO MONEY. And I'm NOT going to fault the President here, because I know damn well how this was all engineered long ago (which is why I been writing about it so long) but the Republican's are really taking advantage too, of the President's unique bipartisan qualities, and trying to corner him every which way they can ... and Mr. President Sir ... frankly on this one your screwed (again) any way you slice it ... you will come out angering someone ... trust me. Alot of this is also the usual party partisan bitch fight's, jealousy and other related nonsense, and of course the stubborness of the GOP and folk's like Speaker Boehner (and I actually like Boehner as a man ... but disagree totally with just about everything he does on the job, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) As I wrote in previous posting's, they just been basically kicking this can for a few year's now down the road, and every time a new round come's, it's the usual blues tunes/ song's over and over "Were All Broke" and other familiar Top 40 tune's of their's. There is also alot that the President can do, if he is WILLING and DISCIPLINED enough to challenge this bullying ... the GOP is certainly defiant and stand's their ground 110%, and frankly as honest as you can get about their agenda, and that is to cut every social thing they can in this nation, privatize every government agency that they can, and leave the majority of the social service's in this nation to faith based charity type group's and churches, etc, etc ... they have made this perfectly clear, and DO NOT try to cover it up at all. Democrat's and Mr.President need's to also be straight and defiant, determined and tough, and DO WHAT the majority of American's in this nation want.

The scare tactic's slithering their way in this round is of course the usual ... if we go over the cliff, unemployment benefit's will halt, taxes will go up, only like 2% on the payroll tax actually, which aint shit, and I would be willing to pay even an extra 5% tax just to see the President call them on this one and TAKE THEM DOWN! ... you can bet your ass I would if they were playing hardball with me on economic's/ money ... I'm one willing to go down just to take them down, and once I start, I will never stop until I'm dead. As far as damaging our credit rating and all the other shit ... who care's ... what's the credit for, eh? for more funding invasion's for China to mine Afghanistan or other crap? ... cuz we can cut that shit out of the budget real quick! Go ahead ... fuck our credit up, cause frankly we shouldnt give a shit one way or another ... it would only lead to less bullshit spending waste abroad which has ran rampant especially with all these corporate engineered defense project's, occupation's, and so forth ... ya'll pay for ya'll's own shit, eh? As far as taxing the rich ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... dont even waste time letting that concern you if your wise ... anyone should know who write's all the tax legislation to begin with eh? ... their attorney's : ) How in Hell do you propose to get any significant tax revenues or any other kind of money out of people that have their money all over the globe, eh? ... stop being silly ... sure it's nice to get a lil more out of them, but good luck with any of which we can get, and be happy with that ... what is REALLY IMPORTANTE ... is that we STOP THEM from continueing to get any more of OUR MONEY ... get my drift? ... then worry bout the small change later. As far as the wealth in this nation and buying so much of our government and such ... ya'll just keep spending ya'll's money and be grateful you have a homebase nation as powerful as our's where you can play these game's ... do ya'll's job's ... and stay out of our business( and especially our social programme's that WE FULLY PAY FOR and FUND), collect your fee's, be grateful for it, and otherwise, shut the fuck up, or take your ass to some other country to live and do the bulk of your business with, eh? ... paying for your own security and protection especially.

Mr. President and fellow Democrat's in Washington ... do this an acceptable way ... there is no NEED to cut ANY of the social programme's of our's, reforming the corrupt element's, does not warrant cutting the benefit's to those who rightfully paid for them, it mean's to reform through oversight, everything from medical billing practice's and cost's of pharma drug's, etc, etc, etc ... for those who make big buck's off of it, and do not put nothing into it, get my drift? ... there is plenty elsewhere's that can and need's to be cut and alot of folk's needing reform beside's us. It's simple ... do what the people of the nation want you to do ... and you wont regret it ... otherwise, ya'll will be losing your entitlement's ... in time, eh? In the word's of Spike Lee ... "Do the Right Thing".

Word Out ....

Ronald Reagan: "Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit" ... Thanx to WEARESOCIALSECURITY

Stop Playing Political Games with Social Security ... Thanx to DJKUCINICH

Caller: I'm Irate With President Obama ... Thanx to THOMHARTMANN


***** PD/ RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012/ 2013" ... a series related to all this

***** PD/ RCJ: "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" ... various link's and posting's to explain this a lil clearer of the current condition concerning debt's, budget's, and spending in America

***** POST NOTE: Just a lil something to add here, to especially anyone that read's this who never read anything else in this journal. It would be understandable to look at this and think that I must be some extreme left wing anti business/ corporate person who would love to see America as strictly a socialist dictated nation. You may also think that simply using this CPI deal to re- adjust entitlement's or such is strictly to tighten the belt, which would be FINE, but it isnt, we are being deceived big time on this, and by the very MONEY that want's our social securities of ANY kind we have to FAIL. This strategy was kicked in like these austerity measure's globally, but here in America, it was done because of the CURRENT resistance to privatization of social security by the people's majority both left and right. This way by lil cut's slowly but surely here and there, it allow's for people to lose faith in the workability of the system and NEED for reform, fearing that it is a doomed to fail system, suffering from the inflation, lack of bang for your buck, etc, etc ... by doing so and engineering it like this, it allow's for the next generation to see failure and demand that it is changed to be more secure or let's say profitable to us as working American's, that is WHEN they come in with the expert's mouth piece like Paul Ryan, and of course convince us that the only way to save this is NOT let government continue to handle business (even though government isnt really handling the business, and are only an employee of our's to manage), BUT they will say to let "business handle business", and who know's business better than business? ... which make's sense, so we look then to new wayz, which of course is Wall Street who will be standing in line waiting and willing to help us out and get us more bang for our buck. What we wouldnt see coming, is the way the market's of today can wipe it all out in a heartbeat, having us one day jumping for joy over the spike in profit's/ gain's ... then BOOM ... taking a hit so fucken hard in the market's over some global issue that wipe's it all out ... and fast. Then your money such as any other crash is gone, but understand that MONEY DOES NOT DISAPPEAR ... it ONLY CHANGE'S HAND'S ... meaning no one is broke except those who got drained at the bottom of the totem pole. You may think that that's far fetched to say ... and find it hard to believe that they would engineer something like such that can only pay off down the road for them (these type investor's think "long" not "short", that's another thing we miss) ... but understand that $2.7 trillion reserve's (which would increase over several year's as well) will make alot of those in the 1% that much more happy to get their paw's on. And ONCE they control it, like anything else, you NO LONGER have ANY voice, they become the NEW regulatory/ oversight panel ... and NOW LAW. Bottom line, it's stupid for us to buy this idea, as much as it would be to take our entire life saving's and take it for a weekend in Las Vegas at the table's.

I am NOT anti corporate either, and this is something I want to stress because locally some conservative's in conversation's have looked at me like such ... again, they ARE NOT thinking out of the BOX and realistically, and ONLY thinking how the system want's them to think ... which is partisan, meaning they (conservative's) ... like folk's that are only left thinking, are impatient and quick to embrace anything or idea that may come out of their parties mouth. I truely admire alot of corporation's and the contribution's that they made along with their investment's to society and it's advancement/ progress. Understand it is not the establishment/ institution that is flawed, but a small percentage of individual's who hold the majority of shares/ interest's ... just like in government, there isnt a thing wrong with the structure of it, only certain element's/ individual's that corrupt it and damage it. Tightening up on oil/ petrol companies is NOT driving anyone out of business either, any more than by setting certain standard's of proceedure's for doctor's to take when they have you on the operating table, or certain rule's to NOT throw lit cigarette butt's out your car window when driving through the wooded mountain's or whatever. We as worker's, professional's, consumer's, citizen's are held accountable for our action's ... these entities as well should be ... asking them to dip a lil into their profit's to clean their act/ business up, is NOT BEING TOO HARD on them!! ... Jesus Christ! the fucken whining out of some of them, like were trying to force them into bankruptcy or something! ... we ALL got to live here, regardless of what class we fall into to. Trying to downsize some of these too big to fail entities is also not just healthy for the overall economy, but also healthy for them, and EXPAND'S competition and loosen's price/ cost's, flexibility, efficiency, etc, etc ... which is economically healthy in capitalism and balanced. Because those big player's are only human like the rest of us, and need to excercise some control and discipline as well ... they lose control and get intoxicated, and take down too many when they fuck up ... same as a drunk driver will take down other's when they fall ... again, you dont put a pound of dope(heroin/ cocaine) in a fucken room with dope addict's and tell them you'll come back next week to see how their doing, and to just control their usage either, eh? ... it's called self- destruction.

Being "grateful" worx both wayz as well, sure ... were grateful for the advance's in energies or any other technologies, medicine's, finance, or whatever ... but many of these entities that are so huge should also be grateful like I said above, that they have a place like America to also call a homebase ... at least for now, because many plan on abandoning this nation and trying to set a stronger camp up in the future in these new mega market nation's like China and India. The bottom line is you are HERE NOW, we bailed ya'll out in more wayz than one when you went overboard, we keep this engine working and keep your profit's raking in, we also protect and support you defensively, etc, etc Go set up shop in some of these region's on the globe where you do so much drilling, mining, etc, etc ... and try to get what the Hell you get from us, eh? ... some of these countries they will chew your asses up and spit you out, quarter or decapitate you in the name of religious fundamoralism, a political movement or whatever ... even sabotaging your investment's/ businesses, terrorizing your familia's and associate's ... which in turn will have an impact on your wealth too. Most importantely understand the importance of balance, when it come's to business.

Image result for gambling with social security


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SOCIAL SECURITY & SERVICE'S CUT'S under the CAMOUFLAGE of CHAINED CPI for American Vet's, Elderly, Disabled, and Worker's ... A FINAL WARNING ... (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.9) & (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.20)

I sure as Hell didnt even plan another posting today, and didnt want it to have to be this, but this just in from Bernie caught my atencion real quick ... and Thank You Senator! Of course I been writing about this and other political scam's for quite awhile in this journal and especially this series ... and I am fair and trying to still give the benefit of doubt to all those Democrat's and the President who I voted for and strongly throughout this journal supported, but this is the final piece to see if there is any truth or only treason to come out of many. I dont expect anything more out of the Republican Party ... because they have at least been totally honest about their agenda ... but I do expect more out of the Democrat's who banked their win on this last election on making clear WHAT they stand for and WHERE they will stand when push come's to shove. To Mr. President as well as other Democrat's who have stated where they stand previous to these last election's ... this is your opportunity to make good with your supporter's, voter's, and even many of the right wing who DO NOT want what we clearly pay for AND support to be cut ANY MORE ... PERIOD! Rest assured ... million's of us WILL WALK!

Enough said for now ....

***** DAILY KOS: Seniors Can do the Math. Chained CPI= Social Security Benefit Cuts ... **** this read is about as plain and simple as it get's, and to the point

***** DEMOCRAT UNDERGROUND.COM: AARP statement on Social Security Cut .... NO !!!!!!

Mr. President, I am Disappointed ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Listen to the American People ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Do Not Balance Budget on Backs of Disabled Veterans ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

The American Legion opposes the Chained CPI ... Thanx to WEARESOCIALSECURITY




BRENT TROY BARTEL: Holy Day OBSERVATION'S & REQUIREMENT'S ... Shocking or Senseless? ... Demonic or Disturbing? (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.3)


Brent Troy Bartel

Part 3 of the "Problem Parent's" series will look at another local Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex case in the suburb of Richland Hills (which I believe is Tarrant County?) ... it may not seem as serious as say ... throwing your kid off of a freeway overpass or super- glueing your kid to a wall, then kicking the living shit out of it ... but to me ... this is serious, and obviously to the judge who set Mr. Bartel's bail it was as well ... setting it at a whopping $500, 000 ... which is the highest bond that I frankly have ever seen for an assault case ... this was aggravated though and on familia member's. And also for the record Mr. Bartel is innocent until PROVEN guilty in the court of law let me add ... however ... I am only writing what the man said he done in the recording below and what his wife said, etc, etc ... he called 911 to say that he inscribed a pentagram into his 6 year old son's back with a boxcutter. Why did he "call" 911 if he thought that it was okay, and only out of observance of a holy day? The kid will be fine ... physically speaking, and it wasnt deep enough to require stitches or anything, but my point here, is the "psychological" long term effect it can and will have on the child, okay? This isnt something as simple as tattoo- ing the child (although I am opposed to even tattooing a child at that), and using a boxcutter rest assured can really be a painful experience.

Some see this as shocking, yet I see it as senseless ... some see it as demonic ... but I see it as disturbing. Mr. Bartel simply sayz that he done this in some type of observance of some holy day/ holiday or whatever ... a holy day that I am unfamiliar with, not to mention what religion require's this sort of shedding of "innocent" blood? ... and I have been around satanist's, and just about every mainstrem type of pagan's and their coven's,  as well as so many catholic's as well ... so I'm totally lost here ... I dont know of anyone in any of these belief's mentioned above, that have this type of ritualistic duty to fulfill ... period ... and I been around these folk's for at least 4 decade's myself ... even the underground type coven's who are very occult (as far as obscure and concealed) and "private", based strictly on tradition ONLY ... not like because they have something to hide ... other mainstream religious group's/ order's/ coven's/ grotto's, and even such as mormon's, mason's etc, etc ... also have "private" member's only ceremonies ... so it isnt to hide, but tradition ONLY.

Mr. Bartel should feel grateful here as well, because his wife had every right to defend her son if she chose to, meaning she could have killed Mr. Bartel, and I would bet that NO JURY in Texas would have indicted or convicted her, it would be clearly self defense.  As a dad myself and a grandparent and Texan, personally I dont really give a shit what kind of fucken religion this is if I were the judge here, or about religious freedom in any of this, or any of the mental handicap's that are alwayz brought up in these cases over and over and over ... this crosses the line and should be dealt with period, I dont even understand these excuses or reason's in any of these type cases, so I dont feel there is a bloody thing to even debate on, as so many alwayz do in these type cases.

Enough said ....

Texas Man Carves Pentagram Sigel On His 6yr. Son's Back (12- 12- 12) ... Thanx to MIDWEEKPOLITICS

***** 5NBCDFW.COM: Father Carves Pentagram into Son on 12- 12- 12: Police (newsread/ video ... and full call's/ recording's to 911 both from Mr. & Mrs. Bartel)


***** PD/ RCJ: "KILLER PARENT'S" series ... this is just a related series of parent's who go one step further over the line killing their children


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Part 6 of the "Defensive Driving Course" series will highlight a dashcam video that was taken the other day, and all I can tell ya, is it's somewhere's in Russia (perhap's outside of Mooos- Cow? : ). But this is certainly alot of ground(ed) beef ... and I havent a clue as to what this truck driver was trying to do, whether make a sharp turn? or perhap's playing on his/ her cell phone ... who know's? Some folk's feel "sorry" for the cow's ... however, when I viewed this I was cheering for them ... thinking that this was a cattleman's nightmare ... but "perhap's" a cow's dream come true? : ) So the first video below, I wanted to dedicate to those cow's, who were most likely on their way to the death camp's ....

Free at Last- Martin Luther King, Jr ... Thanx to ALEXANDRIA248

(Original HD Version) Cows Fall Out of Truck- MUST SEE!! ... Thanx to parkourp10x



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***** CNN/ U.S. : Investigators probe gun, computer use of Connecticut school shooter ... various update's, link's, video's of current concerning this event


Weekly Address: Nation Grieves for Those Killed in Tragic Shooting in Newtown, CT ... Thanx to INFOMISA


Thomas Hudson Pickering (with daughter) aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

The numbness and nausea of a reality like this will not go away any time soon for those familia's of the victim's and especially being it is such a small close knit community ... you will remember and feel it at time's at random throughout the rest of your life ... and even just as randomly break down into tear's at the slightest reminder at any given time, and my heart goes out to those, because I know it is a misery you will have to live with. At the same time this is an awakening time as well, as to the current reality that we live in.

The President is responding to this the best that he can, and my heart goes out to him as well as far as having to deal with trying to find a solution to this, with all the other thing's that he has to deal with, as a human, he can only do so much. As far as these anti- gun folk's that been blaming the President for contributing to this by not previously banning assault weapon's or the related talk ... as well as those who are pro- gun trying to stall any kind of ban or further regulation's on these high powered military type defense weapon's, and constantly yapping that this President is a socialist only concerned with disarming American's ... both of ya'll go fuck yourselves. The lobby against such in Washington against any restriction's is also understand, only doing so, strictly because of the business/ monetary end of assault weapon's sales in this nation, it hasnt a bloody thing to do with American's being able to defend themselves ... none of these people live in the reality of what most of us have to live in anywayz.

The bottom line is that there is no quick fix or solution to any of this any time soon, the solution has to come with time and cooperation and most importantely be extra vigilant to the violent condition we have. The reason I called these who strike "sweetheart's", is simply because they all are alwayz portrayed as the withdrawn, quiet, smiling, passive, sweetheart type's by those who knew them, the guy in Portland just a few dayz prior to this who went into a shopping mall and started shooting was described as real sweet etc, etc ... the guy that shot Congresswoman Giffords alwayz has a big happy go lucky smile, the Batman movie character in Colorado, another happy go lucky goofball with razzle dazzle hair and innocent look's, this last nutjob in Connecticut of course also withdrawn, shy, and all the other loving bullshit ... none of these people actually have any worthwhile reason to do what they do, like actual revenge for being wronged or anything, in many cases, just mentally challenged spoiled brat's, who are emotionally weak and oversensitive with parent's who could afford to pamper them and spend an arm and leg to send them through college or whatever, and almost all with more time on their hand's than they know what to do with, which allow's them to dwell into fantasies and conspiracies against them and/ or other form's of paranoia, etc, etc Then you will have the other's that will be encouraged to come out of the closet and try their hand to see if they can harm or kill more than the last one, etc, etc. Understand that these type's are more sensitive on thing's that most folk's are not to, a simple little thing like rejection from a mate or something can set them off even, even if it has nothing to do with you.

You cant think in just term's of right and left when trying to challenge this, again ... as I point out throughout this series and journal, balance and a real look at the condition and mutual across the line's work and goal's are needed, the President for instance is alot like myself as far as being bipartisan in thought, and again he stated that this is not something to be looked at politically and/ or this left/ right thing, this partisan divide which we almost have in our genes is a destructive germ to our society actually as I have pointed out time and again in this journal, created by the same 3 entities that control our government, market's, and damn near everything else. You have to deal with this and use strategies from different angle's. The idea of those who say that we can just ban all gun's and disarm America is as pointless and dumb as thinking that arming the entire country can stop this, again ... you will never be able to even try to gather up over 200+ million LEGAL weapon's that are already out there, and you still are not addressing the issue's that inspire these random act's of violence. Nor is the answer just being passive to this, and trying to address violence with non- violence ... sometime's you HAVE to meet violence and respond with violence, plain and simple. We ALL need to be more vigilant on this ... if your pro- gun ... get armed and stay armed, if you have to even carry gun's illegally on the job, DO SO ... put it this way ... would you rather be facing a charge of an illegal concealed weapon, or be laying dead in a morgue? For those who dont like gun's at all, find other wayz to defend yourselves and stay vigilant in any way you can to try to halt some of this, whether it's to report suspicious character's or anything else you can do to help.

Word Out ....


***** POST NOTE: I just needed to add this, to explain the difficulty of this situation and "why" a ban on assault weapon's is not a fix all solution, okay(?) ... and bless folk's heart's like Sen. Feinstein of California who been pounding like a dope fiend trying to break in a vending machine ... she mean's well and all that, but frankly she is on an agenda and has been for year's and only know's ONE THING, which is "GUN'S KILL", it could be a pea shooter and she would like freak! : ) Feinstein over 20 year's ago or so as mayor of San Francisco was SO DESPERATE to cover her anti- gun agenda ... that she actually unintentionally slipped in a news conference and gave all the key information/ evidence out that was kept secret by LA County Sheriff's when the "Night Stalker" (Rick Ramirez) started doing his killing's up in the Bay Area, after she WAS BRIEFED to NOT do so by LACS homicide crew, and agreed to it, knowing how critical it would be to the investigation to capture the serial killer, if it was released ... after she released accidently the evidence that they knew connected Rick to the killing's ... more people ended up dead, and Rick threw his shoes (they had print's/ mold's of) as well as the incriminating gun into the San Francisco Bay (never was found) so understand ... if there is a pod with a few pea's missing, it is Sen Feinstein as far as "reality" is concerned, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) she was hoping that the serial killer Rick, didnt read the paper's or listen/ view the news she said .... duuuuhhh : ) Mayor and Super Nanny Bloomberg of New York, of course another fruit loop, but I dont even like that SOB, he's the one that send's out tactical NYPD unit's to bust the head's of kid's and beat women who protest Wall Street peacefully ... he's a piece of shit as far as I'm concerned, just for doing that ALONE! ... so his rant doesnt get a bit of respect from me.

Look, if FBI statistic's alone mean anything of value, even when we had the ban on assault weapon's from the Clinton era, it really didnt make much difference as far as aggravated gun assault's, robberies, etc,  nationwide, bottom line ... so this is WHY I say dont look for that as a fix to the problemo ... bottom line here ... if you dont have an assault weapon that can fire 45 round's per minute with 30 to 100 round clip's, or even any rifle, or even a semi auto clip handgun ... you can use a revolver with speed loader's and still get a significant score of bodies, with just a lil planning modification's ... and if you DONT have gun's at all, there are more wayz than you can shake a stick at and being creative to kill masses of people, I dont need to write about here, get my drift?

Which bring's me to the change we have in society of current with all the corrupt  corporatization of our government, the push for austerity, cutting social programme's, etc, etc, etc all of which help fuel the frustration too of those with a chip on their shoulder. Mental Health funding has been cut drastically nationwide as well ... and Texas is about the worst of the worst on it, example being if say "roughly" that $110 per person is spent in need of help as a nationwide average for most state's to spend ... Texas only being a lil over $30 per patient ... ding- ding- ding ... yep, that's a big amount especially since Texas has well over 25/ 26 million people too ... but another sweetheart in Texas ... Gov. Rick Perry (not related to you Rick, "guitarist of Gammacide" since you may be reading this as we were discussing my blog this last weekend in Arlington over at Brad's shop with Dave, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh  : ) helped legislate cutting something like even $25 more million from that in the annual state budget ... ole Rick (bless his heart as well) of course isnt dealing with a full deck of card's either ... he has been intoxicated primarily in his older age with the Holy Spirit of course, so ole Rick even need's some of those mental health dollar's himself : )

I just wanted to add that to make the above piece a lil less vague sounding, as to where I wuz comin from, eh?

Later ....


Saturday, December 15, 2012

MAYOR CORY BOOKER of Newark New Jersey: "SNAP Challenge (PT.1)" & Key figure's in America's Politic's Bringing AWARENESS & STIMULUS to AMERICA'S ISSUE'S (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.10) (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.6)

Image result for mayor cory booker ranch chimp journal

Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey

**** NOTE: First of all I want to say that my heart and thought's really go out to the folk's of Newtown Connecticut this morning sincerly, I cant write a thing about this at this time, because I simply dont know enough yet, but this has hit hard and I cant imagine what these parent's in Newtown are going through.

Cory Booker lives on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for a week ... Thanx to POLITIC365

***** YAHOO NEWS: Cory Booker's week on food stamps: Political ambition amid the burned sweet potatoes

This Part 10 of the "Public Patriot's" series will be to highlight Mayor Cory Booker of Newark. I wanted to point out a few thing's about him as a man and a public servant, because I been following some of his move's, and recently because of this SNAP (food stamp) challenge he took, and praise for it from many ... but most importantely for me to highlight here, because of the large amount of criticism he received too ... because for me ... he is a public patriot in these trying time's REGARDLESS of any political ambition's. We frankly need more of this awareness, because this is something that effect's every segment of society whether we realize it or not, and while most of Washington and many state's are just focusing on politic's as usual and even being forced to enter into these mud slinging challenges ... some of our real challenges as American's is concerning not the issue's and bitch fight's of Wall Street and Washington ... but our communities and citizen's who make this mega engine's (America) function possible.

First of all to address some of this criticism I read and heard ... as far as Mayor Booker doing this for political reason's as some think ... for me I really dont give a rat's ass what reason's he is doing it for ... I care that HE IS DOING IT only, because as I write this, there are several in Washington, and damn near the whole GOP/ Republican side that want to make cut's to this, not many of these people in Washington probably even know anyone personally that get's this supplemental help. I dont care about thing's when we have real issue's of politi- pop culture concern, such as does Mayor Booker wear a flagpin on his lapel?, does he have a birth certificate, driver's, hunting, or fishing liscense? what church or religion he belong's to? does he wear a sombrero or cowboy hat when he visit's a place like Texas, or eat barbeque or taco's when visiting (BTW for the record he's a vegetarian) or the other meaningless stuff ... this is a serious issue okay, so no time for funnies and laugh's, insult's etc, etc. Mayor Booker is hitting several bird's with one stone as well, as far as this awareness of how we waste so much food in this nation, the accessibility to healthy balanced food's, education, urban farming, diabetes and related health issue's, consumer protection's, etc, etc ... the man cover's alot.

For the reader who may not know what SNAP is, it's a supplemental food assistance programme to help folk's eat balanced and in need. Which bring's me to the whining that many seem to have, saying it is not the responsibility of tax payer's to supply/ support every calorie that 46+ million American's intake, or that they themselves alwayz made end's meet, or the way it was when they grew up and cutting it on your own, etc, etc. Understand that what we did for example like back in 1980 America, what our families done, or whatever, are in a different era, we currently have over 310 million people, we also have a society that a large portion of are against birth control, planned parenthood or such, more broken home's of children than ever in our nation's history, some of those same folk's bitching go through divorce court's like a revolving door these dayz, ignoring their own children because they want to sleep with new mate's or for whatever reason and making it all legal and so called moral ... our society as a whole ignores our children in large just by so many of our action's and political correctness, etc. these dayz. A large portion of these folk's that get this assistance also work their ass off, and many harder than most folk's, not only working say 2 job's as Mayor Booker describe's, but I've known folk's to work 3 part time job's at that! and can still just barely pay their rent and basic's, and with the madness and extreme greed that we see today ... it just get's worse for many, making the gap between wealth and poverty that much larger, along with the push to dismantle union's, or any right's of worker's, unfair payscale's, consumer protection's, check's and balance's, corporate racketeering that has so many of our government representation under lock and key with all the money they pump into it, this unofficial slush fund with no limit's of funding through actual welfare of these same bank's, corporation's and their affiliate entities that we so GENEROUSLY and stupidly give to as well with OUR TAX SUPPORT.

Another most importante thing here is that these programme's do so much for our economy and are an indirect stimulus of sort more needed than ever. This is money being put into OUR ECONOMY when these folk's go to the store and buy groceries, thus creating job's and keeping at least some stability economically domestically and business over thousand's of communities that we all live in across the nation ... NOT in some country that we invaded through corporate legislation so they can go in and mine it for all their natural resource's to start bidding on the world stock market's, and sacrificed our children doing so in combat to further line the pocket's of these mega global profiteer's ... look at it as an importante stimulus, because it truely is. It is socially healthy as well, because when folk's cant afford to eat, they will have to resort to other thing's to survive, and it add's to increased crime in our communities, the communities that none of these entities have to live in themselves, and most only visit when they are running for election's ... unlike most of us, who live work and socialize here, get my drift? The last thing we want to seriously do, is go along with this slithering slippery slope sales pitch that we need to cut this because were broke or other horseshit, were NOT BROKE ... we just been robbed basically of our own wealth and even more importantely our morale.

Mayor Booker regardless of his reason's is using his position and notoriety to get the message out and bring awareness, change and movement to something that we need to address and work on ... and he has my 110% support in what he's doing ... he IS A PUBLIC PATRIOT ... and Thank You Sir.




Friday, December 14, 2012

DOOMSDAY 2012/ THE SILLY SOLSTICE: "What Do You Do If You Wake Up Dec. 22nd 2012? ... Know You're One Day Closer To Getting FISCALLY SCREWED In 2013" (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.3)

Doomsday 12- 21- 12- Preparing For "End Of The World"!!! - Mayan Calendar 2012 ... Thanx to MASS TEA PARTY- WAKE UP AMERICA!  

Well, it's that time again, so I felt obligated to do this posting again as the end draws near for us ... and as you can see below in the video, folks are even camping out in France preparing for the apocalypse ... folks are even taking pictures of themselves at this French campsite for memorabilia ... it's not like they're going to show them to friend's and familia for Christmas/ New Years ... if they're all dead, eh? But Mayan culture/ art is something I'm a little familiar with, the Mayan findings (scrolls) dont say it's the end of the world ... basically it sayz a life cycle change ... which you could also associate with environment/ ecosystem, global warming/ climate change for that matter. Also understand that only a small percentage of Mayan art and such been recovered, because the forest's are so dense around these area's, that human's havent even recovered about 95% of what's to be found ... many of the writings have also been destroyed as well for religious, political and social reason's over the centuries due to folk's panties getting in a bind and censoring what we can read or view, such as the generation's of religious fundamoralist's do ... like burning Elvis Presley or Beatles record's in the past here in America cause their "evil", etc, etc

One thing you can bank on though ... is that Wall Street or Washington sure as Hell doesnt think the end is anywhere's near ... or they wouldnt be rigging this deck behind our back's with this politicized "fiscal cliff" bullshit planning wayz to cut everyone and push austerity on every goddamn one but themselves. So if you do wake up on the morning of Dec. 22nd 2012 ... at least know your one day closer to getting another few inches shoved up your ass via your representation in Washington come 2013.

Mayan apocalypse believer camps out at French peak ... Thanx to The Telegraph

***** NASA/ EARTH: Frequently Asked Questions- Beyond 2012: Why the World Won't End ... this should give enough straight detail's to the reader to doubt this ridiculous nonsense and the claim's that NASA has been predicting some planetary line- up or other related rumor's.

***** NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/ DAILY NEWS: Maya Calendars Actually Predict That Life Goes On


Mayan End Of World Fashion

jana knauerova topless


Thursday, December 13, 2012

DAVE BRUBECK: Rancher, Veterinarian, Veteran, Activist & JAZZ GIANT ... "DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET- "Take The A Train", "Take Five" & "40 Days"

Dave & crew ....

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is to highlight and honour one of the biggest influence's on western pop music from R&B to rock and everything in between on both side's of the Atlantic Ocean, from Motown to Nashville to the British Invasion ... Mr. Dave Brubeck! and what an iconic figure this man is in the world of jazz. And what a colourful life Dave had on his cruise through life, but this man known well for his "Take Five" piece, has certainly taken eternity as well ... and will continue to inspire the genre's of contemporary music for generation's to come in sound and spirit! Dave's sound's also were very influencial to me as a kid like James Brown was, a jazz that could blend into about everything that we created to this day, one of my specialties was Blues Harp's of course, however ... most of my unconventional style was based more off upbeat jazz pattern's than say "blue's" actually ... of course I also loved to cover harp solo piece's like Magic Dick's "Whammer Jammer" (J.Geils Band), which I was frequently asked to do, and when covering rock vocal's loved Diamond Dave & early Van Halen as well ... again ... because of the strong jazz infuence to such ... I alwayz liked it snazzy, smooth, quick, and jazzy ... Dave Brubeck was a childhood cornerstone of that to me ... and no doubt to so many of todayz contemporary music genre's from J.G Thirlwell to Diamanda Galas to Jimmy Page to Lady GaGa and on and on. Brubeck and jazz is the root's of it all as like Django Reinhardt and Muddy Waters/ Sonny Boy Williamson ... and Dave was the best of the best at making anything work, and very unconventional in composition.

In a way ... Dave was also a type of activist in civil rights as well ... being that he incorporated black musician's in his crew at a time when it wasnt very popular ... I mean ... after all ... music is an art, and colour blind ... it all feed's to each other and inspire's and fuel's the next and new from culture to culture ... Dave was breaking barrier's in this before it was popular to. His music also saved him from the front line's when he served in WW2 overseas ... and what a better service to our country and comrade's than entertaining our troop's too! Enough from me and onto this legend ... and Thank You Sir ... Enjoy!

**** SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE/ SF GATE: Dave Brubeck, jazz giant, dies at 91





Dave Brubeck- Take The A Train (Live in 1966) ... Thanx to HOS42

Dave Brubeck- Take Five 1966- ... Thanx to DUC DE BOURGOGNE

Dave Brubeck Quartet- 40 Days ... Thanx to IGOR SHENDEROVICH

A Musician of His Time: Remembering Jazz Great David Brubeck ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


Sunday, December 9, 2012

SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (FUNNY FARM REPORT) A "Fart- Busting Filibuster" ... "Flip- Flopping Faster than a pre- paid Flunky (Portrait of a DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.6)

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

I didnt even plan on doing a posting this morning, and only miserable due to this artic cold front that will arrive in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex later this afternoon, beside's only being able to look forward to some great NFL football game's today ... but this really fucked with my funny bone this morning while browsing the news. When I think I got these folk's all figured out, I realize that I DONT ... this is a perfect example : ) Despite all the criticism I give these folk's on Capitalism Hill ... I frankly dont even think I could endure the shit that they go through myself ... I mean ... looking at some of it, I dont think I could last a week! After getting in to work on the floor for a couple hour's with this crew ... I wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, wind my watch, or put a .357 Magnum to my head ... In this case with Senator McConnell's move here ... I probably would have farted! : )

Mitch McConnell filibusters his own bill ... Thanx to TPMTV

Sanders Speaks Out for Filibuster Reform ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


***** POST NOTE (monday 10 Dec 2012): One of the most hilarious part's to this current crowd we have ... is many are in the media's right now, such as political show's like "Meet the Press" actually already talking 2016 ... who will be more popular out of these two side's?, and who will be able to run against who? etc. etc come 2016. The GOP is pressuring the Administration big time the last couple dayz to push "entitlement" cut's ... and the Administration hate's to have to go there ... and the GOP know's this, which is exactly why they push so hard, because they know, when the final word comes down, they want the Dem's to be holding the bag when the people wake up and catch it and get pissed ... it will be a miracle if it dont either, as I said in my earlier posting's ... you may not hear about it much, but after these election's, they are going to shaft us knee deep in our asses on these thing's like entitlement's, and Hell NO, your deduction's, rate's, or a damn other thing will go down, or you will get nothing of a sliver more for ANYTHING ya'll give, nor will it make a damn thing more secure, stable or a damn thing else, but just become an open slippery slope door once they get it through to pull on your ass, over and over and over down the line heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  And Dem's are trying to avoid this like a fucken plague too : ) while Rep's want them to agree to leave them holding the bag on it, and both side's deep down inside know that they been trying to figure out a way to mildly slip this to the masses (to take up for the thing's that they DONT want to cut due to corporate lobby pressures), now with this highly publicized "fiscal cliff" shit, they all get the opportunity to ... all again of course a diversion (as I pointed out in past posting's with similar "cliff" scenario's, and how they kick the can down the road to leave it "opened" and "unsolved" .... like a basic street con : )  to really not focus on the true thing's that need to be cut and reformed such as Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Alan Grayson, or other more hardline defender's of our democracy point out in various session's.

But as I was pointing out to a few folk's locally yesterday while explaining this game to them ... it is almost pointless for these two side's, especially the GOP to even go there, as far as who will be liked or not come 2016 ... they are fucking up bigtime with the shit that they pull to begin with, and all those who are, are being made everyday by million's of American's, especially "voter's" with their slip's and carelessness that they make here and there ... they will need a Hell of a scandal pop show come 2016 at the rate their going to try to cover up the bullshit their pulling now, because million's of folk's, especially the younger generation's are getting so hip/ keen to this game it aint funny ... folk's like my generation though, they still have many of us locked in, based on this is all we ever known and played, etc, etc .... kind of like habit ...heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... and a bad habit at that : ) So to ya'll on Capitalism Hill ... you may be able to pull this on most American's most of the time ... but your time is limited and your game ... bank on it : ) These key parties and candidate's will either CHANGE and REFORM their wayz ... or be replaced in time ... ya'll can bank on that ... a new era will arrive, and probably sooner than I previously wrote and anticipated at that : ) What they dont see yet, is how their digging their own grave's. You can go down as a martyr or even a mockery, ya'll chose to make and play the game ... make good now while you still have at least a chance, or you will regret it later ... mark my word : )


Saturday, December 8, 2012


Well ... it's that time of the year again, and politic's again more than ever on both these polarizing side's have to contaminate one of the best holidayz we have of the year with these petty bitch fight's to play off people's emotion's, fear's, phobia's, like/ dislike's, etc, etc At the same time, Wall Street's high stake's gambler's are all making bet's on how much we will spend and on what? to estimate their profit's and losses ... while most of these mother fucker's havent a clue on what really mean's something for folk's, especially getting some down time away from their bullshit and just simply some vacation and off time to spend with familia, friend's or even just stranger's. For those militant/ political Christian's who say that Christmas is about their particular religion and wanting me to believe whatever they tell me to ... or those militant/ political atheist's who tell me it is importante for seperation of church and state to ignore the Christmas holiday ... go to work just like it's another day or whatever ... fuck both of ya'll !! : ) As an American I want some down time and frankly am sick and tired of both ya'll's sissy ass whining, and especially the petty game's that ya'll play with OUR money and resource's ... sometime's I wonder what Washington and Wall Street both would even do without us to feed their fetishes, addiction's, and bank account's? Down time, vacation's, and holidayz is something that we all need a lil more of, take in a few ball game's or personal sport's, entertainment, art's, that we like to indulge in ... we get sick of alwayz having to be on guard watching ya'll's sorry asses to make sure were not getting fucked on something else, such as getting pushed into some new corporate inspired war or whatever abroad. In the title "tear down that christmas tree" was inspired by former President Ronald Reagan.

A good report to show some of this in the CNN link below, and a couple video's I just wanted to toss in for shit's and grin's and a lil humour. Look ... let me make this advice here simple .... whoever you are or whatever you believe or dont believe ... try to enjoy what lil down time we do get from all this when we can, and enjoy the festive season for what it truely should be ... a festive time : ) And Merry Christmas to ya'll : )

***** CNN/ OPINION: What's really behind 'war on Christmas'

War on Christmas: Atheists vs Christians ... Thanx to NMATV

Susie Tackles the War on Christmas ... TEAPARTYREPORT



Friday, December 7, 2012

HANNAH SABATA/ ADULT TEEN AMERICA: "Victim of Government" or "Rebel with Cause"? ... DIGGING OUT OF A RUT (LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.5) & (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.16)

Hannah Sabata aka "Chick Bank Robber"

This post to serve both the "Incarcerated American" series and "Ladies a lil on the Hot & Spicy side" series as well. It will look at the recently covered story of Ms. Hannah Sabata (aka Chick Bank Robber), but it's gotten quite a bit of coverage, and after reading up on Ms. Sabata, I realized there was more to this than just the robbery show thing and a picture of what is too common in American society, a typical story that can be associated to the many issue's that young adult teen's in this nation face and deal with. It's not only today in America, but has been for year's, it's just that today the rut for these young people to dig out of is much deeper and difficult than back in my generation, and being a father and grandfather, this has been one of those thing's that I'm a tad more aware of, and of course I was one of those teen's who found more than my fair share of trouble's as well. As far as those goody two shoes online pussy ass geek freak's and such that criticize Ms. Sabata over her stupidity or whatever ... most of ya'll havent a fucken clue about the condition and reality, or lived a life of being spoiled suburbia brat's and frankly wouldnt even be able to handle what she has yourselves, nor even have any ball's or real voice in many cases ... so while sitting on your flat asses ... put a dildo smothered in Tabasco Sauce on your seat while your at it, and do yourselves a favour by sitting on it (fuck yourselves).

Newsread and video below, including her so talked about 7 min. or so YouTube video, which BTW, I only posted since it will do no damage now whatsoever to her defense since it as well is also going to be used by the prosecution. Also add here that Ms. Sabata is innocent until PROVEN of guilt in the court of law, regardless of any even self incriminating deposition, testimony, etc. Then I will add my input on this and address to Ms. Sabata.


***** STARCASM.NET: Teen girl bank robber arrested after posting Youtube video bragging about it  ...  a few select journal entries from her online blog included here

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Teen bank robber from Nebraska brags about crime on YouTube video


Chick Bank robber ... Thanx to JELLEEBEANIE **** this is Hannah's piece, if you cant playback, click to view on YouTube, no tellin how long this will last before someone whine's about it or whatever



First of all to Hannah ... being a sort of music connoisseur myself if you will, excellent choice of song's by the crew Green Day in your video, another crew actually that's been long on my list for this journal's music/ art's honour roll society (I'm just so bloody behind : ), and the theme of it well done, very raw and unpolished and straight to the point, too bad this wasnt done in another way (as an art production ... my buddy Joe, an inde film maker would have loved it ) and can only bring you misery this way though, which tell's me you have good taste and potential as far as art's : ) You feel a victim of government? ... well government like anything else dear has more than one side to it, and could actually play to your advantage as well, the system is a good design and workable for our society ... it's the contaminant's in it that are the issue, being the "game" as you put it, which you know well from your experience's and those corruption element's that taint it, which can make anything that's intended to be good ...  lousy at time's ... but YES ... I agree that it's a game and fucked up in many wayz ... you would have to be blind or brainwashed not to see that. And all the drug's that they put ya'll on (mind altering drug's designed to take away your natural thought and make you conform), are bloody worse for ya, than the shit your smoking in the pipe, no doubt. Your knee deep in shit as it is Hannah which you know well by now ... and be grateful for any leniency you get, but NEVER expect too much. The hardship's that you went through over the last few year's is a slippery slope thing (Charlie Manson is a sort of American poster child for what this society can help make of a person), and the deeper you get, the harder it is to dig out ... in a strange way ... getting some down time like this and getting busted can work to your advantage, being that continueing at the pace you were going, it would only be a matter of time before you would do something else that would be more serious, let's say something that you might not want to do, but would be left in a last minute decision that you would have no choice, and once you do something, it's make's it easier the next time to repeat it ... such as when the wolf get's the first taste of blood if you will.

Being philosophical like yourself, I also have strong value's as well ... which bring's me to the car theft thing ... I am strongly opposed to stealing from people, in particular those who work for what they have, so I feel it would have been no more than right and balanced to have at least returned the car that you stolen after your usage, and have put at least $350 in an envelope to be found by the owner if anything being $200 for taking and using it and of course another $150 to cover the cost of their weed/ marijuana. As far as the bank thing ... well ... as far as still stand's I reckon is a federal offense, threatening to have a weapon even though you didnt, wont help much as far as defense ... it will still be considered as an armed bank robbery ... other than that, nothing to add as far as bank's. And of course all the side dish charge's that they can and most likely will rustle up add's to the stretch. Even though you didnt blame it on drug's, god's or demon's, or the usual stuff that many may say made them do it ... no doubt looking at the shit you went through over the last few year's really had an impact ... and I know your rebellious and frankly dont give a shit which is clear in your video, not that your stupid, and that make's "cause" and sense. I know you have integrity as well, with your sincere honesty and also being that your first intention's with the money was to pay down your college loan money (financial aid) you owed ... and your strength being that even when incarcerated and offered a GED, you were determined to not accept it and instead finish high school on your own and continue your education going to college and perhap's getting into law and politic's, which tell me you care about this fucked up society and believe in change ... these and other nitbit's display also your strength and ambition. Taking your baby/ child Hannah, they had no choice, there was too much potential danger's it could face, although I am sure you love your child ... and you will ALWAYZ be your child's mother, that can NEVER be taken away! As far as the guy who gave you the HIV shit, telling you AFTER ... that's too prevalent these dayz, but also understand that the newer drug's keep making way and the life expectancies are greater than ever now for HIV. I only wish Hannah the best outcome for you here and perhap's to even be able to get through this and channel some of your energy and talent in a beneficial direction, you proven you have the strength to go through this, so it's your "choice" and to exercise your "will". I hear you loud and clear and am with you in spirit, for you have much to say ... your video alone is a statement to this nation ... look at it as a political contribution as well!

Word Out ....


Thursday, December 6, 2012

FISCAL FAIRYTALE- FEAR CARD # 53 ... Senator Bernie Sanders present's the UNcomplicated MATH to avoiding super- hyped Fiscal Cliff ... without the MADNESS from MONOPOLIES (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.8)

While member's of Congress were taking off at noon wednesday (05 Dec 2012) to get a head start on vacation off- time, Senator Sanders was preparing a briefing to explain as well in simple term's/ math, what it take's to avoid this next phoney fiscal scare card, a man who no doubt earn's his paycheck, and Thank You Sir! No doubt there is a spending and deficit issue in this nation,  but what you have seen in the media's over this last week is this constant touch and go/ good cop- bad cop deal being played, over a bloody few precent tax increase for those who have more than they could ever spend, even if they spent full time around the clock ... and of course, the stock market's jumping and dropping at every newsflash and political phone call made to each other. It wont impact the majority of people the way it will affect the pocketbook's of the wealth though, rest assured, like all the other financial fairytale's they lay on us after they max out the Peoples Credit Card Service ... and their balance is past due. But I certainly wrote plenty throughout this journal on this ... so onto Bernie from the foxhole!

National Press Club ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


***** PD/ RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2013" PART'S 19 THRU 1 **** this series is a sort of companion

***** POST RANCH CHIMP RESPONSE/ ANALYSIS: Lord know's that I have tried to break this down as simply as I can in this journal and to every voter or concerned citizen who has asked me about this and these thing's on the street locally or elsewhere. I may even sound anti- business at time's or even advocating socialism, but I am not anti business at all and even like the idea that Texas has no state income tax ... however ... this "tax" thing or "fetish" in this nation has gotten insane (and YES, I'm willing to pay more) ... and NO ... I DONT trust what I hear when all of the sudden some hardline anti- tax politician suddenly sayz that they will support taxing the wealthy, playing the "hard to sell (get)" game ... nor do I trust when some hardline liberal throw's in the towel so quick on it ... I want to know "why?" ... why the sudden change of heart in other word's ... dont give us another 3 part show series to justify cutting into the social programme's that we pay for and secure ourselves. The question is "what do they WANT in RETURN"? I have been more than fair in support for those who represent and stand their ground, and kept my promise's and or commitment to those who I support, no matter of any difference's I have with other issue's they address, such as President Obama and fellow Democrat's. I have no doubt that we can solve so much spending issue's as the Senator simply point's out above in the video ... but too many want their cake and to eat it ... they dont want to give and only receive, okay? There are certain expenses, budget's, that do not jack shit for American's or America as a whole, that they dont want to touch with a 10' ft pole ... and WONT unless their pressured, we dont pressure enough is my point and pay these folk's salaries to do what is the best interest of America and it's majority ... and EVERYTHING being negotiated and put on the table is after all ... from OUR money, work, business, and taxes ... ALL of it ... so for Pete's sake ... your/ were NOT asking TOO MUCH ... we have been more than patient and more than generous with these folk's totally ... and especially forgiving of mistake's ... all that is, is simply asking for some accountability and our back's washed in return is all. And YES ... we need social safety net's, and consumer and even enviromental protection's ... just as much as the local neighbourhood bank need's armed guard's and/ or surveillance camera's ... is any of that "socialism"? We are so guided and hypnotized with word's and bullshit at time's.

A friend Suzy has brought up to me that I may ask too much and am being sometime's too cynical of these folk's at time's ... and bless her heart, she is a straight up American hard working gal with a heart as big as Texas, full of love and compassion ... but understand ... you have to be, when you are dealing with such a group that have proven time and again to have habitual handicap's when it come's to TRUTH and INTEGRITY. And YES ... we should expect MORE and bang for your buck ... we do as consumer's and thrive for nothing less in our daily performance on our job's and career's ... so IT IS in order. If I didnt think and act the way I do ... I would be either homeless by now eating in a soup kitchen or dead considering the background I came from as a kid. I teach my own children, grandchildren or any kid for that matter, to think and especially question ... even question me, and/ or the teacher for that matter. Progress is moving FORWARD not BACKWARD'S, okay? ... we have NOT been moving forward is my point ... as a matter of fact looking at the last quarter century we have done nothing but gave more and expected less, time after time ... and have not reaped any of the reward's that we rightfully deserve for our hard work and support ... none of these representative's are asked to sacrifice a thing of their salaries and benefit's ever or these international lobbyist's who smother them at work ... nothing. Those who line their pocket's and control these new oversized monopolies dont even do nothing, and even their money/ profit's is generated by itself/ money, not from achievement's, accomplishment's, etc. being elite or good at if anything playing Polo or something, they even ask US for bailout's, so who are they to feel so privileged or "entitled" as they love to put it, when they have contributed nothing, is what you should question?

Some folk's who are liberated such as myself on certain thing's like rights for gay/ lesbian's or women, folk's of colour, may say we have accomplished much on that ... and we have accomplished some ... BUT NOT ENOUGH ... in other word's, dont sell me some cheap offer that you will let me proclaim in public now that I'm a foot fetishist or something that dont have any affect on anyone but me ... in exchange for me to give you more of what I have, own, and worked for ... because I am the type who will stand my ground and proclaim what I am regardless of your permission and live the way that worx for me ... folk's from my generation have experienced what ya'll constantly take more and more of from us ... and that's freedom and will ... a grassroot's American spirit that you CANNOT take and wont, and as long as were around, or until were 6 ft in the ground ...we will CONTINUE to teach our children the imortance of such and inspire them as well. Because all these entities do to us, is move from one generation to the next trying to get us to give more and expect less ... and that is exactly where we have went over the last quarter century.

Word Out ....