Saturday, November 17, 2012


Thomas Hudson Pickering (with daughter) ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

I didnt plan on this posting and have a very busy weekend schedule, so I wanted to slip this in real quick to have here, because yesterday (fri. 16 Nov 2012) the larger mainstream news network's such as ABC, CNN, PBS, etc ... have been covering what they call a making of a "bipartisan compromise", showing folk's like Boehner and the President all cheerful, chummy, and even folk's arm in arm smiling for the camera's and talking about how they mutually feel that they think this time they can work out this so called "Fiscal Cliff" that's been being hammered on us as "Fear Card 53". Being bipartisan myself I thought this is absolutely great, being how dysfunctional this posse in Washington has been ... and even just a week ago were at each other's throat's like crazy, even throughout the week ... so you can understand why I wonder all of this sudden love for each other after this closed door meeting and new "love story" we see? I mean ... it is somewhat odd, eh?

Oddly as well, the only thing that the media's were highlighting is this constant talk about closing loophole's for offshore money stashes and the rest of taxation's for the wealthy, YET ... not ANY talk whatsoever of any of the cut's that were talked about and/ or thought to be compromised between the two side's ... or any of the other spending on thing's like the massive defense contract's, and/ or the REAL reason's why our health care dollar's are being milked/ drained. No talk whatsoever about entitlement's in any of the coverage, yet ... before the election's only a few week's ago, there was massive coverage of this ... why all of the sudden it's disappeared? I hope alot of folk's in Washington just dont think that were gonna just let all this slip us to be traded off for stories about Army General's and their love affair's or this what look's like an instigated conflict (post election's of course) in Israel or whatever to justify NATO forces to jump in and especially our force's and trying to antagonize Iran to get them to jump as well, so we can justify coming down on them, eh? ... because it's NOT going to happen this time ... you can bank on it! American's are going to be watching ya'll like a fox watching a henhouse, rest assured!

Being a solid voting Democrat and supporter of the President ... I am happy for you Sir if indeed this is what it's being presented as in the major media's and best of luck ... you especially need it with all these folk's on both these side's have put you through. But a message here to all of those on Capitalism Hill ... none of this deficit or any of this mess was caused by the majority of the people of this nation, we have stood by ya'll on every move over the last decade even, and bailed everyone out but ourselves, and CONTINUED to support ya'll, and everyone else who finance's ya'll's campaign's even, million's have waited in line's to vote this last time, even without power ... post hurricane in the northeast, and million's sent their hard earned dollar's to further support ya'll ... DO NOT TOUCH our Social Security, Medicare/ Medicaid or especially our disabled veteran's ... it will DAMAGE your parties for good, as well as the morale of the American people and other's around the globe. Wishing ya'll the best and especially the people of this nation on ya'll's negotiation's.

Word Out ....

**** NOTE: You may wonder "why?" would many in the top wealth be concerned with cutting/ trimming thing's like Social Security and/ or entitlement's? Reason being again ... to try to discourage people and make them think that it is failing, to lose faith in it, and then especially to make them "think" that it's in trouble, then they have their political pre- paid puppet's come in with a "plan" to "save it" ... in THAT plan they present a blueprint to TURN OVER that $2.7 trillion in reserve/ trust to investor's to try to "invest" it, to get a better payback/ return, etc, etc ... it's ALL a scam ... and part of the project of their's to privatize the entire country by making all public, government, and social programme's fail, from this to the USPS to sell it out to the highest bidder.

***** PD/ RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2013" (Part's 17 thru 1) & "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" (Part's 6 thru 1)

Real Americans ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Hands off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


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