Friday, November 23, 2012

SAVITA HALAPPANAVAR: ABORTION DEBATE Bait from RC ... "Protecting the LIFE of the UNBORN & Causing the DEATH of those already BORN is MANSLAUGHTER!" (HUMAN MORALITY PT.12)

Savita & Praveen Halappanavar

Part 12 of the "Human Morality" series will take a look at the death of Mrs. Savita Halappanavar, a 31 year old woman in Ireland, that was denied an abortion, which led to her death. Some news link's and video below, then some input from myself.

***** BBC NEWS EUROPE: Woman dies after abortion request 'refused' at Galway hospital

***** BELFAST TELEGRAPH: Savita Halappanavar's abortion request missing from medical file

Ireland: Indian woman's death sparks public, political anger ... Thanx to IBNLIVE


Basically when they say "faith over life" in the above video ... that's exactly what this amount's to, also adding in my opinion ... is clearly manslaughter of the woman. This series and post is NOT to condemn the idea or practice of a degree of morality, morality has proven to be essential in the evolution of our species as well ... but it is to question what level and type of morality code's are fitting for the time's which we live ... and ... is there a line to be drawn somewhere's? I seen a couple other lengthy video's with her husband, and you can see how it has emotionally hit him to the point where he feel's the loss of his wife was caused by those who denied her what would have saved her life. He even said they requested an abortion ... guess what? ... the record's of that request disappeared it seem's ... imagine that! Sadly I will spare the man from having to talk too much about the misery he must feel over his wife's young and un- necessary death ... because of this political morality. Mr. Halappanavar is very understanding even in the way he is dealing with this, some of us wouldnt be ... I know damn well if my wife or daughter was dealt this hand and died ... I would hunt your ass down like a fucken animal, regardless of the chance of me going to jail/ prison!

You may think that this only happen's in a place like Ireland who has been under this institutionalized political church pressure for year's, and that it CANT happen in other European nation's or the USA or whatever ... but no ... this kind of morality is being pushed stronger than ever, even right here in the United States, and believe me ... if at any time, these what I call fundamoralist's in this nation was to even get just a sliver or inch of their way on this ... they WOULD TAKE a mile! and you would have innocent "born" living adult's across this nation and other's being manslaughtered in the name of morality and sacrifice. And you may think that me using the term "manslaughter" is a bit harsh ... and would look at it as nothing more than a malpractice, but it isnt ... this is even calculated and premeditated for that matter by making it law ... and what it make's law and legal ... is murder of the living.

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Infidel753 said...

this kind of morality is being pushed stronger than ever, even right here in the United States

They're not even bothering to hide it. The Republican platform calls for abortion to be banned, with no exceptions. Everywhere where Republicans have won power, they've crusaded against abortion while ignoring issues like job creation. It can't be denied any more -- anyone who votes Republican is voting for deaths like Halappanavar's across the US.

Ranch Chimp said...

You got that right Infidel! And these SOB's have been getting too BOLD on this crap!

Thanx for your input here Infidel ....