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Part 15 of the "Incarcerated American" series will just focus on this prison/ jail phone rate racket that is a multi- million dollar industry across these great Divided States of America. And big Thanx to RT America for hammering this as well, because unfortunately many other mainstream news networx are producer pressured to cover other issue's more, such as this incorporated push for austerity that has been camouflaged as this latest fear card called the "Fiscal Cliff", etc. This has been something that I have pushed on time and again, and have been aware of this particular scam for at least a good 20 year's now or so, even so many incarcerated have been trying to figure out wayz to skim around these racket's their prey to and their families, long story though, and much I cant discuss here. But this is nothing more than a monopoly on minute's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  A few link's below and Dr. Fernandez and Mr. Kukorowski below tell it like it is with RT America ... then a few word's I want to add after.

***** PRISON LEGAL NEWS: Nationwide PLN Survey Examines Prison Phone Contects, Kickbacks ...

***** NEW YORK TIMES/ THE OPINION PAGES: Costly Phone Calls for Inmates (September 2012)

***** VISUAL.LY: Don't Let Prison Phone Rates Increase Crime in Your Neighborhood- Infographic ...

Predatory prison system takes advantage of phone services ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Prison- industrial complex charges inmates enormous fees for phone calls ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

This is another issue that goes to this division of states that's been being STRONGLY pushed by the right wing unfortunately, especially the Texas GOP in particular and other affiliate's trying to further divide our states more than they already are, selling by trickery and cloaking this horseshit shenanigan's to many decent American conservative's even, as independence, freedom, and other bullshit, or Americana at it's best crap, individualism, preservation of rights (my ass) etc, etc ... also a handful of Democrat's that are pre- paid and basically GOP and/ or corporate puppet's cloaked in liberal suit's are also in on this, who should get fully exposed shortly by 2014 (this/ these series cover's this). AGAIN ... this is part of this privatization/ corporatization bullshit, they even pulled this, wanting to sneak it into the Health Care Reform package, again letting states be independent as far as what they accept from the federal government, how you can so call shop around for insurance to be able to get it cheap from some less regulated state who/ where they can twist some kind of scam on you and milk your medicare even, with loophole's to avoid prosecution and regulation's, know how these type's operate, I know most of their trick's, rest assured! ... all this shit is connected, even this recent push to file for states to secede from the United States, they DONT REALLY want them to secede physically, only enough to avoid law's and regulation's and shift/ manipulate fund's, like offshore tax diversion's etc. And YES! ... the goddamn FCC need's to get on this and set some cap's! Frankly million's of us are sick of this racketeering and corruption. The more divided they keep us, the more united it make's those who rule us and are destroyer's of democracy and all right's to anyone but themselves.

The phone scam's are just another one of these contract businesses that are so called "created" to take the burden off of our government and to keep our taxes low or other nonsense that they sell you (this is why I say in these times, were better off paying more taxes and having more "true" government/ representation, because frankly you as a taxpayer will get more say- so, right's, as well as bang for your buck). Do you not think there is a reason why any of the federal facilities/ systems are much lower in cost? (ding-ding-ding : ), that's right, you got it! : ) ... because there are cap's, limit's, watchdog's, and enforcement from government channel's (because your government can regulate and a corporation will not, besides regulating YOU!, and when you lose your government/ voice, or let it get contaminated as it now has been, you lose voice, which is a fundamental right). This nonsense is also sold widely to many decent American's using different pitches, such as creating job's in the private sector's as example, where the math to any of this show's that any job creation is minimal and the profiteering to only the few is enormous, same with job's in this nation today overall. Choice to inmates for instance, one of the most blatantly nonsensical thing's they can say, but ... they actually do. Or, it is being charged to "criminal's" ... those who broke the law's etc, etc ... when you wake up in the morning and just "think" today ... you are breaking law's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Not only as Mr. Kukorowski point's out in the video above are a large portion of those milked like this "innocent" technically until proven guilty, because they have NOT been tried yet or any cases disposed, or even the poor only getting milked ... but even working middle American's. The poor for instance are your biggest cash grab, because you can milk them and their familia and the government simultaneously through this and an array of other scam's, because the longer you keep "them" incarcerated, the more profit's you make. The middle class and suburbanites, just simply bond out and spend thousand's on fly- by- night group case defenses/ attorney's for bunko package charges, take probation and pay more in fees to them in other avenues all connected to this vast milking machine which RT America rightfully call's it for what it is ... a prison industrial complex : ) The largest majority of those incarcerated in jail's/ prison's in this nation are in for non- violent offenses and ARE NOT a threat to society, and/ or even the reason why it's taking so long and another state to state deal to make recreational marijuana use legal or a number of other thing's that are KEPT illegal for a REASON ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

But enough from me and to anyone who may read this, have a decent Thanksgiving Holiday. It's also a big nationally televised NFL Football day of course with your noon game of the Houston Texans @ the Detroit Lions ... and mid afternoon, the Washington Redskins @ the Dallas Cowboys ... and early evening, the New England Patriots @ the New York Jets, which all should to be alot of fun and great rival's as well. I love the Thanksgiving Day games, over midway through the season which is one of the best times, and of course indulging in a few drink's, I'm not much for the feast, as I keep kind of a strict diet/ exercise deal going all year around.


"30 Days In The Hole" by The Hippy Nuts ... Thanx to THEHIPPYNUTS **** I was just coasting though cut's on YouTube trying to find an updated cover of the 1972 Humble Pie/ Steve Marriott classic "30 Days In The Hole" (lyric's) and ran across this crew out of New York City called "The Hippy Nuts" and frankly it has to be one of the best cover's/ remake's of this piece that I ever heard, so had to include it here. This was recorded at the Sandpile Records Studio/ NYC. Also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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