Saturday, October 25, 2008

Most of our "War's" are strictly......"Business"...not "Freedom"...

We have the finest trained military personel in the world,the best of the best when it comes to our defense hardware as well...we have lost so many of our defenders in a war(Iraq)...that is strictly about business.Let's see how fast our President would respond to freeing a countries people's who have nothing for us to milk them for.Or has a military or government themselves that is very competitive.Then...we alway's go into these war's having our personel tie one hand behind their back's.We train them to do a job...the job is to exterminate the can one do their job when you over-regulate them? Who in the world do we believe we are fighting in this war? An opposition who think's with "our" value's..a mush headed philosophy? The opposition is doing it's job...should we not?

First of all...I dont believe our place is Iraq...nor our job to tell everyone else around the globe how they should govern...but that's just me. My value's are mine, and are not the value's of many other's around the long as they dont attack me...I wont attack philosophy is quite simple..and when it does come to war...I actually believe in eliminating the threat..again...simple.A dear friend of mine...who is an immigrant,a muslim,and an Arab..asked me one day.."How do we expect to go into a country..who has been thinking the way they think for centuries...and all of the sudden expect them to be able to embrace the way we think? ....." Why are we so quick to tell other's what is the right way to live? And more importantly...why do we even have one American soldier dying in a place like Iraq?

We would all love to see world peace and hold hand's and sing song's together..and that's nice...but's it not the reality at this point in our we evolve we get less violent as a history will show you.What extremeist muslim's may do in 2008ad/ce...isnt much different then what christian's were doing 500 years or so ago...and christian's been around much longer as well. Meaning it takes "time" for cultures to evolve to the next level of existence and mindset.It is human nature and history that people's will "free" themselves when push comes to shove..all... in time. The remedy for oppression?..simply"free will". All people's of the globe are played like a pawn in a game...when we wake up and actually see this and stop believing in the nonsense and stupidity that we are taught to believe since childhood,is also the time that we will achieve peace and balance and freedom,and true independence. One thing our species does not understand simply.."balance"..we weigh everything...see in term's of good/
right/wrong. Not even our own modern civilized government understand's matter what our class is or culture...most of the species dont.But time.

We dont truely know what freedom is...why? Because we have not yet evolved to the point where we know as individual's how to actually take control of our own lives and break the chain's that keep us psychologically slaves of other's.Subconsciously we are actually masochistic...yet not yet realize it. Being masochistic by choice is one thing...being masochistic genetically is another.It's not that we are stupid..we are not...understand ..this took 1000's of years to accomplish.

Peace,liberty/freedom...will actually find it's own way...just like globalization will. Our challenges in the future will be just as challenging and cause some conflict as well...why and when? Because we will come to a point when the human will evolve to the next step..and no longer be a species of just nature..and more of a product of our creation,intelligence and biotechnology...thus...the less advanced of the species...being those like us..will have a type of resentment toward's them ..because we will not understand them..and of coarse this will also cause conflict...with those this time...not just because of cultural/religious differences,but actual biological differences...the species will splinter is what I am time. After this time...there will be no more reason for war...or even anything that remotely resembles business as we know it today,our existing values or any way that we even live for that matter.Those who think like us...will...well...let's just say be replaced...basically like every several generations are.Our utopia will actually become a reality!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Many folks wont particularly like how I word this ... but I can only write the reality. The bottom line is ... we the American people/ taxpayers are being used as the biggest suckers in the world. And to show you how confident that some in Washington are about being able to brainwash us ... they are actually coming right out in the open with some of their plan's and clearly showing their ill manipulations.

The GOP thru the McCain campaign have gotten so desperate that they are now using "Fear Card #53" ...  and telling us this week (as I pointed out they would do the previous week ... how did I know? because the game that they play is so "old school" that if you just pause and look a moment ... you can see it coming) that if you vote for Obama ... it will be doom and gloom ... that he is an undercover socialist who has been planning with domestic terrorist's how to take over the country ... and rob everyone of money ... and redistribute it to those with none. Unfortunately ... there are some who will buy this ... they simply dont know any better is all. They indirectly threaten people by making them think that if you dont agree with them ... you are un American ... you are a socialist/ communist ... or you side with islamic extremeist's ... you are unpatriotic ... etc, etc. This type of psychological control was actually used many moon's ago in much of the deep south ... to keep black's at the bottom and the communities segregated ... so this is nothing new ... it's just repackaging of old tricks. And anyone who "questions" them ... is also a socialist/ communist.

But what is truely remarkable when I see those supporters at rallies who cheer on what the McCain camp is saying ... is wondering if they are really listening to what the GOP is saying, proposing ... and actually doing? I mean ... we Obama supporters for instance are alway's told that we are in a trance because of the piped piper Obama and his fancy word's ... but really ... look closely at that ... and then ... you determine who is speaking clearly ... and who is just rambling in circles. I mean come now ... they want to tell you Obama will take the peoples money, and socialize with socialist's or communist's ... or terrorist's? What about the Bush Administration? Has he not made unfair trade packages with China ... and supported, wined and dined with the leading member's of the Communist Party of China? Has this Administration also borrowed China money to pay for oil ... from the Arab's? Is he not personal friend's with the Bin Laden family as he has been for years and interacting with their business affairs? Did they not just bring up a proposal ... of 3 pages, to give czar powers to Henry Paulson (Treasury Secretary) to over see $700 billion we give him ... to make thing's "better", which are going to as I said get worse for American workers any way you slice it? Ask yourself this ... who is "redistributing" who's money here? Who has been trying to pass more and more laws that will invade every American's privacy right's as well?

There was other way's to deal with this crisis ... which is not our crisis to begin with ... this is the crisis created by a handful of those who wrote tax laws in their own favour ... and lender's who hired mathematician's to write lending policies that no ordinary person could understand. They didnt do this? Then you are naive ... every person down to the office secretary in this business know's how it's run, and get's briefed on what to do and what"teaser" packages to sell on the phone or online or in person ... everyone knows what the score is here. For 6 years I worked as a "preparations specialist" for a fortune 500 group of 27 insurance companies in their graphic art's/ printing dept. All I did all day long was revise policies, rules, regulations, and was responsible for proofreading them as well before they go to press. The employee's were screwing the company as well ... as the company was screwing the people. Dont think that I dont know the game ... Hell ... I played in the game for long! : ) Not just that game ... but others. I'll just leave it at that. And if you read this and want to ask me questions about it ... dont ... cause I wont answer ANY. (that involve me)

From this "war" ... to the bailout/ rescue ... to all that we give from the kindness of our heart ... their are many in our own system/ government ... and many around the globe that just take American's for a bunch of sucker's. Just like us paying monthly salarie's to former insurgent's to fight with us now ... and change sides (what they call a "surge" ... was nothing more then a damn "pay- off" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) is just another package deal that will financially drain us for more ... Hell no ... I wouldnt have paid them nothing ... but a damn bullet in their head ... once you take up arm's against me ... as far as I'm concerned ... I only wish for your defeat. I sure as Hell am not going to pay you money to be my friend ... it's against my nature as a human you can say. If your living high on the hog on Wall St. and dont want to share ... with those who helped create your wealth ... and you all of the sudden fail one day ... I wont give them a dime ... meaning ... NO ... I would not have given a dime to any of these ... even though I know that it is essential to their survival ... and to bail them out is not American ... nor is it fair in any sense of the word.

Even our so called "free trade" isnt even "free" ... if it were ... government wouldnt intervene with those who go over to Mexico or Canada to buy everything from gas to prescription drugs ... Hell if it wasnt for this internet and thing's like E-Bay, we wouldnt even have anything halfway fair as far as trade. If anyone has been leaning toward's "socialism" it has been the current administration and President. And even McCain's health care is more crapolla ... give a $5000 tax break for health care? That's not even enough to pay an annual family package rate for a year. Here ... you want to give "we the people" a tax break? Then to save all the money of the work it involves and hours to give us these so called "tax breaks" ... just let us NOT pay any taxes out of our paychecks or at the stores or on gas or whatever for a few months, then you wont have to collect it ... figure it all out and try to reimburse or redistribute it ... we'll just keep it ... how about that? They sure wont do that ... now will they? All you have here is the same basic BS you get at a store sale ... where you sign up for this or that ... pay this or that ... and get promised to get a mail in rebate ... Hell ... dont rebate us! DONT charge us ... it will save everyone time and money! This is all BS!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Sealed with a kiss"..."America...get out!!"....

Thousand's of Iraqi peoples flocked to the streets of Baghdad yesterday,many chanting even in english..."America...get out!!". Although I pointed out in my earliest posting's that this would come..and those who know me on a personal level...remember me telling them this as far back as a few years ago..and our waste of time,money,lives,etc. ...I didnt expect it to come this quick...but...thing's move quicker these day's...thank goodness!

As far as I'm concerned...GREAT!...let's get the hell out of there! As an American...I am sick and tired of going through this crap over and over and over,I have family and friend's that had to fight in these pointless war's. We freed the people's from the evil clenches of Saddam...right? We done eveything that we said we would...even gave them billions in "cash" handouts that would probably equivalent the hand out's we give to those on Wall St.Hand out's that our own people couldnt even get in our own country of our own damn money...screw all these bastard's in Washington...Iraq...Iran..and all of the places...including the 30% world reserves of oil there...if they dont want to sell to us..fine...I'm sure plenty of other's will pump and drill for our dollars!

We have such a hypocritical government...who are basicly becoming tyrannical,and feeding us this crap..and those people's crap about this all being to "free" them. Our government dont give a flying crap about humanity...except for what they can milk it for...if they did...people like Bush wouldnt wine and dine with folks that eat fetuses as a delicacy(China's elite). The Iraqi people are "waking up" to the reality...and they are wanting to be heard...and I couldnt agree with them more. Because it isnt the "people's" that are at fault in any's those who lead us and lead them. After this so called bailout/ can see how concerned they are about us who hire them as well...just look at the picture...they dont even try to hide it...they just look straight at us and tell us were stupid. And we are let this crap continue.We even got sold out to a damn communist dictatorship...who we will owe for years to come.

First of all...that is Iraq!...not America...we cannot be immuned from Iraqi Law! Just like in our country...we have law's too. I am writing this...the reason why "terror" or "bombing's" have slacked up only because we pay those who fight us fight with us.When we stop paying them,what do you think they will do? They are laying low as I write see the outcome,of our election..the terror group's are currently plotting to sabotage oil lines/refineries...not just in Iraq,but worldwide.They are also plotting to hit nuclear facilities wherever they are able...that was actually their initial plan's for the 9/11 event's...they won...but also lost in the attack on the World Trade did they "loose"...there intentions were to kill far more then 3000 people..they screwed up on their timing...if they waited a little longer..they could have got in the 10's of 1000's of casualties..and they know it!

And someone we will need to negotiate with sooner or later...why? because they are not the Iran of 20 years ago...they are now very powerful...and if we muscle our influence around too much...their next idea is to take out Saudi oil production ...with bomb's...and Iraq too..and we will have a war so much bigger on our hand's...then we have now...that we will have no option but to use nukes and start an all out world war. So even Obama's proposal to sit down with Iran..with no pre-conditions is the "right" thing to do. It's never been done like that? Heh,heh,heh...well there's a first time for everything now...isnt there? I am a man who look's to resolve problem's...not bank on tradition! We need to stay out of these people's business in many of these countries...and when we do..we will have far less threat's of terror.

America...get out!! (besides...we need our money and troop's to defend..America)

PS: Another point...since oil companies need to protect their drilling in Iraq,let them pay for their own security..not with our tax dollars..we actually pay for all the contract security as well(rent-a-mercenaries)..they can afford it...heh? I'd make them a deal...heh,heh,heh, for you all's own security...and we will let you all write it off on your taxes...heh? :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

When will our Representative's...actually represent those who hired them?...

There is something very wrong in America when those we hire simply do not do their job.Any of us would be fired in a heartbeat..with NO severance pay even...if we performed the same way on a job.

What bring's me to ask many event's...but one of the most disturbing is this company "AIG"...not only after this bailout did they throw a lavish party at a resort that cost several hundred thousand's of dollar's...but they also sent their upper crust on a hunting trip that cost over $90,000. Many of the so called "elite" of Wall St. usual...throwing parties at the usual hang out's they frequent,drinking the best of the best...and smoking the finest import Cuban cigar's money can buy.And believe me...there is so much more going on that we dont even see.

Do we even realize...that any American citizen who would seek help from our government's social services...whether it's in the form of food stamp's or any other help/services...they would be monitored like a criminal offender on probation/parole? No...this is the truth...any time you ask government for assistance you will have a schlew of forms to fill out..and have to report,check in or update them on everything you have earned...even if it was just a few dollar' is itemized. I personally have never taken ANY assistance from the government...but I knew so many that did..that's how I know this first hand.Is any of our representation monitoring anything that these folks are doing that we just allowed to use billions upon billions of our tax dollar's?

You would figure that these folks would be somewhat...a little grateful for all we done for least show a little concern...or respect...or something.And if it wasnt for our media...exposing this...yes...on camera..we wouldnt even know what the hell they are doing.And NO..this is not the left media trying to stir up trouble...these folks are actually doing this!

And the relentless...WHINING...that has been coming out of big business..complaining that Obama's tax plan's want's to penalize them and take their hard earned wealth..and spread it around to everyone..and trying to label him as a evil socialist of some sort.That is NOT what Senator Obama is proposing at all.First of all...they dont even come clean with how much tax they pay. Do we realize that the tax law's written are in THEIR favour? The average working Joe Plumber/Joe Sixpack or the other stupid names they pawn off on us (cause Joe the Plumber's name isnt even's Sam..and he dont even have a plumber's liscense) does not have the item's or enough to write off to even get a free tax ride as these folks do. With any decent wont loose any money to taxes...and they know it! I do my own taxes every year,as well as a couple buddies,from time to time.

We are "bailing out"...oh...forgive's called a "rescue" I believe this week, folks who actually go to a first at the best restaraunte's...sleep in the best hotel's...go get a massage..that includes everything from oral getting tied up and whipped to an orgasm...and get this, it's all a tax write off! If you think I am are very out of touch with reality. These so called massages or physical therapy treatment's are in many cases sex services..that go under some made up name like "XYZ enterprises" or such,the gal's even carry hand held credit card scanners..when going to their appointments to service the clients. It's simply wrote off as a business expense..and no one ask's,what exactly does XYZ do?

For Pete's sake...hopefully the new administration will look into these thing's a little closer and expose some of this...I have no problem with folks doing these thing's at that isnt the issue here...the issue is..the tax revenue's and what they go to.While we are all worried with the handful of fear card's they deal us to worry about...behind closed doors...these wimpering slithering worms are giving us the shaft! And until we take action...they WILL continue to do so...Why? Because they look at us as STUPID...Geez...wake up America!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"The Price of Vice"... Drug's, Gambling, and Prostitution ....

This has been a topic on just about everyone's head at one time or another ... whether it has hit us at home ... in the news, community, etc. Sen. Obama has even proposed the decriminalization of marijuana for instance ... but NOT "legalization". As a result ... he has been labeled the most left candidate ever. Well ... if this is called "left" ... let me then use a little "common sense" here and even go a step "lefter", I guess. Why? Because over time in America ... this will eventually take form in some way.

Whether we realize it or not ... we pay quite a hefty price for others vice's ... even if we dont engage with act's of prostitution, or use drug's, or even play a damn lottery, not to mention ... real gambling. Even "bingo" is a form of gambling, and betting on horses racing, dog's or even rat's. We are up in arm's over our economy, ranting and raving on how "our" government spend's. Yet we dont even look at what we are spending as a people ... and will continue to. If we just simply used what we are born with ... which is called "common sense", we could be far better off financially as a whole then we have even been in our "glory economic times" ... because simple answers that dont need a "Havard" degree to analyze for a year and debate about are right in front of us ... but our "stubborness" and our need to impose our "value's" on all humanity and citizenry ... we wont even pause for a moment and look at reality.

But the "legalization" of these vices would actually save us a bundle ... and give us money to actually help families, children, communities, and try to regain an actual surplus. Just drug's alone would be enormous. Now the drug dealer's/cartel's would actually be the first in line to oppose this ... they sure as Hell dont want drug's to be legal. The legal system ... from law enforcement, to the petty cases court's to the attorney's that know how to do nothing other then enter "no contest" plea's for their client's in these petty drug cases ... would hate it as well ... cause they all make a fortune off drug's being "illegal". The prison system would not like it either ... why? Because prison's get so much per prisoner in tax revenue to keep the prison's going, especially the privatized prison industry where most of these go in alot of states. In Texas for instance ... by incarcerating petty cocaine cases ... you can get tens of thousands per year per offender ... have the offenders do all their own work from agriculture/ farming ... making clothes/ uniforms ... to even general maintenance of the facilities ... and basically not spend much of anything on them ... allowing those who run these institutions get abundant salaries, bonuses, and rathole and divert millions of these dollars into other channels. Keeping drug's illegal makes billion's for many ... except for those who pay the taxes to keep all this insanity going ... which are "we the people". You take poor people, working class people ... you imprison them as "criminal's ... because they hadnt enough money to afford defense ... giving them state appointed attorney's who are more deadlier to their client's than even some of the prosecutor's ... and make million's off their incarceration.

The money just off legalization of drug's that we the peoples would have to use for real important goal's would be incredible. Consider how much we actually spend on this war on drug's in law enforcement. Consider how much we spend for the court's and incarceration ... consider how many unaccounted billion's annually go to countries like Mexico, Columbia,and especially Afghanistan ... despite all our presense even in Afghanistan ... the opium trade there is just booming! Well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... at least some folks arent feeling the pressures of Wall St., or the failed banking institutions worldwide ... eh? Were suffering ... their living high on the hog!

Full legalization of prostitution and gambling ... the same thing ... pimp's wouldnt like it ... Vegas and world gambling resort's wouldnt like it ... why? Because our money would actually go to us ... instead of them! They love for us to stick with our traditional value's ... because we keep them all "rich" by doing so. Change,  liberation, and decriminalization would basically put them all out of business. It would increase crime and these vices? Actually it would drastically reduce crime, vices, and addiction, and these lying pieces of shit know it ... remember ... "The forbidden fruit's are the sweetest". Just for a moment ... think out of the box ... use common sense ... look at the picture ... do the mathwork ... and see what you come up with ... and most importantly ... use actual reason and fact. People especially children dont look at doper's, alcoholic's, and other's with strong addiction's ... and say .... "Wow ... I want to be just like them" ... It's simply not natural. And anything that anyone could ever want as a vice is already very available ... and will continue to be as long as we have a system that fully operates on money. You wont change human nature.

Just imagine instead of trying to combat the underworld and their rackets ... and not knowing which community these things pop up in next ... we would actually have control of where these addict's and businesses are ... we could regulate them ... and make a small fortune in tax revenue's at the same time.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Believe nothing you hear..and half of what you see" PART 1's called "Survival"

As a of the thing's that my dad told me that stood out the most for me over the years .. especially being on my own since the age of 13/ 14 and surviving has been when he told me..."Son .. believe nothing you hear in this world .. and only half of what you see". Remembering this has saved my ass more then once. And the current condition as far as this election .. and this economical crisis ... this is really good advice. Now some may say ... "Where's the crisis?" or that the fundamental's are strong or the other fancy cliche's they have to spout. This is rubbish ... DO NOT BUY IT. These people are so far out of touch with "reality" ... all they see is their little world.

Yes ... the fundamental's of the economic machine(those who run it)are strong ... like I said ... the big boy's and gal's will never see a day in the "poor house" ... bank on it. So therefore ... there is NO reason to worry about them at all .. let them worry about themselves. We already babysit these vultures with our taxes and finances. The one thing we never look at ... is that they need us ... we DO NOT need them.We are not in a recession? Again ... not technically ... but what do you need to make you realize the impact of this instability before it hit's home? Are you waiting for a "sound bite" to make it official? Like from the "Maverick" or "Wall St." or perhaps "Bush"? Listening to them will clearly show you that they are running around like a chicken decapitated ... the last thing you want to do is be a dog chasing it's own tail behind these weak nitwit's.

The "Maverick" himself is showing extreme desperation as of after this last debate. This shows you right there to "avoid" him ... this guy is flip flopping so fast on everything that the media cant even keep up with all the flip flop's that he's shelling out. They got this poor gal from Alaska(Palin) trying to push it that Obama is really a terrorist even. McCain is using proposal's now of even Sen.Clinton, even proposing things like a new $300 billion bail out now for those who fell behind on their mortgages .. and now some are furious over it because those who have paid without missing a beat will get nothing as far as help .. he is also using former proposal's of his opponent Obama .. the one he say's know's nothing, seen nothing, done nothing, and is nothing ... right there show's you the level of desperation, and show's that the Maverick himself has NOTHING original to even come up with ... and is well ... becoming ... nothing himself ... unless he can really find something that will sell. His tax plan is a failure ... his military strategy for withdrawal from Iraq is a failure ... his new proposal's are also a failure ... and the entire desperate republican party is a "losing" team. Obama is just word's as well .... however ... his word's are more positive as far as direction .. and vesting in the people's interest, his administration would be far better as far as cabinet choices as well. And the bottom line is this..neither one of these guys will be able to fix the mess that is yet to come any time soon ... the "ride" as far as how comfortable it will be ... will be a much smoother ride under Obama .. but still rough, no matter who is in.

My daughter came to me asking if I thought this is the right time to buy a new car, since prices are going down and all kind's of deal's are coming forth. If your paying cash/ trade ... yes. If you are looking to get financed ... NO. Why? Because the desperation will get more stiff before it flatlines .. you want to do it before the markets come back ... but not after they peak on the rebound ... right now ... just sit tight and dont move too fast on anything. 401K's? ... Sit! do not jump. There will be a rebound ... if you need to jump because of financial strains ... do it only if your maybe 60+years old ... if your in your 20's, 30's, 40's ... sit tight ... because when all this flatlines and the comeback starts to come ... your resistance to withdraw will pay off for the "long-term". As far as car's and homes? True ... the prices are low .. and will comeback stronger in about 4 to 5 years ... but also realize that because of the current market and credit crunch .. you must "beware" of any contracts that you are getting into for the long term even more then ever ... they are going to milk you to the max as far as ANY financing of anything is at this time ... I would still sit for a tad and analyze on a daily basis the markets, rates on lending .. and especially for some of this "first" smoke to clear on who actually is stable, and who is not, and who is bailing who first, and especially domestic and foreign financial ties with whom, and their status. Example: This week for instance .. Iceland banks with many UK investors are doing bad .. stay away from affiliates till this ressolves.

Some may think ... that they dont feel good sitting on their 401K .. maybe because the hit many took over the last 2 weeks and the drops/losses ... and that's understandable ... but no#1 importance ... DO NOT panic! If you feel you need to pull out but dont want to rathole it in your mattress or whatever .. probably the safest place to put your money in right now .. believe it or not .. is government bond's, that's probably the maximum protection out there at this moment ... and please ... stay away from Europe ... their shaft is just starting to penetrate .. and they havent even took 6"inches yet ... sit and watch them first before leaning towards them. Alway's remember misery loves company .. and avoid the "company". Also remember that the entire world market will have some kind of reaction after the November elections no matter who wins ... and this "reaction" is up in the air as to which road it will take ... but yes this election in this country alone will actually effect the markets ... providing there isnt one of them cliffhangers of "hanging chads" or other nonsense like in 2000 with Bush and Gore ... lets get a straight victory ... let everyone get it off their chest's and get this on the road!

The flip side to all of this is this ... there is still alot of money/ capital out there in the free market ... some may have less .... but those who have something ... this will open doors for many new investors ... especially small global competition, which will eventually bring the big ones to their knee's of failing or playing the new game, downsizing, dividing into multi companies, and a number of other things to just try to stay in the competition. So the bottom line is ... money is alway's going to be generating one way or another ... it's just by who? As far as China ... heh, heh, heh .. dont worry about them ... we have alot of their money tied up as well ... heh, heh, heh, as long as they have so much vested interest in this nation ... they will have to also "protect" their "interests" ... on every avenue ... heh, heh, heh ... who's got who ... heh? ... if we fail ... you all lose big time ... so lighten up and listen! Dont worry as I said ... greener pastures lie ahead .. it's only a matter of survival ... something we are damn good at by nature!

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Credit Crisis?"...simple..."Know when to say No"...

The so called "Credit Crisis" is something I been hearing about on the streets more then the damn election or even Wall St from just the people that I encounter on a daily basis..many of which read this stuff. Again...I want to point out that"we are our worst enemy".But it seem's like so many are so "dependent" on credit..and when it slack's up some...they feel under the gun.For me...I think that our dependency on "credit" is something that we can learn to do has become so much of a necessity these day's.If you can pay with your debit card for instance...your better off.

Till this day...every month..I still get offers for credit cards in the mail...some of which offer to pay off other debt's by taking up a debt with them...WHAT!!!??? I mean...I'm not exactly "brilliant"..but I damn sure am not "Sam Plankhead" or "Joe Sponge"!Over 20 years ago...I used credit cards for crap...I literally mean everything too.I actually charged my lunches,drinks,gas,clothes,beer, card's.I never even seen a "paycheck" in them day's(1980's)..I would have it direct deposited...charge everything and once a month...write check's to those who I charged to their card's.I would go out and buy a new car..."finance" it then I wouldnt even keep it long enough to pay it it in ...and take up a note on another new car after a few years.Time passed...and before I knew it..I learned that much of what I was paying monthly were interest rates that were going up throughout the duration of the cards other words...what you signed for...changes after the first 12 months or so,as far as interest,if you just read the small print.And before I knew it...I was almost $30,000 in debt just on card's.I been so busy...I havent even checked what I was spending,paying,and the changes in rates etc.I would just mail them checks and forget about it.

What did I do? I cut them all up! And worked for the next several years...clearing up the mess "I" created...because it was all my mess/doing' wasnt the bank's fault...even though their advertisement's were so enticing...hell...that's what their in business make money!It wasnt the governments fault...or Wall St.
It was fault. I just said..enough.Intead of trading the 3 year old car...I then kept it for..."9 Years"...had it paid in 4 of those years...5 years with no payment after was "simple".Then Instead of buying another brand spanking new car...I got a used car....again.."simple".These day's...I owe no one nothing!When these great/outstanding card offers come to me..via phone or mail..I just simply say "no thank's". It's hard? It's not as hard as you first it seem's hard cause your so used to charging now and paying later..after a few month's getting familiarized with get's easy..and simplifies alot...and is actually quite relaxing..and a "good" feeling. This is still a free country..and free market, many of our financial problem's are simply caused by our own actions..and our lack of discipline when it comes to managing what little we have as working class American's.I am not defending bank's or even Wall St. ...I know their scam's better then they do these day's...I am saying that...we just are simply the main cause for our own financial mishaps in many cases. Another thing to how these institutions actually take what you owe...and milk the government on "that" as well using tax codes/manipulations..I learned alot since them day' I know how crooked they can be.

But the bottom line here is still our responsibility to look out for our best interest's..not the government's.And you dont want to see the day when the government is responsible for your finances either...why? Because you will have to answer to them 24/7 when you do.There was a time...when American's excercised more responsibly then many of us do now.

Several years back when my dad was alive...we were in the old "Playboy" casino down on the boardwalk in Atlantic City(South Jersey)burning some time at the tables before taking in one of them extravagant fetish floor shows.He was a gambling man. I tried my luck at some blackjack while he played the larger stakes at another table. I was small time playing..$15/$20 bets...then doubling up on win's etc.I got to the point where in less then an hour...I was up over $800+(ahead/winning's)..I was on a "hot streak" some may call it. What did I do...since I was "hot"...and my so called "moment"? No ...I didnt continue to bet...I was excited over my winning's but not showing it.Instead I casually looked at my watch(like I was pressed for time)
tossed the gal dealing a few chips as a gratuity...and I "walked" to cash in my chips...and didnt go back to the tables...that's the "discipline"!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fear NOT the "Ball of Confusion"...fear only "Ourselves"...

While our paid leaders and every big business lobbyist(foreign and domestic)continue
in this game of..ass kissing and bending over for each other on the Hill,as they have been doing for 2 weeks now. We still have both sides telling us how this is going to collapse..the same as the President did when it started..with his usual fear tactics for money..the same tactics he used on us to attack he could move in friends to free the peoples,and on that bundle of petro that Saddam been ratholing.Now their trying to milk us even more since this administration only has a few months left...with this "stampede bill" as Ralph Nader has called it.And actually
Ralph is one of the few actually speaking the truth in all of this...hmmm...imagine that!The most fitting song I recall for what we have is "Ball of Confusion" by the "Temptations"(around 1970 if I recall correctly)..a great group of artist's who inspired many musicians...and credit to them for such a great memorable piece!Uhhh another thing...were still all here...2 weeks after our final warning from our dear wimpy President..C'mon Mr.President...pull yourself up by your bootstrap's...isnt that what you preach? Show us that"free market spirit" of yours...that "toughness" that West Texas "rugged individualism"...c'mon...sir...set an example,heh,heh,heh.

All these ingrates are no better then a bunch of over educated,over paid con artist's and thug's...who will all see their day,rest assured...IN TIME...heh,heh,heh
There is nothing to fear...all they created is simply a "Ball of Confusion" this is all old school tactic's,even the Temptations who wrote the song summed this crap up damn near 40 years ago...just to show you how old this game is.Half these folks got Law Degree's and are just clever at selling us case after case. They even now got Obama and McCain all bundled up and bending over and giving try to win their place in the Oval Office,while having to kiss up to American's at the same time.The only advantage with his law expertise is in "Constitutional Law" and many of the top crust secretly dont even like that!They would never admit it...because their simply too scared what it would make their image. The so called "Mafia" that they made American's believe were "evil" years ago...have more integrity and credibility then these slithering worms on Wall St. and the Hill.As a child I spent much time around these so called "evil" Brooklyn N.Y. as well as Las Vegas...and they were at least honest and you didnt get the shaft unless you were deserving of it.And most importantly...understood "business" taking a desert rest stop...and turning it into the mega business it is today(Las Vegas).And those of the righteous,who once opposed them and called them "evil",bought them out and turned Vegas into another rip-off haven for the corporate elite and politicans,now labeling it.."family friendly".Bunch of damn hypocrites!

No...the only thing to truely fear is us and our faith in these entities who control our lives,finances,churches,schools,mortgages,retirement funds,etc. We have gave them the "green light" to control us all.And dont believe that we are all worldly,civilized and liberated with our so called modern "democracy"...we are yet far from what we will me! This system that we use to begin with is from ancient Rome...and even they were more liberated then us!Imagine that!It is ALL up to us...and American's more then ever are sounding off...these politicians are between a rock and a damn hard place...we got them lying so much now...hewh,heh,heh...they cant even recall which lies they told and when and are having to flip-flop week to week just to find more lies to cover up the previous lies.We actually got them by the ball's and they know it!

Many economist's have different idea's and plan's to deal with this so called "bail out"...their just not being heard on the Hill too much.Our own President never once tried to use his executive powers in no fashion to help this..instead...has done nothing but whined,and played the fear card...telling us week after week that we are doomed and wont be able to get loans,credit,jobs,etc,etc.Our President declined to act at all...just rush us,and plea to us to take the whole rap...this shows you that he is a phoney and this is all a scam.Even Ralph Nader has better alternatives,
and he isnt even an economist bred by Goldman Sachs.And our political candidates...havent even got the ball's to scratch their own ass with out asking permission...even the so called "maverick" himself...Maverick my ass! This new plan is full of earmarks and pork is went from 3 or 4 pages to over 400 pages of crap spending that will do nothing for one damn working american household...except enable us to borrow and spend more then we can afford...and end up generation after generation,enslaved more,in debt more..and giving up even more and more of our rights to even foreign countries with communist dictatorships.

The reality is this.We are going to be worse off in a couple years down the road then we are matter who gets elected,or what or if any bill of any kind gets passed...period.That doesnt mean it is not going to get the future it will actually get much better after the storms pass.All this need's to come to pass...there is no "one pill" fix to this...and the human race and it's "greed" is to blame for everything from the economy,to poverty,to the enviroment...our punishments are simply a result of our actions and still being in our primitive stage of evolution.And anything that human mind's and hand's can can also destroy and start a "new". Many are actually going to do very well in this so called"crisis".Why? For instance, real estate is declining in price(which is a REAL asset,like gold or platinum,diamonds,etc)those who have cash and capital...can buy dirt cheap and stand to handsomely profit in the long term.All this will also gain foreign smaller investors..which will create revenue and jobs do
what we dont do enough of now..."export".Only the friends of those fighting to pass this bill will hurt the worst...especially folks like Bush and Cheney...who are breaking up now...only because they invested 8 entire years into making their dream marketplace..and now it's at the edge of the cliff waiting for a bump!