Thursday, December 30, 2010

NEW YEAR'S GREETING'S from RANCH SANTA ... and a Salute to Texas' ... BUTTHOLE SURFERS !!

This posting will be a Happy New Year Greeting's posting from Ranch Santa (aka Ranch Chimp, aka Commie Tommie) from the heart, deep in the Heart of Texas (Dallas).

The pic's below were taken Christmas Day 2010 ... and YES ... that is me dressed up as also Ranch Santa in the top picture at an annual event that is held at my daughter's home outside of Dallas. This is an annual ritual ... where food is made as well as catered ... with a selection of various dishes, meat's, seafood's, traditional Texas Barbeque, as well as a whole roasted pig, lot's of booze and beverage's.

It doesnt start until Christmas Day after sundown and last's until morning the next day, so gift's are not opened or handed out until then (unlike traditionally where kid's and folk's open them Christmas morning or eve before), and they are handed out by Santa ... to each person individually from who to who, etc. ... which is quite a handout too I may add, many folk's pack the property of familia/ friend's, and even some fly in annually from town's like LA and the Bay Area (San Francisco). And a picture of the room with the tree below which is officially the room where Santa sit's and hand's out the gift's and take pic's and/ or talk's with the kid's ... not about what they want for Christmas or the like's, or if they been naughty, nice, good, or evil, as tradition ... but an alternative Santa who will talk about anything if one want's to, or nothing at all. The gal in black blocking/ obstructing the view of my leg's is my daughter who host's the event with her other half, but not the one in my profile pic with me, the one in my profile pic with me, is the one taking the pic from above from a gameroom balconey, which is why it look's like it was taken from a ceiling cam or something, but those in the pic's are only a fraction of all who are there, and a few are my grandkid's too. No ... I dont wear glasses, they came with the suit package and dont even have lens/ glass in them, and even come's with boot's and an artificial belly vest.

                          Image result for NEW YEAR'S GREETING'S from RANCH SANTA ... and a Salute to Texas' ... BUTTHOLE SURFERS

And in the Texas spirit, this posting will also salute Texas' "Butthole Surfers" for all their outstanding work/ music/ art over the last 3 decade's, which I have seen several time's "live" in Dallas. BTW ... singer/ composer Gibby Haynes is also the son of kiddie show host "Mr. Peppermint" that was a kiddie entertainment tele show for year's in Dallas as well as nationally. But the Butthole's are one of the most versatile alternative band's in the world ... and an outstanding "live" group as well ... which was another group so hard to choose what to post because of all their great piece's I love ... Thank You Gentlemen ... and Happy New Year! Also I had the pleasure of meeting vocalist Gibby Haynes as well.





Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NYC: "NIGHTMARE ON 42nd ST" ... "Give our REGARD'S to BROADWAY ... Tell all the Gang on 42nd St, WE CANT be there"

This posting at toward's this end of 2010 will be to look at what I feel is the blizzard of the decade to hit the Northeast Corridor ... and what put NYC under the blanket, and my heart goes out to all ya'll sincerly, especially to familia in New York who had to readjust their Holiday plans because of this, and to all those and familia on the West Coast who have been hit all with the rain's and mudslide's (I credit all of this to global warming actually as I pointed out thoughout this journal such as in the Global Warming series). And the ripple effect that it had on every airline hub coast to coast, which affected flight's crisscross from Portland to Fort Lauderdale, Providence to Burbank.


But some of what I was reading for instance at JFK International was insane, and hopefully some will look deeper into this ... 11 bloody hour's on the tarmac? .... 7 hour's stranded on the "A Train" etc, etc. First of all of course there were protection's for passenger's that just were put in place not long back as far as being detained in the plane on the tarmac as well. Everybody at the Port Authority and Airway's with associate's are blaming everyone but themselves in all the stories that I read and heard ... doing that classic American thing, of not assuming responsibility for their action's, it's nauseating to hear these folk's whine about who's fault what is, and especially what rule's apply to international flight's, domestic flight's, what they have to do and what they "DONT" have to do! Use your brain's for a bloody change! It is sickening enough some of the shit air traveler's have to put up with as it is. I havent flown in year's, my daughter who flies frequently said it's getting to be more of a pain in the ass, but I have flown in and out of JFK as well as LaGuardia (both in Queens) several time's, domestically and internationally. The particular tarmac detainment was because an international gate was not available, and no one to check the passenger's, and excuse after excuse after excuse from all parties, and because of lobbyist's in the last legislation ... what applies to international flight's Vs. domestic flight's vary. This bloody damn terminal/ gate bottom line had 14 available and working buses as well as plenty of personel both of the airport and airline's on the clock! Dont even tell me that there is no way that you cannot get them people off the plane and into the bloody terminal, or get them adequate supplies/ necessities or whatever. And all the talk about all tranportation and road's shut down ... if gypsy cabbies can get in and out for $100 a pop (twice the usual price) ... you can! This is just a display of the saturation of irresponsibility that has plagued our nation and the lack of regard for adequate service to customer's that has been recently in high fashion!

As far as all those passenger's stuck all night on the A- Train ... more incompetence. They were at a platform!! ... no heat/ air, power in those temp's, no restroom facilities, etc. The thing is ... we have become too focused on meeting rule specification's and no one wanting to step up to the plate when time's get tough these day's. Then even at the 9/11 terror event ... so many heroes stepped up to the plate and what happened after? ... they were denied over and over for year's any medical help, and even dropped by insurer's or not covered, and tossed out later, and used by political parties as pawn's to play in Washington. It's no wonder that so many today are afraid to act and think when the time come's, because of what were told we have to do, and the silent repercussion's/ consequence's of such. Personally ... I dont care so much about rule's when push come's to shove and action is needed. And the Airline's who have been whining and not even answering the phone's, need to put a muzzle on and get busy too, as far as being tight on staff and this and that excuse ... dont feed us on how all of the sudden tight time's are, especially with these soaring 2010 profit's , everyone is so full of it, it stink's! The only thing in this country too tight is all those we pay that have monopolies basically! ABC News Tonight is reporting that they even cant get through to airline's or even get any answer's, and airline's are rewarding less and less compensation's and service's while charging more and more, reducing all while raking in record profit's too. Enough said ....

Below ... is the classic George M. Cohen song made popular by the legend Judy Garland, which inspired the title of this posting, "Give my Regard's to Broadway". Enjoy!




Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beating the "ECONOMIC WIZARD'S" of the "WALL STREET CASINO INDUSTRY" in the NEXT "Decade of Decadence" ...

I know, I know ... Why would I post economic's on Christmas morning so bloody early? Shouldnt I be under the tree opening present's or necking with a gal under the mistletoe? First of all .. I am home alone ... and wont go over to my daughter's house out in Rowlett till later this afternoon into the night for dinner, drinx and socializing, etc ... and no ... I dont have a Christmas Tree at home, and am opposed to real tree's anywayz for enviromental reason's ( I know, what kind of commie socialist shit is that? ) and the trash part of disposal of them later, etc, nor do I have a bloody mistletoe or anyone to kiss at the moment anywayz! So ... this is my gift of giving on my blog/ journal to whoever may read and view this importante video too ... so here's a lil gift actually "worth" something. This "60 Minutes" video below is over a year and a half old ... but I chose it because it is importante to explain the reality.


60 Minutes report on 401(k)s- It's Not Pretty .... and Will Only Get Worse ... Thanx to RICHARD HARDING

The reason to post this is to again, give yet another tip on how we willingly let ourselves get damaged financially in our great nation. This post will focus on the 401K investment and retirement system we have been so intoxicated with ... and all the new BS talk we will be hearing over the next couple year's on new idea's for retirement plan's and BS about how great it would be to privatize Social Security and such .... which trust me ... is being covertly all worked on now along with GOP strategist's on how to slip this into the mainstream ... because they actually think they will have total dominance after 2012 ... at least their banking on it, rest assured. IT'S NOT WISE TO BUY the new talk to come over the next few year's, when they try to sell us new retirement system's telling us that if we dont ... we will fall to doom and gloom and live the rest of our lives in soup kitchen's, or our children will die of starvation, you will spend eternity in the ghetto, etc, etc ... all of this will be a secret agenda, mainly from GOP or Tea Party member's to privatize Social Security without calling it what it truely is ... there is nothing else left for grab's ... they already milked our surplus and taxes ... this will be their next "BITE" ... trust me.

But right now because of new regulation's and change's all kind's of new investment plan's for middle American's who are working and still at a young enough age to make investment's for their future are being drafted to the newest shaft that we will face in the next decade of decadence. And I am also writing this because I have warned so many friend's and familia of this for nearly 20 year's ... and many I know lost 10's of thousand's of dollar's in their plan's the last few year's. I caught this year's back around 1990 when I was working for a Fortune 500 insurance company (who went bankrupt also later I may add, and diverted all the money they got away with offshore) and they presented us with a 401K plan ... that department manager's pushed .... I of course being skeptical by nature ... examined it closely, when most employee's didnt ... and were like most folk's .... looking to get something for nothing, and many lost more than they gained basically. But NOT looking at the so called list of mutual fund choice's (who do you think make's the list of fund's investment firm's to choose from?) and the benefit's of such, or looking at fee's, penalties, only for a petty tax haven ... I seen it was not as profitable as many would think ... and mainly a gamble. So that is the lesson to learn ... most who lose big, are the one's who alway's expect something for nothing ... same work's across the board in life ... such as when you play the table's on the Strip in Vegas or the Boardwalk in Atlantic City ... you MUST know when to walk ... and in this case .... NOT PLAY and look for alternative investment's, which is what capitalism is all about .... not these plan's that are designed and legislated for us. Plus these plan's I examined paid best to those who invested your earning's instead of you ... and if you attempted to withdraw any of it before a quarter century or so ... you would get penalized out the ass and eat any profitable margin's anywayz ... and get soaked with other administrative "fee's" ( a"fee's" list that seem's endless ) to drain/ milk even more, before you get away. Bottom line ... avoid all these people and their package's, game's, etc. We wonder how come over 95% of the global wealth is only in less than 5% of the global population? ... why do you think? .... we gave it all to them! ... participating in their game's instead of creating our own playing field's and rule's ... yet we had all the tool's to do so.

Wray calmly blame's this on the "investment system's" and not on of course the 401K system that he preside's over ... which is cute ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... who the Hell do you think legislate's the investment system's and control's the lobby? duuuuhhhh .... let me be more frank here ... folk's like Wray are full of it, and evade and/ or avoid any direct answering of their responsibilties, period. And what these folk's pull with their gambling game's with under 10 million are what many in Washington have planned over the next decade to sell to over a 100, 000, 000. And a stealthy sales package to where they WILL privatize SS without selling it as a privatization sell, creating a new term/ word ... that will be a trick phrase that they will count on the masses to jump all over through clever advertising. How can they crash SSI? ... Simple ... you get a majority of working middle class America to try a new investment scam plan, but leave SSI open, folk's get greedy thinking to make more off the new option, less goes into SSI fund's, causing the SSI to fail on it's own and collapse ... WE SHOULD NOT ABANDON SSI, but abandon the new deal's/ plan's ... we can re- regulate SSI to stay onshore ... you cant regulate the investment market's to stay onshore, get my drift? Just as I called/ pointed out how they would eliminate PO in the HCR during that political scam and Snowejob ... and toss in new phrases to get around detail's and/ or true transparency, like Sen. Snowe's "Trigger Plan" scam. Just because we got new oversight and regulation plan's dont mean nothing much ... when/ if the bottom line is, those who control all the legislation and design the draft's and proposal's are all lobbyist's with degree's in law. And no matter what the President and his team design to protect ... they will stay a step ahead and design something to beat that. Credit card companies already have new scam's that we will see in the next few month's ... that will gang rape you, even with all the new safeguard's in place, and desperate American's now are waiting and panting like dog's for them to come in the mail ... the best thing to do is ignore them. You want to establish great credit number's WITHOUT actually getting in DEBT? As dumb and simple as this may sound ... go purchase and set up PRE PAID credit card's with small inde bank's or their bank card's ... and only use them once a month for small charge's to keep active and pay them off immediately ... this fuck's up the big bank system, keep's money domestic and make's your credit score rise! ... you just hit 3 bird's with one stone!

You want the truth and change? Well ... even though no mass number of folk's will do this at this point ...YET ... until they take even more beating's ... we will have to learn to be strategist's and independent ... of them and the system's they design for us ... and basically abandon them, which is going to happen in time anywayz ... so might as well start doing it now. I take control of every dollar I spend, and try to only spend in small companies and bank's or even use such for loan's and all business ... if 75% only of working American's done what I done .... this system would have to REALLY change and/ or downsize or they would lose their ass and collapse frankly. Plus we keep bailing out these loser's, because were told that if we let them fail the world will end ... and people live in fear ... STOP FEARING WHAT YOUR TOLD! NO! ... I wouldnt have bailed any international investment banker's out! I would have let them all go to Hell in a handbasket ... and suffer the economic repercussion's OF THEIR ACTION'S AND CHOICE'S ... because as you can see ... were still suffering economic repercussion's anywayz now even after the fact, which I posted would happen at least 50 or more time's over the last couple year's ... and it all did. How did I call it so accurately? I LOOKED AT THE MATH! That is what no one is doing ... all the talk we hear is great ... but ask them to present the math ... and they'll quickly change the subject ... THEY DONT WANT TO, OR WANT YOU TO SEE IT! For Pete's sake ... what in Hell is wrong with us? And dont say that you dont have a degree in economic's or math and you cant understand ... blah, blah, blah ... you dont try! If I can figure this crap out with barely a grade school education ... I know goddamn well a large portion of everyone else can! We get lazy to think is the ONLY problemo, as well as being too dependent on having someone else think for us! I cant even tell you how many people I known over the year's that wont even attempt to figure out their own taxes at tax season ... I mean ... wont even read the bloody book ... which is issued for free at that, but they'll take the time to read the funnies in the daily paper, and pay a tax person to do even the simplest form's for them ... and say they "dont have the time", you dont?, well that's weird ... since you have all that time to wait in a bloody line texting BS or whatever while waiting for the person you are paying to do it ... do you REALLY need for someone to tell you to use a spoon or fork and when you should jump and sit? NO YOU DONT ... How do I know? Because average working people with trade's, profession's, or what have you, do a much, much, better job at managing their home budget's ... I shit you not ... as a matter of fact ... the less money you earn ... the better you get at it ... because you are forced to "think" as a mean's of survival ... those who dictate to us dont need to budget like those of us ... why? Because we give them a green light, a blank check, and keep buying their sales pitch over and over and over and over. That is our weakness ... beat that ... and you beat them! Bank on it! So it can be done ... I would bet my paycheck on it!

Other than that Merry Christmas ....


Thursday, December 23, 2010

VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT (PART 2) : MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010 to our Troop's and Veteran's ...

This Part 2 of "Veteran's Spotlight" will be to Salute our active and reserve Troop's as well as Veteran's ... and to wish them the best and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to them and their loved one's. Thank goodness the technologies are rapidly advancing to enable so many these day's that are at their mission point's to access home when they get a break ... Ya'll have alot of folk's back home looking forward to it! I have a niece who was recently deployed to Afghanistan (US Army), and just found out yesterday another niece who's fixin to enlist at the start of the year, and wish them the best. And THANX to Ya'll for your dedication to America as well!


Other than that ... a couple video's below to Enjoy!


2) Soldier homecoming surprise mix ... Thanx to MARTIN WATERMAN PICTURES


Friday, December 17, 2010


This posting will be to take a look at what I call the "Last of the Great American Cities" ... Portland (PDX- OR) . Also a blogger I frequent daily Infidel753 , happen's to be fortunate enough to live in this city ... which I envy him on this frankly! :) But PDX is what Americana Pie is truely about ... that come's in flavour's for every taste, and culturally diversified, I may add. Of course this isnt to say that there are not unique flavour's in American cities across the land. But PDX is an example of what each and every other city can also achieve more of on enhancing their unique flavour's if so many were not so focused on mass commercialization, eminent domain to so call renew urban America plasticity and such. There was a time in America where the main focus was not just on getting the endorsement of Bank of America, Chase, the Petro and Insurance giant's, and the largest mall's and chain store's in the world, or the biggest WalMart, etc. Or where only 5 mega record label's decide's what get's air play or not. What I am saying ... is that so many great American town's are losing their image to an extent. This show's that life can still flourish in our societies and have a great time doing it, without the giant's telling how we should entertain and enjoy ourselves and live, and what is popular to mass consume from season to season.

I have for year's heard about the City of Portland (called also the City of Roses or PDX) from friend's who have been there , several of which done the music scene business for a living or in some form of inde art's and such. Also heard of it being probably the most liberated city in the USA, and alternative art's city, but what I found also .... was a true taste of what Americana was meant to be. Back in 2007 I decided to spend a week in Portland to visit, and I already had a friend who was living there, so I didnt have to go there blind as a tourist only ... and was able to spend my time in some of the neighborhood's and such to get a true flavour of the town and talk one on one to many local's who lived there for year's. But one of the first thing's I noticed after a few day's there ... was how calm and at peace I was ... no really ... I shit you not! I mean ... I am so used to town's like LA, Dallas, or a number of other town's I spent quite a bit of time in ... I almost forgot what a great American city was like ... without the ratrace of competition, crime, the corporate smothering and commercialization that suffocate's so many large American cities these day's who we flock to in masses simply because we need a paycheck mostly! I actually turned on the tele news when I wake in the morning in PDX, and didnt have to hear constantly of the gang shooting's last night, or home invasion's, hold up's and alot of the shit I am constantly smothered with in other town's.

PDX actually still has a downtown where 10's of thousand's flock to even on weekend's (instead of suburban cities 30/ 40 mile's from downtown), that is friendly to all citizen's ... not just smothered with business/ corporate convention tourist's and place's that cost an arm and a leg to get in to eat and drink. It is actually the most citizen friendly city I have been to, and I been to so many. So many independent shop's to browse and shop, alternative and traditional entertainment, eateries, etc ... even in downtown ... they had a bar/ venue (cant recall the name off hand) that cater's to old school punk rock fan's of folk's my age 50 and over (who some young punker's in their early 20's turned me onto I met, who were fascinated in our conversation's on the punk scene's I have been in, before they were born, and read about) not just the latest pop club's or just Hip Hop, Techno dance club's. Anyone no matter what walk of life you are from can mix in this town and actually feel comfortable. And of course the "Portland Mercury" has to be about my favourite big city weekly free press paper in the entire country as well. I could rattle on about this town till I run out of breath. But found it necessary to do a posting on this city, because so many I see and talk to here in Dallas and around the country have talked about how American cities are not what they used to be, and the mass commercialization of American cities, etc. This town in my opinion ... is the last of the great American cities ... and if you havent been to PDX ... I highly recommend it! Sadly after I left there ... on my way back to Dallas ... I stopped in LA for awhile ... and the tension came back in Central LA. Below some video to get me to shut up, and see for yourself why Ranch Chimp choose's PDX, as the last of the great American cities .... Enjoy! :)

PORTLANDIA/ PDX ... Last of the Great American cities PT.2

1) Mike Clark's Movie Madness- Store Tour Teaser! ... Thanx to BONGSCOTT  **** about the best selection of video's I have seen too!

2) TRAVEL PORTLAND VIDEO TOUR ... Thanx to THINK SOCKEYE **** the surrounding countryside outside PDX is awesome in beauty too

3) What's Keeping Portland Weird ... Thanx to FLUX MAGAZINE

4) Portland Residents Sound Off: Local Music Scene Sucks/ Rules! ... Thanx to CHRISTOPHER KOSTRZAK  **** a great inde music scene too!



Thursday, December 16, 2010

GREATER THAN ONE: "Dance of the Coward's" ... "Everything is in a State of Flux" and "Ignorance is the Agent of Fear" ...

(left to right) Lee Newman & Michael Wells

This art's/ music posting will be to honour a London couple Lee Newman and Michael Wells who created an experimental post modern industrial project while in art school called "Greater Than One" ... and to serve memory to Michael's wife Lee who has passed away. Their work was outstanding in their category and an inspiration to many ... and their being together is greatly missed. Thank You so much both for your contribution's and all you shared with us, the few. Below is a few classic favourite's I was grateful to find on YouTube ... Enjoy!

1) DANCE OF THE COWARD'S ... Thanx to EYOT08





This posting will just be a quick glance at the flip side of the last posting where Atty Gen Eric Holder and Crew showed excellent efficient job performance in their short work of filing already in just several month's, civil legal action's on BP and Associate's. This quick video will be Florida Rep. Alan Grayson questioning the Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman concerning a Bloomberg report on off balanced sheet's transaction's in the Fed ... which are in the trillion's of dollar's ... then some point's of my own on this.

Also ... credit to Tim Waters over at "Scared Stiff" who directed this to my atencion, I havent heard nothing about this in the mainstream media's.

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve, Fed Inspector General Can't Explain ... Thanx to AMY2X

Now one may say that I should look at all the detail's before making my assessment of Inspector General Coleman, and/ or calling any judgement on the issue. But that is what I love so much about "live" video ... this video alone without any other coverage, show's me first hand that something here is seriously not working in our government/ system. And I will even be kind here to the Inspector General and be moderate on what I think of her and her job performance ... because this video alone just blew me away! Also understand that the "Federal Reserve" is about the most powerful institution in the entire world in this era ... and this is the "inspector"? I have to wonder ... how in Hell do you end up with a character like this to be inspector over such a globally powerful institution? Which make's me wonder ... if she was chose strictly because she will see nothing, do nothing and say nothing? I mean ... this simply does not make a bit of sense out of a person in a postion such as this. No ... I dont know what her salary is, and frankly right now, dont want to ... just seeing her responses to the question's is unbearable enough to have to swallow. I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, get angry, take a shit or wind my watch just listening to this.

I understand investigative power's, rule's, guideline's, authorization's, and jurisdiction's, legalities, etc. But my question here ... is "What the fuck have you been doing as an Inspector General?!!" .... "Why all the goddamn excuse's and rattling off about all the power's, authorization's, etc, etc", when the question's Rep Grayson is asking require the most simple non complex responses to get cleared? Why do you need sidekick flunkies over your shoulder to coach you on your responses? ... it isnt like your in the court of law being charged with anything ... you have a job, "TO INSPECT" ... your peer's and government/ peoples rep's are asking to show what you been doing on getting the "job done" ... you have had more than an adequate amount of time to do this, with an abundant staff to work with, and work overseeing one department/ division, you show up with stack's of paper's and staff with attache cases ... what's in them ... copies of the "Wall Street Journal"? ... what in Hell have you been doing? Are the question's too complex to understand? ... and if so ... what part's of what Rep Grayson asked dont you understand?

Frankly ... if I were her boss or had anything to do with it ... she would be in the unemployment line in a heartbeat. There are plenty of people who are qualified to do the job. Unless she has been told by higher up's to back off from it ... and if this is the case ... she should have reported it and/ or any obstacle's that have hampered performance ... yet she hasnt, and also that would be highly illegal. I dont ask much ... and am all for decent fair payscale's and reward's and/ or bonuses for those who perform well in their field's ... and I am one, who when I was a foreman in a company ... was first in line to defend those productive employee's that I worked with ... I'd go straight to the top and ask where their raises are?, if they were late on their check's, and believe me ... I got result's! Rep Grayson didnt ask too much, and there is no excuse for this runaround. I mean ... were talking about trillion's of dollar's here in a time where we must account for every dollar were spending and especially where in Hell it's going to and in whose hand's. Geeeezzz!!

Also I would like to commend Rep Grayson for a JOB WELL DONE ... THANK YOU SIR!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ERIC HOLDER, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: ... U.S. files Lawsuit on British Petroleum and Associate's ...

This posting will be to CONGRATULATE US Atty Gen. Eric Holder and his crew for their work and announcement on the lawsuit filed against British Petroleum and Associate's, as well as ungoing investigation's into more criminal and civil action's. And able to put this all together in such a timely manner, without the usual BS and delay's that some exhibit. I am just happy and thrilled to see that we still have some very competent worker's in Washington as well, that bust their asses on getting the JOB DONE! :)

Thanx to Eric Holder and Crew!


POST UPDATE: Some have questioned the day after out of skepticism, if this is just another "show" or for real? Which is great at least that people are skeptical enough to ask this. Here is what I can say to that .... Show or no show ... the "fact" is ... that there has been a "civil" lawsuit filed ... which WILL have to be dealt with in the court's any way you slice it ... which is alot different than marching these folk's in front of a Congressional/ Senate Review Panel to be questioned and reprimanded (which I explain here back in June of possible legal action's to come) . However ... there are complication's concerning international law's, regulation's and juristiction's, even though the initial suit is based on offenses that have taken place in this country ... you have to look at the international factor here as far as how the British government as well will react to this or other's. But the bottom line here ... is this is a BENEFICIAL MOVE AND STEP, PERIOD, worthy of commendation to this Crew.


Monday, December 13, 2010

PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, JR (PT 3) .... Seeing beyond your PROGRAMME and the 6:00 News ... The TAXATION ISSUE

I know this is probably a most boring thing to post for a monday morning, another bloody posting on the President? ... why the political crap so early in the goddamn morning?, etc. There are 3 primary reason's I can think of off hand, cause I sure as Hell didnt wake up thinking about President Obama, taxes, or bloody politic's. First, because when I turned on the news this morning the first news was Sarah Palin's humanitarian adventure's in Haiti, after all last week was shit about her hunting adventure's in Alaska with her new tele show, and battle with the pussies of PETA over hunting animal's, etc ... the same pussies who reprimanded President Obama for killing a fly! I am so sick and tired of hearing about Palin ... who is just being groomed as I posted in a few other post's over the last year, she's another crook is what people dont see, in a hunting outfit is all. Second is because a blog that I frequent daily called "Tim's Scared Stiff" by a gentleman Mr. Tim Waters, has been really frustrated and concerned over this tax deal that the President is "caving" into, as Tim would put it. Tim's a really straight up Guy too, and one of my favourite blogger's ... and I feel his frustration, as well as several other's that I have read who have been supporter's of our President ... but really feel left down by his move's. The third reason ... is because like the President ... or the communist corporate investment welfare/ bailout recipient's/ elite ... I look at the long vision, not the here and now ... but down the line 5 to 10 year's on everything, which I have wrote in the past ... "You must stay a step ahead of those in the game, because they are alway's a step ahead of us" ... that's just basic street rule's in hustling or dealing in any business ... and this President will be judged on this ... and it can effect his re- election 2012 ... which our enemies are anticipating and banking on, trust me ... they are slicker than owl's shit! Another video from last sunday's/ yesterday's address from the President ... then a few cent's I will add after.



Now ... one can think that I am a wimp and need a foot or two knee deep in my ass for caving in like the President and even supporting his move's on this one, and I understand ... but I have reason's here. First of all ... we are economically fucked for awhile, jobwise, and every other related thing (but actually at the same time, this is/ was very healthy and beneficial as well as long awaited, to bring us to take a look at ourselves and societies and learn), because of the global transition that is being hammered out ... just look at it as the global market's simply readjusting is all (as I wrote in earlier posting's, this will be global, and come in the form of tidal wave's of boom/ bust's from country to country, same thing happened to the global market's during the 20th century Great Depression, just on a smaller scale because the global player's were limited much more and centralized in only a handful of countries is all) ... I have relentlessly pointed this out in this journal for over 2.5 year's now. Also those corporate icon's have the edge over all of us at current ... one, because most American's dont get off their asses and utilize what tool's they do have, like voting, and whine every time shit hit's home, or they cant afford to buy more junk which is an American consumer past time. Also let me state for the record ... I AM NOT ANTI CORPORATION AT ALL .... I am PRO BUSINESS as much as any conservative is (old school real conservative's I meant)! ... there are many great corporation's out there who invest domestically and most importantly "WISELY" ... but this what were up against is generally a small percentage of individual's on the globe who control them and obstruct their free market venture's as well (primarily a small percentage of global investment banker's and their insurer's with a sprinkle of resource's/ energies/ mineral's investor's, who basically crafted a system a few decade's ago, to make us all dependent on them for basic necessities, simply)... so they are all our enemies. We need to understand how thing's work as far as business and politic's and what choices are the most beneficial.

President Obama is NOT turning into a right winger or is a wimp ... he is actually smart on this one ... and believe me ... he has more trick's up his sleeve than you can shake a stick at ... he know's exactly what the game is as well as those who dictate it ... he also know's that all this crap is an attempt to simply get him out of re- election .... understand ... our foe's want HIM ELIMINATED ... PERIOD! He may be a wimp to some of us .... but to these so called elite ... he is their worst nightmare ... let's just say for them ... he is Hell on Earth to be more accurate. Actually those who even dictate regardless of the tax benefit they receive from this, even dont like the President's move, but are so greedy they are going along with it, for the 2 year's of break's, thinking they will take him down in 2012 ... they see what he is doing here, and dont trust him at all .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... trust me. :) What I pointed out time and again in this journal is the storm to come ... the transition because of this economic readjustment ... and most importante ... "MAKING THE RIDE THROUGH THE STORM SMOOTHER" ... this is what the President is doing for America on this ... making the ride smoother, because the President know's alot that he simply dont want to think about or talk about ... because he actually "care's" about this country and the engine of this great machine who make's it run (those who actually work, create, and have vision ... not buy it). He is a few, going against an army with unlimited power and an iron fist, with monetary resources who can chew us up and spit us out frankly. If we go on instinct here with anger and resist and play the "No" game .... American's will have less to spend next year and it will have it's own ripple effect economically ... I will of course bet my paycheck on it ... I would love to go with my anger and meat grind their asses, but it make's as much sense as if I were to go down the street and try to bare knuckle fight 3 gangbanger's at my age of 54, knowing I cant take the ass kicking's I could at once, and I would go down quicker than the Zeppelin! (no ... not Led Zeppelin) No .... were not going to enter Utopia next year or the year after or after that ... but we simply get cut some slack .... and this will buy us and the President some strategic needed time to deal with a few more hardship's that are waiting around the corner we havent seen yet ... so believe me ... this tax break is needed ... that is why it is so importante to me ... and I keep writing about this.

Enough said ... and Thank You Mr. President for your tolerance and sharp thinking, awareness, and "calling" this one especially ... you are making a beneficial move Sir!

POST NOTE: The title of this posting concerning the 6 O'clock news is not meant to insult news ... I actually love news media for all they contribute and their hard work .... they are just doing their job's. Also understand that the President's bipartisan approach although not pleasant ... is simply because as I posted in my earliest posting's on the President ... is that his thinking is more like the near future thinking of our children and grandchildren, who will not have the political way's and divide that our/ my generation have ... they will actually learn from our mistake's and be cornerstone's in the new arena as far as getting faster and more efficient progress, much faster than we were able to, because of our way's, and the thing's we prioritize. All this of what we see now should and will be obsolete in just the near future for our grandkid's and up ... especially these petty nonsensical bitch fight's over nonsensical shit that dont make our standard's of living and/ or quality not significantly better, along with this extreme polarization, corporate nation bombing's and rebuilding, especially all this deadbeat politician crap, where you have rep's that serve 30, 40 or 50 bloody year's ... still fighting the same shit they did day one in their career, etc. Also ... I am one who DOESNT mind paying more tax ... it's a matter of who get's it, and what it's used for ... but especially if I had a fair amount of wealth ... I know I would make up for any taxation's on other avenue's.


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"MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.1 : ) (and a personal testimony/ story)

With all the dark misery there is to post this Holiday Season ... I just figured to post a lil on the lighter side for this posting, to bring a lil Holiday Cheer! :)

Now ... alot of fella's out there know what I'm talking about ... dont pretend like ya'll havent been there and done that ... because I know ya'll have ... I also had a few lady friend's who were a tad on the edge, and out of "kindness", I wont mention any name's here :) ... but sometime's what I considered a lil "Hot & Spicy" and an adventure on the more wild side ... became misery too at time's, even in public like these below especially ... geeezzz ... Lord know's I could tell some stories ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! :) But ... let bygone's be bygone's and just enjoy the fun time's ya'll had.

So ... I want to dedicate this posting for the Holiday Season to those Hot & Spicy ladies out there! :)

I also want to say my heart goes out to especially these poor employee's at these type businesses who dont get nearly paid what they should dealing with the public. :)

"MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil onthe HOT & SPICY side PT.2

1) McNugget Rampage Remix (With Sound) ... Thanx to BTV

2) JUST PUT THE F*ING PIZZA IN THE F*ING OVEN- College Girl's Temper Tantrum ... Thanx to BREAK

And a song here I would like to dedicate to you Gal's from us Guy's, by the great Motor City group ... "Temptations" called "My Girl". : ) .... Thanx to FABIOHENRIQUEPANHAN

Just a lil short addition I wanted to post here too ...

One very early morning at a neighborhood 24/ 7 WalMart photo joint ... I had a couple photo's of a friend I was getting enlarged. But I put them in the "One Hour" turnaround deal ... told the clerk ... I was gonna do a couple thing's and will be back in an hour or so ... she said ...."cool" etc. I gave it longer of course, not to rush the clerk, and went up the street to a greasy spoon TexMex joint for a couple breakfast taco's and took my time, read the newspaper, etc ... got back almost 2 hour's later. I didnt see the clerk, nor were my photo's in the finished rack ... I looked around ... hardly anyone was there it was so early. But I started hearing moaning or grunting type sound's from behind the counter ... I peeked my head behind it ... and here was this gal/ clerk on her back down on the floor with her head under the bloody film processor and arm's. She was obviously having problem's with something mumbling stuff, etc ... I said .... "Hellooo" ... she weasles her head out look's up, and say's .... "Oh ... sorry Sir .... I have to try to see what's wrong on here" (similar wording) ... Well .... I wasnt angry or nothing, but curiosity made me wonder what was she having a problemo with(?) ... anywayz ... I got down there as well .... and took a look for myself ... anywayz ... shit wasnt hooked up right on the machine and a drive/ gear system also in the processor wasnt ... well ... driving ... because someone put a couple thing's on ass backward's ... I reckon on a maintenance check or something ... and this Gal didnt know why the bloody thing wouldnt work basically ... but while she was all on her back up under it from a panel the poor gal removed ... the bloody problem wasnt even down there, but up on the top and side ... where the gear drive's were, under a different panel ... she was looking in the wrong place basically. But at least she was trying, and just didnt sit there with her thumb up her ass!

Anywayz .... while I was fixing it ... she was worrying up a storm, saying that I didnt have to do that and she might get in trouble, and she just started on the job and was still in training, and didnt want to call anyone, if she could do it, etc ... bottom line ... this poor kid was worrying herself to death and running her jaw's 50mph over it. I reckon she seemed to be worried that, if she called someone at first being so new and in training they may look at her as incompetent and possibly fire her (after all ... it's WalMart) ... she was nervous and saying "maybe I should tell someone(?)" etc ... I told her ... "Just give me a minute, relax, and it will be fine" ... anywayz ... I got the bloody thing fixed and running, then just showed her what the problem was (I knew something about film processor's though). Then she started telling me how embarassed she was ... and she could try to call a supervisor to try to get me a discount, and all this other shit. But she was also worried about what the boss may think of her if she called as well, etc. I just told her this ...."Dont worry about it, I dont need a discount ... and I wont tell anyone if you dont ... as far as I'm concerned ... it never happened ... okay?".

Why wasnt I upset? ... because frankly this poor kid (she couldnt have been more than 19/ 20 year's old) was all on the floor struggling and trying her best to get the job done without calling anyone else to do it for her ... I respect that. And this job obviously meant alot to her. In other word's ... I could understand the shit she was going through ... I mean ... shit happen's ... and it wasnt her fault to begin with ... obviously someone on the last shift screwed with the drive system and had shit hooked up all ass backward's. BTW ... the photo's came out fine! : )


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I am commited first of all with this journal to being as fair and unbiased as possible when it come's to politic's. And as a former straight voting Republican for so many year's ... including having voted for Bush/ Cheney ... there is probably not much more that is psychologically painful for me to have to do than to present the reality at time's of the condition. But the desperation that has been being displayed especially in the last couple year's strictly because of excessive greed, the level's of degradation and depravity from some of these folk's have reached record level's in American history. This has to be the lowest we have went since the early 20th century when the Ku Klux Klan ( the KKK of that era and today were much different I may add, and the original KKK of the post American Civil War era, were even different than these two ) were rebounding into power by infiltrating our Washington politic's ... and of course, they used and threatened as well ... many God fearing American's as these type's alway's do, by filling their mind's and churches with the most degrading filth, and like now even ... the tool's of holding working American's hostage. Some may say ... I should perhap's be more compassionate, because it is sign's of mental illness ... and many are simply mentally challenged, which I understand too, being a compassionate man. But when it come's to destroying every fabric of human morality, destroying freedom/ liberty, our Constitution, destroying patriotism, the American familia, with tyrannical intention's ... I must draw the line.

Some of the 9/ 11 responder's were so bad off from the toxin's and respiratory problem's, and couldnt even get help from their own government (USA), who many were employed by in fire, law enforcement, and emergency branches, during the Bush/ Cheney Administration when Republican's also declined and voted down any help to those, based on the reason/ arguement ... that most of these folk's "volunteered" to rescue lives and take risk's during the terror attack's ... so therefore ... we shouldnt have to pay out of tax dollar's to treat any of their medical problem's ... the major insurer's used this to also decline benefit's and paying for their needed treatment's ... those same folk's that later ... we bailed out because they lost all their money on high stake's gambling offshore with bad investment's and even robbing and invading foreign countries and investor's ... that is about as low, immoral, unpatriotic, and unhumanitarian that one can possibly get of course. At one point ... American filmaker and patriot from America's Heartland ... Mr. Michael Moore ... took several people to the closest medical emergency center he could find to help some of these people which was about 100 miles from Miami (FL), it was the closest he could find ... in the country of Cuba actually ... sadly ... the "old school" communist regime of Fidel Castro displayed even more compassion, humanitarianism, and morality.

That's the Reality ....


BEATLES/ JOHN LENNON: "You Can't Do That" ... "Paperback Writer" ... "Rain" ... "Helter Skelter" ...

Image result for the beatles on stage

This music/ art's posting will be to honour Mr. John Lennon exactly 30 year's after his death ... who of course I dont have to say it ... was one of the most influential people in popular music of the 20th century. I never really listened much to John's solo music actually, except the most popular tune's. But I was more familiar with the Beatles music. My first experience of the impact of a concert around that same era, would have been when I lived in Las Vegas as a kid 1964 and the Beatles, I remember the heat that afternoon, and them old tune's like "I wanna hold your Hand", "She love's You", and the noise was tremendous, because it seemed to be mostly girl's who throughout the their visit and concert must have been screaming at the top of their lung's, making it very noisy from fan's. I was excited though as a kid, but the experience of such a crowd being so young and small was the most unforgetable part too. (HERE LINK'S ON THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF LENNON'S DEATH)

But there is so much music Mr. Lennon done solo and with the Beatles, this man as well as his partner's made such a huge impact on the industry and were truely trendsetter's, especially with the late 1960's experimentation as far as electronic's and mixing's. I wanted to post a few of my all time favourite's here though that I really enjoyed, although that was a difficult task as well, because they have so many great piece's as well as the group Beatles ... Enjoy!


"You Can't Do That" ... The Beatles at Convention Hall Las Vegas, NV on 20 August 1964 ... Thanx to ABBEY ROAD

The Beatles- Paperback Writer (live) ... Thanx to TRUEBIGMACMASTER'S CHANNEL

The Beatles- Rain ... Thanx to 94lberto

Paul McCartney- Helter Skelter (Live) ... Thanx to PAUL McCARTNEY MUSIC **** this is Paul McCartney's band 2004


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PRES. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, JR (PT 2) : 2.5 Year's After ... "Given that REALITY" ... and America held HOSTAGE by CORPORATE COMMUNIST'S

This PART TWO will be a look and assessment from myself on the President exactly 2.5 year's later from when I posted PART ONE HERE as "Sen. Obama", back 01 June 2008. This will start with this CNN link of read/ video ... one of the video's I also chose to post on the front page below as well, which is lengthy at 32 minute's long, but give's a very truthful and accurate picture from the President as he say's in it "GIVEN THE REALITY". Many people this morning are angry as Hell ... and that's a positive ... people need to be ... many of those are Democrat's as well, which I certainly expected over these 2.5 year's, that I relentlessly pointed out in this journal folk's would do. After the video below, my own assessment on the President's job performance and the condition, 2.5 year's after.

Also the CNN link above to article/ video's has it's heading video an interview with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who is opposed to the President's deal here ... and make's an excellent arguement pointing out the blunt reality of what the GOP's game is here ... my compliment's to Sen. Brown for an excellent view and his honesty. The condition here is this ... the President, just like on the DADT issue, as well as the troop involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan issue's to healthcare to this ... has had his ball's nailed to the wall, which has been a political strategy that I wrote so much about that would happen in many posting's throughout this journal where every issue that has been thrown at him been constructed and timed to do just that ... put his ball's to the wall and relentlessly pressure him into well calculated timeline's on decision's he has to make, to make it so he cant win any way you slice it, you have basically an army against one man and a few allies. What you see happening here was all well planned and orchestrated by the GOP as well as the corporate communist's, along with a few bought and paid for Democrat's who "owe".
As I wrote prior to this last mid term election ... the "grave importance" of why Dem's NEED to win both houses for a majority "this time" , and also wrote in detail what exactly would happen "IF" the GOP got a majority in either, and what their first move's would be ... which is exactly what you are seeing today. So who's fault is this? ... million's knew this would happen, yet IGNORED IT!

Presidential Press Conference on Tax Cuts and Unemployment Extension ... Thanx to THE WHITE HOUSE


My assessment is not based on politic's and sure as Hell is not popular with either of these two polarizing side's, and many would put their foot in my ass, call me a wimp, a commie, amongst other thing's ... but my duty to this journal is a commitment to the reality of the condition, and I never break commitment's.

I think that President Obama is doing an outstanding job, so outstanding that I feel he should get a Christmas Bonus, just for having to put up with and work with such a high concentration of "Inbred Ingrate's" ... and has actually held up better and delivered more than I expected. I feel that he is the most sincere President I have seen in my 54 year's, I feel he is also the best leader in these time's for this country ... and I feel he is still the same man I listened to when he took Senate Office in Illinois back in 2005, when I just thought listening to his idea's ... "I wish this man would run for President". He has made move's, that I probably wouldnt have made, and some I didnt like, and I felt that he is displaying too much bipartisanship, and giving out too many Olive Branches, and I am even bipartisan. After reviewing the actual condition of what the President was up against on this "tax cut" issue ... I now feel that being stubborn would only bring misery in the longrun to America as a consequence ... looking at the whole picture as the President is clearly doing and explain's. Personally what I would do and hope that it come's to mind with the President ... is, Okay ... ya'll got my ball's to the wall, and all our unemployed and working classes as hostage's ... we will extend the tax cut's even to all the wealthiest ... but ... you will have to prove/ show that those big tax cut's to those at the top, will improve job number's, as well as domestic finance/ investment.

I will give any big investor's in other word's as good as tax break's that they can find anywhere's on the globe and/ or match/ bid ... if ya'll guarantee/ agree to use it here, or otherwise lose it. The GOP say's they will ... good ... then ya'll can show us figure's and invoice's the next 2 year's, etc ... and if you cant ... you once show again how full of shit you are. This is what those mega investment bank's and such refused to do, sending all our dollar's offshore, which is not a free market or even democracy. I personally have no problemo with paying an extra few buck's in taxes ... and these largest wealth investor's shouldnt either, considering their profit margin's, risk's, and even the interest rate's that bring in enormous revenue's. What the pie chart's show that they pay in tax is an insult to our intelligence ... there is no reason looking at the tax code's in this nation to have to pay $1 in tax if you look at it (as far as individual taxation, beside's maybe a sales tax domestically or such, but there are many back door exit's to even that). Probably even their accountant's payroll is even wrote off as a business expense, the idea that wealthy pay ANY TAX to begin with is stupidity to the 3rd power. The way they write the legislation on it ... make's it so there is none, but just meaningless figure's for "show" ... there is no chart's that show actual figure's and write off's/ exemption's after the fact. If any actually did have to pay anything out of their pocket, it would strictly be based on their commitment to charity of some sort ... and even their charitable contribution's are all wrote off ... that's the reality ... they pay NOTHING, nor give NOTHING .... ZILCH.

Some say were still at war, we still are in a recession, we still have higher than normal unemployment, we didnt get the public option in healthcare reform, LGBT folk's still dont have equal right's as citizen's, etc. True ... and I certainly posted plenty in this journal that I expected all this for several year's ... and each and everyone of us should have seen this ... there was no excuse not to, even when Bush was still President and several year's back ... this new reality and condition was plain as day ... but "No" ... people just ran their jaw's about how peachy thing's were getting ... and how everything was going to turn around this year or that year or two year's, etc, etc, etc. The recession was here, not here, this type, that type, ... anything and everything you would hear ... but the reality! Then through all the bullshitting to each other, and shit eating grin's and feeling's of solidarity/ unity ... folk's as usual were brainwashing themselves and each other as many folk's do, until their shafted in their asses with an additional 12" inches, then they start whining again and looking for scapegoat's. It's like religion's, same horseshit, just different packaging's ... listening to ridiculous bullshit ... then through enough verbal intoxication ... thinking that all of the sudden in the middle of a bloody crisis, were just going to ascend into Heaven, because we are so loved by the God's, as their little special "Teddy Bear's", etc ... which is in this case the political and corporate God's. And this type thinking keep's you fucked and bent over.

All the above from war's to unbalanced market's to unemployment, etc, etc. And not one of these problem's have one thing to do with the President ... even though both side's will all blame everything on the current President ... every President goes through this, it's just this President get's more shit, because there are more problem's, because we are mostly a political game in this country ran by a small percentage of individual's who control our government, who are the orchestrator's of all our problem's from terror and war to unemployment, massive debt to even letting a communist regime such as China basically have a final say on what this countries citizen's will do, think and buy next to having control of our bloody real estate to the mortgage's and investment's of our tax revenue's. Nor is the problem our Constitution or our structure/ design of government, our problem's are only those who run this cesspool. Our country is being held hostage in this endless political game we have become engaged in ... and if the President didnt extend the tax cut's, and gambled on this one out of stubborness and resistance ... then million's of average working American's would feel it starting next year even more, then be more upset with this President than they already are ... and this GOP flunky group know's this as well as their other ass kissing affiliate Tea Bag member's ... they are "master's" at this game, and some of these dumb ass Democrat's dont see that ... the only thing they are thinking is "how dumb" or uneducated their opponent's are ... instead of studying their opponent's move's and strategies and learning how to defeat the enemy. I would love to just see some of these jerk off's in Washington, or the online pundit's or whoever, who whine like crybabies over our President, spend just 6 month's at this time in the Oval Office as President to see how much they could get done.

No ... I blame all this condition strictly on most of our representation in Washington, and many of the Democrat's even that are just as much to blame on all this mess we still have and are in, many who been in Washington for year's working, even decade's, who played part's in constructing what we have and ignoring the condition, to even so many people in their party, that fail to get off their asses to vote, yet are first in line to have a peace/ love hand holding ritual's at the Capitol Mall with folk song's swinging their head's in harmony about how oppressed they are, bullshitting themselves into thinking that Utopia is right around the corner waiting on them, instead of kicking ass and taking name's. Then folk's in the GOP like the heroic John McCain who been in this racket for what ... 4 bloody decade's? ... who ran as Obama's opponent a couple year's ago ... pull's out a piece of scratch paper out of his blazer pocket during his campaign saying that he wrote down the solution's to the financial crisis on it, the same crisis a year earlier he said didnt exist? And what in Hell would he know about the math of the condition, if he didnt even know how many houses he owned when asked? And what in bloody Hell has this guy been doing all these year's ... and all these other incompetent ingrate's who been serving since President Obama been in grade's K thru 7th or even in diaper's?


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RUTH WHITE/ BAUDELAIRE'S "Les Fleurs du Mal" ... "SPLEEN" ... and "THE CAT" ...

Ruth White

This art/ music posting will be to honour the 20th century American composer and pioneer of synthesized avante garde electronica music (actually for "industrial" music fan's, this is some of your earliest industrial root's)Ms. Ruth White . Also some biography here as well of Ms. White . Not known in the mainstream of composition too much , but truely a trendsetter and original artist/ composer ... who also done score work for film/ tele, but she is one of my favourite's of course in her category.

I was fortunate to find two of my favourite selection's to post here via YouTube where she does classic poetry from Mr. Charles Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal" piece ... first video is called "Spleen" and the 2nd called "The Cat". Enjoy! :)




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THE RESISTANCE and The PERILS of the POWER POSSE and its PREPAID POLITICS (PT. 1) ... (A Holiday Season Bedtime Story)

First I want to state that I am not an experienced writer, or much on bedtime tales or any of such, as this journal will clearly show. But just wanted to add this short bedtime or fireplace story for the Holiday Season. And what partly inspires this is many of the frustrations that I hear and read due to the current condition, and partly inspired by a series of dreams. So ... I wanted to add a little short story as a bedtime tale ... let's just say :-) **** Part 2 linked at bottom ... Enjoy!

Once upon a time on Earth in the early 21st century, the species and world was going through another periodic change, that happens every couple thousand years or so, where past mistakes and ways catch up and show their flaws, as well as need for change in direction. Even the earth goes through natural change over the thousands and million's of years, continents are always in motion as well as the waters, and jungles become deserts, seas become lands, etc. A time that was difficult as even past eras for many .... yet most beneficial for those who have power and wealth. Many of those with power and wealth didnt really get it through hard work and innovative thinking, creating anything, or even being heroes in battle victories ... but just because they had enough money simply to orchestrate a vision of what a Utopian society would be to them ... yet they forgot all those truly great people who were the backbone, creators, thinkers, scientists, and real heroes that made all this possible. And even since everything has it's price ... even the great energy sources that had us living so well, have even started creating problems that were not anticipated. Being that the warming of the Earth was accelerating melting of the ice caps at rates hundreds of times faster than would have happened naturally over a much longer period. But ... everyone wanted their cake and to eat it, and no one any longer wanted to sacrifice a thing of what they had ... or give to receive any more, and everyone's power and confidence went to their heads, they created mega religions to brainwash the people better than they ever were able to in past history, new mega medias and advertising, various biotech implants, computer generated mind manipulations, gimmicks and such, as well as institutions to educate them, and controlled them by keeping them all in debt, even still in debt from the grave ... the world was taking, taking, taking ... and giving less, and less and less. People wouldnt even control their usage of anything, and their waste, and regardless of starvation, and new diseases because of the climatic change that started to run rampant through the human species and even other species, natural disasters and such, they just continued hanging on to the past ... clinging to their flaws, and even still advocating to over populate for no reason other than excessive self gratification, labour replenishment, and keeping wages rock bottom and profits huge, etc. Continuing more and more to manufacture wars, not to free people, or to stop injustices, or to defend one's lands ... but to rape every resource they can from every land they can.

As time passed ... poverty, starvation, unemployment increased, debts that were never getting paid, and instead just being handed down to the masses while the majority of wealth ratholed all their monetary and minerals wealth to themselves, kept tight fisted and let themselves go unregulated with no discipline, while they were only concerned with regulating the masses and forcing more codes, morals, and responsibilities on them. They had now let their financial systems/ institutions be run strictly by nothing more than well educated thugs and programmes on computers that even milked the resources across the board more and more ... they lost all self control. Them and their offspring in power bought out all ideas, sciences, and everything they could, even using new sciences and technologies eventually to make their goal that "they only" would never die of natural causes, and/ or have facilities to protect them from humanity's ill actions and/ or any acts of nature on any catastrophic level, and even made their part biological and part technological replicas to carry on more of their ways, which the original species also revolted against. Yet still failing to respect the power of the universe and natural laws ... and still degrading the earth and it's inhabitants. New defense technologies guaranteed also more control and submission to their goals, even now controlling through more laws and regulations of/ on peoples communications and voices, with technologies watching and listening to every move people make. But none of them looked at the overall conditions and/ or consequences that come with it either when anything loses balance ... they were all too busy thinking one way only and not looking at the entire picture ... nor any longer thinking that risk and work get rewarded, but just how they do things, using old principles while the species and planet were changing.

Eventually after a continuance of bubble/ busts economics repeating itself now faster than they had even back in the 20th century ... their prepaid politics running out of minutes and patience, their power posse allegiance and affiliates failing and turning on now each other more than past, new groups of terror and revolt they havent anticipated sabotaging their pipelines, refineries, military and arms facilities, and using technologies to shut down everything from power grids to their most secured private environments and mega investments ... the tide started turning ... and it became time to pay the dues for all they have received, without giving or contributing a thing for it. Their education institutions have collapsed slowly, their stronghold mega religious empires were failing, and their weapons and technologies to control couldnt even go up against the now heavy populations that they themselves at a time encouraged and promoted. Crime increased, because many even decided that they didnt care if they were caught, because incarceration was food and shelter if anything, and when people started being asked to give up their lives when they got sick and old for a higher cause to humanity, even that faced mega resistance, no matter the propaganda they used to make it sound pleasing and rewarding, and the incentives offered during their last days werent even nothing ... they had just lowered the species to a point, where many would do anything just for a decent place to live and meals. Just how they created their new global empire as well, getting support from the masses, by saying it was for global unity, but was instead strictly for global domination by them, with no borders to limit their abuse and out of control and unbalanced greed.

While so busy the powers at ripping each other off, while entertaining themselves, the new breeds were thinking and catching up, forming new alliances and groups, making changes themselves to how they think and teach their offspring, and finding new ways to revolt and vent a wrath that the icons also neglected to anticipate, getting around all the new regulations, laws, and codes ... not being any longer devoted to their institutions, products, codes of conduct, force- fed morals, principles, or anything else that these icons created ... but instead decided to look at humanities flaws and make thing's more balanced. This eventually led to a new way of thought ... and those who did have this iconic power either played the new game, changed and downsized their power, or went down and lost all and failed. People just simply walked away from it and ignored it, abandoned it, and started a new way and world ... and finally coming to realize that those who been dictating had actually never nothing to offer, and couldnt even survive without them. The species reduced it's out of control population growth, and focused more on quality instead of quantities, a new splinter of the human species came about and evolved. The new sciences and technologies changed everything from agricultural to energies, reproduction, to how gravity would be defined. But the change was the uplifting part, learning to respect their planet more and now to give and contribute before they receive, and to pay in full across the board.

POST NOTE: This hasnt a thing to do with the bedtime story above ... but I want to point this out simply because over the next couple years, there will be a huge increase of this talk, alot of paranoia and such, and because it has been constantly over the last couple years or so brought up to me during small chat by local folks around town and in Texas concerning this "2012 Event" with some read, video's, chart's, link's, and much more here . Look ... I will make this simple ... there is no talk from what Mayan studies/ arts have been so far uncovered (even though only a small fraction been uncovered, because of the difficulty in trying to access the areas of past habitats, because of the jungles, terrain, etc) , that the end of the world will be in 2012. Like many past civilisations who studied cycles, astronomy, astrology, etc, etc. Mayan's were simply masters of keeping time, and some of the earliest math related. I mean ... you didnt have much else to do back then but art (and the art is a beauty unmatched I may add), symbolism, written languages, etc. All these folks thought from their studies, is that life, stars, and such have cycles of change is all ... and we know from sciences that life does change on earth, and that there are cycles, always have been, a couple billion year's ago only, there was not much on earth as it is now either. As I write this, even with all the gloom science findings about species becoming extinct, there are ALSO new species exploding in numbers as well, many in the deepest depths of our oceans even. Of course, it's probably safe to say in a billion years ... this planet wont be in rotation around the sun as it is now, or that even this sun will still exist as is, that is just the change and expansion of the solar system/ universe, etc ... and also by that time, our species as we know it, wont even exist either. Worrying about these things is pointless, you may as well worry about the close calls, etc, with asteroids/ meteors ... and even after the supposed big one hit that wiped out the dinosaurs ... it wasnt the "end of the world" ... okay(?) ... life just evolved once again in different forms, and throughout even the thousand years or so of darkness proceeding that event, there was always some sort of life ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... or we wouldnt be here! :-)



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ROSA PARKS: American Hero, Rugged Individualist, and Free Thinker ... 55 Year's after ...

This posting will be to honour an American Hero, Mrs. Rosa Parks , for her inspiration, rugged individualism, and work which led to what is called the "American Civil Rights Movement" and the "Montgomery Bus Boycott", that led to actual "change" in America. First a video clip below, then some word's from me.

***** HISTORY.COM: Rosa Parks- Black History .... (read/ video)

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott ... Thanx to BASIT2COOL

I try to focus in this journal on those who stand out, that are heroes in my opinion, think out of the box freely, and most importantly have the courage to speak out, stand up against the grain, who I see as not only heroes, but also truly deserving of the title "elite" in their field's and area's of endeavor's, whether their intentional act's/ achievement's or non. And of course Mrs. Parks fall's into this category.

Some say that Mrs. Parks was soft spoken, non violent, etc. True ... but she was smart ... and I frankly dont think that Mrs. Parks intention's were to start a movement even ... I think she had plenty of anger and fire in her ... and was just sick and tired of the bullshit, and frankly knew she was going to probably get arrested or worse, but decided ... what the Hell ... she was NOT going to put up with this crap any longer ... enough is enough, and if it mean's bloody jail or punishment, so be it. Alot of Black American's were soft spoken and passive in them day's ... especially if they were to march or protest or do anything that got public atencion ... the reason being because if you got too outspoken and you were a person of colour, you will get harsh treatment, regardless of how soft spoken you may be, the "rule" of the land made sure to that. So whenever you stand against the grain in those times, whether it's peacefully or radically ... you were gonna get some shit, straight up. As far as Mrs. Parks was concerned ... she was ready to deal with it and determined, regardless of whatever consequences ... she is one of those individual's who would probably rather die on her feet than live on her knee's. One with REALLY a free thinking mind ... one that is out of the box.

I am not really old enough to say I have witnessed this, I wasnt born until January 1956, or did I even learn about any of this in school in the 1960's despite going to school on the Northeast Coast and the Southwest Coast, I dont recall a bloody thing on Mrs. Parks in school frankly, and no, I didnt watch the news much back then ... just to show you how many year's it take's for these icon's such as Mrs. Parks to get the recognition they are due. I learned about Mrs. Parks just in life on my own, and seeing even year's after, how what she called the "infliction's of man's inhumanity to man" ... still continued on. She is a hero to African American's of course, but she is a hero to every American that has to fight for every damn right and basic balance, fairness, on every level, and regardless of their ethnicity/ race.

I grew up around segregation when I lived in New York even, even though they say it was desegregated. Living in one neighborhood that was mostly Italian, Jewish, with some Irish, German's and Polish ... there was no folk's of colour (YES, IN NEW YORK) and one day a kid came home with me who was a school buddy named Leroy Kimbrough, who was a black kid ... I was told by familia that it wasnt cool bringing him around the neighborhood ... I was confused and asked, Why? And was told because it makes the familia look unfavourably to other's in the neighborhood simply. This was my first experience with a sort of racial seperation ... so I knew right then, that racism was NOT natural that you were born with, as some racist's may think ... but you are taught. In Dallas in the late 1970's ... Dallas was actually more desegregated as far as neighborhood's were concerned, and even Los Angeles and Las Vegas ... than even a place like Brooklyn or Buffalo, New York in the early 1970's that is. But also back then, I recall one instance where it was around this time of year, and my girlfriend Gwen Taylor and I were browsing the Christmas Sale and display's (1979, if I recall correctly) at Dallas based Neiman Marcus department store, a more upscale store, where I couldnt afford nothing but a few sale item's, but was fun to visit during the Holiday Season to view all the decoration's and activities. Gwen was Black, born and raised in Lower East Dallas, who was also locally an outstanding heavy metal bass guitarist (largely influenced by Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper as a kid) , who I met at a Dallas rock venue her band was performing at, after her show. But when in Neiman Marcus ... Gwen kind of whispered to me (with a snicker) , that if this was as late as the early 1960's, she wouldnt have been allowed in the store with me, without a maid uniform ... and alway's only with a white person they worked for, so this was also something I didnt know. And seperate drinking fountain's in the Dallas Record's Building I heard of back in 1960 before I came to Dallas. Today many young folk's in Dallas would find that hard to imagine, now with a city that is a majority population of people of color.

Much has changed over the last half century, but those injustice's still exist across the board, not just race though as much ... as Mrs. Parks clearly stated. It's a non- ending battle of many injustice's, and wont balance out anytime soon either, and that is exactly the importance of rugged free thinking individual's such as Mrs. Parks. The same mindset exist's today of passiveness and conforming to what is now politically correct ... such as segregation was at a time politically correct, and most out of fear or other reason's accept it. It wasnt easy for Mrs. Parks to do something as simple as declining to do what she was told ... she was criminalized and charged with "civil disobedience". The same as anyone today is also criminalized or villainized in society through media's or such, who does not go along with the herd conformity. So CONGRATULATION'S and THANK YOU to Mrs. Parks for her contribution's to America and it's liberties.