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PRES. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, JR (PT 2) : 2.5 Year's After ... "Given that REALITY" ... and America held HOSTAGE by CORPORATE COMMUNIST'S

This PART TWO will be a look and assessment from myself on the President exactly 2.5 year's later from when I posted PART ONE HERE as "Sen. Obama", back 01 June 2008. This will start with this CNN link of read/ video ... one of the video's I also chose to post on the front page below as well, which is lengthy at 32 minute's long, but give's a very truthful and accurate picture from the President as he say's in it "GIVEN THE REALITY". Many people this morning are angry as Hell ... and that's a positive ... people need to be ... many of those are Democrat's as well, which I certainly expected over these 2.5 year's, that I relentlessly pointed out in this journal folk's would do. After the video below, my own assessment on the President's job performance and the condition, 2.5 year's after.

Also the CNN link above to article/ video's has it's heading video an interview with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who is opposed to the President's deal here ... and make's an excellent arguement pointing out the blunt reality of what the GOP's game is here ... my compliment's to Sen. Brown for an excellent view and his honesty. The condition here is this ... the President, just like on the DADT issue, as well as the troop involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan issue's to healthcare to this ... has had his ball's nailed to the wall, which has been a political strategy that I wrote so much about that would happen in many posting's throughout this journal where every issue that has been thrown at him been constructed and timed to do just that ... put his ball's to the wall and relentlessly pressure him into well calculated timeline's on decision's he has to make, to make it so he cant win any way you slice it, you have basically an army against one man and a few allies. What you see happening here was all well planned and orchestrated by the GOP as well as the corporate communist's, along with a few bought and paid for Democrat's who "owe".
As I wrote prior to this last mid term election ... the "grave importance" of why Dem's NEED to win both houses for a majority "this time" , and also wrote in detail what exactly would happen "IF" the GOP got a majority in either, and what their first move's would be ... which is exactly what you are seeing today. So who's fault is this? ... million's knew this would happen, yet IGNORED IT!

Presidential Press Conference on Tax Cuts and Unemployment Extension ... Thanx to THE WHITE HOUSE


My assessment is not based on politic's and sure as Hell is not popular with either of these two polarizing side's, and many would put their foot in my ass, call me a wimp, a commie, amongst other thing's ... but my duty to this journal is a commitment to the reality of the condition, and I never break commitment's.

I think that President Obama is doing an outstanding job, so outstanding that I feel he should get a Christmas Bonus, just for having to put up with and work with such a high concentration of "Inbred Ingrate's" ... and has actually held up better and delivered more than I expected. I feel that he is the most sincere President I have seen in my 54 year's, I feel he is also the best leader in these time's for this country ... and I feel he is still the same man I listened to when he took Senate Office in Illinois back in 2005, when I just thought listening to his idea's ... "I wish this man would run for President". He has made move's, that I probably wouldnt have made, and some I didnt like, and I felt that he is displaying too much bipartisanship, and giving out too many Olive Branches, and I am even bipartisan. After reviewing the actual condition of what the President was up against on this "tax cut" issue ... I now feel that being stubborn would only bring misery in the longrun to America as a consequence ... looking at the whole picture as the President is clearly doing and explain's. Personally what I would do and hope that it come's to mind with the President ... is, Okay ... ya'll got my ball's to the wall, and all our unemployed and working classes as hostage's ... we will extend the tax cut's even to all the wealthiest ... but ... you will have to prove/ show that those big tax cut's to those at the top, will improve job number's, as well as domestic finance/ investment.

I will give any big investor's in other word's as good as tax break's that they can find anywhere's on the globe and/ or match/ bid ... if ya'll guarantee/ agree to use it here, or otherwise lose it. The GOP say's they will ... good ... then ya'll can show us figure's and invoice's the next 2 year's, etc ... and if you cant ... you once show again how full of shit you are. This is what those mega investment bank's and such refused to do, sending all our dollar's offshore, which is not a free market or even democracy. I personally have no problemo with paying an extra few buck's in taxes ... and these largest wealth investor's shouldnt either, considering their profit margin's, risk's, and even the interest rate's that bring in enormous revenue's. What the pie chart's show that they pay in tax is an insult to our intelligence ... there is no reason looking at the tax code's in this nation to have to pay $1 in tax if you look at it (as far as individual taxation, beside's maybe a sales tax domestically or such, but there are many back door exit's to even that). Probably even their accountant's payroll is even wrote off as a business expense, the idea that wealthy pay ANY TAX to begin with is stupidity to the 3rd power. The way they write the legislation on it ... make's it so there is none, but just meaningless figure's for "show" ... there is no chart's that show actual figure's and write off's/ exemption's after the fact. If any actually did have to pay anything out of their pocket, it would strictly be based on their commitment to charity of some sort ... and even their charitable contribution's are all wrote off ... that's the reality ... they pay NOTHING, nor give NOTHING .... ZILCH.

Some say were still at war, we still are in a recession, we still have higher than normal unemployment, we didnt get the public option in healthcare reform, LGBT folk's still dont have equal right's as citizen's, etc. True ... and I certainly posted plenty in this journal that I expected all this for several year's ... and each and everyone of us should have seen this ... there was no excuse not to, even when Bush was still President and several year's back ... this new reality and condition was plain as day ... but "No" ... people just ran their jaw's about how peachy thing's were getting ... and how everything was going to turn around this year or that year or two year's, etc, etc, etc. The recession was here, not here, this type, that type, ... anything and everything you would hear ... but the reality! Then through all the bullshitting to each other, and shit eating grin's and feeling's of solidarity/ unity ... folk's as usual were brainwashing themselves and each other as many folk's do, until their shafted in their asses with an additional 12" inches, then they start whining again and looking for scapegoat's. It's like religion's, same horseshit, just different packaging's ... listening to ridiculous bullshit ... then through enough verbal intoxication ... thinking that all of the sudden in the middle of a bloody crisis, were just going to ascend into Heaven, because we are so loved by the God's, as their little special "Teddy Bear's", etc ... which is in this case the political and corporate God's. And this type thinking keep's you fucked and bent over.

All the above from war's to unbalanced market's to unemployment, etc, etc. And not one of these problem's have one thing to do with the President ... even though both side's will all blame everything on the current President ... every President goes through this, it's just this President get's more shit, because there are more problem's, because we are mostly a political game in this country ran by a small percentage of individual's who control our government, who are the orchestrator's of all our problem's from terror and war to unemployment, massive debt to even letting a communist regime such as China basically have a final say on what this countries citizen's will do, think and buy next to having control of our bloody real estate to the mortgage's and investment's of our tax revenue's. Nor is the problem our Constitution or our structure/ design of government, our problem's are only those who run this cesspool. Our country is being held hostage in this endless political game we have become engaged in ... and if the President didnt extend the tax cut's, and gambled on this one out of stubborness and resistance ... then million's of average working American's would feel it starting next year even more, then be more upset with this President than they already are ... and this GOP flunky group know's this as well as their other ass kissing affiliate Tea Bag member's ... they are "master's" at this game, and some of these dumb ass Democrat's dont see that ... the only thing they are thinking is "how dumb" or uneducated their opponent's are ... instead of studying their opponent's move's and strategies and learning how to defeat the enemy. I would love to just see some of these jerk off's in Washington, or the online pundit's or whoever, who whine like crybabies over our President, spend just 6 month's at this time in the Oval Office as President to see how much they could get done.

No ... I blame all this condition strictly on most of our representation in Washington, and many of the Democrat's even that are just as much to blame on all this mess we still have and are in, many who been in Washington for year's working, even decade's, who played part's in constructing what we have and ignoring the condition, to even so many people in their party, that fail to get off their asses to vote, yet are first in line to have a peace/ love hand holding ritual's at the Capitol Mall with folk song's swinging their head's in harmony about how oppressed they are, bullshitting themselves into thinking that Utopia is right around the corner waiting on them, instead of kicking ass and taking name's. Then folk's in the GOP like the heroic John McCain who been in this racket for what ... 4 bloody decade's? ... who ran as Obama's opponent a couple year's ago ... pull's out a piece of scratch paper out of his blazer pocket during his campaign saying that he wrote down the solution's to the financial crisis on it, the same crisis a year earlier he said didnt exist? And what in Hell would he know about the math of the condition, if he didnt even know how many houses he owned when asked? And what in bloody Hell has this guy been doing all these year's ... and all these other incompetent ingrate's who been serving since President Obama been in grade's K thru 7th or even in diaper's?


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