Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr (PART 1)

Well ... this man winning an election in November is certainly a shot in the dark or a crap shoot! I dont doubt that. The name arouses, anger, fear, speculation, paranoia, and a schlew of other crapolla. Things that we humans dwelled on for years. It isnt that I dont fear ... I fear everything. I wouldnt be an advocate of most American's carrying a gun if I didnt. But at the same time ... I learned long ago that fear is only as intense as we make it ... dwelling on it is pointless. I tend to be the kind of fellow that will signal the dealer to hit me (a card) when I have 17 in Black Jack, I take chances. Some are longshots ... and I have fell on my ass more than once ... but ... thats life. PART TWO HERE

Alot of folks dont want to take that chance for one reason or another in this election. We are facing difficulties ... and folks are skeptical about things like politics, and who can blame them with all the info and media floating around out there ... especially with this internet. One popular scare on the left for instance ... is that if Obama was the nominee and he lost ... and McCain got in ... would it just be an extension of Bush? Would the Supreme Court become one sided? and things like Roe vs. Wade be overturned? Would the idea of rights as equals in society as far as family and marriage go backwards for gay's? Womens rights? Would wars just become endless ... and our tax dollars just eaten away on them? And add some. So anyone can see when faced with all these things ... how its enough to scare off some folks.

And the bottom line is that McCain will get alot of support whether he has anything new to say or not. I will say this though ... if things like Roe vs. Wade are twisted in some fashion ... this will be a mistake ... and it will cause a Hell of a mess ... so go ahead and do it ... but dont cry later when you feel the effects of your decision ... with your daughters, family, etc. You will have so much to deal with from back shop abortions to runaway's, crossing borders, suicides ... and so much other crap ... that you will have to say triple the prayers! Heh, heh, heh ... it wont bother me a bit ... you all that are against it will only feel it's effect. Denying gays equal rights as citizens? Heh, heh, heh ... go ahead ... see what that gets you too. Make you all's bed any way you want ... cause you all are going to have to lie in it! Just the same way you all have to lie in this bed of reverse racism ... because of the idiotic oppression of blacks from our past. People dont cry until it hits home ... but ... it always hits home at one time or another ... heh, heh, heh. People like myself dont really care about what folks choose to value, we live and let live and have our values too.

Theres enough info on Obama out there to write a damn book ... and I been looking into alot of it ... but mostly focusing on reasons "why" he wouldnt be able to beat McCain ... and if he did, "why" wouldnt he be able to lead America. And there is a Hell of alot of good points out there. He certainly doesnt have the experience ... at all. Even if you look at past Presidents of modern times and their credentials that made Oval Office ... Obama ... doesnt meet any of the profiles. This guy is a shot in the dark ... or a crap shoot if there was ever one!

Looking into his resume and history ... he certainly doesnt look like he even faced hard times as some of us did. So also he looks like he dont give a rats ass about common working folks neither ... and he certainly doesnt know a damn thing much about these types either. Which is another reason why Clinton would be embraced a little more. When I voted for Bush in 2000 ... what I never done ... was look into his history, I just based my vote on what he done in Texas ... and he was a "uniter" and known for his bipartisan traits here. But also ... what I didnt account for ... was that Texas unlike many other states ... the Governor doesnt have ultimate power here. Texas doesnt really give out ultimate power to any political figure in many cases,most power in Texas ... goes to the people. Unlike the Presidency of the United States. Bottom line was Bush's power as Governor in Texas was very limited. Plus he was grooming to run for President ... so he kept a low profile. And been grooming for awhile. For instance ... I heard that he was probably going to run for the Presidency at least 2 years before he even announced he was. I worked for a local republican politician in the Dallas area for a few years ... and he told me this on the side.

So what in the Hell do I see in Barack Obama? I see all the strikes against him is what. I see how cool he is under pressure ,well mannered, frankness in his speaking, alot of unscripted as well. I look at his resume ... at things like going to Harvard, yet after leaving Harvard ... he is offered a job as a prestigious judicial clerkship. But turns it down and takes a job practicing "civil rights" law in Chicago ... representing victims of housing and employment discrimination, and working on voting rights legislation. So I ask myself ... why? He certainly isnt from South Chicago either or some poverty area anywheres ... nor probably never done a hard days work in his life. His dad was also Harvard educated. But still ... what drives this guy to take on the jobs he has...when he could have took others that paid well better and working in far better neighborhoods ... like some of his Harvard buddies going to Wall St. I feel that there is something in this man ... thats not showing, and it might be a positive thing as far as being straight up with people. There is something about him just a little different than alot of those that run for the office. And I like it! I think he might be keen to alot of BS too that he see's in Washington and is thinking ... "Damn ... this whole damn place needs an overhaul!"

I dont worry much about him not having a clear understanding of one of the most fundamental things to Americans freedom ... the Constitution ... after all ... he was a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School specializing in "Constitutional Law". I am looking at the area's of interest that he has been pursueing since his younger years ... in education and employment. I am also looking at the fact, that like McCain ... he went into this as an underdog. I'm an older guy ... who has been looking at all these older people like me for years ... running things like ... well ... usual ... old school. I like the young inexperienced ones alot ... because their brains are not totally set and pre-conditioned as much as say folks my age and older. I really look forward to change! And most of what I see in Washington ... well ... is deadwood. With nothing fresh to say ... or any new, cutting edge idea's ... I am getting bored in other words. He wants to talk to the enemy? Go for it! give it a try ... Hell ... what do we have to lose? I'd piss on an armadillo if I thought it would do any good! If they dont want to deal ... oh well ... then were just back where we started ... but at least ... try something ... dont we all just get sick of the same crap over and over and nothing ever getting done? There is other SMALL things that he has on his resume ... after all ... he's no big name in politics, that I like as well ... but are pointless pointing out.

Supposedly ... his first name comes from the word that means "Blessed by God" in Arabic. This might contribute to people like Hamas liking him, and Americans not liking him ... I dont know. But despite his name ... the bottom line is that he is an American. I have no problem with his name ... and certainly would never hold anyone responsible for what happened on 9/ 11 ... who did NOT do it! Nor do I think that these groups of terror represent the overall Arab or Muslim people. I am looking forward to seeing "PRESIDENT OBAMA" at work, and I would like to see the crap shoot work ... and Senator Obama ... become President Obama.

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