Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ever since the beginning of this war in Iraq ... I have pointed out every possible scam that would be attempted, and since the beginning of this journal pointed out that these war's are manufactured only by the dictating power's of the globe, and that we cant win war's the way we play , but stay in war indefinitely, because we are not allowed to actually fight to win. These war's regardless of how much you may think are about helping fellow humankind, and freeing people from oppression, or to make the world equal and fair, just keep's us stupid and gullible, and more threatened with terror and retaliation, because even the people that we are fighting for are just as stupid and gullible as us, ... "freedom" ... your kiddin? ... a person only believe's these thing's because that was simply part of your programme ... none of those who create our moral standard's or dictate from the 3 entities of the major corporate/ finance/ banking, to religious indoctrination/ and public education institution's to the political icon's truely believe in half the nonsense that we are fed to believe, there is no such thing as fair, or even freedom, or even equality ... at this point in history that is, but of course, the future will be much different than what we have now. We now in recent centuries just entered into what is considered civilised thinking societies, but still have the basic foundation rooted in us of the master/ slave mentality, so therefore because of our lack of understanding, we cant create the utopian and heavenly fantasies that we talk and write about, and are forced now to act accordingly to the present, which is to be vigilant and retaliate those who would destroy us with similar action whether it is those who dictate the war's or participate in them, but the future species will be in a different reality and truely more of everything we dream of now, we just havent evolved to that level yet. Look at past history for a clearer picture of the direction we move.

But to this title of the posting .... American's are the biggest sucker's in the world ... period, whether we see it or not. While we are fussing over the most petty pop culture thing's from who said what about who or who's Mama, or some migrant worker's we are force fed to believe are responsible for falling employment figure's to worrying about who marries who, and other pop culture item's, we are being played, robbed and raped by those we look up to and their shill's/ player's, like a bunch of fresh mark's who never been played in a con game, yet some of us are so blind because this game has been played on us for decade's to the point where those who play us are going hog wild now, and basically robbing us right in front of our eye's, because we are so easy to play and gullible. Below some video and/ or read about this recent case here, then an additional word.

***** CNN: Billions for Iraq reconstruction unaccounted for, lax oversight blamed ... (newsread)

This recent news of missing money is actually an old story of time and again , being out right robbed for $12 billion or so, do we even realize the amount's of these? So if we ever missed any of these robberies, it's simply because we werent paying atencion. Several year's back if we also paid atencion, we would have seen that major companies who were player's in this reconstruction would relocate countries, use offshore international tax haven's, have new company subcontractor's come out of the woodwork, and have more military private contractor's come out than we ever knew exsisted such as Blackwater. I pointed out year's ago how even some companies would relocate, and this was the whole motivation for rush style globalization, not having anything to do with countries holding hand's, but major player's and thieves having a larger playing arena to hide themselves and asset's/ stolen money ... as you seen recently with Halliburton relocating from it's original and only home Houston to Dubai. Why? ... Why do you think? ... because of investigation's/ inquiry panel's from everyone from the IRS to Interpole to the UN to eventually the US Senate because sooner or later people are going to demand real action. This is why I was so thrilled the other day over former VP Cheney's successful heart operation ... because I want him alive ... not dead. I know he is very involved in alot more than we know, forget about W.Bush, he isnt sharp enough to even play this game ... it's too over his level of hustling, Cheney was the one with the brain's, Bush just was in position to finalize decision's. We have been being robbed left and right of all our surplus and now they even went into our future taxes and everything else we worked and fought so hard for, and they WILL NOT stop until we take more drastic action, there is no incentive to stop ... I mean ... why would they possibly stop? They are out to win ... we need to learn how to also win.

And below some news in this video that is more money to be dished out that we actually could be spending in our own country.

CNN: Clinton unveils Pakistan aid package ... Thanx to CNN

This is another nation that we supported for year's with their nuclear arsenal, who has shown to have a corrupt government, has had inside people support terror group's, and even in the final outcome of their inner war on terror want the Taliban to have a controlling voice in their new government. Even their neighbor's in Afghanistan has been involved in corruption, and supporting terror group's, and already made no bid contract's a few year's back for China to mine all the copper, and now other resources out of Afghanistan, yet it will be American ... not Chinese troop casualties and dollar's who will pay for all of this, now you understand who control's the war decision's and why it is so importante for this globalization, unfair unbalanced trade, and no corporate or international banking/ finance boundaries. We are also held hostage everytime by these countries and blackmailed basically into giving billion's or they will do this or that if we dont. We are bullied from one side and hustled and robbed by the other side ... and these poor Pakistani people will be no better off 5 year's from now than they are now, and most likely in worse shape, including now us.

The people who dictate us and all the people are actually a very spineless breed as well, especially our political puppet representation in our own country. Those who we constantly consider as evil, including the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and even Hitler himself have far more strength, determination and even integrity as far as fighting war's ... sad ... but true ... they go down to the death ... these folk's of our pop culture arena are like an inbred class of their own, and not capable of defeating anything except dummies like us using word's and gimmick's. We could actually achieve more stability and peace than we have seen in decade's with true strong leader's. Dealing with those like these who hold us hostage is simple ... you get out of their territories, you do not do business with them, and if or when they fire one missile at us or an allie, you retaliate with extreme prejudice and maximum force, with an only objective being to defeat, no game's, few word's and strict defensive action ... those who defy will then listen, because they will no longer exist if they continue to play these game's with us. When we retaliated to Japan and bombed them, they not only surrendered, but became great allies later, the same with Germany back around the same era ... paying off folk's to be your friend who backstab you is about as stupid as paying a school bully half of your lunch money every week to not pick on you ... and it is the most despicable act of cowardice. Our political representation are also about as low as you can get as far as any integrity even, they let the corporate entities dictate and pull their string's, and when their told to jump ... respond by saying "How high?".


Monday, July 26, 2010

PHARMACEUTICAL "CASH COW'S" (PT.1) ... The American Herd ... Health Care SNOWEjob PT.8

The inspiration for this posting for "Health Care SNOWEjob PT 8" come's from a blogsite called "Around Town with Rita" in this here particular posting . And this is something you wont hear too much about unless you try to seek it, it is something that everybody from Pharma companies to all our political representative's to even so many media's/ blogger's want to ignore for strictly in most cases political reason's on both side's, and just say it's over and time to claim victory for the people, but a really serious issue.


Most of the mainstream media's and blog's have totally forgotten this by now, thinking that this Health Care Reform was about the people, when it was strictly a political and profit's move orchestrated by corporate icon's manipulating our political representative's and even paying them off . Then we are basically programmed to forget and put on our happy face, cheer victory, etc. with no idea of how we are manipulated into what we consider issue's, and believe me ... this will be a serious issue several year's down the road. We are turned on and off like puppet's and idiot's with a switch on/ off button attached to our forehead's. What is even another issue we dont see, is the countless children and even adult's ( also included and found from Rita's posting ) of low to moderate to middle income in this nation that are put on psyche drug's, another major cash cow, with possible devasting psychological effect's on these children year's down the road. Ask any of these pharma giant's or our political rep's to feed these drug's to their kid's and see what the response would be. Also I am pro "choice" as far as a person buying and taking all the drug's their heart desire's, but again ... this is more than a "choice" for many ... they are pumped with worry and fear and because of this way the HCR was designed ... contractually and legislatively be obligated to accept and take many prescription's as well. Many will be lower income folk's and government subsidies will take up alot of cost's, but the effect's long term of these will be what's in question as well. Many in upper income bracket's dont care because they want for the drug's to be experimented/ tested on folk's as long as it isnt them, and many of the lower working classes will be the try out's for these too.

LINK HERE TO 6 PART VIDEO SERIES "PHARMA CASH COW". I also want to note here that I am not against pharma companies and research at all, the purpose of this posting was to show the connection of the industry to the HCR that was put through and their interest as far as prescribing massive amount's of drug's to now even folk's in the 10's of million's who can get government subsidies/ credit ( the annual profit's of this will be enormous, as I posted in the beginning of this series and why thing's would be rushed and public option would be put out through the back door ), who could not only afford insurance before or had even a choice of not buying it, but never could afford even the prescription's. Plus the fact that all of this skyrocketed during the last administration of Bush/ Cheney because of the lack of regulation's. This is only to show what motivate's what and why. And what can happen when anything is too excessive, especially profit driven.

One may wonder what in Hell does this have to do with the Health Care Reform package? It is all connected ... and also the reason why the push was so hard to dismiss or twist Public Option, and even making legislation to make it illegal to buy drug's out of the country in say Canada or Mexico. It is also to lock in moderate to low income folk's to pay premium's and to legally contractually force them into new experimental pharma drug's and having 10's of million's of folk's government subsidized and all profit/ revenue going to these icon's and none to government, and to also make sure there is NO COMPETITION.

I have searched through many video's to find two to post that get's straight to the point on this, when it come's to the pharma industry ... and I have chosen these two women in the video's below to explain just how this business work's, because they are right on the money in what they say here. Both of these women are former pharma sales rep's. In the first video the advertising end is explained clearly by Kathleen Slattery Moschkau, who was an industry rep for 10 year's and also writer/ director of a film called "Side Effect's". In the 2nd video Gwen Olsen, a former rep of 15 year's of giant's including "Johnson & Johnson", "Bristol Meyers Squibb", and " Abbott Laboratories", will explain just how important the American people and their wellness and health is to these industry icon's. Sure there are some benefit's to this reform for people, but understand that they had to give a LITTLE something or have a confrontation and political mess to come, and they surely dont want their puppet's voted out of office, but the primary objective again was to destroy competition option and contractually lock in folk's to their plan's and categories for treatment, which of course they suceeded at.

Ex- Pharmaceutical Rep: Billions Spent on Drug Ads ... Thanx to CCHRINT

Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness ... Thanx to PSYCHE TRUTH


Friday, July 23, 2010

GORILLA'S PT.1: .... Almost Human? ... or is it ... Human almost Gorilla? .... and "Familia Value's" .... (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.1)

This posting is to look at the Gorilla Familia, and their lives, some value's, emotion's, and related .... to look at the similarities we share. This link here is for an organization/ charity included. And some info here on Dian Fossey, known for her work with Gorilla's as well, and the Fossey Gorilla Fund .

This for me is a way past due posting because this thing about Gorilla's/ Ape's goes all the way back to my childhood, when I took a grade school field trip to a Zoo once. I was so fascinated watching these folk's ... and yet, naturally puzzled as to why they were in cage's? And as a result ... even though I attended Zoo's, I was opposed to them, or at least I feel they should be much different, and they have changed alot over the year's worldwide. I'm not an animal right's activist, but believe that there are certain right's by nature, that dont need human intervention or decision's. A type of natural law/ right's you can say, I reckon. And since they dont invade or interfere with our societies and such ... we shouldnt with their's is all.

Another issue that has puzzled me for year's .... is talking with folk's on a daily basis ... who seem to alway's view human's as non animal ... and alway's saying ... we are human/ people and not to be confused with animal's. The talk about our familia value's and how we react to death, birth, children, our emotion's and the list goes on ... I mean I even heard people that would say that animal's dont have these thing's and that is what make's us so different ... and even "special". Frankly to be honest ... I dont feel my existence is any more special than any of these folk's in the video below ... and my familia/ children mean as much to me, as well as my tribe/ nation, as their's do to them ... so we have much in common, as far as what we "value", and familia's and territories, even our social order of thing's.

These folk's in this video are considered by many human folk as wild animal's, uncivilised, etc. But watching these folk's will clearly show, that they even value... play, sloth, pride, gluttony, love, anger, even working as a team when needed, and basically like to remain calm and gentle most of the time and relax and enjoy life and their surrounding's just as we do. The basic's of their societies and familia's are similar to our's ... yet their value list didnt come from a book or written law ... because nature has it's own. Enjoy!

Reunion with the Gorillas ... Thanx to Wild Kingdom


Thursday, July 22, 2010

SAIQA AKHTER: (KILLER PARENT'S PART 2) .... "Thinking of the Kid's" .... and Planning your DEFENSE STRATEGY ....!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/amd-mug-akhter-jpg.jpg

Saiqa Akhter

This Part 2 of the "KILLER PARENT'S" series will take a look at Mrs. Saiqa Akhter , who is the most recent here in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex to murder her two children. First below is a video/audio clip that has no video, but the 911 call recording after the murder, that Mrs. Akhter clearly admit's to. An ARTICLE HERE on this .... then some word's I will add after.

Saiqa Akhter "I Want Normal Kids" Woman Kills Her Two Children ... Thanx to EXCLUSIVE MEDIA NEWS




This of course is the most recent case here, and a result this time according to what I read, because the two children were autistic, and I also heard that several autistic children have been killed/ harmed by their parent's nationwide , even by parent's connected to politic's ... so this reason seem's to be more popular or fashionable I reckon with these type's. I would also investigate the husband who she called first at the office and thoroughly, just to make sure this wasnt conspired in some way by both having her as the "fall" guy/ gal ... because they know that the defense can manipulate the case better based on gender, and make it easier to find "her" not guilty.

Mrs. Akhter is now charged with two seperate count's of capital murder by Texas law, which qualifies for the death penalty. To qualify for death penalty in Texas you must have at least one capital murder charge "with" one additional felony, such as rape/ murder or like armed robbery/ murder etc. But having two seperate capital murder's here will fix you up for that lethal dose as well (lethal injection is the method of execution in Texas). The prosecutor's are not sure if they will seek the death penalty they say here ... and this is political ... I can assure you, because of gender and ethnicity/ culture and politically correct BS. As for me ... I believe in equal treatment regardless of the pop culture nonsense about why a person should be exempt from the penalties everyone else would get. The fact of the matter in Texas is already several mother's have received non guilty verdict's strictly based on hearing voice's .... usually from God, or postpartum psychosis and depression, or some other diagnosis that make's the guilty not responsible based basically on not guilty by reason of insanity, temporary or otherwise .... but ... that's how it work's here in Texas ... or has been now for several year's ... and these folk's are doing a couple year's in the mental health ward's/ institution's then cut loose ... and told they can walk as long as they continue their outpatient therapy and continue to use birth control, and not have contact with any children there on without supervision, and other related condition's. So this also just show's these parent's what legally work's and how, and how to beat the case, using another past case as for defense precedent/ motion.

And Mrs. Akhter has requested state legal representation, being not able to afford her own ... which is fair, this IS A DEMOCRACY ... and she should have a fair trial. I dont know yet what defense will use as strategy and approach to this, but my guess would be what has a history of working such as above. She admitted, and it's on tape ... that she killed them and even gave reason to motive because in this case the disabilities of her children. Which in my opinion solidifies "sanity", however additonal team's/ voice's, political as well, as happened in the Mrs. Andrea Yates case in Houston who drowned 5 of her children and got off, as well as the Mrs. Dena Schlosser case here in the Metroplex .... will appear to testify in her defense also of what trauma she is going through as a mom of kid's like this ... and of course usually then the whining and sympathy start's to wet the eye's of the juror's, prosecution and court. But for me .... she is as guilty as they come and admit's it, and it's just cut and dry ... My deliberation would only take minute's on a case this clear, and I would ask for the death penalty as well, only because it is standard punishment in this state ... not because I actually think the death penalty work's ... I feel the death penalty in Texas should be put on hold as a matter of fact , because I believe that too many innocent's have been executed here, period. But this case is not questionable to me in one bit, this is clear self confessed murder simply. Plus her additional admission of trying to kill the children even prior to the murder by having them drink bathroom cleanser, but they refused to drink it, solidifies it even further as far as "sanity", based on self admission in that testimony of pre- meditation.

It doesnt really matter to me if people hear voice's from God or Satan or any other archetype/ deity ... or inspired by a piece of literature, or if they were temporarily insane, or intoxicated, or if Charlie Manson sent them message's via telepathy. If they claim to me that a voice such as God or Satan for instance told them to do it, then I would as a judge/ prosecution, subpoena God/ Satan or whoever, and if they didnt show to testify, then that is the defendant's/ defense's problemo, not mine or the court's. These two children of her's also had mental disabilities and paid the ultimate penalty for such which was death, willingly and knowingly executed/ murdered by their mother.

Enough said ....


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MAYOR JAYNE PETERS: (KILLER PARENT'S PART 1) .... Dallas Area Mayor murder's her daughter and self ....

This will be the starting post of another mini series for this journal called "KILLER PARENT'S" I will start, since these type incident's are more frequent than some may realize, and since our pop culture society talk's so much about "thinking of the kid's" .... or how disobedient today's kid's can be, or the Atencion Deficit Disorder's of so many that require kid's to be force fed more drug's than a dope dealer would sell them ... I will devote this to the flip side of this reality. And the heading/ title of each of these posting's of these "tough love" disturbed parent's will post the name's of each parent in bold type at each heading first.

My 24 year old daughter who I live with found this troubling the other day. This is almost right in our neighborhood ... which is a small NW Dallas suburban city of 39,000 population called Coppell, which is about 16 mile's NW of downtown Dallas (we live in the City of Dallas though) .... a fairly decent, middle/ upper middle income neighborhood ... certainly not an area of any poverty at all. But what was troubling to my daughter was the idea that your own parent would kill you, end your life, strictly because the parent is having a rough financial experience. I have wrote in this journal that we will see a rise in suicide's ... and more group suicide especially because of the time's and change's coming ... so I understand the reality clearly. Mayor Peter's decided to end financial difficulties by murdering herself and 19 year old daughter, Ms Corinne Peters . A video below here, then some word's that I will add.

***** CNN: Friend: Mayor involved in apparent murder- suicide 'never opened up' ... (newsread)

The primary reason I wanted to post this is because of the nausea of the community reaction here in the Dallas Area over this. I was listening to some local talk radio right after the funeral/ memorial service while driving around town, and was shocked at alot of the talk .... the whimpering, the compassion, the ceremony, flying flag's at their City Hall at half staff ... and the nauseating explaining and understanding of this woman's financial difficulties, pampering and pandering, etc, etc. Almost not a word about her 19 year old daughter that was just out of high school on her way to the University of Texas at Austin. But instead of Mayor Peters career as a contract software developer, and her work as Mayor, contribution's to the community, how strong and positive she has been, ceremonial talk of the afterlife or heaven, and such other trash, etc. It was just absolutely so ridiculous listening to these whining loving passionate mourner's, that I just had to do a posting on this.

To be frank here, ESPECIALLY FOR FELLOW DALLASITE'S .... I havent one decent thing to say about Mayor Peters ... I dont give a rat's ass, what she done in her software contracting business, or her community work, or as Mayor of Coppell. Her daughter Corinne was executed by her mom and not even given the chance to pursue her life and goal's and start at her University. The talk of how strong the Mayor was, especially after her husband's death and such, or pursueing her career and other talk .... let me be even more frank here ... she was a snobbish self centered weakling in my opinion. A product of today's two faced hypocritical pop culture society, along with all ya'll Dallas Area parasite's I heard locally that "feel her pain", and your pathetic talk of she is with God, YA'LL SICKEN ME AS WELL! Her note's for arriving investigator's was what to do with her pet's and such, who obviously meant more than her own daughter to her.

This crap about how hard time's are is more nausea and a display of weakness and incompetence that we have became so accustomed too. When time's get tough ... you simply budget, especially the million's of American's that live way beyond their mean's, endlessly upgrading their living standard's and going into more and more debt on item's that they dont even need, or car's that their not going to drive daily, and home's bigger than anything they need or such, just to impress the neighbor's or other's .... who wouldnt frankly give a rat's ass about you either way, or put food in your belly, and are just as weak and snobbish as you. And the nerve to look at this incompetence we do today as elite or successful. I will tell you who is elite and a success ... those who can face difficult time's, and balance their budget's, even on lower income's who work hard and are able to face obstacle's and defeat them and continue, without putting a gun to their head's and especially their own children. Dont get me wrong ... I have no problemo with one's choice to end their "own" life .... but I see nothing worth even sympathy for those like this former Mayor. This political correctness as well of our society is just as sickening.


Enough said on this ....


Monday, July 19, 2010


This music posting, although past due, and the need to honor this icon .... so I wanted to post some favourites and classics of Hendrix. Machine Gun is actually an anti- war song that was composed during the "Viet Nam War" ... Jimi Hendrix himself was in the US Army for a brief period even. But Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970) comes from the Pacific Northwest's Emerald City of Seattle. I could yap about Mr.Jimi Hendrix till my face is as blue as his suit here in the first video, because that is how unique this artist/ composer was .... who many at that era couldnt understand ... not even folk's he worked for before going solo such as legend "Little Richard" and other's. And who the Hell else played the guitar backward's? ... left handed and strung his string's in reverse, manipulated effect's using feedback which at the time was the sort of thing a guitarist tried to avoid. I hear so many try to categorize this man's composition and guitar playing, from rock to metal to blue's .... look .... let me make it simple here ... there is no category to put Mr.Hendrix's work into ... it is simply a category of it's own, as just "Hendrix" ... perod! For me ... I alway's looked at it like ... "There is Hendrix ... then other's".

Jimi Hendrix- Machine Gun (Live Copenhagen 1970) ... Thanx to CAPTAIN COCONUT. COCONUT

Jimi Hendrix Experience- Fire and Hey Joe ... Thanx to bonnodato


Friday, July 16, 2010


This will be Part 5 of the "2010 Show" series, I am posting as a preview series of the freakshow that we will see prior the 2010 mid term election's. And this series link Part's 1 thru 4 here . The CNN piece below is of the newest freakshow of "sillyism" (defined in title here).... then some word's I will add after.

***** CNN: Tea Party leader says he's done talking about race controversy ... (newsread)

This show as I posted in the earlier post's will be very entertaining, however the flip side to it is, we end up not doing a damn thing in actuality "but" entertaining ourselves unfortunately. I once heard as a child someone say that "variety was the spice of life" ... and boy oh boy ... I was a restless kid and really took that to heart ... trying to do everything I can and meet everyone I could, as well as stay moving ... it had it's up's and down's like anything else I reckon. The positive part of it all, was ... getting a hand's on of various type's of folk's from just about every walk of life imaginable ... positive, because being able to size up folk's quickly can save your ass from harm's way, as well as help you see alot of BS before it smother's you by suffocating your brain. Our own self engineered fear's and phobia's are one of our biggest enemies. I say "self" engineered, is because even though we are spoonfed so much rubbish from those who have power over us, it is we that choose to believe it and nourish ourselves psychologically from that which we are fed. You soon or late learn ... that fear is only what "you" made it.

The video above is pure sillyism though, and listening to these folk's is incredible and their debate's and accusation's of each other, etc. I am a straight voting democrat since 2004 these day's ... and my worst nightmare is to see a group like the "Tea Bag's" becoming a majority power in this nation. Because they are racist's? No ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... because their train of thought is not a way that will move this country in a beneficial direction in an ever changing world, especially with the obstacles to come .... it is only a death sentence in a way. Although I do see some idea's that they have that I agree with ... but the formula cant work due to the current condition. But this idea that they are racist? I reckon that would have to do with what you define as racist? I mean ... yes ... there are a dozen thing's I could point out at their public pep rallies, that I could say have some racist's tone's to it, such as the "Trick or Treat" effigy in the pinstripe suit, with the jewelry and such, that has been an image used since 1930's German Nazi Party, to the American Group's such as the National Socialist Movement, to the White Aryan Resistance, to the Ku Kux Klan and Hammerskin Confederate's, or similar group's to portray the Jew Banker's of the Globe or such. But are these people really racist? To me ... No ... absolutely not, and if they met real racist's, they would probably run and hide in fear.

I have met and talked with "real" racist's ... and I'm not talking about some hillbilly jackasses who drive pick up's with a confederate flag on the back, with empty beer can's in the bed of it. I'm talking about the real thing. Real racist's will not debate and try to play the word game, and sit on the edge of what is defined as racism, they do their homework, dream of genocide, ethnic cleansing, they will polish their own shoe's and make sure their shirt's and pant's are well sized/ starched and pleated. They prefer AK-47's over shotgun's ... and .45 cal handgun's (semi auto) over these pea shooter's folk's like I would carry. And they sure as Hell dont use term's like "N Word", they prefer "Nigger" and other term's. There are also a number of racist's group's of color that the masses dont even look at, and instead blindly support out of popularity. Mr. Tom Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance and Mr. Mike McGee of the original Black Panther Militia, sat down together to talk in a public forum once, the audience of left and right pop culture masses criticized only Metzger because of his white group affiliation, and supported Mr. McGee because he was a black militant, yet both of these leader's laughed at the masses in the audience to their face, and got along great. Why? ... because what the audience couldnt see past because of their herd mentality ... was these guy's were one in the same, and in total agreement with each other, they both wanted as much of a segregated society as you can get ... and even both hated Jew's. As far as what any of the audience or any of us in the mainstream population thought, they could care less.

Racist's like sexist's even ... if they are "real" .... they truely think out of the mainstream. You see ... many folk's wouldnt even have an opinion or idea on what anything is or even the definition ... without a news source, media or such to tell them how to think and react ... this is how the thinking is of the herd mentality that permeate's our society. It's also so full of fear from being spoonfed all this nonsense from the controlling entities .... the 3 entities that I alway's talk about that control all institutionalized thought, from the religious power's to the political power's to the main master's of the corporate/ finance power's. They never feed us too much at once ... only enough to keep us worried, with a tad of fear, and only when they need to ... such as election's ... important legislation proposal's or other issue's of their prime concern's, when they want us to be preoccupied with nonsense like this, and be at each other's throat's, and frankly it work's for most folk's, because they allow themselves to be gullible enough. But we actually waste time on the sillyest issue's and dont pay atencion to what our real obstacles are. And we will change in time .. I mean ... real change ... not this nonsense fantasy change we talk about now.

The President is labeled as everything by these group's at these freak rallies, he's a Nazi, Socialist, Death Panel Administrator, Communist, Extremeist, Space Alien, and even al-Qaeda spy plant, as well as the Anti-Christ all wrapped up in one. Actually I think the President has more balanced sense than most of anyone in these time's. I even would be considered a racist or extremeist by today's masses, because I called jihadist's "flea bearded raghead's" .... and I'm not fair by saying that. But when I see a group make a video, post it on YouTube ... and say their main goal is to destroy everything me and my country stand's for, and call our women whore's and slut's, and threaten to blow up our landmark's .... as far as I'm concerned ... I havent been harsh and unfair enough. I have had several folk's ask me if I have ever attended a Tea Party rally? No .... I mean ... why would I? I can get the same and better costume get- up's at a Marilyn Manson concert or Alien Sex Fiend concert, and plus ... get a great music show to go along with it. Especially in June, July, or August in Dallas? .... in the afternoon with possibly 95 degree heat, to watch a bunch of freak's parade around, hugging Teddy Bear's and other stuffed animal's? Come now ... although I love entertainment, I'm not nearly that desperate for entertainment. I mean .... what could I possibly do? Try to convince them that my way is the only way or something?, argue/ debate over which millionaire candidate I love most?, push and shove?

The most hilarious part of this herd chain of thought is how they all play these race and gender/ sex card's ... when the Tea Bag's are questioned ... they pull out spokeperson's of color or female gender to answer the public, when the President was gaining ground in the election's and Secretary of State Clinton was side stepped, the GOP grab Palin out of nowhere to grab the angry Clinton voter's and say their doing it out of love for women and their right's, or grab someone like Mike Steele to lead their party, because of his race. This is just American Politic's in 2010, and the usual freakshow that's orchestrated to distract us from the real issue's, which has went on for year's ... just now a lil better engineered than the past ... but still, the same nonsense they get away with decade after decade after decade. Even some of the candidate's making lifelong career's out of simply selling nonsense for decade's themselves. It's no wonder they dont want to change too much ... I mean, if you had a guaranteed 6 figure salary and other monetary incentive's of much higher amount's annually, and great benefit package, and couple thousand dollar leather armchair's to set in while you run your mouth on camera in a mic ... would you want much change? :)

Later ..........


RAMONES .... "Live" New Year's Eve 1977 at London's Rainbow ....

Related image

This art/ music posting is way past due, to take a look at some of America's founding father's of Punk Rock music, The Ramones .... and in memory as well of frontman, vocalist, songwriter, Mr. Joey Ramone (1951-2001), as well as Mr. Johnny Ramone (1948-2004) , Mr. Dee Dee Ramone (1951-2002). While visiting the blogsite of blogger Ms.WinsomeDove and a couple of her recent punk posting's .... it reminded me of wondering what Ramones piece's I wanted to post?

But this group of gentlemen out of NYC's Queens .... were a class of their own. I seen them once, when they played a Dallas landmark small venue, originally known as a country/ western dance hall, called the "Longhorn Ballroom" , back on their 1982 American Tour .... and what a show they done! I dont think I ever seen a group do so many song's in just an opening 45 minute or so set. Their song's and composition is as basic as you can get, they are short, with a few repetitive chord riff's, in your face vocal's, with a big back beat, more of a party band for basic rock and roll, and an explosive "live" performance. Below a taste of that explosive live performance @ London's Rainbow ... Enjoy!!

Ramones- Live At The Rainbow- December 31, 1977 ... Thanx to The Ramones



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OSCAR GRANT TRIAL & JUSTICE: .... BART cop kill's man in Oakland PART 2: .... "THE VERDICT" ....

Part One of this posting here, as well as video of the murder . This Part Two is an update on the verdict of the jury that was decided for the trial of BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, who shot and killed Mr. Oscar Grant in a subway incident New Year's Day 2009, in the City of Oakland. Below of the familia's response ... read here . Credit here to Mr. Cephus Johnson (victim's uncle), who sum's this up perfectly of this reality. Mr. Johnson was even denied access to the verdict hearing of his nephew's assailant, because he was one minute late at the court door, that is not only disrespectful to the familia and him, but also an insult to all American's. Then just a few word's and opinion from myself on this.

I wanted to post this since the day the "verdict" of Officer J. Mehserle' trial came in, but I delayed posting this for a few day's to first see what the community response would be to this. The familia of the murder victim as well as Gov. Schwarzenegger of California asked folk's to remain calm ... and so they did.

Oscar Grant's uncle blasts Cali PD ... Thanx to RT America

***** CBS NEWS: BART Verdict: Mehserle Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter ... (newsread)

Now my opinion is strictly my view on this .... but NO .... ABSOLUTELY NOT ... do I think this verdict was justice, by any stretch of the word for that matter. Now some may say that I should read all the trial transcript's to get a better understanding, and that's fine, however .... this is clearly murder .... plain and simple ... and for a jury that deliberate's for such short time, with no African American's on the jury either, as well as the trial being held several hundred mile's south of Oakland in Los Angeles (?) .... is this being a trial and jury of your "peer's"? If it was a police officer murdered at the BART station, would the trial of the assailant be held down in LA ? .... and you can bet your paycheck that a trial of a murdered BART officer WOULD HAVE African American's on the jury, as well as a trial proceedure done in the Bay Area, and a verdict far different than this. This is just a slap in the face, in my opinion to the victim and his familia. You have a man ... subdued (Mr. Oscar Grant) handcuffed, face down almost as if hogtied, there is NO physical danger to this officer, or any of the other officer's even, a video that is so clear it speak's for itself, and you come back suddenly with a verdict of guilty of "Involuntary Manslaughter"? .... well .... something is not working efficiently in the court system.

But this isnt just about this case concerning the murder of Mr. Grant ... this is an across the board problem and issue that should concern all working class folk's of this nation, of modest income of all race/ ethnicity, who pay their taxes and do what is told as the "right thing" .... because there is so much more of this that goes on, that we dont see across this nation. It may not hit the daily news as much as the concern's we focus on in other nation's abroad .... but this is America, and American people ... and an issue that concern's us. And an example of how "un"just the system can be for million's of tax paying citizen's in our nation, just because they are not wealthy, or anyone of notoriety, popularity, etc.

I only hope that this will continue to be an issue and the familia will pursue this till the cow's come home ... because this is clearly injustice .... and not just for their familia, but for this country. Other than that .... I have nothing else to say on this, that would sound pleasant, or other politically correct BS to sugar coat it, because this case and trial down to the very prosecution team was pathetic.

POST NOTE: I have read so many posting's on this from the media's over the last few day's I lost count. So many take the time to explain the technicalities and what constitute's as murder, manslaughter, voluntary, involuntary etc, etc. The officer found guilty of these charge's should have shame .... especially running like a coward after he done it, to another state resigning, not to mention ... the officer's who supported him and had excuses, then that sad look in the court. Then to top it off .... if this vile piece of rubbish (officer) goes to do any time, he get's "protective custody" ... this is about the lowest level of cowardice one can achieve. And it is equally nauseating of those in the media's that try to explain this, or the variation's of what constitute's what. You have a video that show's clearly what happened ... and there is nothing to explain here. Those who do are just as cowardly .... because they do only what they are told .... they may be educated, but not enough to actually think for themselves, without following what they are told by other's and kissing up in some way. There is NOTHING technical about this ... they bound and shackled a man, placed him face down, while another officer held him in place, and another stood over him and executed him, then simply walked away. That's manslaughter? .... anyone else doing this ... it would be murder one. You cant even consider self defense it is so cut and dry ... or even an officer feeling their life may be endangered for that matter. Your not even talking assault gone wrong, or excessive force or brutality ... just clear murder.


Friday, July 9, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA in Kansas City ... a look at "Multitasking" and "Workplace Team Play" ....

This is a short video clip of the President in Kansas City(MO) recently and some issue's he had to talk about concerning the workplace and team play. And then a few word's I wanted to add on this, as well as multitasking in today's workplace.

President Obama says the Republican party ran the economy into a ditch ... Thanx to iGOTNEXTBLOG

First of all .... I understand that the President's job, like any other job today require's discipline, team work and effort, and often, especially in this position "multitasking". So I understand that campaigning also on behalf of his colleague's, come's with the territory, and this guy has really been putting in the hour's, no doubt. Yet it is somewhat disappointing to have to see the President in these crucial time's having to even focus on this left/ right nonsense .... but we demand that of those we employ as part of the job ... and he know's he has a job to do. The thing is ... too many are not doing their job's .... and he doesnt get that team spirit behind him. All I been hearing is alot of whining out of the people, both on the left and the right .... like a bunch of damn spoiled brat's ... and many of those we employ on the Hill are no different, with this herd mentality. But regardless of what I think ,more and more disapprove of him recently , and frankly alot of that is simply frustration, as well as media feed's to discredit him. And whenever any issue arises, such as the BP Gulf Oil Spill, that will also hit the opinion's. Approval rating here is "so- so" .... kinda mediocre I reckon , and I dont exactly put full faith in these poll's, but just figured to post it. I was on some hard right posting's and of course it was worse .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... make's me wonder about some of these poll's. But nonetheless, these poll's and talk effect thing's across the board at time's for other's in the mid term's, because the endorsement is from him, whether it's positive or negative. The last President Bush seemed to skyrocket quickly in approval at the poll's just after the 9/11 terror attack's .... yet he didnt do much of nothing no one else wouldnt do.

One of the biggest obstacle's on the job for the President has been this use of the word "NO" .... it is solid truth that those who oppose him, oppose every damn thing, and just know one word which is "NO". This President has bent over backward's, he has compromised, even readjusted proposal's to make a more balanced and level playing field, not has missed one task despite having an overwhelming agenda and schedule, he has been more transparent than any President I have witnessed in my lifetime, and addressed every lil odd thing that was tossed his way .... including nonsense like from PETA animal right's activist's who condemned him for swating a fly and killing it, then in an apologetic sense having to accept the fly catching device they sent him to catch and release flies in a humane manner , and all the other pop culture lame pansy issue's he has to deal with. He even took time the other day to sit down with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to try to patch up old misunderstanding's. He has contributed more proposal's and idea's than any of those politician's who make this all the freakshow we have. HE AT LEAST IS DOING HIS JOB AND EARNING HIS PAYCHECK. All of these folk's saying "NO" are not doing a damn thing, nor frankly giving any solution's or making an effort to do anything but try to find way's to find fault with everything that come's out of his mouth .... it's actually pathetic. I have never seen so many whiner's under one roof. This President has taken more and swifter action on getting the job done, than any. It's almost like he is working with a bunch of slacker's. Everything this President had said in the above video is more than just campaign talk ... it is solid fact .... and actually sad, that he has to point this out as obvious as it is. They also complain on his own side that he dont talk down to earth enough for average folk to understand .... what part of any of this can average folk not understand I wonder?

And we expect this President to do more? We should be grateful he has been able to do all he has, as it is, with the condition's he is having to work with. If there was anytime in this countries history that need's more team playing and a tad of bipartisan understanding and effort ... it would have to be in this era. Forget the Great Depression Era and how tough that was, or World War 2, or the Cold War, etc. Those are nothing of the magnitude that we fail to see of the current. And just to think that all this resistance to work with our President is strictly to get a few seat's in Congress and Senate and to please a bunch of folk's that paid them bookoo dollar's through one source or another. This man is doing his job .... I would suggest that other's who seem to have a limited vocabulary (of one word) as well as their obviously limited job performance, do the same. Hell yes there was thing's I didnt agree with him on .... but a job need's to get done here ... you cant get the job done staying upset over petty thing's.

And we all suspected this crap was coming .... I sure wrote plenty about this in the past .... being skeptical when all these folk's clapped, patted him on the back, and talked about how they will work with the President because they understand the depth of the problem's we face, and he gave them a few incentive's as well .... and just has had his hand slapped away time and again .... no matter what he proposes, actually more than what I expected for that matter. NONE of the current mess we are in can be credited to this current administration ... none whatsoever. The President has been playing a fair game .... while being dealt a hand from a rigged deck to be honest here. It took almost a decade to create this mess .... and it will take equally as long unless were damn lucky to clear half this up and level thing's out. I am suprised our President can get any sleep .... it would be nice if his fellow co-worker's would all pull their weight equally.

If you wonder what the President and this Administration has done the last year and a half? There is a whole list of what they done to make this ride for American's smoother, this one blogsite here posted 90 item's of accomplishment , although I havent verified them all, at least it is a reference for those who wish to. Job's are still lacking? Look at the math .... I wrote two year's ago that they couldnt catch up any time soon .... Why? because I looked at the math, issue's like population growth, job outsourcing, legal immigration ... the immigration issue none of them will talk about (corporate legislated legal immigration to fill our degree position's here, that our graduate children have to compete against), instead making an issue out of Mexican's doing some day labour. These issue's need time .... 2 year's will not cut the mustard in this current situation. And there is not one political representative that could get better or quicker result's. Even this Afghanistan War was just tossed on the President's desk, this war had nothing to do with this President .... and China had no bid contract's to mine all the copper out of Afghanistan since around 2007 .... yet they dont have to put troop's in Afghanistan? You ever wonder ... Why? Where was this President and Administration back in time's like 2006/ 2007? And who was running the show back then? Look at the fact's and do the math.


I cant stress enough how importante it is ... to re-elect all those who are actually working to help and contribute to this President and Administration. If we were to interfere with the work that has been done, and is in the work's ... we will get hit so hard, it will make this look like a slap on the wrist .... bank on it. This crew need's time, and the reason as I posted in previous posting's that he is getting hammered with so much at once is strictly intentional ... and not to help America's people and country ...but just for a handful of special interest's. Listening to some of these folk's talk about this President and Administration with their criticism .... you would think the President been in office 12 year's already. The last thing you want to do .... is stop this workcrew in the middle of the job and switch gameplan's and player's, doing that only put's us at square one. Frankly ... even though most of my voting life I voted republican .... the GOP are not what they were year's back .... and are too disorganized and at each other's throat's and protecting special interest's instead of America's interest, to even lead the workplace. As a whole they are simply too disorganized and have too many internal problem's that they cant even resolve, so you need to also give them time to get their act together. They simply have no workable gameplan as a party to deal with these issue's we have right now.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NEW SOCIAL ORDER: .... the 2 Faces of the "Current Condition" and the "Balance Factor" ....

This will be posted as well as sort of a reference posting, to get a picture of the current condition. Thank You to Mr.Tim Waters and his partner Ms.Melissa Waters, of the blogsite "Scared Stiff" for posting this first video called "Crisis of Capitalism" posted by , on YouTube, and Mr. David Harvey, who is known as an extreme radical social theorist, which brought these to my atencion. But I also wanted to post in addition the flip side perspective of this, called "The Critique" from HowTheWorldWorks , which is the 2nd video, by Mr. Lee Doran, who claim's that Mr.Harvey's statement's are flawed, and has some pointer's of his own. Combined time of the video's is just under 25 minute's, but I strongly encourage them to get a clear entire picture of the current condition. Then of course .... a few word's of my own on this.

Also this first video had me laughing up a storm, just the animation's of this is a work of art in itself, and listening to Mr.Harvey explain is hilarious, even though I agree with him almost 100% here, or at least understand the frustration, because it is true, and truth is alway's the most hilarious! Several year's back a buddy told me that I sounded like a Marxist, at the time I didnt know much about Marxism, but I can understand now/ today, why my buddy said that .... because I actually do! :)

RSA ANIMATE: Crises of Capitalism ... Thanx to THE RSA

Now .... this 2nd video from a right wing conservative capitalist perspective also is full of accurate fact's by Mr. Doren , set aside how confusing that may sound and look at both for what they have to contribute, to be able to find a new workable solution, take the best of both .... work them in together, and create a balance ... you have your new social order, unlike of the past, but the best of all the past, if that make's any sense.

Crisis of Capitalism, The Critique- Lee Doren ... Thanx to HOWTHEWORLDWORKS

The reason for posting these two extremely different view's here, is because this is how we function overall. The catch to this is .... both of these polarizing opinion's are one in the same ... you see .... they have more in common than they actually realize .... and are both accurate on many thing's .... because this is the state of the current condition. This journal for instance from the start to the finish , will all intersect .... socially, philosophically, politically, etc. When system's start to deteriorate, decline, and fall apart, and go into real change, which change's the course of history, they reach their maximum potential is all, you will see this throughout recorded human history as I have stated in past, whether it is from the Roman's, to the Mayan's, Egyptian's, etc, etc. What happen's is eventually the high point loses balance, and the imbalance and divide widen. Then we create and learn to adapt to the new.

Sure ... you can repair and repair the old, and fantasize and reminisce about what it was like at a past point, or maintaining the same ole same, holding on to what the American Dream was at a time, etc. Kind of like a sociopolitical "love affair" of sort .... and being obsessed and holding onto a relationship you know wont continue to work, but keep chasing your tail trying to make it work .... when the best thing to do .... is simply walk away. Dont think that our political structure and representative's have the answer's and can lead us to some Utopia and restore what once was ... they cannot. I vote for instance one party and that is democrat these day's, just simply because what is needed, and to make the ride through the storm a little smoother during this transition that will come. Not because I am liberal, or conservative, or any of the other .... I am beyond that type of thinking for instance. The same with our current President Obama .... he is not truely left or right, and beyond that .... which is why I had so much to say about him and this before he was even the democrat party candidate ... about folk's not understanding him, because most will not.

There are no answer's here .... only solution's ... and the only way to go into a more beneficial direction is to actually change, and feel the effect's of our flaw's and imperfection's. Regardless of how much I may criticize many politician's for instance ... the fact is ... they simply dont know or understand anything else, and it is difficult in this point of history to teach an old dog new trick's ... this will all change in time though. It is now also more of a master/ slave mentality as well. I am not condemning folk's for this ... it's simply all they understand, true balance is not understood, and like anything else in life ... we learn and evolve. Our potential and will is greater than we even realize at this point. And much is needed to actually change .... much of which will be very psychologically unpleasant and difficult to grasp, but it will pass in time.

Finally ... to understand the difficulties we are experiencing, you must put aside the common way of thought, and look at everything ... not just left or right, understanding what is truely your enemy is how to defeat. You have to utilize the best of everything and balance it all. All that is happening now and soon, is only setting the stage to understand how destructive and constructive we can be, and where we need to change. You alway's hear what it will take to get back to "normal" .... but that is the last thing you want to focus on ... is getting back to normal, this only rehash's the same problem's as well as the benefit's, basically the same shit in different packaging is all. All we are seeing is human nature, it isnt right or wrong, any more than good or evil, regardless of what end you are at, or social status, it is simply the condition, of the reality we created ourselves, and what we create, we can also destroy. The new social order of thing's will arrive in time.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"ABOVE and BELOW" PT.1: .... Image's in TIME and EVOLUTION ....

For this posting, just a tad of window dressing in these image's captured above and below, and/ or a brief read and view from below here , and another link here to Hubblesite for a few from above.

I feel fortunate and grateful to live in an era where I can enjoy these view's, and am alway's fascinated with such.

The first full- sky image from Europe's Planck telescope ... Thanx to FRANCIS VILLATORO

SAVE OUR PLANET- Stunning sea life under melting Artic ice ... Thanx to NOTEWORTHYNEWS'S CHANNEL


Monday, July 5, 2010

CREDIT CARD REFORM'S: .... "Giving Credit where Credit (CARD'S) is DUE" ....

This is just another reference posting, mostly to show a few pointer's on the new change's and protection's as well for consumer's using credit card's. But regardless of how much we expect government to protect us .... this is America ... and we need to stay sharp, that's the price of democracy! Everyone know's that those who stay a step ahead of us is going to alway's figure out new angle's to make a buck. But in this video below, Financial Analyst, Mr. Clyde Anderson will give a brief rundown on the lowdown. And also a link here as well on this which will all be here in August 2010. And like Mr. Anderson tries to stress ...."use your head" ... I mean, I have abused credit card usage in the past for instance, and someone like me .... sometime's "debit card's" are better.

Also I want to add ..... to "give credit where credit is due" .... and never forget those who help you .... it's good business! Give credit here to our President and this Administration, no matter what party you may favour .... this is something that help's the people of "OUR" country (for a change). As far as I am concerned .... it's these small step's that show who tries to at least help the working people in these trying time's .... action's speak louder than word's, and those who helped us, such as this President and Administration .... will definitely get my vote come this November election's, when I'm done a favour, I believe in returning a favour. This is a small step by this administration .... but a significant hand for working America! Forget all the political talk and nonsense from those who criticize this President and Administration .... those who complain and criticize of them .... ask yourself .... what have they done for the people?

CNN: New credit card rules explained ... Thanx to CNN


Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Fractional Reserves" .... and the .... "Creation of Bond's out of Nothing" ....

This posting and video is primarily going into this journal for reference. It is an excellent clear and basic look at how this money system worx .... and something that is connected to probably half postings in this journal. Let me make clear though that the importante message in video is meant to focus on our debt and everything connected to it ... it's absolutely hilarious (IMO), because it point's out so many facts is all. And again .... I am not anti capitalism at all .... it's just what we have as I stated in past postings is not truly capitalism anymore in the tradition, so this is to show also capitalism, and where is the capital? :) **** NOTE: The video below had to be changed out (03/ 05/ 13), because the first video I posted was removed from YouTube because of some copyright issue ... but this newer one gets to the point.

Fractional Reserve Banking ... Thanx to SILVERSHIELDGRP

But all in all .... this short video should give the average Joe/ Jane a little clearer vision in short of how things work, as far as "fractional reserves" and how bond's are created out of thin air, and the purpose. I am not going to even attempt to try to dig up the posts I have most connected to this, because it would take too long to sift through them, and there are simply too many.

Just about everything is all done legally and for reason, as I have posted so many times ...."look at the legislation, then who writes it" ... this will show you clearly how and why these things are created and done. Again ... it all connect's also to the "3 entities", a title I came up with to present the 3 major global power's that dictate the system of today, which are major religious institution's such as the Vatican, a handful of corporate player's, that control all the smaller corporate world, and the most powerful free world government structure's ... but also including now, the People's Republic of China, I include China like that because folk's dont look at them as free, and the government own's most of it's business .... but you see .... this is or will be even the norm for all cooperating nation's, so this commi, democracy, free talk or such are just convenient title's only .... it hasnt a thing to do with the business, but only to keep the masses blind and deluded with politic's, right/ left, good/ evil, right/ wrong and the rest of the silly title's, cliche's, and nonsense we waste time with.

I also throughout this journal point out that even what we consider "elite", is not even elite today .... not unless you just see elitism as competition between a bunch of high scale hustler's .... I mean ... they have to do nothing but manipulate the very system they created with no interference or competition, that hardly fall's into what I consider as elite, or anything like Bill Gates even for that matter. They all just buy/ sell, legislate and control is all, so you can say "management" is a better title. I speak of the system deteriorating and the collapse throughout this journal ... only because it has reached it's pinnacle point in time .... the world and change will put it in a bind that will be harder and harder to repair and revise for the change that is to come ... which will be what I term in this journal as the "storm's to come" only. This same maxed out way of doing business as usual and what you see in the video above also effect's every other bubble/ bust scenario and financial problem we had or to come soon .... such as the housing market crisis recently, and hedge fund's .... loaning out money that has no actual capital or exist's for even that matter, then too big giant's like AIG insuring all these investment's .... when they fail basically and an insurer cant cover or protect it ...heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... so goes the houses of card's and the whole neighborhood for that matter .... then these so called "elite" come whining to us peasant's they muscled, like crybabies and tell us they need even more finance and help, and to work more and harder for less, pay more and more, etc, etc, etc ... this list is endless. And if we dont .... it's the end of the world and other nonsense fear tactic's they toss in. This is the importance of the creation and imposing strict regulatory panel's and law's, transparent of course, which even they cant get out of ... because the trick part is .... the less regulation they have .... the more damage they will do to their own empire's .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they are between a rock and a hard place themselves. I know this is no laughing matter .... but what is so hilarious for me in all of this is just being able to live in this era to actually witness this all go down .... this all started centuries ago .... and built what we have now, and worked great as is for as long, and it's finally having to experience a drastic change as a result of what they created to begin with.

But this deal over Iraq, oil, etc .... is even much deeper .... and has to do basically with simply the privatization and monopolizing the entire globe by a handful of investors/ holders of wealth majority pulling the string's. When the top blow's .... and trust me it will, and I wish I could pinpoint when, that is when the actual new face will show and the entire system will change (what I term as the 'collapse" in this journal), and the new will come in. But this is much more than only petro ... it touches everything ... and is the cause for all the new normal's and recession's, bubble/ bust's and every other damn misery that come's up. And of course ... the grunt's or those at the bottom of the chain get hit the hardest only. As I said .... this forced globalization doesnt have a bloody thing to do with bringing folk's together or nonsense like humanitarian effort's, loving our neighbor's and freeing folk's from oppression and all this other nonsense were taught starting from childhood .... any more than a public school system is created to educate for our own good, as much as it's to set the moral and social standard's to conform to the system the entities control and feed off of, same with institution's like the Vatican, etc. When the day come's that we abandon it .... it will simply fade away .... like the Mayans ( one of my favourite societies of past ) in the past simply walked away .... abandoned the King's, Temple's and system ... and mysteriously went off into the jungle's and formed their smaller tribe's, .... What happened? .... they lost faith in the king's/ ruler's who provided for so long and destroyed the eco system .... which rippled down to agricultural need's and such. The same with this too big to fail system ... and the wider and newer array of global player's now including 3rd world countries even. In our glory day's of such era's as the industrial revolution for instance only a handful of countries controlled all the manufacturing, market's/trade, etc. Nowaday's even the car giant's of Japan are losing to folk's like the Korean's .... electronic's/ tech's are coming out of Central American countries now and place's like Indonesia, etc, etc, like never before .... without this control and market's manipulation through a large "order" globalization by the 3 entities that you see .... like the king's of past ... they see they will either downsize tremendously or fail completely eventually, this is the final gasp's and desperation ... so you can never trust an animal that is cornered and desperate.

So .... the average Joe/ Jane may wonder what in Hell does this have to do with them?, and feel helpless, and that they cant do nothing to change anything. But it's importante for survival need's as well as our progress to have a decent basic understanding of the challenge, and what is needed .... call it simply having a survival tool. Thinking thing's are hopeless, doom and gloom, etc, etc .... never done anyone a damn bit of good, but keep them in the same rut ... history will clearly show you that. You must stay one step ahead of them .... because they are alway's one step ahead of you.

Enough said ......


Thursday, July 1, 2010

JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN: .... "a 1957 BBC appearance of young Mr.Page" .... Led Zeppelin 1973 "Since I've been loving you" .... (PT.1)

This posting is not only to honor the work and art of the great Led Zeppelin , but to focus on the outstanding work of string's master and composer, Mr. Jimmy Page .

This is a man that I could talk about credit's to him till I'm blue in the face, from all the outstanding work he has done in this industry, from soundtrack's/ studio work, composing masterpiece classic's, to construction of his own guitar's, to mastering pretty much any instrument of the string's category, technical engineering, and his unique trademark's of using violin bow's to play his guitar's live, and the added special effect's and altering of traditional sound, a genius, and a true elitist in his category unmatched!

Jimmy Page, Young Age! ... this is from a show called "Huw Wheldon Show" off the BBC 1957 Thanx to DJLIGHTBOLT .... enjoy!

This next piece below is with his band Led Zeppelin .... again ... basic blues work on the guitar, but what a fitting combo with his co- worker on vocal's Mr.Robert Plant! I have seen Mr.Page in full swing many year's ago "live", and he is outstanding "live" as well as his studio work's! I was fortunate to pick this up off YouTube of a 1979 performance in the small England Village of Knebworth, and I must say that the work here is unparalleled of especially Plant and Page, absolutely outstanding work here! THANX TO CHINES00