Monday, July 19, 2010


This music posting, although past due, and the need to honor this icon .... so I wanted to post some favourites and classics of Hendrix. Machine Gun is actually an anti- war song that was composed during the "Viet Nam War" ... Jimi Hendrix himself was in the US Army for a brief period even. But Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970) comes from the Pacific Northwest's Emerald City of Seattle. I could yap about Mr.Jimi Hendrix till my face is as blue as his suit here in the first video, because that is how unique this artist/ composer was .... who many at that era couldnt understand ... not even folk's he worked for before going solo such as legend "Little Richard" and other's. And who the Hell else played the guitar backward's? ... left handed and strung his string's in reverse, manipulated effect's using feedback which at the time was the sort of thing a guitarist tried to avoid. I hear so many try to categorize this man's composition and guitar playing, from rock to metal to blue's .... look .... let me make it simple here ... there is no category to put Mr.Hendrix's work into ... it is simply a category of it's own, as just "Hendrix" ... perod! For me ... I alway's looked at it like ... "There is Hendrix ... then other's".

Jimi Hendrix- Machine Gun (Live Copenhagen 1970) ... Thanx to CAPTAIN COCONUT. COCONUT

Jimi Hendrix Experience- Fire and Hey Joe ... Thanx to bonnodato



tnlib said...

Ummmmm. I liked what he stood for - just didn't like the sound of a dying cow and nightmare music in the background. Never could make a connection. There was one other I had trouble with and still do, although not as much. Always sounded like he had a bunch of bubble gum in his mouth. I'd tell you his name but I could hear your computer blow up all the way up here in Nashville.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Leslie: I actually felt like you may have had a couple Hendrix song's you may have favoured back then. I reckon if you listened to him when he played with Little Richard you wouldnt reckonize his guitar, when hendrix went solo is when he made his trademark, what he was able to compose in his short lived career (poor guy basically choked to death on his own vomit in his sleep, of course somewhat intoxicated as well)is a work of genius, whether I was a fan or not, I would have to say that looking at the work itself.

Now ..... Hmmmm(??) Who in all Hell sound's like they have bubble- gum in their mouth's? ... I love a challenge ... so let me guess. Geeez ... that's a tough one Leslie .... Mick Jagger? ... who I love alot of classic Stones, but he has been known for sloppy vocal's(?) Ozzy Osbourne? I mean ... Ozzy I love your composition and classic's, and know he sing's much better than he can "talk", when he tries to talk he make's Mel Tillis sound like a news anchor, Ozzy is so lousy talking. Other than that ... I havent a clue Leslie.(?) ... No ... my computer wont blow up. :)

I reckon too .... being from a town like Nashville .... music capital of the world, you have been spoiled as well with such an array of great art.

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Ms.Leslie .... I absolutely loved how you put that .... "A dying cow with nightmare music in the background" .... that had me laughing up a storm! :)

Tim said...

Did you know watch tower was written and preformed by Dylan.

I loved this post.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: Yes I did know that Mr.Dylan wrote "All along the Watchtower" .... I have actually a rare recording of Mr.Dylan doing that piece "live" in a nightclub in NYC, along with several other tune's of his, that was a bootleg type recording a guy I know in the mixing industry dubbed for me year's back. Did you know that Mr.Hendrix is the one who wrote "Red House"? (Another song covered by artist's, even moreso than "Watchtower" actually)

I am a bigger fan of Mr.Dylan's lyric's actually as a lyricist/poet, than his musical composition, although it fit's nicely .... but when folk's mention Mr.Dylan .... I think of him as a great American poet in preference to a song writer, Rather odd I reckon.

Thanx for your input Guy ....