Friday, July 16, 2010


This will be Part 5 of the "2010 Show" series, I am posting as a preview series of the freakshow that we will see prior the 2010 mid term election's. And this series link Part's 1 thru 4 here . The CNN piece below is of the newest freakshow of "sillyism" (defined in title here).... then some word's I will add after.

***** CNN: Tea Party leader says he's done talking about race controversy ... (newsread)

This show as I posted in the earlier post's will be very entertaining, however the flip side to it is, we end up not doing a damn thing in actuality "but" entertaining ourselves unfortunately. I once heard as a child someone say that "variety was the spice of life" ... and boy oh boy ... I was a restless kid and really took that to heart ... trying to do everything I can and meet everyone I could, as well as stay moving ... it had it's up's and down's like anything else I reckon. The positive part of it all, was ... getting a hand's on of various type's of folk's from just about every walk of life imaginable ... positive, because being able to size up folk's quickly can save your ass from harm's way, as well as help you see alot of BS before it smother's you by suffocating your brain. Our own self engineered fear's and phobia's are one of our biggest enemies. I say "self" engineered, is because even though we are spoonfed so much rubbish from those who have power over us, it is we that choose to believe it and nourish ourselves psychologically from that which we are fed. You soon or late learn ... that fear is only what "you" made it.

The video above is pure sillyism though, and listening to these folk's is incredible and their debate's and accusation's of each other, etc. I am a straight voting democrat since 2004 these day's ... and my worst nightmare is to see a group like the "Tea Bag's" becoming a majority power in this nation. Because they are racist's? No ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... because their train of thought is not a way that will move this country in a beneficial direction in an ever changing world, especially with the obstacles to come .... it is only a death sentence in a way. Although I do see some idea's that they have that I agree with ... but the formula cant work due to the current condition. But this idea that they are racist? I reckon that would have to do with what you define as racist? I mean ... yes ... there are a dozen thing's I could point out at their public pep rallies, that I could say have some racist's tone's to it, such as the "Trick or Treat" effigy in the pinstripe suit, with the jewelry and such, that has been an image used since 1930's German Nazi Party, to the American Group's such as the National Socialist Movement, to the White Aryan Resistance, to the Ku Kux Klan and Hammerskin Confederate's, or similar group's to portray the Jew Banker's of the Globe or such. But are these people really racist? To me ... No ... absolutely not, and if they met real racist's, they would probably run and hide in fear.

I have met and talked with "real" racist's ... and I'm not talking about some hillbilly jackasses who drive pick up's with a confederate flag on the back, with empty beer can's in the bed of it. I'm talking about the real thing. Real racist's will not debate and try to play the word game, and sit on the edge of what is defined as racism, they do their homework, dream of genocide, ethnic cleansing, they will polish their own shoe's and make sure their shirt's and pant's are well sized/ starched and pleated. They prefer AK-47's over shotgun's ... and .45 cal handgun's (semi auto) over these pea shooter's folk's like I would carry. And they sure as Hell dont use term's like "N Word", they prefer "Nigger" and other term's. There are also a number of racist's group's of color that the masses dont even look at, and instead blindly support out of popularity. Mr. Tom Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance and Mr. Mike McGee of the original Black Panther Militia, sat down together to talk in a public forum once, the audience of left and right pop culture masses criticized only Metzger because of his white group affiliation, and supported Mr. McGee because he was a black militant, yet both of these leader's laughed at the masses in the audience to their face, and got along great. Why? ... because what the audience couldnt see past because of their herd mentality ... was these guy's were one in the same, and in total agreement with each other, they both wanted as much of a segregated society as you can get ... and even both hated Jew's. As far as what any of the audience or any of us in the mainstream population thought, they could care less.

Racist's like sexist's even ... if they are "real" .... they truely think out of the mainstream. You see ... many folk's wouldnt even have an opinion or idea on what anything is or even the definition ... without a news source, media or such to tell them how to think and react ... this is how the thinking is of the herd mentality that permeate's our society. It's also so full of fear from being spoonfed all this nonsense from the controlling entities .... the 3 entities that I alway's talk about that control all institutionalized thought, from the religious power's to the political power's to the main master's of the corporate/ finance power's. They never feed us too much at once ... only enough to keep us worried, with a tad of fear, and only when they need to ... such as election's ... important legislation proposal's or other issue's of their prime concern's, when they want us to be preoccupied with nonsense like this, and be at each other's throat's, and frankly it work's for most folk's, because they allow themselves to be gullible enough. But we actually waste time on the sillyest issue's and dont pay atencion to what our real obstacles are. And we will change in time .. I mean ... real change ... not this nonsense fantasy change we talk about now.

The President is labeled as everything by these group's at these freak rallies, he's a Nazi, Socialist, Death Panel Administrator, Communist, Extremeist, Space Alien, and even al-Qaeda spy plant, as well as the Anti-Christ all wrapped up in one. Actually I think the President has more balanced sense than most of anyone in these time's. I even would be considered a racist or extremeist by today's masses, because I called jihadist's "flea bearded raghead's" .... and I'm not fair by saying that. But when I see a group make a video, post it on YouTube ... and say their main goal is to destroy everything me and my country stand's for, and call our women whore's and slut's, and threaten to blow up our landmark's .... as far as I'm concerned ... I havent been harsh and unfair enough. I have had several folk's ask me if I have ever attended a Tea Party rally? No .... I mean ... why would I? I can get the same and better costume get- up's at a Marilyn Manson concert or Alien Sex Fiend concert, and plus ... get a great music show to go along with it. Especially in June, July, or August in Dallas? .... in the afternoon with possibly 95 degree heat, to watch a bunch of freak's parade around, hugging Teddy Bear's and other stuffed animal's? Come now ... although I love entertainment, I'm not nearly that desperate for entertainment. I mean .... what could I possibly do? Try to convince them that my way is the only way or something?, argue/ debate over which millionaire candidate I love most?, push and shove?

The most hilarious part of this herd chain of thought is how they all play these race and gender/ sex card's ... when the Tea Bag's are questioned ... they pull out spokeperson's of color or female gender to answer the public, when the President was gaining ground in the election's and Secretary of State Clinton was side stepped, the GOP grab Palin out of nowhere to grab the angry Clinton voter's and say their doing it out of love for women and their right's, or grab someone like Mike Steele to lead their party, because of his race. This is just American Politic's in 2010, and the usual freakshow that's orchestrated to distract us from the real issue's, which has went on for year's ... just now a lil better engineered than the past ... but still, the same nonsense they get away with decade after decade after decade. Even some of the candidate's making lifelong career's out of simply selling nonsense for decade's themselves. It's no wonder they dont want to change too much ... I mean, if you had a guaranteed 6 figure salary and other monetary incentive's of much higher amount's annually, and great benefit package, and couple thousand dollar leather armchair's to set in while you run your mouth on camera in a mic ... would you want much change? :)

Later ..........



Tim said...

I like this post very much. Like we talked I think we all are racist to one degree or another. Your analysis of why they picked Sarah was spot on.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr. Tim: ... Well Guy .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they will only sell us what we "buy". :)

The weirdest thing of all this, is the people have common goal's, despite our difference's over these petty isue's, that are human nature and crosscultural need's, and we actually as a people have more power than we utilize or even realize. It's just a matter of actually using what we have. I focused on Tea Bag's and such, because they are a self proclaimed alternative to mainstream politic's, yet ... they simply have most of the same repulsive worn out idea's of the 20th century, trying to solve global related 21st century issue's, they basically are about as "alternative" as I am a "Seventh Day Adventist" ... Zilch! :) You know ... same ole same in a diffrent package and costume.

Palin .... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... she's a winner, only because people love to buy hype phrases of plastic patriotism, fishing stories, pregnant teen's, and other nonsense. I like her personality as far as small chat, maybe hunting some pheasant (I hunted pheasant in upstate NY, and your there is why I mentioned it)taking in a ballgame and a couple brew's .... but she is still weak and a flunky to the corporate and morality icon's. Not to say you have to attack these icon's, but you need to negotiate a more balanced playing field, which you can still give tax incentive's to them ... because even evil corporate folk's deserve reward's since they spend so much, but the trick is ... making a good blueprint, that benefit's them to stay and invest more here and domestically ... make them offer's .. heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they cant refuse in other word's, or find elsewhere's abroad .... marketing and stategy partner ... that's a true sales person, instead of flunkies like her that sound like a tape delay.

Thanx for your voice here Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing Mr. Tim ... President Obama is really on a workable track as far as being one with marketing skill's and idea's that will work, as well as having that bipratisan workability. What the obstacle has been is those who wont work with him. I'm not saying he has all the answer's or I agree with all he proposes ... I'm saying that he has a plan that would work better if he could only get more cooperation .... he understand's the need's of the human ... regardless of their social status .... he understand's this as well as balance and the imperfection's of humanity ... but many he has to deal with have not arrived at that point yet. I dont like the HCR plan for instance, but I see clearly how and why it ended up how it did, which I suspected it would since the start, and it ended up exactly how I called it in my posting's, almost like a carbon copy. The math was all there for anyone to see it before it's outcome, it's just many folk's refused to look at it, and instead, fantasized of what it may be ... which caused folk's to abandon what they once stood for, and flip flop to accept what they are fed instead. We actually could have gotten a public option if the President and other's werent so concerned with meeting deadline's due to upcoming election's and such, and the GOP and lobbyist's of pharma/ insurer's knew this, that is why they kept delaying and countering and playing the clock, but in a sense .... if we waited instead of rushing through this HCR ... we could have gotten a much better package, by wearing out the opponent and pressuring "them" ... instead of letting them wear us down and pressuring us.

Kind of like our short span of tolerance and vision .... or when a lower income person get's a tax return of say $2000, yet they dont want to wait 6 week's for it to arrive ... so they pay a middle person (tax preparation's firm) to front them the amount in only two week's and agree to give the lender/ preparer 33% of it in return. Learn how to work the "clock" my friend is the trick, and most importantly understand the importance of the "wait", and dissecting of complication's, such as well enginerred obstacle's.

rita said...

my worst nightmare is to see a group like the "Tea Bag's" becoming a majority power in this nation. Because they are racist's? No ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... because their train of thought is not a way that will move this country in a beneficial direction in an ever changing world, especially with the obstacles to come .... it is only a death sentence in a way.

In my town we have an interesting political situation coming up with the next election for city government positions. The most conservative groups (a lot of tea party types) are attempting to gain control of local politics. The minority left has so far been unsuccessful in drumming up candidates to balance the situation. What we liberals fear is just what you state above.
It is the fanaticism of these people that bothers me the most.
My sense is that this country is on the edge of panic mode.
Just the right conditions for fanatics to gain a foothold. Fanaticism breeds hate (no matter what side of the spectrum it's on). Because when people are afraid, hate seems rational.
this is how the thinking is of the herd mentality that permeate's our society. It's also so full of fear from being spoonfed all this nonsense from the controlling entities ....
As you point out, smart politicians use fear to control the masses gain more political power for themselves. We hear the hate/fear mongers every day whipping up the fanatics!

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject"--Winston Churchill

This is a very interesting & thought provoking post, thanks. :)

Demeur said...

I think your last couple of sentences summed it up nicely. Get a bunch of ignorant rubes to squawk and support corporate suits making a seven figure income.
You're right there are a lot of good ideas but the right just wants to go back to the 1800s. What's that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Ms.Rita!

Even though I been reading the Coquille Newspaper's (Thanx), and even watching some Coos County Newscast's on this interent, I didnt sense what was going on as far as the politcal takeover or attempt at least much out of ordinary of typical politic's, and sorry to hear it, however ... it's no reason to throw in a towel I reckon. In smaller town's such as Coquille it can seem to get a lil more personal, because of the close knit of the community. What is truely sad is that we have to waste so much time on thing's like culture, religion/ morality. I call it a waste ... is because since America "is" a country to where you are free to choose what you worship or practice, believe, etc., there is absolutely no reason, especially if you believe in God, to even worry what other's are doing, since what is important only is what you are doing. This is why these organized religion's of the largest scale's advocate going out and spreading the word, which is strictly "their" word, and converting people, or force feeding morality, being not to appease any God, but instead to create conflict and justify war and slavery for those who create and dictate these institution's, so this is the act of human's (mostly male gender at that) and has nothing to do with God ... if one truely believes in God and God's power's and judgement .... there would be none of this, because they would leave all matter's ONLY in God's hand's, meaning all organized religion's are man made, havent a thing to do with God or spirituality, and are nothing but enslavement machine's to destroy even God's very creation on every level. Meaning .... if there was such a thing to give an accurate portrayal of "evil" ... it would be those very institution's, it is "they", that are anti-christ/ god. Know your "true" enemy ... and this enemy is across the board, because it is the enemy of every living thing and life in general. But your bright and know this slithering slime better than I, having experienced this in childhhod year's, I dont need to tell you the score.

Thank You for your voice here Ms.Rita, and best of wishes for your town as well ....

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Ms.Rita .... I know you may think that my response to your comment, may not sound connected to the politic's you are talking about here .... however, it is all connected, because it is the foundation of what build's this political mess. You see .... even though we boast of seperation of church and state .... it is not the reality, and only written word's on paper .... because we truely DO NOT seperate church and state at all, when it come's to politic's unfortunately. We are turning into exactly what the founding structure of this nation was trying to avoid actually, when opposed to the power's of dictation via the Church of England and such. Of course tension's flare as well, when time's get tough, like unemployment rises or other issue's which make's it easier for those who incite this rubbish to thrive.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Greeting's Mr. Demeur!

And thanx for your visit and voice, because I know damn well that you know the score, having read so many of your posting's. The income's and well suited folk's of the last part of my posting? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they got it made ... dont they? I dont reckon it get's any better Guy as far as career choice's heh? :)

The right just want's to go back to the 1800's? Well ... I feel a tad different than you there Mr. Demeur, I feel more like, they want to go back to the 1960's or so, not that those werent some great economic time's .... but the trick would be how much of the rest of the civilised free world would join in? They would whine and maon like redheaded stepbrat's to go that far back .... Why? Becuaes they wouldnt have their car's, and truck's and mega earth raping industry to abuse the planet, or their coffee maker's, or anything else they couldnt live without .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :)

It must be nice being in Seattle despite what ya'll consider heat wave's this time of year, Dallas is nice and HOT now (but beautiful evening's here) My daughter (who I live with) is off to Vancouver,BC now on business for a week ... wish she could stuff dad in the suitcase! :)

Later Guy!

Demeur said...

I'd still say the 1800s back when they has slaves and the robber barons ruled the country. Remember it wasn't until the turn of that century that the laws were changed.
Oh and you may not have a great formal education but you have more smarts than many Phd's I know. Have a brother like that. A great many degrees but not a lick of common sense. He destroyed two cars by not checking the oil.
The weather here is perfect right now in the mid 70s. The beauty of this area is that we rarely get snow and it rarely gets above 90 for more than a couple of days.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Demeur: Thanx Guy for your support .... and there is thing's that I know well, which have helped me as far as survival many time's .... but there are also many thing's that I dont know jack squat about frankly, some of what I learned wasnt by choice and not a pleasant ride either, but ... it is what it is I reckon. The whole oil drilling scene for instance I knew nothing about, despite having a former room mate who worked offshore rig's ... he never talked about work and all we done when he got leave was go to club's,get stoned and party, but talking about the "job" was a "forbidden", I worked a oil/ lube change joint at the time (Houston), so I reckon we were both around lot's o' oil. :)

Geeez ....your brother too?!! There are so many folk's educated or not, that ignore their vehicle's period ... and burning an engine up simply because you refused to take 45 second's to check a dip stick, and possibly spend a few buck's for a couple quart's of oil is a Hell of a price to pay. I knew folk's dude that would never even take their car into a shop with all the warning light's lit on the dash, with clearly freeze plug's on the engine going, seeing white smoke in their rear view, with the stink of anti freeze cooking, with noise blaring from the wheel's which clearly was the grease in the CV boot's dried out and bearing's out, you just about name it, they would ignore it ... money or no money ... they would just let it go, slipping gear's and all, till it just completely OD's. Kind of sound's like our government ... heh? :)

Thanx for your pointer's Guy ....

The Blog Fodder said...

Don't worry, folks. Within 10 years USA will have a Fundamentalist Christian Fascist government that will make the Taliban look moderate. The Cross will replace the Swastika as the most hated symbol on earth among the survivors of the purges if there are any. Nuclear bombs tend to be all inclusive.
Isn't it fun?

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr. Blog Fodder,

Nice photography though I may say on your site!

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, Thank You so much for your optimistic word's of inspiration here ... I take it your a fundamoralist then? Just kiddin Guy. No .... I dont know who the Hell is going to be King/ Queen of the Hill or not, when it come's to human choice's and action's, victory, etc .... I just lay back and watch, to know when and what to move on. Nature alway's take's it's course, heh? :)

Thank You for your visit and voice Sir ....

The Blog Fodder said...

RC, thanks for the comment on my blog about the photos. All point and shoot. The little girl is my wife's granddaughter. If you thumb back a few more posts you will see pictures of two of my girls who came to visit us this summer. I have four adult kids, 3+1 and my wife has two adult boys so we have 3 of each.

As to my pessimistic outlook on life, Ukraine is looking like a better place to live all the time.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Blog Fodder: Thank You for sharing Guy. As far as the Ukraine, cant say I know much about it, a blogger Infidel753 that I frequent though spent a lil time there on a visit a few year's back and made some pointer's on it ... said he really enjoyed it. But I posted a few time's that I suspect in the near future when thing's smooth out a lil more .... that we will see many American's who can afford to, simply leave the USA, because there is going to be change's here I figure that will just make several other countries look appealing, especially economically. I cant afford right now to go much of anywheres ... or I probably would. I had to blow off my plan's this last spring to go to Montery, Mex, because of all the violence on the Texas/ Mexico border, which is close to Dallas and beautiful, and inexpensive. I spent some time in the UK and Canada .... but a place I think I would love to live for a bit, I reckon would be Australia or Brazil.

Thanx for dropping by Guy ... nice familia too, congratulation's! :)