Monday, July 26, 2010

PHARMACEUTICAL "CASH COW'S" (PT.1) ... The American Herd ... Health Care SNOWEjob PT.8

The inspiration for this posting for "Health Care SNOWEjob PT 8" come's from a blogsite called "Around Town with Rita" in this here particular posting . And this is something you wont hear too much about unless you try to seek it, it is something that everybody from Pharma companies to all our political representative's to even so many media's/ blogger's want to ignore for strictly in most cases political reason's on both side's, and just say it's over and time to claim victory for the people, but a really serious issue.


Most of the mainstream media's and blog's have totally forgotten this by now, thinking that this Health Care Reform was about the people, when it was strictly a political and profit's move orchestrated by corporate icon's manipulating our political representative's and even paying them off . Then we are basically programmed to forget and put on our happy face, cheer victory, etc. with no idea of how we are manipulated into what we consider issue's, and believe me ... this will be a serious issue several year's down the road. We are turned on and off like puppet's and idiot's with a switch on/ off button attached to our forehead's. What is even another issue we dont see, is the countless children and even adult's ( also included and found from Rita's posting ) of low to moderate to middle income in this nation that are put on psyche drug's, another major cash cow, with possible devasting psychological effect's on these children year's down the road. Ask any of these pharma giant's or our political rep's to feed these drug's to their kid's and see what the response would be. Also I am pro "choice" as far as a person buying and taking all the drug's their heart desire's, but again ... this is more than a "choice" for many ... they are pumped with worry and fear and because of this way the HCR was designed ... contractually and legislatively be obligated to accept and take many prescription's as well. Many will be lower income folk's and government subsidies will take up alot of cost's, but the effect's long term of these will be what's in question as well. Many in upper income bracket's dont care because they want for the drug's to be experimented/ tested on folk's as long as it isnt them, and many of the lower working classes will be the try out's for these too.

LINK HERE TO 6 PART VIDEO SERIES "PHARMA CASH COW". I also want to note here that I am not against pharma companies and research at all, the purpose of this posting was to show the connection of the industry to the HCR that was put through and their interest as far as prescribing massive amount's of drug's to now even folk's in the 10's of million's who can get government subsidies/ credit ( the annual profit's of this will be enormous, as I posted in the beginning of this series and why thing's would be rushed and public option would be put out through the back door ), who could not only afford insurance before or had even a choice of not buying it, but never could afford even the prescription's. Plus the fact that all of this skyrocketed during the last administration of Bush/ Cheney because of the lack of regulation's. This is only to show what motivate's what and why. And what can happen when anything is too excessive, especially profit driven.

One may wonder what in Hell does this have to do with the Health Care Reform package? It is all connected ... and also the reason why the push was so hard to dismiss or twist Public Option, and even making legislation to make it illegal to buy drug's out of the country in say Canada or Mexico. It is also to lock in moderate to low income folk's to pay premium's and to legally contractually force them into new experimental pharma drug's and having 10's of million's of folk's government subsidized and all profit/ revenue going to these icon's and none to government, and to also make sure there is NO COMPETITION.

I have searched through many video's to find two to post that get's straight to the point on this, when it come's to the pharma industry ... and I have chosen these two women in the video's below to explain just how this business work's, because they are right on the money in what they say here. Both of these women are former pharma sales rep's. In the first video the advertising end is explained clearly by Kathleen Slattery Moschkau, who was an industry rep for 10 year's and also writer/ director of a film called "Side Effect's". In the 2nd video Gwen Olsen, a former rep of 15 year's of giant's including "Johnson & Johnson", "Bristol Meyers Squibb", and " Abbott Laboratories", will explain just how important the American people and their wellness and health is to these industry icon's. Sure there are some benefit's to this reform for people, but understand that they had to give a LITTLE something or have a confrontation and political mess to come, and they surely dont want their puppet's voted out of office, but the primary objective again was to destroy competition option and contractually lock in folk's to their plan's and categories for treatment, which of course they suceeded at.

Ex- Pharmaceutical Rep: Billions Spent on Drug Ads ... Thanx to CCHRINT

Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness ... Thanx to PSYCHE TRUTH



rita said...

About the new health care plan.
I'm really nervous about being forced to pay for health insurance whether I want it or not. Because I really do not trust the health care industry or any Corporate entities in general.
Of course pharmaceutical companies would like all of us to be consumers of their products.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Rita: Please for your own good, DO NOT be nervous, and understand no matter what, we have certain right's to at least defend ourselves when needed. Those entities love folk's to be nervous, because it instill's fear and discipline. Understand also that this plan has been rushed through so fast ... and strictly politically done, that it is twice the size of the bible, and so complex, that nothing is completely ironed out, this is why it's been given a few year's to take effect because of the complexities and to also have legal expert's learn how to manipulate it, as well as transferring and investment's of profit's and the market's and of course to locate and set up/ arrange all loophole's and tax haven's, etc. What this will also enable them to do, is to put people based on "what they can afford" into categories and be hand picked for specific level's of care treatment etc. It can actually be more "herd oriented" than the HMO crap they started. True you can get penalized for not buying a plan according to the law's written, and part of those plan's will be to do what is "doctor recommended" is what the catch is, if you dont ... you are not complying with the plan term's/ condition's, you see. But, there are also right's as well in this country to appeal decision's and so forth. The people who will hurt the most ( and also benefit on the flip side, but nothing is for free, understand)would be the million's that are poor/ moderate income or incarcerated, because they are more likely to take whatever they are given and told, and those like several that I know of that have been incarcerated are diagnosed and force fed therapies to drug's as condition's to a modest amount of freedom. The industry doesnt care if the dollar's/ premium's are coming from you, the employer or government subsidies, the main objective is to get million's of more onboard and get all revenue's across the board with no outside interference or competition/ option. Also it is true that I myself trust government more in 2010 than the industry, because the government is more transparent and less profit driven. But dont be nervous, if you cant afford, you will get gvmnt help, and you alway's have the right to decline certain treatment or medicating as well. You will only have to be more alert and cautious is all.

Thank You for your voice here and link's and concern.

Tim said...

Hey RC and Hello Rita
Just a quick note to rita, don't get yourself upset. RC is correct on this.
Even the dreaded single payer is not dead. Things will be ironed out and people will surely let those in charge get their message on what they like and don't.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: Thanx for stopping by and your supportive word's for Ms.Rita.

rita said...

Thanks guys!
I don't really feel that much better, though. The thing is, I want to have control over my destiny. The indications are it's a down hill slide from here on out. I want the option to refuse medical treatment. Can that happen under the new health care plan if I am forced to sign up?

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Rita: I am not sure of the detail's of that, or even right now how they are going to enforce fine's on folk's who dont get coverage, from what I understand also there will be million's exempt from getting ANY coverage altogether too. Being nervous though wont do you any good Dear, as I wrote somewhere's ... "we make our own fear intensities". And BTW ... you ask will you be able to refuse medical treatment? Of course you can! ... I know I damn sure would if I felt something was shady ... regardless of what any damn legislation rule's say. Also again understand that is what "appeal's" are also for as far as decision's on contractual violation's, elegibilty, dropping, etc, etc. If a person loses their job and cant meet their end of premium for instance ... what can they do? Penalize you? What if you have nothing to penalize? I know their not all that bright when it come's to common folk's ... but do they actually think that one who is some minimum wage worker, who loses their job, has a list of red tape to go through to get unemployment benefit's ... will they pay their premium's over putting food in their belly? If they think that they really are lacking sense, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I cant wait to see them trying to collect on fine's ... heh, heh, heh ... and trying to keep up with the million's that dont even work "officially" ... contract and are inde ...Girl ... this will also be entertaining as Hell! :) And alot of those folk's will still run to county hospital's, and dealing with all the inde contractor's who wont even carry workman's comp ... Girl ... these folk's dont even know what they created themselves ... this crap will take year's to even control and iron out ... and alot of the drug's are goig to end up on the street/ black market ... same way they are now, but even heavier ... these sob's are going to have to "reform" the "reform" by the time this is done ...heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :)

Like I said ... this "rush" through was all political ... hadnt a thing to do what with people want, and like I said in past ... any time people in mass ask for something understand the special interest's/ lobbyist's that control most of the Hill, are going to twist whatever we ask for so that "they" will make a buck off it ... anything! :) That's why we should be careful what we ask for. But alot of folk's will also have at least some thing's they didnt have before, and their will be more oversight of the industries ... unless republican's get back in majority power ... if they do ....were fucked! :)