Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OSCAR GRANT TRIAL & JUSTICE: .... BART cop kill's man in Oakland PART 2: .... "THE VERDICT" ....

Part One of this posting here, as well as video of the murder . This Part Two is an update on the verdict of the jury that was decided for the trial of BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, who shot and killed Mr. Oscar Grant in a subway incident New Year's Day 2009, in the City of Oakland. Below of the familia's response ... read here . Credit here to Mr. Cephus Johnson (victim's uncle), who sum's this up perfectly of this reality. Mr. Johnson was even denied access to the verdict hearing of his nephew's assailant, because he was one minute late at the court door, that is not only disrespectful to the familia and him, but also an insult to all American's. Then just a few word's and opinion from myself on this.

I wanted to post this since the day the "verdict" of Officer J. Mehserle' trial came in, but I delayed posting this for a few day's to first see what the community response would be to this. The familia of the murder victim as well as Gov. Schwarzenegger of California asked folk's to remain calm ... and so they did.

Oscar Grant's uncle blasts Cali PD ... Thanx to RT America

***** CBS NEWS: BART Verdict: Mehserle Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter ... (newsread)

Now my opinion is strictly my view on this .... but NO .... ABSOLUTELY NOT ... do I think this verdict was justice, by any stretch of the word for that matter. Now some may say that I should read all the trial transcript's to get a better understanding, and that's fine, however .... this is clearly murder .... plain and simple ... and for a jury that deliberate's for such short time, with no African American's on the jury either, as well as the trial being held several hundred mile's south of Oakland in Los Angeles (?) .... is this being a trial and jury of your "peer's"? If it was a police officer murdered at the BART station, would the trial of the assailant be held down in LA ? .... and you can bet your paycheck that a trial of a murdered BART officer WOULD HAVE African American's on the jury, as well as a trial proceedure done in the Bay Area, and a verdict far different than this. This is just a slap in the face, in my opinion to the victim and his familia. You have a man ... subdued (Mr. Oscar Grant) handcuffed, face down almost as if hogtied, there is NO physical danger to this officer, or any of the other officer's even, a video that is so clear it speak's for itself, and you come back suddenly with a verdict of guilty of "Involuntary Manslaughter"? .... well .... something is not working efficiently in the court system.

But this isnt just about this case concerning the murder of Mr. Grant ... this is an across the board problem and issue that should concern all working class folk's of this nation, of modest income of all race/ ethnicity, who pay their taxes and do what is told as the "right thing" .... because there is so much more of this that goes on, that we dont see across this nation. It may not hit the daily news as much as the concern's we focus on in other nation's abroad .... but this is America, and American people ... and an issue that concern's us. And an example of how "un"just the system can be for million's of tax paying citizen's in our nation, just because they are not wealthy, or anyone of notoriety, popularity, etc.

I only hope that this will continue to be an issue and the familia will pursue this till the cow's come home ... because this is clearly injustice .... and not just for their familia, but for this country. Other than that .... I have nothing else to say on this, that would sound pleasant, or other politically correct BS to sugar coat it, because this case and trial down to the very prosecution team was pathetic.

POST NOTE: I have read so many posting's on this from the media's over the last few day's I lost count. So many take the time to explain the technicalities and what constitute's as murder, manslaughter, voluntary, involuntary etc, etc. The officer found guilty of these charge's should have shame .... especially running like a coward after he done it, to another state resigning, not to mention ... the officer's who supported him and had excuses, then that sad look in the court. Then to top it off .... if this vile piece of rubbish (officer) goes to do any time, he get's "protective custody" ... this is about the lowest level of cowardice one can achieve. And it is equally nauseating of those in the media's that try to explain this, or the variation's of what constitute's what. You have a video that show's clearly what happened ... and there is nothing to explain here. Those who do are just as cowardly .... because they do only what they are told .... they may be educated, but not enough to actually think for themselves, without following what they are told by other's and kissing up in some way. There is NOTHING technical about this ... they bound and shackled a man, placed him face down, while another officer held him in place, and another stood over him and executed him, then simply walked away. That's manslaughter? .... anyone else doing this ... it would be murder one. You cant even consider self defense it is so cut and dry ... or even an officer feeling their life may be endangered for that matter. Your not even talking assault gone wrong, or excessive force or brutality ... just clear murder.



tnlib said...

RC: Excellent aricle and I totally agree with you. I'm happy but suprised there weren't more fires.

Ranch Chimp said...

These people are trying to do what is called the "right thing", as American's as far as any response that would get them criticized, yet this is the justice they been served. Like anyone else ... they have to pay taxes any way you slice it, BTW .... with no tax write off's to get around it, since many are working class, and dont make enough to slip out like many do. And many even vote for these court official's and support their local law enforcement, and this is what they get in return. THAT'S THE REALITY!!!! I better shut the Hell up!

Thank You for your comment's Ms.Leslie(TNlib)

Tim said...

I'm having a hell of a time trying to comment.
I'm going to be shorter this time.
This was murder in my opinion.

Sorry you didn't get the other comment, It was brilliant..

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your comment's here Mr.Tim. Sorry, I have no idea what the comment's problemo is though, lot of folk's including myself have had difficulties with this it appear's.

TRUTH 101 said...

And some people still wonder why there are angry balck people.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Truth: Indeed it is Judge Truth, many folks dont really think much about it, unless it happen's to them though.

Thanx for your comment's Guy ....