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"Fractional Reserves" .... and the .... "Creation of Bond's out of Nothing" ....

This posting and video is primarily going into this journal for reference. It is an excellent clear and basic look at how this money system worx .... and something that is connected to probably half postings in this journal. Let me make clear though that the importante message in video is meant to focus on our debt and everything connected to it ... it's absolutely hilarious (IMO), because it point's out so many facts is all. And again .... I am not anti capitalism at all .... it's just what we have as I stated in past postings is not truly capitalism anymore in the tradition, so this is to show also capitalism, and where is the capital? :) **** NOTE: The video below had to be changed out (03/ 05/ 13), because the first video I posted was removed from YouTube because of some copyright issue ... but this newer one gets to the point.

Fractional Reserve Banking ... Thanx to SILVERSHIELDGRP

But all in all .... this short video should give the average Joe/ Jane a little clearer vision in short of how things work, as far as "fractional reserves" and how bond's are created out of thin air, and the purpose. I am not going to even attempt to try to dig up the posts I have most connected to this, because it would take too long to sift through them, and there are simply too many.

Just about everything is all done legally and for reason, as I have posted so many times ...."look at the legislation, then who writes it" ... this will show you clearly how and why these things are created and done. Again ... it all connect's also to the "3 entities", a title I came up with to present the 3 major global power's that dictate the system of today, which are major religious institution's such as the Vatican, a handful of corporate player's, that control all the smaller corporate world, and the most powerful free world government structure's ... but also including now, the People's Republic of China, I include China like that because folk's dont look at them as free, and the government own's most of it's business .... but you see .... this is or will be even the norm for all cooperating nation's, so this commi, democracy, free talk or such are just convenient title's only .... it hasnt a thing to do with the business, but only to keep the masses blind and deluded with politic's, right/ left, good/ evil, right/ wrong and the rest of the silly title's, cliche's, and nonsense we waste time with.

I also throughout this journal point out that even what we consider "elite", is not even elite today .... not unless you just see elitism as competition between a bunch of high scale hustler's .... I mean ... they have to do nothing but manipulate the very system they created with no interference or competition, that hardly fall's into what I consider as elite, or anything like Bill Gates even for that matter. They all just buy/ sell, legislate and control is all, so you can say "management" is a better title. I speak of the system deteriorating and the collapse throughout this journal ... only because it has reached it's pinnacle point in time .... the world and change will put it in a bind that will be harder and harder to repair and revise for the change that is to come ... which will be what I term in this journal as the "storm's to come" only. This same maxed out way of doing business as usual and what you see in the video above also effect's every other bubble/ bust scenario and financial problem we had or to come soon .... such as the housing market crisis recently, and hedge fund's .... loaning out money that has no actual capital or exist's for even that matter, then too big giant's like AIG insuring all these investment's .... when they fail basically and an insurer cant cover or protect it ...heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... so goes the houses of card's and the whole neighborhood for that matter .... then these so called "elite" come whining to us peasant's they muscled, like crybabies and tell us they need even more finance and help, and to work more and harder for less, pay more and more, etc, etc, etc ... this list is endless. And if we dont .... it's the end of the world and other nonsense fear tactic's they toss in. This is the importance of the creation and imposing strict regulatory panel's and law's, transparent of course, which even they cant get out of ... because the trick part is .... the less regulation they have .... the more damage they will do to their own empire's .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they are between a rock and a hard place themselves. I know this is no laughing matter .... but what is so hilarious for me in all of this is just being able to live in this era to actually witness this all go down .... this all started centuries ago .... and built what we have now, and worked great as is for as long, and it's finally having to experience a drastic change as a result of what they created to begin with.

But this deal over Iraq, oil, etc .... is even much deeper .... and has to do basically with simply the privatization and monopolizing the entire globe by a handful of investors/ holders of wealth majority pulling the string's. When the top blow's .... and trust me it will, and I wish I could pinpoint when, that is when the actual new face will show and the entire system will change (what I term as the 'collapse" in this journal), and the new will come in. But this is much more than only petro ... it touches everything ... and is the cause for all the new normal's and recession's, bubble/ bust's and every other damn misery that come's up. And of course ... the grunt's or those at the bottom of the chain get hit the hardest only. As I said .... this forced globalization doesnt have a bloody thing to do with bringing folk's together or nonsense like humanitarian effort's, loving our neighbor's and freeing folk's from oppression and all this other nonsense were taught starting from childhood .... any more than a public school system is created to educate for our own good, as much as it's to set the moral and social standard's to conform to the system the entities control and feed off of, same with institution's like the Vatican, etc. When the day come's that we abandon it .... it will simply fade away .... like the Mayans ( one of my favourite societies of past ) in the past simply walked away .... abandoned the King's, Temple's and system ... and mysteriously went off into the jungle's and formed their smaller tribe's, .... What happened? .... they lost faith in the king's/ ruler's who provided for so long and destroyed the eco system .... which rippled down to agricultural need's and such. The same with this too big to fail system ... and the wider and newer array of global player's now including 3rd world countries even. In our glory day's of such era's as the industrial revolution for instance only a handful of countries controlled all the manufacturing, market's/trade, etc. Nowaday's even the car giant's of Japan are losing to folk's like the Korean's .... electronic's/ tech's are coming out of Central American countries now and place's like Indonesia, etc, etc, like never before .... without this control and market's manipulation through a large "order" globalization by the 3 entities that you see .... like the king's of past ... they see they will either downsize tremendously or fail completely eventually, this is the final gasp's and desperation ... so you can never trust an animal that is cornered and desperate.

So .... the average Joe/ Jane may wonder what in Hell does this have to do with them?, and feel helpless, and that they cant do nothing to change anything. But it's importante for survival need's as well as our progress to have a decent basic understanding of the challenge, and what is needed .... call it simply having a survival tool. Thinking thing's are hopeless, doom and gloom, etc, etc .... never done anyone a damn bit of good, but keep them in the same rut ... history will clearly show you that. You must stay one step ahead of them .... because they are alway's one step ahead of you.

Enough said ......


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