Friday, October 2, 2009

How free is "Free Market" ... and where is "Capitalism's" Capital? (PT.1)

I havent seen Michael Moore's new movie yet ... but I will ... probably this week. I dont think you can explain the condition any more simple and to the point than Mr. Moore does here.

Michael Moore's Tense Interview With CNN's Wolf Blitzer ... Thanx to NEWS CHANNEL365

I am a lifelong capitalist ... sided with conservatism politically most of my life. Alway's supported free market ... and all that comes with it. But ... I really thought conservative when it came to business ... and am all for bonuses, tax incentive's, and rewarding those who get the job done ... especially those entrepreneurs that start these brilliant idea's and venture's ... and make a big success.

But the market is not free as it once was ... because today's market place is controlled by an entity ... who has destroyed the whole definition of it. I have posted so much on how these mega corporation's basically control everything ... and now it's gone global. Even small businesses who employ 3 quarter's of America's workforce ... cant even get the loan's they need to stay in business and keep their head's above water in difficult time's ... and when they do get some backing ... they have to fork up ridiculous amount's of payback ... and damn near sign over their business. The government's of the free world are becoming their puppet's and enslaved by them as well ... and the people ... havent got a snowball's chance in Hell of tackling them. Their influence is dominant in everything from defense to politics, to the food you eat, and the drug's you are prescribed, to the programmes you see on the tele. Why? Because they have the money ... and money is the power ... period.

What they have done ... was figured out a way to keep all the money in one sector ... and to control the majority of wealth on the globe. Conservatives today, have lost true conservatism and neither side would recognize free market if it came up and slapped them. And when I say "conservative" ... dont mix that up with the extreme religious right and their shenanigan's...those are not as conservative as they think ... they're just brainwashed by mega religious institution's who are also controlled by the same power to programme the masses to use as political puppet's who cant even think for themselves ... they needed a "party" ... so they weaseled them into the conservative party ... to play off on people to think that is what the controlling party is about as far as value's and America first and all the other patriotic rubbish they try to portray themselves as ... they dont give a rat's ass about those religious right people that protest and raise Hell in their defense, or would even help their families in time of distress. The objective ..."voting power" ... and monopoly. All the entities done ... was found a mass of flunkies to support them and use their vote and mouth for propaganda and warfare. When the entity say's jump ... they ask how high is all.

As I said ... we are a society who see's only right/ left, black/ white, etc. This ... rest assured along with this controlling entity will all fail and fall eventually. We see the problem's ... and you can bet the future generation's are going to dispose of this trash. I know many look up to these inbred and self appointed elitist's as power and knowledge ... and king ... and dread what would we do without them. I'll tell you what we would do ... forget about them, get on with our lives ... and pursue "OUR" dream's and goal's without their interference. These folk's ARE NOT elite ... they cant even pull themselves up by their own bootstrap's ... their not creative, no special intelligence level ... in fact ... take away their empire ... and they couldnt even survive as well as working poor folk's have to ... especially managing what little they have.

Elite? ... elite my ass ... all they can master is manipulation through spending, and loaning. They even buy all their idea's from new and fresh mind's ... recent grad's and entrepreneur's. All these are today are a bunch of overpaid freeloader's in fine suit's and pretty smile's.

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