Friday, October 30, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! .... in the ole tradition of SAMUIN .... (HALLOWEEN PT.1)

Wanting to post a good song for the season ... I couldnt help to post one of my favourite live performer's ... the musician/composer, actor, artist, and journalist born and bred in America's Heartland,Canton,OH "Marilyn Manson" (aka Brian Warner). Mr.Warner I can not say enough about ...the composition of their music is 2nd to none, and a theatrical live performance that warm's the mind/soul! Thank You Sir!

This is Halloween- Marilyn Manson ... Thanx to TRENTCANTDANCE

Little folklore in the tradition ..."Halloween" is traditionally known as "Samuin" or "Samhain" ... meaning the "Summer's End" Ancient Celtic Halloween when the door to the other world is opened for one night."Saman" is the Druidic "Angel of Death". Also known as the Druid's festival of Harvest Fire. Jack-O-Lantern is said to have been the emblem of a "spirit",who had been refused entrance to both Heaven and Hell.

Enjoy! :)


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