Thursday, October 22, 2009

Medical Money Madness (PT.1) ... A brief look at the reality on Main St. instead of Wall St.

I wanted to add this short clip to this journal to show some of the operation's that are huge in this nation that we hardly ever hear about. And to show example of where in some of my previous posting's I talked about the flip side of the coin on who is all scamming who.

***** CNN: Organized crime's new target: Medicare (newsread/ video)

Let me add....that Los Angeles is probably the biggest and hottest scam hub for this that I have personally seen in America...and dont think that any of this is "new". This game goes back so long...I remember the game well on the street's of NYC back in the 1970's ... and have also seen much of the game in LA ... even back that long. I also want to point out that this is only a fraction of what is going on,on Main St. America ... one town and area only.

The reason California is such a hotspot for this... is also because California is one of the best state's in the nation for any social help/assistance.Many of the scammer's you see in this video are foreigner's ... but this has been ungoing for long by native born American's.New York tightened up year's ago...and made scamming more difficult on social service's...but everyone on the street coast to coast know's how LA and California...there is a fortune to be made... and Texas and Florida are two more 21st century hotspot's for scam activity...but California is even better because...they offered so many state assistance programme's combined with Federal.

The reason here I am not just focusing on "medicare" ... is because this is absolutely so widespread that it cover's every single social assistance institution across the nation.The junkies/dopefiend's in California(I want to be fair here and say...NOT ALL)are milking everything from food stamp assistance, to voucher programme's as well. I have also posted before how even insurance companies are being milked to the gill's in this country...OH YES ... when they are BMB (bitching,moaning and bellyaching) about the rising cost's of everything... understand ... that there is even a whole network coast to coast...especially big time in the City of Angels...that have phoney prescription racket's...and even storefront community clinic's set up where personel are milking insurance provider's, as well as state assistance programme's,federal,state and city and everything else imaginable. To be even more honest here...I dont think I can even name one of these institution's private or government that IS NOT being milked.

I realize that MOST American's DONT do this...what my point though is that there is a significant amount of folk's that do ... that it actually cost's billion's across the board annually in this country.This is actually so popular even on a global level...that even many American scam's are even being headquartered these day's out of Latin American countries...and as far away as counties in Africa...more and more because of the technologies and ability to tranfer fund's so quick now the fact that when you scam using an international network and laundering...because of border's and law' make's it even hard for Interpol to track and keep up with all what's going on.But trust me...this is huge. Another reason why I have called America in this journal ..."The Land of Milking Money". And the reason I stated time and again that the people are not saint's and also part of this corrupt system ... but again...I will state that most people DO NOT participate in these thing's.I have also posted that because of some of these thing' why California is so deep in the hole and the red.

That's the REALITY ....


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