Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unemployment and Restructuring our Economy ....

***** CNN/ MONEY: UNEMPLOYMENT HITS 10.2% ... (newsread) ... I changed out the original PBS video because it expired

Of course the unemployment we see in our nation is not the whole picture ... but it give's us a good idea of where we are month to month ... year to year. You have "hidden" figure's that dont show either of folk's that simply dont exist, many been out of legitimate employment for so long for instance ... they dont qualify for unemployment benefit's ... and simply just gave up trying to be in mainstream workforce. Unemployment in the City of Detroit for instance (and this is above board figure's at that)is about at 28% as I write this ... meaning there is also another percentage "hidden" that isnt even accounted for. These figure's are great for political campaign's ... or for folk's in the media's to push an agenda ... but they are meaningless to those who you see daily in the street's that simply dont exist...unless of course they want you to exist.

The good news is ... the majority of the work force in America is working ... which I believe is about 85% ... because the way the world economy is ... and how interdependent it is today ... it could be worse ... much worse. You see though ... just because Wall St. is recovering from the recession ... and enjoying nicer profit margin's as I write this ... as I stated before ... the "Peoples Recession" is still in full swing. History show's us that after any recession ... the job's are the last thing to rebound ... usually around 2 year's after the recession end's. Now considering the math ... and losing only a quarter of a million to a half a million job's per month, is no reason to jump for joy. Why? ... Sure it's better than losing a million per month ... but you are still losing ... and the need for employment still keep's growing ... grad's, unemployed, immigrant's, new entries that may have dropped out of school into the job market's etc. In President Bush' term for instance ... many created job's were simply service sector job's ... as I posted in my earlier post's it seemed like we were on a mission to have our grad's all serving burger's and fries to each other, while many of our serious profession's and trades are going to place's like India to keep foreign government's and corporate interest's folk's ... "comfortable" about their "capital" worth ... and investing power.

So ... as anyone can see in my previous posting's and comment's ... I couldnt possibly see ... mathematically speaking how job's in this nation would meet demand and get better ... meaning as a result ... I seen more poverty coming, crime, needed assistance, and the list goes on. I feel though the best thing we done was put a cap on our spending, borrowing and tightening our belt's ... even though corporation's are now doing everything they can to get us back to our old way's of getting more and more in debt ... and spend, spend, spend ... because when we slow they slow. Yet at the same time ... this also give's them reason to cut more job's and tighten their belt's. So we are in a situation to where the people's simply cant win for losing. And simply by rehashing our old mistake's will just line us up for a repeat of these recession's ... bubble burst's and all the crap that we rehash decade after decade ... which can only escalate in damage to the people's down the road. So ... there you have my reasoning. Imagine if a politician figure told you one year ... we only lost 3 million job's this year which is down from last ... and that next year ... they tell you ... we only lost 2 million job's this year ... so it's down. Yes ... that is progress ... however ... do the math ... just them 2 year's you have a combined loss of 5 million ... unless we had a combined loss of folk's entering the workforce and needing work ... where's the victory?

Restructuring our economy is also essential to anything ... we simply dont focus enough(or at least our representative's who only kiss up and serve the entities that control this cesspool) on "OUR" interest's as much as we should. And they have us so worried over war's and other distraction's that they created simply to oppress more around the globe and rape them of their resource's, who only know lies and greed ... and will ... trust me ... fail and fall in time. You can only get away with so much before something backfire's on you ... even the good criminal mind know's that, after all ... those who dictate us ... are nothing more than crook's ... period. How do you fight this? By using their own tool's and strategies against them is how ... and we will ... eventually. These folk's are not inventor's, scientist's, entrepreneur's, workforce, manufacturer's, contributing patriot's as companies may have been more like back in the 1960's or other previous point's in America. These are nothing but a bunch of hustler's ... who havent created a damn thing or contributed a damn thing not just to America ... but the globe ... except misery and manipulation ... we can do far better than this trash we support ... trust me ... and will ... IN TIME.



Rita said...

Thanks for posting that video. IMO, I think Mr.Kirkegaard made much for sense & was more realistic. Mr.Leonhardt did a lot of double talking.
For us the citizen consumer... yes, tightening our belts & looking for creative solutions is our best option.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well,well Ms.Rita ... you never cease to impress me! I can see you "made"Leonhardt"... I wanted to be fair in this posting and didnt want to"pidgeon hole" anyone...but indeed you are correct,in this case it is Leonhardt who you keep your eye on. Your sharp!Being sharp is a key component to survival, in the hustler's world ... if you cant "profile" and "make" ... you will get screwed.

Oh yes...absolutely Rita.. it is us who have it all and we dont even realize it...we are so pre-occupied with crap we are fed, and we worry to much as a whole.That is the entities prinary goal, to keep us in fear and most importantly dependent on them.Folk's also think without these mega power's we wouldnt be able to fund this or research that or finance this...or find alternative energies,the list goes on...that is so wrong.We dont realize..they need us more than we need me.They fear us in a way...why? because we have power of vote and the constitution...that is their worst nightmare actually,they want to keep us demoralized and at the bottom and pre-occupied,confused and the rest.

Thank You Ms.Rita