Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dallas Police citate Dallas citizen's for not speaking ENGLISH? (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.2)

I might have not posted this at first ... but as I was watching CNN as part of my daily online ritual...I couldnt help to notice this woman's face ... I happen to be friend's with her familia!! The blonde girl on the left is a friend's daughter as well!! In fact ... most of this familia DOES speak ENGLISH.

RCJ: "Citation Violation Nation" PT.1

Cited for Not Speaking English While Driving in Dallas ... Thanx to THE PEOPLE'S FORUM (TPF)

This is absolutely uncalled for ... and almost unbelievable that this would even happen in the City of Dallas especially! Where in Dallas dont you find "spanish" language? Dallas and the Metroplex is one of the largest latino metropolitain area's in the nation...the Metroplex has about 2 million latino's...and those are "legal" one's! You damn right there need's to be an investigation ... this is not just because the officer's DIDNT know ... this is BS! You dont "work" in a town like Dallas,Houston,Los Angeles,or even Miami for that matter and say .."I didnt know..." This is nothing but more milking of money through citation's ... because you cannot tell me...that after almost 40 of these citation's being issued and paid...that someone in "Fine's/Docket's" Division DIDNT see this! An ex-girlfriend was a night shift supervisor of this division as well for DPD (Back in the late 1970's) ... her name is Deanna Perez.... and YES...she is Mexicano Americano TexMex, born and raised in Dallas' original Little Mexico off Hines Blvd. Ms.Mondragon and familia are Dallasite's as well.

I have no doubt that Chief David Kunkle will get to the bottom of this, he is one of the most fair and straight up Police Chief's in this country. I would also like to question the department's Deputy Chief's as well.Dallas Police Dept. has 7 division's each ran by a Deputy Chief individually ... which are Division's of Dallas as follow's ... Central, Northeast, Southeast, South Central, Southwest, Northwest, and North Central. Each deputy Chief is responsible for his/her Division, and this had to be noticed somewhere's in some division with almost 40 citation's issued ...where it say's in "writing" that the offense is "not speaking english" and the fine is over $200 dollar's. No way... can you overlook these kind's of citation's unless your not paying atencion to your goddamn job!

ABSOLUTELY Ms.Mondragon should be reimbersed for her post stress hospital stay..and a gratuity ... as well as all other's for even if they lost any time at work over this. You dont do this to tax paying citizen's... and believe me...Ms.Mondragon's familia are those of the tax paying working citizen's of this city. Many citizen's in the City of Dallas and surrounding communities DONT know english very well. It's not really needed to know fluently in a town like this anyway's. Her ticket for driving without a liscense is citatable and ligit...and for the illegal U-Turn ticket .. but for not speaking english is just gross injustice.

Best of Luck Ms.Ernestina!

POST NOTE: I also would like to know exactly who wrote all these ticket's? Whether if they were actual DPD Traffic Unit officer's,or Dallas County Constable, or DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)Transit officer's ... AND if or not any money similar to commission's or royalties were paid to citating officer's if so. For the last few year's if you live in Dallas ...how many time's have you noticed actual DPD officer's writing traffic citation's? If you recall...back a few year's ago because of crime and shortage's of new recruit's and officer's, they stopped DPD unit's from responding to wreck's unless there was severe injuries/fatalities, and from writing traffic citation's. They started having Dallas County Constable's and DART Transit Unit's writing traffic ticket's to take the burden off DPD officer's, it is also why several year's ago they started the "311" emergency line .. to stop people from calling "911" for non life threatening emergencies as well.Notice also on the ticket in the video ... that the "offense" was wrote in by hand and pen.The reason I point this out...is because offenses are already pre-printed on the back of part of the ticket and coded for use, to use the code's, so you can look at the attachment sheet for code and instruction's for mailing fine's. Another question I would want to ask...is if there was a law/fine for non english speaking driver's...why do the traffic court's as well as the Fines/Docket's Bureau literature,assistance clerk's,court officer's...and every department that handle's and collect's your money are "spanish" speaking? Kind of odd... is it not? I have several question's.

What your telling me is...you can go into the traffic court's...speak spanish and have interpreter's, and even spanish speaking judge's and prosecutor's...you can call in for info on your citation...and have spanish speaking customer service, you can obtain literature for your fine's and info which is given in "spanish", have spanish speaking clerk's at money transaction window's to "COLLECT YOUR MONEY"...and you can talk "spanish" in any court in the City of Dallas...but your telling me...you cant speak "spanish" when operating a "vehicle"? Until you can prove otherwise to me... I see this crap as nothing more than a goddamn scam to milk more money from working class latino's!! .....Enough said on this BS!!



Infidel753 said...

Hmm, I wonder if the police in Mexico will get the idea of citing people who can't speak Spanish -- they'd have a field day with all the tourists.

No way... can you overlook these kind's of citation's unless your not paying attention to your goddamn job!

I think the last nine words there probably sort of zero in on the crux of the problem.

I smell a possible discrimination lawsuit.

Lucky for me the cops in Kiev didn't have a citation category for "speaking really awful Russian".

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh YES Mr.Infidel ...the aroma of civil litigation is strong .. and as far as I'm concerned...rightfully so. I personally know this familia...but I wont comment much in this post on them...I dont have their permission is why. Also if you will...please read the "POST NOTE" that I wrote after you commented, because I pointed out a couple point's of question,and of coarse...a possible money angle as well...because there is other questionable ticket's and violation's that are wrote I believe...to just any citizen... even english speaking one's I suspect here.

Mexico wont bother to write you a ticket...they actually come up to you on the street and just take your money right out of your wallet!

Ukraine(Kiev) may not spend so much time trying to milk folk's and citizen's out of money!! Something American cities are infamous for...especially DALLAS!

Thanx for your input Mr.Infidel ...