Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA: ... Calling the GAME on Failure, Fact's Vs. Blind Faith ... PART 1

I try to be as fair and unbiased as I can in this journal, but also have a responsibility to it, to point out factual truth's in our societies. This speech that the President made the other day to student's, is so on the money and factual ... that I cant even point out as much in so few word's and as excellent as he done here. This short televised speech, has got to be one of the best he has ever gave in my opinion, better than those "State of the Union" piece's and weekly addresses that he give's while wearing one of his mainstream suit's, with the flag pin on the lapel, and necktie, that most of the masses seem more concerned with ornamentation, and fashion's, fancy pop culture cliches, than substance in a speech. Does he sound frustrated? Your damn right he does ... and has every reason to be, considering all the political garb he has to put up with, instead of serious issue's, from a deadwood bunch of slacking jackasses he has to work with ,who seem many to care more about their popularity and plastic neo patriotism, and their bonus support's from lobbyist's (including monitary), than they frankly do of our country ... and as long as we continue to give them paycheck's and support ... what inspiration or motive would they have to want to retire, or find another job?

But this speech was a must post, to get a clear look at what not only our President is up against, but the nation ... he call's the "game" here so correctly, and talk's more truth than I hear out of many in the political arena. No fancy buzz phrases that we seem to adore ... just the plain reality of the condition. Then I will add some comment's as well ... but ... this was an excellent speech clip Sir ... and THANK YOU for all your hard work and especially your tolerance through this mess and cesspool.

CNN: Obama blasts GOP in speech to youth before 2010 midterm elections ... Thanx to CNN

First of all, I am a voting democrat these day's, but not because I think democrat or have anything much in common with many even democrat voter's ... I dont really care about either party much ... but vote this way strictly because of the current condition and issue's, and the fact that if you dont vote for one of these two parties, your vote is pointless, so due to the current state of the state along with several borderline crisises now or to come, I vote with who has policies that work in the best interest of the nation, not a party, nor do I vote based on pop culture promotion's, such as race, gender, sexuality or religion preference, none have a thing to do with job qualification's or performance. There are no truely significant alternative parties, and this Tea Party is NOT an alternative , as much as just a group of disgruntled republican's, and frankly if they gained power enough to be the one's who had to deal with our current issue's, would be like 3 blind mice, and so overwhelmed with the problem's, wouldnt even be able to keep a level head, they cant even keep one now, not even in power, getting all choked up over nonsense. As a matter of fact, I am very bipartisan, being that I am very conservative (more than most conservative's of 2010) on issue's like taxation, economic's, especially free market (which the market's of 2010 are everything but free, who most republican's support) and I'm very supportive of the smaller corporate sector's, and very conservative on being pro defense and military, and very much pro gun/ arm's right's, again much more than most conservative's ... I simply wouldnt put up with the nonsense that we do, and let mega corporation's decide on what countries to invade, nor would I do business with countries that violate human right's on every level as we do now. On other issue's such as a woman's right to choice, sexuality issue's, same sex marriage, art's, music, etc ... I am far more liberal than most liberal's in the USA on all these, that most folk's would call me an extreme leftist, heathen and every other title related. As far as religion ... I am very pro choice of one's right to worship as they choose, however ... I believe in keeping religion out of politic's and business ... and I am for strict taxation of all religious institution's, personally ... I am a spiritual man, not a religious man ... and I keep my spirituality in my home and my church, I have been with the same church now for 3 decade's. I am for smallest government that the circumstance's will allow, but realize in a country of 2010 with 300 million population, along with the current state of the globe, that you need more government than before, and also someone has to pay taxes beside's just the bottom 90% of the population, and without taxes we would go in the sewer.

I also want to add, that this President Obama is the hardest working President I have seen in my 54 year's here ... the most constitutionally supportive President, and knowledgeable on such ... a big fan of even President Abe Lincoln (an original conservative). President Obama is also a man who has lived and displayed the American Dream, and has a sense of patriotism that has seemed to vanish from this country, he has proven that the people can choose, and that you can get support from people as far as campaign contribution's, and support that even made corporate icon's tremble the last election as far as how much he raised from the people, as well as had top conservative's like his opponent Sen. John McCain appalled during the run ... because this President wanted to pay his own way, instead of using the Presidential campaign fund ... imagine that ... a republican being upset of a man (Obama) who didnt want to use welfare and government money, this same conservative, McCain, also when asked how many home's that he owned ... didnt know and had to check with his accountant ... he also had the plan to save the economy as well as health care reform ... all jotted down in ink on a scratch pad piece of paper on how to resolve all these issue's ... with a partner running mate(Palin) ... that said she can see Russia from her porch at home ... who want's basically to drill the entire artic region till the cow's come home (or the polar bear's leave town)... which also now is going to be fought over between 4 or so countries (including the USA and Russia) because all the ice is melting from a warming global climatic change, and what hasnt melted is currently being broken up with mega breaker's of Russia, to help accelerate the melting, who cant even wait to get the drill platform's in place, ... a lil added preview on what's to come in the near future I may add, that you dont hear about yet, but will be quite an issue to come.

It is downright shameful that our President with all the work order's that have been thrown on his desk, the international issue's, as well as the two war's that were a bonus gift to him and failing economy, as well as an inbox from Hell, has to even spend time, to try to explain to American's of the "game" we have had to play because of partisan Washington politic's ... and the rigged hand that we have been dealt in this game as American's. Nor has our President had any fair amount of time to make his plan work, nor cooperation from those who vowed that they would help him, and put aside politic's for the best interest of America ... these same people that have shoved all this on our President, including ridiculous timeline's for completion, have shown through their action's to be everything but patriotic to America ... which is the body of the people, and have created obstacle's for their own personal agenda's. I cant stress the importance of keeping this particular party (democrat)and administration in power, if we want any sign of some relief, you simply cannot do all in a couple year's ... all the math and fact's clearly show you that, and nothing worth anything come's easy or free.

Another importante point President Obama bring's up here ... is letting special interest's that may have a homebase in America, but have no international boundaries as far as finance, or business, who write's and legislate's all their own law's and rule's as they see fit, and just spend's million's on politician's around the globe to promote their agenda's ... let continue to do so without no interference from the rest of the arena, no competition, no oversight, with a plan that has became more of a power game than having to do with money, because they have all the majority of wealth to begin with ... is downright silly to think you could trust them ... they are HUMAN ... and have typical human flaw's and weaknesses of their own ... it would be as stupid as putting a group of hardcore heroin addict's, in a room full of heroin and needle's, and cooking cup's ... with no oversight at all ... and telling them to limit their usage to 2 cap's only per day ... realizing that they will eventually overdose soon, the same with this international iconic finance group will do, and self destruct at their own hand's eventually and fail ... and when they do ... they will take us all down with them, because they were just too big to fail. The economic proposal's of the Republican's/ Tea Party would do exactly that is my point. Failure and loss in this game has already showed us it's face once before with the last administration, so the fact's are clear and present, any ignoring this would simply be based on blind faith.




Sunday, September 26, 2010

FREDDIE MERCURY/ QUEEN: ..."Bohemian Rhapsody" ... "Fat Bottomed Girl's" ... "We Will Rock You/ Let Me Entertain You" ...

This posting for the music selection, will be to honour the legendary 20th century composer/ songwriter, pianist, string's, and vocalist/ frontman Mr. Freddie Mercury, who's birthday is this month ... although he passed away back in 1991. Mr. Mercury, truely elite in his composition and work, and for some in the industry he could be a difficult man to work with ... Mr. Mercury was a sort of workaholic, an extremist, and perfectionist, his composition although turned over very well in mainstream classic rock categories ... but was anything but mainstream composition in the industry ... a trademark artist if you will, such as the Beatles were in their era. He had to be one of my favourite vocalist's as well, because of the wide range of vocal style ability, power, and range... and also the way he composed/ wrote ... building from an acoustic string's solo or a variety of piano's/ keyboard's, and all on memory. But you never knew what to expect out of this man as far as the next project, as far as style ... and a complete frontman as far as keeping the audience captivated and involved. Their live performance's were also perfection as far as engineering.

It was a task to figure out what to post in this 3 piece compilation, because of the versatility in song structure, to try to give a fair overview ... I mean I could have posted a half dozen that would have had all different style's and root's as well. But I chose 3 live piece's to post that were well known in the industry. And THANK YOU SIR ... for all the great art! Enjoy!


2) FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS (Official Video) ... Thanx to QUEEN OFFICIAL




Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP "PLEDGE TO AMERICA": ... and the KNOW to say NO to "Fuzzy" Math ...

First of all ... I am posting another political post ... because this election is yet another very critical election due to the current condition ... and as I posted in The 2010 Show series ... this is going to be a Hell of a show ... which I been anticipating 2 year's already ... and writing about the people's frustration's to come since day one of this journal ... so it's finally here. But first of all, 2 video's below as well as this piece on the Republican's "Pledge to America" which is to be officially unveiled today by the GOP ... then of course a few word's I will add, since I have voted conservative most of my life, and surely understand conservative thinking. The Pledge in full here. Also ... there has been relentless whining out of Republican's as well as the Tea Party ... that under this current President and Administration, businesses across America are "paralyzed", which you should be "THANKING" this administration for the "paralyzation" Why? ... because under the last Republican Administration, businesses across America were closing and losing 100's of thousand's of job's per month! So paralyzing such a drop from continueing is great! Which ya'll can stop whining about since that too, the President/ Administration is working on here .

Paul Ryan on House Republicans' Pledge To America ... Thanx to REPPAULRYAN

As far as I'm concerned, this is all too little, too late, and again pulled as a last minute stunt as usual when vote's are on the line, and I have been through this dog and pony show before, and just the article's and video's above give me a clear enough picture on what to expect. And frankly I'm burned out and disgusted over this. It remind's me of a couple sour relationship's actually from past ... where I had a girlfriend/ lover ... who would do outrageous thing's to me when angry, such as throw pottery or small appliance's at me, when she was angry or intoxicated, then say she's sorry and share's some intimate moment's with me later, then goes back to the same "tantrum via sorry" again ... to where .. I would get to the point ... where I say enough is enough ... and know when to say "NO" and just "walk". The GOP has built a new recent reputation for usage of the word "No" ... and the man behind creating this mess, former President GW Bush liked to use the term "Fuzzy Math" ... so as a former conservative voting American having voted for Bush/ Cheney as well ... I can assure you ... I know when to say NO! After all ... it was conservative's that turned me into the democrat voter I am today, because of these similar shenanigan's. And Hell "NO" as well to the Tea Party ... which isnt the democrat's problem ... but ya'll's (GOP) problem, because ya'll created them as well, with your shenanigan's! In fact ... the GOP and the last administration created every damn problem that we have now, from housing to employment, to unfair trade, war's, economic's, spending, deficit's, the list is endless ... if you want "TRUTH", I sure as Hell will give it!

No ...really ... I am sick and tired of this! And this video of Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) is pathetic! Do you realize how pathetic you look with that puppy dog look on your face Sir? ... and trying to verbally cover for a bunch who helped create one of the biggest financial messes in American history Sir? Your promise/ pledge? How many time's have ya'll promised to clean up politic's in America? How many chance's have we gave ya'll? How many more do you need? When in Hell are ya'll going to get ya'll's act together? Now you have the nerve to constantly do nothing but blame all this on this President and Administration? A President you vowed at day one he took office that you would do everything you could to work with and reach across the table for bipartisan solution's? This President bent over backward's to do everything possible to work to some degree with ya'll ... and your only response was to say "NO"! Well I think Sir ... that the American people, especially fiscally conservative American's should say NO to ya'll! But that's just my opinion.

Let me just point out here a couple of the promises that Rep. Ryan bring's up here in this interview. And I will be fair Sir ... and truely unbiased, only pointing out "fact's". These what you call the first key step's to get the country back on track? Sir ... the country has been going off track since around 2002 ... where have ya'll been? I was talking about the decline of this country as far as the current issue's since then ... wondering what in Hell was the man I voted for Bush doing by giving away all our surplus abroad ... starting war's that would only backfire from previous experience's, deregulating all the major corporate influence's, while giving them solely all the tax cut's, and not even wanting them to pay even a fair minimal amount ... while taking all those incentive's overseas, and spending more time building the UAE and communist China's economies than the USA's ... to the massive unfair trade negotiation's he set up with China. The list of anti American deed's and deal's are actually endless ... and had the full support for several year's before this current administration of ya'll. Even when job number's were falling by hundred's of thousand's per month in the last administration ... where were ya'll when American's needed you most? Now your damn asses are backed against the wall ... and we have to hear this whining out of you? The same similar whining that I said former Treasury Secretary "Bank of Hank" Paulson would do in the last day's of Bush/ Cheney to milk the last of the surplus and tax revenue before they leave office, which I hoped I was wrong, but you done exactly what I feared ... then handed this broke, bent, overcharged account and debt, along with a couple war's, one for Middle East oil (Iraq), and the other for China to strip Afghanistan of all the copper and other resource's, to benefit China, not us ... and threw it all on this administration's desk, patted the new President on the back and said ..."Good Luck Guy ... we'll stand by you". Are you kidding us!!? Now you have "first step's" for us?

You have planned $1.3 trillion in spending cut's proposed now? And what may that be Sir .... closing all the police and fire department's, libraries, school's, and more to the entire nation half the year? ... because that truely is "fuzzy math". You can save $100 million just next year ... and promise deliverable's and aspiration's? How? ... what kind of cut's and of who will that take to guarantee such a sudden drastic enormous saving's? You will try but we must realize that we have a divided government situation? And ... exactly why do we have this situation? who constantly was saying "No" to everything? Who would NOT compromise? Who did not "pull" their weight in this situation? It's hard to clean up the mess because of what Congress is like? Well ... when we all voted for you back in era's like 2000/ 2004 and ya'll had Congress to ya'll's advantage and we were slowly declining on the down slope, what was the excuse for that? ... because you still havent even answered to ANY of that or the other action's prior to this current administration. You want to make your first cut's to EPA and DOT? After what happened in the Gulf of Mexico ... and the deteriorating highway/ road's infrastructure in the nation already?, while you are still in contract spending on reconstruction of Iraq, after you tore it to shred's?

You dont want to privatize Social Security ... because ya'll are about "voluntary choice and option"? Where was million's of people's choice's and option's when ya'll done everything ya'll could to stop even a small public option and choice on health care reform? After all ... are ya'll not about free market and competition? Where is the competition or choice? If the corporate insurance system is so great ... frankly you have nothing to fear ... and those who choose to buy that insurance are free to by choice, and those who want to buy a government subsidized option have their choice, isnt that what choice is about? As good as the system you say you have .... how could anything beat it competitive- wise ... and if it's so great ... why do you agree and say it need's reform and is plagued with problem's?, ... c'mon ... share with us ... give us some of them pie chart's or those figure's that ya'll rustle up in these campaign's to show us folk's. Do your choice's and option's for SS include us investing in those companies who invest it all offshore with no regulatory oversight that we used in the past with our over- regulated 401K's and similar investment's? And what guarantee's protection from losing them account's to overseas economic fall's across the board? Basically all your offering us, we can get in any casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

You want to repeal all the taxation and regulatory reform on all the wealthy business? Why? ... Where were any of those till this day after we commited billion's to them to invest, when our small domestic bank's and financial institution's needed help? I mean ... I am all for tax break's ... but I would like to see some for American investment's since I dont live in Communist China or the UAE ... is that asking too much? ... when the housing market bursted, where were ya'll? .. when folk's like AIG who insured all these asset's failed? Where have ya'll been when under a GOP last administration ... when small businesses across the nation were failing by 100's per week? The bottom line is ... your party has done frankly nothing to try to keep this nation on "track" in any shape or form, nor have ya'll once taken America's need's and interest's into account on any avenue ... yet you been promising so much since the 1990's ... I mean ... I'm an investor minded semi conservative mind myself when it come's to business, but frankly you have "delivered" ... nothing ... where would be the so called "aspiration's"?

( A LIL HUMOR, CAUSE THEY WOULD NO WAY AGREE TO THIS, EVEN THOUGH IT IS REALLY BALANCED BUSINESS ) ... I'll tell ya'll what ... being the entrepreneurial type feller I am and pro business, and understanding that one hand washes the other ... Let's make a deal, heh? This is a proposal where "we all" come out winner's. I will say .... take the amount put up by pharma/ insurance giant's (and "they" pay it)during the health care reform drafting, which was approximately say $80 billion they spent on that particular venture/ pay-off ... and I'll even give another incentive ... and go as far as taking off $5 billion ( like one of them instant cash back rebate's ... you know, like the similar one's ya'll market to us seasonally )... and for $75 billion cash, paid to American people's small businesses and infrastructure contract's all domestic using American steel and product's to save importing cost's as well from China and equal tax business incentive's domestically, since over 3 quarter's of American's are employed by small business ... we will start a drive and campaign for 2012, to give ya'll back all your tax haven's, break's, etc., you have used and cherished for so long ... and since ya'll love our business so much and America for all we give and buy from ya'll ... instead of paying off Congressional and Senate member's everytime some legislation come's up, since we pay them salaries with our dollar's, you pay the same amount's to these account's of the American people as well ... since were the one's who vote ... how bout it ya'll?!! .... Deal?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TEA PARTY PATRIOT'S: ... and the "Deceptive Influence's of CORPORATE NEO-COMMUNISM PT.1" ...

This is to take a look at what many folk's in America look at as a grassroot's movement and alternative to mainstream politic's. Many American's have been angry as Hell over the representation in Washington and rightfully so. Because both of these polarizing side's ... of the left and the right are basically bought and paid for by special interest's to some degree. The first video of these Tea Party Patriot's is to take a look at what they stand for and want ... and many on both side's want these basic's. Then I will add a few word's of my own.

The Tea Party Across America- ... Thanx to TEAPARTYMOVIE

This is the first posting I done on this party because I didnt know much about them at first, so I been taking a closer look at this party over the last month. Mostly to examine their agenda more than anything. Most of the opposition to this party, has not looked into much of this ... and mainly just spend's their time looking at the freakshow part's to entertain themselves, and point out thing's like them being racist's, bigot's, or other pop culture left wing opposition rant's ... but even many of those on the left havent taken a serious look at any of this, and basically yack, yack, yack about the same senseless shit their opponent's do on the right, of frankly nonsense that has no substance to it ... so and so said this ... so and so said that ... back and forth from one party to the other.

This party sure ... is a grassroot's movement ... even getting many small donation's from frustrated people like President Obama received in his campaign ... so they have taken off pretty swiftly and made some notice of it and are getting mega atencion now. One thing I noticed ... is what the Tea Party stand's for, and want's ... but they have presented no solid solution's on how to achieve it ... no blueprint. Take when the health care reform was going on ... most knew nothing of the bill/ plan, but said they opposed "everything" in the plan, a plan that is twice the size of the Holy Bible, more complex than it, and full of pork, and heavily influenced by at least $80+ billion of pharma/ insurance dollar's (money they were willing to put up on this, not actually spent), a rushed through bill for political reason's that hasnt even done anything yet ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... even most who drafted it dont understand it yet, so how could you possibly say that you oppose everything in the bill? ... yet called it socialism, government takeover of health care, believing that death panel's would be formed, etc., and of course the objective of those who spent billion's to manipulate it, got what they wanted ... which was NO competition or public option ... the people got a few bone's thrown to them, but not as much. The same thing that republican's complained about, but were not having much success on convincing American's. But no one seemed to know anything about the health care reform or bill ... or frankly nothing about how anything work's, but like most American's, get info from their media source's on the evil's/ wrong's of the opposition ... yet ... not knowing exactly what they are protesting/ opposing, how the system work's, or having any solution's of how to achieve any change.


THE TEA PARTY & THE CIRCUS- Final Healthcare Reform Protest ... Thanx to NEW LEFT MEDIA

The Tea Party now is basically not an alternative to anything, but another group of people that have been deceived and hijacked again by what I call corporate neo-communism. A power that has in the last decade taken over everything, and throw money into everything to influence politic's, media, war's, etc. What folk's do not see, is how this deceptive influence has even taken over this once grassroot's movement ... and are now manipulated by the same corporate/ special interest's that has been able to manipulate everything else. This influence has been losing faith in the political pocket puppet's they have been taking care of ... and know that American's still have the power of the vote and a constitution, so how to appease the voter's better than support a grassroot's movement indirectly through media's (and far less expensive compared to the amount's they had to shell out over thing's like health care reform, or to foreign government's to push their agenda's, so these power's of influence are very "cheap" as well), with the same value's of the right and extreme right. Their objective ... is to convince America that they truely represent American interest's and value free market, and freedom from government takeover ... and most importantly to insure the least amount of any government oversight of them, their investment's, and trade policies, etc. The GOP has not delivered as much as they want and has fumbled the ball too much. This is another back door move basically by corporate influence to present a new look and package of the same thing folk's been getting all along. And YES ... it is ALL corporate influenced ... who do you think bankroll's the major media's where all these people get their information?

The same people that these Tea Party folk's support out of desperation and anger, are the same people that have created a global market arena that is everything but free. They are the same people that support countries and bankroll them that violate human right's on every level, the same people that bankroll their mega religious institution's ... the same people that have dictated the most unfair and unbalanced trade practice's in modern civilisation ... the same people that have already had death panel's in American health care through their insurance system long before the term "death panel" became a pop culture term ... the same people that we financed through bailout's recently that are over abundant in capital now, and have diverted most of the money to new foreign offshore investment's and now wont even loan back any of it for that matter when America need's a bailout in their smaller financial institution's ... yet spend million's on prime time advertisement's of themselves ... the same people that have us fighting these corporate manufactured war's such as in Afghanistan to enrich China from it's resources ... the same people that bankroll and buy out and control every smaller corporation not just of America, but the entire world. So when American's say they want freedom from this take over of government ... have a clear understanding of what your supporting and placing your trust in ... and why they want your support.

The only political party right now that can make any of this ride American's are going through smoother are the democrat's ... and even they are controlled to an extent politically. But there is currently no significant political movement that is truely controlled by the people period, or no actual voice of the people for that matter, that can actually do anything. The same with all the frustration from democrat's over this current administration, who are asking this President to do more than he can actually do in the time frame given and with the tool's and workcrew's he has to do it with. We have a low tolerance level as well ... and those who control know all our weaknesses and are alway's one step ahead of us, and have far more power and wealth than any of us. This will change in time as I have wrote time and again and collapse eventually ... but it will at it's own hand's destroy itself. Those that control this mess are also acting out of desperation ... and that is why it has been costing them so much across the board to preserve what they dont want to lose control over ... and they have the capital to do it ... and most of the world's wealth ... but even they wont be able to sustain and preserve what they once had.

But understand that the Tea Party doesnt have a solution to our problem's now and to soon come ... nor do the democrat's or republican's ... and the current administration is doing every damn thing they can to try to get thing's smoothed out to some degree ... and the programme of the GOP as well as the Tea Party is to repeal financial regulation and oversight, and trusting the corporate influence's to govern themselves without any interference from government's/ people ... and we seen what that will lead to, when the last administration gave them a shot by deregulating them totally ... the GOP now and soon the Tea Party will also propose that the privatization of Social Security will also help economic woe's and make us investor's and give us financial freedom, but it would only produce more financial and social problem's even deeper than we have now... and believe me ... you sure as Hell dont want to hand that over as well to the so called free market private sector, especially with no oversight and no international border's anymore with this new global market arena ... just look at what they done to us financially over the last decade. The Tea Party does have an agenda, but has no solution's, and have been completely deceived and hijacked through corporate programming, which is nothing more than neo-communism. They have became prey of the same power's and system's of corruption they think they are opposing.


Friday, September 17, 2010

ANDREW COLLINS: "Police Brutality Part 3" ... Excessive Force, Evidence Tampering and Cover Up's ...

This posting of "Police Brutality Part 3" will focus on the current case in the City of Dallas (more read/ news here) , when Mr. Andrew Collins was beaten by DPD officer's after he led officer's on a chase, that started around the MLK Blvd @ Malcolm X Blvd, and South Central Expressway vicinity in South Central Dallas. The video below is some coverage of local news on it, as well as some actual dashcam footage recorded from the squad unit in pursuit. Then I will add some word's to this ... since I am very familiar with this neighborhood, as well as some of the stunt's pulled as far as cover up. (Police Brutality 1 & 2 here)

News and cruiser dash cam video below (the original video I had to replace, because it was deleted from YouTube)

POLICE BRUTALITY Cops Assault Man While Another Cop Moves Dash Cam ... Thanx to DANCEROOSTER

First of all I want to point out, that this case is completely different than the brutality cases seen with Denver's Michael DeHerrera(PT 2)... and the case in Prince George, MD with John McKenna(PT 1), who in both cases ... did not even taunt officer's whatsoever. I mean when I first seen the actual dashcam of 5 minute's from this DPD case, I was wondering what is wrong with this guy Mr. Collins? Is this just stupidity? ... or is he getting an adrenaline rush? ... is it because of his petty warrant's? ... or the pot he has on him? ... or did he simply think he can out run cop's, because of the ability for cycle's of this type to out maneuver a car? ... was he looking for a lawsuit? And also ... this was reckless and very inconsiderate of him ... it was only a little after 9pm on a sunday evening, and this neighborhood is very residential with pedestrian's/ citizen's still out and about ... and many small residential street's, that you simple intensify danger to pedestrian and/ or traffic, doing speed's of over 60/ 70 mph that even cycle's are limited in maneuvering capabilities. He was jumping curb's, running stop sign's and light's, and even going down one way street's in the opposite direction of traffic. Bottom line ... it is luck that no one got severly injured or killed as far as bystander's. Yet also ... if the officer's in pursuit of Mr. Collins done as they were told by command, and abort pursuit ... Mr. Collins wouldnt have continued to push it, and just aborted his flight/ flee as well.

But regardless of whatever inspired 28 year old Mr. Collins to act in this manner, none of this excuses the also outrageous action's of these officer's even just in the pursuit, not to even mention the beating. When they called in their pursuit to command ... they were told by command to abort the pursuit! It was a petty charge, just a few traffic warrant's ( I mean ... I been pulled over for a few traffic warrant's, where cop's wouldnt even arrest me on them, because it wasnt enough they thought, told me to scram/ go, and try to get them cleared up ) and the reason they were commanded to abort pursuit, is because of the pedestrian and/ or traffic injury/ fatalities or harm that these type's of pursuit's have resulted in time and again ... they just drop it, and bust the suspect at another stop later is all ... no biggie ... drop it and go to the next call. But no ... these two officer's in particular, didnt want to leave well enough alone and do as they were instructed by the command ... but to chase down this guy Collins, because their adrenaline was pumping, they were being taunted by Collins and pissed, and they were determined to beat the shit out of him, whether their superior's gave them a green light or not. And dont think it dont work like this, it DOES work like this ... and more than you may realize ... I have seen way too much of this in Dallas, as well as Los Angeles! (both town's spread out geographically with mega road's/ freeway's for easy access, unlike more compact northern cities) As a matter of fact ... Chief Brown and crew later found out that up to 22 officer's just followed in later, and all participated in some way to covering this up! This wasnt even reported back to command, wrote up or anything, and in my opinion ... all 22 officer's are involved, whether they participated in the beating or not.

This is where cover up's and evidence tampering come in ... on all the officer's part's, not just the one's using the excessive force. If it wasnt for an anonymous officer slipping a note on a desk at DPD Central South Headquarter's/ Division (which is only block's at that from the beating location) ... you can bet your paycheck ... not a damn thing would have been heard of this. Just the other officer's who arrived later and redirected their dashcam's ... in my opinion should be fired as well, along with criminal charge's as far as falsification of report's, evidence tampering, etc. The 4 to 6 who were involved directly to the excessive force ... were also all rookies with under two year's on the force, and most likely even younger than Mr. Collins, and had no veteran officer's or shift leader's present ... why is that? Much heat at first came down on Chief Brown, for the delay in releasing the tape's ... but Chief Brown was totally in the dark ... he had to talk personally to the suspect just to even get any info at first ... because so many beat officer's just zipped their lip's and wouldnt say or do a damn thing basically. And personally if it was up to me ... I would fire all ya'll ... all 22 of ya'll! There are plenty of folk's that need a goddamn job and qualified applicant's out there for the force ... this is just lousy job performance in every damn category! As far as the FBI investigation as to what was the officer's motive? ... I can save ya'll too alot of time and money on that right here ... the motive and goal of officer's was to give him an ass whippin, because he pissed them off, and they couldnt just chill and drop it as command instructed them to!

Enough said!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DEREK PARAVICINI: ... "Nature's Human Music Computer" ...

This music posting will be another 3 piece compilation to honour an outstanding pianist/ keyboardist Mr. Derek Paravicini . I have followed this artist now for almost 5 year's ... and see him as an elitist in his category of talent ... I can listen to this guy pound the key's for hour's basically! :) (Derek's website)

What is unique about Mr. Paravicini as well, beside's his superior ability to master and mix any music whatsoever ... is he was born with so many handicap's, it's remarkable he survived it all ... he's not only blind , but partially autistic also ... basically ... this fella literally cant tell his left hand from his right hand either, or wouldnt even be able to count to "10" for that matter ... really! One thing I've noted in life is to never look at one's so called disabilities as failure, or imperfection ... I have met so called handicapped and deformed people as well ... that excelled faster and further than most in their own categories of specialty. Sometime's we categorize commonly folk's with impairment's as having imperfection's, or not being what we consider overall as the perfect example or image of humanity. What is perfection to me is basically the same as when one say's that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When it come's to Mr. Paravicini's genius in music ... I see him as "Nature's Human Music Computer" ... top of the line ... and to me a real example of truely being an elitist in his field. Below first a video with a lil history on Mr. Paravicini, then the next video's ... some of his jazz work doing several classic cover's with his band ... "The Jazz Katz" at The Station Hotel Nutfield (UK 2008). And best of luck in your career Sir!


The Musical Genius: Derek Paravicini- Trailer ... Thanx to SOUTHBANK CENTRE

Derek Paravicini & the Jazz Katz July 6 2008 ... Thanx to NIXART

Derek Paravicini & the Jazz Katz April 20 2008 ... Thanx to NIXART


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After 2.5 year's online now (or a computer for that), this is a posting that I been meaning for long to post, but one of the many I havent got to yet. And just over the last month or so ... I been downsizing the oversaturation of this journal/ blog, just to get rid of alot of posting's ... I deleted around 200 posting's which amounted to about 1/3rd of it. Also because I am not really a writer ... just another person of million's that pay my monthly fee to have access to the internet ... and of course decided to write the stuff that I talk about, see, and experience, in everyday life on the street, and elsewhere's. I also pay for my tele as well (cable) ... cause today it's about the only way to get any decent programming. I dont watch any of the pop culture show's/ movie's whatsoever ... only thing's like the Science Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery, etc., and of course this time of the year, my NFL Football ritual (Hockey too, loved playing both as a kid)! But these station's as well have no immunity to it, or mercy for the viewer's whatsoever. And I dont want to sound like some commie asshole who is anti free market, because I'm not at all ... in fact ... very pro free market. Even have a daughter I live with who is a marketing coordinator ... who's business is to market the marketer's though, if that make's any sense. But this is something that must somewhat annoy alot of folk's I figure to some degree, so I figured on posting about it.

Below a list of what I am slammed with constantly ... as well as million's coast to coast ... which is more like getting a form of punishment for being alive these day's ... in the disguise of showing me how to save money, by spending money? Which is a phrase all over everything now ... almost all ad's I see is to save me money by giving them my money ... does that make any sense? But let me just make a list below, off the top of my head here ....

I turn on the tele, and now no matter what channel ... I can be watching a show on science ... and BOOM ... I get ad's and commercial's on how to make your booty look more shapely, or girdles for men, a saturation of drug's to give you an erection, or how to sell your gold and home's and make fast cash (of course ... cash is basically worth only a fraction of property, but recent desperation and lay-off's have people in need to pay bill's) and insurer's and bank's have to take the cake .... along with all the other's we gave bailout money to, because they were globally melting down ... well thanx to us ... they sure as Hell arent melting anymore. Even the drug's ... they probably have a pill for everything now ... and each one ... come's with a warning said at 50 mph ... of a list of 10/ 20 other side effect's that you will get to help the one problem that you take the pill for. Now it's gotten to where the ad's are popping up in the middle of the programming all over the screen, it just get's worse and worse by the year. Also the volume of these commercial's is raised significantly on all tele, internet, and radio ... blaring it ... I reckon to double make sure, it is crammed down your throat no matter what.

My home phone landline I have to pay for an additional answering service as well ... because most of the call's I have ... again ... are companies that want me to call them back because they want to save me money. Or to take part in a survey, or to change my cable/ internet service, cell service, or even the electric utility company I use. I mean ... at least 90% of the call's I get ... are to sell me something ... but now even ... I have all the political campaign recording's ... of everyone who is running for local office ... of both these pop culture parties that control only ... the democrat's and republican's ... both of course telling me how they are good/ right and their opponent is evil/ wrong. Even my bloody cell phone get's ad's after ad's popping up 24/ 7 on a deal or something for me. So far as I'm writing this ... the home landline alone has had 3 incoming call's.

I go to a bloody supermarket to pick up a few item's ... I loathe shopping period, and like to get my shit, and in and out the door asap, I can shop quick as lightning almost! But am saturated with rules and deal's there too, which I decline and spend the extra buck or two just to get out of there. They have booth's wanting to sign me up for this or that, an account(inside bank branch) or prescription's (which I never had any prescription's to begin with), ad's and coupon's popping out at me up and down the aisle's, and video's, including rain forest sound's in the produce section's with flyer's, and cow mooing and chicken squawking recording's in the dairy section, with more flyer's, and pop culture Top 10 music from the 1990's coming from speaker's in the ceiling, with more ad's in between song's, nauseating song's at that, that the only reason you would bop your head to is because they crammed the same song's 15X time's a day down your throat on local radio when they were hit's! If I want to buy the sale ad on a product ... I get asked if I have a store membership card?, cause I need one to get the sale ... or other shit I have to sign up for, or buy 3 other product's to save a buck or two on this other product I want to buy, or a set of detailed thing's I have to do ... geeez ... it get's to be a nightmare just trying to buy ... or simply just trying to buy fast and get out the door. Then when I go to pay in line ... I got someone running up to me who tell's me for my convenience to go through the self check out to scan my own item's, sack them and so forth, for the same price! Geeezz ... I am spending there to buy product's/ good's ... not to do bloody volunteer work! And how many clerk's lost their job's over this? Then when I check out ... do I want to donate to the "Folk's with One Eye Missing Foundation" (fictional name for example) or whatever, if I say "no", even nicely ... everyone is giving me a look like I'm a commie! Even if I'm in an electronic's store or such ... the price of the sale ... is after I go through a lengthy mail in rebate process ... with more crap to do and get involved with, if I want to get the deal ... just give me the sale price, and we wont have to even go through all the mail-in or paper work.

I go out to the car from there or from home ... and the car windshield has flyer's stuck to it usually under the wiper blade's, if it rain's at all or some dew ... it just stick's to the glass and get's all over if I run the wiper's. My front door and back gate door have flyer's stuck on them daily ... I shit you not ... everyday, even my home mailbox as well as my PO Box is stuffed, all again ... for more way's to save me money by spending money with them. Even if I ride the metro train or bus ... it is one flyer after another and ad ... with digital screen's now on the train's and buses to sell me more stuff! Get off the train ... and some religious person ask's me if I know Jesus? ... with a pamphlet in their hand ... I just say ... "Sorry no ... but you can ask the transit officer over there" ... and walk as fast as I can to get away. I have had Jehovah's Witnesses knock on my front door even .. when I had a note/ sign on the door that say's ... "Please, No Solicitation" ... but they knock ... I answer ... and ask if they read the sign? They say ... "Sorry ... no speak English" ... so then I had put it up in spanish as well ... and they still came by ... but then they dont see it!

I turn on the internet ... and ad's are popping up all over the place ... it's gotten worse than the tele even ... watching the news ... they now obstruct damn near everything you view at one time or another with constant more ad's sliding across or up and down, and now cant even click past the commercial's no more on many. My email is saturated daily with ad's from political site's even, site's that I never even visited ... both democrat and republican only ... and of course the usual ... their good/ right and their opponent's are evil/ wrong. Constant warning's of everything from the air I breathe to the food I eat to just waking up in the morning as to how everything is going to kill me ... but if I want inside help to survive it all ... they will help me for a price. I visit some employment site ... I get a whole schlew of folk's wanting to show me how to earn $700/ $800 buck's a day for a cost of $99.95! (fictional example) ... some now even got my email address, and I never even gave it to any of them! Or they want to re-educate me ... because I received all the wrong training/ education in the past ... and when they're done with me ... I will earn a couple hundred thousand a year ... get a wife, kid, swing set, a nice yard, and neighbor's who all think, talk, and act like me! I go visit a site to buy/ shop for adult novelties/ product's .... and all of the sudden ... girl's are popping up saying that they just turned 18 year's old, have a lollipop in their hand and pony tail, maybe a Teddy Bear (fictional example)... and they want to be my friend .... Geeezz ... I'm 54 year's old man! ... and that is far from my cup of tea as far as women! Perhap's I should refer them to one of the school's who want to re-educate me ... or perhap's to the Jehovah's Witnesses who want to be my friend too!

Now ... at the rate this has been increasing over the last several year's ... I wonder what it will be like in 5 year's from now ... and how much more money and time will it cost me to get it all?


Thursday, September 9, 2010

OBAMA FACTOR: American Worker's may Chase their Tail's LONGER than they Think ... PART 2 ...

This Part 2 posting (PART ONE HERE, a "wake up" intro posting to this) is an update on what American worker's can expect, and to take a realistic view of the current condition ... a reality I also want to add ... that we ARE ALL responsible for creating. The reason is because how we expect a quick fix for everything or a magic pill. The mid term election's are right around the corner, and too many folk's are letting their frustration's get to them ... AND NOT looking at the picture ... and may vote without taking a more in depth look at the condition. So this is a political posting as well to show the reality we are confronted with. This isnt to take side's with a party ... but to explain what both parties are offering to work on ... and why it's wise to think at the voting booth instead of letting the frustrating obstacle's control your thought's and decision's. In this first video below ... New York Times business reporter Andy Sorkin, sum's this up in few word's perfectly ... in the 2nd video ... White House Economic Advisor Austan Goolsbee desperately tries to point out the polarizing political difference's of these two parties on the economic/ employment issue, and their approaches to keep at least our head's above water. Then I will add my view's, and a tad advice, on the reality. Now I been pointing out these expectation's for a few year's ... and been fairly accurate, especially in this journal, because I try to do my homework on this, and especially be prepared in advance ... call it a mean's of survival ... strategic thinking. You know? ... like forewarned is forearmed thinking?

***** CNN: Obama: Recession recovery has been 'painfully slow' ... (newsread)

***** CNN: Obama slams GOP leadership, economic policies ... (newsread)

As I pointed out since the earliest posting's in this journal as well as to folk's in the community that I speak with ... this President is going to get all Hell if he tries to enact actual "change", or even anything remotely close to what he was talking during his campaign word's, and of course ... he sure as Hell is! And because I been following this man way before he was a candidate for President ... back when as a Senator, when not even talking Presidential candidacy .. I was hoping this Guy would one day run ... why? First because he was so concerned in Constitutional Law (something most dont even give a rat's ass about anymore), he had also turned down well paid Wall St. offer's fresh out of University, and focused closely on more modest level deed's like community activism, and getting/ giving so many working classes who feel hopeless in voting in recent year's inspiration to excercise their right, and duty, if you want to at ALL at least have a tad of headway. He was still in the shadow's ... but I knew ... his thinking is the kind of thinking that we need in order to at least semi change and update our thinking. And YES, I voted for Bush/ Cheney. Since day one in office ... this President has had not one red hair of cooperation from those who patted him on the back and vowed to work on these issue's together ... as I pointed out as well would happen ... and certainly did, as you can see with all the "NO-NO" talk, to the saturation of nonsense issue's they have thrown on his desk, just to hamper anything that would even remotely change too much, any of the in place BS, that enable's everything from one way street corporate dictatorship, to all fellow ass print/ seat warming co-worker's (the "Hill"), who finally have to work for a change ... to play "business as usual". And believe me ... he know's exactly what is going on, even if he dont constantly rant about it, he is sharp and know's a scam before it know's itself.

We are in a tight situation, but not as bad as we pump ourselves up to believe. Do we realize how worse this could be? Does any of us look at the economic rollercoaster ride's any of the industrialized nation's have been experiencing? Up today, Down tomorrow? I hear so many now, venting frustration, even from his own party ... "Yack, Yack, Yack ... I dont like this, I dont like that, etc". As I pointed out a couple year's back in my earliest posting's ... what we will see, you cannot compare to the past depression or recession's of decade's ago ... this will be different ... and uniquely more global than anything of past, and far more complex. And the idea that you can give this President and associate's just two bloody year's to try to get back to the same failing crap that created this, with all the political bitch fight's that are created not in the people's interest, but in those special interest's, who finance and orchestrate all this crap is silly. And all you do by trying to "get back to normal" is make a new version in different packaging of the same ole same shit ... for a bubble today ... and a bust tomorrow. It's tight? Of course it's bloody tight!! ... what did we expect?!, looking at what has been being done and all the highside living and massive overspending and borrowing we been doing even as citizen's over the last couple decade's ... did you not think that there is a flip side and price to pay? It was all about choice and free will!! Not just the fault's of Wall St ... we all play a role, when we fall to inticing gimmick's and ad's, contract's and such and start fantasizing only, and ignoring the fact, that nothing come's free or easy. Sure Wall St. is greedy ... But have we acted much different overall ourselves?

I have a daughter for instance, married, one son ... decent career for her and my son in law (medical industry) ... they had a new home built ... lakefront area suburbia property, 5 Bdr/ 5 Bth/ 4 car garage, costly, but affordable ... yet only one child, and very conservative as far as reproduction, meaning not popping out babies annually, a few vehicle's, a crap load of card's, etc ... you know ... the typical old school middle American Dream stuff, etc. A couple year's back, BOOM ... they have money tied in the usual retirement investment stuff, like 401K and such (herd, well calculated retirement plan's set up to get investor's you choose from bigger gain's, and you ... measley well regulated gain's, yet you play into it, because it's popular only, and thinking you can get something for nothing, instead of shopping around) ... they take a hit and lose probably $20K each in their retirement's, as million's across the nation did as well. But ... their still working and paying bill's on time, etc. But I get with my son in law one night ... and gave him a tad advice ... "Take a look at the condition, and dont dwell on the loss ... it's gone guy". More detail's included ... to learn from it ... and look at option's and safeguard's, and really look ... not at some pamphlet/ folder some retirement investor just give's you with a line a gab. Look at that 30 year loan on the home ... income is okay ... consider refinancing, and pay the extra couple hundred or so a month, and have it knocked down to a 15 year pay off. Dont be so quick to trade every vehicle, every few year's, and take up a new note that is increased from the previous, because of interest rate fluxuation's and inflation. Look at more option's as far as diversification of retirement investment, and importante, look at past histories of the investment's, importantly on your own, learn the system, instead of just paying a fee for someone else to do for you. Think about what you buy, and especially charge ... will you actually utilize it at all?, or will it just be for temporary satisfaction and/ or novelty?

We are so quick to blame everything on everyone else too ... this isnt the case ... are the contract's, fee's, interest rate's, penalties, etc ... unfair? or manipulated? Of course they are!! ... did you think that these people are in business for charity reason's or profit?!! Our President and staff has done so much on this as it is trying to give a more balanced and fair playing field to us ... so much! He has done so much as it is to try to give us some slack ... but we cant just depend on electing a party or administration and think ... "Yaaye ... it will be better next year!". Nor can you just go back to your old habit's and expect to keep your head above water forever. We need to spend ... sure ... but we dont need to let our personal spending get out of control. This nonsense also that the President has us in deeper and deeper debt on his move's is more crap. Sure the spending in gvmnt is enormous ... and proposed by both side's and all the special interest's is what they are not telling you. If this President did not push for the spending he has ... we would be in deeper shit across the board, from employment to every other goddamn thing. And you cant count on gvmnt in a semi free market to just create job's all on their own. 3 quarter's of America is employed by smaller companies, when you shell out billion's to whining offshore investor's, that are in debt out their own asses to places like China and Saudi Arabia, and have no regulation or oversight of them ... who take it ALL offshore ... where do you expect the small bank's that most of us use to get loan's, to get financing, if they wont even play ball with them domestically? The President is "unfair" and picking on investment corporation's/ banker's? BULLSIT, stop the goddamn whining!! ... it's called simply "balance".

I am not anti republican ... or out to attack the usual folk's in their party that so many democrat's like to rant about silly thing's over, like who's dumb or mispelled a word or their hairstyle and related bullshit that saturate's cyberspace and media's. I mean ... that's fine and all for entertainment ... but when it come's to my money or livelihood, my standard of living, I'm a serious SOB. The fact is ... that looking closely at all this crap on how to better the economy and employment that the GOP is feeding American's is pure nonsense ... IT CANT WORK! You CANNOT expect to give all incentive's with no rule's, and tax break's/ haven's to all offshore interest's and investment's, and expect that they will just voluntarily invest here and spend here in this new global marketplace, and forget all their past transaction's, associate investor's and venture's abroad. Say your American and have $5 billion to invest in a business like some high-tech component's mega manufacturing or such you want to establish, you got the tax benefit, offshore shelter's, legislation for you to go freely anywhere's of your choice globally, ... why would you start it off in this country, when you can go to another country such as China or India, get more gvmnt incentive's from them (while still keeping your American home), no taxes, a workforce that will work for 1/3 the USA wage's with no union, who you dont even have to provide with vacation or sick pay, or any benefit's whatsoever including health insurance ... what would be the point or incentive to start that business here? (get my drift?) You MUST GIVE small companies the most support and incentive's, break's ... and the GOP simply cast's them out frankly, if you look at their blueprint ... it doesnt work domestically. Yes ... the GOP plan would have actually worked fine ... if it was say ... 1960/ 1970, but cant work now ... thing's DO NOT "trickle down" these day's like in the past, you dont have control of the globe market by only Japan, USA, and EU countries as you did back then ... it is far more interdependent and diversified as player's today. Even if it did work for a short while ... it would crash so hard with an impact of a bowling ball being dropped off a skyscaper, in a very short time ... and we would be back to square one, whining over who's fault it was a few year's from now. Look at what these SAME policies enacted during the previous administration done for an example.

As far as employment? Be grateful it is where it is and were not losing a half million job's a month ... be grateful that at least over 85% of the American workforce is working in these time's ... do we realize how many allies (countries), even in the EU would like to be in our shape right now employment wise? Dont expect thing's that took over a decade to create, just to vanish in a couple year's after the damage was done way before this administration came to office. And dont be so quick to get back to what we were like 5 year's ago or more ... because this will all only repeat itself time and again. Giving this administration and associate's more time to resolve this mess, is essential ... the worst thing to do in the middle of a job ... is get frustrated, and toss it out the door, cause you cant wait for completion of it. Here was the choice I found myself confronted with for voting ... I only have one of two of these parties that will dominate (or gridlock), this Teabag group is not an alternative at all, just basically a GOP splinter group. I can choose to vote for the republican's, who will lock in future monitary commitment's and funding to all offhore investment's through mega corporate player's who will also go unregulated as well and be invited to write every piece of legislation ... Or I can vote for democrat's who are still in debt to corporate support as well ... but at least will only halfway support the mega offshore group, and throw in more for the American worker's and domestic business move's, and give more incentive's to companies/ corp's who are based here and willing to invest and spend here. The choice for me is as clear as day .... I HAVE TO VOTE DEMOCRAT, looking at the math, and considering my level of income ... making it very simple.

POST NOTE: If the Republican Party really focused more on real conservatism in issue's, and showing concern for America's future as far as economically, and especially defensively ... I would be first in line to vote conservative, really! But all I have seen the last several year's ... is mega corporate pandering (ignoring smaller corporate domestic interest's), and supporting all offshore sheltering and investment's, putting us at war over foreign investment's, ignoring domestic concern's and business, and even letting the defense contracting milk us for up to 3X time's the cost of gvmnt military, letting the Communist Chinese Gvmnt have more influence in our House and Senate over American interest, including the UAE. Right now were fighting a war for China to mine Afghanistan only, and will control all the copper market like a monopoly basically. Then the embracing of extreme religious group's ... letting more fundamental religious folk's bring church into political matter's ... including the constant worry over what homosexual's or other's are doing in bed sexually (worrying over sex or how someone wipe's their ass is silly, not conservative, or of any economic value), and denying marriage to them, when in actuality it would do nothing to the institution of marriage at all, and be a very pro business move. Even the issue's from health care to stem cell research ... we are only stabbing the economic future in the gut with our move's ... that is not conservative, or anything progressive at all. Supporting these ratshit countries that stab us continuosly in the back over and over just for oil contracting, supplying them with endless funding and weapon's off the back's of American taxes .. who are nothing more than a bunch of religious extreme nut's themselves ... I'm a practical man, if allies are not going to play straight with us, I wont have nothing to do with them ... period .. not keep trying to win them over and certainly not invading their territories, and frankly wouldnt give them a damn thing of any support ... those who play fair and with mutual respect, I will go all out to help them, if needed. And if they do threaten me a sliver ... I will retaliate very swiftly and effectively as well ... you fuck me, I will destroy you, if it's the last thing I do, no matter what cost. None of this silly fighting, and wasting unecessary lives of our highly trained ... even far more fiscally and economically conservative at that.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation PT.1: Congresswoman E.B. Johnson ... (NATION of BS PT.4)

My last few posting's has just been a tad of music/ art's and a lil humor, so this posting will be to get back to more issue of concern. This Part 4 of this journal's "Nation of BS" series (Part's 3,2,1 HERE) will be to take a glance at what many American's are finally raising issue's and concern over, and also ignoring as well as exploiting on both side's of the left and right for political reason's, but should be addressed ... so I feel a need to post on it here, since these are current accusation's ... such as this first piece on Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson which the Dallas Observer looks at here ... and Thanx to the Dallas Observer, as well as folk's like CNN/ Anderson Cooper and other's who actually attempt to explore these issue's and allegation's, because frankly on some network's ... they are simply too biased on what they cover and to what extent ... as well as so many blog's online, depending on what side they slant to. But first a couple video's below, then some opinion's/ thought's and concern's of my own.

CNN: Eddie Bernice Johnson scholarship scandal deepens ... Thanx to CNN


I have been a straight voting democrat now for 6 year's, before that I have voted straight republican most of my life, even though almost all my familia and friend's throughout life, been democrat's/ independent. It was actually the last President George W. Bush that converted me to a democrat, and Thank You Sir! ... after voting for him and Cheney in 2000 ... just a couple year's in office for them ... I quickly ran like a scared rabbit to the other party, out of fear of what I was seeing happening. In the last week though ... an old friend of 30 year's and now familia, invited me out for lunch over some chat, and asked since I had much weekday freetime, if I would be interested in working part time for some local democrat's ... and in the party, doing some odd job's, such as signing folk's up to vote and working on local campaign stuff, who I wont mention the name here and what office's they are campaigning/ running for ... but I said ... what the Hell ... the pay is decent ... and I am a voting registered democrat now. My friend has been working for the Democrat Hispanic Caucus here in Texas for 4 year's now. But politically I am more like President Obama, or many younger voter's ... because I am more open to bipartisanship and new fresher thought and idea's, which is difficult to do, because of the stark political divide in our nation still. I am more of a realist than having a political side, nor do I cling to religion in politic's, I feel it has no place in it. I mean ... a majority of this partisan obstacle and thought is by folk's in some sort of power/ position and influence who are usually 45/ 50 and older it seem's. I have never let myself think my age. I also feel that too many like Rep. E.B Johnson as well as many other's, have been rep's too long... and we need more changing of seat's, if we ever want to see actual change instead of just lip service about it.

Another obstacle we dont look at is the political ass kissing that we do directly or indirectly ... to try to suppress what is going on for our political agenda's ... in this case with Johnson for instance ... it is put on the back burner it seem's like because of a race card. If it's not a race card, it's a religious card, and so on, which is one of the reason's we stay in this racial mindset ... which is mostly of again ... those folk's in charge of everything that are 50 and over in age. I mean ... it is difficult for them to let go of certain past ... and I understand, and that is also why I am thrilled when most of them retire from the political arena. Most young folk's I have talked to and observed ... are not so gung ho to call a race card every time they wake up on the wrong side of the bed either. It's like the older we get, the more plastic, sour, and conformed we get. It is also why when I ask advice, I usually ask someone 20 and younger ...especially kid's ... Why? ... Because I know I will get a raw perspective that has not been contaminated by long institutionalized thought and programming. We need to get past our way of doing thing's to clear up this cesspool of business as usual ... that include's ... if it take's bringing investigation's and allegation's to light of even caucus's of color ...or religion's that are too pampered ... we need to be proactive. And not be so frail to talk about the current reality instead of covering up thing's and ignoring issue's out of political correctness, or our personal slant's and agenda's, you simply cant change without actually changing. How can we expect any of these folk's who represent us to change when we indirectly support their action's? And is there such a thing as integrity?

Another point here is brought up in the 2nd video ... I mean ... does anyone ever look at "motive's" at all? We pamper money way too much in our politic's. No doubt that this nation was set up to have a government that we the people can influence and have a voice in ... but that too has fell to massive corruption, because we let folk's buy all of our legislation now. This is why I refer to our problem throughout this journal as being of the "3 Entities" ... the old world way King's and Ruler's and system's has simply been modified to give the same shit in different packaging is all ... now the 3 controlling entities are mega gvmnt's, financial/ corporate, and church/ religious ... same as the old ... but just a facelift basically. They cant sell outright slavery as they did centuries ago ... so now they sell it through control of commodities and wealth, and mind control through herd programming, yet we are still slave's to a degree. These 3 power's as I posted time and again ... feed off each other to set the standard, and to keep the masses at their level. Nor are any of these entities about humanitarianism ... not unless it benefit's them only. Take away the tax write off's, and shelter's, offshore/ onshore ... which mean's we the average tax payer, pay's all this indirectly ... take away the political incentive's ... and see how many would be humanitarian. Take away the tax exempt of these major religious institution's and see how loving and giving they would be ... or how much they would be like the prophet's and character's supposedly of past, they love to quote out of the very book's they created.

I vote only democrat for selfish reason's myself now, because they can make the ride a lil smoother for the obstacle's and condition's to come, not out of patriotism, or feeling that the democrat's have the answer's ... but because the republican proposal to repair current problem's is a method that would have worked a few decade's ago, but cant really work well in this new financial global arena we are now entering, and if appeared to work at first would quickly fail and fall like a bowling ball from a skyscraper with the same impact. I believe strongly in incentive's to big business 110% ... however ... big business of 1970 and 2010 is two different thing's. All our recent charity from bailout's to tax incentive's, and everything else we give ... including all our tax dollar's ... is being taken offshore now, because of the new marketplace, the more we give ... basically ... the more we lose ... it cannot benefit our nation/ people a bit, unless some of it is invested in our nation's interest's. And whenever any corporation today donate's to a charity ... I want to know why? Folk's may say ... that isnt nice to question those who are charitable ... my response would be ... the world is not nice either, and all these people must have some motive ... so there's nothing improper about questioning motive is all ... after all ... this is a democracy and free market ... is it not? It certaining doesnt look at all like one at time's.

But both these video's is a look at how pathetic we have become in our political choosing's. And we call ourselves "liberated" yet we fashionably ignore so many issue's of concern, for political correctness, or other pop culture reason's ... even think ourselves a model for the rest of the world ... imagine that! And we wonder why thing's are the way they are?

POST NOTE: This is also directed to ALL our representation regardless of what party, ethnicity/ race, religion, etc. I am so sick and tired of this constant pandering and ass kissing as well as dissing that I hear and read daily, most blog's I read, I wont even comment on ... simply because they are so bigoted/ narrow minded, with no "practical" reasoning. Some of the media is also strongly this way, with head's so swelled up on how "liberated" they are ... they dont even see what their really like themselves. Even these religious issue's from muslim's to christian's are dealt with in a fashion that is too passive, along with relentless ass kissing is absolutely nauseating. What place does anything in the spiritual world have in the reality we live here and now? The spirit world obviously dont give a rat's ass about our problem's, or we wouldnt be in the situation were in, since they love us, or punishing us, or all the other twisted shit we create in our brain's. In other word's ... I dont give a shit about your religion or your other bellyaching ... keep the shit in church and your home's (like some of us do) and keep it the Hell out of the politic's and especially away from the young fresh mind's, who ya'll want to influence with your ancient cultural mental slavery. We should be grateful of what we do have and accomplished ... what a task it's been and lengthy at that, because of this parasitic obstacle. Grateful as well that nature didnt take an alternate course and a stray asteroid didnt just wipe out our existence yet, or some virus that can overpower the species ... we dont even respect nature and our home, instead, stay at each other's throat's over the most useless senseless shit, like who marries who, what sex practice is right/ wrong, what ghost/ spirit we admire, or what some semi illiterate and scientific illiterate person of mega centuries ago told us we should do. Sure those who dictate love for us to be this stupid ... that is also why they dont want term limit's ... your damn right in the video above when they say that Pelosi could do something about this or other's, it's just none of these folk's would support it.


Friday, September 3, 2010

LOVE IS IN THE AIR PT.1: ... "Tough Love, Fireplace Romance, Organic Family Farms, and Facial Makeover's" ...

This posting will be called simply "Love is in the Air" ... and a look at 4 short video's all recent ... that show how loving and civilized and compassionate we can be at times, when we really give it our all, ... family value's, family organic farming, relationships, makeovers, can all root from ... the power of "Love". Ya'll have a GREAT "LABOR DAY" Weekend, and GOD BLESS AMERICA! :)

1) "TOUGH LOVE" Orange County Register: Man stabbed with ice pick; ex- girlfriend held

2) "FIREPLACE ROMANCE" (CNN) Woman dies in chimney

3) "ORGANIC FAMILY FARMS" OregonLive: Son robbed parents, then killed them at family farm near Salem

4) "FACIAL MAKEOVER" Seattle Times: Vancouver woman in acid attack recounts agonizing pain 


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X-RAY SPEX: ... "I am a Cliche" ... "Identity" ... "Oh Bondage, Up Yours"


This music posting is to honour one of punk music's most outstanding, unique and original sounding band's ... "X-Ray Spex" , that seemed to stay in the shadow's for year's. I have touched on this band in earlier posting's, but decided to do a 3 song compilation post of them. I have so many love's as far as music, and had the opportunity to explore the punk scene's of Dallas, New York, and London ... of alot of the 1970's/ 1980's group's, which was a real treat and experience, and quickly fell in love!

But this group's history is summed up in the above link ... these 3 short piece's are from the 1970's, but they also regrouped year's after, and done recent performance's. A really raw, fresh, and unique sound, with a sweet blend of excellent saxaphone work, great percussion's and bass mix, guitar chord riff's ... and such a powerful style of vocal work that blend's it all from one of my all time favourite vocalist's Ms. Poly Styrene! But for raw, energetic great punk with no nonsense approach ... it dont get much better or unique as this crew! And THANX Ya'll for all the great music and show's! These video's are short, raw, and some of their earliest composition's and finest work's! Enjoy! ....



3) X Ray Spex Oh Bondage Up Yours Subtitulada (HD) ... Thanx to tama1266


Image result for X-RAY SPEX


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SGT.MATTHIS CHIROUX: ..."Unsung Heroes" ... "Phoney Politic's/ Prosperity, and Plastic Corporate Manufactured War's"

For this posting, it will focus on the unsung heroes who are looked at as traitor's by many American's due to pop culture propaganda, the mistreatment of many of our defender's/ military personel, even state sponsored police brutality and outright disrespect to our defender's/ heroes, how the people in our country today are not heard or even acknowledged in many cases by our political representation. And a look at what I call corporate manufactured warfare, phoney plastic politic's and prosperities. I also want to credit Mr.Tim Waters of the blogsite "Scared Stiff" for bringing Sgt.Chiroux and his mission to my atencion through his blog. I know much of this is "old", anything over 6 month's in our nation is forgotten and swept under the rug ... but for me ... we should NEVER forget. More here on Sgt. Chiroux. Our programme is to bitch politely in a non offensive manner for a week or two, then slap on our "smiley face's", change the subject to other nonsensical bullshit of who got pregnant, or who is sleeping with who, or an array of time wasting rant's over a bunch of political folk's, that do nothing, done nothing, and frankly dont seem to have the ambition to do anything, but make ass print's in their seat's, and have no integrity whatsoever ... nothing more than a more upscale version of a mouthpiece that sell's you a used lemmon car, that's worthless.

This first video below is US Army Sgt. Matthis Chiroux giving his perspective on the war's we are currently engaged in and other's, and his reason's for refusing to be deployed to Iraq after serving in already a few other countries ( A man I also admire I will add). I also want to state that I am NOT anti defense/ military at all, and very pro military at that. I have a nephew Marine Sgt. who served two tour's in Iraq, a niece 18 yr's old(US Army) in training currently about to be deployed to Afghanistan, who actually joined the Army to just get a college education her single mom couldnt afford, my father(US Army) is a WW2 vet, 2 cousin's that are Viet Nam vet's (US Army and Marines), and the day after I turned 17, I went to the local US Navy recruiting office to enlist, during a war and draft .. I failed my written test, passed my physical though, had scheduled to retake my written a few month's later, but was in jail a few month's later, for a criminal offense that I was later acquitted on.

'US military spreading death' ... Thanx to RT

This next video is from a anti war demonstration during the McCain/ Obama presidential run off political show ... where several vet's wanted to ask the candidate's question's on the war's and treatment of veteran's, where even one Iraq veteran Nick Morgan, was face stomped by a horse hoof of crowd control police and injured, as well as several veteran's being arrested, just for attempting to ask the Presidential candidate's these question's. And this is shameful!

Nick Morgan trampled by police horse at Presidential Debate ... Thanx to NIKO MB

Being pro military and defense ... it is difficult for me to post this kind of thing emotionally. But I must to show the flip side of the political bullshit we are fed, as far as war and capitalism , to maintain our pop culture herd mentality. Those who know me personally, knew how since the beginning of the invasion of Iraq I was opposed to this war ... and I actually believed that Saddam had WMD even ... why? ... because I knew what kind of ruthless dealer he was ... and also knew that he had Chem/ Bio warfare scientist's on the payroll, and a history of a few stunt's he already pulled. But I also knew he wasnt a player in the petro/ oil corporate world and despised by many in that industry for selling on the black market's only, and not being a team player, and even more, they hated the fact that he may be sitting on 30% of the world reserve's. In Afghanistan currently ... I understand how the Taliban has kept folk's in that country in the gutter for year's ... but I also knew of the contract's that China won a few year's back during the Bush/ Cheney administration to mine all the copper and billion's in other resource's out of Afghanistan with railway's currently being built going into China only. Which in my opinion ... China should be fighting this war in Afghanistan, since they will mine it, and will benefit from it. I also been opposed to our ass kissing in Pakistan for year's and involvement ... and bitched about it at least a decade ago, when I found out that their government we support, even their nuclear arsenal ... had let the Taliban take over their public school system and turned it into a religious school system ... where basic education is not taught, but a full day of religious indoctrination and anti west programming.

I have looked at all the corporate influence on war's of today ... and even the overpriced privatization of military and defense contracting with our tax dollar's, as well as being outright robbed of billion's in cash , while a lack of appropriate funding for our own military, even sending them into combat at first with defective Humvee's letting them fall to attack's of roadside mine's/ bomb's, to the neglect within our VA ... which now from enough outcry of American's ... has been drastically improved ... and thank's to the current President Obama and this administration. Yesterday we were told by our President and other's ... that all combat forces are out of Iraq ... and the war will be over in Afghanistan next year. Well ... that's nice ... and wishful optimistic thinking ... and great for election's of course ... however ... I am not quick to believe one word of it. I'm kinda like that slogan for the State of Missouri ... "Show Me". :)
And this isnt to attack our President ... I am one who may disagree with some thing's he does or say's ... but mostly in support for this man, and have even supported him since before he was a Presidential candidate ... because he is a Lone Ranger type in thinking. But I also realize that the corporate influence of today is far more powerful than any of our political representation, and our rep's are mostly hand picked by them and backed financially by them.

The disrespect to American's by our representation in recent year's has been enormous .... overall we have been shut out for several year's by both side's and even many silenced in our so called free speech country through media, propaganda, political correctness, herd mentality programming, endless hypocrisy, buying religious sect's to start domestic conflict's, and all the rest of the related bullshit American's are finally waking up to. I look at Sgt. Chiroux actually as an unsung hero along with his associate's ... and admire the perspective he show's us of the condition. I dont see this man or any of these as traitor's ... even though many of the programmed folk's of pop culture will. I am very strongly for defending our country and ground firmly ... but I dont see any evidence whatsoever in recent year's that were benefiting anyone but major corporate influence's ... who have already milked us as I posted back in 2008, of all our surplus, and much of our bailout generosity even went to foreign offshore investment's ... mega tele advertising, name's on ball park stadium's, and even our own most patriotic small businesses and truely elite entrepreneurial folk's who even employ 3 quarter's of the population, have been shut out by these mega finance icon's who 2 year's ago told us we would all go to Hell in a handbasket if we didnt give them all our money ... as I posted, we would not, but many American's are so full of fear, and constantly threatened through lies and propaganda, that they buy this nonsense, or feel so obligated to follow the herd's of politic's they belong to.

I also am supportive of when Sgt.Chiroux speak's of his willingness to go that extra mile and start a revolt that may include violence as well. I personally feel our country need's to be more pro active in getting actual change and result's, and be far more aggressive and defiant. Im not against defending our country ... if a country threaten's and/ or actually attack's us or our allies ... I would retaliate with extreme prejudice and very swift, to the point where unlike now ... you would have no question on whether if we won or not, and it WOULD NOT drag on for year's, with the least amount of our troop's being killed, and more dependent on high tech drone's and other defense ... nor ... would I frankly give a rat's ass about rebuilding it ... as far as I'm concerned ... when you attack mine and our's on our turf ... and declare war against me and our's ... you are my enemy ... there is no talk, diplomacy, endless word's and script's of bullshit, political pandering or any of the other nonsense ... only action/ reaction. But also I am 110% against these corporate manufactured war's, all fully paid for by American's tax dollar's and lives, not their's ... of going into these countries for cheap labour, and raping them of their resource's and forcefeeding them our way's and culture, manufacturing corrupt government's who will be puppet's for us with monitary influence.

I see so many Iraqi's today ... lining the street's for day labour, and cant even compete with the thousand's of corporate sponsored immigrant's that were brought into the country from elsewhere's since our invasion of it ... who cant even get a decent day's pay ... or a job for that matter. So many Iraqi's who also put their lives on the line helping our troop's and saving many of our troop's lives in the process, have been declined to be able to migrate to the USA by our government, after all they done for our defender's/ soldier's ... but instead we bring in this country over a million a year from abroad, corporate and government sponsored to fill our position's/ job's, many that require degree's, that our children go damn near into bankruptcy by their late 20's just to get their college degree's. Instead programmed through political bullshit to rant about some fraction amount of Mexican/ Central American migrant worker's coming into our country illegally, and telling that ... these are who are taking our job's, when those that are corporate and legislatively brought in legally are way more of a threat to employment, if you actually look at the math, instead of what the 6:00 O'clock news and your parties tell you to think.

This is the REALITY ....